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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 14, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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bucs fans have bucs fans have endured a rough couple of weeks where many have tempted to hit the panic button or the apathy button. so sunday's win was a sweet relief, a dominant wine in all phases and at home no less. i took a today in st. pete to talk to fans about the big win upon further review. >> first thing's first. what kind of delicious cake was that? >> it was a cheesecake with a brownie on top. everything homemade. >> are you guys going to finish that? >> bradley mcdougall went to my high school in ohio. he got the fumble. it was amazing. >> if they make the playoffs,
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>> definitely! bradley, hit me up. >> you went to high school together. >> yeah. >> ladies, what did we think about the bucs 26-point win yesterday? who wants to go first? one at a time. one of the great ones. speaking of graeft ones, yesterday's game, your thoughts? >> not good. we came down here, and i knew what i was in for. i thought we'd give it a better game. >> the bears. >> my hamstring i at what point did the bucs break the bears will? >> probably the scam bell where jameis threw and hit evans after he did his scramble, and that was about it after that. where's the cold beer. >> i agree that the pick six was fantastic, but to me, it was is the sack in the end zone of the safety. i think that's what i had. i imagine this victory this monday feels good? >> it feels excellent. me dolphins and buccaneers won
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>> yes, sir. >> that doubles the chances to be happy on a monday. >> excellent. >> if you go to three times, you'll have greater chances. >> triple the odds. >> they chuck at 50 yards harrell mary to the end zone. are you worried at all at that point? >> no. >> they got lucky. >> they got lucky. >> they ran out the clock. >> every dog has his day. what other cliche can we come up with? did you think he'd again tackled in the end zone >> i just love that guy and love everything about the franchise. >> did you watch the -- hey up there! did you watch the buccaneers game? >> no. >> you didn't? i was going to dare you to climb higher, but i don't want to be responsible if you fall and break your neck. so it's pretty cool. >> i find that the tree is symbolic of what they need to do in order to climb back to the top of the nfc south standings, guys. they're about where that kid
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couple branches further. >> it's a beautiful tree, isn't if? >> gorgeous. >> as long as the bucs stay firmly rooted, they'll have a good shot. >> they need to branch out a little bit. >> it's time too leaf, isn't it. >> the news keeps going on >> miles per hour is up next and "good day" starts at 4:00 a.m. from all of us here, have a great night. closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix.
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[chanting] . >> see why the antitrump protestors are making assumptionings that could be just plain wrong. >> everybody is going to be covered. >> see how the next president could surprise republicans and democrats. on immigration, gay right, abortion, foreign policy and healthcare. >> are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. >> trump's new chief of staff and advisor give us clues into how he will govern. it could s >> the swamp doesn't want to be drained. the swamp will suck you in if you let it. >> plus a knew round of political squares with former buck, panelist stars and surprises along the way. this is money, power & politics. okay, merissa. change is coming.
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you could blink. >> in march we brought you money money from cuba. >> we spent a week there. we spent a week on the streets of havana and covered the president's visit with how our relationship with cuba could affect us. >> donald trump and mike pence said they would undo the president's efforts in cuba. trump said, we will cancel obama's one sided cuban if we do not get the deal we want and the deal people living in cuba and here deserve. including protected, religious and political freedom. >> president obama acted without authority from congress to thaw relations with cuba. so the president elect trump can act with or without congress to seal things back up. if you listen to federal transportation officials they tell us it's soo early to say.
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to allow commercial flights between nations. back in september, we learned we don't yet have air marshalls on flights even though the administration said we did. that drove this push from republicans in congress to hit the brakes led by senator rubio. now that republicans will control the white house and both chambers of congress, we can see certainly a reversal in transportation policy and diplomacy with cuba. what's the next change? governor of florida? >> the john morgan. >> the john morgan. >> did he go for that? >> he didn't say no. check out his website for the does that ring a bell? ben pelara who ran the medical marijuana campaign is leading the john morgan campaign. >> something tells me the medical marijuana folks wouldn't do it on their own.
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john morgan himself. i know bob buckborn and graham and others will not think much of this. they are thinking of running for governor themselves. democrats are licking wounds and looking for new leadership on a new level and maybe somebody bho like trump in a sense can put his name on signs and buildings and already has. and is larger than life. i know where they're going with this. >> morgan is already a household name and connected with working class >> okay. third big change relates to our ports. they may not be getting as much business as they hoped. you have florida companies who were planning to cash in on the transpacific partnership. >> it was built as a way tokes up and down floridas trade with six countries and open the door to five others. trump doesn't want it. he doesn't like nafta and could change that. he has a lot of power over the trade policy.
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trade as they might have thought just a if u days ago. at the same time, we have other changes that may catch republicans and democrats by big surprise. >> let's start with healthcare. what trump said last year and again. >> everybody is going to be covered. this is an unrepublican thing. >> universal healthcare. >> i am going to take care of everybody. >> who pays for it. ? >> the government. >> trump said he wants healthcare. last night he said he wants to repeal and replace obamacare. watch how he says he wants to keep the most popular parts of it. >> are you going to make sure people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> you're going to keep that. >> very much try to keep that in. it's cost but it's very much something we're going to try and keep. >> on the campaign trail trump said he would prosecute
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>> i don't want to hurt them. they are good people. i don't want to hurt them. >> and his promise to build a wall across the border could be scaled back. instead he's talking about putting up a fence. >> to critics who feel he will roll back gay rights. he reminded them of what he said at the republican convention in july. >> as your president, i will do everything in my power to protect our the violence and oppression of the hateful foreign ideology. >> when asked where he stands on same sex marriage, president elect trump says it's legal and time to move on. >> do you support marriage equality? >> it's irrelevant. it was settled. it's law. it was settled in the supreme court. it's done. >> so lest look at the list. let's start with obamacare. trump wanting to keep key parts.
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policies his own party promoted for decades. concerned about protracted wars overseas. rebuilding ages bridges and roads. democrats could find more common ground with president trump in the future than they think. >> some republicans may cringe over the pick for chief of staff. remember when bush and kasich and graham broke their oath to support the republican nominee. >> i do. i bet reince priebus too. he now runs the white house here. i asked reince priebus what he thinks about republicans like jeb bush who broke their promise and bailed on trump. >> so, all of the gop presidential candidates, all 17 of them signed a loyalty oath and a couple have backed away from it. how will you punish the republicans who went back on their word and won't back mr. trump? >> look, it's not about puni punishment. that's the fun thing to talk
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people who have used our party label and agreed to do things with our party, especially whether it be data, whether it be the fact they agreed to get on the ballot in south carolina. but also said, hey, if i do this i'm going to support the eventual nominee. i'm here reminding candidates of the things and promises they made. >> reminding them of the promises they made. now he's running the white house. bet tt and others are wincing right now. we have a lot of ground to cover. one of my favorite segments is coming up. i want to start with this. we've got a very interesting fire storm. we have a buccaneers play e mike evans sitting down. now he's at the center of a mess. >> two former nfl players butt heads in the anticipated return of political squares
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and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. many s0- called explains why so coming up... evan one of these stars is sitting in the secret square. and the contestant who picks it would win a special prize. which star is it? john wilson? jen epstein? vanessa ruffus? chris cato? russell rhodes? mark wilson? matt towery? merissa lynn?
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all on the political squares. and here's the master of political squares craig patrick. >> here we go. welcome to another round of political squares. so good to see you. >> nice to be seen. ready to do this. >> we'll have them standing up like they got stuck with hat pins. >> are we doing dan ratherisms tonight? >> yes. >> this game will be tighter than a rusted lug nut on a 55 ford. >> tighter >> tight as the pages in a book. >> how about crackling like a hickory fire? >> hot enough to peel paint off a florida concrete block house. >> how about fired up like a tampa parking lot in the middle of july. >> we have a special glory days buck edition with glad colepepper >> thanks for having me.
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>> ul take charley. >> charley belcher, are you ready for this? >> as long as you don't sack me aisle be good to go. >> who accused gerald ford of playing too much football without a helmet? >> well, roger gadel maybe? put him right into the concussion protocol. delayed the election for weeks. i'm pretty sure. maybe not. maybe not. no. actually, this question. perfect answer to this question is richard nixon. i am not a crook but i think that he played too much football without a helmet. richard nixon. >> that sounds like something nix on would say. i agree? >> no. you got it wrong. circle gets the square. right off the bat it's looking good for you brad.
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me. not unexpected. >> i'll take mark. >> going to take mark. this one is you. >> hit me. i don't really want to get hit. ask if question. >> where do we get the term stunt speech? back in the old days they've been doing this centuries, nearly. they would say things to, in a sense, stump the campaign opponent. hence, maybe mislea other directions. stumping them, so to speak, confuse them. it's like a jed i mind trick. >> that's incorrect. stump speech is standing on a stump to give a speech. i disagree. >> he got that one right. can't pull anything over this guy. back in the days you would stand on a stump and then at the same time, if you tripped over that stump, then you were, in a sense, stumped. >> looking good. [clapping]
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going next. >> i have to go for the block. vanessa. >> let's do this. >> which 2016 candidate for president drafted her shell walker? >> i'm a georgia girl. it's donald trump. >> donald trump. >> what do you think? >> i agree. >> well you nailed that one. you get the block. >> usfl. >> the new jerseyy generals. >> brad, what do you jen. are you ready? >> yeah. let's do it. >> who organized the first inaugural ball? >> i know this one because my great great grandmothers aunt's sisters boyfriend's fiance. betsy ross. >> what do you think? >> i think it was andy jackson or somebody like that. i disagree. >> i was bluffing. it was dolly madison. >> you get the square.
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here. >> it is. i have to go for the block. matt are you ready for this? >> watch out or i'll do my paul lynn imitation. >> what do you think of that impression? >> it was horrible. >> that was horrible. it needs to be more of that. matt, here we go. >> hold on. do you (laughing) >> in 1990, georgia's republican nominee for governor was johnny ie sackson. he went onto become u.s. senator. what became of the gop nominee for lieutenant governor that same year 1990? >> you're looking at him. it was me and i retired to florida. >> fox 13 pog ster.
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and he was right about that. so we have a winner in round one. it is brad coldpepper. off to the early start. >> reliving them. >> all right. we're going to see you for round two next week. thanks for joining us. [clapping] all right. here we go. coming up evan explains why so many so called experts got the election so wrong. we're going to
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this office is bigger than any one person and that's why ensuring a smooth transition is so important. it's not something that the constitution explicitly requires but it is one of those norms that are vital to a functioning democracy. it's part of what makes the this country work. as long as i'm president, we are cherish and up hole those ideas. >> president obama spoke for the first time this afternoon since meeting with president elect trump last week. he and his staff are aiming for a cohesive transition of power. democrats across the the nation are seeking new leaders and republicans have celebrating a strategy critics said would never work. craig walked to evans corner to break it down. >> here we are at evans corner. big news.
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lanyards and press passes from the rallies. you'll be selling these on ebay? >> no. i'm probably going to keep them for my own personal collection. >> a great collection. it's baseball, it's politics. trump toilet paper, what's that? >> this is a plant. >> what are you doing with toilet paper? >> i promise you this is not mine. a plan from craig patrick. i promise you so you covered the rallies time an time again. both candidates. in hien site what strike yous most about what you saw in the trump rallies versus the clinton rallies. >> there was talk about whether the trump rallies were going to translate to votes. that had never been tested before. the trump rallies were kind of on their own as a piece of campaign strategy. the obama campaign had very
11:55 pm
with sophisticated data operation. one of the big things donald trump did with his ground game is i don't necessarily need to make a hundred phone calls to you. if you wear a make america great again hat that's good enough. there were a lot made of, they are not spending as much money on tv ads as they are on ball caps. turned out to be the right strategy. hillary clinton spent lots of money on ads but that doesn't foster the same connection as putting on a baseball cap. >> it turns what a lot of >> i think one of the things we see in politics time again, linden johnson was the master. you go out and reach people on your own and by reaching people they felt, well, hey. he did enough to speak to me i'm going to vote for them. i think one of the things you see is that there were lots of people who voted for donald trump who felt they were at the back of the line for a long time. >> another edition of evans corner. >> good to be here. >> coming up a state leader
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here we are. monday sports and politics. mike evans the buccaneers wide receiver. we have jacqueline ball let. a powerful state senator encouraging buck fans to boycott the team until evans apologizes or is off the team.
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of state government. it's a mess the pr department did not want. >> they've been protesting the election of donald trump. he says he's going to keep doing it until, i don't know. i guess for the next four years at least. >> after stating that he did not vote. with that, drawing a correlation between the anthem and trump is one thing especially when the team celebrates the veterans. to say you didn't vote and protest by sitting on a national anthem. that's our show. see you tomorrow night. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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. >> this may be invading on your territory a little bit. first, i can't even believe i'm saying this, but it does seem that celebrities are turning on oprah. >> no. >> what? >> yeah. it was just days after the dust settled from the election, oprah went on twitter and posted a picture of donald trump and president obama with their first


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