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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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a little 6-year-old girl but prosecutors blamed her mom. and they put her in jail where she sat and grieved month after month after month. well, tonight jolanda strideiron has one thing to look forward to and that is to her freedom. gloria go pez is here now to explain the deal that will send strideiron home. tell us, gloria. >> kelly, you're right. she had been in jail for months and months and months but today prosecutors reduced their charges so she gets to go she spent over 200 days in jail and facing a first degree manslaughter charges. prosecutors blame her for the 6-year-old's death back in february of 2015. >> i'm going to need to swear new and go over the documents with you, ma'am. >> reporter: but today she agreed to a plea deal that her attorney says is in her best interest. >> how do you wish to plea to
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charges to child neglect, which means jolanda gets to go home and serve five years probation. >> if your daughter has headaches, it could be a medical emergency. >> reporter: they say the child suffered from dandy walker syndrome, a debilitating illness of the brain. after a number of surgeries jolanda was warned a severe headache could be fatal. jolanda followed up with a doctor after her dare complained of a headache. she was sent home with medication. but prosecutors say just days beforeer again. >> roirdz the child died hours later. two medical experts couldn't agree on whether immediate medical attention would have saved her. prosecutors also say detectives couldn't find anything suspicious at the home. >> law enforcement went to the crime scene and found no indicator of foul play and found the crime scene to be
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the state reduced the charges, allowing this grieving mom to begin to pick up the pieces of her life. >> as part of her plea deal, she also has to get a medical evaluation to complete her probation. back to you, callie. >> gloria gomez, thank you, gloria. well, a rob here been on a big spree in clearwater. he hit three convenience stores yesterday. the first robbery was at a speedway on drew street a little after 3:00 a.m. the second one was at jk foods store on hours later, just before 11:00 a.m. the third at an rs mini part on state road 590 just after 11:00 a.m. the man is getting bolder too. in the earlier hold-ups he implied he had a weapon but actually showed a hand gun in the last robbery. police are quickly trying to catch him. new at 6:00, they're accused of stealing cars from driveways. from parking lots and garages
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partly because of how easy it was. owners are practically handing the keys to the crooks. on every single one of those 46 cars, think about that, every single one, the doors were unlocked and the keys were in them, or at least near them. here's the aftermath. we spoke to one victim here in riverview where i'm standing, it says deputies found had his gradmother's nissan all the way in clearwar, it was all smashed up after that joyride. deputies say this is called car hopping where groups of crooks travel through neighborhoods. they happened in recess kin, brandon, riverview, they were testing the doors to find which ones were unlocked. then they take whatever's in the car and if the keys are in it they also take the car itself. 42 them had the keys inside and another 4 had the keys in
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normally we keep everything locked and make sure stuff like that never happens. >> some of the teens were in alternative schools. they've had problems before. one of the attention to had been arrested 11 times. he's only 16. >> deputies made 14 arrests and filed 50 felony charges. five of the suspects have been identified with another 9 of them labeled as juveniles. most of them were told have a history of offenses. and mark, i that a crook also stole four guns out of these unlocked vehicles, but thankfully they say they were able to recover all four of those guns. so at least we know those aren't out there on the streets. >> you just can't leave anything unlocked anymore, sadly. evan, thanks very much. >> this was really cool, you know. but i think we kept the traditional look that it needed but everything else looks really, really good. >> andy gardener is bragging about the makeover here.
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their chamber but the work did not come cheaply. craig bat trick is here now to break down the cost. open checkbook? what did they send in. >> they spent $6 million, mark, in this makeover. work started in march right after the regular session wrapped up earlier this year. this has been months in the making. if you look in the video here what you see when you went the door is basically a lot of what we had before. but spruced up. you're going to see stain glass in the upper example, compared to the way it looked in the paths. it's the sort thing that basically if the senate and house can't agree they can't get things done, especially in a year when a lot of working class families are struggling when you're not expanding healthcare for the poor as the federal government had hoped.
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what they do and don't do of march of next year. >> what are the top priorities of the capitol this year? well, if you look at priorities, the senate is focused in leaderships specifically on increasing funding to public colleges in universities. the house is focused on school choice and education reform, as well, and ethnic reform and the governor wants to spend more money on luring jobs to the in conflict. what we're seeing already is that state economists are warning us that money is starting to dry up and we're looking at a billion dollar shortfall by 2018 and with this i think there's the potential that one side or the other will not get the priorities they are talking about here, and as we've seen a time or, two especially last year, this he can ultimately fail and get very little done except for passing a state budget which they have to do by law. >> craig, thanks.
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away and tampa police are already keeping an eye on shoppers. officers launch their annual operation secret santa today tampa police will closely be monitoring the parking lots at west shore and international malls and the popular shopping malls. they'll be on foot, horseback, motorcycles and inside unmarked patrol cars. shoppers say they're glad to see the officers looking out for them. >> of course people in are wanting to do bad things are looking for cars or people walking around with gifts or money. that's great to see. >> tbt says the operation very effective when it started in 2004. 67 people had items stolen out of there cars at west shore and international mall. but last year they just had 8 incidents. most kids are off this school week and some family vacations have already gun.
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largest travel season since the recession. as fox 13's kimberly qee sawn reports troopers are asking everybody on the road to keep calm and travel on. >> as thanksgiving quickly approaches, roads will be getting busier, but jean divine has a plan. >> i love to avoid as much traffic as we can. >> reporter: they're headed 2 and a half hours away to longwood. >> holidays can be very hectic. busy on the road. but we're going to leave very early. >> obviously leaving and early having a back-up plan. if there was a crash on the interstate or one of the major highways that you are taking
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already in your phone or on your laptop. >> reporter: fhp is also warning drivers to be careful in construction zones. workers will be off on thanksgiving day but back on the job for the rest of the holiday weekend. troopers have one last tip. >> you want to have a phone. and you always want to have a little additional water that's in the vehicle, just in case you get in traffic that's backed up. it's nice to have something there cool to drink. it help keep you hydrated and it will also help keep you everyone to stay calm and realize what the holiday is about. in sarasota county, kimberly quisan, fox 13 news. last week in palmetto they collected the food and today it was time to hand it out. 200 turkeys all packed up and given the fix ins. as part of the mayor's food drive. today the mayor and ms. bryant handed out the food. >> i'm thankful because if it
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i'm grateful that they got this in the community for everybody to come up here and get a sandwich every day. i'm grateful for that. >> the food was given out at the resource center today and such a huge outpouring from the community more food will now be given out at christmastime. the search is underway for a pick pocket in st. pete. have you seen this video? her method is unusual. see what she did, next. and paul, things are warming up a bit now, huh? yeah, i tell ya, what a great day we had today aft a it will last a couple more days. take a look at the view tonight on the sorronto beach night cam, once begun venus and mars, mars to the left of venus, in the western sky tonight, it's a great shot. forecast looks good.
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((kelly--vo-)) she has a getaway bicycle.. and someone else's 50 bucks.. someone else's 50 bucks.. >> a getaway bicycle and somebody else's $50 bucks but what she doesn't have is an ounce of shame. police say the woman in the pink dress is a pick pocket and a pretty crude one >> dan maddox tonight shows us how she got away with it despite being caught in the act. >> it was no ordinary trip to the south side food mart after what mitchell king says this woman did with his $50. >> i was fewerious. >> reporter: surveillance video says the woman in pink stole $50 from his pocket. when king catches and confronts her, there's a small argument until she lifts up her dress. >> she shoved it up her pants
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it was kind of, you know, embarrassing. at the same time, you know. let's just say i don't call the police, and i did. >> reporter: police hope someone can help identify the woman in the video. they say she is in her late 20s, early 30s and got away on a bicycle and the chief says this is another reminder to protect your belongings in public especially this time of year. its. >> i mean it was very disrespectful, i don't really know her as a person, but, you know, obviously she needed the money more than i did. >> reporter: and as for whether he'd like his money back. >> i do. but i want a different bill. >> reporter: in st. petersburg, dan maddox, fox 13 news. i'm not sure i've ever seen video quite like that. thankfully it's nice and clear so somebody knows her. >> i'm sure that we'll hear more about this tonight or top.
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you're focused on something that happened last night. >> i tell ya, this was the big buzz last night. i came home from work around 11:30, 11:40 and my twitter feed filled up with folks that saw a huge fireball in the sky. it was visible all around florida, in fact, all the way up to georgia and alabama. this was seen from venice, a police officer's dash-cam. that's pretty impress expif a little flash as well and mark saw this driving last why don't you tell us the story, mark? on the way home, a i looked over and at the corner of my eye i thought did i just see some fireworks? i was amazed how bright it was and fast it was going. it reminded me of an inverted rocket launch. it was that bright. >> reporter: and if you don't look at the meteor itself, you kind of look at the trees, it really lightens things up.
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four to five years ago that actually shook up a whole city and knocked out power and buildings. it wasn't at that level but pretty cool to see last night and pretty cooling tonight. the almanac today, 77 degrees, the height temperature right on average and the morning low was a crisp 49 degrees. the warming trend is underway. the air mass continues to modify and by daytime high, we're locked in with dry air. we can't even get a cloud. haven't seen any clouds in two to three days or contrails from airplanes because literally the atmosphere above us is simply just too dry for any contrail or cloud development to happen. right now it's a delightful evening. 71 in tampa.
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where winds are light, the radiation of cooling underway and wauchula is down to 64. same in palmdale and st. pete, at 68. and the air is still very dry with a dewpoint in sarasota at 38 degrees. we don't see dewpoints that often that, low and that just indicates how much dry air we have. around the country for tomorrow, it looks okay for travel. there will be some rain approaching chicago during the so maybe some impacts up in o'hare or midway. call ahead for that flight direction. and atlanta looks okay. in hartsfield, new york, all the big three airports is okay with sunshine and about 48 degrees. denver sunny and 52 at dfw, sunny and 68. so all in all, not a bad day, and for us, on thanksgiving day, you can open up the windows in the kitchen, get some air conditioning in and then after you eat, the weather looks great
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76 degrees at 5:00 and the dewpoints stay low. yep, it's almost the end of november and still talking tropics. otto is on the map. that means seven hurricanes this season. we've never seen a hurricane in this portion of the caribbean in november. this is a hurricane which is going to move to the west and impact panama and also costa rica, which is never seen a hurricane make landfall, it's gonna come close as a category i. if it holds together, we think it will, it will actually jump over central america and into the pacific ocean where it will keep itself name as long as we can kind of track the circulation over land. it will not get a new name in the pacific. so we go from hurricane otto in the atlantic. to probably tropical storm otto in the pacific. that doesn't happen very often
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71 now, the dupe at 41. winds northeast at 3. the biggest impact from otto is gonna be coastal flooding and lots of rain flooding in central america. you've got a cold front moving into texas today, you've got rain and snow up by minneapolis and rain and snow approaching chicago. drier weather at least temporarily in the rockys with more rain in california. their drought continues are improving. 49 raleigh, 40 in new york city. tonight we stay in the 50s, so not as cold, and tomorrow a picture-perfect day with daytime highs about 75 to 80. so rest of tonight we stay clear and milder. we're down to 58. beautiful day coming up on wednesday. and your thanksgiving forecast is about as good as it can get. lots of sunshine, mild, and 79.
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middle of next week, we could see some showers, but until then we'll stay mostly dry. what do you got, scott? >> paul, we are at the best dry threw in tampa. that's right. i wouldn't call it fast food necessarily. it's turkey time with the o line 1,000 families are getting blessed with nice thanksgiving day meals. i've got molly here. she is the -- you're the pan filler, right? >> i am the pan filler, yes. >> what are we filling these pans with? everything that you n a homemade turkey thanksgiving dinner from a baster to gravy to mashed potatoes. >> please tell me there's a pie somewhere. >> right behind you. >> okay, wonderful. we're gonna talk to the guys that are behind this 10th
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>> we are out for turkey time with the out line. the 10th annual drive where 1,000 families are getting thanksgiving day meals. all they gotta do, they just drive up and these nice young men who -- their other part-time job is working the offensive line, they're handing out food.
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usually we get -- it's kind of -- we have a third wheel with the pumpkin pie. where's the pumpkin pie at? >> let me get you the pumpkin pie. sorry. so what's the reaction? you get to be involved in this and deliver some nice meals to these folks. >> yeah, everybody is so grateful and thankful. there's less fortunate people than us and we're trying to make sure they have a good thanksgiving and they have fun and able to eat a good meal. >> do you say anything to catch phrase, maybe? no, we just want to make sure that they see as we're as excited to give out and give back to them as they are to be out here to get the meals. it's cieblgd of our big thing that are a staple for the o line for the year for the community and we like to show up big so i think we did a really good job this year. >> what is the thanksgiving like at the holly residence? a lot of food. ham and turkey, a lot of
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usually early afternoon. >> is the second meal at least an hour away from the first meal? usually after a long aric solid nap. >> having a lot of fun out here and of course this is through the united way suncoast buccaneer academy. these are preselected families. that brings in the total 10 years they've been doing this to 6500 families that have been given full thanksgiving meals, 10 to 12 pound turkeys opinion you see the pumpkin pie, cranberry, dressing, a ins that you'd want for your thanksgiving so they're gonna keep it going throughout the evening. meanwhile, let's check in with some of the other sports news going on around today. usf hosting ucf this saturday at noon. florida, florida state in tallahassee and they're gonna try to stay focused on the job at hand but there's a different job that everybody's talking about because the whispers are
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lsu, their top choice is jimbo fisher to replace les miles. word is that fisher's agent is raising the asking price. reports are that lsu will go to $6 million plus the $5 million buy-out and demanding some other things like lucrative housing options and all that kind of stuff. so that's the scene from out here. and this will continue throughout the evening, >> that's a lot of activity and they're helping a lot of people, which is wonderful. they're doing great work. scott, thanks. president-elect trump laying out a plan for his first 100 days in office. >> he did it in a youtube video. you'll hear from the president-elect in his own words coming up in just a couple of minutes. and we'll also tell you about the star-studded ceremony at the white house today that included
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma!
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oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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>> we are heart broken for all of our students and their families. >> tonight at 6:30, searching for answers in this deadly school bus crash that killed
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an arrest in the murder of a san antonio police officer. what the suspect said to a reporter as he was led to jail. and a ripple effect, amazing pictures from the aftermath of yesterday's massive earthquake in japan. first, the deadly school bus crash in chatting chattanooga. we hear from the mbt team and they say they haven't looked at any engine data that would show how fast the bus was going. their families, also on their "to do" list. 12 children are still hospitalized and six remain in critical condition. doctors say many of the kids were very young and didn't even know the parents' names or own names and that made it difficult to identify them. >> reporter: investigators arrived in chattanooga early tuesday morning. first visiting the accident scene before heading to chattanooga police headquarters to begin going over the bangled
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deadly wreck. >> it was just so horrible. >> reporter: elise martin heard the horrific crash. the school bus plowed into a tree in front of her house monday afternoon. >> i heard him, that buzz java hit the tree he must have been going fast because i heard the children crying and i looked over and i'm like, oh my god. >> reporter: 37 children from woodward element crashed, flipping on its side. the students ranged in age from kindergarten through fifth grade. authorities reporting that five children were killed and six critically injured. 12 remain hospitalized. the bus driver was arrested charged with 5 counts vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. police officials say no other vehicle was involved in the crash and believed he was
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>> i just ask god to be with those families. >> deb bra shaw came to the crash site to pay her respects, like so many others in the close-knit community, she learned she had a personal connection to the tragedy. some of the victim's families attend her church? i pray for those mothers and fathers that sent their kids to school and waited on them and they didn't come home and now as many of us gather around the thanksgiving table, to be thankful,. >> thafs diedra dukes reporting for us tonight. the investigators did reveal today the driver of the bus had just gotten his commercial driver's license in april. booing! >> president-elect trump gets a mixed reaction as he leaves the new york times building today after meeting with editors and staff. during his meeting he disavowed white nationalist sympathizers who celebrated his election over the weekend and also said that
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appears to be a break from his previous claim, the climate change is a hoax. last night trump released a youtube video laying out his plan for the first 100 days of his administration and let's take a look at it in its entirety. >> tay i would like to provide the american people with an update on the white house transition and our policy plans for the first 100 days. our transition team is working very smoothly, effectively, trily great and talented men and women, patriots indeed, are being brought in, and many will soon be a part of our golf, helping us to make america great again. my agenda will be based on a simple core principle. putting america first. whether it's producing steal, building cars or curing disease, i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland, america.
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american workers. as part of this plan, i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day 1 to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. it's about time. these include the following, on trade, i am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the transpacific partnership. i want to bring jobs and industry back on to american shores. i will cancel job killing programses on the issue of energy. that's what we want, that's what we've been waiting for. on regulation, i will formulate a role which saves that for every one new regulation two old regulations must be eliminated. so important.
6:35 pm
the department of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to develop a comprehensive plan to protect america's vital infrastructure from cyber attacks and all other form of attacks. on immigration, i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. on ethics reform, as part of our plan to drain the swamp, whether he impose a executive official its becoming lobby is after they leave the administration and a lifetime ban on executive officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. these are just a few of the steps we will take to reform washington and rebuild our middle class i will provide more updates in the coming days as we work together to make america great again for everyone.
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the same day he met with executives and anchors from all the major tv news networks and has yet to hold a traditional post election news conference. the suspect accused of shooting a san antonio police detective breaks his silence today, apologizing for taking his anger out on the wrong person. listen. >> i've been through several custody battles and i lashed out at somebody that didn't deserve it. >> do you have anything to say to his family. >> i'm sorry. >> he made those comments into jail after his arrest. mccain faces capital murder charges and detectives say he's the win who ambushed detective benjamin marconey when he was writing a traffic ticket in his patrol car over the weekend. a a no major tsunami in japan after the earthquake there. but a rare section of waves
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yesterday 7.4 magnitude injured about 14 people, thankfully nobody has died. the stars were at out the white house this afternoon as president obama's final freedom of ceremony, the nation's highest civilian honor given to athletes and artists, activists, fill lathropists and 21 people were awarded it today. they include tom hanks, of course, robert redford, ellen degeneres, robert dinero, lauren michaels, bruce springsteen, diana ross, also kareem abdul-jabbar, michael jordan, bill and melinda gates, president obama has awarded more medals of freedom than any other president. >> when we come back tonight, marijuana laws could soon be in legal limbo. we're gonna talk with our
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((kelly--vo-)) it's a movement that's swept across the nation. during last month's election.. nine month's election.. nine >> it's a movement that swept across the nation during last month's election, 9 measures having to do with medical or recreational marijuana were on the ballot. eight of them passed. me in 28 states. eight states have approved recreational marijuana. president-elect trump's pick for attorney general, he strongly opposed to legalizing marijuana in any form. so a lot of people asking what does this mean? let's bring in our attorney and legal expert jeff brown to ask that question. okay, jeff, federal government still says marijuana is illegal despite all these states. what effect could this have in
6:41 pm
the right now of course marijuana is illegal by federal statute and not being enforced by the department of justice in any of those states where the voters of those states have asked to either have a legal for medicinal purposes or generally for small amounts. the government really has just basically just not enforced that portion of the law in those stays. however, the new -- what looks like the new attorney general, jeff sessions here, it appears that his stance is completely different from the current stance for t d justice the question a lot of us have is where is he going to go with this? will he enforce the federal statutes in the states where it is legal creating quite a controversy? we don't have that problem in florida until we just passed that new law so it's gonna change now in florida, too. we're really on the cutting edge of all this. >> we'll see what happens. if there is a crackdown, would the feds you think go after the
6:42 pm
businesses? >> it's hard to say. the real problem is getting the banking industry to allow them to have loans because they didn't want to be accused of money laundering but if the federal government tries to enforce those in those states, which florida will be one of them, they'll definitely go after the growers and definitely go after those that have an amount of marijuana that is not for personal consumption and probably leave the personal consumers alone, as long as do you have a license for it, but i definitely think they'll go after anybody that's not definitely go after those that are trafficking on the black market, so to speak. >> i've heard a lot of talk that could president trump order, you think, the attorney general just to leave the marijuana movement alone. let it unfolded in the states that want it? do you this i that could happen? it's always been and traditionally always been that once you appoint the department of justice head the attorney general, that person is free to do what he feels is right as the attorney general. we've never had a real situation
6:43 pm
the attorney general to not enforce or enforce laws. it may be trump's position that they should not be enforced but that will come down to the attorney general and what his decision is. i'll be curious to see how that plays out. traditionally not what we're used to in this country. when you appoint the attorney general it's usually you're leaving the attorney general to do his job just as you are when you appoint the director of the fbi. >> gonna interesting to see what happens. >> we'll, watching this. >> yes we will. thank you so m >> he talked a lot about building a wall on the border with mexico but what do people
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(kelly is there a gamer in your house? if so, chances are some of their favori florida. chances are some of your favorite games are made here in central florida. tonight at 10:00, chris cato will take us inside ea sports in orms. you're gonna meet the man in charge of the most popular sports game of all of time. madden nfl. i'm gonna be excited to see that. that's tonight on the fox 13 10:00 news. another new record on wall street today. look at that. the dow closed at its highest,
6:47 pm
gained 67 points today. the nasdaq was up 17. and the s&p rose 4. big day on wall street, mark. >> indeed. forget donald trump's great wall, who's got to live in the rio valley are saying forget it. that's where the u.s. border meets the gulf of mexico, and there they think of a virtual wall of surveillance technology, actually makes much more sense than a rile one. >> reporter: if the u.s. built a wall along the winding rio grande. >> see, this is actually mexico on the other side. the only thi land from u.s. and mexico is just the river. a beautiful river. >> reporter: alita garcia and her husband would lose access to most of their 30 acre riverside ranch in texas. >> this is actually my pride and joy as far as my land here it has a lot of history, has a lot of memories. >> reporter: the stream marks where the government first planned to build the barrier nearly 10 years ago to secure the borders under president
6:48 pm
>> i really, really, really feel bad. it's just a waste of time and i'm gonna fight it. >> reporter: the government ended up constructing school miles of barriers mostly in arizona. the garcias thought this he had been spared until leb. >> we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> reporter: but influentials say the idea is grossly oversimplified. >> it's the same way when people referred to this area as being in the war zone. when right now in texas you're not in the war zone at all. those type comments hurt trade. >> reporter: monica stuart is part of the texas border coalition, a group of local and county officials business leaders and community leaders along the southern border. the coalition is opposed to a wall and wants federal dollars to go to instead bolstering security at border crossings to stem the flow of illegal drugs. the associated press followed
6:49 pm
search operation alone the texas border. >> as get as in the air, on the ground and on foot closed in and detained eight people hiding in brush. in the last decade the number of agents on the southwest board here nearly doubled to 17,500 in 2015. and the u.s. increasingly relies on an expanding virtual wall that includes surveillance from helicopters, planes, drones, stationary balloons and towers, sensors. the government spent $450 million last year on border security fencing infrastructure and technology? i would rather give my taxpayer money to technology.
6:50 pm
trump who recently softened his stance on the wall. but a stream of a constant reminder of what could happen depending on the political will of the doesn't. >> president-elect trump has said that that wall would cost $8 billion to $12 billion and he still maintains that mexico would pay for, it although mexico's president says that's not gonna happen. >> it weather for the holiday week. a lot of people in town, couldn't be better. >> no, we had o it's going to warm up hopefully not too bad. >> nothing like last year where every day was 85, 86, at least the last two months of 2015. great sky tonight, love that, the sorronto beach cam. satellite still shows dry air kind of filtering in from the north and northeast once in a while we may get some fair-weather clouds. the sky is not gonna stay completely cloud-free forever. it will eventually get partly cloudy skies in the next couple of davis and there's a small chance of showers on saturday as
6:51 pm
but behind that weakening cold front, not much in the way of difference in temperature and humidity. dry air has been locked in over our state. there is an increase in moisture across the lower mississippi valley. we've had 1.56 inches of rain since october 1st. the november deficit, and remember, this is our dryest month on average -- is a 1.09. we've had .01 of an inch of rain so far this month and that was we probably -- and there's a chance on the last day of november, maybe the second to last day, we may see some showers, but this may be the rainfall total for november, 1/100th of an inch of rain. that's not a lot. right now 60s and low 70s around tampa bay. and the dewpoints are still fairly low. so in situations like this, as soon as the sun goes down, temperatures drop a nice 5, 10 degrees and then they hold steady.
6:52 pm
temperature as our air mass continues to modify. messy weather tomorrow. so if you're traveling tomorrow, heading up to friends or relatives up in chicagoland, there's gonna be some rain around and probably some flight delays in chicago. maybe milwaukee, mke, o'hare, and midway, maybe kansas city and memphis could have some flight delays. and eventually on thursday. looks like there will be some showers up in new york city and usually there are flight delays anyws around new york, maybe some showers in d.c., should be okay at hartsfield, then the fronts kind of string themselves out, and then the second front could go by on saturday that may cool us off a little bit. that's really about it. our thanksgiving forecast looks great. 68 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 77 by noon, and 76 by 5:00. walk weather with temperatures in the 70s. forecast for tonight, easy,
6:53 pm
sunshine is around tomorrow. and the air mass modifies back up to 77. as i said, thanksgiving is perfect. highs approaching 80. then after that there is some hope, and it's not a sure thing but it's something that we may see some showers early to middle part of next week, because at this point it's getting really crispy and any sort of rain would be good news. we may get something early next week. but this stretch of weather are has been, you outstanding. a lot of you do like the 90, 95 thing but for a lot of us this change is pretty good. >> just keep your lotion handy. >> gotta hydrate all the time, absolutely. >> and we'll be looking for the fireball its tonight. >> yeah. probably just a one-time thing but if you want to stay outside and look, you just let us know how to goes for you. >> no, i won't do that. >> keep the camera rolling. a 10-year-old little girl is putting smiles on the faces of sick children, and she's doing
6:54 pm
th tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you!
6:55 pm
with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
6:56 pm
coming up tonight at 11... another hit for chipotle... this time, over chipotle... this time, over another hit for chipotle, this time over a misleading calorie count. we'll tell i how you could be wrapped new a burrito class-action lawsuit. and driving while high. it's a concern that some florida troopers have now that medical marijuana has passed. what they're doing to get ahead of that issue tonight on the fox 13 11:00 news. callie. >> all right, chris. a little girl is making and selling flip-flops not to make money for herself, but to help other children. and she is what's right with tampa bay.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: micholina's living room looks like santa's workshop. >> these are hot wheels. >> reporter: the 10-year-old pint sized santa spent more than $1,000 buying toys for children at johns hopkins all children's hospital in st. pete. >> this is like a toy for them to have like a lot of fun because some of these things, they're like really gonna enjoy and they can spend all day doing it. >> reporter: micholina tug her a doll when she was in the hospital. >> when i got that toy i just kind of explode inside. i was so happy. >> reporter: when micholina got out she wanted other kids to feel the love and the joy that she felt while she was in the hospital. >> and then i did a blue one and then a green wrap. >> reporter: she designed and sold flip-flops for $10 to buy toys. >> i'm just very proud of micholina, i think kids helping
6:58 pm
>> reporter: micholina hopes that children have the same reaction that she had when she was in the hospital. >> whoa. wow, this is so cool. this is amazing. >> awe. >> that is amazing. >> it certainly is. what she's done at her age, it blows my mind. if you would like to order some love flopies, head to fox and click on seen on tv. it's all right there, tell what you to do. >> what a big heart she has. we keep going online and on our is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes...
6:59 pm
there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
7:00 pm
lights, camera, access. >> the mental push-ups that people go through. >> rescue 41, psychiatric emergency. >> handcuffed to a stretcher, hospitalized for mental eval evaluation. how did kanye get to this point? i'm natalie morales. as kim rushes to her husband's many signs of trouble. >> i was concerned by what i saw. >> when you adopt sometimes especially interracially you have some extra added things to think about. >> concerns over raising her african-american daughter in the current climate, the very poignant words of kristin davis. but kristin's also got plenty to share about the "sex and the city" rumors. >> what's the truth? >> wow. >> guys, they do it.


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