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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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passengers a gold star family treated with complete disrespect other passenger booed them on flight to honor their fallen soldier. let's talk turkey. not trump. a lot of people are planning ton chewing over politics this thanksgiving that could turn the dinner table into a debate. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybo o'clock. i'm jen epstein thank for waking upping with on this november 21st. he is he outside? today. >> dave. beautiful. do you have your mittens with you? what's your jacket? >> right here. my jacket. what? >> cold out there. >> it's 51. we're half way to 100. >> yeah, it is chilly out here. it is nice. i did i forgot my jacket whatever. north winds around 3 miles per hour.
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do as i say. wear your jackets folks. chilly temperatures look 35 up in brooksville. 36 in crystal river. lower 40s wesley chapel brandon. lakeland. don't worry. we're going to go big warm up between eight and 9 o'clock hour. but in general getting back to the upper 60s for today. mid 70s on tap for tomorrow. vanessa. all right, dave, thank you. 8:0 one right now. we're following two slows spots on roadway they are westbound coming into interchange. scene of an earlier crash we had a center lane blocked for a while. right before you got to 275. and then, a little dizzy as far as getting travel times to bounce back so what they should be delays are at least at the very least we're seeing ten minutes or so. mlk to 275 taking 25 minutes so i continue to use work arounds i gave you earlier hillsborough avenue and selman expressway if you have to head towards that downtown tampa area. meantime we still have a very,
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u.s. 19 following a serious injury crash a tarpon avenue. delays you can see back through holiday area southbound direction. a northbound reduced to 1 no major delays heading north. drivers, make take alternate 19 plan extra time because it's looking slow anyway you go. police departments across the country are on high alert. in just a 12-hour period there were three targeted and ambushed style attacks first shooting in saent. second in st. louis third in florida. sanibel. shootings being called senseless and san antonio's police chief says the officers and his department will not be conducting any traffic stops alone unless further notice. this morning manhunt continues for killer of san antonio detective. benjamin marconi was conducting a routine traffic stop from the police department when he went to his cruiser to write a ticket.
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window and shot him twice in the head. that man then took off in black sedan. the detective was a 20-year veteran of san antonio police department. just a few hours later 46-year-old st. louis police officer was sitting in his marked car when someone pulled up along side him and shot him twoois in the face. that that officer whos had the no been named is critical condition but expected to survive. shooter got away but was tracked down earlier this morning by undercover officers and killed metropolitan police chief two officers per patrol car for the time being. and at a same time as st. louis shooting a sanibel police officer was shot during a traffic stop in ambush style attack as well. >> police chief there says the officer was sitting in his car when he was shot by a person driving by. >> the officer taken to the hospital, treated and released. the man who shot him was arrested after a shoot out with police. >> also, this is first sanibel
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of duty. and a fourth officer was shot in a su of kansas city during a traffic stop. right now investigators do not believe the officer was targeted. >> listen to these numbers. according toot officer down memorial page, the total number of law enforcement officers killed in line of duty during 2016 currently stands at 128. of those 59, 59 killed by gunfire. time now a parent who also works outside the home can make things even more difficult. >> a new report shows that a school and work schedule that is don't align are costing working families and u.s. economy as whole. the average school is closed 29 days during the school year. that does not include the summer months. but that leaves parents have to scramble to find child care arrangements if they can't they have to take off work. take this week for example. most parents don't have a
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arrangements for this kids. that's could the u.s. economy about $55 billion in lost productivity each year. center for american progress says that improvement should made on federal and state levels to help parents, students and teachers. they suggest more funding for both after school and alternative education programs. allowing teachers to adjust their schedules for students who work 9 to 5. gas prices plunging an across florida our gas prices are down $0.05 from just last people in the bay area. shayla is live in tampa. shayla, that's driving this price drop. and man, nice for the holidays, isn't it? >> oh, i'm sure a will the people will be excited to get to the pump and see those prices under $2 a gallon. we're seeing it right here in tampa area this morning. and according to aaa you could see more relief as we get closer
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gas prices are trending the average price dropping about a cent a day. if that continues we could see the average price per gallon for thanksgiving the lowest it's been since 2008 here in florida. we're told low oil prices, low demand and high gasoline surprise are contributing to change in price. while we're seeing the $1.98 per gallon price here in tampa, we're told about gas stations around florida could see something similar as we make our way towards the end of week, russell, back to you. thank you. we'll see you later. nearly two weeks after election president-elect donald trump officially wins florida. county canvassing boards turn in official results on sunday showing us the race for white house was really close.
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113,000 votes. the president-elect has just over 49 percent and hillary clinton received just under 48 percent. third party candidate gary johnson got over two percent. president-elect says he will move into white house immediately after the inauguration. but he's doing it alone. trump says his wife melania and ten-year-old son baron will stay in new york so he can finish out school year. would have disruptive for baron to move him and middle of school year. so they will want to wait its over. the presidential election and politics in general can lead to heated discussions we know that. millions of americans say that's what they are afraid of happening this thanksgiving. and the idea of that is already stressing them out. online survey shows 45 percent of americans expect to get wrapped in middle of political discussion. while they are worried about that many said they were still thankful for time they get to spend with their family. family hero killed in afghanistan says they were booed
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phoenix. stewart perry was traveling with his wife and daughter toicup their son's body. 45 minute stop because of suspicious package at the phoenix international airport. pilot asked all passengers to remain seated so a special military family could exit. while as they got off the plane the perry's say first class passengers booeded and complained saying that they had paid extra and they should not have to wait. sergeant perry leaves behind a wife and two young children, to protect a fellow soldier. all right. time 8:08. time to pull out jackets. dave's back in just few minutes with how long we'll see these cold temperatures. plus giving back to those protect us. walter is giving a helping hand to turkey's this morning at an important event. we'll check in with him next. right now we check in with our friend charley belcher.
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hockey tournament. come on. really? no. we started a team. maybe we get team going. we got oh learn how to skate. i got to learn how to skate. >> we'll start with the basics. that's all right. you don't want to see russel and ion skates you do want to see these guys. they are pretty dog gone good. senior hockey tournament happening tampa bay skating academy in oldsmar. friday, saturday and it is free. and it's a great fundraiser hole say sharing fund. i will tell you all about that charity is i tell you good goals for a cause w i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three.
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how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. oh, boy is it pretty outside. but we need every drop of that sunshine to warm us up. you know granted we got back into lower 50s for tampa. you see the 40s still there. plant city, new tampa. westchase. palm harbor. all of those spots in the 40s. dade city wesley chapel above
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inverness 36. 37 degrees. yeah. 54 in bradenton. but you go few miles inland lakewood ranch at 47. and temperatures in the low for mid 40s for of polk county as well appear cold morning compare this to yesterday at this time. it's about 5 to 12 degrees colder. in central florida this is coldest they're going to be this time around. we may actually be quite chilly again tomorrow morning and wedn but in general. we're going to start to warm things up. we get high pressure in place a northerly wind with sunshine and the tremendous amount of dryer air that we have in place. our temperatures today, i mean of course starting oh of cold only going to be in upper 60s. tons sunshine, mild finish. for tonight, we'll brac it bag into 40s for tampa. maybe some upper 30s as you're
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and then for tomorrow afternoon, we're in the mid 70s. a lovely day. mild. from there honestly just gets nicer and nicer. in fact over the next 7 days you're looking a temperatures warming up significantly. north winds 10 to 15 knots for boater seas running two to 4 feet with moderate chop. watch the 78, 79, 80 for black friday. then you ever got upper 70s for highs on saturday and sunday as well. so really just kind of a slow and steady warm up but it will continue driving no rain in sight. >> all right. we'll take it dave, thank you. 8:14. and it's you're traveling along dale mabrey southbound you might see minor delays in area south of busch boulevard. we had crash earlier locking blains i believe tleer now according toe fhp some lingering delay remain from bush down towards intersection with lazy lean is more specific cross street for this crash was on dale mabrey highway.
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i-75. it's on 52 itself westbound left lane blocked mease use caution heading this way quick update tarpon springs series injury crash southbound lanes are open. still looking pretty slow in that direction. approaching intersection with tarpon avenue. so i continue to avoid until those travel times look a lot better. you're watching good day tampa bay. yes you are watching good day tampa bay. just thought we would remind you of that. you know millions a area will get to spend thanksgiving with their families. but, a few groups who just can't wait because they are jobs are protecting us. onstott family foundation recognizes that and today they are delivering everything need to make feast to fire stations across pinellas county. fox 13's walter allen is right there along side them helping oh out hey wally. what you looking at? i good morning there guys. i'm looking at the list.
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one tush six cans of kosh six cans of green beans two boxes instant potatoes four badge package dinner rolls twos cans or jars of grey one whipped cream can. there you go. that's all coming to you guys. lieutenant with st. pete fire rescue we're a station 11. and you've been on job pretty much every year that mike alstott family foundation has done this. first of all let's talk about thanksgiving having to work on thanksgiving. that is hard even though you're with your family not wit family? it's hard but lot of times you know, we'll invite our families also to come with us. and have the meal here at the station. but, you know sometimes you know, it's families sometimes will travel to other, you know other families and sometimes we just have to eat together as a group that we normally do on day-to-day basis. given it's it's it's on thanksgiving i've seen youtube video as busy day? sometimes it can be for but i mean i think public safety is
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of proper ways to cook turkeys. we've had a few, you know over the years, but everybody's been seeming to do a good job. mike alstott family foundation really made you guys the focus and giving you guys all this food. wonderful. i mean very um lblg that mike thinks of as an organization to contribute to us on that day. and we're always very appreciative of these great guys. you know his foundation does a lot of things for lot of good people. so very appreciative and mike is such a guy guy. and, and as dump the food and take off. he happenings out and a kind of. and yeah. he does socializes with us he shows trucks. we've seen kids grow up through the years. also nice to actually see those guys and i know, it's, it's very rewarding. you know a very nice gesture on his part.
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much. >> mike alstott. and his family, and the family foundation, they are driving over here. 30 different stations they will dropping off food. so that's, a lot of turkey. lot of green beanslot of corn all that stuff going to all different fire houses around here in pinellas. so we're going to continue to follow him throughout morning we're hoping to meet up with him here, but he's probably at the station right before we skipped station to meet him those guys and making his way over there. a join me on facebook i'll goal do facebook live video here in between this and my 9:30 live hit. guys. >> i cannot leave you without asking why you skipped? russell >> why did you skip? he's wondering. why did you skip the station? why did i skip? why didn't you go to station with them? why did you skip? >> try to get ahead of game. we wanted to time it out.
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game get him rolling in this grand, all right. by, and too early. all right. good. they are a great family. yes they are. >> sure did. wow. >> there are 7 specific skills that most hiring bosses say is a necessity. one of them is being able to handle high stress environment. clearly we can't.
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good day tampa bay. happy monday to you welcome to oldsmar a tampa bay skating academy. where this weekend they are having an event called goals for a cause. it is friday, saturday and sunday. it is free to come out here and watc tournament ooi tell you it's some really good men and women out on the ice who played hockey their entire lives. and they love the opportunity to do this in raise money for a good cause. that is seventh year goals for cause has been around they raise money for fallen police officers. big brer and big sisters this year benefitting charity is holiday sharing fund. here to tell bus that happens to be the mayor of the city of oldsmar. doug is here.
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i'm old today. >> ridiculously chilly in oldsmar. i'm not sure if it's just the ice still chilly outside too this morning. coming to an ice rink to warm up. exactly right. this holiday sharing fund. what is that, mayor? started years ago. and it was mark from chamber deputy rick that started raising money to buy bikes for less fortunate. unfortunately bikes plan ongoing to other parts of county. we wanted to keep it right here in oldsmar and safety harbor in 2010 holiday sharing fund. we do different charity events and raise money. we're fortunate enough to be goals for a cause this year which is really terrific. a charity that raises money to give to other charities. really kind of a neat concept. no doubt. kneel arm strong spear heads this, the guy just a heart as big as his body i think to fit it all in there he loves doing
8:24 am
know, bikes we do bike rodeos to keep bike safety for young kids wre make course and charity softball game. we do wing eating contest against firefighters and police departments. get to yeah. that's good time. but that goes to fallen soldiers. it's just a great cause. good for you. and with the premiere, being here in oldsmar it makes sense that the oldsmar have to do with bikes. yeah gator nationals coming up in february. about a huge and less fortunate. and lots of helmets we've given away probably a thousand hell metsz. only have shelf life of five years. we've given away a thousand helmets. 650 bikes total. now, i saw you you trying to the tampa bay rays to come to oldsmar. no truth to fact they are trying
8:25 am
nothing. no. it's. now the rays on the other hand, they would like to see them orlando magic. orlando magic or oldsmar magic. oldsmar magic. all right. good luck, mayor. thanks. thanks. appreciate it there you go russel and jen goals for a cause, friday, saturday, sunday. free to come watch. they charge hockey players to be in tournament. that's how they raise money for that charity. >> i've known that mayor f many, many years. doug good guy. i ooi known doug so long i hard to me i mean not to hard to respect it hard tore me to call him mr. mayor. his on are the mayor. tell hill hello. all right, see you later, man. temperatures are dropping but that's not stopping one boy from trying to reach his lofty goals. ken's live with what he's rying to achieve from 21 feet in the air. hey ken.
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because he lived in tree house. i've never gone to tree house i'm up here right now. we're going to show you carson is going to show us around a little while from now. and we're going to show you what's behind over here door
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on thursday morning.. i'll be here with you.. russell will on thursday morning i'll be here with you russell will be here. dave will be here for us we're not traveling. no, if we are the not the norm
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to a travel tore thanks week. that could more dangerous drivers on road. aaa officials say more people distracted than ever best thing to do for passengers keep your attention on road. if you're flying give yourself extra time more 48.7 million people are planning on flying means a long security lines. >> if you have a connecting flight in chicago, there is a chance you may not make it tore your destination or run into a huge delay. >> and o'hare airport announced today if they plan on a striking their during the busiest holiday travel weeks of the year. in just a two and a half hours the those service employees working a chicago o'hare will announce whether they will be striking this week. last week about 500 workers committed to stop working until they get unions right. better working conditions, and a $15 an hour. >> the people who plan to do it mainly work for private contractors at the airport. they include baggage handlers
8:31 am
they get paid minimum wage, $8.25 an hour. now chief the airport says he does not expect the strike will shut down the airport but says it will cause some disruption and possible delays. and whoever is just a busy time for traveling also one busiest months forever holiday shopping according to aaa76 percent of floridian says they are will start their shopping now. majority of people take advantage a shieber monday followed by thanksgiving day and small business saturday. according to national retail federation people will spend $655 billion this holiday season. average florida shopper plans on spend $870 just on gifts. >> and this morning top stories, pinellas park police are searching for a person who killed a man and left a body behind a dumpster. on saturday night police say 38-year-old will joe hodges was found by two people collecting cardboard behind the shops a park place. police say he was homeless and believe he died as a result of
8:32 am
investigators still trying to figure out exactly how and why he was killed and who was behind it. so far police have not released any information about the killer. a tampa police officer has been taken to the hospital after a crash with a wrong-way driver. on kennedy boulevard when the d- other driver turned in front of him while going the wrong way on run-way road. officer was taken to hospital with minor injuries. other person involved was not hurt. as of right no we still did not know if the driver was cited. good news for florida tourist state. and record numbers. even after tropical storm her mean. hurricane matthew and zika virus. the later today governor scott expected to oh iannounce that 85 million tourist travel to sunshine state during first nine months of year state officials say that's highest nine-month total ever. huge upset bucs beat kansas city chiefs 19-17 faced oh arrow head stadium which hold guiness world record for loudest stadium.
8:33 am
advantage saying crowd noise was amazing he loves playing arrow head also doesn't hurt chiefs do a version of the tomahawk chop which he's a fael with ae dedicated win to former fsu star that a died on saturday from brain cancer. right now the only high school marching band in state twiced invited to perform in maysing thanksgiving parade in en route students from new some high school piled on the buses. our cameras were there. group will march 2nd and a half miles in front of three million people and perform 3 songs live on national tv. most kids would be sleeping in maybe playing video games on their thanksgiving holiday. but not one 11-year-old boy. he's trying to make a difference in the lives of people he doesn't even know. he's doing it from 21 feet up in
8:34 am
wales where this kid is camping out in the cold for a good cause. hey ken. hey, camping out along with his dad as a matter of fact, we are in this place right now. kind of a makeshift camp site. but the big difference is he said before most camp sites on ground. this one 21 foot up in air. so we're on scaffolding taking look down there a long way down. but the interesting thing is as people go by, when you see something like this, you're probably going to think maybe i should make a contribution to the cause to charities for kids all over the place. that is carson. carson, you are up earlier today. you went back to bed what happened there? you getting a little pooped out or what? he's tired. >> why don't you just show us around. tell us what's going on. this is your bedroom of sorts, right? >> we're not going to much out of you at this point. you're like really, really poopied out we got here about 5 o'clock or so.
8:35 am
carson's dad. sean, ken down here. and he's what? what? but carson got up quite a while later and said i can't believe they were here that early it was only 7 o'clock. why don't you show us around. how do you live up here for week carson stay us up here whole time. sleeping area. we have heater in florida for him. and behind this curtain here he has small refrigerator. and his restroom. he goes to the bath loom up here. whatever up here and stays up here 24-7. you go down a little to do potty time. if i've got to go i go in the over in the building. >> so this is, 24-7. how does he entertain himself? he has friends come visit him pew his pad d ss and stuff like that and then lot of times he stand out here and wave as people as they go by. it just depends. sometimes he'll make put the chairs in the middle here and
8:36 am
just walk in circle for a while. now i was going to makeshift closet your wardrobe over here. this what he and you would wearing for week? these or clothes for the week. as we get dirty his mom comes every night and takes him to do 15 minute shower that's her time with him. then the brings us fresh clean cothes avenue day you're not surviving a 26 bars there's very big box. we're not surviving on 26 bars. and businesses will bring us food. last night a lady from philippines brought us homemade egg rolls. and noodles and chicken and shrimp in it. we ate really good last night. and you're a good, you eat well on thanksgiving. you guys are going to final come down after six days wednesday night. so thanksgiving day they can eat turkey lie rest of us meantime her really roughing it for a very good cause. >> back to you guys. >> he's a brave boy out there in
8:37 am
dad's not watching. i would be. yeah. i mean for him his dad a done it number of times before he paved the way for him. yeah, very nice. thank you, ken. okay. yeah. maybe. nice and cold anyway. hey dave's what's it like out there? you coming out to join me? i think so. did you bring a hat? >> no. didn't bring a scarf. >> traffic is too loud. that's all right. >> yeah we are pretty much. >> we're in lower 50s here in the tampa bay area. now still, some spots in the 40s. but boy oh boy is it beautiful. we're looking weston kennedy toward howard frankland which is off toward your left. just beautiful blue skies. same thing for the brook dale bay shore camera as you're looking eastward, i mean, boy, november, and granted it has been dry.
8:38 am
rain. sirata beach, another shot. look at that person jogging down the beach. just enjoying a fine start to the day. yes it's cold still. 49 degrees wesley chapel lakeland up to 43. i say up to, because it did get to upper 30s in lakeland earlier. 45 degrees in bartow. brandon is 50. 56 already in bradenton area. 51 in clearwater. we got down below freezing in panama city. they are back up to 36. 34 in trust me they are loving that 61 degree start. you've got cold start. mild finish. and to be honest, this map you see in front of you is not going to move much. over the next few days. high pressure in control. the next probably two more mornings are going to be on coolish side. then every day we're going to tack on at few degrees to the afternoon high temperature. so today, we'll be around 69 degrees. tons of sunshine.
8:39 am
you're going to be out tonight once that sun goes down temperatures are quickly going to fall again. we'll go 47 in tampa tomorrow morning with upper 30s kind of scattered east and north of the area. and then for tomorrow, lovely sunshine. i mean probably get back up to around 75 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. which is perfect. but, we're not done there we will go 78 on wednesday. 79 on thanksgiving and then 80 for black friday. author those aeding out real early turkey trots thursday morning i think it will be mild not like it is this morning. all right. good to hear. thanks, dave. 8:39. we have an update we're getting from tarpon springs this crash that's on u.s. 19. the lanes are clear here in tarpon avenue. but we still have heavy southbound delays. but we can start to improve those speeds through the area now that we have full use of southbound and northbound direction. according to an authorities,
8:40 am
up truck and a toyota camry. they tell us that the driver of the pick up truck was hit by the camry after that camry traveling at high rate of speed ran a red light and struck that person. the truck driver apparently has nonlife threaten didding injuries here is folks about engines camry witnesses report a second vehicle showed up to the scene and took all of those folks away. they are believed to have some injuries but they did leaf the skreep in a second vehicle. so as far as traffic standpoint, just want to let you know slow you might want to continue to avoid until those gets back to normal. look a travel times westbound i-4 still seeing some notable delays coming from mlk to 275 earlier crash scene with lane blocks. that's not completely clear plan a few extra minutes. no big complaints for southbound 275 or northbound and southbound 75 from fowler to selman. 8:40 right now pope francis continues to a shake up catholic church. this more than vatican released
8:41 am
that all priests, all priests can absolve women of the grave sin abortion. just one more permission granted tore holy year of mercy. pontiff says no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and wipe away when wh ten finds repentant heart. but he says, an abortion is still a grave sin. church officials say the pope is trying to further his vision of merciful church to women who say they had no choice but to make he wants priests to be a support to the women not push them away from god and his forgiveness. well, coming up we'll talk about making that road trip more
8:42 am
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z26m3z zy6z y26m3y yy6y ((jen on cam)) thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year. we all know thanksgiving is one busiest travel times of the year. we all know that travelling with
8:45 am
our doc on call rachel dawkins a medical director clinic at johns hopkins all children's hospital is here with some tips if you're traveling with kids this holiday season. good morning. good morning. so let's start with driving. what can parents do to help the road trip hopefully be a little bit more bearable? >> i think the theme of today is time. so make sure that that you have extra time to get where you need to go. road trips can s families kids needs time out of car also. so, remember to stop every two or three hours and let kids run and burn off some in aring. some families like to drive at night while kids ever sleeping so you can stay up and drive that's safe option for you that's good option as well. and i'm sure bring a lot of activities for kids to do while they are in the car. maybe some games or some >> of course. and there are some people that aren't driving they choose to you know get a plane trip. what about those new parents
8:46 am
for first time i know that's really snefsh rack racking for lot parents any travel tips for them? again time is key give yourself enough time at the airport to check your luggage to make sure you get through security. which can take a little extra time of gear. think about you really need everything that your bringing with you? so maybe grandma canned find a pack and play at her house so you don't have to travel with one. maybe the child doesn't eat all of their f couple to bring with them. think about paring down so a little easier to travel give yourself plenty of time to get through the airport. also plan on return trip home because it always seems like you go with certain amount of thing but come back with whole lot more. oh, you come back with more. also, murphy's law says there's going to be delay, right? so your flight will get delayed or something will go wrong maybe sure you're ready in airport to hang out with the kids whether that's having stroll other
8:47 am
out in the airport too. >> and speaking of airport being prepared. there's some tsa airline rules regarding babies traveling. there's some special things that people should know about infants on planes? >> sure. so, tsa rules are special for babies. so breast milk formula, baby juice, baby food is all allowed through tsa check points. so more than the normal three ounces that you're allowed. infant are allowed in larger quantities. however they mac checked special by ts a when you get to check point make sure agent knows you have these items will help you go smoother through security. other rule to know is kids under 2 do not require a ticket as long as they sit on their parents's lap that's great cost saver about. but remember it might be easier and safer to buy your child their own seat think about that when you're flying. anyone whos had be on plane
8:48 am
uncomfortable you can chew gum sometimes what do with baby to soothe their ears on a plane? >> so the best way, most babies do fine on planes. i know my brother like was ready to give out ear plug and drink coupon once one of their l.a. flights, but, remember, that nursing a baby or giving them a bottle of formula is a great way to suit the ears while you're taking off and landing. so if that's possible, that might be a great way to soothe the ears. most babies wonderful thank you so much for tips doctor. have a happy thanksgiving. same to you. happy thanksgiving. feel like its getting all close now, you know. all of sudden it's feels like the holidays. hey charley. something about that christmas and the weather too. i'm with you. >> it just teals. this is fun. this fine december 26th it can 85 degrees again. i'd been fine with that.
8:49 am
gets you in the holiday spirit. holiday all about tradition and what has become a tradition for us on good day tampa bay is coming to the tampa bay skating academy in oldsmar. every year about this time to talk about goals for a cause. a senior hockey tournament. guys and gals that are playing hockey their entire lives get together for a great cause. and is free to attend. something free to do with family that's coming in from out o we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft.
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give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room.
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had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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((jen mp)) support for law enforcement officer's is more important than ever.. support for law enforcement officers is more important now than ever. it comes from some the most unexpected places. that's this morning good day good deed. >> the lakeland police department received an envelope full of small colorful >> that came eight-year-old girl from troy illinois. she signed etch and every cross even enclosed letter message sunday her classes protect the officers. what sweet gesture. time to check in with charley belcher. you on the ice yet? >> no. you use to bounce notice i just break. >> poor jason. >> if you notice, a tremor in the camera poor jason is shivering he's so cold. he needs gloves. his hands are freezing. it's chilly.
8:53 am
cold. neil where you going? we're on tv now. >> all right. yeah police kids don't step on wires with your kids. >> thank you. we will go off tv real quick. >> all right. good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher. we're at tampa bay skating academy. one small goal for man one large goal for bettering mankind. >> that's my segue to neil armstrong. neil armstrong that his real name. for seven years now you've done gold coals for a cause. how did this start, neil? okay charley it started 17 years ago we were meeting for live shot three guys frank daily myself rich and norm dan. that was when we had ufrn unfortunately two officers that were murdered. them young family. we thought they should do something we found goals for cause. a mini tournament really quickly we rised just under thousand dollars for fallen police officers memorial fund.
8:54 am
a people sitting around what do we no what do we want to do no hockey and a raise money. >> let's do it. let's over the last certain years, you've raised more than $60,000 for different charities. that's chaekt over years give to feeding america big brothers big sisters all children's hospital fighting pediatric cancer. last year north side mental health center. and this year it is the holiday sharing fund here in oldsmar which buys bikes locks and helmets for children in need. absolutely. yeah. we're drooeg to help under privileged children have a better christmas. a better holiday season. time to start thinking about no doubt about be thankful for what we have in our owns lives. friday ares saturday sunday you free to attend you hope those that might come look silent auction items. tell me i sent auction what do you of our signatures prizes are we have a home in the north carolina mountains, for four days, three nights.
8:55 am
where in north carolina. brevard county. a beautiful sunset view too. highland games there in brevard. gorgeous. oops. >> i saw that one coming. there you go. they do that on purpose. we have a bobby orr autographs jersey one greatest of all time derek sanderson. eric, we have a lots of autographs pucks. gift certificates from several local very nice. and so, friday it starts about 3:45 in the afternoon then all day saturday. correct we go from 3:45 until 9:00 p.m. on friday night. each team will play two games on saturday tarting 10:00 a.m. ending are 9. sunday we have two championship games. starting a 10 and ending around 1. and you're going to see some good quality hockey on the ice. you really are. absolutely. besides what we think we play good we have lots of great players that will play at high level throughout year. we have former collegiate
8:56 am
good for you what is i don't goal? this year i'd like to raise $20,000. we have a facebook page goals for a cause. you know, and we're donate button there, lots of things that we're offering people. so we're open for $20,000. fa fab goals and. number 4 cause. goals4acause. thaul they have. pleasure to see you happy thanksgiving to you. i'm thankful there are people like you in the world thank you all very much. friday, saturday, sunday. nice. eat your turkey and come down here and enjoy hockey. very nice. very nice. thank you. see you later on. all right. honoring memory of a one last surviving members of this historic group has passed away. we will take look at his life and his accomplish ms coming pick up. also coming up traveling this week is hard enough.
8:57 am
we have latest about a possible walk out at of all places, o'hare in chicago. and you know that's going to affect the rest of the country. affect the rest of the country. all that and more in today, we talk differently.... relax differently. and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... ...for cleaner energy every day. so no matter how different things become, we're always here ....
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is mitt the man? speculation heats up over trump's cabinet choices.. so, is mitt the man? >> speculation cabinet choices would could big critic snag a big spot? >> and high in the sky, a kid with a higher purpose. he's braving the cold to help others in need. good monday morning everyone i'm jen epstein in for laura i'm russell rhodes outs with dave i don't need scarf i wanted to put it on. i just wanted to put the thing on. what do you think? i like it. you like it? okay. jen. yeah. here's what you got to do. you don't like cold around here,


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