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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  November 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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he makes shopping a pleasure. after 40 years of helping customers at publix a local store manager is retiring. this morning we thank him. good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay. it's 5:xx. i'm walter allen. thanks for joining us. and i'm jen epstein. it's wednesday november 16. let's start by checking in
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new this morning; the search for a pair of thieves who robbed a female student on
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"shayla reaves" is there live this morning... shayla,
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a big fight is brewing between parents in pasco county and the school board. it's all over the county's plan to re-draw some school district lines.... forcing students into new schools. the school district says it needs to redraw school boundaries because some are overcrowded while others are below normal capacity. officials say a rise in new home construction is causing the problem. there's not enough funding at the moment to build new schools. re-zoning would mean some students would have to change schools and may be bused several miles farther away from home. at tuesday night's school board meeting,
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a boundary committee, made up of principals and parents from each school is tasked with drawing the lines. they have 5 proposed maps which now have to be narrowed down to 1 that they'll present to the superintendent. their next meeting is tomorrow at 8 a-m at gulf high school. a polk county school district employee will have to wait until december to find out if she will keep her job. the termination hearing for "brenda young" was postponed tuesday because of time constraints. young is accused of a cover-up following the death of "kalen kirk." a driver hit and killed the teen while he was walking to his bus stop back in may. officials say young told her supervisors "kirk" was assigned to a different bus stop, that didn't require him to cross the road. she later admitted to changing his bus stop in the computer system to support her story. young has been suspended without pay since june. an important step forward this morning in the transition of power from the obama administration to
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the formal transition process had been stalled since last week, when the trump campaign replaced new jersey governor "chris christie" with vice president-elect "mike pence" as transition chair. last night, vice president-elect "mike pence" signed the memorandum of understanding... paperwork that must be signed by the transition leader. the white house says they are still waiting on more documents before they can begin sharing information with the transition team. that includes a list of all transition team members. and we know one person who will ?not be in trump's cabinet. retired neurosurgeon "ben carson" will not hold a cabinet position. his business manager told the associated press, that carson has opted out of being considered for anything... that includes leading the department of health and human services and the department of education. carson says he feels be can be more effective with the president-elect outside the administration. and despite vice chairman of the transition team last week, new jersey governor
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administration post, if offered. while speaking with a radio program tuesday, christie says he plans to stay on as governor of new jersey until his term ends in 2018... but if trump offered him a position in his administration... he would consider it. as president-elect trump makes his transition to the white house, florida governor "rick scott" is weighing in on our country's new leader. govenror scott says has already spoken with trump ?three times. and for the first time since he was elected as he feels he has a president and vice president he can call with questions or concerns. as far as governor scott being asked to join trump's "inner circle", he says.. he's happy where he's at. although governor scott is happy as florida's governor right now, he is considering running for the u-s senate in 2018. this is his second
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the bucs mike evans called the election of donald trump, "a joke".. and took a stand -- by not standing at all.. but just 48 hours after his controversial move, evans has apologized. the 23 year old buccaneer has done a full 180... tuesday, he said he was sorry for his decision to sit during sunday's national anthem. the game against the chicago bears.. also honored the military and veterans.. his decision to sit.. sparked a huge backlash against him.. never go to a bucs game again.. but number 13 says he'll go back to standing for the national anthem.. and instead.. says he'll support organizations that fight for equal rights for minorities.. evans says in part: "i want to start by apologizing to all the u-s military members, their families, and the fans who i offended by my actions on sunday".. "it was never my intention as i have tremendous respect for the men and women who serve our country." "this sunday, i will be back to standing with my teammates".. the bucs next
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a computer hacker is on his way back to the united states this morning. he's accused of stealing information from the pentagon. the latest on the
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time now is 5:xx.. president obama will continue his final european trip this morning.. by visiting "the acropolis" in greece.. before traveling to germany.. the president h and making the case that president-elect trump will honor long-standing u-s alliances in europe. president obama called trump's victory a reaction against economic uncertainty, suspicion of elites.. and a desire to reign in globalization.. he added that other world leaders should pay close attention to their citizen's fears of inequality.. in utah: a 16-year-old, straight-a high school student is under arrest... and accused of stabbing five boys in a locker
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say everyone involved is expected to make a full recovery. no word on why the student lashed out. his parents have issued an apology and said the attack was not racially or ethnically motivated. school officials say the teen had no record of discipline problems... but according to a local newspaper he was suspended earlier this year. flights are back to normal this morning at oklahoma's busiest aiport... just hours after someone shot and killed the father of an n-f-l player just feet away from travelers. police are investigating the shooting as a murder-suicide. ((take pkg))runs: 1:22out: std chyrons:0:00-0:04 karen carney / spokesperson, will rogers world airport0:16-0:24 captain paco balderrama / oklahoma city police department 1:15-1:22 jackie ibanez / fox news correspondent (on-cam "fox news" tag) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------carney says: "i want to extend our sympathies to the southwest employee that lost his life." the oklahoma city airport goes on lockdown tuesday... after a suspect shoots an airport employee before apparently killing himself. the victim... michael winchester... a southwest airlines employee ... was rushed to an area hospital.balderrama says: "we were able to very quickly, number one, find the victim, get them transported to an area hospital, but unfortunately they did die at the hospital." flights were grounded at will rogers world airport... and everyone in the facility was ordered to remain in place... while they searched for the suspect. but authorities now believe it was not a random act.balderrama says: "we were able to determine very, very quickly that it was not an active
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meditated act against the victim." authorities later finding the shooter's body in the parking garage.balderrama says: "i can tell you that it is a white male. i can also tell you that he was found in his vehicle which is described as a red pickup truck." he was found with a gunshot wound to the head ... which police believe was self-inflicted. balderrama says: "our tactical unit was able to identified a potential suspect vehicle. they used techniques to blow out one of the windows and could tell that somebody was in there." meantime ... planes are now allowed to land at the airport again.balderrama says: "we are resuming operations, regular operations at the will rogers world airport."(on-cam tag) no one else was injured in the incident. the motive of the shooting is now under investigation. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. new details this morning... on the cyber attack that shut down some popular
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what's called a "denial of service attack".. took sites like netflix, twitter, and even fox news offline.. cyber experts say these attacks are at an all-time high... with hackers using every-day items... such as video security cameras, routers, and printers to jam the internet's main switchboards. on tuesday -- federal officials announced new recommendations.. urging electronics makers to build in security features that will stop the wi-fi enabled devices from being attacked.. institute standards/tech.))ron ross says: "so, you want to stop the bad guys when you can .... but if they do get in and we also have decades of threat data which show you can't stop all when they get in, can we limit the damage they can do, once they are in." experts say changes to the way we look at cyber security may require new laws.. something which homeland security has urged president-elect trump to remain focused on.. (jen - dozens of wildfires continue to burn across the southeast this morning... sending hundreds of people to the hospital.
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in tennessee particularly hard... where hundreds of people are dealing with shortness of breath and other breathing problems. right now, there are at least 36 fires burning across five states... even worse, relief from the drought and wildfires is not expected in
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he grew up around publix
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that one bay area man makes his living inside the store's aisles. if you've been to the publix on neptune in south tampa you may have seen manager "john gieschen." next, good day is saying thanks... for his decades of making shopping a pleasure. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back
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america runs on dunkin'. hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more...
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20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. most people dread going to the grocery store. not enough parking, the crowds, long check out lines... but the customers who go to the publix on neptune say they look forward to their shopping
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((take pkg))runs:2:00out: all that free time:14 to :19 lauren deady // customer:28 to :33 davis williams // customer (fades in) :44 to :54 john gieschen // publix manager1:46 to 1:50 john paul estrada// john's co-workerthere's a reason why they say shopping at publix is a pleasure.and if you buy your groceries at the store on dale mabry and neptune it probably has a lot to do with john gieschen. epublix retiree for jen?1.mpg 07:20:34;29 he always has a smile on his face, always.. he'll greet you and gets you a cart.he does more than just smile and say hello. john is the most hands on manager his customers have ever seen. epublix retiree for jen?1.mpg 07:29:26;10 he is constantly out on the floor, straightening shelves, and helping people, he's even bagged for me before. john knows a thing or two about customer service.he started his publix career bagging groceries back in 1977a&and worked his way up to manager. epublix retiree for jen?1.mpg 07:32:47;27 i've heard george jenkins say it and i've heard others say it. you have to be a servant. you have to have a servant mentality you have to be a service oriented person from your heart it has to come from your heart.john definitely put his whole heart into his joba& earning him the george jenkins award in 2003... publix' highest honor. but john's passion for publix started aisles... alongside his dad, a publix district manager. epublix retiree for jen?1.mpg 07:31:56;05 i used to go to the store with him when i was a kid and one thing led to another and here we are. now after nearly 40 years serving customers john is getting ready to retire. epublix retiree for jen?1.mpg 07:33:27;03 i've never done anything else my entire life. when i started at the age of 15. i really didn't know what was on the horizon for me but it's turned out well. i look forward to spending time with my wife but i'm going to miss my publix family. the entire publix community is sad to see him go. epublix retiree for jen?1.mpg 07:26:56;10 i just want him to have a great time in his retirement and wish him all the best and hopefully he comes back and sees us. and even though he has mixed emotions... epublix retiree for jen?1.mpg 07:33:20;20 it's going to be a happy day and a sad day all at once. he's sure once he gets adjusted... he'll have no
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and how about this: john says he loves his job so much... he never considered it a day of work... only a real pleasure. he plans on retiring at the end of the year. tomorrow, we wrap our series with a local leuitenant ready to retire to the tennessee mountains after 4 decades fighting fires. coming up, in plant city police are on the look out for three people who they say are targeting seniors at the grocery store. but first "alcides segui" is live in tampa this morning... where
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it's 5:?? we begin this half hour with a warning for students at u-s-f... overnight, a pair of thieves targeted a female student.. and this morning, police are working to track the men down before they strike again. fox13's shayla reaves is live at u-s-f this morning. shayla, first off how is the
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the robbers are accused of taking off with a student' jewelry near one of the campus buildings... the report came in around 9:15 tuesday night--police are working to track down leads. here's what we know-officers responded to a report about a strong armed robbery ---not far from the interdisciplinary science building. the victim reportedly told police a pair of crooks approached... and made off with her jewelry. fortunately, she didn't get hurt. authorities have only a vague description of the robbers described as men with blonde hair in their early twenties. you can see their clothing descriptions on your screen. it' unclear if there are any security cameras in the area where the crime occurred.police are encouraging everyone to keep a few safety tips in mind--- be aware of your surroundings -try to travel with someone else whenever you can-- -focus on moving in well-lit areas---avoid alleys- take off your headphones if you're traveling alone---so you can hear what's happening around you. - let someone know where you're going... and when you plan to return-- on camthese are some examples of how you can robbery-- usf police sent out a campus text message alert through the emergency notification system. if you have any details about this're urged to call usf police. thank you shayla.
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thank you shayla.
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it's 5:xx, taking a look at some of today's top stories. winter haven police arrest one of the two men accused of breaking into a home with a teenage girl inside. police say 23- year-old "eric ellison" broke into the home on eagle crest boulevard monday afternoon. the teen who was home alone heared glass shatter then saw two men come into th she ran to a neighbor's house and called 9-1-1. police are still looking for ellison's accomplice. we should get an update on pinellas county's waste water release problem today. a follow up meeting will be held at johns hopkins all children's hospital in st. petersburg to talk about the effects. millions of gallons of waste water were released into the gulf when sewage systems got overloaded during hurricane hermine and tropical storm colin. today's meeting will take place in the education conference center at 9 a-m. in pasco county, an
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fired for eating a cookie laced with marijuana. deputies say "donna haff" had to be rushed to an area hospital after overdosing. authorities told fox 13, that haff wanted to try marijuana for her 50th birthday, so her daughter bought the cookies from a co-worker. haff is now on administrative leave while school leaders decide what to do about her arrest. plant city police are looking for three thieves who are robbing seniors in grocery stores. the robbers have targeted a publix off alexander street and a second publix just a few miles away they believe these two women and a man are responsible. police say the three are wracking up hundreds in purchases with stolen credit and debit cards. the group may be driving a blue 15 passenger van. police say 70-year-old "beverly morris" was the first person duped by the team. she says the women asked her for help finding something inside the store, then stole her wallet from her unzipped
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police are using the crimes as a reminder for people to not to keep valuables in the cart. there's a three- thousand-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. if you're a bright house new name on your next bill. bright house is now "spectrum". the new branding was rolled out yesterday. the change stems from charter communications buying bright house and time warner cable back in may. charter says pricing and package offers for "spectrum" will remain the same... and they'll notify customers of any future changes. but you will now see "spectrum" on bills... company trucks... uniforms and equipment. a florida woman is nursing a nasty wound... someone shot her in the leg
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the 66-year-old woman was in her backyard in davie... when the arrow pierced her thigh saturday. she says she first heard a loud pop... then felt the searing pain... the woman then pulled the 18-inch-long arrow out of her leg... which went straight through. her husband called 9-1-1... and she was rushed to the hospital. right now... police are trying to figure out where the arrow arrow appeared to have pierced a nearby shed. officials say it could have been an accident. a man is rewarded for heroic actions with a brand new i-phone 7.... but what did to deserve it was priceless. henry tate the third just moved to south florida from tennessee 2 weeks ago... and just one week ago he became certified in c-p-r. you could say the timing was meant to be... on saturday a 2-year-old boy wandered away
5:36 am
neighbors started searching for the boy... and that's when tate found him floating in a retention pond. tate quickly dove in... pulled him from the water... and began c-p-r. once the child started breathing... tate was overcome with emotion. tate's phone was destroyed in the rescue... so a local a-t-and-t store gave him a bran but he says the fact that the little boy will see his third birthday is a blessing in itself. he's currently recovering in the hospital. happening today: you may notice a lot of people standing in line for lottery tickets at local gas stations
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astounding 293-million-dollars. fox13's "alcides segui is live in tampa... where
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looking for a job? you can head out to polk county where "sykes" is holding a huge job fair in lakeland. they're looking to fill over 200 full-time jobs by the end of this year. the positions include customer service and sales. the event runs from 9 a-m to 7 p-m at the company's lakeland office, that's on griffin road. admission and parking are both free. people hired today will start working as soon as next week. metropolitan ministries will coin later this morning, they will hold a blessing of their holiday tent. this year, metro has moved their tent downtown... near the corner of nebraska avenue and cass street. in the bay area, metropolitan ministries helps 18-thousand families every holiday season. we're seeing more stores and parks becoming friendly for children with special needs. coming up, we'll tell you how a restaurant that's a childhood staple is letting kids with autism have a little more fun.
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oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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chuck-e-cheese is a childhood staple... but it can be difficult to go there if you have a child with special needs. russell is here now to tell us how they're trying
5:44 am
children on the autism spectrum now have more places to play thanks to a partnership between chuck e cheese's and the center for autism and related disorders. the restaurant and play area will start hosting "sensory sensitive sundays" at some of its stores. stores in attleboro. massachusetts and glen burnie, maryland have already introduced the event. the event will feature reduced noise and dimmed lighting from 9 a-m to 11 a-m on select sundays each month. it will be open to ?all families in an attempt to help kids who don't necessarily ha this isn't a new idea. just last week, we told you about toys-r-us stores in the u-k introducing quiet holiday shopping hours for families on the autism spectrum. for one hour, stores will dim the lights.. reduce the fluorescent lighting.. cut-out the in-store music.. and eliminate the loud speaker announcements.. store employees will also create "quiet zones" for families.. in case the stimulation becomes too much. chuck-e-cheese managers say they hope the event will
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they also said all cast members are scheduled for the events understand what is happening and ?want to be
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it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with dave. it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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no closed captioning is
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when 91 leaves the ice and doesn't come back... lightning fans get a little nervous... steven stamkos suffering an apparent right leg injury in tonights game in detroit... no update afterward... head coach jon cooper only saying that he ?hopes its minor... we'll show it to you shortly , but first... early 1st period... bolts-wings... lightning with the simple dump in... petr mrazek misplays it and nikita kucherov puts it in the open net... bolts up one nothing.... couple minutes later... off the faceoff... victor hedman blisters a shot... steven stamkos is there for the putback... tampa bay leads 2-0.... midpoint of the opening period... here's the stamkos injury... he goes down after the hit... watch has he tries to get up, he can't put any weight on his right leg... he does not return and the team hopes it isn't serious.... the game's tied at three late in the third... braydon colburn with the shot.. it's blocked out front and kucherov puts it in for the score... take another look... a nice break for the li 4-3 with the upsets this weekend, some changes in the playoff standings.... ohio state moves up to two... michigan lost this weekend, number three.... the fourth spot goes to clemson who also lost this week.... louisville is fifth, with washington falling to sixth.... and last night in tampa, the florida sports hall of fame class of 2016 was enshrined... in that group; phil esposito, jeremy foley, allison jolly, johnny damon, and none other than the superbowl winning coach... jon gruden.... this is the 55th year for the hall of fame and you would be hard pressed to find a more decorated group of enshrinees
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so we know tampa is hosting the national championship game in january. well, non-football fans have a reason to be excited
5:51 am
concert associated with it. it's called "a-t-and-t playlist live". last year, it featured "john melloncamp", "the band perry" and "ciara". later this morning, the tampa sports authority will reveal who will play ?this year's show. the free concerts will take place starting friday, january 6 and run through january 8 at curtis hixon park. he's the world's highest-paid actor... now he's officially the sexiest man alive. people magazine has named "dwayne 'the rock' johnson" this year's sexiest man alive. the 44-year-old said he's pretty much reached a pinnacle... he's not quite too sure where to go from here. here's an interesting fact... the rock is the first non-white male to be named sexiest man alive in 20 years! back in 1996, the honor
5:52 am
and we had no idea she could sing! "modern family" star "sarah hyland" takes on the chainsmokers hit "closer" with band "boyce avenue". their acoustic version is trending online. the chainsmokers even tweeted at hyland and boyce avenue telling them they sounded awesome! you can catch "carrie underwood" in tampa tonight. she's bringing her "storyteller" tour to amalie arena. the show will be performed "in the round" which means there will be seating on ?all sides of the stage. tickets start at 46-dollars. the show starts at seven tonight. still ahead... a illinois correctional facility is using a unique method to rehab their inmates. they're pairing
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? my hero zero. ? ? such a funny little hero ? ? but till you came along ? ? we counted on our fingers and toes ?
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. a correctional center in illinois is taking an interesting approach to rehabilitation. they're pairing inmates with therapy dogs. "helping paws" has brought their group of pups to the logan correctional center in lincoln. the dogs are training to become therapy dogs and live with the inmates 24-7. to participate in the program, inmates must get their g-e-d and go through 40
5:56 am
provide some of the dogs from local shelters and rescues. members of the program say it helps give them a sense of purpose... when they are released, inmates receive a certificate from the department of labor that helps them in their job search. ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. ((russell/2-shot)) new this morning - a warning for students at the university of south florida.. late last night - two men robbed a young woman ?on campus.((laura)) shayla reaves is live at the tampa campus.. she'll have a description of the men.. as well as what the university is telling students to do. (laura/take vo) and: the construction on i-4 is
5:57 am
may be eligible for repair money. at six - how to find out if you qualify. (russell/take vo) and: happy fast food day! we'll tell you where to go today for
5:58 am
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the university of south florida is urging ?safety, this morning.. it's >>russell: university of south florida urging safety today. it's a warning for students after a young woman is robbed on campus last night. >>laura: and pick pockets at ladies need to keep a firm grasp on their purses. >>russell: the secret affair between two stars. it's a secret no longer. >>dave: you sold that one, my friend. that got me excited. 43 to 45 degrees. that's what we have for you in hernando and citrus county. not kidding. brandon and wauchula at 48 degrees this morning. 57 in tampa.


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