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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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developing this morning: a school district employee in polk county could find out today if she's losing her job. and it comes after a student was hit and killed at a bus stop. the employee is accused of ?lying about the incident... and then trying to cover it 13's shayla reaves is live in lakeand right now... at the bus stop where this all started.
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the legal battle over ride-sharing isn't over yet... in hillsborough county. the county's public transportation commission... is facing ?another lawsuit this morning. a tampa based company called "drive society" is behind the complaint. says the agreement the p-t-c approved last week with "uber" and "lyft" puts other competitors at a disadvantage. competitors like "drive society"... which is also an app-based service. the current agreement allows "uber" and "lyft" to operate legally, ?without having to fingerprint their drivers. several taxi-cab and limousine firms have also joined the new lawsuit. no response yet from the p-t-c. ? and could hillsborough county get rid of the p-t-c... entirely? that's what the former ?chairman is hoping.
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p-t-c governing board last week. now he's calling on state senator jeff brandes to help abolish the p-t-c. crist says it's too bureaucratic and too slow to adjust to new technology. he'd like to see those responsibilities turned over to the county. florida's supreme court is about be changing.. and it looks like it will shift to the right! governor scott is about to appoint a new justice to the court by the end of the year. that's when justice "james perry" retires. perry is part of the libe the governor is expected to pick a more conservative replacement. applicants are still being interviewed.. but we should find out who the replacement is, in a few weeks. a sad update on a bald eagle... that got stuck in a storm drain last week. a rescue group in central florida... says the bird is still struggling to recover. the "audubon center for birds of prey" says the eagle is now in very critical condition. their veterinarians think it has internal injuries and possibly a blood clot. and they are now trying to do everything
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eagle was found last thursday in orlando... with it's talons caught on ?another eagle. animal experts think the two male eagles were actually ?fighting... when they fell to the street. that's because this is their mating season. the second eagle managed to fly away. and in more positive wildlife news: a female florida panther... has just crossed the "calusa-hatch-ee" river. florida fish and wildlife just confirmed the sighting, which happened earlier this month. this is the first time in forty ?years a female successfully crossed the river in southwest florida. it's a good sign that the panther is looking for a mate... because male panthers frequently cross that river. if successful, it could be a huge help for the panthers population. there are only about a ?hundred left in the wild. this morning in lakeland: police officers are taking a break from crimefighting... to do some christmas shopping. the lakeland police department is holding it's annual "cops for kids" program. at nine a-m, several officers and staff members
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toys for about two ?hundred needy kids. the toys will be handed our during a special christmas party with those families... on december 15th. and... it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays... in downtown tampa. construction is well underway, on the annual "ice rink" at curtis hixon park. the giant white tent is already up. and this year... there will be a lot more than just ice skating. the park will be transformed into a "winter village." here's a layout of the village. the ice rink is near the riverwalk. next to it... a winter village cafe, sponsored by the "mise en place" restaurant... with holiday treats. there will also be a row of pop-up shops... where you can buy locally-made gifts. and of course... there will be a giant holiday ?tree as well. it's all set to open, this
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?who says a ?penny is worthless? after the break: how some pennies have caused ?thousands of dollars in damage... to one historic landmark. ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... tonights mega millions jackpot is worth 73 million dollars.
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millions of girls grow up playing with "barbie dolls" but how many actually get one... in their ?own image? up next... the new design... that has a lot of women cheering. plus: ?belle is back! disney finally releases the trailer... for one of its most ?anticipated movies. and fans are already ?singing
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the time is now 4xxx.. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. and heres a look at the top trending stories overnight. and we begin... with the barbie doll. the classic toy... just keeps re-inventing itself. and last night, a brand new doll was just revealed. it's an exact replica... of plus-size model "ashley graham." the doll was presented to the model last night, during the "glamour" magazine "women of the year" awards. graham was one of the honorees for the way she's helped women be confident, no matter what their body size may be. graham said she always dreamed of having her barbie doll... but never thought she would ?look like one. mattel has actually made a lot of changes to barbie in recent years, to help girls avoid unrealistic ideas of body image. graham even helped create the
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wanted the dolls ?thighs to touch. no plans for mattel to mass produce ?this doll... but they do have ?other ?curvy barbie dolls already on the market. and now to "a tale old as time." "song as old as rhyme." disney just released a new trailer monday, for one of their most ?anticipated films. a live-action remake... of one of the most beloved ?animated films of all time: that's "beauty and the beast". an update to the 1991 classic. this time "emma watson" stars as belle. the clip also shows kevin
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known for starring on pbs's "downton abbey." and just like the original movie, items in the castle come to life... with some help from c-g-i. they're voiced by ewan mcgregor, stanley tucci, and emma thompson. the movie hits theaters, next march. thanksgiving is almost a ?week away. after the break... how you can learn some ?creative ways to bake that bird. plus... before you head outside... dave joins us after the break, with
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in other local headlines: more than two ?years after the old st. pete pier closed down... construction on the ?new pier is finally getting close. demolition on the old pier just wrapped up last month. and now, officials have a tentative start date for new construction... in march or april. here are the renderings for the new pier. the schematics are almost complete. however they are slightly behind on designs for the pier approach. that's the area of land leading up to the pier. design teams are still working out some kinks on the 70 ?million dollar project: design teams will present their final plans to the city council next month. council next final plans to the will present their design teams design teams will present their final plans to the city council next month. this will be a special morning for almost two dozen kids. they're all about to
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celebration. 19 foster kids will attend the ceremony with their new families... and the ceremony starts at nine a-m. at the george edgecomb courthouse in downtown tampa. ever wanted to watch a ?live theater production in london? well you can do it tonight, without leaving the bay area. "fathom productions" is hosting a ?live theater event at select ?movie theaters across the country. you can watch a live feed of "doctor strange" actor "benedict cumberbatch" perform in a production of "hamlet" . event starts tonight at seven... at ?seven bay area theaters... in hillsborough, pinellas, manatee and sarasota counties. tickets are 20 dollars a person. tonight in st. pete... you can see a famous rock duo. the "pet shop boys" their
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to the mahaffey theater. the english electronic act has been making music for more than 25 years, including 22 top ten hits. tickets start at 50 bucks a person. the show starts at 8-30. and... sick of that same old thanksgiving turkey? well publix can help you put a tasty ?twist on that tradition. it's "twisted turkey day" at their apro you can learn how to make things like "turkey wellington", and a "thanksgiving day sundae." thats sweet potato ice cream, warm pecan sauce, and toasted marshmallow. the class costs 45 dollars a person.
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((//2shot)) toss to dave...
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are ?already gearing up for 20-20. the person they want to run against donald trump. and guess what... it's ?another woman. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live in polk county... where a student ?death... could lead one school employee to lose her job: also ahead in the five o'clock hour of good day: a bay area deputy who spent more than two decades helping others. and now she's getting some help in return... from her community. we'll meet her, coming up next.
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a student hit and killed on the way to school... the cover-up that followed and the move tonight to shine a light on the issue. good day says thanks... the school rescource offcer who found her calling in the halls of a local school... and the brave fight that forced her to retire too soon. and when it comes to marriage you're not marrying ?one woman... you're marrying many. that's the thought behind one man's facebook good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay at 5:xx. i'm walter allen. thanks for joining us. and i'm jen epstein. let's start off by checking in with dave. a little cooler out


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