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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 19, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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different story than what you see here. >> starting with this at 11:00, more fallout because of this bar brawl. at the 16er of it is that hillsborough county firefighter, the one in the white t-shirt tere throwing punches along with other members of the motorcycle gang that of. tonight detectives are still trying to arrest him. what a mess there. crystal clark spoke to that firefighter's attorney today. crystal says there's a warrant out for his arrest but any word on when he's planning to turn himself in? >> from what they've told us, walker doesn't want his arrest to interrupt his vacation. they say i likely won't be turning himself in for likely a month. you can see he fights more than just fires. police say that's 33-year-old
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county firefighter, throwing blows in a key west bar back on september 17th. >> r. >> it haul happened so all happ. >> she was working at the rumor lodge the night of the fight. she's seen on surveillance video to telling the men to stop throwing chairs at employees. >> people were getting hit. >> the video led key west police to issue battery charges against walker, but his attorney says he is not on the run. >> there's certain media reporting that he's a fugitive. it's just not accurate. >> he won't be in handcuffs any time soon. >> he's currently not in the state of florida because he's on vacation. >> walker made arrangements with the hillsborough county sheriff's office to turn himself in in a month. >> on december 5th, when he returns, that he will be processed
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was at the bar that night for the annual poker run with members of the outlaw motorcycle gang, but walker's attorney denies his involvement with the group. >> he's not involved with a gang. he was at one time a member of the outlaws motorcycle club. he's not been a member for some time now. >> yet word of his possible involvement has spread. on friday, hillsborough county issued a notice to employees saying effectively, they immedi, they are not outside organization to be ib vofled involved in criminal or illegal diskraim na tri activity. >> it says any employee who violates their policy or joins a criminal organization will face disciplinary action up to termination. now as of tonight, walker is on paid administrative leave with the hillsborough county fire department. chris? >> and we'll see what happens after he finishes his vacation
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crystal clark live in our control room. thanks, crystal. >> a search for a body closes a popular park in pasco county. deputies say they got a tip that a body might be buried on green key in new port richey, but as evan lambert reports, that search could take days. >> investigators spent hours today digging before the sun went down. they're teaming up with a usf anthropologist to try to verify the tip that a body is here. deputies say that that tip came in t had some knowledge that a body was buried on green key. investigators closed down the park and brought out cadaver dogs. they say those dogs alerted on a specific area of the beach. that's where deputies worked with forensic experts to gip the search begin the search for a body. they say it could take several days to see if a tip they got can be verified. >> as of now, we haven't found anything. but we are -- it's a methodical
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and tomorrow. >> investigators say the search could keep the park close threudout the week end. they'll resume their search in the morning. evan lambert, fox 13 news. >> and then there's this story here, a shocking video, pinellas county deputy off the job tonight for lying and using excessive force this is video of deputy wayne wagner grabbing a woman, wrestling her to the ground and forcing her head to hit the concrete. va video that you just saw that vindicated that woman who at one point was facing felony sheriff says it's all very frustrating. >> this firing was really about video versus the deputy's word, and as the if pointed take another look. march 25th, deputy wayne wagner throws a woman bic the name of paige taylor against the truck. then he wrestles her to the ground. he later reported that she shoved him and was acting aggressive, as you see, that never happened. taylor was charged with a pair
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she was facing 10 years in prison. the charges were later dropped. following an ternl investigation, wagner was fired. here's the sheriff and taylor's attorney reacting to what they saw. >> there is absolutely no room for a deputy sheriff to not tell the truth and not to own up to it and not accept responsibility if they do make a mistake. >> i'm pleased to see miss taylor's name cleared as it should have been, she's never been in trouble with the law that she still holds concern, still gets nervous around law enforcement. this doesn't end for her today, but this chapter does end. >> this case initially started lawfully when wagner pulled over the driver of the truck for having a suspended license. his name is gauge moore. then you saw what followed captured on security video and dashcam video. we asked if wagner could face charges himself, we're told it's unlikely, but the case is still being reviewed.
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>> sarasota police have arrested 45-year-old fernando palomino. police say the victim was his employee at the peruvian restaurant, which is where the crime allegedly happened. she was 16 and police say he told her he was a massage therapist before inappropriately touching her. sarasota police believe there could be more victims. they say if anyone knows anything, they should contact them displ. obviously in the business of saving lives. >> that took on a whole new meaning when one of them needed help. >> like i said, i haven't doubted this for a second. >> up next, how one of these first responders came to the rescue with a life changing gift. >> plus what if your phone or your kids' phone could stop them from taking a selfie in a dangerous place?
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just that. >> i'm on cold front watch, moving to the southeast, heading our way. big changes coming up this week end. we'll spell it out in five minutes. stay tuned. >> ever wonder what travel-tested tough really means? we are beating up your bags to see how long luggage lasts. the company that invented the
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paramedics are used to >> paramedics are used to saving lives, but how about giving life? one paramedic is going way beyond the call of duty to save his former partner. >> this is an awesome story. evan is here to tell us all
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paramedics in highlands county who have worked together so much, they know every move that other one is about to make. now when one of them was in desperate need, it didn't require even a thought to make all the difference in the world. chris cruise's symptoms -- >> i'm tired, i could sleep as long as i want, i'd still wake up tired. >> are chillig. >> i have a problem regulating body temperature, so i'm cold all the time. >> after 14 years of having a kidney disease that few could pronounce -- >> we got the it turned out that i had the rare, you know, focal segmental -- >> his kidneys are only 13% effective, meaning in just a few weeks, it's dialysis or death. >> my youngest doesn't quite understand what's going on, he's only 7. my oldest does, he's already in high school, knows exactly what's to -- what's coming forward. >> enter jason hobbs. >> for lack of a better turn, we're brothers.
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calls for highlands county, saving lives -- >> he doesn't have to verbally to do something. he says he's always cold, he'd have a space heater on his feet in 90 degree weather, and he said i'm trying to get op the waiting list, i was like, what's the protocol for living donor trabs plant? >> a potential wait of years turned into a few tests. >> never in a million years did i think i was going to be a match, and at that, a perfect match. >> just as when they were think about his next move. >> you still want to go through with it, on a scale of 1 to 10, i told her a 12. >> on december 12th, both will go into surgery at tgh. jason's kidney will become chris'. >> i don't think it's quite hit me yet. >> chris notes that jason can back out at any time, but no pressure, it's just that his entire life is about to change. >> i really don't know what to expect. i don't know how i'm going to feel. they say i'm going to feel like
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being able to go out and do things with his boys that he wasn't able to before, not have to worry 15 years down the road, you know, i could potentially be dead. >> it is going to take about a year to determine if the operation was a success, and you know, it is amazing, the doctors give jay sob the option to jasok out literally until the scalpel touches the skin, but something tells me that's not going to happen, especially after we did a story, >> he's got to go through it, he would have anyway, that's awesome, and what a perfect match. >> two partners, perfect match, they even have a rare blood type. >> you'd give a kidney to a co-worker, wouldn't you? i know you would. >> you need to follow that story. because it's such a great thanksgiving holiday story too. >> december 1st is the surgery. >> thanks so much, evan. hey, here's a sure sign of the holidays right upon us. the park has been transformed
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with the ice rink they have every year, only this year there's a holiday market with several pop-up shops, just open to the public, it will stay open through christmas. >> looks like you can play the lightning while you're out there. a little hockey. >> can you imagine how they would just blow you off the ice if they went by? >> it may feel like paul? >> monday morning it will be cold enough to make some ice in the northern port part of our state. we won't be that cold here locally but a big change is on the way. nice day today to wrap up the work week. here's a time lapse showing the setting sun and then eventually clear skies, a few clouds came in late in the day. nice crowd out in the beach on a friday afternoon checking out the sunset, and a beautiful late
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1.56 inches of rain since october 1st. the deficit now for november is .92. i have to stress, it's not really that unusual in november to have many days and weeks with no rain. it is on average our dryest month. we did have a little bit of rain, a hundredth of an inch of rain back on november 9th. i don't think it's going to rain again at all this month. the longest stretch of weather we went with no rain at all was back a row with no rain. the drought is extensive in the southeast, new data coming in yesterday, it extends from jackson, mississippi through birmingham. this is exceptional on the scale. all the way up into greenville and clemson, south carolina. the eastern part of this region had all the rain from matthew, but the western part had no rain
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big drought. the drought does not extend into tampa bay. we had a lot of rain this summer and into the early fall, but it is extensive to our north and i don't see much rain between now and a week from monday. the models go maybe a tenth, maybe a quarter of an in. inch. for us, we stay dry tonight, skies are mostly clear. temperatures do drop dramatically behind the cold front. check it out. miami is radiational cooling and 50 in tallahassee, then behind the front, little rock 47, wichita 37. this is the 24-hour temperature drop or change from 11:00 yesterday. ahead of the front, it's warming up, but behind the front, this is pretty big. 17 degrees colder in little rock. 22 in dallas and 30 degrees below what it was yesterday in
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temperature on sunday as the cold front goes by, so tomorrow, we do a 78, sunshine, the wind will pick up during the tai, th, then with some wind on sunday, it will be about 10 degrees cooler. this 68 is really a typical winter day for us. january and february, we have a lot of days, 65, 68, so about two months early on that, and 50 for a low in the morning. 67 now the dew .58, winds are light. mississippi and alabama, raining in memphis. you would think just looking at the front and the rain with it, you say, woe, we're going to get some rain, right? uh-uh, the rain will die out as it moves our way. behind the front, all dry, clear and cold. denver has snow on the ground, they're 20. they're 20 tonight, and on wednesday, they were 80 for a high for their warmest november
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climate up in the mile high city. chicago 40, new york city 55. there is the band of rain ahead of the front, cold front marches right down the state tomorrow afternoon, think about boating, be careful, winds will pick up, most likely a small craft advisory will be issued for tomorrow into sunday, then high pressure build in, look at the wind tragging down all wind dragging down the cold air. pressure goes down the east coast, and by thanksgiving, we're back up near 80. tomorrow not a bad day, just a mix of clouds and sun, a bit breezy and 78. then on sunday, the wind picks up. it's noticeably cooler, and a high of only 68. after that, we stay rain-free, we're back near 80 wednesday and thursday. nighttime lows sunday morning in our northern counties, and monday morning for that matter
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back to you. >> time for the long pj weather. >> so what happened at an elementary school has a lot of parents tis disturbed. >> what the school is saying about who's responsible and what should be done about it. >> we'll show you how the next attorney general could crack down on states like florida that approve medical mayor wa marijus a democrats' z26lfz zy6z
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. , there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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z26m3z zy6z
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president-elect donald >> president-elect donald trump has agreed to a $25 million settlement to resolve the fraud lawsuit over trump university. now the plaintiffs cleamed that the university failed to deliver op the real estate investing education as promised. every victim will get at least half their money back. some will get all of it. under the terms, though, trump doesn't acknowledge any wrongdoing. >> new at 11:00, a really elementary school in flagler county. a 5-year-old gets off the bus and has a swas swastica drawn o. >> it's the symbol, of course, shocked the boy's family, launched an investigation at school. >> take a look at this picture. it was taken after a palm coast kindergarten student got off this school bus yesterday. the symbol shocked the boy's family and launched an investigation at school. >> it was just -- it was hard to see. it really was hard.
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see. a swastica drawn on her son's happened. mercedes owen says the 5-year-old showed it to his family when he got off the bus thursday afternoon. >> he department really didn't t was on his hand, he thought it was something that a friend had drawn. >> the family jumped into action, notifying the school and the sheriff's office. school officials say another young student was also marked with a swastica on the bus. we're told a middle schoo >> my reaction was such that he thought he was in trouble. because i gasped when i saw it. and i said, who did this to you? and he didn't know the boy's name, he just said he was an older child. >> deputies say no crime was committed and when they questioned the older student, he didn't know what the symbol meant. the school still says it has an internal investigation underway. >> i hope that the school does realize that this is serious, you know, we can't just brush it
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accountable, and they want to protect the little boy. >> and he does not know black from white. and he loves everybody. and he's got an amazing heart. and i don't want that in any way, shape or form wounded by these actions. >> the school says once the investigation is over, the older boy could be disciplined. >> as you know, we've reported on an increase in injuries and even deaths of people trying to take selfies. since march 2014, 127 people have died while taking selfies. usually those are snapped in dangerous plaimses or perhaps pe person falls or gets hit by something. now a group of ph.d. students is working on an app to warn people when they're in a death by
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the danger or even shut off the camera if it's too risky. it's still in the early stages of development. let's hope they get it developed soon. kevin, wild night in high school football playoffs. >> round two of the high school football playoffs, really couldn't have been much better than it was tonight. wild finish between plant and lakeland as the panthers just take this game away, you've got to see how rm, flaky layers are on the inside.
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n more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups!
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>> the road to states reaches the second round of the high school football playoffs. tampa bay still has a bunch of teams left in the hubt. 21 teams looked to keep their dreams alive. tampa catholic hosting berke low prep in 3a action. remember back in september, they won this game 25-10, we also have a famous face in the crowd, that's bucs head coach dirk cutter. he's there because his son is the quarterback for the other bucs. and we're talking about the
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lets it fly, great catch, the drive would stall and tc would have to punt. berkeley prep takes over, that's davis cutter right there, number 11, puts it up right on the sidelines, great grab by hines. that play sets up a 55-yard run by the bucs' gordon stetson. he's gone. 7-0 berkeley prep. second quarter, it's that stetson kid again. this time from inside the 5, berkeley prep faces jacksonville trinity christian, next week's state semifinals. also a rematch of the class 5a from last year. jefferson scores first but the tigers answer, hillsborough county's all time rusher breaks loose to tie the game, then in the second quarter, danny boone keeps it and he finds a crack to
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14-7 at halftime. after jesuit stuffs jefferson on fourth down from the 10, look at this. that's malik davis and he only needs a crack. 91 yards for the touch touchdow. jesuits moving on, they will host amocole next friday. in class 7a, a rematch, this time it's on plant's tur turf. they played to a scoreless tie explodes. across the middle to the 1-yard line, they have to settle for a field goal and it's just 3-0 at this point. lakeland -- franzen, finding a wide open -- right there and plant is up 18-14. but how's this for a response? a.j. davis. and this guy can motor. he finds some holes.
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score. there are flags on the field but lakeland score is going to count here. they go up 21-18. minute to go, plant blocks the punt, sets him up at the 2-yard line, franzen for the winning score, 30 seconds left, and they win it, 25-21. just amazing, amazing weekend for round two. wonder if round three is going to get any better. >> i don't know if we can stand it. that's awesome playoff football. >> your pulse is racing. >> good stuff. another guy had a good too. >> he's the zoo's first and only sumatran tiger cub and he just turned 1. hey, that's mason, and he's one of s ach tu's fans. zoo keepers packed the exhibit today with happy birthday bags filled with meat. toys. makeshift birthday cake topped with meat. except for that guy right there,
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all. happy birthday to you. >> a meaty birthday. >> that's right. the fox 13 news keeps going on our app, and on our website. our app, and on our website. >> >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nick vertucci real estate academy's "fortunes in flipping" system. if you're looking to make money while taking control of your financial future, then listen up. nick vertucci, self-made millionaire, has a life-changing opportunity for you. as the host of l.a.'s number-one and one of tv's most trusted real-estate investment experts, nick is hosting a unique, free two-hour workshop, teaching people like you how to build wealth in today's real-estate market. you'll learn how to flip and hold income-generating properties. whether you have great credit, no credit, lots of money, or little to no money, nick's system can work for you. nick and his power team of real-estate experts are looking


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