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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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gone bad.... the one thing thieves likely didn't count on when they hopped a fence. (kelly/ good evening.. i'm kelly ring.(mark) and good evening, and welcome. >> he hasn't changed his views but he will change his methods. mike evans says today he's sorry for not national anthem on sunday. lloyd sowers is live at the stadium tonight. he's going to stand after all for the anthem, huh? >> reporter: he is, mark. he says he's still frustrated about donald trump being elected president. he will communicate his message in different ways, though. not by sitting during the national anthem. he wrote a written apology today. it says in part that he wants to apologize to all the u.s. military members, their families and the fans who were offended
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it was never his intention, he says, and evans says he has tremendous respect for the men and women who serve our country. he says he has very strong emotions regarding some of the many issues that exist in our society today. the apology from mike evans, we went to a vfw post to get reaction. >> it's a privilege for him to be able to do this in a free country. show a little respect. a little gratitude for the people that go day and fight for that right for you. i know we all do make mistakes, but that was just uncalled-for. >> everybody has a right to their apology. we'll just see what he does next game. >> reporter: in his apology issued today, mike evans says he will work to bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities. this sunday he says he will be back to standing with his
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latvalla from pinellas. he says, thank you, mike evans. you're quite the young man. hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday. go bucs! he made headlines saying he would boycott the buccaneers until mike evans apologized. he apologized and apparently now the senator will watch the bucs as they travel to kansas city on sunday, mark. >> hopeful lil we can start to talk about football again. thanks. >> a sentenced to a life of pain and anguish. her 20-year-old daughter was gunned down by her obsessed boss in front of a bowling alley in temple terrace. now the man accused is about to go on trial. gloria gomez is here to explain the big movement the defendant made in court today. >> he was offered a plea deal in court by the state, and today he shared his opinion and his decision with the court.
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to a plea deal and will take his chances with a jury. his attorney already lining up witnesses. >> your honor, it's going to potentially be some of the state witnesses and potentially the defendant. >> the prosecutors say a twisted obsession drove him to murder. in august of 2015, they say he gunned down a former employee, jill boone, in the parking lot of a temple terrace bowling alley as witnesses watched in horror. he then shot survived. jill's mother donna was in court after he rejected the state oes offer. >> he wants to roll the dice. god help him. he hope he feels comfortable with that. >> reporter: donna knows a trial will only re-open the horror of the day her daughter was killed but believes he won't escape her life sentence of pain and anguish. >> people say you have to move on. there is no moving on from this.
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you maybe get better at handling it. >> before her life was cut short, jill's world resolved around her 3-year-old daughter, ava. she's now four and being raised by her grandmother, a grandmother who is on a mission. >> he took my daughter's life, but it doesn't end there. ava has no mother. i have no daughter. when i have to look in my why her mother isn't here, i have to see this through for my granddaughter. >> kelly, the trial is set to start in two weeks. the defendant could change his mind and take the plea deal right before the trial starts. if that happens, of course, we will let you know. back to you. >> thank you, gloria gomez. cleaning up the streets of pasco county as they conduct
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matter how big or small. aaron mesmer followed offers in port richie today. what are they look being for? >> trash, junk in yards and cars without license plates on them. officers say it might not seem like a big deal, but there's you understand intended consequences. it just takes a few hours and several pasco code enforcement officers. >> how is it going? >> good. >> still working on if? >> to try to make a lasting folks in this port richie neighborhood. >> i think it's great. >> i was very pleased, because we needed it for quite a while. >> go all the way up the street. >> the officer says his department conducts sweeps like this for one reason. >> it's the quality of life. >> they look for all kinds of violations. >> i see junk on the side of the house visible from the roads. >> ones that don't seem that serious, and others that are. one homeowner officers say is a
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friday? >> yeah. >> if they don't make an attempt now, it's troubling. >> property value goes down and it brings in crime. >> this is the second code enforcement sweep in two weeks. they handed out three dozen warnings. last week in hudson they issued 20 warnings and 25 tickets. >> if it's out of hands, it's harder to revert back to what it used to be. >> that's why neighbors like joan blake were surprised and glad to see this. >> it's been the street. we also -- everybody is worried about it. >> officers say this is step 1. coming back to check on the progress is just as crucial. >> that's good. i feel good about that. i really do. we do need it. >> we're told a lot of people don't realize they're violating ordinances. officers plan to be back in 7 to so days. more than 60 newly elected
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them the youngest person ever elected to the statehouse and she's from pasco county. amber recently turned 21 years old. a political science major at university of central florida. there she is. during the legislative session this year, she served as an intern through the ucf legislative scholars program. >> honestly, this is my dream come true. i was a page in middle school, and since then know i wanted to serve in the florida house. it's surreal is happened so >> it did. the new state lawmakers learn about the committee process, how to file bills, the state's open records law and proposed rules and get help setting up the district offices. new at 6:00 tonight, he was a major force behind medical marijuana in the state, and now some want lawyer john morgan to run for governor in 2018. okay. let's bring in our fox 13 political editor craig patrick. would he have a chance, craig? >> he could based on the basics
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if you look at what worked for donald trump across the nation in terms of his name, his brand being an outsider. all of this i think democrats are licking their wounds and looking to john morgan saying it would work as well. we don't know if john morgan is interested this. a statement will be forthcoming from him later this week. it was the people behind the medical marijuana campaign who started the drive. who and the pac that has donors filling coffers with this bet they would not do that without the knowledge if not to a certain extent the support and approval of john morgan himself. on top of that, yes, you see the banner here. obama's campaign manager from 2012 is also jumps into this effort as well because, as democrats do so will soul-searching, they're looking for someone who they think can move the ball for them in florida.
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term limited out and until he pets it down, therefore, john morgan will get a lot of buzz. >> if he decides to run, who would be his competition? >> there would be quite a few. you have tampa mayor bob buckhorn considering a run. he's been open about this. this is giving buckhorn some heartburn. you have gwen graham and daughter of bob graham. politicians across the strament. former legislators and mouse leaders that also eye this. of course, adam putnam. the list goes on and on. locally buckhorn has been beating the drums as a candidate himself with this. look for some decisions possibly over the next 30 to 45 days. it's not that long of a wait to november 2018. >> in rest for you craig.
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all right. better than any burglar alarm or guard dog. how bees likely spoiled a luckily burglar paul. >> clouds around most of the day. look what's left the light and not much. what is left is pretty good. here's the sunset on sirata beach. fantastic evening. if you want dry and cool weather, it's the perfect seven-day forecast for you. i'll have it in a few minutes.
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guard dog -- but ?bees that stopped some would be burglars right in their tracks. it wasn't a guard dog but bees. that foiled thur plans and sent them running the other way. >> yes, it did. dan owner. >> they jumped the fence breaking into her backyard would normally not be a laughing matter. sdloo they were gone like a street of like nij. >> it happened in south st. pete, but this time the joke is on them. >> it falls on the bees. >> the fence was kicked in and one of the beehives was over the ground. >> reporter: st. petersburg police say you can see one of the outlaws likely a teenager
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>> he landed right on top of the hives, and bees don't like to be disturbed anytime but especially at night. >> needless, to say the teens didn't make it further onto her property. police took fingerprints and called several emergecy rooms to see if anyone was treated for swelling. >> i hope they got stung, because it's what they deserve for trying to break in. >> she was worried that the queen bee was harmed, but that did not appear to be the case. she says the honey was ready to be harvested anyway. >> about going over a fence again. >> if it does happen again, they have a pretty sweet security system. in st. petersburg, dan matics, fox 13 news. >> i think we need to get beehives. >> it made a big difference apparently. palm, this is a great week, and a little cloudy yesterday but cleared up today. >> clearing skies and now the seven-day features lots of stunny symbols and no rain and certainly cooler temperatures
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not much daylight left. what is left is good. here's a view on the hilton clearwater beach cam. don't forget the moon is one night past full, so the other way looking to the east should be pretty good moon-rise this evening. if you look closely, i saw it a few minutes ago. at the top of the tv set, which is way up there, that is venus, which shows up brightly in the western sky. that obviously is the view from the a couple of chilly days. it's not chili but cooler. 75 was the high today. we stay 75 to 80 until a cold front on saturday. rainfall to be honest was pathetic. not much. we hit 0.01 of an inch on the 9th and a trace of rain last night. that's it. it may not rain again this month.
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don't see anything between now and thanksgiving. we have clouds thick south of tampa bay as expected today. we had increasing sunshine from northwest to southeast. the rain is leaving the state. it was kind of a wet day down in miami-dade, broward counties and still some rain over the keys, and that rain heading for the bahamas. behind it we're clearing and we're cooler already 63 in brooksville, 68 in tampa, 68 this sarasota. this temperature range is really good because usually with this type of run the heat. you don't have to run the air-conditioning, so you start to save money when you have temperature ranges like this. clear and a bit cooler tonight as cold front number one goes by. cold front number two is back there, and it just kind of washes out. so wednesday high pressure builds in. on thursday it's another day filled with sunshine, and then on friday we look northwest and we start to see a cold front moving through kansas city.
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it looks to me like this front goes by on saturday, and behind that it turns quite a bit cooler for a couple of days next week. so we're running in that 75 to 80 zone between now and saturday, and then behind the front on saturday we dop to 65 to 70 and 45 to 50 for a low next week. right now 68 and the dew point is 50 and northwest winds at 6:00 and around the over the bahamas. beneficial rain in new england. they have a big drought. no rain on the way for the big drought in north carolina all the way back to birmingham. bon bone dry and rain across the pacific northwest. 56 in atlantic city and 54 in atlanta. watching the tropics, hurricane season ends officially november 30th. once in a while we get troppal development in november. i think this becomes otto in
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become a pretty decent hurricane, but it's not heading our way. it will meander, i think, slowly in the caribbean sea. you can see the computer models are all over the place. not a lot of wind to push the storm around, but i would expect that it would be a hurricane in the southwestern caribbean sea by next week. not unusual, you get about one or two every november. tonight chilly in brooksville, 49. tampa is down to 60. then tomorrow is a beautiful day. just lots o dazzling blue sky, and it will be great to be outside. the trough along the east coast will lift up, and the ridge builds in for a couple of days giving us morp warmth. the coolest of the season friday, this trough starts to head our way and the trough will bring a cold front by over the weekend. all this setup for us means cooler weather but no sign of rain. we become clear and cool tonight and also moonlit down to 60.
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very pleasant and 77. on thursday more sunshine and till very nice. highs up near 80. seven-day forecast, i think this is pretty good. some of you like more heat. some of you like a little chillier, but overall it's good. highs near 80s and nighttime lows near 50. scott. paul, it is a special night in tampa at the tpepin's hospitality centre where five new inductees into the florida sports hall of fame are here in the building. jon gruden and jeremy foley and company honored tonight. mike evans, a firestorm the last 48 hours, bu he tried to put it bed today. a reversal on the decision to sit during the n
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scott smith here live at the tpepin's hospitality centre in tampa where a festive night is in store. it's the florida sports hall of fame enshrinement dinner, and we have five new inductees in the building tonight.
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let's get to the other story here, and that is, of course, the bucs and receiver mike evans reversing his decision to sit during the national anthem. he said today in a statement that he indeed will stand moving forward and apologized to military members and fans elsewhere. let's go to that statement. this is what he said in parts. i want to start by apologizing to all the u.s. military members, their families and fans who i offended by ms. actions on sunday. it was never my intention, as i have tremendous respect for the men and women who serve our i chose to sit as an expression of my frustration toward this year's election. it was very personal for me, as it was for so many americans. he continued i will not sit again during the national anthem because i want to focus my efforts to finding more effective ways to communicate my message and bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities. this sunday i will be back to standing with my teammates. with that why we're out here
6:24 pm
to my left. you're honored here tonight among five inducted into the flor sports hall of fame and illustrious career. to have another honor, what does that feel like? >> it's terrific, because whether we first decided to come to tampa bay, you know, who knew that it was going to turn out like this? i just couldn't be more proud of the fact the way our team and ownership is. he's fabulous, and i've met a lot of owners. never met a guy like him ever. i would have lovered to play for this guy. to be inducted into the florida sports hall of fame is very, very important to me. i like those things. it's honoring me, and i sdefsh it, i guess. >> you certainly do. you know, you talk about how far the franchise has come since it
6:25 pm
recently named a top professional sports franchise. i mean, from just an idea to where it is now and, you know, on the cusp of potentially many cups to come, it has to make you feel great. >> we've hit a lot of rough spots over the years, a lot of rough spots. it was very scary a few times with them trying to move, but when jeff bought the team, it turned it into -- he fulfilled and for this team. i just thought that this was the perfect area to put a hockey team. people up north thought i was out of my mind and insane. the people around this area proved them wrong. >> you know boston, and you know new york. tampa bay, it's now a hockey town. >> they can have boston and new york. i'll take tampa bay every day the week. >> you are being inducted along with jon gruden, who brought a
6:26 pm
town in 2002. you bring a couple in -- cup here in 2004. to see that landscape for this area, what was that like? >> when they won, it was like my kid graduating from college, and now go away. it was. it was something. i remember being up in a booth because i broadcasted that game with dave mishkin and i was like wow. i was so emotional about it. i won to cups as a player, and one world championship and stuff like that. but this was something that i was out of my element with, you know? as a player got gave me talent to play, and i used that talent. but to do what we did and get this stanley cup in 2004, wow. it was great. i hope we can win another one soon for jeff. >> certainly have the talent.
6:27 pm
inductees tonight. back to you. >> he looks fabulous. we tell him we love him. >> we will get one more cup at least. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. straight ahead at 6:30, the trump transition now underway, but today a few shake-ups. >> who is in and who is out and who is lining up for what cabinet job? we have an update on the cows in new zealand. remember this picture where they were stranded by the massive earthquake. everybody is so concerned about
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vice president elect mike pence arrives at trump vice president-electricity mike pence arrives at trump tower as the next commander in chief spending another day working on his white house two months away from being sworn in as the nation's 45th president, but there's plenty of drama when it comes to who will be part of new administration. president obama meanwhile admits he's still processing the election results. joel waldman reports tonight from washington. >> i was surprised by the election results. i've said so. >> reporter: president obama speaking from greece during his last overseas trip as commander in chief denying responsibility
6:31 pm
trump. instead, blaming the republican's surprising win on america's desire to try something new. >> sometimes people just feel as if we want to try something to see if we can shake things up. >> reporter: house speaker paul whoin who had contentious moments with president-elect trump now says he's all in. >> welcome to the down of a new, un >> reporter: ryan's chances to hang onto the speakership seem more and more secure. >> 70% of the people think america is on the wrong path. they said get on a better way and path. that's our job. >> reporter: twists and turns in the transition continue. gop primary foe turned trump supporter dr. ben carson says he has no interest in the cabinet position. while house homeland security chairman mike mccall is pushing
6:32 pm
congress. former new york city mayor giuliani is in the running for secretary of state has democrats urge president-elect trump to fire steve bannon, already appointed chief strategist. >> he needs to banish the bannons of this world from his administration. >> as president-elect trump works to build the administration, house democrats agreed to delay their leadership elections citing the devastating results from election night. in news. in world news tonight, russia resuming air strikes in syria. three people have been killed in the first offensive there in three weeks. until now a humanitarian pause was in effect around aleppo. the strikes began a few hours after putin and donald trump spoke on the phone about syria. they agreed to combine efforts against, quote, international terrorism and extremism. in the meantime the u.s.-led coalition against isis se
6:33 pm
they retook a city outside mosul. they destroyed the 13th century b.c. sight with explosives, one of the most significant archaeological signs of our time. they said it promoted the wore hip of idols. three cows were rescued. these two cows and a calf were rescued after a farmer that owns they were dug a pat andhe a series of earthquakes rocked new zealand killing two people yesterday. the army corps of engineers pushing back the must protested project. it's a move haimed by the tribe but blasted by the pipeline developer. we tell bu the latest delay. >> reporter: the controversy over the dakota access pipeline is heading back to court. the developer is asking a federal court to declier it has
6:34 pm
missouri river. it comes a day after the army corps of engineers further delayed the project to allow for time to evaluate the issue. the ceo said this action is motivated by politics at the expense of a company that has nothing but play by the rules it was given. if completed the $3.8 billion wo run 1200 miles through four states carrying up to 570,000 the company now needs permission to cross under the missouri river. it's that move which is opposed by the neighbors standing rock sioux tribe and others. >> if this pipeline would burst, it would irreversible damage for millions along the missouri river. >> as the legal battle goes on, so do the anti-pipeline protests. hundreds have been arrested at demonstrations since august, and active, i guess,s are protesting
6:35 pm
>> i'm a mother and grandmother, and i care about what happens to this planet. >> the trump administration could reverse course. president-elect trump is bringing back the controversialal keystone xl pipeline, and this one does much the same thing. moving oil cheaper and faster. in north dakota, fox news. we have an update on the deadly crash in seattle involving a duck boat and last year crashed head-on into a charter bus. five international college students were killed in the accident. 71 other people were injured, and investigators say the front axle that broke causing the accident was improperly manufactured and not maintained. the ntsb final report also says the lack of crash protections for people on that amphibious duck boat was a factor for those kimmed and injured.
6:36 pm
precheck-in program too late. cyber security concerns put the expansion on hold. they promised a faster way to get through airport security and 4 million people signed up for it. thanksgiving is just around the corner, and aaa estimates it will be the busiest thanksgiving on the roads, the rails and skies since 2007. as fox reports tonight, this comes despite an ominous new warning of potential terror attack >> reporter: if you're stuck in traffic this thanksgiving, blame the improving economy. aaa says some 48.7 million americans are expected to travel this year, the busiest thanksgiving since 2007. it's mostly due to a boost in consumer confidence and the second cheapest gas prices in nine years. more than 43 million of those travelers will be hitting the roads. travel experts say if you're one of them, don't make the mistake of leaving too late.
6:37 pm
a day and hit the road. a lot of other people think the same thing. you want to avoid that wednesday before. >> reporter: america's travel plans apparently not impacted by a new threat appearing in an isis magazine targeting thanksgiving celebrations, specifically the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city, the fifth most popular travel destination this year. the nypd is working hard to make sure the parade is as safe as possible. >> this is not something that occurred to us over the weekend whethe isil's online magazine. this is an element that we had factored into plans for the thanksgiving day parade in years past. >> reporter: the article was aimed at lone wolves and included a picture of the parade route. officials say the threat shouldn't keep anyone from enjoying the day. >> the overarching message is, come to the thanksgiving day parade. have a good time. >> reporter: if you're flying this thanksgiving, get ready to pay a little more.
6:38 pm
21% this year. in new york, rob schmidt, fox news. >> thanks. twitter wants to make it easier to block content you don't want to see. they announced today it will expand the mute function. users can mute keywords, phrases and conversations they don't want to get notified about. the site says it's a way to curb the amount of abuse and hateful conduct that users see. right now twitter only allows you to mult entire accounts that you don't want to see tweets from. this sounds a bit unlike but there is a gofundme account for benjamin franklin to pay for repairs to the grove stone. there's a huge crack at the stone because people toss pennies at the grave in tribute to him. he died in 1970. he's one of 7 signers of the declaration of independence. a preservation trust is hoping to raise about $10,000 through
6:39 pm
when we come back tonight, he flue a paraglider off the top of mot. kilimanjaro. he set a world record on the trip. we talk with our attorney and legal expert jeff brown about this adventure w i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ((kelly---vo)) he talks with us each week about legal issues in the news... he talks with us each we'll r week about legal issues in the news, but attorney jeff brown is more than just a lawyer. he's an add venturer and just back from a trip where he paraglided off the top of mt. kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in africa. very impressive, jeff.
6:42 pm
>> i was climbing mount blonk years ago and i saw them p paragliding from the summit. a group decided to fly off mt. kilimanjaro a years ago. we couldn't get the wind. you can see in the lodge here it's really hard to fly from the very summit, because it's kind of a cross wind. ther it's really hard to get lift. so fortunately was one of ten that was able to do it. >> that's amazing. during the trip you set a world record. tell us about this. >> no one had over flown off the summit of kilimanjaro before. there's a spot about 50 minutes below that nine or ten people had flown off of. no one flew off the summit. we were happy to attempt it and obviously were able to do it.
6:43 pm
to include the kids at brooksville elementary school with me throughout this. it was fun to share that with them. >> there you are. we did the story last night about you carrying the flag from brooksville elementary to the top of mountain, and then you facetimed the kids every day actually, and then you brought the flag back to them. tell us what you went through with that. the kids had to be over the moon excited. >> i was brought up there to talk about everest and other climbs. when i got down with that, the kids were with. they really enjoyed it. i was making the comparison between climbing and doing your homework and setting goals and preparing for things in life. so the kids and i decided what we wanted to keep this going, and to when i was violated with some pilots to try and fly off kilimanjaro again, i brought the kids with me and took the flag. that's the sign for not peace but that's the second time i took their flag to the summit. i summited twice in 24 hours.
6:44 pm
flew the flag off the summit and came back and gave the flag to the kids. we've been facetiming and talking about it. it's a real special relationship. i really enjoy it. >> you got great questions. you went up there a few days ago, and i know they were so excited. they treated you like a rock star. >> they do. >> they had the greatest questions. so now you opened their eyes to just all the adventures, which is such a blessing. i know that the teechlers and the parents are so happy about it. >> yeah. it really has become spec least three times, maybe four now. so the last time i was up there, i gave them a flag and, of course, now the question is, where are we going next? >> where are you going next? what's the next add venture? >> yeah. i don't know. i have this legal side of me with my legal friends and my adventure side. i have a couple of friends across the world, and one is talking about doing a speed fly
6:45 pm
i'll include the kids. >> they're celebrating right now know that. that's terrific. it has to be something dangerous, right? >> that's the only thing. everything has to have danger to it. there has to be some risk. >> you stress us out.
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(kelly doctors making doctors making house calls back in a big way, but not in the traditional sense. tonight dr. jo will show you how seeing a doctor has gone high-tech even for life-threatening events. we explore the booming world of telemedicine tonight. stocks climbed today as the price of oil made the the dow gained 51 points and nasdaq 57 and s&p climbing 16. in your hollywood headlines tonight, big names about to hit the road. pink shares a surprise on instagram, but first we start with dwayne "the rock" johnson. he's been named people magazine's the sexiest man alive for a year. they call him sweet, smart and sculpted. in august forbes named him one
6:49 pm
bringing in just under $65 million last year. well-done. surprise, pink is pregnant. the singer came out of hiding on saturday to announce she's expecting her second child with hart and posting instagram selfies supports a several mont along baby bump. bruno mars hits the road. an iconic boy banders new kids on the block to men and paula abdul. that starts next summer. the total package tour and bruno mars have stops in tampa. >> i would like toov wrun notice mars for sure. >> you know paula abdul and new kids and boys to men will be quite a show. paul will be in the front row. >> that's the total package. it really is. tickets go on sale this weekend? >> yes. they do. >> 10:00. >> i'm logging on and refreshing
6:50 pm
first, temperatures today were delightful, and 75 is the high and 3 degrees below the average of 78. the morning low is right on average at 60. seven-day forecast, in fact, the ten-day forecast is very quiet. this is usually, you know, a quiet time of year. november is on average our driest month. we have light rain last night and some sprinkles around tampa bay and now the clouds push well south of us. we're one night past a full moon, so check out the eastern sky now. and you'll see the waning gibbis moon in the sky tonight. west palm, miami, miami-dade and broward down into the keys and florida straits and bahamas, some rain with the cold front that continues to slide south. behind the front the air is not that cold in the southeast. tampa is 68, and tallahassee is one degree cooler and atlanta three degrees cooler and
6:51 pm
just kind of cool nights and mild to warm days and to be honest, great to be outside. no gulf moisture to play with, so we're quite eltonight under clearing skies. we're 68 and the dew point is 50. a northwest wind at 6, pretty benign across the country. some beneficial rain for the folks in the northeast. they've had a drought, high pressure dominates in the southeast. so western north carolina all the way west to don't see rain heading your way at all in the next week, week and a half. out west is some rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest, british columbia has had a snowy november so far up by whistler and black home geg more snow. ically is 48 and columbus 55 and raleigh 53. nashville is 65, and little rock is 69. hurricane season ends november 30th. this is a list of all the years that have featured named storms
6:52 pm
there was one in 2015 that was hurricane kate last year. i think we're going to see hurricane otto on the map between now and early next week. for now all it is is a cluster of showers and thunderstorms in the southwestern caribbean sea. models are pretty aggressive. water is warm down here, so there's no reason why we can't get a hurricane in the caribbean sea. i think we will. the good news is certainly not it will likely meander in the caribbean sea for many days. we'll keep you posted on that. is up and working still. tonight 40s and 50s and to near 60 tomorrow. tomorrow it's 75 to 80. forecast for tonight is moonlit and cool. we're down to 60. sunshine tomorrow and a beautiful day, highs up to 77. more of the same on thursday. very nice to be outside.
6:53 pm
weak cold front goes by sometime on saturday. good fire pit night coming up at night saturday night, and the next week could be cool. kind of the team of thanksgiving with temperatures probably in the 40s and 50s for lows. very dry out. we haven't had significant rain since the middle of october. i don't see anything and the situation in north carolina is bad. still over a dozen wildfires burning in western north carolina and a state of emergency. the unusual thing is the eastern parts of much rain from matthew. the western part of the state is bone dry. >> if they don't get any in the next couple of weeks. >> this is not a wet time of year. that's a problem. >> it's really bad up there. it's very concerning. thank you, paul. when we come back, the local program putting girls on the right track both physically and
6:54 pm
hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
6:55 pm
coming up tonight at 11... dozens of upset
6:56 pm
of upset parents pack a pasco county school board meeting. they say the plans to redraw boundaries are unsafe. a brighthouse charter merger rolls out today. expect a new name and look, but what does it mean for your bill? will that be new tonight on the fox 13 11:00 news. the expectations and pressures on girls can be different from boy. a local program helps them make strides, and they' >> nice job. >> some are running and others supporting. these young ladies are coming together as a team. >> way to go, way to go. >> it really, really has changed how positive i am, how active i am. >> good job. >> it's part of a program called girls on the run.
6:57 pm
do. it makes me feel like confident. >> how can we choose our friends? >> the after school program is for girls in third through fifth grades. it definitely gives them more self-esteem and gives them tools to build better relationships. >> along with running, they also address some of the challenges that are unique to them. >> girls growing up today, you know different soernl pressures and pressures to act a certain way and be a certain way. it's a critical program to help girls know, understands and trust in they are best self and be true to who they are. >> changing their future one positive step at a time. >> girls on the run is number one! >> that's wonderful. >> it's great. >> yes, it certainly is. so important and empowering.
6:58 pm and click on "seen on tv." >> apparently i did say my dyslexia reared the it's ugly head and said benjamin franklin died in 1970. of course, he died in 1790. thanks for make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards... get a $5.00 gift certificate for yourself.
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lights, camera, access. >> it would feel -- what's that word? >> thank you. >> what a perfect pick for sexiest man alive. i'm kit hoover. but why stop there? president rock, anyone? >> it became a serious dialogue for me when -- >> this man and this woman special way. >> menage a cohen? >> i said to him i'm gog send you -- >> you're receiving the honor for body activist. >> a night of pure power. i'm liz hernandez, glamour salutes the women of the year. >> then we go backstage with the honorees. i'm natalie morales. there the inspiration continues


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