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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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an an you nonmuss tip shuts down a park, and we are live as forensic crews search for a possible body there. president-elect donald trump making picks for top advisors and cabinet positions. this amid a settlement for trump university fraud cases. how much the deal is worth president. and shut down, how one mom is going to great lengths to keep her house clean before the thanksgiving holiday. this one will crack you up. "good day" starts right now. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> sorboni: good morning, everyone, welcome to "good day tampa bay." 7 a.m. on this saturday morning. i am sorboni banerjee. >> alcides: i am alcides se segui. thank you so much for joining
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saturday morning forecast. >> lindsay: it is cool but even colder next week. is this cold front here, not yet. it will move in 7 or 8:00 tonight. this morning great sunrise, 63 in st. pete. get in your boating plans because turning windy tomorrow. while we discuss some fog this morning not here in lakeland. we have a great start. the is dry. 55 degrees. 40s crystal river and brooksville. you will need to bundle up. 61 in sebring. 60 in sarasota. and we have been monitoring some low clouds, primarily low clouds not fog. give it a good hour and a half and this will be lifting out north of the bay. cold front moving in, but notice, as the satellite and radar is going, we just don't have a moisture. i am not expecting rain today. only a few clouds by tonight. as we take you through the day, lunchtime, 77. no wind -- there will be wind but no real gusty wind until tonight.
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tomorrow morning, though, yes, we are waking up even cooler. we will talk about an even chillier start monday morning coming up. developing this morning in pasco county. deputies continue to search for a body that may be buried on green key in new port richey. investigators spent hours on friday digging until sunset. they have teamed up with a usf anthropologist and trying to verify a tip that a body could be buried at that investigators have closed down the park and using cadaver dogs in that search. they stay could take several days to verify that tip. in polk county, police are looking for a man accused of fatally killing a father of two. jimmy rogers jr. crashed his car into an apartment on avenue i northwest. the woman inside found rogers in the driver's seat with a gun. shot wound and he died later at the hospital. winter haven police say it appears that he was targeted
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massive sewage spill has been reported in town and country. this just coming in. a broken sewage pipe has leaked more than 200,000 gallons of raw sewage into nearby rocker creek. the incident happened around 5:30 when a contractor was f fixing a malfunctioning valve at the river oak water treatment plant. the by pass pipe broke resulting in that spill. officials say the still avenue to drink but you should avoid fishing in that creek. they will take samples later and monitor the area. a pinellas county deputy is out of a job for lying and using excessive force. the video is from march. grabbing a woman and wrestling her to the ground. it happened after arresting a man for a suspended license. paige taylor was a passenger in a truck.
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aggressively, but after looking at this, it was obvious that was not the case and he was fired yesterday. >> no room for a deputy sheriff to not tell the truth and own up to it and accept responsibility if they do make a mistake. >> sorboni: taylor was facing up to two felonies and up to two years in prison but those charges have been dropped. we asked if wagner could face charges himself. we are told it is unlikely but the case is still being reviewed. new police arrested a school flow. that then yell prince is facing multiple charges. the 56-year-old was arrested yesterday. the overnight janitor is facing four charges with using a computer and travelling to meet a minor for lewd and lascivious purposes. we will let you know more information on this case as soon as it becomes available. more fallout because of a bar brawl caught on surveillance video in key west nearly two months ago. the man in the white shirt is hillsborough county fire
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there is now a warrant for his arrest, but walker's attorney said it is likely he will not be turning himself in any time soon because he doesn't want the arrest to interrupt his vacation. walker was at the bar for a poker run with the outlaw motorcycle gang and his attorney says that is not true. >> he is not involved with a gang. he was at one time a member of the outlaws motorcycle club. he has not been a member for some time now. >> reporter: hillsborough county issued a notice saying effective immediately, they are outside organization that is recognized by government agencies to support or be involved in criminal or illegal discriminatory activity. walker is on paid administrative leave right now. a florida man found guilty of man later in the hazing death of a famu drum major has lost his appeal. president fifth district court rejected arguments from dancer martin's lawyers. they argued florida's hazing law sun constitutionally vague and too broad.
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more than six years in prison for robert champion's death. in 2011, he died after a hazing incident involving members of famu's marching band. in cape canaveral exciting news for weather forecasters everywhere. lindsay, are you listening to this. nasa is set to launch a new satellite called gozar. the first major upgrade in weather technology since 1994. this satellite will carry instruments to help improve the way we all see the weather. nasa travel on at also a 5 rocket and scheduled for launch at 5:42 in the afternoon. good news for bulls fans. that's right university of south florida, their business program has been named the number one graduate program in the southeast by entrepreneur magazine. the princeton review also ranked usf's center for entrepreneurship number 10 in the entire country. the survey ranked 300 schools
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like harvard, northwestern and the university of michigan. video this morning of president-elect donald trump arriving at his golf club in new jersey. he plans to spend the entire weekend there filling the open positions left in his cabinet. sources say former gop nominee mitt romney will be meeting with trump this weekend to discuss a possible secretary of state post. new jersey governor chris christie expected to arrive today at that private club. trump has been alabama senator jeff sessions has been picked for attorney general. >> alcides: sessions was the first senator to endorse trump and known for his support of tougher immigration enforcement policies. trump named kansas representative mike pompeo as ace cia director. he is a conservative republican and fierce critic of obama's deal with iran. announced retired general michael flynn as his choice for
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the president-elect has put all the trobles away from trump university at least as of right now. he has agreed to a $25 million settlement over the school. the announcement came just ten days before one of the cases was set to be heard by a jury. the lawsuit claimed by trump university used high-pressure sales tactics and employed unqualified teachers. still ahead right here on "good day tampa bay." details on why the world health emergency declaration against the zika virus. plus, president obama makes his final overseas stop as commander in chief. and we will tell you how one mom is taking entertaining for the holidays very, very seriously. don't mess with her. and at 7:08, bright start to the day. cool and 56 on brookdale bayshore. we have a cold front, the strongest of the season on the way. not in our state yet, but
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we will time out two cold mornings, sunday and monday
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president obama is in peru president obama is in peru to wrap up his last leg of his overseas trip. a summit with pacific nations to talk about the importance of free trade. president-elect donald trump has vowed to get rid of trade deals and punish american companies that set up factories outside of this country. president obama has warned that
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rivals. while the president doesn't arrive back here in the u.s. until monday, he is still dealing with situations back home. >> this morning his administration has blocked a new oil and gas drilling project in the arctic ocean and this move is a big win for environmental aces who said that still have activity will harm marine mammals and exacerbate global warming. the five-year oil drilling plan with be rewritten president-elect donald trump and could take months or years. troubling news for the environment. 100 million trees have been killed by recent droughts in california. the massive dieoff increases the risk of catastrophic wildfires this weigh want to put more money to fighting fires and forestry management. most of the dead trees are located in the central and southern areas of the sierra nevada. the u.s. marshals service
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53-year-old deputy commander pat trick caruthers was trying to arrest a man with a history of targeting police when he was hit as he entered dontrel carter's trailer. marshals open fired and hit him and he died at the scene. he was a 26-year veteran of the marshals service. thanksgiving travel can be pretty hectic, no doubt about that. but hundreds of worker chicago o'hare airport are threatening to go on strike. the workers at america's third busiest airport include cabin cleaners, baggage handlers and janitors who are not unionized but are working with the service employee international union. they are asking for a wage of $15 an hour and a right to join the union. all right, time right now is 7:13. many of you may have family coming over this week for thanksgiving. i think do you. >> sorboni: i have family in
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got everything ready. and it gets messed up in the meantime. >> alcides: what do you do then? >> sorboni: one sassy came up with an idea to keep her living room spotless. a 17-year-old put this note on twitter his mom forbidding him to go in the living room. exceptions if the teen showers and is dirt-free. beside mom you can refer to her as the payer of the bills and the queen this post received 35,000 like and shared 15,000 times and guess what, looks like clorox saw the post because nick posted a number of their cleaning products and a little note, dear nick and family. we saw your tweet and thought could you use reinforcement. hope you are reunited with your living room soon. >> alcides: i have two young kids and i agree with that 1 120%. people coming over for a get together and they are outside playing all dirty and come in
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>> sorboni: there you go. put a note up. unless you clean yourself up, don't touch anything. >> lindsay: five days -- saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday -- >> sorboni: a week out from the holiday weekend in hole. >> lindsay: find somewhere else to go. family is visiting and maybe here all week and want warm weather because today is. it bay. today is the warm day. tomorrow is the cooler day. 62 degrees which is a cool start and we will d number by 12 degrees tomorrow morning in tampa. a cold front. the strongest of the season moves on deck tonight. the air very dry. we have clear skies. a northeast wind at 6 miles per hour. hint of a little bit of haze near downtown, if you have beach plans i encourage to you get out today because the winds are lightest. yes at 60. we will see a lot of sun and starting tonight, the winds will become north, they pick up and drag in much chillier air. this morning, it is cool.
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i think that requires a we weightshirt in some spots. across the bay. 63 in st. pete. 58 in palm harbor. 58 in westchase. 40s north of the way. 46 inverness. 47 brooksville. some of you will obviously be the cool spots tomorrow morning, but monday morning, we are going to drop this number by 10 degrees. mid-30s. yes, mid-30s just in those areas monday morning and not this morning obviously. near 57 in englewood. 58 lakewood ranch sebring, 62. i mentioned haze and low clouds. most of this is not fog but hints of it from leesburg to valrico to bradenton this morning. give it a good hour and sunshine going to work. bone dry across the tate and here is our anticipated cold front. as this moves in strong. and strong in the sense there is a tight temperature gradient behind it. chillier air moving in and no rain moving in. we could desperately use some rain.
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have seen is .01. almost an inch below average, and the seven-day forecast and beyond favors more dry conditions. 39 degrees in memphis. there is our cold front. you can clearly see it. 28 in omaha, 6 in bismarck. 62 -- 62 turns to 50. 10 a.m. the mild air in the low 70s. flirting with 80 degrees. by 5:00, 74. the northern counties at dinn dinnertime. once the sun sets. progressively turning cooler and winds picking up out of the north. waking up tomorrow morning in the low 40s north of the bay. 50s in tampa. mid-50s in st. pete and upper 40s across portions of wauchula and arcadia. sunday with all the sunshine, wall-to-wall sun. only in the upper 60s for highs and as i mentioned monday morning the coolest of the week. 30s creeping in north of the bay.
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futurecast. here we go. lunchtime, clear skies and maybe a couple clouds. the front. do you see rain? nope. comes through dry. winds will be coming breezy and the weather look good in cape canaveral. 5:52. in tropics a disturbance near central america. so close to land and not much push in the atmosphere and a 50% chance this will develop. 79, that cold front moves through tonight and sunshine, a cool, -- quick shot of cool coming in sunday and monday and we rebound to near average if not above average for turkey day. that turkey is butched. great looking thursday for football games for the family outside. all right, it is 7:18 right now. some good news in the fight against zika, the united na nations is declaring that zika is no longer presenting a global health insurance. >> however, agency warrants the disease still remains a public
7:19 am
we have the latest. >> reporter: a controversial change in status for zika virus. world health organization announcing that the virus no longer constitutes an international health designation. >> no longer represents a public health emergency of international concern. >> reporter: but the un health agency insists that the move does not mean it is downgrading the threat of the virus. >> by placing this as a longer term program of work, we are sending the message that zika is here to stay and very robust manner. >> reporter: rather, the who is stressing need for long-term effort to tackle zika a serious threat to birth defects and neurological issues, but some health experts worry that lifting the emergency label could slow support for zika research. and the virus continues to show infections. one global health law expert thinks the decision to change
7:20 am
unwise and says the virus still holds the potential for an explosive epidemic. >> dealing with long-term issues. we are dealing with a long and comprehensive research and development agenda that needs to be multiyear. >> reporter: the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention says the world health organization's announcement does not change the urgent need to better understand zika and find vaccines to stop th karen mccue, fox news. here in florida, the number of zika cases since the outbreak stand at 1200. the health department announced six new travel-related and four local cases on friday alone. most of them by the way are in the miami-dade county area. still ahead, paramedics are in the business of saving li lives. >> sorboni: that took on a whole new meaning when one them needed help. coming up, we will show you how one of these first
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how 'bout you? paramedics are used to publix. where shopping is a pleasure. paramedics are used to saving lives. praix are used to saving lives, but how about giving life. in highlands county, one paramedic is going beyond the call of duty to save an old partner. >> sorboni: fox 13's evan axlebank said it doesn't require more than a thought to the world. >> reporter: chris cruz's symptoms. >> i am tired. i can sleep as long as i want and i am till tired. >> reporter: are chilling. >> a problem regulating body temperature and i am cold all the time. >> reporter: after 14 years having a kidney disease that few could pronounce. >> i got the results back and i will the rare condition. >> reporter: his kidneys are only 13% effective meaning in a few weeks, it is dialysis or death. >> my youngest doesn't quite
7:24 am
he is only 7. my oldest does know what is going on. he is already in high school and knows exactly what's coming forward. >> reporter: enter jason hobb; lack of a better term, we are brothers. >> reporter: for years they were paramedic partners going on hundreds of calls for highland county, saving lives -- >> he didn't tell me verbally to do something. i now what to do. >> reporter: and thinging their own. >> was always cold. had a pace heater on his feet in the middle of 90 weather. he said i am trying to get on the waiting list. i said what's the protocol for living donor transplant. >> reporter: a potential wait of years turned into a few tests. >> never in a million years i would be a match, and a perfect match. >> reporter: just as when they were partners, jason didn't have to think of the next move. >> do you want to go through with it on a scale of 1 to 10 and i told her a 12. >> reporter: december 3, both will go into surgery.
7:25 am
hit me yet. >> reporter: chris notes that jason can back out at any time. no pressure, just that his entire life is about to change. >> i really don't know what to expect. i don't know how to feel. they say i will feel like i can run a marathon the second day. >> for him and his family. to go out and do things with his boys he wasn't able to do before. being to not have to worry 15 years down the road i could potentially be dead. >> sorboni: it will take a year to determine if operation was he can back out until the moment before the surgery, but something tells us that is probably not going to happen. they are committed. and there you go. partners for life there. >> alcides: love it, love it. still to come on "good day tampa bay." the latest as deputies look for a missing body. >> sorboni: how the state of florida is with your personal information. how a boy battling buchanan
7:26 am
we will have that and much more ahead at 7:0. 7:25. never too early to be thinking of a beach day. the weekend and 63 in sirata beach. clear keys and light winds. the warm day of the weekend. but still cool enough that i think we need jackets. brooksville at 47 degrees. it is 62 in tampa. winds don't pick up until tonight and that's when the cooler air moves in behind the front. looking good.
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sorboni banerjee. we will be getting your forecast with lindsay in just a moment. but first check the top sto stories. sarasota police arrested a man for sexual battery on a tee teenaged girl and could be more victims. 45-year-old fernando palamino is charged with three counts of sexual battery. the man worked for them at a restaurant called encanto. he told her he was a massage therapist before inappropriately touching her. president-elect donald trp new jersey this morning. he plan to spend the entire weekend there filling the open positions left in his cabinet. sources say former gop nominee mitt romney will meet with trump this weekend to discuss a possible secretary of state post. new jersey governor chris christie is also expected to arrive today at the private golf course. and it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in downtown tampa. curtis hixon park has been transformed into a winter village and your first weekend to check it out.
7:30 am
market, waterfront cafe and the village will re-a open through christmas day. 7:29. i don't know if i would call it festive or holiday-like, but fall-like out the door. clear skies, cool conditions, 63 in st. pete. as we look over the bay, very light winds, to the wonderful weather if you are boating today. if you go out tonight and you try do it tomorrow, you want to think twice as a cold front will really ramp up the winds and stir up the waves. a little haze the morning and cool. make sure you have at least a light jacket. you will need it brooksville at 47. it is 56, wauchula. 62 in tampa. and overall good visibility. couple of pockets in eastern pasco and northeast hillsborough with some low clouds. if you encounter that briefly needing the low beams. strong cold front, it is on the way, but it takes most of the day to arrive. you don't see any rain ahead of it, so we will stay dry.
7:31 am
so today, no cold influence. we are near 80 in tampa. 82 in arcadia, but tonight, check this out, 50 degree. the coolest of the season monday morning including 30s for the north. yes, 30s. we will time out a big cold snap and a brief one coming up. new day from nasa show a dramatic loss of shoreline in louisiana following the d deepwater horizon oil spill in 2010. the louisiana marshlands lost a lot of land over the last several years as the recedes. the u.s. geological survey show most of the recession came after the bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the maps show a dramatic loss of land from 2010 to 2011 after much of the coastline was coated with oil from the spill. the oil can kill or weaken vegetation along the shore. when that happens the soil is more prone to erosion. a fox 13 investigation has turned into action at the state capitol. this morning u.s. senator bill
7:32 am
the state of florida is handling all of our driving records. very interesting here. nelson wrote a letter to the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch on friday asking for further investigation if the state is selling your personal information for marketing purposes. if the answer is yes, it would violate federal law. fox 13's tina jenson found out the dmv contends it is not selling the information but rather collecting fees required under state law state make last year from selling data? >> we don't sell data. federal law provides data -- allows data to be provided under certain exemptions, and state law says if those exemptions are met, that data -- can be given out. >> alcides: the state has collected $150 million from driver database over the last couple of years. senator nelson added with wish with so many high-ranking
7:33 am
here in florida, a huge security risk is imposed by putting information in the hands of third parties. well, a tu tu-clad burglar is behind bars. tampa police say that javon jamison and another man broke into the farmer's market on fletcher avenue. they broke in a glass door to get in and you can see jamison wearing a tutu there. charged with burglary, criminal mischief and petty theft. tampa police also made the toddler at a public housing complex. officers a17-year-old javarius london open fired on the girl's father as he ran into their apartment at robles park village. 15 shots were fired on thursday night. one of them hit a 21-month-old in the leg. she is expected to be okay. police are still investigating. they are looking for another man. a cruise ship docked in port tampa bay is undergoing serious cleaning after more than 100 people got severely sick.
7:34 am
to to blame for the outbreak of the cruise ship that left for italy and returned to tampa on friday. the holland america cruise ship is being sanitized before it sets sail again. a former tarpon springs teacher is suing the city because of a exploding toilet. >> alcides: dan maddox talks about her and her trip to the bathroom that center to the hospital. >> reporter: when she used the library toilet at tarpon springs elementary. it was rule to three a life-changing experience. >> it was scary. >> reporter: the now retired teacher said it happened back in 2012. she had just finished her business and was washing her hands next to the commode when it exploded. >> it just made a big loud noise, kaboom, and the whole side of it blew out. little pieces of shrapnel were all over the room. >> reporter: right into her leg. she said she had to go to the
7:35 am
wound became infected with bacteria and her doctor told her. >> you know, this is the way you lose a limb. >> reporter: she said the injuries left her confined to a chair at home with a nurse visiting her every day. she also missed six weeks of work. the suit claims tarpon strings city workers were performing maintenance outside the school on a water line which created the pressure that caused the toilet to explode. >> they waited until now to file the lawsuit because they still have a lot of legal details to flush out. >> reporter: puns and jokes aside though, a serious situation that had a major impact on her life. >> it was terrible. it was -- first of all, it was my last year in my career which hi planned to be this spectacular kids doing all kinds of fun stuff. >> reporter: and even today. >> it was a long time before i could confidently flush a toilet again. >> reporter: in tarpon springs, dan maddox, fox 13 news. >> sorboni: we reached out to
7:36 am
don't comment on current lawsuits. we want to get back to that developing story in new port richey now. search crews with the pasco county sheriff's office are looking for a possible body there this morning on green k key. fox 13's kellie cowan joins us now from the entrance to that park, and kelly, this all stems from a tip, correct? [buzzing sound] >> reporter: that is absolutely right. a tip that may be just a few months old as far as deputies are telling us. they say that the search -- >> sorboni for kelly in a little bit and interference with the audio and important details and we want to hear from them. >> alcides: we will get to kellie in the next half hour or so. christmas is nearby and black friday, the hunt is on for big gifts. >> do you ent like the crowds, >> do you ent like the crowds, an alternative for you. ?? we asked people to write down
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gearing up for gearing up for black friday weekend may have you scanning big box retail stores but what about shopping locally. st. pete is shopapolooza. you are here to talk to us about that. what is shopalooza. >> it is springing together -- i call it the village, bringing together some of our local small businesses. some are members. some become members to be part of this event. to go, shop and support our local businesses from all over the bay area. >> alcides: where is it located.
7:40 am
of st. petersburg. you are talking about over 150 small businesses set up there that you can shop for food, activities for kids. various businesses. >> alcides: is it like -- a one-stop shop. how many stores are we talking about. >> about 150. >> alcides: 150. a variety of things we are talking about. >> everything, you name it. whether it is food, clothes, art, candle if you are looking for it and you really want to support small businesses, that's really what this is centered around, small business owners come out, do a pop-up for two weekends. this weekend and next. and you can come meet the ow owners directly, and support local small businesses. >> alcides: you hear black friday all the time and get these big box retail stores with -- best buy, wal-mart, all these different locations but
7:41 am
which is critical for our local economy. making sure it folks like you have employees and folks lies are you employed as well. >> that's right, that's right. so there is some -- for some, this is the opportunity to get in front of customers they would ordinarily never get, and for me, this is my second year participating as a business owner, and i now have customers who are return customers that met me -- that remind me, remember i met you last year on beach drive at shopalooza. this all of tampa bay, to come down, shop local, buy local, and help put money back in our local economy. >> alcides: free admission. >> free admission. >> alcides: which is great. a whole weekend of fun. 150 stores. wide variety. and imagine that leading up to black friday, you will have a lot of sales as well. >> yeah. and this brings us to the customers. and it allows the customers to then come to us. whether it be finding usline, coming into our
7:42 am
we have some customers who don't have brick and mortar and this promotes their online presence. >> alcides: i love it. you and 149 other stores. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> alcides: and nothing will stop this courageous kid from practicing his basketball skills. the awesome video and really inspiring story coming up next.
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right now we want to get back out to kellie cowan and green key in morning where deputies are searching for a possible body. fox 13's kellie cowan right at the entrance of that park, kellie, this all stemmed from a tip that was called in. >> reporter: yeah, that's correct. a tip about a body possibly being buried here on green key. now the search yesterday resulted in nothing being found; however, the search will resume again we are told by deputies at 9:00 this morning. you can see behind me, right now green key park remained closed. this barrier barricading it off from the public. we were allowed on the beach
7:46 am
pasco county sheriff tell us they are working off a tip of a buried body on green key. they say yesterday that cadaver dogs alerted to a specific area inside the park and once they did so, green key was completely closed off. they moved everyone off of the beach so they could work the entire area. they are currently closing -- they are currently working closely with usf forensic anthropologist on this search and tell us that the investigation could actually nt so as it does, we are expecting that green key will just remain closed at this point as they continue to investigate. right now that is the latest information that we have, but as soon as we hear more, we will, of course, keep you updated, for now we are live near new port richey, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> sorboni: we will check back in with you as this develops. thanks so much, kellie. a saudi-led military
7:47 am
yes, ma'amen this morning. the coalition says the truce could be removed if the huti rebels observed it. the cease-fire would allow aid to be delivered to rebel-held areas in the southwest. the country's civil war has lasted nearly two years and has killed more than 10,000 people. well, the clock is ticking. theoretical physicist stephen hawking think our days are numbered unless we find another planet to live on in a speech in england, hawki until we go distinct because of the threat of nuclear war, global climate change and artificial intelligence. how about this for an inspirational story. video posted by dan dadick. broady stevens -- brody, a 7-year-old is fighting cancer for the second time in his life. but he has still found some time just to practice some basketball stills in his treatment.
7:48 am
he has been in the hospital for year with leukemia and waiting for a life-saving bone marrow transplant. brody says he knows he is in for the fight of his life, but he also understands that -- excuse me, in that battle, if he wins that battle, he wants to get back to court. his favorite basketball player is a golden state warriors point guard stephen curry, he adds his dad hopes he is holding out if he can actually meet him one day. smile. you know that kid is a fighter. >> alcides: i can't imagine what that young man goes through. when i see that story and see that video, i think of the young children at st. joseph's all children hospital and those kids and what they deal with on a daily basis. >> sorboni: so strong and so tough and always some of the most positive people all this ever meet. we are wishing that little boy the best and anyone out there experiencing the same. as we plan our weekends, i asked you, lindsay, this
7:49 am
it is starting to feel a little bit like tampa wintertime. >> lindsay: cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. beach plans, you will want to do it today. wait until tomorrow, cooler and windy and tonight, winds picking up. does it get more beautiful than this. clear skies, cool, 55 degrees in lakeland, but that beach, that includes where you want to go today. looks good. light winds this morning. light winds until the sun sets. beyond that a cold front whips by and turns that 60 clearwater beach. tomorrow morning in the low 5 50s. but i have got our cool front on the temperature map. flirting with the border of our state. 47 degrees brooksville, and we are not bringing in that chill yet. 60 in sarasota. 40 in tallahassee. in the wake of it, had a little little haze. that sim proving. visibility is good. our air so dry that even limited clouds today and as that front moves by, once the sun sets, you will only notice
7:50 am
next couple of day also feature temperatures in the upper 70s. we will wake up today in -- as i mentioned in the 40s and 50s. as we head into the days ahead, by sunday, temperatures tumble into the upper 60s. what happens is we wrap up the weekend, not only will it be cooler but you will be noticing the fact that those winds will be picking up. as those winds pick up upper 60s will feel cooler than some of the readings we are waking up to right now. around the area this morning around our -- our country raer itself. it is again flirting with the border of this state. behind it, strong dome of high pressure. this dome of high pressure as it settles in, those winds will be picking up. so what you need to know today, plan your day. don't cancel any plans. don't keep those jackets on hand until tonight is what you will need them. what a contrasting conditions, right. that cold front attach -- mid-30s and flurries, and clear skies and 50s and 60s.
7:51 am
cold air. wichita at 26. baton rouge at 60. and our 62 is all relative. we will be monitoring the cooler changes in the days ahead. tonight definitely cooler changes. keep in mind where you are at, subtract 5 to 10 degrees. waking up to omorrow morning, 42, brooksville. 50 in tampa is the coolest of the season. and we are not done. we will drop these numbers even further monday morning. 50 today. 43 tomorrow morning in brooksville, and 48 tomorrow morning hopefully you have the warmer jackets. timing out the front. high pressure settles in. we have got a great taste of fall it not winter coming in behind the front and that will settle in for two days. so today, we are at 79. tomorrow, 67. sunny. much cooler and breezy. if you were boating tomorrow, sall-craft advisories will be very much in play, her in effect starting tonight and this northwest wind will become north. a moderate chop for anyone doing any boating later on today.
7:52 am
check out those rain chances that are nonexistent unfortunately. we could use rain. a dry stretch. wake up at 46 monday morning. but mid to late week, how about that, thanksgiving looks beautiful. sunny and warm we are a high of about 80. can't beat that forecast, lindsay. all right. after the break, the old sport finding new with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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finally this hour.. finally this hour.. bowlers from all over the world have joined in bowlers from all over the finally this hour bowlers from all over the world join together in sarasota to compete in the u.s. open. not bowling indoors or aiming for a strike. these are lawn bowlers. as fox 13's kimberly kuizon found out, their sport is growing. >> bend, -- >> the sport, because we have people who can bowl from 9 to 99. it's open to everyone. and it is accessible to everyone. >> well, an old sport. a sport for knights. a sport that would teach you how this do strategy. >> well-done. >> each green is 120 feet by 120 feet. they divide up into eight ri rings. people who know bowling what
7:56 am
bocchi is something similar. a target ball white and called a jack. everybody else has their own bowl. we call them bowls. you are playing like you are rolling like a bowling ball. but plays shots like a pool with curvature and you are thinking four or five steps ahead if you are playing chess. it takes a lot of physical and mental acumen. >> well played, man. >> thank you. >> i think i love the sport you meet so many people. we have a good banter after the game. it is competitive on the green and good afterwards. a good thing about the sport. >> florida was one of the centers for lawn bowling, and it has diminished, and we are trying to build it again, and build it up to what it used to be. and we are well on our way with events like this. >> sorboni: they make sound so civilized. both the men and women's championship will wrap up today.
7:57 am
site at alcides, i feel like i would get frustrated and run around and kick the ball like soccer. >> alcides: you sound mike my kids. i probably would do the same as well. a lot more on the next hour of "good day tampa bay." a night out takes a unexpected turn for mike pence. he sees hall i willton on broadway but the cast has a message for him. you will hear what it is. and five days out for thanksgiving. what do you need to know if you are prepping for that
7:58 am
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8:00 am
from tampa pay's number one news station, this is"good day tampa bay.". the search for a body closes a popular pasco county park. where it is all happening coming up. a thanksgiving play ends with a little boy some people calling for a teacher's resignation. the story behind this video. >> alcides: good morning and welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time is 8:00. i am alcides segui. thank you so much for joining us. >> sorboni: hi, everyone, i am sorboni banerjee. we want to get started off the top with lindsay. we are waking up to cooler temperatures, but a nice day once we hit the middle. >> lindsay: the afternoon will


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