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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking overnight. breaking overnight. former cuban breaking overnight. former cuban president fidel castro has died at the age of 90. this was the scene as thousands of people took to the streets overnight in miami. they are still out there even right now. people took to the streets celebrating the news of his death the crowds cheered and celebrated, many carrying flags and signs. castro's roar, raul, made the announcement on state-run television last night. castro was considered one of the most devisive and controversial leaders. brett bahr has more on his death. >> reporter: in the end his speeches had grown shorter, his appearances rare. fidel castro's tone remained
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>> reporter: fidel castro loved to hate america at every political turn. [speaking spanish] >> reporter: his own political stock, albeit small, soared during the international custody fight for elian gonzalez. when the u.s. returned his little prince, castro called the moment a moral victory over imperialist america. the man who would lead the small caribbean island jesuit priests and learned law degree at the university of ha van that. castro launched had is first and failed revolution in 1933 when 30 of his followers were killed attacking the mon drshtion ado barracks. castro was imprison and then deported on a boat. the people des paired of the government of batista. he stepped down, left the
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power on january 1, 1959. he held on for nearly 50 years. in 1998, cuba opened its island doors to pope john paul ii. the holy father and the man who chained down cuba's churches exchanged words around the world. critic s would call the historic meeting little more than a public relations campaign. in the summer of 2006, castro underwent surgery for intestinal succeeded power to his younger brother, raul. in february, 2008, castro announced we no longer serve as cuba's president and comm commander-in-chief. a surprising move few thought they would live to see. the national assembly formally elected raul to succeed his brother, fidel. when president obaa announced
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his brother spoke by telephone welcoming announcement. but the man who brought communism to kooka, fidel, made no public appearances and made no comments on the cold war freeze he ushered in more than half a century earlier. in washington, brett bahr, fox news. a lot of questions moving forward. does this change america's relationship with cuba. we have a new president-elect with donald trump. castro was sick t played a factor in government decisions and interesting to learn how his brother leads the island nation moving forward be a what that means for folks in the bay area and down south of miami. we will continue to follow the story on "good day tampa bay." time is 6:03. time to check on your local forecast. jim weber is in for lindsay milbourne. good morning, jim. >> jim: good morning to you. on the satellite view, we watched a lot of the clouds
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first thing variably cloudy skies and we have a cold front which will be working its way down the state and we will be back into more sun as we get into the afternoon. also start to lower some of that humidity as we go through the rest of the weekend. right now we are at 68 degrees. the dew point at 61. the humidity at 78%. currently the winds are out of the north-northeast at 6 miles per hour. pretty wild pretty much everywhere you go. a little cooler up in brooksville at 55 degrees. crystal river at 54 downtown st. petersburg 67. down in sarasota, 64 degrees. you head into the interior pretty much the same story. temperatures running in the mid-60s, but we are heading into the 70s into the upper 70s in fact as we go throughout afternoon. by noontime, a mix of sun and clouds. daytime high topping out at about 78 degrees later on this afternoon. so we have got one cold front headed our way for today. we have yet another front which will be headed out way toward the middle of the week.
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some rain. we will talk about that coming up in a little bit, alcides. >> alcides: thank you, jim. a pinellas county poeter is accused of being drunk and leaving a trail of destruction behind. robert hart his blood-alcohol blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he crashed his boat into docks and several vessels. fwc is trying to figure out how much damage. he nearly plowed through a dock where children were fiin the owner of one of those docks said he has never seen anything like it. >> i was on my lazy boy time watching football game. heard noises like i never heard before. you just don't hear noises like that. i couldn't imagine what it was. ran out here he was bulge away after he drove through the dock and crumbled it like toot toothpicks. >> alcides: hart is charged with operating a vessel under the influence and leaving the scene of the accident. his passenger was not hurt. hart has been arrested eight
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yeah, black friday behind us. and the holiday shopping season is under way. a slow black friday morning but things definitely picked up later in the day at malls and shopping center in tampa and across the country. police and deputies were busy as well. police agencies have beefed up patrols at malls and shopping plazas. at clearwater's countryside mall they ran bike patrols and officer in unirm officer in uniforms and plainclothing. something that will continue through the busy holiday shopping season. >> we had officers as early as 8:00 this morning and we will go through mall closing ton tonight, and we will be redeployed throughout the morning and run throughout the day on saturday as well. >> look at the scene, the scene at the brandon mall very early. at one point the parking lot was so full, mall staff had to order an overflow parking area
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not too far away from that mall. oddly enough, the mall was pretty calm until yesterday afternoon. one of the reasons black friday wasn't as craze the year as it has been, online shopping. according to information collected from the top 100 retail stores in the u.s., online sales thanksgiving day i would have been thursday totaled over $1.9 billion. that is up more than 11% from last year. experts predict even larger numbers for yesterday, that was black friday, at $3 billion in and black friday may be over, but the shopping does not end there. today is small business saturday. small business saturday is a movement to encourage people to support the shops and restaurants in their neighborhood. it started back in 2010. last year 95 million shoppers took part spending more than $16 billion. to check out which businesses are participating in your neighborhood, just head over to
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the small business two more names have been announced as part of the next presidential administration. as fox 13's lauren blanchard reports. despite the holiday weekend, president-elect trump continues to build his staff. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump continuing to pull together his team in preparation for his presidency. while some are criticizing his process for picking his administration you expect nothing else. >> would you expect nothing else. he is running like t like a business. >> reporter: the cabinet team say no cabinet appointments will be made until next week. two staff picks, campaign finance lawyer don mcgan and katherine mcfarland as the nation sale kurt advisors. it. general michael flynn the administration's pick for
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part of our national security team. she will help make america great again. others are skeptical of some that mr. trump is considering, particularly mitt romney who is reportedly a contender for secretary of state but was a vocal ciltic of mr. trump during the campaign. although some of mr. trump's closest allies are raising eyebrows at romney's name, others say to trust in trump. >> it is up to in the best people for our country moving forward is a good thing. >> most people have accepted donald trump as the president-elect. jill stein has raised over $5 million to redown in the michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin, with the goal of raising another $2 million by wednesday in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. some good news for the humane society. they had a big black friday
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get this, 96 pets were adopted. the humane society says a lot of their adult dogs and l long-time residents home with someone. 96 adoptions is a record number of adoptions in that shelter. a lot of pets waking up in n nice, new warm beds this morning. that is great news. big bragging rights right here in the bay area at raymond james stadium. the war on i-4 is taking place today. usf will take o the bulls are also going for their record 10th win of the season. the winning team will take on the trophy until the teams meet again. kickoff is today at 12:00. high school football is still going on. we will take a look at the playoff picture coming up after the break. and the lightning finds themselves in a familiar situation. fox 13's merissa lynn will bring us the highlights from last night's games coming up in
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we are seeing a lot of cloud cover passing over the state, in all advance of a cold front which will be working its way down the state as we go throughout afternoon. the cold front is really not bringing much cooler air. it will tend to drop that humidity as we head toward our sunday. as you look along bayshore boulevard, you see some of these clouds overhead and mild, apparently sitting at 68 degrees.
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at least 9 people welcome back, the time right now 6:13. at least ine people are dead
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otto moves across the nation. hundreds of others were hurt and widespread damage from torrential rains and powerful winds. otto hit at a category 2 hurricane before losing strength. heavy rains and swollen rivers in northern italy. days of torrential rain have battered northwest italy having several rivers burst their banks and several areas to be on a flood alert. in israel minister says tourism is the result of forest fires. has left hundreds of homes destroyed and 70,000 people have been forced to evacuate israel's third largest city. many returned to burned down homes, apartments. a u.s. super tanker jet is now in is toys help out. here at home, gorgeous forecast yesterday but today. >> clouds working their way
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60s. moving into the upper 70s and in some cases 80s. and we have a weak cold front which will be working its way down the state. what that is going to do is maybe cool us down maybe just a little bit as ge into tomorrow, but the main thing is -- is going to drop that humidity. you may have noticed yesterday. starting to get a little more humid outside and will have some of that humidity around for today, but by sunday, we send to get rid of a lot of that. an into the middle and second half of next week. that one looks like it won't have enough moisture to actually bring us the chance of some rain. and you know what, we really -- we need the rain. so far this month which is our driest month of the year, but it has been ridiculous. so far we have .001 of an inch of rain the entire month back on november 9.
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humidity at 67%. the winds out of the north-northeast at 6 miles per hour. pretty mild any. where you go. cooler at brooksville at 55. crystal river, a 54. wesley chapter 63 down with brandon. st. petersburg is 67. you lead over to lakeland, you are currently sitting at 64 degrees. and we have been watching these dupes slowly creep up throughout the week. remember the beginning of the week look back all the way remember we started out with those 20s, the freezing temperatures across the northern part of the area and that very, very dry air, and the dew points actually running in the 20s. extremely -- we call it bone dry, in fact. that has been creeping up as ge through the week, and knew we have these numbers into the 6 60s, you certainly notice haven't had that crisp feel to the air especially as you head outside during the afternoon. there is the front right now.
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activity moving off the coast of the carolinas. for us will not see any rain. just clouds working their way to the state as ge through the afternoon. we do have much colder air to the north. at least this time around, there is no mechanism to allow a lot of that cold air down over us. a lot of the cold air is locked up over the northern half of the country and even mild temperatures once you head down across the gulf coast states. now for today, partly cloudy skies. a warm afternoon. daytime high then tonight fronts to our south will be mainly clear skies through the overnight hours. that low temperature of 58. for tomorrow, we bet back to more sun, lower humidity and daytime high of 77 degrees. on the water winds out of the north at 10 to 15 knots. mod rat chop on the bay. high tide comes up at i should say 104 p.m. is what that should say right there. seven-day forecast. daytime highs dropping down
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days. the cold front headed our way toward the middle of the week. lately all the lightning's bumps and bruises haven't been too much of a problem for this team. the bolts won five of their last six games heading into the match-up at home against the blue jackets. the lightning found themself in an all-too-familiar position. shoots and deflected and right back to put it behind ben bishop. blue jackets t minutes from the first. blue jackets on the power play. cam atkinson won't score and nick molino puts it in. same score, second period, tyler johnson wraps around the neck and jams it in. 11th goal of the season. 2-1 blue jackets. lightning tie the game at 3-3 on this goal. but the blue jackets score another two in the third. that is now do the boltsle in,
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n. several high school football teams practicing over the holiday weekend because it means they are still in playoff contention. kick it off at jesuit. the tigers hosting. the blue in blue on first. on daniel boone on the qushing b keeper. tied ball game at a touchdown apiece. matthew pitman finds his way through the amocale d and 14-7 jesuit leads. same to score, mik best, down the sideline. tigers win big, 56-29 and fae american heritage in the s semifinals. down the road from jesuit plant hosting last year's runner-up viera. 3-18 for the panthers into christian watson and into the promise land, a 48-yard touchdown. 7-0 plant. to the second quarter, ty thompson gets the handoff,
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one-yard line. on the very next play, this 1 1/4-0 plant. in the third, franzen showing off his footwork. he weaves in and out of the viera defense and finds his way into the end zone. plants on to the semis with the 35-7 win. they will face robert e. lee next week. the bucs go for their third win against the seahawks. we will get you all set for kickoff at tailgate sundayt the folks at fox take over after that at 11:00, and the boston seahawks battle it out at 4:05 right here on fox 13. and that is going to do it for sports. have a good day, tampa bay. after the break, an inside look at a video game company responsible for some of the biggest sports games out there. imagine coming to work here every day. i am fox 13's chris cato. we are taking you inside the
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you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: if there are a gamer in your house, they will likely give you a list of video gas christmas and chances are that some of them are made here in central florida. he is one of the most influential makers in the business. the executive producer of the poss sievely popular madden lives right here in our back yard. he is a bucs fan. his story weakens the argument of kids wanting to play video games to focus on their education. >> for the record we don't play video games all day every day
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downgrade it but he works in one of the coolest offices. the walls are with sports gear, random robots so people with attend meetings, and every floor has ... a cereal bar. >> coffee and cereal bar. >> reporter: welcome to electronics arts tiburon, a you division of ea sports. this wall a shrine to every game created here. some of the most popular sports titles including jewel of them all, madden nfl. ? ? ? shawn grew up in orlando cheering for the bucs. like many of us his love affair with madden began in his dorm room. >> i went to florida state and i used to drive down to gainesville to beat my buddies in madden '02 and '03.
6:25 am
and ea hired orlando-based tiburon. they also hired shawn. >> i played it all my life and a hard-core video game player and it is being made in my own city. >> reporter: he worked for e narcs orlando. and this year he was promoted to executive producer. he manages a team of 150 people and sky-high expectation for the most successful game time. madden has generated over $4 billion in revenue. >> you are at the head of this huge money maker. do you feel pressure? >> i feel pressure in the sense more to the fans honestly. i am a former guy who played this game and played temp year. i want to make sure the fans get what they want. sure you don't want to make a mistake at the multimillion dollar project. i want the fans to be happen. the guys spending their money
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i want them to have the greatest experience. >> reporter: madden '17. the improved animation of running backs. shawn said his team wanted to give them distinct styles that map of the real-life nuances of ball players. >> adrian peterson feels like adrian peterson and you get a feel of who running backs are in the nfl. >> reporter: those real players are madden's biggest fans and toughest critics. ea has a employee for the players' respect. >> the number one request is speed person player says they are faster than they think they are. >> reporter: but he doesn't waver from his secret ratings formula that reflect real changes of players' abilities. next year will be the first full season as executive producer a title he may never get used to. >> i have to admit it is exciting and fun when my son
6:27 am
bodies as the executive producer of madden. it is fun when you are at the airport and what do you do. everybody's face lights up. everybody knows the product, the nfl fans. i am the luckiest guy in the world. it is an honor. >> reporter: never gettysburg gets old. >> never gets old. >> chris cato reporting. nba live, at one time it was once like madden and it has not done so well and a new team to ramp it up whi well, jim. >> jim: yeah -- >> alcides: what is the forecast. 68 degrees. not too bad. looking nice. >> jim: in november 68 degrees. we have clouds that are moving throughout area. but at this point, it really doesn't mean a whole lot. clear out through the afternoon. we have a cold front working its way down the state and clear us out even more and drop that humidity. all in all not a bad opinion looking weekend. satellite view and some of the clouds passing overhead and
6:28 am
here in tampa. 61 over in new port richey. st. petersburg currently sits at 67 degrees. we are heading for the upper 70s this afternoon. complete forecast is come up
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from tampa bay's news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> jim: welcome back to "good day tampa bay." sometime 6:30. we have some clouds overknead and we are still going to average out with a mix of sun and clouds as we go through the day, and a pretty mild start to
6:31 am
the 60s. you see more of these clouds streaming over the gulf of mexico and there are some breaks in there and that's what we will average out with a mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon and these daytime highs today warming up once again in all advance of a cold front. this cold front is not going to bring us any dramatically cooler temperatures. kind of cools us back down to more normal. our normal high for this time of year is about 76 degrees. it is also going to get rid of some of the humidity as we go into tomorrow, but for today, day we do look for another front which will be bringing us at least a chance of some rain as we go toward the middle of the week. alcide. all right, time right now is 6:31. a look at some of the headlines this morning. nine days of national mourning is under way in cuba after the death of former cuban president fidel castro. he died late last night at the age of 90. castro handed over power to his
6:32 am
in 2008. castro's death have thousands in miami on the streets celebrating. we will take a closer look at his death throughout "good day tampa bay." in jacksonville, a cruise ship crashes into a barge. luckily no one was hurt. the large river cruise ship somehow became wedged under jacksonville's main street bridge. the coast guard says the boat is not damaged. inspection officers are still trying to figure out how this all happened. the bridge will remain closed until and an alligator attack in south florida lands a man in the hospital. rescue crews say he was hunting for ducks near the everglades yesterday afternoon when an alligator bit that man right there in the thigh. it appears to be a flesh wound. the 50-year-old is expected to be okay. thanksgiving takes a tragic turn in central florida. a man is facing attempted murder charges after stabbing both of his parents.
6:33 am
edwin doherty walking down the street. they believe he and his mather got into a fight. edwin placed her in a headlock. when her father tried to intervene he put him in a headlock as well and he grabbed a steak knife and stabbed his father several times and then turned to his mother. >> i just happen to look out and see ambulances and police and fire trucks and the next thing know, i found out there thank thank there had been a stabbing. >> alcides: witnesses sitting at the dinner table saw the entire thing unfold. they saw edwin stack his parents before leaving the house. an unusual arrest in miami. police arrested a man riding a horse from south carolina on his way to key west. 36-year-old christopher emerson was arrested. the aspca got several calls reporting the horse was not in
6:34 am
emerson reportedly started his journey four months ago leaving his home in greenwood, south carolina following his divorce and crashing his pickup truck. he is now facing animal cruelty charges. >> you can see his shoulder blades here. you can see the top of his spine, the individual vertebrae on his spine, all of his ribs. he using this horse as a way to make money, and the horse is the one who paid >> emerson told police he did not have any money for himself or for that horse. he is being evaluated for possible mental health issues. another law enforcement official has been shot in te texas. this time it is a texas department of public safety trooper who was shot in star county. it happened on an island in rio grande. troopers were watching a group of armed men when shots rang out.
6:35 am
stray bullet or if people were shooting at those troopers. a new deadline for people protesting the dakota pipeline. the army corps of engineers told protesters they have until december 5 to move from the property near the canyon ball river in north dakota. the corps has told protesters if they refuse to move by that date, they will be arrested. they say the decision is necessary to protect the public from a violent confrontation enforcement officers. they also are trying to pre prevent, death, illness or serious injury because of the harsh north dakota winner. babe, the goynt panda is recovering. it had a lemon sized mass of bamboo removed from its small intestines. zookeepers thought something was wrong with stomach
6:36 am
zoo officials say he is stable and his outlook is gooking good this morning. all right if it really it better to give than receive than 8-year-old is happy. he spent his thanksgiving handing out dinner to hundreds of people in need and the whole thing was reese's idea. >> it is not fair for just me to get some. everyone should get this, man, will only make them better when they get older. only going to make them better when they are older. learning how this give back. >> makes me feel happy. >> alcides: congratulation us to and thanks for what you are doing. trying to get over all that thanksgiving food, why not take in a movie. a look at what is new in theatres coming up at about 6:15 this morning. when you go to buy that luggage, how do you know it will hold up?
6:37 am
behind the scenes to a lab where they put luggage to all kind of tests to make sure it can hold up. but first a look at last night's winning lottery num numbers. no big winners in the mega j jackpot. the mega millions drawings will go for $25 million and the lucky money up to $900,000. a look at the rest of last night's lottery numbers in days you won a smaller prize. to the's powerball drawing is up to $300 million. wouldn't it be
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almost all of us have almost all of us have dealt with damaged luggage almost all of us have dealt with damaged luggage at some point. check out this video of bags being unloaded. look carefully, that is just a handle with no bag anymore and always the bad weather you have to deal with as well, and ever wonder what it takes to try to 13's consumer reporter sorboni banerjee got inside access to the company that invented the rolling suitcase to find out. >> reporter: welcome to boot camp ... for bags. >> can we head in? >> absolutely. >> this is where it happens. this is where we test everything. >> reporter: travel control let us inside their quality control lab. >> when the handlers are
6:41 am
the carousel or conveyor belt and actually tossing it and lifting it. >> reporter: it is where they push their luggage to the limit. >> we need to make sure we pass above normal usage to be sure that consumer won't have any issues. >> reporter: roller board and spinners do distance training. >> these bags will be on the treadmill two days. >> 30 miles rolling. >> way more miles than i would put in. >> reporter: how much the ha whether the bag can withstand weather including cold area mile high. >> straight out of the freezer. it has frost on it spur looking for ail yours in the materials. cracks. >> reporter: what happened to this one? >> that is one of the big things of the cold cart taste. one of the wheels broke. >> reporter: protesters are looking for the materials to use to last for 15 years of normal use. >> we cut a piece, a circular piece. put it in the machine, and these wheels will rotate
6:42 am
we compare them against light. >> reporter: they bring the bags. >> test the zipper. >> reporter: to their breaking point. >> how many times do you zip, unzip. >> 7500 times. >> 7500? >> simulates when you are trying to close your bag and your bag is really, really slow and pulling both sides. >> who would ever overstuff a suitcase. >> reporter: fabric p ro wants their fabric to stretch to accommodate 60 mous. hypothetically speaking if i was to tut my shoes are my jeans, hair stuff, my make-up, more shoes in there. >> everything is pulling the two ends of your bag. so that's how well we know. so 7. we're good. >> reporter: good to know -- asking for a friend. torturing more suitcases. [ laughter ] >> so we have to ensure that before we go into production, the bag is perfectly fine and
6:43 am
rigors of their normal use. >> reporter: that's how the rigors of use get rigorously tested beating up bags in an attempt to beat the compe competition. sorboni banerjee, fox 13 news. >> alcides: travel pro invented the rolling suitcase and they only have a 1% rate of return on their products. jim? like you said, they didn't put the kids to the test. >>jim: testing them. they could have tested them o out. we really have a pretty nice day. we have some clouds working their way over us right now and kind of had that variably cloudy sky as we go through the morning hours, but it is a very mild start. we are sitting at 68 degrees. we are heading into the upper 70s. still have kind of that humid air mass over us, but that is going to be changing with the cold front pushing down the state. we have the latest on that
6:44 am
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it's time right now is 6:46. if you were just waking up this is what you need to know. nine days of mourning in cuba after the death of former cuban president fidel castro. his brother, raul, made the announcement on television late
6:47 am
in miami, on the streets even right now celebrating. you can see the picture. we will have a live look coming up on "good day tampa bay." he was 90 years old. police are investigating a murder on howard street in sebring just northwest of the regional airport there. police say a man in his 20s was shot and killed. they have not released his name or anything about suspects. we will bring you more information on this as soon as it becomes available. this is just some of what deputies seized from a mobile meth lab in dade city. crews had to secure the toxic chemicals and dispose of them safely. no one was hurt. two people have been arrested. a gorgeous day yesterday. a lot people waking up this morning getting ready to do some shopping, jim. >> jim: not bad. people waking up to do shopping. a cold front moving over the state and will drop that humidity into the second half of the week. in all all for the end of november, this is not bad.
6:48 am
net cam, and you are seeing mainly cloudy skies right now. we will continue to see these daytime highs through the weekend in the upper 70s, which is actually just a little bit above the average. average high for this time of the year is actually 76 deg degrees. the problem we have had here is the last couple of days that humidity has come back. you step outside. it doesn't have that nice crisp feel to the air and that will be changing as we get into tomorrow. right now we are at 68 degrees. there making the humidity at 78%. the winds out of the e east-northeast at 6 miles per hour. mild start for everybody this morning. a touch cooler up to brooksville to 55 degrees. crystal river checks in at 54. st. petersburg, 67. you work your way throughout the interior. temperatures either in the mid to lower 60s. wauchula and arcadia both sitting at 61 degrees. the beginning of the week, we have these dew points running in the 20s in many, many
6:49 am
now we are back up into the 50s and 60s. once you get into that 60 range. that's where you start to notice that more humid feel to the air. there is the cold front right now. back to our northwest, you can see some scattered clouds working their way -- across the gulf of mexico. we had a few little showers off of the east coast, maybe a couple little sprinkles out in the gulf of mexico. but as this front comes through. it comes through primarily dry and if you see anything whatsoever sprinkle. less than a 20% of that in the afternoon. behind that, we have cloud cover and a fair amount of sun and still we will have some cloud cover around as we go through the day. high pressure will build back in you behind that front. we still have a very quiet weather pattern for the first part of next week. and what we will be looking for is another cold front which will eventually bring us some rain as we head toward the second half of next week.
6:50 am
see snow flurries, sleet and freezing rain up across new york and pennsylvania, but just no mechanism, at least right now, to bring much of that cooler air down to the south. so you see the teens, 20s, 30s across most of the country and once you get around the gulf coast state. in the how much more mild it is. places like new orleans, 57 degrees. houston currently sits at 58. our forecast for today not bad. partly cloudy skies. daytime mainly clear skies as that front pushes to the south. overnight low of 58 degrees. for tomorrow, we get rid of mostly sunny skies. lower humidity and daytime high of 77 degrees. on water, winds are out of the north at 10 to 15 knots. seas 2 to 3 feet. moderate chop on the bay. high tide at 104 this afternoon. the seven-day forecast show the temperatures staying pretty much in the 70s. overnight lows pretty nice as well dipping down into the 50s
6:51 am
rain with the next cold front headed our way as we head into wednesday and thursday of next week, alcides. >> alcides: thank you so much. up ahead, our new inside look at what is new in theatres this weekend. >> maui. >> demigod of the wind and sea, i am -- >> it is maui shape shifter government wind and sea hero of men. i interrupted. from the top, hero of men, go navigational talents to set sail for a fabled island. joining her on the island is her hero.
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whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that?
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ngo chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. are you still are you still nursing a turkey hangover or are you w wanting to relax after a full day of black friday shopping. why not i take in a movie. fox 13's michelle polino takes a look at what is new in theatres this weekend. >> don't panic. there is absolutely nothing to worry about. >> reporter: hoping to keep the magic alive for a second straight week "fantastic beasts and where to find them" is expected to keep the top spot at the holiday bonk box office, but has a lot of competition.
6:55 am
>> reporter: disney's latest animated comedy "moana" faces dewayne the rock jockson and music rain which hamilton creator lynn manual miranda. tells the story of a st strong-willed polynesian princess who sets sail to face a demigod. >> reporter: in "rules don't apply" warren beatty does it all writing, producing, directing and starring as the eccentri hughes. the comedy of a young starlet and her relationship with hughes and his chauffeur. >> we expect your wife is a german spy. >> its answer insane. >> reporter: "ally" starring brad pitt and marian couillard mop fall in love after a dangerous mission. >> what has it been, 15 years. >> mom. >> you still eat like your daddy. >> reporter: billy bob thornton
6:56 am
comedy "bad santa 2" this time he pairs up with his mom kathy bates to rob a charity on christmas eve. >> the state of virginia will argue it is unfair to bring children of mixed race into the world. >> reporter: two other indy flicks "loving" a historic drama of a interracial couple during the late 1950s. >> when louvre someone, you have to be careful with it. >> reporter: and "nocturnal animals" star jake guilt hall, a neopsychological thriller of a woman haunted by her husband's novel. we have much more ahead in the next hour of "good day tampa bay." including breaking news. the death of fidel castro. right now there are hundreds of people celebrating in the streets of miami as decades of emotions rise to the surface. this morning, millions are asking what this means for c cuba's future.
6:57 am
and a lot of sore feet after black friday. if you were tired of walking around those big box stores, then we will show you how to find some big -- big and good deals right around the corner.
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oc: right now the stre right now, the streets of miami are filled with the sound of honking and the popping of champagne. it has been an emotional morning as the country's largest cuban american community reacts to the death of cuban dictator fidel castro. just take a look at this. the view from above as thousands filled the streets in front of cafe versales, it is the most famous cuban restaurant. people there say castro's death is more than symbolic. many have close family ties to


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