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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  November 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a lot of people are talking about the ?bucs this morning. but unfortunately it's not ?all about that big wn. one of the team's best players... held a ?protest during the national anthem. but it wasn't ?exactly related to what other players have been doing around the n- f-l. lets go live to fox 13's shayla reaves , outside raymond james stadium... with more.
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a driver is dead... and a female passenger is in
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their car fell 70 feet off the side of the interstate! it happened last night on i-275 in pinellas county. state troopers say the dodge durango was exiting off southbound 275 onto i-175 near tropicana field when the driver lost control. they say he hit the concrete barrier and went right over it. the s-u-v landed upside down on the ground. a scary few moments in sarasota county, when a s-u-v crashed into the side of a business. it actually stopped in the group of tables. it happened sunday morning near the intersection of main and u-s 301. luckily, no one was sitting at the table... and no one was hurt. however... a gas line was hit and had to be fixed. sarasota police say they ticketed the driver. investigators in st. pete now say a police officer is to? blame for a crash involving her cruiser... on i- 275. it happened saturday night just north of 38th avenue north. state troopers say the officer was traveling with her lights and sirens on when she lost control of her vehicle.
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assistance. investigators say she hit a 2016 ford expedition... then a guardrail. no one in the s-u-v was hurt. the officer was taken to the hospital as a precaution. four people off the coast of longboat key were able to escape a boat fire. the coast guard says it happened sunday morning. the four people were rescued by good samaritans in another boat. no one was hurt in the fire. the ?cause of the fire is still under investigation. south florida could soon be giving zika mosquitoes... a taste of their own medicine. the e-p-a just gave miami-dade county approval to release mosqutioes... that have been given a special bacteria. the male mosquitoes will hopefully find ?female mosquitoes carrying zika... and mate with them. but the offspring will ?not survive, reducing the zika mosquito population. the florida keys is considering a similar plan. many homeowners are not happy with the idea...since it would mean releasing a ?lot of mosquitoes into their neighborhoods. a weekend of free healthcare just wrapped up in
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event took place at manatee technical college in bradenton the past three days. more than 12 ?hundred patients got help. that includes screenings, dental services, and eye exams. but the "ram" clinic says they could have helped even ?more people. at least 300 patients were turned away on ?sunday alone. and they blame that... on one florida law: at least a dozen states allow licensed medical professionals from ?other states to volunteer at free medical clinics. florida is ?not one of them. ram's organizers are asking governor rick scott to consider changing that law, to help ?future clinics. ?five middle schools in polk county are fighting to stay open today... after the ?state threatened to close them. the state board of education has threatened to close them, because of their failing grades the list includes
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has a plan to keep all the schools open. and starting next week... the schools will start making their case. tonight, kathleen middle school will hold a public forum to go over their plan to improve their grade to a "c" or higher... and everyone in the community is invited. it starts at 6-30 inside the school cafeteria. and starting today... you can thank your local educators. this is "american education week." it's always the week before thanksgiving. the tradition started back in the 19-20s as a way to honor those unsung heroes. a parents day... wednesday is educator ?support day... and thursday is "educator for a day" the national education association sponsors the week. and they surveyed teachers this year... asking which ?celebrity they would want to substiute their class. the winner... by a huge margin: talk show host: ellen degeneres.
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weather... ((dave)) a health scare... for our seabirds after the break: why investigators think it may be linked... to a massive
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination
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it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. salmonella could now be to blame for dozens of seabird deaths in pinellas county. researchers studying the
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one bird died from the bacteria. remember, back in september and the sewage spills near st. petersburg .... heavy rains from tropical storm colin and hurricane matthew forced st. petersburg and gulfport to dump millions of gallons of sewage into boca ciega bay.
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news for drivers... the next time you fill up the tank. gas prices... are moving ?south, just in time for the holiday travel season. on sunday, the average ?fell for the 26th straight day here in florida. according to triple-a the price has dropped 26 cents in that time period. the national average right now is 2-15 a gallon. the average in tampa bay is 2-05 a gallon. and ?many local stations have already started dipping ?below the two dollar mark. he made more than two ?hundred movies... and probably ?broke almost as many bones. after the break: why all the hard work finally paid off... for one world famous actor. plus: dust off those acid-washed jeans and neon legwarmers. the 80's... are back! why this year's hottest holiday toy... is probably something you've
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4 xx... and here's a quick look at the top trending stories from overnight. and it looks like we can officially use the title... "hottest toy of the holiday season." and it's a toy that ?originally came out, more than 30 years ago! it's the classic nintendo entertainment system. the little grey box was one of the most successful gadgets... of the 19-80s. and now, it's back again! last friday, nintendo released a new ?mini version of the box... complete with old school controller, and about 30 classic games. well it ?quickly sold out. and people are already re-selling it for a big profit. the official price is 60 dollars... but as of this morning, it's now going for
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ramp up production , through the holiday season. and... talk about a ?long time coming... one world-famous actor, ?finally won his first oscar over the weekend! and it was an honor, five ?decades in the making: yup, thats martial arts master "jackie chan' accepting his ?honorary oscar saturday night at the "2016 governors awards." presenting him the award... tom hanks, and his "rush hour" co-star, chris tucker. and when chan joked about breaking bones... he's not kidding. he has always done ?all his own stunts. he's been
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breastbone, and breaking an ankle. he's so risky, no insurance company will cover his movies. he has to pay the rest of his stunt team... out of his own pocket. fighting piece of paper at a time. the events happpening this week... to help protect your
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starting today in pinellas county: it's anti-fraud awareness week.
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the sheriffs office hosts the events... with free tips for reducing your fraud risk. they even let you shred your paperwork for free. today's event is at the seminole gardens peacock center in seminole. it runs nine a-m to noon. another group will be "testing the waters" this morning, on the bay area's new ferry service. today, the cross-bay ferry will host a group of local c-e-o's... that are all under the age of 40. the company wants to show ?millenials why the service could be a huge boos weekend, the ferry teamed up with the tampa bay lightning, giving fans a ride to the saturday night game. and you can "test the waters" too... ?next week. from november 21st to 23rd, the ferry is offering ?free rides. people around the world are raising awareness today, for a potentionally deadly disease. this is "world diabetes day." more than 400 ?million people are now living with diabetes. and almost ?half of them... are ?never actually diagnosed. st. anthony's hospital in st.
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it starts at eight this morning at the hospital, on seventh avenue. they will have free health screenings, grocery demonstrations, exercise tips, and even free massages. some of the bucs will ?bowling tonight, and it's all for a good cause. it's "bowl for the kids sake" at splitsville in channelside. "lavonte david" and several other players will host the event, for "big brothers and big sisters of america." david has been a celebrity ambassador for the charity. check-in begins at seven p-m, the bowling starts at eight. tickets are 50 ?watch... or 15 ?hundred dollars to play ?with the bucs. and... if you still haven't made it to this year's epcot food and wine festival... this is your ?last day. it wraps up with a performance from these guys... "big bad voodoo daddy." the festival is included with park admission. it's never too early, to
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gifts. check out this american legion post in tampa... which looked more like santas workshop over the weekend. volunteers put together christmas care boxes for our troops overseas. for the last 11 years - the tampa-area legion has put together these care packages -- full of goodies from home. troops stationed in africa, afghanistan, iraq and korea. ((//2shot)) toss to
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o'clock hour of good day: its never too early... to start ?thinking about holiday shopping. black friday... is less than two weeks away! up next: a checklist... to make sure you get all those deals. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live at ray-jay... following a big controversy... with one bucs star. also ahead in the five o'clock hour of good day... we start a new series ?thanking those... who have devoted most their lives to ?helping others. and today... we meet a nurse who spent almost five
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((walter sitting down and taking a stand. one of the bucs most popular players makes an unpopular move... ((jen for the first time since winning the white house, president-elect donald trump opens up about the election, immigration... and prosecuting hillary clinton. ((walter a super sightt in the sky. the brightest moon in decades is high above tampa bay this morning... to see it. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. if you haven't been outside this morning, you're in for a treat... (walter) the moon right now is bigger and brighter than it's been in nearly 70 years... (walter - take a look at what's being called the "supermoon" rising over


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