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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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from spies to science fiction to true stori is from spice to a science fiction to true stories. best of what the silver yeen will offer us this holiday season. and new hope for heart disease. by mixing drugs. one old one new. it could actually reduce plaque. and good wednesday morning we're half way through the week i am i. i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes outside with dave. very nice outside right now. couple hours ago, lower 50s in spots. 40s and now it's like this. beautiful. beautiful day. that's how fast it warms up sun goes down tonight. jacket because it will get
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and north, northeast wind was sitting about 5 miles per hour. it's 61 in crystal river. this is spot that was in 40s earlier this morning so was brooksville. they are now up to 64. brandon at 63. we're going to back to upper 70s for today and tomorrow. big cool down for the second half of the weekend. more on that in just a little bit. dave see you in few minutes. thank you. 9:01 our big's traffic concern is sarasota county area. reports of i apologize in advance this is not very good to hear but pig carcases in the roadway. apparently we're hearing from troopers that the pigs were not properly secured in a truck, they fell into the roadway and so we had driver apparently running over them. a lot of debris out there they do have to block two lanes for clean up in area northbound on survivor we're seeing this approaching fruitville road center and right lanes are going to be blocked in your delays you can see pretty solid.
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past fruitville all way down to clark road. that's definitely going to be your area of concern where you want to avoid that whole stretch of 75. i wanted to take quick peek right now off camera to see if our chopper has arrived on scene. they are heading out there look like not case right now. we'll let you know as we get more information when they get their there on scene at 75. >> well, all right. thank you. hard to see, it's leading of death in our country. more than 600,000 people die from hart disease every year. in most biefk terms the problem is high cholesterol. that causes plaque in arteries of the heart. stop age of blood. to or from the heart. leads to a heart attack. that's why millions of americans, millions of us are taking statins those drugs to help lower the bad cholesterol ldl which doctors hope will prevent more plaque from building up.
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rid of that plaque that's already there. >> so doctors prescribe these statins to help fight high blood pressure and keep plaque from getting worse. patients would also need to eat better and get more exercise too. doctors will tell you not all patients leave to their advice. listen to this a new study there may be a new way to fight heart disease. cleveland clinic presented finding american heart association annualee drug available. when it's combined with statins, listen to this, this is huge, could actually reduce the plaque build up. this is a first. drug is called well like one of those drug names when it's not got a name yet pcsk9 inhibiter. or probably saying that wrong. studies have not only did the patients taking both drugs see
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right now f.d.a. has approved at new drug, it's still not being prescribed all that much because it's expensive. and insurance companies often have lengthy process to approve the use for a patient. but there's hope for the nearly 28 million americans, those of us dealing with heart disease. we have an update now to fight between parents pasco county schools. the school district needs to and is redrawing boundary lines for however it is creating lot of angst for families. today some of students who wore redded to protest new lines. saying that i think though one school within a mile of their home them bussed ten miles away to another school. the problem here is over crowding. parents should have seen this coming too. cutter browning district superintendent wrote a letter back in september to all bay area realtors. telling them not to promise potential home buyers that they would be in a certain school district. so there is another meeting for
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that's coming up tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. that will be a gulf high school. >> on to other news now usf police are looking for leads after rock robbers tarted a student on campus this happened last night near interdisciplinary services building. police say that two crook as approached victim and took off with her jewelry. female student was not hurt students are urged to report anything suspicious. and alert usf police in you have information. >> plant city police need your help identifying group of people who a shoppers. they say in a matter of two weeks they have targeted at least three women at two different publix stores. one person will distract the elderly shopper while another takes their wallet. police are looking for two men they believe and one man they were spotted leaving stores in blue ford passenger van. there's $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> all right. lot of promises were made along campaign trail.
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association says president-elect trump needs to move fast on some of those promises. this week in disney and obviously happy about the outcome of the election. but now, these governors say the new administration in congress should work quick toll make the sweeping changes that the voters want to see. everything from obamacare to sweeping education reform. but, before any of that can happen, president-elect trump has to settle chaos around his transition team. last week pence replace chris christie a transition chairman. paperwork was finally signed yesterday to push the transition forward. since then the team has fired two more people, one a lobbyist. and one sourced to reuters mr. trump getting rid of all lobbyists from his inner circle. while he may be behind the bid on creating this transition team, it is not unexpected. about a month before the election then candidate trump asked everyone that the
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their work and start campaigning for him instead. which they did. so now they are understandably a little behind. in scles gesture good will and after urging from pope francis, cuban president castro has pardoned seven 87 prisoners. people selected for pardon are not violent offenders. they were chosen based on crimes they committed. their behavioral while in prison and amount of time left to serve. women and children the sick were given cuban government did not specify how many pardoned are still behind bars or when they will be released. >> it is 9:017 now. got to be dream come true. speaking of dreams come true 293 million reasons why you should buy $2 ticket today. with powerball jackpot is up to now. and florida has had lot of luck winning wes with theis winning tickets a convenience stores around town. fox 13 alcides segui is at 17-11
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touch. you know what i got? i got winning ticket. powerball number is 14. >> the winning ticket. i will not come into work tomorrow if i win i will call out sick. put my two weeks in i will put my two weeks in. yeah. i purchased this ticket by way at 7-11. which by the way if you believe in luck, you may want to think about your ticket a seven-11 as well. because why you two people have won lotto 7-11s right here in bay area in less than a month. including a 57-year-old woman who lives in lakeland. she purchased her lotto ticket from a 7-11 off of u.s. highway 98 in lakeland. yeah. she won $18 million with that too. also just a couple days ago this past friday florida lottery announced alan puller of tampa claimed million dollar share of two million lucky money jackpot.
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lucky money quick pick from a 17-11 located at the 10,000 block of north nebraska avenue right here in tampa. probably about 15 minutes from where i am standing right now. again 7-11 may be the place to play. powerball drawing tickets are $2. they must purchased before 9:59 tonight. and the drawing is at 11 o'clock. again, if i win, i'm going to share some money with you guys. i said i was going to share money. haven't quite decide but you know 185 million cash, 293. that's lot of money. i'm sure we could do a lot of good with that spot of benjamin or two. thank you, alcides. make it rain. >> the rain maker. a little too much attitude i'm afraid. he's, he's boasting a bit much. i could be wrong. i could be wrong. all right. still lots more ahead including getting ready for the holidays. our film critics steve is here with his take on what movies
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and also getting us ready for thanksgiving, vanessa rufus putting her delicious twist on dressing. thanksgiving staple. that's coming up a little later. >> and charley is continuing the recycling theme this morning. really quite something you stumbled on to. >> yeah. you're right. and it is funny. yesterday we were talking about america recycles day. exactly what they were doing recycling this wood that used to be barnes in kentucky. look what they can do. look at this barn. i le i know it's simple but man, and the thought that this is a proud barn that stood for over a century in kentucky. and which represents the heart of america i just love this flag. we're talking about everything they do in barn woods with reclaimed wood.plook at that ta. reusing that old whiskey barrel too. particular around i'll show it
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((jen)) most people dread going to the grocery store. not enough parking, the dread going to enough parking the crowds, long lines, but the customers who go to you publix on neptune and tampa say they look forward to this their shopping experience because of one man they say reason shopping publix pleasure. few buy grocery dale mabrey and neptune it probably has lot to do with this guy. >> he always has a smile on his face. always. always. he greets you when you walk in
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he'll get you a cart. >> he does more than just smile and say hello john is most hands on manager his customers have ever seen. >> he constantly out on the floor, straighten shelves and helping people he's even bagged for me before. john knows thing or two about customers ises he started publix career bagging groceries back in 1977 and worked is his up to manager i heard george jenkins says you have to be a servant yo you have service oriented person from your heart. that's to come from your heart. >> john definitely puts his whole heart into his job. earning him the george jenkins award in 2003. supermarket highest honor. >> but john's passion for publix started long before that. he practically grew up in these aisles. along side his dad a publix district manager. >> used to go to store with him when i was kid one thing led to
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serving customers, john is getting ready to retire. i've never done anything else in my entire life when i started at that age of 15, i really didn't know what was on the horizon for me. but turned out well. i'm looking forward to spend time with my wife. >> the entire publix community is sad to see him go. i just want him to have a great time on his phopefully comes back to see us even though he has mixed emotions going to be happy day and sad day all in one. he is sure once he gets adjusted no problems filling up all that free time. you like the tour? >> yeah. get this, john says he lovers his job so much he never considered it a day of work in the whole time he was working there. he only called it a real pleasure. he plans on retiring at the end of the year. tomorrow we wrap up our series
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mountains after four decades fighting fires. 9:15. check in with vanessa following a developing story this morning. that's right bear with me i'm going to step out briefly and check our chopper shot it was just here and now it's gone back to blue again. so i just do want to update you on lane blocks we've got shot back. here we go. if action we mention scene on northbound 75 brew aget to fruitville road. this is where the pig and we have a lots of debris here in the roadway. you can understand why we're keeping shot whiter we don't want to gross anyone owls. so right now just a right lane going to be blocked. last report we had reports right lane and center lane, really we're seeing two lanes passing here. delays however if we can get back to the map will show you
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get trickle down to venice connector. i'd avoid this stretch basically venice connector if you can, all way up to university parkway where we start to see those speeds bounce back towards normal. once again this northbound 75 approaching fruitville road where they have clean up under way due to unfortunately some dead pigs in the roadway. all right. we will get to dave. >> okay. well we got 67 degrees outside. really is. i mean just a beautiful, gorgeous i want to picture of sirata beach. and granted, it was chilly this morning. 40s, we had 50s out there. but boy oh boy is it rebounding quickly outside. tampa's at 67. st. petersburg at 66. brandon, which was down in the 40s a couple of hours ago is already back into the mid 60s. so is plant city. lower 60s. crystal river inverness. wesley chapel. at 63 degrees. close to 70 for bradenton for sarasota.
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i'm going to tell you, reverse is going to happen when sun sets tonight. clear skies and dry air in place. its going to cool down pretty quickly again and we'll probably start tomorrow morning in 50s. beautiful weather over the state. high pressure in control. north winds joan i it next few days look tremendous. high today's will be around 77 degrees. tonight the overnight lows in the upper 50s. and tomorrow also in the upper 70s. now we week. but in really the weekend is like half and half. because saturday's high will be 79. and then russell look at the difference for sunday. 11 degrees cooler with high of only 68. you were beautiful, good. being good at this kind of work is not very beautiful.
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trailer for this brad pitt movie called allied. it opens in theater next wednesday. official start of the holiday movie season. and when that happens, this happens. our friend steve film critic with tampa bay times. good to see you. i know you haven't seen this one yet. i'll see it tomorrow night. but there's a lot, lot anticipation about this movie for whatever reason. especially because brad pitt and angelina jolie their divorce that will be happening their w of fling with his co-star. they've, refuted that she's pregnant with her husband. doesn't seem likely. she's an amazing actress. oh my gosh she really is. more i see trailers for this movie the more interested i am in. because it has that kind of you know intrigue is she or is she not double agent type thing that could make a nice interesting world war ii movie we haven't
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i heard agrees buzz about movie moonlight. oh my gosh. this is probably the best movie i've seen this year. whoa. what did you say in best movie i've seen this year. i haven't seen them all, but but this really is it really is an experience. it's has this kind of dream-lke quality that just sort of pulls you in and keeps you. the story of a young man a boy growing up in miami city district. he played three different stages of his three different actors. its not a spoiler but kid growing u gay african american community whole idea black masculinity is stronger than it is in many other types of communities. so it has this kind of awareness this kind of honesty that you rarely see in movies. it may be set around drug dealers and inner city types thank you ahaven't seen this slice african american experience before.
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film grad. and it's filmed in miami. primarily a little bit in atlanta. but just terrific movie. it opens up this friday. star wars rogue one. >> need we say more? no, if this is movie that's based on the opening crawl in the very first star wars movie. rebel stolen plans for death star what kicked off whole skywalker saga. this is going to tell good that rebel plant steal the plants of death star. it's going t slightly different direction. going to end up working in a darth vader apparently. early darth vader. so it looks like it's got star wars going to be hit. >> but yeah, it whether it can really break, because the last star wars movie that about a year ago really stuck to the template. this is going to breaking out. that's where you're going to really test the fan appreciation. >> okay. >> a monster calls.
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but this is an i'm not sure correct, i don't think that's it. we're still on star wars there. this is the here we go. very tender story about young boy whose mother terminally ill befriends that try monster. it sounds like a summer movie, you know, kiddie type of thing but advance buzz for this movie and the based upon suggest this is going to be the tear jerker of the holiday season. like i said going opening up for on december 23rd for oscar consideration. won't get here in theaters until i think it january sixly. quickly before i go i know we will come back later i want to get this one in before we go. jackie. in the let portman getting great reviews for playing jackie
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jfk's assassination. 1963 showing kind of emotional psychological turmoil she was going through and trying to make sure her leg he remembered. organized in funeral the whole procession and everything else directed by cpablo, get lot of buzz for way he presents this type of story. you going to come back in few minutes. much more to talk about. ill stay right here.
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i'm charley belcher coming to you from barn works in tampa. recycler freemont to be exact. just opened up in july. chip's place. kind of a dream come true to do something like this. and it's basically a reclaimed wood business. i goes to kentucky. finds old barnes they are about to fall down. asked homeowner can i buy that negotiated price and then you turn it into a beautiful stuff. >> thank you. i really do think thi let's start with doors. thaws bah probably one the most popular decor items thank you aturn the old barn wood. definitely doors decorative walls are big edges part of our business thus far. that's great. so people can buy raw materials do it themselves or commission you to do work like that? exact. walls in here we're seeing also barn wood? >> uh-huh. that's gorgeous. talk about some of these. this is a feed trough.
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this is hand hun out to feed dairy cows we brought back neck squeeze there was actual date on this assume youn boy at the time initials were all over this barn. in 1883. but i understand the barn was construct in 1855. so precivil war. you work with other creativ types because these sinks over here hard to believe these sinks are made out of wood. john williams with urban wood creations. pecan bowls magnolia bowls. he take any greenwood again from land fills, and turn it into this. >> you also do floors obvious p% and that's an example barn wood on floor. that's just gorgeous.
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pine river recovered hard pine. and warm chestnut i saved old whiskey barrel in here figured that how to turn that into a table and up a will table part is barn wood. you're saying whiskey barrel from land fill as well. exactly whiskey barrels start out carrying whiskey they go to craft beer rat local industry. cabinets over there i love that american flag. chip, good job, man. you go to we'll ling you to their happens to be barn that's it. barn if you want to visit yourself oh please visit give us a click. but barn great interesting local business laura i'm fascinated by the talent of these folks. i love seeing that this wood that is stood the test of time lasting even longer. its so true. you got thing going on those barn doors slide doors are
9:29 am
so popular now. all right all right charley, thanks see you when you get back. not just bread crumbs and herbs.
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we're still following a developing situation out of we are a following this developing story out of marion county. two trains have collided in at town of citra spil thousands of near u.s. 301 just north of ght- ocala. >> deputies say the accident
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and overturning 20 cars both trains are owned by csx officials say two people were he valued for minor injuries at the scene but declined to be taken to the hospital. >> pressure a protests making difference in north dakota. army corps engineers says it needs more discussion about a standing rock sioux reservation. another delay in this already backed up construction. more than 400 protester arrested too tuesday mnw of people in different cities across the country are protesting as well critic 1200 mile pipeline are worried what it can do to environment proponents say very much needed and carey 570 thousand barrels of crude oil every day. >> new zealand officials say evacuation efforts are nearly complete after power earthquake cut off access to area seven poith 8 struck monday killing two people. also trigger ad small tsunami.
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helicopter yesterday. today, another 380 people are on board a navy ship that will leave for six-hour trip forker in by port later today war ships from australia canada and u.s. will also be alive arriving soon all that to help restock town with water, fuel and other supplies. oklahoma city police continue to a stwes dpat deadly shoot that happened sde city airport southwest airlines employee was shot and killed outside the airport tuesday michael winchester the father of kansas city chiefs player james winchester hours after shooting police found suspect gunman dead self infwliktd gunshot wound. now it appears that winchester and the shoeoter knew each othe. police believe it premeditated attack in about week or so millions of people listen road or on in air traffic to friends
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almost 49 million americans will travel for holidays an about million more than last year. most people will drive that good considering gas prices are down airfare on other hand those are up. 21 percent. a little later this morning there's very special place gets a special prayer annual blessing of the tent. you and i were both there me pro tro policy tan ministry as prayer for entire community hoved their tent downtown this year it's corner nebraska and cass. families every holiday season. shameless plug here fox 13 has taken this on as our big holiday charity this year. you were there yesterday. i was there the day before. >> there's no shame in that. >> giving tuesday. next tuesday. it's so, it's a great thing. it's a great thing. i'm proud of us for being a part of it this year. so am i. so am i. dave there's too saw him yesterday. no, it's awesome. we love it. >> yeah.
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you know, starting to get warm out what is wrong with me? long sleeves and long pants on we're going straight from jacket weather to short pants weather. 67 degrees in north, northeast wind around 5 miles per hour. and state-wide, this is interesting, okay you have got 60s across i ten 70s down over the keys. if you compare this to yesterday, we're actually warmer than yesterday in 9 o'clock hour. yet this morning at 5:00 a.m., we were like ten degrees that's how fast it has warmed up this morning. and that what the dry air and sunshine in november in florida do. so i expect we easily go up above and beyond yesterday's mid 70s. and make it back to upper 70s. to be honest that is exactly where we should be for this time of year. then overnight tonight, of course the dryer air will cool off as fast as it warms up. chilly tonight, 59 in tampa.
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and then for tomorrow, 79 degrees. beautiful sunshine. and seasonable weather. next 7 days, when i say half and half weekend what i mean is it's going to be half seasonable. half cool. no rain anticipated with this big front coming through over weekend. you do notice 68 for high on sunday. and 50 for a low on monday morning. couple first birthday ohs this wednesday to pass along to you. look at that. troy turning one today. he loves and dancing and he's always smiling and looks like his marine dad. happy first birthday little buddy. barrett loves to eat. and play with his trucks and any kind of ball. but especially loves playing with his sister. happy first birthday to you and troy. >> hope you guys are having great birthday thanks, dave. 9:36. some concerns on roadways, probably some visibility concerns for folks passing by
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park. in the wimauma area fhp says prescribed burn burn in area could putting smoke in roadway slow down fury republican governor's association having any trouble seeing meantime emergency construction off of 275 southbound, that exit ramp to howard armenia right lane will be blocked. and in case you were in any doubt this was going to stick around, concerns still slow speeds along northbound 75 before and after fruitville road due to the pig all right. still ahead we're continue our look what holidays will bring us oh big screen high profile films to little ones we may not have heard our friend steve is back with us next. then a little later in the show, vanessa is earning her name as good day gourmet. she's whipping up ciabatta sauce a gruyere dressing. i cannot say that wore.
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cheese. due you know that? >> its cheese. it's cheese. all cheese to me.
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you're watching good day tampa bay. back with friend steve tampa bay times talking holiday movies. you were teleme the one you saw yesterday you saw law la land. loved it law la land directed by damien who did whiplash a couple years ago with miles. this is a modern day movie musical. it has the same kind of dynamics same kind of vibe. you old modern day loss appearing less. music industry and emma stone was wonderful in this movie. just ends up stealing it is show as a young actress trying to make it to this movie, opens up on the l.a. freeway. get a shot of here that a traffic jam turns into a huge dance number. musical number. from that opening scene, that goes up about 5 minutes i id a
9:42 am
until end of the movie. when you have sort of bittersweet, as doing best love story. doesn't hurt you have ryan goesly. he's you wonder just how much talent this man has. really. because he's actually playing piano in this movie. >> and it's terrific. john legend plays. role with it. it is just amazing. good. this movie sing. sing is another musical. we're used to musical being animated. sort of a music competition put together by a music competition put together by this you know hustler type of cooh la bear voiced by matthew mcconaughey. of course it is was. one the stars trying to make is that big right there his voiced by reese witherspoon. wow.
9:43 am
holiday on december 23rdrd. look at that face. going to great music. some funny antics for the kids. i want to to get these passenger. you talking jennifer lawrence. yeah, yeah i want to see this chris pratt. sci-fi movie they put in suspended an maegs but awakened 90 years too soon. >> they don't know why. they are going to find out but they are only two people who awake alive on sh this spaceship i've seen preview trailers special effects were chris pratt you can't find a hotter pair to put together a movie than chris practices and j law.pokay. can you imagine that. patriots day. that's going to be based on the boston marathon. terrorist attack mark walhberg playing boston cop looking for survivors and trying to help injured people that day. directed by peter bird also directed wahlberg in things like
9:44 am
survivor. yes. going to have that kind of realism and kind of respect. you know for people who are in authority. people who are first responders. defenders. that sort of thing. i got dragged into seeing deep water horizon. intense. intense. i had chance to visit about year and a half ago. and was really impressed with just how much voracity they were putting into it and how much respect for not just t logical damage or personal damage. >> tear your heart out. yes. founder. founder is the story of ray crock. the guy, yeah made his fortune in mcdonald's chain. that shows how he got that mcdonald's chain basically stealing it from mcdonald's brothers michael keaton one of this is could third oscar nomination in row. not going to open up here until mid yearn but opening up early december 16th to in new york and
9:45 am
academy award consideration i read your review the other day because it's already out the miles teller boxing movie. bleed for this. you like it i do like it boxing movies can show us must have new any more this guy's story, being a champion boxer car crash collision beak breaking his neck comes back from that and wins another title. that's a heck of a story. this one, begins where other boxing movies normally leave off with big fight and him winning
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((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. down about 56 points to start the day hovering right about 18,800. not likely today but we might get there. we were within 77 points 19,000. trump bump is fading weaver come long way six 00 points makes sense to give m some that back positives an earning report from target. they are doing great online shopping, back to school season. pretty strong. so they are optimistic about holidays. good for target. good for target. they needed didn't news. all right cool. let's talk new way to fly. it seems like air travel is becoming more and more like public transportation.
9:49 am
yeah basic economy class new way to fly. >> look all fly basic economy. because less than economy. worst thing coach on united if the price is cheap enough. we don't know how cheap these sheets will be yet we will find out in new year this is what you have to give up. >> you can only bring one item on the plane. and it xant go overhead has to fit under the seat. you can't sit with your friends because the seat aassignments are automatic. you get on the plane, dead you can't upgrade. should something happen to your flight it will be more difficult for you to get a new one. so you're not getting any of the perks that a regular united passenger would get because you're in basic economy. but you get from a to b. you know. there you go. from a to b. price is right i'll fly. that's fine. all right. >> okay.
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stuffing dregsing a big part thanksgiving dinner i will show you one version i really like ciabatta sauce annual and gruyere. i really think it delicious combination. yes i'm calling it dressing. all of it is going into a baking dish. none of it is going into the bird. prep your companying ingredients to the bread. chop of your cell re, onion and fresh sage. and i'm going to use food now we will do a little cooking i want to put some butter in man right now. so we can saute our celery and onions. after ten minutes or so when they are soft transfer them to large mixing bowl. then add your sausage to the pan and cook it. when that's brown add that to the mixing bowl too. so here's where ciabatta comes in what i did ahead of time i
9:54 am
it in the oven 30 minutes, 300 degrees finer height. if you want to skip bake baking process just leave cubes out on the counter overnight and let it dry out that way. >> ad your bread cubes to the bowl. then fresh sage and gruyere cheese. ad chicken broth, salt and pepper combine and mix completelyplace in baking dish that's degreed with a little butter and cover it fo minutes. and then remove the poil, top with more shredded cheese and bake for another 15 minutes untilths nice and brown on the top. and now for the moment of truth, this is all done and browned on top. and here it is. smells wonderful. and hopefully it's a wonderful side tissue for that glorious turkey.
9:55 am
bigger. >> i was close by. i we might have to share plates i didn't know whole family was coming over. did you have a fork? no. no. go ahead. ladies first i'm digging. that's dlirs. informal poll calls it stuffing and who calls it is dressing? >> stuffing. southern thing. dressing. i mean technically this one didn't go to into a bird but i would call it stuffing too. family members. really that delicious. i don't air what you call it, just call me for dinner. >> i would never judge -- >> bad old joke. you get what call me just call me for dinner. i would never judge anybody for using stove top or anything i've done it plenty of years you notice it's not dense when you make it with the prebaged little >> very light.
9:56 am
so any particular sausage i just used mile italian you could use hot if you like spicier. yeah. no. so good. it always is. thank you. >> go ahead. recipe online. so good. so good. so close to the holidays. i'm so excited. >> and you know looking at this seven-day forecast, beautiful i mean upper 70s for next two, three days even an 80-degree temperature. then down. we begin thanksgiving week. 50 degrees come monday morning that will be in city come means 40s in the and high upper 50s sunday and monday real nice weather. very nice. >> it's that time. that will do it for ughs say good-bye. say good bye. we'll see you again tomorrow.
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see you guys. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, host of "the daily show," trevor noah. and one republic. and kelly webs up a delicious dessert as we continue our homestyle things giving week. and ryan seacrest is in the studio as our special cohost. all next on "live!" ? ? and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> kelly: i like it.


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