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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 26, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] how you and your rig can get signed up. >> good evening. i'm haley hines. thanks for joining us. on what is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year, black friday was relatively quiet in the tampa bay area. and although black friday is over, the holiday shopping season has just beg officers are doing to keep shoppers safe. he reports from tampa. >> parking lots were packed at malls like west shore plaza. what you can't really see, though, is the behind the scenes, the officers working to keep you safe during your shopping. >> it's designed for 360 coverage. >> corporal michael hatch is policing the eye in the sky,
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work, all to keep thousands of shoppers safe from black friday and the rest of the holiday shopping season. >> it gives us an overview of the parking lot, it allows us to see a greater area than what an officer could see at ground level. >> police also have bike patrols and uniformed officers manning malls and hot spot stores. some of the techniques, you won't even don't think we're out here, we're out here. >> shoppers say whether they notice or not, it makes them feel better about braving the crowds. >> actually i didn't notice but i'm glalad they're there. >> we went into forever 21 and we saw the security guards and everything looking for shoplifting,
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out, running their operation secret santa. they're also on bikes, motorcycles and foot patrols, but but one of the best ways to be cognizant, be aware of your surroundings, be aware of your car -- >> unfortunately this visibility seems to be keeping criminals away >> and while black friday was relatively quiet in the bay area, elsewhere there were some chaotic moments. this was the scene llg activists organized the boycott. they crowded the sidewalks and even spilled out into the streets. black friday also took a violent turn in at least three states. this one in new jersey, where
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one of the brothers died. it's not clear what spapped that shooting. in san antonio, text text as say a good samaritan was killed when he tried to stop a woman being beaten in a parking lot. this just in to our newsroom out of highlands county. police are investigating a murder along howard street and they say a man in his 20s have been shot and killed, there were no suspects at this time. new developments in the story we first told you about last night. a pinellas county boater is accused of being krung and leaving a trail of drunk and leaving a wave of ke strux. they say his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal
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m we're still trying to figure out how much -- the opener of one of the docks says he's never seen anything like this. >> i was on my lazy boy watching the football game, heard noises like you've never heard before, couldn't imagine what it was. ran away, he just crumbled it like toothpicks. >> heart is charged with operating a his passenger was unhurt. new at 11:00, it's a call out to jeep owners. the pasco -- drivers are already lining up their rigs. >> it's lifted. >> it's lifted 2 irns, it has
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accessibility. >> fully loaded. >> and could be a life saver. >> all the year i would need first and -- it's just a complete package. >> corporal arthur madden and his juiced up jeep is is putting together the brand new volunteer jeep unit at the pasco sheriff's office. it will be one of the first of its kind in the bay area. it's a team you and your rig could be a part of. >> our community has at times the need where it's difficult to navigate, whether one of our patrol vehicles through these -- >> qualified applicants will receive special training and yes, you will have to sign a wafer acknowledging the risks. >> it's absolutely amazing. they have that love and desire to go out and help. >> keep in mind, yours doesn't necessarily have to be done to
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out. the ability to travel off road in various terrains. >> what's just important as the jeep is the driver. >> it's not because we want to go play tennis, probably there's a problem, it may be inconvenient times, but those are the people we want, kitehard, hey, i want to help. >> more than 50 applications have already been filed. so whether it's flooding or search rescue and recovery, you and your jeep could be right there on the front lines. ? >> the sheriff's office is hoping to kick off the program starting in february. one of the reasons black friday wasn't as crazy this year than in previous years is likely because of how much shopping was done online. according to data collected from the top 100 retailers in the u.s., online sales thanksgiving
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that's up more than 11% from last year. experts predict even larger numbers today, about $3 billion in orn line sales. in fact, all that shopping triggered some technical problems. people who logged on saw this, a temperature shopping jam. they had to sit through this 102nd kownltdown before getting to the site, and even sometimes that took longer than 10 seconds. and while black friday may be -- small businesse for one of their biggest days of the year. tomorrow is small business saturday. we stopped by a few shops to see how they're cashing in on the local to buy local. >> if you can find it in a big box store, there's a good chance you can also buy it at a local business. you just have the to know where to look. >> i have toy boxes, kitchens, i have furniture for babies. >> selling products from infant to maternity. >> we've been in the tampa bay community for 10 years. >> it's not every day they can
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our holiday. there's no way that us small guys could compete with the big box stores, you know, so this is our opportunity to take what we can offer to the community. >> go out of your way to spend at a local business to keep them in business. >> can help keep our town growing. >> small business saturday, let's shop small. >> last year american express reported 95 million customers took part, $16 billion, up nearly $2 billion from 2014. >> we're doing a door buster sale. >> re-runs for little ones is offering 40% off deals while tampa fishing outfitters is luring customers by offering free hats and accessories to those who spend a certain amount. >> 20% off our private label line, fishing equipment, also we're doing like up to 40% off of some simms apparel, which is really a good deal. >> they've been open for 10
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time on small business saturday. >> it just feels more empowering to be able to serve the customers' specific needs and make decisions that really cater to the local community. >> it's money you can feel good about spending because it's all staying right here. >> the money that i put into this, i give back to the community. it's something that's really -- and i love tony blair and everything i make pretty much shopping local. >> just head to they have a map that will point to all the participating businesses in your area. coming up, found in florida, finally in the right hands. we'll show you kelly's trip up north to return this treasure to the family. plus -- >> just want the doctors, the therapists that i need that's
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need, but i also need my family to be taken care of. >> a struggle that isn't just for soldiers. hear why this officer's battle with ttsd is also a mattel, about half the holiday weekend in the book so far, cold front heading our way tomorrow. we'll talk about the impacts that that front, if any, then
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>> we have an update on the deadly school bus crash that killed six children in chattanooga, tennessee. records show there was some concern about the bus driver in the weeks before the crash. there were reports of erratic driving, for instance. one report says he would suddenly stop the bus so students moving from the seats would hit their heads. another says he would stress the needs for seat belts. the map accused of a m shooting inside a south carolina -- dillon roof charged with killing nine people inside a predominantly black church in charleston last year. his attorney pushed for an insanity plea but a judge denied the request today. jury selection for the trial will start monday. when we think back to that
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who helped bring the nightmare to an end and continued to investigate days, weeks and months after it happened. they risk their lives to save ours, but now they need our help. only the state of florida says no. dana jay spoke to an officer who worked the pulse nightclub case and shares with us a new battle for men and women in blue. >> you asked us to do what we do, you know? and we do it. and we see it. and then we try to live our normal lives. >> reeland's life changed dramatically, the night a madman opened fire in pulse nightclub. swat rushed in, rescuers worked on the wounded. he helped identify the dead. still haunts him. his wife, jessica, says he has lots of sleepless nights. >> he started to scream on the top of his lungs, and he grabbed my so hard, i thought he
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>> the father of two has ptsd. his doctor says no work. florida law says, that means no pay. he's burned through all his sick time and vacation time. >> i'm just trying to get better, you know, i just want the doctors, the therapists that i need that's been -- that i've been told i need, but i also need my family to be taken care of. >> florida law says first responders get worker's comp f job-related psychological issues. >> i knew from day one that the first responders were going to -- they were going to get hung out to dry. >> this attorney has handled first responders' worker's comp claims for almost 20 years. he's seen clients make the same decision over and over again. >> if they have to make a choice between getting help or getting paid, they're always going to pick getting paid. >> and that could lead to
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firefighters called ptsd a hidden health hazard. nearly half of all firefighters in the a florida state university said they'd thought about suicide, and more than 15% had tried to take their own life. >> sometimes we need help too. >> jeff leads a peer support team for orlando fire feeters, struggling with mental health issues. he's seen how quickly ptsd can happen. >> a with people inside that couldn't get out, to a child with an allergic reaction that isn't breathing. that over time can blow up. >> jerry is seeing counselors, spending time outside alone and with his family, doctors' orders. >> a lot of the time now, he's fatigued, he's on a lot of
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him with depression and sleep. >> they speak up because they know jerry is not alone. >> for my fellow officers, people need to support them. >> they hope their struggle convinces law makers to make a change, change that would bring hope as they recover from tragedy. dana jay, fox news. >> the or orlando police departt is making a special exception for him while he gets treatment for they're paying him well, he's on administrative leave, but he's not sure how long that will last. >> now your sky tower radar forecast. >> i'd expect some patchy fog tomorrow morning, this is sunrise in wauchula from justin battles on thanksgiving morning. pretty much that will be the scene around the bay area tomorrow morning with patchy fog. that's a great picture from our
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83 was the high today, lots of sunshine. the sea breeze was kept at bay, but the morning low 66, so after a couple of cold days to kick off the week, sunday and monday we're chilly. ever since then, it's been a slow rise and now we're well above average temperaturewise. winds are light tonight, areas of fog developing under lied lit winds. there is a week cold front i would not expect any weather with the front september for some clouds, maybe a sprinkle, there will be a shift in the wind and behind the front, it turns a bit cooler and drier for a couple of days, then mixed week for the highs, 60 to near 70 for nighttime lows. right now it's a nice night, tampa still 69. wauchula is 64 and see bring is
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a slow rise, they're running in the mid to -- couple of weak cold fronts in play. the first one goes by tomorrow t will zip buy, winds will pick up from the north and northwst behind the front, ushering in lower humidity. once the high moves off the carolina coast, our winds start turning to the southeast. you know what that means? that means we start warming up. low to mid 80s for a couple days next week, and maybe these showers or thursday of next week. we need some rain. it will be a close call, but maybe some rain from this. i still don't see anything on the map that will bring any big cooling our way, and i'm talking about the next seven to 10 days. but the week end looks good, turning less humid tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun. 78 degrees to low 80s inland, and 77 on sunday.
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north-northeast at 6:00 around the country. not a bad friday. it continues to be kind of cloudy and damp in the northeast, they've been murky going back to wednesday way out in the pacific northwest. it's 35 in chicago, but for this time of year, that's not awful. national is 46, bristol is 47, raleigh 58, jacksonville is 56. tonight i'm going to with more developing sunshine behind a front, mid to upper 70s right near the coastline. so for tonight, we go partly pay cloudy and mild, pitchy 56. mixture tomorrow, mys approaching 80, and looks good. nice, 79 for a high, next chance of rain will be wednesday and thursday of next week with temperatures then near 80. let's quickly talk about
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usf and ucf, partly cloudy for the kickoff tomorrow at noon and 78 degrees, and that's a big game up in tallahassee. clear and cool for the gators if' noalz game. the bucks play op sunday right here on fox 13. sunny for the first half, and dark in the second half of the 4:00 kickoff, and a have a good weekend, haley. >> you too, paul. coming up, brought these two for all you friendsgiving hosts, brought these two invite who you want, not who you must.
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but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks >> it's the ending to a viral story we all hoped for. two strangers joined together by an accidental text shared this thanksgiving dinner together yesterday. it all started last week when wanta dench sent out a text to her family to invite them to dinner but she also sent the
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jam asm l hinton. they sent each other a selfie, but wanda invited the teen anyway. if that story didn't warm your heart, maybe this next one will. you may remember earlier this month in a pile at a thrift shop, an old photo album was found. inside were black and white photos of an unknown serviceman. kelly found the family of the soldier. he's a private first class robert he joined the army in 1951 and sadly passed away about 11 years ago. his wife and children live in maryland, and it turns out that's where kelly was heading this thanksgiving holiday, so she brought the album to the family and recorded their entire introduction. >> this is the album we found. and there's so many pictures in here that we weren't able to show. >> those are the girls i
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remember him having this. with you that's thebut that's td from high school. see that? >> the family isn't sure how their family album ended up in florida, but they are grateful to have it in their possession. what a sweet thanksgiving surprise. >> great story, haley. coming up in sports, lightning find themselves in familiar position. plus still alive in the plus still alive in the playoffs, i'll show you a when heartburn hits, plus still alive in the playoffs, i'll show you a fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ? tum -tum -tum -tum ? smoothies! only from tums everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola.
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>> there are a few bay area teams that will continue playing football into december, meeting their hopes for championship are still very much alive and well. the boys in blue on the board first. daniel boone on the quarterback keeper. jesuit up early 7-0. tie ball game at a touchdown a piece. matthew pittman finds his way through the d and he is in the end zone, 14-7 jesuit leads. same score and malik davis doing what he does best. it's a foot race down the sidelines, 21-7 whe our cameras
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56-29. they'll face american heritage in the state semi. vieira in the 7a regional finals, 3-18 for the panthers, lets it fly deep to christian watson and he's into the promised land, a 48-yard touchdown. to the second quarter. ty thompson, going to get the handoff here, he breaks a few tackles before being taken down at the 1-yard line. then on the very next play, he is in to paydirt, in the third quarter now, franzen showing off his footwork. weaves in and out of the vieira defense and finds his way into the end zone. plant on to the semis as well with the 35-7 win. they'll face robert e. lee next week. rivalry weekend is upon us and the florida gators will look to end their three game skid to the seminoles this weekend. another florida state win would put a dash in the gators'
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>> here's what i don't think people get. they want to make a big deal% about it. here's the big deal. based on how you work and how you prepare is going to help you be successful in whatever you to. >> the emotions are important, but they don't always win games. that's where i think sometimes emotions can help you or hurt you. you have to really -- i think it's very important to keep those in line while still performing in the game and doing the things you do. people are gonna lay it >> the lightning have won 5 of their last 6 heading into tonight's game against the blue jackets. he gets it right back, jackets take a 1-0 lead. later blue jackets on the power plain, that's not going to score, but nick folio puts it in, bolts trail 2-0. same score second period, tyler johnson wraps around the net,
1:29 am
2-1 blue jackets, lightning would tie the game at 3 but the blue jackets score another two after that, that would be enough to do -- 5-3, blue jackets take the win. usf and ucsf tomorrow as well, haley. >> the news keeps going online at fox 13 get the app fon your phone. money, power, politics is next, and "good day" starts at weekend.
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