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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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a free health clinic in manatee a free manatee county forced to turn veterans away. why organizers say they couldn't take care of them and many others. plus, protests continue across the country overnight even prompting a visit from jerry springer, himself. and, going out with a bang. what causes bars to catch fire last night in orlando. and good morning welcome to good day tampa bay.
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on what's a foggy start to the day. we have great weather, but, we have some breaking news, too. >> yeah. >> big earthquake that we have been discussing. it's developed in new zealand. we have an update from the usgs putting the magnitude now instead of 7.4 which is strong, to 7.8. and if you are just joining us, here's where it struck near christchurch, new zealand. several strong aftershocks. any time we get these, there is a threat for coons. we are a confirmed tsunami. emergency services are asking residents to take their tsunami warnings that are in place and head to higher ground. right now we are getting reports of damage but the good news is, it is minimal. power outages reported as well. and this is a memory that's brought become some bad memories. just five years ago, 6.3 quake hit the same area killing 185 people. so, no deaths right now. we are getting reports of minor damage and some photos in
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tsunami . so this is one i found of someone's kitchen. you can see the ceiling has gone out, there's some reskid dual damage. this is from richard bicknell. we willing following this throughout good day and keep you posted on new damage. just because we get the initial wave of the tsunami, that's not to say there may be larger waves generated over the next few hours. so something to watch. now locally, what we have been watching is this. low clouds and fog. but notice the building there this particular net-cam showing that our low clouds are starting to lift. it's 640? with an east wind at nine miles an hour here. visibility still poor, though. we aren't seeing improvements just yet. by 9:00 a.m., though, these numbers going up. i want you to keep it slow if you have an early morning flight out of t.i.a. i have a half a mile visibility. dense fog all the way east near i-4 from ban done to lakeland only an eighth of a mile for you.
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haven, a quarter mile. and if you are in clear water beach, you are seeing low clouds as well. one hour, big improvements. temperatures not budging much where we are locked into the clouds. it is 62 in tampa. 62 in brooksville. 59 in lake placid south of i-4. not as many problems with the fog because you are south of a frontal boundary. but once the fog lifts, high clouds today. a good looking day. a great day to get out and about. mix of sun low humidity and a high of about 80?. unabomber. pinellas park police are investigating a deadly accident on a local speedway. investigators say around 10:00 last night, a man was driving down the main drag of the showtime drag strip on 126th avenue north. he suddenly lost control and veered off the road into a line of trees. when crews got to that car, the man inside was dead. there was an event going on
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taking part or if he was watching. but police say the crash was not a result of that event. a free health clinic is wrapping up today in bradenton. the clinic has already provided care to more than 800 people this weekend but it could have been a lot more if not for a florida law. here to explain more is kelly. >> good morning to you. i know you were covering this free health care clinic on friday and experienced lines out the door. that's not what we found this morning. organizers are telling me, because they have already had to turn away hundreds of people trying to attend the clinic because of the lack of medical providers. doctors specifcally. simply not licensed or allowed to practice here in florida if they are from another state. i am joined by the organizer. there is dr. conrad. dr. conrad, can you explain the issue at hand and why you had to turn people away this morning? >> yes.
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care providers, mainly our dental and our vision. and those are two areas that are not covered by medicare/medicaid. and that's the greatest demand area for it. ram has got over 100,000 professionals around the country who follow ram and dedicate third services to these sorts of programs. they can't come in to florida to do that, though, because of a licenseure issue where we capable licensed physicians and dentists and eye specialists from other states to come for a weekend to help us take care of these medically underserved and medic lindent patients. >> and dr. conrad, i have already spoken to some people leaving the clinic who lined up last night just to get tickets for today. and they told me how much it meant to them to be able to get these services. what does it mean to you,
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>> that's the crummy part of what our efforts are. we sent away over 300 people who couldn't get the services need that had come here starting about midnight. we start giving outnumbers at 3:00 in the morning. what we have to do is figure out a way to get more professionals available to meet this huge need that we've got of the medically underserved population. >> not every state runs into the issue. i know you are going to be asking the governor to change the policy but if you can explain what kind of change needs to take place in order to not run into this snag again. >> yes. we need enabling legislation that in very highly structured way will allow professionals licensed in other states to come in long enough for a period of time to help us with these clinics. and, that enabling legislation
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nationally. we need it in florida very badly. >> well thank you so much for talking with us this morning, dr. conrad. and thank you for all of the work that you are doing. once again, they have helped over 800 people here at this free clinic over the three days this weekend, but as dr. conrad explained, they have already had to turn away hundreds yesterday and today and they are telling me at this point even though the clinic runs until noon today, at this point they can't take any more patients for treatment. we were just talking about that, how the law has to change to allow doctors to provide service outside state lines. well kelly, again we appreciate your time. thanks so much. >> [chanting] we reject the president-elect. >> it was night number four of protests across the country following outcome of the presidential election and the nation's capital. hundreds attended a candle light vigil in front of the white house before blocking off
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major cities like new york, chicago, and los angeles. in indianapolis, two police officers were hurt during a protest. here in the bay area, talk show host jerry springer was spotted at an antitrump protest? sarasota. in the video he can be heard saying "we have to come together." while t america, instead of anger there are cheers the tampa bay times reports in rural pasco county, donald trump received nearly 30,000 more votes than mitt romney did four years ago. those who voted for trump said they believed trump's administration would make their lives better by bringing back traditional values and putting more money in their pockets.
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months when president-elect trump takes over the oval office, the focus has turned to his transition team as they prepare for a trump presidency. former campaign manager kellyanne con way spoke with reporters claiming the chief of staff appointment is imminent. >> the next couple of days actually they are talking about that. right now he's enjoying time with his family, receiving many visitors, receiving many phone calls. the senior team has been working almost nonstop. exciting times. considering steve banon who is his campaign chairman and r.n.c. chairman reince priebus for that job. as donald trump moves forward, hillary clinton is looking back at had her loss. according to superior, she held a conference call with top financial backers and blamed f.b.i. director james comey for her defeat. clinton said her numbers dropped when comey announced he would
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election day. and time right now is almost 8:10. a polk county family is mourning today after their five-year-old boy was killed in an atv accident. deputies say eli heard was sitting in front of his father when the tire support arm broke during a u-turn causing the atv to roll over several times. the five-year-old was wearing a soft helmet, but he died at the hospital. his father was also hurt. deputies are still investigati been filed. police in st. pete this morning are still looking for the person who shot a 20-year-old woman. police say the shooting took place behind a building on 13th avenue south. the woman was taken to a hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. no word yet on a motive for that shooting. fans ever the tampa bay lightning got a unique trip to the game last night. pretty cool here. the team offered fans a round
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boarded the ferry in st. pete and took it all the way to the arena yesterday against the san jose. officials say the ferry has been successful selling about 70% of seats last weekend. the lightning, by the way, lost 3-1. and the tampa bay buccaneers take on the chicago bears at home this afternoon. the buccs are cominging off two straight losses and have been struggling to run the ball. hopefully things turn around because that guy will doug martin, the two teams have some of the worst records in the league, but, well they are hoping to turn things around with some consistent play. we have you covered with all things football. it all starts at:30 this morning with tailgate sunday. steve smith will be joined by anthony live at the stadium getting everything you need to know against the chicago bears beginning at 1:00. after that, it's america's game
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4:25. still ahead right here on good day tampa bay, texas is about to see more boots on the ground at the southern border. plus, signs of a, signs of healing a year after a paris terror attacks as a legendary singer takes to the theater. and yesterday we had a gorgeous sunrise. this morning, we have low clouds. but they won't be around much longer. they have, however, made their way to the beach. check out that pier 60 at clear water. 59?. low clouds extend east toward i-4 where the going is dense. keep it slow from lakeland to tampa. half a mile or less visibility in many spots. beyond 9:00 a.m., we have a great day headed our way. low humidity with a high of 80. cooler air is on the seven-day.
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time now is 8:xx.. >> it's 8:15. u.s. border patrol is trying to handle a illegally crossing the mexican border into south texas. so much so, they are n now movig agents from other parts of the country to the rio grande valley. about 150 agents from arizona and california are being reassigned to texas to help with the backlog of immigrants who need to be screened and processed. police in new york continue to search for a gunman after multiple shots center fied shoppers running at a mall at a suburban albany.
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afternoon near an apple store printed reports state the shooting may have started before a possible confrontation between two guys. nobody thankfully was hurt. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in the big apple. the rockefeller christmas tree has arrived in new york city. crowds gathered to see the 94-foot tree make an appearance on saturday. it was cut down on thursday in upstate new york. the tree's 50,000 lights will november 30. and that's always a beautiful, beautiful sight to see. we are following a developing story out there in new zealand. a very large earthquake, lyndsey, 7.8 magnitude. we are starting to see a little bit of the damage because of that earthquake. right? >> yeah. we are starting to see some pictures coming in on social media. and the thing about this particular earthquake is that what we do have confirmed now is a tsunami. the threat was there. it it's been confirmed. and, some of the latest info
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waves along the southern and eastern part of new zealand if you are familiar with it, wave heights of four to five feet. confirmed tsunami, possible more waves moving in the next couple of hours and damage photos coming in we are getting reports of minor damage. for a magnitude 7.8 earthquake i'm not surprised. this is shattered glass from the area in wellington, close to where this earthquake, at least there. so, we have some glass broken from maybe a store window there. also pictures coming in from kitchens of items falling off the shelves, things like that. , so we will continue to alert you over the next hour if we get new developments but what you need to know is large earthquake in new see and and a confirmed to five feet on the southeastern part of the southern island there. luckily, changes. how about that fog if you were
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it was quite worse. but slowly improving as expected here in tampa. good news for the buccs bears game. don't cancel your plans at the tailgates. it will lift in the next hour. it is cool and comfortable but we had enough moisture that in clear water beach, there were low clouds. 63 and lovely. east winds making it feel nice and comfortable. but it will take an hour to lift this mess out. it's all near a stalled frontal that's dense in winter haven and lake land, we talked about your trouble spot all morning near i-4 hillsboro county, three quarter mile visibility in brandon. half a tampa. give it some time. this lifts out. venice and brooksville are not dealing with the issues so they had a great morning. a milder morning north of the
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comfy even though dew points it are up from 24 hours ago. this stalled front actually pushes south of our state by monday night and that will drag in some comfortable air for midweek. today, though, we get rid of the low clouds and bring in high clouds but our clouds thicken starting this evening. dew points, they are nice and manageable in the 50s and 6 50s, not quite as crisp as yesterday at this time. but we are still dry on sky tower radar and really only a 10% rain chance tomorrow with that weak front. like to keep it dry bears buccs game. buccs are at home obviously. raymond james stadium, low humidity but cool for the tailgaters. tonight, something cool happening in the sky. the clouds mayfield the view of a special super moon. this is our second one of the past three months. we will see another one in december. but this one is closer and larger than the rest.
8:20 am
you will notice the bright hue looking 30% brighter. take the pictures because this won't happen again until 2034. officially full monday morning. but get throughout tonight and also monday night it take some photos. today, 80. pleasant. mix of sun and clouds. beautiful looking day after the fog lifts. tonight not as cool because of increasing clouds. overnight down to 64. now with more clouds on monday, how about this. 76 with a slim rain chance. boating's great because we had light winds. afternoon. our down to 71?. speaking of the 70s, mainly in the 70s this week. there's that 10% rain chance monday followed by lows in the 50s monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday night. great week. >> all right. in world news this morning, today marks one year since the deadly paris terror attacks. more than 130 people were killed in coordinated gun and bomb
8:21 am
capital. isis isis claimed responsibility. today as many as 20 people are still recovering from injuries. hundreds of others are still getting outpatient treatment or counseling. the concert hall was one of the site of the tragedies. it reopenedless night with a special performance by sting. ? wash the stains away ? ? but something in our mind will always stay ? >> last night's performance with sting telling the crowd we will not forget them. sting is donating all the proceeds from the show to charities working in support of the victims of those attacks. all right. well, it's not a sad story, but you will have to grab the tissues at least for this one. flu season is back and there are plenty of other precautions to take besides getting that flu shot. we will discuss that and a whole
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>> welcome back. flu season is back. public health agencies throughout the state of florida are once again urging people to get vaccinated early. that way you don't get sick. here to talk more about that is dr. carlos rodriquez. carlos, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> what are you expecting this year? >> we expect the same last year but the strains this year are
8:25 am
this incidents have been about the same. a little uptick in august. but pretty much we expect about the same as last year. >> best way to protect yourself is obviously getting the flu shot. i think what was interesting when i talked to you last hour is that the mist is no longer available. what happened? >> well the mist is no longer recommended this year. that was because in the last two flu seasons, investigations were done and it was found that it was not as effective against the h1n1 virus. it's not it's mostly the intra muscular vaccines that are recommended this year. >> you know, there are a lot of people out there including myself that just don't believe the flu vaccine works but obviously it does. a lot of people say that you get sick right after. but that's -- that may be a symptom or why do some people get sick, i should ask you? >> well after you get vaccinated, your body's going to develop an immune reaction. sometimes that may give you a
8:26 am
a little runny nose. but that's just your body reacting to the vaccine. you cannot get the flu from the flu vaccine. >> is there anything else we can do? >> washing your hands. if you are sick, stay home. if you are around people that are sick, wash your hands. stay away from them as much as you can. the virus is mostly transmitted through respiratory droplets. so people coughing, sneezing, talking. it can also be transmitted from touching surfaces that are infected with the virus. and aindividualing the t zone. don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth. >> awesome, carlos thank you so much. i appreciate it, do being tore. >> thank you. >> fighting fire with fire. how state officials plan to use mosquitoes to fight the zika virus. >> plus, a pride parade in orlando with the fireworks show catching fire. we will show you more of that we will show you more of that video when we c we live in a pick and choose world. we will show you more of that video when we c love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright?
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welcome back.. welcome back. as president-elect donald trump's transition into the white house, he's on the verge of making some of his biggest cabinet decisions. and here it talk about that and a whole lot more is the host of fox news sunday chris w sunday mornings. it's great to have you back. >> well it's good to be back and we got plenty to talk about with the trump transition and our guest at the top of the hour will be kellyanne conway. she's a senior adviser to the transition. there are a few things we will talk about. who will he name? will it be insiders or will it be some of the fierce anti-washington critics from
8:30 am
how trump intends to agenda. and his agenda, a very interesting thing he said on the wall street journal that instead of realing and replacing obama care, he might try to amend it which is not something we heard on the trail. we will be talking about that as well. >> conway said a decision is imminent. do you think that it's realistic? >> well, yeah. they can do it whenever they want. she's talking specifically about the choice of a chief of staff. one of the people that's up reince prebus reparations. another contender is steve banyon. a lot more of a bomb thrower so it will be interesting to see if it does come down to those two, who he chooses will be an early indication of who he intends to govern. >> what do you make of hillary clinton blaming f.b.i. director james comey? >> well, yeah, she was on a conference call with a lot of
8:31 am
lost was because of comey's two letters. first the one about 10 days before the election where he said they were reopening the investigation about her e-mails. she said that depressed her turnout. then the one just two days before to the election when he said that they had found no evidence and they were dropping the investigation which she says energized trump's turnout. you know, look, did i play a role? i'm sure it did. on the other hand, it's a lot easier to blame james coma than it is to became >> what do you make of all the protests out there? do you think at some point, america will just finally come to an agreement with what happened and move forward with all of this? >> sure. >> do you think hillary clinton will have to play a bigger role in that happening? >> i'm not sure she will. i'm not sure that it makes much difference what she does. look, i can understand it, there are a lot of people who were very concerned and very disappointed that trump won and,
8:32 am
did vice campaign. a successful campaign but a divisive campaign. so, there were reasons that the protesters would be unhappy. but ultimately, you have to figure -- i mean they aren't going to keep protesting forever. and eventually they are going to have to wait and see what kind of a president he will be. i think much more important than what hillary clinton says is what donald trump says and while he's got to stick to what his agenda is, i don't think he can or should cave, there are ways he can try to reach out to the doubters and chance, i'm going to be the president for all americans. he said that on his victory speech on election night. now he's got to show it. >> all right. and of course you can see fox news sunday right here starting at 9:00 this morning. chris, it's great to see you. thank you so much for being with us. and at 8:32, it's great to finally see some of the fog from this morning mixing out. it's a process. so still lifting out there, if
8:33 am
it's a cool start. 61. winds are light. hence the fog. low-level moisture moved in overnight and impacted even portions of northern pinellas county. scouring out low clouds in clearwater beach. 59. maybe a jacket now, but you can lose it with upper 70s by noon 30 to 49 minutes, fog lifting t. lifting. not so much for extreme eastern hillsboro and western polk. so right near i-4, you are locked in. you definitely need the low beams, not the brights. a quarter mile visibility in winter haven where it's not foggy. it's gorgeous. brooksville, 63. that's a warm up from this time yesterday. 64 in sarasota. so i can look at visible satellite imagery to show you that after the fog lifts out, we
8:34 am
deck. comfortable, but clouds move in. they thicken up on monday. as a weak front pushes by, we are left with even more comfortable air. 70s for highs 50s for lows through the middle part of the week. looks great. >> thank you, lyndsey. five middle schools in polk county are fighting to stay open after the state threatened to close them the state board of education threatened to close the schools because of t the list includes kathleen, boone, dennison, lake alfred adair and westwood middle. the school board has a plan to keep all of the schools open. starting next week, they will start making their own case. tomorrow night, kathleen middle will hold a public forum to go over their plan to improve their grade to at least a c or better. it starts at 6:30, inside the school cafeteria.
8:35 am
gift. they were given $25,000 to further the park's environmental restoration efforts. they are one of 12 florida based organizations to receive money from the energy company. the gardens plans to use the money to restore habitats in polck, lake, and orange countys. >> and the fight against zika. officials at miami dade county are exploring the idea of using mosquitoes infected with bacteria to stop the mosquito-borne the miami herald reports the state's surgeon general has been notified about this tech creek. the bacteria-carrying mosquitoes come from a will be at the university of kentucky. the idea is they will infect other zika-carrying mosquitoes, stopping their ability to transmit the virus to humans. the e.p.a. has previously given approval for the use of these mosquitoes in the past. >> orlando's come out with pride fireworks show ended with an
8:36 am
as planned. all of a sudden the barge and lake yola caught fire during that show. thankfully no one was hurt. firefighters did put out the flames. the incidents is under investigation. >> when when we come back, right here on good day tampa bay, saluting the hidden heros. military families sacrifice so much of their lives and it goes unnoticed. their story is coming up next. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. on this final day of veterans day weekend.. >> on this final day of veterans day weekend, we pause to remember and thank the members of our military.
8:39 am
thank their families who sacrifice so much on a daily basis. >> there is no typical day in the life of pat and patty heran. pat defied the odds in 2007 when he survived a near fatal bullet to his brain. >> the way i heard, i wasn't supposed to live. >> pat says he was able to survive and thrive mostly because of his wife, patty. she dropped everything to embrace the role of a care-giver. tending to her gravely injured iraq, doctors removed not only 40% of his skull but his left temporal lobe, too. the language center used for reading, writing and speaking, it would be two years before patty heard her husband utter one word. >> i had no medical background walking into the situation. i just felt so uneducated so i didn't know where to turn. i didn't know -- i was having to
8:40 am
husband's, um, behalf. >> decisions and 24-hour care. care-givers are the hidden heros. precisely the reason why senator elizabeth dole launched her campaign to raise awareness. there's more than five and a half million tending to loved heros providing services that would total $15 billion annually if these dedicated people received a paycheck. they quit their day jobs, ignore old friends and let go of hobbies. all while not asking for help. >> as a care-giver, there's still a lot of pressure. i feel like i'm carrying the burdens of the world most days. some days you think how can i do this another day? it feels overwelming and very tiring at times. and i think just having more opportunities for rest and respit is more important. >> when he began rehabilitation, he no use of his right leg or arm.
8:41 am
today he's walking and talking. he will be the first to tell you it's a lot thanks to patty, his care-giver. he now has a second chance at life. >> my wife has done so much for the last nine years. i wish i could figure out what to go do or who could i find. she needs to have a break. after the break, black friday shopping mania has started. our some great tips and some tricks, as well. and at 8:41, some of you still waking up to low clouds and fog. others, the bright start to the day. here's the visibility update which is slowly improving, believe it or not. but not so much yet near i-4 in polk county where you want to hop on. wait another 30 minutes if you can. lakeland, you are at an eighth of a mile visibility. the airport improving and we did not see the fog sarada beach. looks great.
8:42 am
afternoon. comfortable with high clouds. but, thickening clouds, a few showers. they are possible tomorrow. i'll have an update coming up. we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese.
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friday fans. right now, katie is back with some more tips for black friday. >> that's right. this is where the rubber meets the road, man. >> ok. >> this is where the real stuff happens. >> you are talking about kohl's, which by the way, i told my parents about kohl's. there war lot of great sales. >> they say that their preblack friday started, but it hasn't. no. that's just a fake, i don't know what they are doing. no, all of them do it, too. they all say hey, black friday has no. >> don't fall for it. >> that's right. so, next week i'm going to talk about the best deals for black friday but i talk about big things. tvs and gaming systems. i don't have in enough time to cover this. so i'm bringing the super cheap deals this week. kohl's has 16 items under $10 bucks. three items under $8 and seven items under $5. but the best part is those are
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>> like what? what are you talking about? >> so i'm going to scroll through a little bit of them so you can see the stuff. >> we will get there eventual lie ok. >> i know he's going to get it for us. he's got it. microwaves? >> yep. yep. there's slow cookers, can openers, quesadia makers. blenders, griddles, electric knife, can opener, five-cup coffee maker. >> now all of these things are or $9.99. here's how it works. you are going to pay not the full price, you will pay the sale price. let's say it's $29.99. it will be on i'll for $16.99. then you get a mail-in rebate for $12 bucks. super easy to do. just do it right away when you get home. for every time you spend $50 total, so if you by three or
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it's like a c.v.s. reward where it is cash, you can use it on anything you want. but you have to spend it the next day. you can't roll it like at c.v.s. where you can eastern and then use it in the next transaction. you can use it next time you shop. >> you have to have a game plan on friday. if not, you are lost. next week we are black friday. >> the best of the best. >> have a good weekend. good morning to you. we want to start with some new -- earthquake struck portions of new zealand overnight. and this hemisphere, it's dark. so this was after midnight. a powerful earthquake upgraded to a 7.8 from the usgs and this
8:48 am
that's not too far, about 200 miles or so, from the capital. that's wellington. so, the southern island is what we are talking about, impacts. and it's the south and eastern side of the southern island where we have had reports this morning of a tsunami. now, the damage that's coming in so far is from the actual earthquake itself. lots of large aftershocks as well. so, i think we will need to wait until daylight comes before we get more information. but don't be surprised if between now and morning we get more information that yet another big wave brushes the southern island of new zealand. so, if you are joining us, powerful earthquake bringing damage and some pictures coming in of things tossed around in the kitchen, some items falling off maybe in someone's apartment there. also a lot of the owe tells in wellington evacuated so those higher floors is where they saw most of the damage. also seeing reports of some streets that literally have
8:49 am
so, more developments will be on fox 13 as good day wraps up over the next 10 minutes so we will keep you updated. updating you on the fog, and it is slowly improving, we are looking west toward the airport, finally seeing the roads 63? is a nice reading. we like that. it is cool. light jackets necessary. maybe a light extra hour if you are headed out to tailgate at raymond james stadium right now. don't lose it, because we will be in a.m. 64 in riverview. this is the view 1400 feet up of low clouds micking here as -- mixing here as well. starting to shrink this low cloud deck. no big improvements from lakeland up toward polk city. polk county keep it slow. elsewhere probably safe to hop on the road was the low beams. 65 in sebring. nice and bright in sarasota. it is warmer at 65, still
8:50 am
but these are higher than 24 hours ago. they will be dropping, though, these values behind a weak front. so as this pushes through on monday and gives us a 10% rain chance and dew points near 60, as the values go down we'll have more cooler nights, refreshing overnight. as the fog lifts some high clouds to be had. steady showers welcome news for the drought ongoing through portions of south carola of most of this rain, though, is light. but they will take what they can get. elsewhere t is quiet. huge bubble of high pressure keeping it cool. 34 nashville. 29 in bristol. we are at 63 in tampa and before we go don't forget the super moon. check it out tonight. becoming officially full monday morning. but tonight, get out pretty early before the overnight when thousand dollars thicken. it -- when clouds thick'. it's the closest and largest full moon since 1948.
8:51 am
pleasant today. high clouds. 80? this afternoon. but we drop below average monday through thursday with highs in the mid 70s. not much rain monday. maybe a sprinkle at best. so we'll have to wait 'til the next front.
8:52 am
8:53 am
finally this hour.. finally this hour, art is making a difference for the men and women who live in the streets of austin, texas. as fox's anne little shows us, each piece is a labor of love. >> this is where i get my
8:54 am
i always start out with a blank piece of paper. >> art brings 50-year-old kevin lane a sense of peace. >> i was passing this place up and i hadn't picked up brushes or did anything artistic since probably my last year in high school. >> our artists come in from the streets and they come in and create and they come in and create community with our organization and with our volunteers. and, with each other. >> that sense of community means everything for austin's homeless and at risk. >> i foundys street for one reason or another. and, i remembered this program so i started coming to it. >> art from the streets gives a safe place to those in need to create art. the pieces are sold with proceeds going back to the artists. kelly warden is the executive director for the nonprofit. >> there's tears on pay bay. a lot of times -- on payday. there's excitement. oh, my gosh what i'm going to do
8:55 am
but it's definitely a heartfelt thank you. it doesn't pay for a house, but an extra pair of shoes maybe or something to -- food for that day or something like that. >> it's like my identity. it's the only thing i can do that i can say i can do this. >> my first year, i was critical. because i was like -- it's not good enough. so what i did was, what i thought was good, i put on the walls. what i thought was trash, i put in the box. guess what the public picked. everything out my box. [laughter] >> about two months ago, kevin moved into his new home. >> i just got me a one-bedroom, um, hardwood floors, two ceiling fans, closet and a half, i'm blessed. i'm blessed. but i bust my butt. i put, i put in the work, you know. nothing gave, nothing gave, nothing gave. a lot of sacrificing. a lot of praying.
8:56 am
volunteers and warden working. >> yeah, i always say we're not the answer to homelessness but it is a nice stop for them to come and relax. >> lane knows it's more than just art. >> i am a piece of each one of these artists whether it be from a technical standpoint, a mental standpoint or just the interaction. this is my family. this is my family. >> really great idea. the art will be on sale sometime next week. artists. >> i love that. >> good stuff. >> we have been loving the cool weather. lifting the fog over the next 30 minutes. great if you are headed out to raymond james stadium for the buccs game. but if you are tailgating soon, a light layer. 71 for the kickoff. you can watch it here on fox. a sprinkle monday at best and then we are back to the dry, the cool, the wonderful week ahead could sues some rain but we will take it. >> today is sunday november 13.
8:57 am
news by logging on to our website. enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. that guy, figures.
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president-elect donald trump moves to take the reins of power. >> we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. >> my coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect is successful. >> as trump gets ready to name his team and set his agenda, we'll discuss both with top adviser kellyanne conway, live only on "fox news sunday." then the republican congress begins setting its priorities, what's in store for obamacare,


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