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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  November 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 news at noon. ybor at the bar damaged after an argument led to car being driven right into the building. this was a bad monkey on seventh avenue between 17th street and angel senior street. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. thanks so much for joining us police say whole incident may have been intentional. this afternoon that driver still on the run.
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you might assume when bars here ybor city close down that things would calm down. that wasn't case last night matter of fact exact opposite happened. things really started to heat up. cops say half a dozen guys in front of bed monkey had an argument which escalated into a fight. one guy jumped into a rental car plowed through the crowd of guys and hit one of them. impact flung him right through the front of bad monkey. investigators say the man who was hit was taken to hospital with broken leg. two other young men were part of melee were arrested. police say the men were drinking and the driver of the car may have been intentionally run through the crowd because he was ticked off. now cops have surveillance tapes because they will probably sort out pretty quickly who's who and who did what whole ordeal left bad monkey in quite a bad situation. it's really a mess. lot of repairs have to be done i understand repairs may start to get done this afternoon but manager tells me whether they
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bad monkey is going to be in good spirits, and open as usual. back to you. thank you, ken. >> we're following a developing story in tampa where a child was hit by a car. this happened on florida avenue in hollywood street just after 7 o'clock. police say an 8-year-old girl was walking there when she stepped off the curb into traffic on florida avenue. and that's when the side mirror of passing bmw hit her right in the face. she went to hospital but we're told she will be okay. that driver was not cited crash. mike evans had a change of heart the buccaneers wide receiver says he will stand for the national anthem. on sunday, he sat during anthem in protest of president-elect donald trump. that's started a firestorm of reaction. senator jack said he would boycott bucs games unless evans apologized. he issued a statement a short time ago apologized to military and fans who were offended by
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as sign an of frustration of presidential election. i will not sit again during national anthem because i want to focus my efforts on fight finding more effective ways to communicate my message and bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities. meanwhile, the subject of evans frustration continues building is hi team over weekend pr named two top appointments. now speculation continues about the rest of the trump transition. fox joel waldman reports on who he may pick to fill some of the most important positions in his new administration. >> president-elect donald trump could be close to naming a his picks for top cabinet positions including secretary of state and attorney general. in what former new york city rudolph giuliani said he's not interested in latter job he would consider being america's top diplomat. john would be a very good choice. is there anybody better?
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john is former ambassador to united nations john bolton who also said to be in running for secretary of state. bolton handling possibility of the appointment >> well diplomatically. i'm kind of old school on this business. it's been an honor to serve the country but ultimately this is the president-elect's decision. >> one most prominent faces of any administration is the press secretary. and one very well known name in conservative circles could offered the former supreme court clerk and radio talkshow host laura engram. >> if i could be of help in this administration and role makes sense to me then i would you know, i definitely entertain that and be great privilege to be asked. political analyst suggest there's common thread in all potential choices for top positions. >> evaluation loyalty. a lot of names we just looked a people with him if not from very beginning pretty on in the process, and those people are being rewarded.
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president-elect's mind today in tweet he called electoral college genius just days after criticizing it. as hillary clinton continues to lead him in the popular vote. >> in washington, joel waldman, fox 13 news. new this afternoon clearwater police have arrested man they say robbed a convenience store. griffin antoine janet was charged with strong armed robbery aggravated battery. officials say he robbed speedway on harm boulevard last thursday when clerk tried to stop him at the door they say he hit the clerk in the drawer. that man was treated for a minor head injuries. jan ihe is being held pinellas county jail on $20,000 bond. >> develop thing right now davenport police looking for this woman, she's wanted for question after hit and run crash involving a school bus. it happened monday morning at the corner of bay street and swaen avenue. this black ford expedition was caught on surgicalville lens camera minutes before the crash investigators say the suv should have damage to its front bumper
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the bus. >> a polk county school district employee is fighting for her job. officials say she lied about a dangerous bus stop where a student died back in may. tonight, the school board is meeting to decide whether she should be fired. >> fox 13 shayla reeves explains the district's concerns. >> we learned she's been suspended without pay since june. and tonight brenda young is expected to an address the polk county school board. she's accused of a not telling her bosses the truth and it's up the board to dece her loses her job. >> now it happened on may 2nd, bus transportation area manager answering questions. 17-year-old kaelin kirk tried crossing club house road but never made it to his bus stop a car struck a killed a george jenkin high school student in lakeland district officials say young falsely told managers teen didn't have cross busy road. officials she later changed information on computer to back
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making changes, not to cover anything up, but to find a safer route for students. we learned the polk county school superintendent is expected to recommend termination in this case. and a hearing officer upheld the superintendent's recommendation. tonight we know brenda young is expected to address the school board herself as well as kaelin kirk's family. the family is expected to a speak at tonight's meeting as well. so we're going to continue to you posted on the outcome as information becomes available. reporting here in lakeland, shayla reeves, fox 13 news. thank you, shayla. in pasco county a wander 3-year-old led to arrest whitney schumaker deputies called deputies a 4 in afternoon said child was alone in street it wasn't first time. deputies tracked down the woman in charge of the child who was asleep. deputies arrested her and charged her with child neglect.
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house. orlando city leaders have postponed vote on whether to buy pulse night club. appear tent aven contract to buy pulse for $2.5 million. that is about $600,000 more than the night clubs appraised value. while commissioner fine on price they want more time to study what other cities have done with sites similar sites of similar tragedies orlando mayor wants to form committee work on plans for plan to take up issue again next month. f dot camera capture aftermath of deputy involved shooting that shut down traffic on i-75 in lee county. investigators say deputy dean was working a crash when a driver sped past. the deputy followed in high speed chase that ended in a brawl between driver and deputy. the another driver stopped and stepped in to help. he warned driver that he would shoot if he didn't stop beating the deputy. we will didn't good samaritan
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later on died. deputy is recovering. a female florida panther just crossed river for first time in four years. florida fish and wildlife just confirmed this sighting which happened earlier this month. it a good sign that panther is looking for around mate because male panther frequently cross that river. if successful it could huge help for panther population. there are only about 100 left in the st. petersburg police officer. this is a picture of officer dave in a bee mask dusting for fingerprints. he surrounded by bees. officers say over the weekend some young prowlers jumped fence and land right on top of that bee hive. thousands of bees scared the bad guys off you see anyone covered in bee stings gastrointestinal them a call. it takes strength and bravery to be a police officer.
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with kids. when deputy miles she has a passion for both. hear how entire community is thanking her for her decades of service when we come back. first jim here with forecast we've had all cloudy skies since yesterday a couple sprinkles around as well. now we're starting to see clearing skies. we'll see that as we go through the afternoon. temperatures rebounding back into very pleasant numbers over the next couple of days with lower humidity. as we look at the long range heading in our direction.
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resource officers are the eyes and ears of many schools... providing safety and security to school resources officers eyes ears of many schools providing safety and security to students and staff. until deputy debra miles got sick that's exactly what she did patrol's halls weeki wachee high school for 13 years. here's fox 13's jen epstein. she always knew she wanted to a cop and her dream came true 23
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office. it was great. i loved going every single day there wasn't a day adidn't want to get up and go. i enjoyed it she worked in several departments over years undercover vice and narcotics. but it wasn't until she became a school resource officers that she really found her calling. i love the kids. even the bad ones spent 13 years patrolling halls weeki wachee high school but this was her first time back in more than a year since she was diagnosed uterine cancer forec her badge and retire early. >> loved being here. trying to keep hundreds of students in line was not an easy job. but deputy miles found a method that worked. you can talk with them, and most of time get them to do what you want them to do. most of the time. it was that combination of toughness and kindness that principal says really made a difference. she did such a great job of developing what i like to call her circle of life.
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would be glued to her and would come to her and say, hey deputy myles i am hearing this, this and this about that relationship that she established with students that we're able to help us do the job and do the job well. one look at her smile, and you can tell that she cared for her kids. but those relationships went beyond the students and staff at weeki wachee. deputy miles made connections with the whole community. she's a good woman. a good person. she really is. so when word started hundreds of people came forward on facebook and in person with messages of hope. i went through and i read every comment that was in there in most of them brought me to tears. friends and family stranger reached out their hand to help. like jackie who showed her gratitude for deputy miles by organizing a car wash raising nearly $400.
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her career would end like this or cancer would leave her so tired and weak. but knowing that the community has her back, is giving her the strength she needs to heal. that of course was our jen epstein. dew broo has several rounds of treatment and surgery since she was first diagnosed in 2013 and still has long way to go. once she gets better she hopes to get back to work one day. we hope that for her too. >> so don't be fooled jim by the clouds, right? because you're probably not going to get any yesterday. we really have not had much rain this month a few clouds out there now but we will clear out skies as we go through the afternoon and get back to some better looking weather. but this is, this almost a joke to look at this. this is rainfall we've had so far in november. of course november being our driest month of the year. but we only picked up 1 hundredth of an inch of rain. that was last wednesday. yesterday with little sprinkles
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stay dry through the rest of the work week. now visible satellite loop again this more than had lot of clouds around. they had fairly thick maybe couple sprinkles early this morning. but clearing line is out into the gulf of mexico. so this, this is going to swinging through one, 2 o'clock this afternoon. and so you're going to start to see developing sunshine as we go through the afternoon hours. but we're starting out on the cool side here in tampa we're down to 60 degrees this morning. we rebounded up to making humidity at 56 percent. winds currently out north at eight miles an hour pretty much everybody sitting with cooler temperatures because of cloud cover across the area. down in sarasota, venice, 72 degrees. downtown st. petersburg has a 66. head up into new port richey, 69. brooksville you start out in the 40s this morning48 degrees in brooksville. you rebounded up to 70 in lakeland currently sits at 64
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about that dew point kind of climbing back up maybe feeling a little more sticky outside. the front was pushing through the drier air is filtering back down the state. we've dropped these numbers back down into the lower 50s. so feels a lot more comfortable outside in these lower dew points. they are going to stick around throughout the rest of the work week. there's the front down to our south. high pressure building back in. kind of scouring away these clouds. so we get back to mostly sunny skies for the rest of the work week. headin weekend. looking delightful. we've got a lot more fronts kind of working there way across the country. so we're going to start to get into this pattern where every few days we get a cold front coming through here. either reinforcing the dry air, or eventually bringing some cooler temperatures. it looks like by time we get into first part of next week, we're going to looking a much stronger cold front that will swing through here that will probably bring us most significant cooler weather that we've seen so far this season.
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hurricane season still under way officially goes until november 30th. a little over two weeks left in the season. watching this area down into the southern caribbean, still a fairly disorganized system at this point. but the computer models are suggesting going to hang out for several days. and we might start to see some development with this. this could become our next tropical depression if it would become a named storm next name on the list is the o storm which but alook at the computer models and right now, just too early to say what this would end up doing. they are all over the place. have to wait and he over next several days as this maybe intensifies a little bit more. so future cast showing high pressure just builds in more sun and lower humidity as we go through the next several days. all way into the weekend. afternoon clearing daytime high for today 75 degrees. then for tonight clear skies, overnight low of 59.
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77 degrees. on the water winds are out north at 10 knots seas two feet light chop on bay high tide comes up 3:31 this afternoon. here's your seven-day forecast, nice temperatures low humidity pleasantly cool events over next several days notice by monday, that's when those cooler temperatures are really starting to work in with daytime high only of 66 degrees. linda, wow. that's a change. thanks, jim. >> we all struggle with bills. some every month. we may be able to coming up getting your finances
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are company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting married? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. to learn more about our marketplace plan, visit or call (877) 753-8816 we've all gotten hit with a big we've all gotten hit with a big credit card bill. but what if the balance gets too high to pay off? fox 13's consumer reporter
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long look a helping you achieve when what you want to be when it comes to your career and finances. >> credit card debt car payments, insurance, my first credit card was really exciting. if you want to debt free don't like credit card bills weigh you down. oh, yeah. we're getting you an action plan t pay them down. typically family right now over $10,000 in credit card debt. you're one of those people, first order a business stop use the card and contact your creditors. most time they can work out a plan to bring you up to date. and in meantime that interest is killing you. late fees is killing you with annual rates up to 18 percent that interest could equal more than $2,000 a year on top of that arch $10,000 owed. so the next step is to create a payment plan.
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people on 5-year track it can take long lot longer than that most people are paying minimum payment this will take you well over ten years to pay it as next hard as it you have to stick to a budget. i used to go to burger king mcdonald's all time now i cook pasta and it lasts three days i make chicken. made up a list of everything that was coming out money coming in and try to handle it. how long before you handled it did it take months, week or you got pretty fast? was >> credit counselors say you should be saving at least ten percent of your income but most americans have less than $1,000 put away. they might have a 4 orr 1 k through a job or something like that. but what i'm talking about savings saving that is you should have available to dip into it when things happen. when your car breaks down. when you get laid off york you should have six months set aside.
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credit card like a get out of jail card in a financial emergency. >> and at majority of people surveyed by american bankers association say that they only pay off that minimum and you see linda how fast that can all add up. because you're paying that for years and paying all fees and interest on top of it. you know what really struck me listening to that whole report of yours was $1,000, that's on average what people have saved. what about for retirement? it can't much more than that. because other surveys show that most people are actually seeing less than $10,000. that's what a banging rate survey found. that means for what later years in life sailing off into sunset with $10,000 to try to support yourself and really shocking statistic and we'll talk at 5 o'clock, one out of three people guess how many dollars they have saved >> save for retirement? >> guess. less than $10,000. 0. >> $0.
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advisor and we talked some real regular people. just like you and me to find out how they did it and what their plans for success are. you have to healthcare you're going to have to keep working. wow, this is going to information we can use sorboni looking forward to it. rescuers are busy after new zealand earthquake do you remember seeing this picture? this one shocked me. we will tell you what happened
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce
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it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only. at carrabba's. you're watching the fox 13 news at noon. president obama's last foreign trip brings him to greece today he's touting america ongoing support forney to. fox kevin reports alliance is
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president-elect donald trump. president obama met with military honor guard upon his arrival here in greece. it one the last times he'll welcomed in such way since he's on his last foreign trip as commander in chief. president meet grief leaders and promising america unwaivering commitment to the nato alliance. >> across democratic and republican administrations there's a recognition that nato alliance is absolutely violates trans-atlantic relationship the cornerstone of our mutual you will skwaurt as well pros president-elect trump president-elect trump looming large over his soon to be predecessor travel republican taking tough stance on nato in campaign trail saying other members do not contribute enough money. >> i nato. i guarantee you when i get in they are going to pay. still president obama says his successor told him u.s. would remain committed to alliance nato secretary general has said he looks forward to working with the president-elect.
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president of united states which will live up to all commitments of united states and alliance. because a strong nato is important for europe. but also important for the united states. this is not the president's final visit overseas. he's actually headed to germany after greece. then after that he'll attend a summit in peru. chatting with president in athens kevin cork, fox 13 news. >> developing this afternoon a massive rescue effort is under way a remained trapped in new zealand following an earthquake. sunday 7.8 magnitude killed two people and also trigger ad small tsunami and more than 80,000 land slides rail road and highway access has cut off as well water. right now helicopter working on ferrying people out of that area. the u.s. also diverted a ship to help. it will be first time u.s. warship is visited new zealand in 30 years. people aren't only ones being rescued.
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three animals were stranded on small patch of grass. owner of farm drug a track and a was toibl bring them out they were in desperate need of water but otherwise they are okay. the georgia father accused leave his 22-month-old son it die in hot car is found guilty. justin harris will likely spend rest of his life in prison. prosecutors say harris plotted to kill his son, his sentencing set for december 5th and defense faces a maximum of life in prison without parole plus an additional 42 years. >> a judge in wisconsin ordered release of a man at the center of netflix series making a murderer. brandon dassey was a convicted of a help his uncle kill woman in 2005 thisser? federal judge ruled dassey was triktd into
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center without a clear purpose? why have millions of your tax dollars gone toward the usf think tank? up next the unsettling discoveries our fox 13
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for five years, the university of south florida has p for five years university of south florida has poured millions of tax dollars into a campus think tank.
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accountable? fox 13 investigative reporter tina jensen has digging into what they've doing with your money. >> usf stakes its reputation on being aglobe will research university. wow. that's usf president judy last year an at her annual fall address. $440 million. that's when she a university's accomplishments, measured in research dollars. what the audience didn't know what is that one of university's research centers called the global initiative had been flagged by an internal report just a few weeks earlier for not having financial transparency, and not spending and tracking grant funds appropriately. it also says the director didn't understand university financial policies. and would continue to make poor
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accountability. >> the global initiative started in 2011. according to usf, it spent more than $4 million in public money since then. >> welcome to usf global citizens forum i'm here with david jacobson. david founding director of the global initiative on civil society in conflict. >> global initiatives web page looks impressive. it takes you right to picture of an employee with un secretary general on barack obama. another page shows lots of team members. their brochure looks impressive too. it shows photo labelled student interns. but what is globe will initiative exactly? >> here's how director david jacobson explains what they do and usf youtube video. >> one is looking global conflict. and the ways we can address it. then there's another part of the
12:37 pm
and as you'll hear in this clip his description is still vague. and to get into the field not in terms of looking at the violence so much or conflict, but looking at hcitizens operate. we like to try to explain that a little more but public records obtained by fox 13 show that even the usf employees that work there weren't really clear on what they do. the internal report showed was no clearly defined vision or mission. and they had no measurable goals or objectives. >> let's take a closer look on their website. if you click to read more about how a staffer ended up meeting president obama, there's nothing more to read. and this photo, the global initiative staffers holding something dated 2004. before moon was un secretary
12:38 pm
photo in brochure labd student interns exact same photo is on usf web page showing paid academic advisors. global initiative part of college arts and sciences. >> we try to visit think tank over the summer to find out more. and found moving boxes and some empty looking offices. we made a return visit last week. and discovered those same officers are no longer empty and no longer used by the glo the dean of college of arts and sciences says the think tank is between projects right now. he declined to go on camera. what is gone on in past couple of years in terms of research output and projects? >> usf spokesperson who sat in on the phone call with him said she'd send over list of recent accomplishments. that list shows global initiative held conference in 2014. and that director david jacobson
12:39 pm
partnerships with institutions around the globe. i reached out to all eight of them to confirm and heard back from two. one of them pip was an idea but nothing materialized. the other said they had never even heard of the global initiative. that raised more questions. >> we wanted to know how think tank spent more than $2 million of federal grant money that usf said they couldn't release those details. that's not only way has spending public money. last year just as this internal report was finding that no one keeps office hours including the director, dean sent david jacobson a memo congratulating him renewing his appointment of director of global initiative for another three years. >> in the phone interview he said this about jacobson, from my perspective he's doing exactly what i want him to do
12:40 pm
the think tank director salary and benefits package is worth nearly a quarter million taxpayer dollars a year. >> that was tina jensen reporting she tells jacobson declined an interview request too. >> here's live look outside right now. meteorologist jim weber will have another check on your
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hey equity i'm charley belcher coming to you from pinellas county solid waste from their waste to energy plant. good job stephanie. this is stephanie by the way. and yes, that is where they are burning garbage turning into electricity. enough to power fourth,000 homes a day one largest facilities of its kind in world. we're doing great, that recycling in and of itself. absolutely. it is we're here talking about america recycles day.
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this day to commit to recycling. you have to do it a right any job wrort doing worth doing right. stephanie is going to tell us intes intentions we're doing it wrong i know i'm finding that out. let's start with what can go in recycler. i'm too lazy to bring grocery bag i rely on i thought it was okay because i was throw recycler. right u this want to put it in here they get caught in equipment they get wrapped around strands and cause planted to shut down for several hours while worker manual cut the plastic bags off equipment. we want to rereuse them in your home and they will get burned for electricity. okay but you rather, what a does it really have to come in here? our studies show that 3 out four pounds that come into planned could easily be recycled.
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no put it in your garbage. so much great information. you guys have a guide you want to talk about your guide? 2016. cover of 2017 sneak preview. world premiere. very pinellas county. coming in mid january. this is going to have lot more information about how as residents can recycle in pinellas county. but for currently 2016 shows you what's okay no way for your recycle bin. you can check with youring coordinator you have recycling rate we're going to e eco from 11 to power 4ist family friendly touch a truck. presenters, food trucks. you're going to learn how to make great decisions about how to live in positively environmentsly in pinellas county. you're home and in your community. well we all have, we all have to do our part. absolutely. i think if we do, we'll make a small bent you're making dent by
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this we go. you're welcome for more information go to we'll link you to their website definitely pick up magazine and educate yourself in what to throw in trash and what to throw in ryker. just throwing it away it goes somewhere. charley belcher, fox 13 news. ? dance. bruno mars unveiled massive global tour and he's coming to tampa. the 24 karat magic world tour will begin in belgium this march amalie arena next october. tickets go on sale monday though. this will be mars's first full length tour since 2013. get ready to hang tough with your cold hearted snake. you know where i'm going with this an amalie arena is going to
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new kids on block boy to men and paula abdul teaming up total package tour tickets go on sale saturday morning at 10 the concert will be amalie arena july 15th. we have last stop on tour it appears new kids are headliner other two are just along for the ride. a lot of action coming to amalie. >> hey i got to pull out sweater this morning. because it actually felt cool. we had bonfire got sweater on today. i mean maybe a stretch but i'm enjoying cool weather. yo forecast where i can tell you where you can use that again. >> nice. towards end of our forecast looks like we've got some nice cool temperatures heading our way. until then clear skies out you look from st. pete beach camera starting to see more breaks in clouds. cloudy skies yesterday into today. few little sprinkles around yesterday and into this morning. now was we go go through afternoon we will continue to clear out the skies, get back more sun. we've got lower humidity and rally feel pretty nice over
12:48 pm
central florida. very thick clouds working florida way right through polk county down into manatee and sarasota. but there's the clearing line. so president obama one:30, 2 o'clock this afternoon break out into more sun and continue the clear out the skies as we go through the mid to late afternoon hours. looks like very nice sunset for tonight. 68 degrees right now here in tampa. westchase is 71. new tampa currently at 67 degrees. over in pinellas park 70 degrees. downtown st. petersburg 66. after cool start this morning into the 40s up in hernando county. you've rebounded back up to 70 in brooksville weeki wachee at isn't along with new port richey head up into crystal river currently sitting at 72 degrees. 73 for venice. sarasota you're currently 72. lakewood ranch and 60s throughout interior. many temperatures being held down because of some the thick cloud cover. so over past 24 hours, you can see many locations sitting
12:49 pm
cases up to 7 degrees cooler compared to this time yesterday. where we're starting to to get a little more sun developing across our northern kwounts starting to see a little rebound some some temperatures. now high pressure working waits i cold front moved over continues to push to the south. and we had a trace of rain yesterday. and really, this month extremely dry. we've only had 100th of an inch of rain so far this month. there's really nothing to come pick up any significant rain as we go through the next several days. but we are going to start to watch more and more of these cold fronts working there way across the country. so we're kind of getting into that pattern where every few days we're looking a cold front working there way across the country. that means eventually one of these will bring cooler temperatures. looks like that will happen as we get into the first part of next week. >> now that high will continue to build in across the southeast.
12:50 pm
afternoon. we're going to see more sun by tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. low humidity. and that carries us all the way through the rest of the work week. loads of sun, pleasant afternoon, and cool overnight lows. forecast for today. we have clearing skies. overnight daytime high of 75 degrees. then for tonight, that's where we see that overnight low of 59 degrees. for tomorrow another nice looking day lots sunshine daytime high of 77. now on the water, winds north 10 knots. seas two feet. light chop on the bay. high tide comes up 3:31 this afternoon. here's your seven-day forecast, these today u daytime highs look pretty nice 70s and low 80s. by monday, over the weekend we've got that front that moves through and monday morning, 50 degrees. we only see daytime high only getting into the mid 60s. that's the big change, linda. thank you, jim. >> well he is one of our favorite guests right here at fox 13.
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you may have seen his segments here on fox 13. but what you you may here on fox 13. but what you i may not know about tampa attorney jeff brown he is globe trotting ad vener he's bringing experiences to much more to local schools a kelly ring shows us it's was right with tampa bay. celebrity at our school. he may be an attorney by profession, but to students a brooksville elementary, jeff
12:54 pm
mixed with amazing. on this day, he's face timing them all the way from africa to give them big news. yes. your flag is part of history now. yes. thanks to brown brooksville elementary became first school to be represented by a flag at the top of mount kilimanjaro. i'm doing this to hopefully inspire you all to have dreams. brown took a picture of then para glide glided off with flag in his pocket. >> the students were so excited they came up with a cheer just for him. but, they were even more excited when their favorite global adventurer vivid them in person. and brown returned with something special.
12:55 pm
your flag wept with me. it was really great experience. i'm really thankful that he got to do it with us. so you guys have questions? browns and brookville elementary relationship can be traced back to globe will studies teacher kathy gates who found out about brown's adventures and thought it would be a great partnership. i never expected it to blossom into all of this. this is just been amazing. it great because you guys are showing an interest in what i . so to me it's, as if we've all planned together. and you have also the school gave brown several gifts of appreciation. thank you. including a globe will leadership award and a t-shirt with their cheer. >> climb up. slide down jeff brown. >> that was our kelly ring he's teaching those kids there aren't
12:56 pm
this one professor in connecticut is now beating the odds as well. he recently won the lottery. not bad. nicholas is a statistics teacher favor field university in connecticut. his day consists using math solution to find probability of say winning the lottery. well p he recently won $100,000 playing lottery. he said his winning have created a great way to show his students the likelihood of winning something in the real world. we get scratch cards birthdays for christmas and sometimes we play occasional powerball ticket. so what better way to show the students are real life example than go through odds of winning powerball, within different combinations. he says he may use his prize money to go on trip he also plans to continue playing the lottery. of course he does. i guess students in his class can say why am i learning this we will never use this in real life. he just proved that you can. enrollment of classes just
12:57 pm
all right we have some clouds when i came into work this morning. yes deal with clouds overhead. you can see visible satellite loop. clearing line just off coastline. we're going to see developing sun as we go through afternoon backing more sun rest work week and cooler temperatures as we get into second alf weekend first part of next week. i see a 60 or something hanging out over there on monday. 66 for a high. that's nice. the news doesn't end here we
12:58 pm
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today on "the real" -- >> we couldn't have loved them more. >> adrianne and israel are getting married. >> i get to be a part of a dream she's always had. >> this only happens once in a lifetime. >> celebrate the big day with us. >> and today's "girl chat," the feelers around the country >> several students at a school in royal oak, michigan, were caught on video chanting. >> on "the real." ? this is our time just another minute to get it ? ? this is our time grab ahold it's time to go get it ? ? starting right now, right now


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