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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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something wrong with my husband. i feel it, you know. something wrong with my hus husband. >> alcides: just heartbreaki sadly her instincts were right. for the first time she talks about her husband gunned down outside of a convenience store. good morning and thank you so much for joining us, i am alcides segui. >> sorboni: hi, everyone, i am sorboni banerjee. your top headlines in a moment and first check in with lindsay milbourne with a look at your saturday forecast. get out there and make those plans. >> lindsay: make those plans before the warmth returns in the afternoon. a cool 66 in tampa. as we look west, you are noticing some residual high
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at times some of these clouds are a little more opaque than others, but here you can see the movement is from west to east in clearwater beach. bright morning. our own kellie cowan is at clearwater beach. it is at 64 with a northeast wind making it feel nice and comfortable. it is cool and jackets necessary for some. especially for crystal river at 52. it is now 61 in lakeland. 68 in st. pete. 61 in venice this morning. and while remember this time yesterday and if you were an early riser. it was brooksville. 4 in tampa. either way feels fantastic this morning. we have a little bit of cloud cover and fog -- low clouds have made their way up to crystal river and this is starting to lift out. we expect that to dissipate over the next 30 minutes. the clouds will not go away. they are coming in from the west throughout the day, but the light northeast wind will drag an even more comfortable air mass. as comfy as it is right now will be even better this
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high, sun and no clouds. sun and no rain tomorrow. new morning now, a 20-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital after being shot. it happened in st. petersburg. police say the shooting took place behind a building on 13th avenue south. the woman was taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the investigation is still under way at this point. a fight at a gas station left a 56-year-old man dead and new this morning, we are getting some information on who that tampa police say they found gregory walker dead at the sunoco gas station on nebraska avenue near columbus drive. they were called there just before 7:00 last night. investigators aren't sure what caused walker and another man to get into a fight. they do not know the other man's name. the widow of a man who was shot in cold blood is speaking out for the first time. muhammed alam was killed in lake wales after locking his convenience store fortnight.
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they told him to take off his pants to get everything he had on him quickly. he complied, but they shot him anyway. his widow breaking down when talks about life without her husband. >> my heart is still burning. what is happening with me. i cannot explain to anybody, you know. he was very good father and my husband, you know. i cannot explain it anymore. >> sorboni: she is hoping someone will come forward with information about the gunman. now killed, a man was robbed at a business right down the street by two men in the middle of night who told him to take off his pants. crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward in alam's case. honoring our vets and old glory one step at a time. runners carried an american flag 4,000 miles from washington state all the way to tampa and it was definitely a sight. the relay honors the sacrifice
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62 teams in 62 days carried this american flag all across the united states and they e ended up here in tampa. the long track began on september 11 and ended at amalie arena. the runners say each mile can be grueling but motivation is easy to find. >> i think of my dad who se served. i am a veteran myself. my friend. a cup of friends that i lost. it is just really happy. i tell people my zen moment is hearing that flag snap over my head road by myself. >> reporter: the third year for the relay and the third time it has come to tampa. organizers say they to do plan to be here again next year. the events continue today honoring veterans. >> wounded veterans, athletes and fitness enthusiasts from around the bay area are competing raising money for charity and all happening on clearwater beach where we find fox 13's kellie cowan live out there along the beach. beautiful morning out there so far. and the festivities are under
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>> reporter: that's right. i will keep my voice down and we are in the opening ceremonies and a little solemn. they are putting this event on in honor of a soldier who did not make it home from his service. and i am actually joined by the founder of this event, david sharp, a veteran himself. david, tell us a little bit more about this event and why do you this? >> the 11th war, why is simply three things, one is to honor u.s. navy seal jason free killed in action 9/11, 2008. two, to raise awareness of shelter dogs how they are being killed across the nation. and also military veterans, law enforcement first responders, how they are suffering with mental illness. we pair the two up and that is what the charity is for. three is to show the power and resiliency of these military veterans missing limbs to show through fitness, we can get through this, every day of our lives. we suffer every day, we can do
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one guy who is not here to sacrifice so much for us. we owe it to him. >> reporter: this is not only a fitness competition but there are all kind of events going on all day that people will be able to watch, but spectators aren't just spectators, they will be able to join in as w well. >> spectator also be spec spectators, hang out here with close-up action here. you also have -- all donation. 100% goes to companion for heroes. and participants who pay the amount donation, and you get to workout with professional fitness athletes and wounded veterans that are missing a limb, arm or leg. it is really inspirational. i will tell you. >> reporter: one of the things you can do is seal training as well. >> we have brandon mccleod down here from seal fit and grab some folks out of the crowd and make them into sugar cookies. if you know what what a sugar cookie, put new in the water, in the sand and there a sugar cookie.
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city of clearwater truck here. family activity. family event we want to hoe and honor many people we were here for jason because he sacrificed to much for us. >> reporter: finally before we go because we are running out of time and talk about the charity because i know it has personal meaning for you if you can tell us about that. >> a really sobering day already because admiral winters talking about jason and sacrifices. very short, i came afghanistan after 9/11 march of 2002. and two of my buddies committed suicide. i became depress. i became a drunk and found myself with a .45-caliber in my mouth. i was in the act of squeezing the pistol my shelter pit bull came in and licked my face. an angel given by god to intervene. i started this charity,
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responders and dogs and cats nationwide and that's why we are here. our annual charity event an blessed and honored to have the city of clearwater to sponsor us and support this event. >> reporter: amazing. thank you much for your service and thank you for being out here and putting this on. we will be here all morning long and check with us later, now now we are live in clearwater beach. send it back to you guys. >> alcides: what an incredible man right there. kelly, thanks so much. the time right now the days are shorter and sun is setting earlier and some people's mother's day are not so bright. the aye justment to horter days isn't the same for everyone. some people suffer from different degrees from something called sunshineal effective disorder -- seasonal affective disorder. and several types of ways to increase your metabolism or have a better day, but buffer go to the doctor, simple changes that you can make.
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>> maybe have a lunch break and you just want to go outside. take a walk around the block and get some sort of sun. the idea is to get light in the winter and not turn into a kind of hibernating bear. >> alcides: eating right, being social and exercising are all ways to combat the disorder, but experts say if you were depressed for more than two weeks, see a doctor. all right, coming up right here on "good day tampa bay." fsu plays a histor high school playoffs are und hand-dipped, with real milk, is the only way to make a milkshake. you can't trust machines. now, how come? once, i got a machine-made shake from some other place, and it clanked and clunked
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artificial turf? what? no. powder! what? powder! chowder? (announcer) get half-price holiday milkshakes between 2 and 5 during happy hour.
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christmas. if you haven't done your shopping maybe today is a good day to get your gift. junior league is holding their gift. and president nicole hubbard along with katie. thank you for with us. ladies. >> thanks for having us. >> reporter: making it easy. it can be stressful, of course. >> you can find everything out there this weekend. i promise you. >> when someone looks and goes to -- where, wonderful this is event. >> the florida state >>. they are able to shop for essentially items like that that are for local artisans from across the country. tell us where these items come from. >> over 150 specialty merchants that come from all over the united states as far as california if you will. we have several local merchants in boutiques from right here in town. some listed today are salt pines, you know, hyde park
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calligraphy. >> sorboni: when someone comes in and buys something great, it says tampa on it and celebrates what we live and what we do. where does that mean go? who does it help? >> so we -- the junior league of tampa, we -- all of our programs are in the areas of child welfare and education. so when you come shop at the market, 100% of the net proceeds are going to go back to our community projects and our programs. >> so that is perfect. telle people can buy knowing that it all go back to those programs. some of the things that catch my eye. this is a beautiful hand made piece. we have got books. we have got -- you mentioned salt pines, shirts, definitely things that bring it right back to tampa. >> right. you have everything from children's, you know, items to home decor. a lot of holiday and festive things for your home. we really focused on the men this year bringing in mer
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up front. >> the whole shaving merchant. >> diamond shaving company. they are really great. relaxed is out there. a lot for men as well. a man cave. if men don't like to shop which mine doesn't, you can go and watch all the games that are on and have frosty beverages and really something for everyone. cookies with the clauses out there today and sunday. a lot of children and family activities. we have the meet and greet with sunday. >> which is always fun as well for the kids. >> meet your favorite princess and get her signature. we really do have something for everyone. >> creating a festive atmosphere and the best part is that the money goes to help a good cause. >> a party with a purpose is what i say. >> sorboni: i don't know if you get these things back because i may go shopping right now. it is hard to think that the holidays are right around the corner when we have this beautiful weather that is all sunny. thank you, ladies.
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we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. now your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 meteorologist lindsay milb milbourne. >> reporter: and not quite feeling like the holidays but a fall-like feel to the air. look at our lows, 47 in brooksville. 48 in crystal river. 63 in tampa with high clouds but the 50s were around for most of us and felt comfortable and was beautiful if you slept in past 7 a.m., here is what you missed, an amazing from sandra. she said this was in the town and country area of high clouds, some cumulus impacts with some of these high clouds as well. gorgeous start to the day. fewer clouds from this view in anna maria over looking the mangroves robinson on facebook. i can't thank you enough for your picture. they were lovely to look at. keep sharing them. clouds not a lot of breaks. 3 in brookdale bay. shored.
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the sunshine. not a day cloudy 100%. these will thin with the heating of the day. 61 in lakeland. light winds. temperatures will be bouncing up in the next hour as sun rises an hour earlier now. 68 in st. petersburg. 60 in westchase. i have 54 in inverness. 52 in crystal river. chilly north of bay. jackets and bushnell. one nearby. englewood at 60. 59 in myacca city. 61 in sebring. low clo morning, if you are an early riser, and in those fog-prone areas tampa bay north, we will be pulling in more moisture from the north. we are pulling in drier air from the north. look at this dew point. any time they are 5 or less that fall-like feel. really crisp, comfy feel to the air. dew points in the 40s. tallahassee and gainesville. i think with the northeast wind, we may drop our comfort value to an even more manageable reading throughout
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will move a little closer before it gets stuck, and it will be stuck until monday and tuesday when it tosses back some clouds our way, gives us a rain chance, but not a drop of rain on sky tower it morning. a dry day today and a dry day tomorrow as well. the big thing today are the moderating temperatures. noon, we are at 76. we will hit 79 with high clouds thinning a bit tonight. will make for a nice sunset. and sunday night hopefully won't be too cloudy because we are gearing up for the super moon. lows about 51 in brooksville. 56 in lakeland. 61 in tampa and 59 in sarasota. futurecast undoing the high clouds. the winds are light not a drop of rain. delightful and enjoy -- get out and enjoy. sunday morning there is that fog that i mentioned. this will be lifting out between 9 and 10 a.m. if you headed to raymond james stadium for bucs game. very comfortable with sun and
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tonight. cool for early risers. nice on sunday with a few more clouds mixing in. on the water a light chop. good boating. slim rain chances monday and tuesday and more clouds. as that front sneaks on by, waking up in the 60s with mid-70s wednesday and thursday. another really wonderful week. we are lucky. in this morning's sports, fsu played in tallahassee the first time in 29 years. the first round of high school police officers. kevin o'donnell has the highlights and more. >> kevin: florida state dalvin cook haven't had the high school season as a year ago, he is the second seminoles running back to go over 100 yards against a boston college team in 15 meetings. the only other rickey williams back in 1980. boston college and the state capital where they haven't won in ten years.
8:19 am
to odin tate. 7-0, fsu. next time with the ball, under pressure and francois into the corner. murray, the touchdown. 14-0 seminoles. right before halftime. dalvin cook breaking loose for 19 yards and the 'noles run away from this one 45-7 is the final. college basketball season tipped off friday night around the state. u.s. opens over a & m. gators with an easy victory over florida gulf coast, 80-59. high school football playoffs under way round one we got to see ex-employ sieve performances with the top-ranked team in tampa bay, the plant panthers. the quarterback from the 2006 team that won the first a title for the school created by the quarterback. and facing winter haven.
8:20 am
quarterback william tate perfect pass to ty duffy. unable to hang on and plant will take over behind dane franzen and will keep it here from the 5, work his way through the blue devils defense into the end zone. 10-0 plant the first quarter. first player of the second quarter, franzen again. a terrific year running the ball at quarterback. this time 43 yards. showing some nice speed and out runs the defense. the panthers roll at home beating plant will take on lakeland next week. in class 6 a. meet in the police officers for the very first time. scoreless game in the second quarter. thomas just chucking it up to ml link, and that is a td connection. 7-0. lake gibson. and terriers finally get their offense ticking. thomas to youngblood.tie ball
8:21 am
pure determination. look at this dragging everybody with him into the end zone. lake gibson would convert on the two-point play and they win 21-14. they face armwood round two next friday. that is a look at sports we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy
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really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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the race is on to find the race is on to find the next the race is on to find the next killer street drug. it is high-tech, high risk and happening right here in florida. we go inside the dea lab with the most confiscated cocaine in the country and what else they
8:24 am
this nondescript warehouse somewhere in south florida. >> we are the southeast laboratory and we cover the southeast region of the united states and the caribbean. >> reporter: is home to the fort knox of illegal street drugs. >> we have methamphetamine and oxycondone, steroids. we have marijuana, cocaine, marijuana, synthetic cananoids, heroin, cocaine. >> reporter: the cases in the back. submissions write kilos of cocaine. in the back is the candy that actually has fentanyl. >> reporter: we are inside the federal drug enforcement agencies largest lab in the united states. the dea lab deals with new drug compounds so vast and dangerous the location isn't sub little sized. >> a new danger not just for the -- the public but also for the law enforcement. >> reporter: simply bringing potent illegal drug samples
8:25 am
suiting up. >> we go level 8 which is this hazmat suit that you see here. >> and taking extreme precautions. >> very dangerous. >> reporter: before chemists can even analyze them. >> a lab coat is a must. proper shoes, gloves, and goggles. >> reporter: the reason, a rise in synthetic opioids including one that is 50 times more potent than heroin and blows fentanyl away. >> it is 100 times more potent than morphine and go through your skin and if you inhaled it, it can cause death. >> reporter: fentanyl, it has legitimate medical uses like pain relief for cancer patients delivered in a time release patch. on the street, an elicit pill can kill instantly. >> right now we have an unknown pink pill. right now i am grinding and sending in my composite for analysis. >> reporter: you got your sample. >> yes. so i have my satchel. everything is cleaned up. and i am -- we are going to run
8:26 am
i am going to run the sample. >> reporter: this sample is clear of fentanyl but that doesn't mean we are in the clear. here this unknown and others can be just as if not more dangerous. >> and this area is still considered. >> the hot side. >> reporter: the hot side. what does that mean? >> the side where we have the potential dangers, the sol vents and components. and what you have on your glasses as well. >> reporter: illegal drug makers play chemist. >> things are constantly changing. >> reporter: changing the structure of compounds of so slightly trying to stay ahead >> reporter: how often do you find something new using this instrumentation? >> the amount of new compounds that we are seeing is increasing within the last few years with the synthetic cananoids, cathanones to the fentanyls. >> reporter: from bath salts to elephant tranquilizers and opioid known as pink causing
8:27 am
>> it allows us to put the moll beautiful together. >> reporter: a nuclear renaissance spectrometer and the most powerful instrument to identify new compounds. >> we will be able to say to our agents, to our -- to our dea and headquarters say that is a new compound that we are seeing in the streets. >> reporter: all this only a small fraction of the killer street drugs they have on hand here. >> consumers should be aware is that -- to me is that it is truly playing you just do not know what you are going to get. >> reporter: and it is a constant race to stay ahead of the next deadly compound. sorboni sore for the state of florida, samples with fentanyl increased from 20 in 2015 to 65 in 2016 and in tampa the amount taken from here and submitted for testing it doubled. definitely a rising trouble. if you wonder what they do with all of the drugs.
8:28 am
the testing it done. they burn them. the amount of money, resources. it is crazy. >> alcides: i like what you said earlier. >> security issues. they showed us a sample of everything. after the break, where you can go to receive free health care this weekend. it is a three-day clinic offering medical, dental and vision. it is happening right now. we will talk about well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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day tampa bay." >> lindsay: good morning, 8:30 and we have seen a spectacular stretch as of late. comfortable, cool mornings. another cool start. if you have seen clouds they will be in spots. in clearwater beach with the light northeast wind. it is 4. if you are cool natured. maybe a sweatshirt for the next hour and pushing 70 in st. p pete. and you can see some of those breaks and some of that high cloud cover as they race across the sky. just sunrise. starting to warm up from good day. 57 in brooksville. 61, good morning frost proof. it is 66 here in tampa, but so comfortable. our dew points are below 60, and they will drop from north to south throughout the day and even more refreshing air and high clouds, we will see more of those times. so with it, we will call it a mix of sun and high cloud cover, but no rain. rain chances -- we actually have some to show you on the
8:32 am
driest month of the year. a couple showers monday and tuesday. breaks in the clouds today means high near normal. upper 70s to near 80. 81 in sebring today. the time right now is 8:32. a quick check of today's top stories. people cannot afford to a doctor can visit manatee college for medical, dental and vision care. it is completely free put together by a nonprofit organization called remote air medical. more tha yesterday's clinic. they are expecting even more this morning and runs from 4:00 this afternoon. tomorrow they are open from 6 a.m. until is it o'clock. and it looks like the cross bay ferry is off to a booming start in its first week. more than 70% of the seats were sold. the cross bay ferry was getting help from the tampa bay lightning as well. the team purchased all of the seats from a round-trip ride. if the ferry proves popular
8:33 am
the divide over the election has and at the university of south florida. someone inscribed threats on the walls of the resident halls promising death if clinton won the election. some students found racist notes under their doors. the university responded by offering support services to students and increasing police patrol. usf's president also sent out campus-wide e-mails asking for respect and civility. as for the threatening notes, the person responsible, they are still searching increased police presence and heightened security around trump tower to protect president obama donald trump. the measure includes barricades and armed counter terrorism officers guarding the front of the building. of course inside the president-elect is trying to decide on the first and most important of his staffing decisions. a hand. of names are being talked about for the various posi positions. there has also been a little shake-up on his transition t team.
8:34 am
the transition team as he was originally slated to do. that role goes to vice president elect mike pence. christie will serve as vice-chairman now joined by former house speaker newt gingrich, ex-presidential candidate ben carson, retired general michael flynn. former new york mayor rudy giuliani. and alabama sensor rick sessions. three of thinks children and his son-in-law will be joining the transition team along with gop chairman steve bannon. a familiar name also on the list for potential picks for the post. florida attorney general pam bondi. >> trump's spokesman will not confirm any of the names we said, but with ten weeks before inauguration day, we will know sooner rather than later. a california high school student is being punished after school officials say they handed out fake deportation
8:35 am
the principal of shasta high school said the student told him it was a joke between friends, but school officials don't think it is very funny and they say the incident will be handled with appropriate consequences. developing news morning, a deadly explosion at a us air field in afghanistan. it happened earlier today. officials say it was caused by an explosive device but nothing more. the taliban is claiming responsibility. they say a suicide bomber made their way on to the base in a plot plot that began four months ago. officials say four people were killed and another 14 wounded. secretary of state john kerry cemented his legacy as the highest ranking american official to visit antarctica. an effort to make climate change a focus of american diplomacy. kerry is also scheduled to speak at a global climate conference in morocco sometime next week. a cincinnati jury is set for a fourth day of deliberations this morning. they are decide if a police
8:36 am
shooting an unarmed man. ray tensing was fired from the police department after shooting sam duboin 2015. it happened at a traffic stop in the university of cinc cincinnati. twice yesterday, a judge had to tell the jury to try harder when they couldn't come to an unanimous verdict. tensing's attorney wanted a mistrial. the suspect is charged with voluntary manslaughter. a college football player's career ended after his pregnant girlfriend dump boiling water on him. officials say fiu tight end juno smith was severely burned on his head, neck, back, shoulder and an arm. the girl was five months pregnant at the time when police say she attacked him. officials say she was angry that smith wasn't paying enough attention to her, so she boiled a pot of hot water and poured it on him. wow. okay. time right now is 8:36. remember this video right
8:37 am
don't know about you. about a month ago a man was driving with a snake actually crawled out of hood of had is car. >> a little too larger than life for me but apparently snakes -- a set of wheels, hitching a ride in the car is the best way to travel, other than that or the same snake determined to make the car his home because guess what, another driver in pinellas county found a snake on her windshaeld. jessica bird machin posed in. because of a wreck and four minutes sat there with a snake sitting there. she was panicked that it would get in the car. it slithered on to the wipers, she planned to sling it off of the car. >> alcides: almost looks fake. >> sorboni: keep moving. places to be. i have family to visit. >> that freaked me out. >> that could cause an accident. still to come, we will look at the newth and greatest
8:38 am
screens coming up in 15 min minutes. plus, being a victim of a crime isn't a pleasant experience. well, not for most anyway. how a car theft victim wound up
8:39 am
you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ? in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. ?
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been to amalie arena to cheer on the tampa bay lightning or watch a concert recently. arena to cheer on the tampa bay lightning or a concert. behind the scenes, they make huge strides to help the environment. >> firing across and they core! >> reporter: hockey season is in full swing. off the ice, the lightning are
8:41 am
>> we are just always trying to take it to another level. >> reporter: mary is known as the green queen to her co-workers at amalie arena. she headed a successful recycling program since 2003. >> our fans are starting to get it and they want to do the right thing and makes us feel good. >> reporter: recycling is easy here. next to each garbage can is a recycling b in. over 150 tons of recyclableing collected in 2015. >> where we collect all of our p >> reporter: food scraps are recycled. they are used to make compost. >> being able to take this something as wet and goopy and nasty out of waste stream just helps us tremendously with our trash bill. recycling goes a bit further. >> trying out two spaces where we are trying to go zero waste with post consumer organic
8:42 am
recycled. >> what you see here is the equivalent of one acre of regular farm. >> reporter: produce like lettuce, herbs come fresh from the hydroponic garden in back. the third season of a partnership with urban oasis. >> anything that they do not use goes back in the bin and goes back into the system to be reused. we just are trying to get better and better with it every year. >> reporter: goals to improve energy facilities to roll out a shift energy program to save on utilities this hockey season. >> gives us a good trend to see what we can improve and see how we track through lightning games and different events we have here. >> every little bit helps to get to that 20% savings that we are striving for. >> reporter: setting the bar high when it comes to going green. >> approaching it with a process and a plan, and with a passion.
8:43 am
to take care of our wonderful surroundings. >> lindsay: carpooling is encouraged.
8:44 am
8:45 am
y24zwy y12fy
8:46 am
family photos of a serviceman from a bygone era is found in a st. pete thrift store. >> the woman that found them in a pile of junk didn't want to throw them away. she reached out here to fox 13 to find the soldier's family and treasured pieces of the past. discovered the subject is private first-class robert ogilve from cumberland, maryland. he passed away seven years ago bobby jr. and his children living in maryland. he is not sure how his family's album ended up in florida but when we reached him on the phone, he said he is grateful that it was found. >> i haven't seen many of those old pictures -- and my pictures but had a house fire -- his parents when he was in the service -- you hear about st stories like this but never think it will happen to you so it is pretty amazing.
8:47 am
lives in virginia. when she goes home for thanksgiving in just a few weeks, guess what, she will make sure the album goes back to the oglive. >> alcides: way to go, kelly. we will have to do another follow-up on that. and a crime story. devastated when she found her car was stolen. took these surveillance pictures gave them to police in hopes of finding the thief, but she didn't need to go very far. the next day erin came outside and four her driveway. on the hood, that, a note, some cash, about $30. apparently the person had sent their friend to pick up their red suburu, but they accidentally took erin's red suburu instead. this is a little bit sketchy. i am not sure how this is working out. turns out the cars have universal keys. the person apologized and left the cash for the gas. universal keys? are you googling this.
8:48 am
figure out how these remote keyless systems work. i need to look this up and get awn actual answer how they will be universal. yes, these remote systems work universally, but would you thik some sore of code that makes them unique to the car. i have got to figure this out. you gave me something to work on now. >> alcides: like it, maybe next weekend. >> lindsay: i would hope so that somebody doesn't see this and try to do it too. >> alcides: 66 degrees. >> lindsay: google-eyed over the sunrise and our viewers have been sending the pictures, sending the pictures. high clouds and they had breaks enough that the angle of the sunrise ant the review of some of these ice crystals made for great piks. nancy sent this one in to start out the day. johnny, i am not sure where this was sent in and a gorgeous start for you. even though not severe weather season, we love to see the weather photos. whatever you are doing outside
8:49 am
a cool start. chilly, brooksville. 47 was your low. we have seen cooler morning in tampa and st. pete. we can handle low to mid-60s. those clouds kind of shielded the cool. prevented us from dropping as cool as it could be. we are on the upswing. 68 in sirata beach. thinning clouds. not a gusty day on the beach and the water. good boating today. we will take to you tampa this morning where we are waking up here with some of those clouds streaming in from the west as well. sebring to 61 in lakeland. you are flitting with 60 brooksville. sarasota at 64. it is so comfortable outside though. our dew points are in the 50s. and you know we like that light yellow hue even more with dew dew points in the low 40s in ocala. that is even drier air with the light northeast wind. the further north you live it will feel more comfortable today. on our dew point trend this week, why nowhere close to steamy summerlike values but
8:50 am
tuesday, a cool front to the north moves in and ahead of it we scoop up a little moisture up along the gulf that gives way to showers and dew point notice 60s monday and tuesday and today the driest, most comfortable day of the week. check out the breaks in some of the clouds. this is what we expect. a little break in the clouds than more move in. this cold front, one that brings us only a 20% rain chance on monday and tuesday really tranquil travel day. we have high pressure, big ridge of highs behind this front, and cool high. northern tier. 22 in flint michigan. i know i would rather be here with 66. they could really use rain i the southeast as could we, but it is still a mainly dry forecast on tap. if you like dry weather for football weather, crisp and comfy. at noon, the gators the temperature there. memphis, clear and chilly for that 7:00 kickoff. 50 for the high temperature at
8:51 am
may be the first average day believe it or not. 80 in venice. 81 in frostproof. 61 in tampa. upper 50s south with some fog tampa bay north. and we hope we can clear these clouds to check out that awesome autopsyer moon coming up officially on monday. monday morning is when we see full moon. check it out sunday night when we can see enough of those breaks. the closest and largest full moon in tampa since january 26 set so cool celestial event. 79. comfortable day. a great day. a cool start. cooler tomorrow morning with fewer clouds. as we head to the week ahead, small changes behind that weak front. you will see lows in the 50s wednesday and thursday and below average highs for the first time this month coming up through the early part of the week. and we want to wish a special birthday to just one -- one special viewer this morning. cute little easton. he loves to play outside with
8:52 am
goes on the swing. he likes to go camping too. and he loves to get hugs and kisses. his favorite food, one of mine, too, mac and cheese. enjoy your day. >> sorboni: mine too. a inside look at what is new in theatres this weekend. >> first trip to america? >> yes. must get that fixed. >> anything edible in there? >> um, >> any livestock? >> no. >> welcome to new york. >> alcides: the adventure in new york's secret community of witches and wizards 70 years before harry potty reads in his book in school in "fantastic
8:53 am
twenty four meals under four dollars! just like in 1934! four dollars was a lot in those days. that can't be right. no, i was there! back then, you not only got to choose from 24 meals under four dollars, you also got a shave, w suit. used to be called "steak 'n shake 'n shave 'n shoeshine 'n suit." they even put it on the sign! 'til it broke. is that a steak 'n shake suit? walter, does this look like a steak 'n shake suit? get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. at carrabba's. well, if you are tired of all the election and politics and you just want to escape for an hour or two. how about catching a movie. >> sorboni: good new stuff out there. fox's michelle polino tells us all about it. >> now that is a proper introduction. >> reporter: a new alien
8:56 am
drama "arrival." >> possible they are prodding us to fight among ourselves. >> reporter: a linguist recruited by the military to communicate with one of 12 alien ships before tensions escalate globally. >> all i am asking for five days for you all to act like a family. >> reporter: early holiday flick, the cast of "almost christmas" will make your dysfunctional family feel normal. danny glover is a grieving patriarch family together for the first holiday after his wife passes. >> i saw tom. but everybody has been saying he is dead. >> reporter: naomi watts with "shut in" a psychological thriller with a child therapist living in isolation with her bed-ridden son. fooling snowstorm she believes she is being haunted by a young patient who went missing. >> this doesn't make any sense.
8:57 am
>> reporter: battling with "dr. strange" expected to regain its top spot at the box office. >> there is a strength to him. >> reporter: michelle polin orcs. much more ahead in the next hour of "good day tampa bay. >> alcides: stick with us. >> alcides: stick with us. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
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another night of protests another night of protests from coast to coast.. thousands of demonstrators from coast to coast.. another night of protest from coast to coast. demonstrators showing their anger over the 2016 election results. the latest on trump's transition to the white house. we continue to honor our men and women in university this veterans day weekend, bu they come home with hidden scars. the new method being used right here in florida. >> alcides: and open to the public this weekend for the very first time. we will take you inside the exhibit that let's you interact with nasa's greatest astr astronauts. . from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> sorboni: welcome to "good day tampa bay."


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