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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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canine. he did not survive it started when they went to a home after getting a tip about a fugitive being there. they encountered a man. he took off running into the woods. deputies went after him. he pulled a gun and fired at him. and the officer was hit. they rushed the canine there to the animal hospital but vets could not save him. he hid out in the woods night. and a helicopter spotted him a standoff ensued and two hours ago a swat s.w.a.t. officer shot him and arrested him. >> and for what happened and we had officers almost hit, we're happy and he is in custody. >> i don't have sympathy for
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throughout the year. he has served prison time and including robbery. burglary and drug crimes. no word on the warrant they were serving on him what outstanding crime they were trying to arrest him for. and no word on the charges he will face with the shooting at this time it is unclear and if it was his bullet that hit the officer. have been friendly fire from the sheriff's offices weapon. they are still looking into that. and he could be held criminally responsible for the dog's death and actions precipitated the gunfire. >> thank you, chris, police officer in detroit is in bad shape after being shot in the head. the police officer was not ambushed.
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he was taken to a hospital and is in critical condition tonight. authorities arrested deangelo davis. he has not been charged with the shooting. he had several runs in and incident at the university at police are holding him on outstanding warrants. boston police arrested a man who hit several with his car. he is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. two officers gun in his car when they approached him, he sped away dragging them 20 feet. all four were treated and released from the hospital. we have breaking news out of tallahassee where the florida supreme court threw out another death sentence. the inmate is richard franklin serving time for the murder of a prison guard. and the verdict was not handed
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reordered resentencing. this opens the door for others to appeal. it has been under scrutiny since january when the supreme court ruled that portions of the sentencing procedures are unconstitutional. parts of the law were fixed but did not make the decision unanimous. authorities in palm harbor are investigating this crash that happened at the driver of the jeep suv crossed the center line and hit the ford pickup head on. the driver died and the driver of that other vehicle and passengers were seriously hurt. troopers say neither was wearing a seatbelt. that crashed both directions for several hours. another crash on i-75. we're told there were two
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to expect lane closures. no names have been released. this is going to be the busiest in holiday travel in ten years and most are driving. evan lamb lambert is out there where it is a harry -- hairy place to be with all the traffic. >> reporter: yes, cynthia. as you said most people are driving, traffic was smooth, we cannot say that across the country where 50 million people are expected to travel this holiday. >> we came down through ocala and gainesville and a lot of traffic. >> on the road or in the airport. >> and i got there two and a half hours early and it took an hour to get through. busy is the buzz word this
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50 million will travel. it is supposed to be the busiest travel period in nine years with nine out of ten people choosing to drive. more americans are hitting the road because of lower gas prices, better wages and better jobs outlook. >> reporter: traffic moved smoothly. at tampa international there was not much backup. that's typical here, we have some of the shortest tsa through here. >> the busiest will be wednesday and sunday. keep that in mind when making plans. >> if you drive back that day, leave early if you can and just, you know, pack your patience. >> reporter: and it is expected to be the busiest drinking night of the year. aaa has a program to keep drunk drivers off the road. call aaa they will bring you
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live in tampa. >> pack your patience. >> i know. >> one thing about it this is chamber of commerce weather. and you know calling back home, paul, saying hey, florida is where to to be. >> you got that. we saw a claude. that was a big deal, the action will be well to the north and rounds of rain and snow kind of moving along the jet stream chicago has rain, toronto and buffalo, rain in new york city. here is the delay map. some of you could be flying north and northwest during the next couple of hours. flight delays not bad. newark is the one with the delay at 45 minutes. in chicago but there is a delay
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atlanta looks good and dallas no problem. lax is okay. vegas no delays. there is rain up in seattle and rounds of rain and snow well to the north. for thanksgiving day it looks nice. 80 and partly cloudy. no cold for us tomorrow really good. mixture of cloud and sun and highs approaching 80. i'll see you then. take a look at this guy he does not unbelievable paying taxes, he thinks the law does not apply to him but the law has ronnie davis where they want him, behind bars in polk county. he is the leader of a sovereign citizens group accused of holding a woman hostage at his
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county. >> we have the story. >> he was and when you violate the oath are you a criminal. >> ronnie davis does not think much of judges and the judicial system. he had run ins. >> i'm back. >> i'm glad it is you. >> and he and his members are on the >> most every encountered is taped and posted on youtube. his rumble was in pasco. on tuesday he was arrested walking out of a courthouse. a woman came here back in july to study under davis. we don't know the details of what happened because that affidavit has been blacked out by the sheriff's office. what we know is this the woman said that davis held her against her will.
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at gun point. she said davis would tell the few dozen people that live here the only way to leave is in a body bag or on crutches. a member of the group who would speak to us by phone says that never happened. he said there are cameras throughout the house and the property to prove it. neighbors say they are uncomfortable living nearby because members drive along their road videotaping them and their kids, a yourself, jasper -- >> now because of the newest allegations against davis, there is one more. in polk city, ken suarez, fox 13 news. >> that southern center say that they harrass officials filing
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lawsuits add clog up the court are arguments that are are rejected ever are i time. a bizarre story f.b.i. tests show a student accused of killing a couple and chewing on that man's face did not have drugs in his system. the 19-year-old did test positive for marijuana and alcohol. he had a burned throat from inguesting the couple's garage. he pleaded not guilty to first degree murder. he is mentally ill. >> woman is behind bars after she made three bomb threats in the span of a week. annie what theson file faces false reporting. she called in threats to a joe an fabrics and she used an app
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they think they have an idea. >> without getting into the specifics she stated that she called in the bomb threats while she was in the parking lot of the businesses and some may have had to do with her being impatient something that was occurring related to each business. >> she is accused of stealing a purse from bells. this is the first thanksgiving for the beech in apollo batch. it was paid for by the waterway improvement group. the sand was dredged from the main canal. and as we see the new beach supplies the answer for an often asked question. >> 3, 2, 1 -- >> a mission never launched from apollo beach, one small step for man. >> you will not find an astronaut at the beach and for
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apollo beach. people asked all the time. >> absolutely. that's a especially in the restaurant we get that. people come through and because of the beach and clearwater beach. >> here at the club old pictures show people arriving in old planes to buy lots for $19,000. if you find that unbelievable check out the beach. they had one. but storms developments robbed the beach of its beaches until this year. earlier this month they dedicated the new beach at apollo beach. for the first time in a long time it is a place for families to enjoy the sand and sun and a nature preserve with the improving water quality, the best since the 1950s. it may be a throw back. >> years after the mission to
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is the beach they can say right here. >> you know what else, the fish something awesome. i don't know if i'm supposed to advertise that. >> the secret is out. apollo beach has a beach, lloyd sowers, fox 13 news. still ahead life after lasik surgery. the side-effects some people are having. >> when the door comes you will see an >> alerts when someone comes in or out of the house or find your missing stuff. how a sensor does it there on the smartphone.
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and sorboni banerjee admits that, she loses things every day she went looking for a high tech way to keep track. >> i lose it every hour. i lose my keys the sensor connects to a smartphone we'll do a demo here for you. but first i want to tell you how this works. >> how about a sensor for a sense of security. tracking the movement of your possessions. >> when you take the gun out you have the alert. >> or the ones that you lose. >> the i go tracker is the brain child of a businessman. the 20-dollar sensor can be placed on what you want to track, my keys. i lose all the time. >> doors, windows, even your dog.
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gateway that is like a hot spot letting it send alerts it tells you when are you getting closer or further away. >> you have the app on the phone that talks to the sensor. >> now we have a signal where to communicate where the keys are. and you have the notification that you are close, that's where you have it. >> they are hoping to compete with others that connect to your phones and track your stuff by >> like that. >> and then are you done with the installation, i don't want ten different things i want to manage it. one thing that does everything. >> and the next goal is to work with airports to track luggage as more consumers look to keep tabs on the moving parts of our busy lives. >> okay so i down loaded the app
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pad. the keys are in the studio. can you see 27% that's how far away it is. walking along 20. did you take my keys. tid you take them. >> this is what i do. >> anyone seen my keys, now i'm walking over. 45, 45. wait for it to what catch up wht is closer just stop. stop look arod and then sure enough, ding, ding you hear it. >> this is something that i would use, can you put this on your pet on your wallet. now it will ding and telling me you found it. >> celebrating. >> what if you lose your phone. >> that's a good point, can you get that alert in reverse.
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you can hit this and make the app ding. >> now -- sometimes when i throw my phone in my purse the abyss that's my purse do i have my phone. >> how many times that you reminded me it is on the desk, i like that it works in reverse, relose our stuff. >> we can put one in the hall. >> when we are not in the studio. >> we can find it. >> it is like a warning. it can be be in the building. for sure. >> beautiful day today mixture of clouds and sunshine. if you don't have the clicker you see this map for three and a half minutes is not bad, great sun set at 5:35 the mercury coming up. brandon hit 82. at least 79 today, 80 in bradenton and 82 in sarasota.
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we'll stay with temperatures at or above 80. a weak front and there is no sign of any cold heading our way. for the first time in a couple of days the satellite has patchy clouds over the peninsula. i checked sky tower. no rain around. slightly higher. led to partly cloudy skies. right now the temperatures are holding in about 15 to 20 minutes left in and the dew points that on monday were 15 degrees. bounced back to a point where it is almost turning muggy. the dynes are running in the 50s to low 60s. the cold fronts this is not going to impact us much at all. it will drift and die out well
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will stay to the north and east. we don't have any mechanisms to bring it. i don't see any any time soon. >> the model runs between now and the following saturday not this saturday but the upcoming saturday. there is some good news in the sense that places like birmingham and knick they may get some rain maybe an inch or two and they need it. the brought continues for them. extreme, ongoing. this is welcome. we like the rain but the models crank out .15. hurricane season is almost over. this is the first time this goes back to the 1800s. you have ever seen a hurricane in this part of the caribbean in
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going back in hurricane history never had one impact them. why not, because it is so far to the south. are you talking about a position just north of the equator, and otto will make landfall. it should hold together. 77. winds are west at 9. and partly cloudy a good travel night but for patchy fog and driving around. it could be reduced by fog. thanksgiving day is simple. partly cloudy and pleasant. highs near 80. friday shopping day is good. partly cloudy and nice. and winds light.
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and 7 day forecast and some rain during the middle of next week. we stay near. in the 60s. we have new details on that school bus crash in chattanooga.
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a drug test came back a drug test came back clean for the driver who crashed the bus. six kids are in the hospital and five were killed. the driver was involved in a minor accident in september but they would not say if that is while he was driving a bus officials did say they have not had witnesses say he asked the kids are you prepared to die before the crash as some reports are saying but he is charged with vehicular homicide. he was driving well over the posted speed limit when he lost control. >> doctor is accused of prescribing drugs that led to the death of three doors down guitarist matt roberts. he prescribed fentanyl and
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overdose. he died in august and the doctor was charged in a federal indictment in october but the charges were not made public until a judge unsealed them this vehicle. the sighting of a panther is great news for the species. officials are excited by the news t is the first female cat found north of the river since the 1970s. that's important the males have dispersed and the females have have breeding. and officials say it is a good sign of expanding population of the animal that's endangered. hard to tell how many are still in the wild and the organization said 110 and 200 all living in south and southwest florida. great video there. donald trump's cabinet is coming into shape. the two women he has picked for key positions. hillary clinton widens her
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election results in three states. a change during the president's final turkey pardon. where are the daughters?
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and the president-elect made decisions today. he asked former rival dr. ben carson to join the cabinet. craig patrick is here to say who is in and who is out. >> let's start with ben carson. he will make that official tomorrow. you had reports coming from "the wall street journal" and other places in washington confirming the department of housing and urban development. the campaign says that's not official yet assuming that it is. you have three key picks and here is how it shakes out. you have nikki haley tapped for the u.n. ambassador. and ben carson, if they are correct, to lead hud and betsy devos the department of education. she is from michigan a key state for donald trump a big
5:32 pm
before he got the nomination. with this we're starting to see a pattern here. let's look at nikki haley. 44 years old. the daughter of indian immigrants, the south carolina governor. she is one of two women who donald trump picked to serve in the cabinet. she was sharply critical of donald trump during the campaign. she supported marco rubio. are you seeing a pattern here. she does not have significant foreign policy experience but the team necessary for the position. she is smart and capable and rising a star in the republican party. ben carson who was critical of donald trump during the campaign. if the reports are correct he will lead an agency where he will have a lot to say about the role of government intervention and housing decisions and largely government backed mortgages as well. with this he will have a big
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administration and in terms hoff is out and who is in. the next pick is the secretary of state, we don't think that will be today because of the holiday. and the final sift mitt romney and rudy gulliani on the other. >> now we hear of course that hillary clinton that her popular vote is animalling at 2 million over donald trump. some experts are calling for a recount. do you make anything of that. could that go anywhere, jill stein wants going to happen. i'll tell you why. you have a popular vote exceeding 2 million votes in favor. we don't have a popular we have states that weigh in, do you have some national computer experts that say they found trends in pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin that there is a potential of hacking that could have manipulated the results, they have no evidence of any actual hacking but that
5:34 pm
hillary clinton but jill stein. the problem that she has that takes millions of dollars. she is trying to raise the money. she will be hard pressed the deadline for getting a recount are coming up in the states by friday in one and by wednesday so a week from now in the other. >> tight for that for sure. we have seen women on the run, dining out and in work out wear that was gym. the rise may be telling us something about our way of living. i went into the city to find out why yoga pants and work out shirts are so hot right now. >> and notice your breath. >> it is a typical fall night in hyde park village in tampa. >> take that right hand and place it over the belly. >> he events like these anchored around light physical exercise and comfortable clothes
5:35 pm
athlesiur wear. >> it is like life wear. they are at work and to the mall and to events like this, where did this come from? well in the late 1990s. lulu lemon had a yoga wear they started wearing in the street and in the malls. now to 2016 and it has some competition, clothes competition and right here plaza across the way is a new falletics. >> we asked one manager about the growing demand for more than casual friday, women are busy and we, you know a lot of women want to be active and want to be fit and but they want that versatility. >> a blogger has penned a numb of blogs on this subject.
5:36 pm
how women are turning the wear into much more. >> i'm a dress person i love incorporating it into dress so what i have done. a black dress and formal and worn to a date but paired it. the crowd was mostly women. what about men. >> and do you think some men would. >> my boyfriend does. >> a selling point may be comfort that works well, we have tops that wick away moisture while are you working out. or we have bottoms that fit you and support you while you work out. great pieces that have a sun protection. >> many brandss are pricey a trend all can afford, you don't have to have a big budget, three stores open at international plaza it is like the trend is
5:37 pm
lie i wear them everywhere. >> i have to admit when i get home from work i change into my yoga pants it is perfect for my job mom and wife. if you like to read the blogs i'll post a few when i get off the set here. look for linda hurtado. >> stretchy. >> yes. >> that's for sure. complaints after a crime spree busted. and systems are getting smaller and smarter with more on the market than ever how do you decide which is best. >> anything happening your house can you check in today. >> yes real time. >> i'm sorboni banerjee, how to
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lasik eye surgery is an option for people who may simply want to ditch their glasses or contacts. and others, like pilots, who need sharper vision to perform their jobs. but along with helping patients see things far away, a new study says patients may also be left with un doctor jo has been looking into the research for us. q-what did the study find? and looking into the research what kid it find, people that had the lasik surgery. 40% or so were reporting symptoms after the surgery like seeing star bursts or halos or things when they were driving. this was three months after the surgery but when you looked at the numbers of the individuals, they were greater than the
5:41 pm
their doctors. so by giving them a questionnaire and asking specifics, they were able to ascertain they had more symptoms than realized. you have to remember the people the majority were very, very satisfied with their surgery only 1 to 2% said they were not satisfied with the surgery. 1% said they had vision that was not really good for them after the surgery. you have to take this with a grain ofal result goes but it does, you know, tell us that there may be more out there. what is the advice to anyone out there thinking about getting lasik? >> do your homework. there are different ways t is common, sometimes with laser, sometimes it is done with a knife. it depends on the surgeon, your experience. you have to look into all.
5:42 pm
the pupil size. if the cornea is reshaped and the area is in the area where it is dilated you will see it. talk to your doctor. do you think this is something i should be concerned with. do your homework. >> staying on the topic of vision, i understand you that have a new app to tell us about. what is that about. >> be my eyes t is an app to help those that are blind. we have video what it does. there are 400,000 people who volunteered to be the eyes for thousands of blind people. there were 180,000. can you read the label for me. what is the date on this or can you see if this is cooked. i pulled this out. there are video images and it is offered on iphone only right now. they hope they get it to android
5:43 pm
it is exciting for those visually impaired. >> happy thanksgiving, thank you. scott, what have you got for us. a big anniversary. remember the butt fumble. >> paul does. in the nfl. the -- are you implying something. >> nothing. on the other sid four years ago. the patriots coach was asked about that, you want to hear his response. the best receiver mike evans will be covered by richard sherman of the seahawks. bun of the best and he knows it. what jameis winston says about the game plan to give the ball to mike this weekend.
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79 degrees today. we went above average after being way below average on sunday and monday and the low is 57 degrees. we're back in the red zone. we were in solid blue on sunday and monday and highs in the 70 into the weekend. we stay near to slightly above average. i don't see any cold air heading our way until the first or maybe the second week in december. future. partly cloudy now and temperatures are holding in the 70s t is nice a nice evening to be outside. and dew points are running in the -- in the 50s and the 60s. 77 and the dew point at 58. the sea breeze has kicked in. water temperatures have dropped into the low to mid-60s along the west coast. patchy clouds over us and then
5:48 pm
across the heartland which is producing some rain and some snow in the northeast. it is snowing now in the up of michigan and minnesota and wisconsin. some of the mess in the northeast. we'll sit on the sidelines and make that phone call or that. >> and it will be in the upper 70s. and rain and snow well to the north. chicago is 43 and birmingham is 69. new york city is 45. lows tonight will stay in the low 60s. tomorrow we're going for a mixture of clouds and sun and many spots will be in the 80s. if are you watching me and live along the coast line and the sea breeze and cool off the beaches. a big contrast to areas inland.
5:49 pm
watch out for fog. and mixture of clouds and sunshine. a pleasant day near 80. more of the same on friday and highs in the 70s. the forecast is good. we need rain we could see rain early to middle of the week until then. and should be a great day on sunday. a bucs game is nice. partly cloudy, that's perfect. >> welth for the bucs is not turkey but seahawk. they will practice tomorrow as they get set to return home the 7-2 seahawks. a good vibe today. the team has much to be thankful for. the two game winning streak they prepare for the seahawks. and taking that step and a raymond jame ass who file environment. the team won two games in a row.
5:50 pm
and not making the playoffs yet. >> you were right i want to feel the seahawk intensity. it will take the motorist intensity we have to be with them. that's all that matters. this is a great matchup. another 300-yard gain and that is going to mike evans. they boost one of the big time corner back will be on evans all game long. >> and two of the west in the game. and there is no doubt. >> you have to be aware of one of the best corner backs. but i like my guy. in that match upment he is having an amazing year. it is trust. >> and sherman has been covering
5:51 pm
connection that we have. so, at the end of the day he has to defend us and stop. >> and the sunday lineup starts with tailgate sunday 10:30 followed by the coverage from the network and 4:00 the seahawks and bucs. taking off. how about the thanksgiving weekend lineup. tomorrow at 4:00 and washington taking on dallas. that's a huge game in the east. on friday the washington washington trying to get into the top four the college football ranking. and then saturday we have another pac 12 against colorado. and they ranked during this one. >> what is football without looking back to the mark sanchez butt fumble. this annual turkey day tradition is four years strong. the game he ran into the
5:52 pm
sanchez not recovered since. the pats coach was asked a insightful question of the anniversary. his response was splendid. >> coach obviously studying past matches you have found any excuse this week to look at film of the butt fumble? >> i don't think we'll get to that. great >> i could not understand what he said. >> i don't think we'll get to that. >> great question though. >> this is just, that is bill. unphased. i think if are you anyone else how do you not crack a smile, it was a funny question, what made it was his response. >> all right.
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z26l7z zy6z
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z26lnz zy6z y26lny yy6y the dow jones and the s the dow jones and the 500 closed at record highs again but the nasdaq fell down, dragged down by declines in technology gains. the nasdaq declineed 5 points, the s&p 500 rose 1 point. well two birds get to avoid the dinner table this thanksgiving. the president pardoned his last turkeys. and the responsibility he has
5:56 pm
for that day. the first daughters were absent today letting their cousins fill in for them. >> it is a family holiday so for the past seven years i have established another tradition embarrassing my daughters with dad jokes about turkeys. this year they had a conflict. actually they could not take the jokes any more. >> they said we're out this year. are you on the way out the turkey pardon goes back to when truman was in office. they say that lin lincoln may have inspired it after he spared his son's turkey from becoming christmas dinner in 1863. >> and the turkeys were tater and tot. i love that.
5:57 pm
doing that. >> here are mark and kelly, a deputy has plenty of muscle. >> he is a world champion and next at 6:00 the story behind the strong man and his incredible championship. another officer shot in the line of duty this time in michigan. he survived. we'll have a update and the suspect who is no stranger to law enforcement. and we'll tell you about a program that is the perfect catch for some local people. that's next. hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room.
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i got there early it took an hour to get through. travel warriors making their way through the airports and down the highways. how some are surviving how a house fire nearly turned into a thanksgiving tragedy. >> i entered entered into the events and came home with 14 medals. >> he had a major win the championship this 81-year-old
6:00 pm
good evening, everyone. welcome i'm kelly ring. i'm mark wilson e. if you think the roads are crowded, look out in the next few days. more people are expected to travel this holiday. then a in the last 9 years. we're going to start our coverage with evan lambert. >> traffic looks like this in la this week. here in the bay area we're thanksgiving holiday to bring out the most travelers in nine years. >> this will be the busiest travel period since 2007. we're going to see busy roads and airports as can you imagine as we always do but more travelers than last. >> 50 million people will travel. and a aaa spokesperson said nine out of ten people will drive.


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