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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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overnight the overnight the streets of miami were filled with the sounds of hocking horns, banging pots and popping of champagne. an emotional morning as the country's largest cu cuban-american community react to the death of cuban dictator fidel castro. just take a look at this massive crowd gathered after learning the news. family say castro's death is more than symbolic. many have close family ties to someone who fled the communist
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after castro's brother, raul, made in announcement. [speaking spanish] >> alcides: raul castro said his brother's remains will be cremated today. nine days of national mourning are under way in cuba. tampa, as many of you know, has strong ties to cuba. station's kellie cowan is on brett bahr takes a look at the rise and fall of the dictator. >> reporter: the man born fidel castro ruz came to power league a ragtag band of bearded rebels to overthrow a dictator. he ended up one himself. castro stood defiantly against ten u.s. presidents. around the world leftists who hated america's influence and
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but for the u.s., he was the all-too-close face of the bitter cold war. and while the world could never completely dismiss castro politically, over time for some critics he seemed like a char cature with his wiry beard, faded fatigues and 6-inch ci cigars. the response to castro's communist regime came in 1961 when president john f. kennedy backed the failed where cuban exile were captured and sent to prison or killed. the next year american spy planes discovered secret soviet missiles inside cuba. after a 12-day u.s. naval blockade, the soviet union backed down and remove moved the missile. castro was enraged as the world watched two super powers walk away from a nuclear nightmare. in 1980, castro unleashed an
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more than 125,000 cubans on america mixed in with political prisoners were criminals, murderers, rapists and the insane. the mariil boat lift forever changed south florida's landscape. 14 years later as cuba's economy collapsed further, castro unleashed a second wave of human cargo, this time whether america wanted them or not. 30,000 cubans were cominging to her shores again. as resigning as the head of cuba 2011, castro remained largely out of the public eye. with one notable exception. in march of 2012, would welcome a second pontiff, pope benedict xvi. the two met privately at the end of ben effect's three-day visit to cuba. despite the pope's vocal opposition cuba's government. though often referred to as a tyrannical dictator, millions of the impoverished island considered castro the
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education and medicine to the masses, but to america's cuban exiles, forever hated responsible for economic ruin. in washington, brett bahr, fox news. a story we will continue to follow here on "good day tampa bay." first a check with jim on a look at the forecast. >> a lot of clouds throughout the morning hours. a mild start to the day as w well. we will continue to see these clouds as we go through the d day. the satellite view showing just a lot of these kind of streaming we actually have a cold front working its way down the state. with this front, we will see temperatures getting just a little bit cooler as we go through the weekend, but we are really going to dry things out. the humidity has kind of crept back in over the past few days and tend to get rid of some humidity as we get into sunday. right now a mild start, 70 degrees. dew point at 59. humidity currently sits at 68% and that wind out of the north at 8 miles per hour.
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brooksville has now bounced up to 65 degrees. crystal river, 63 here in ta tampa, brandon and clearwater all at 70. and down in sarasota, 73. heading into the upper 70s today. still a little above normal, but as we dry things out over the next couple of days. we will feel comfortable and watching another cold front which will bring us some rain toward the middle of next week. i will talk more about that coming up in a little bit, alcides. all right, this is the scene in miami in was the scene early this morning, 3, 4:00 this morning. not much has changed even right now. thousands celebrate the death of cuban dictator fidel castro. here at home though, no doubt things are more quiet. kellie cowan joins us live in ybor city to get local rea reaction. good morning, kellie. >>reporter: good morning to you, alcides. all morning long talking to
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the son of a cuban refugee and cuban descent on his mother's side and we have been hearing story what is life was like before castro took over in cuba and his family left shortly after fidel castro took power in cuba because of all of the changes. we have, of course, a large cuban population in our area. we stopped in on a cup of cuban businesses like we see in miami, the celebrations in the street, but smiles on some of the faces in the cuban workers in the ba bakeries we stopped in so far. everyone aware of the news that fidel castro has passed away, and a lot of people at this point that we spoken to are very happy about that news. the question right now is how much does this really change things with his brother being in power and, of course, thawing relationships with the u.s. right now. the ability to travel to cuba,
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been able to do in their lifetime. and talking with -- with councilman maniscalco about his friends thinking of going to cuba. he himself have mixed reaction of going to a place that bretty much barnished his family after they left, but the hope is that americans have misconception about cuba. >> we have the reality if you have a failed infrastructure, that is rationed, so many rules in place that have harmed the people. it is not what you see from photograph notice 19 50s. the reality sets in. >> reporter: at this point right now, those we have spoken to happy with the news of fidel castro's death and a little bit of skepticism whether things will change considering who is in power and the regime ruling
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you. >> alcides: time will tell, kellie cowan in ybor city, thank you very much. different reaction in miami as thousands fill the streets to celebrate. all over the cuban american folks in miami. we will get to that story in a second. but first talk to you about this developing story in highlands county. see bring police are investigating a murder along the northwest regional airport. a man in his 20s was shot and killed. we have not released his names, and as of right now, no suspects. developing story as soon as we get more information. a pinellas county boater is accused of being drunk after leaving a trail of destruction behind. officials with florida wish and wildlife say robert hart's blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit on thanksgiving day. his boat crashed into several docks on madeira beach. officials are still trying to add up the costs. hart is charged with operating the vessel and leaving the scene of an accident.
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times before in pinellas county, mostly on drugs and alcohol. in south florida, a hunter becomes the hunted. wildfire officials say an alligator bit a man while he was hunting for ducks. the 50-year-old man was airlifted to a ft. lauderdale hospital after an alligator bit him on the thigh. it appears be too flesh wound and did not go through his muscle. the man was hunting heart in everglades. in jacksonville, a crashed into the main street bridge leaving the vessel we wedged underneath. the incident closed the downtown bridge for several hours. no one was hurt thankfully, investigators say the ship was attempting to dock on the north waining of the st. johns river when it forced him to drift back to the bridge. took more than three hours to get loose. chaos at wal-mart as black
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video from the store near the florida-georgia line. hundreds of people went through piles of doorbusters looking for all those great big deals. no reports of any major problems despite the big cr crowds. closer to home, shoppers packed the brandon mall yesterday. at one point, the parking lot was so full, mall staff had to open an overflow parking area in the grass. it was a different story for the macy's web site, it crashed due to the flood of black friday visitors were greeted with a message telling customers to wait 10 seconds to enter the site. some shoppers experienced a glitch preventing them from adding items to their carts. the web site is currently back up and running. after spending some cash at the big box stores, it is important to remember your local businesses. today is small business saturday. it's a push to encourage people to support shops and restaurants in their neighborhoods. it started back in 2010, and
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have taken part spending more than 16 billion dollars. here in tampa, reruns for little ones on rocky creek drive is offering doorbuster and 40%. tampa fishing outfilters on osbourne customers are luring customer with free hat and accessories. gulfport, stop by shoppaloozea. vendors are setting up shop on beach d head to smallb for a map of all the businesses participating. put on your green and gold. of two florida's biggest rival is facing off today in two hours. usf is going for a record ten wins. a win over the rival, the whole thing is more than dragging rights. the trophy is on the line and the bulls are con tending for the conference title. the win can team will take on
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they meet against next year. the bulls have a 4-2 lead in their all-time series against the knights. kickoff at raymond james stadium. come up in about 15 min minutes, political editor craig patrick will join us with more on the perspective of what that means for fidel castro's death and u.s. relations. and how do you pick the right christmas tree? for some, it is all about the color. for others, the bigger the better, but a little bit nor i bout it coming and we are right in the middle of our holiday weekend, and we are really looking at a pretty decent looking day for today. we have clouds that have been passing through. the cold front has been working down the state. looking at fairly warm temperatures for today. maybe a little more humid than some of us might like, and we will dry things out as we go throughout rest of the weekend, and also could be looking at another cold front which could bring us the chance of some rain next week.
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you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: thanksgiving is officially over. now like first family is decking the halls. yesterday mitchell obama accepted the white house christmas tree. the 19-foot douglas fir arrived on the traditional horse-drawn carriage from a farm in wisconsin. here in tampa some folks spent their black friday shopping for their own christmas tree. the day after thanksgiving is traditionally one the busiest days for tree lots. that brings us to the next question, how do you pick the right one? fox 13's crystal clark found
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season is not the sound of shopping carts on black friday, but instead, it's this. the buzzing of chain saws at christmas tree lots. buying a frazier fir the day after thanksgiving has become a tradition for the fritz family. >> the smell. you can't beat the smell. >> sets the tone for the christmas. >> like the stwhaich begins. >> every year -- switch that begins. >> every year he starts his christmas christmas tree farm in tampa. a business that made it through 40 christmas holidays. >> i am the fourth generation and my two sons and two daughters will be the fifth generation, and every year, we are all involved in it. >> reporter: as tradition goes on friday, he to the his first shipment from north carolina and michigan. he said the warehouse will be easily cleared out by the end of the weekend. >> seems like every year everybody wants to get their tree up a little earlier than
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the only strategy that they use to pick a winning pine. >> definitely something that is very full and something that kind of has a very balanced sthip it. >> i like to make sure that the step is straight, that the tree will stand vertical really nice and has a nice top to it. >> reporter: if you is sansoni, a little tlc goes a long way to make your tree last through january. >> the main thing is to get the air to the tree and the water to the trump. >> shaking your tree out opens up the branches and loose pine needles and putting the stump in water as soon as you get home keeps it healthy. if you don't want to end up like charlie brown, take the advice of the man who knows his trees. [chain saw buzzing] >> alcides: keeps those christmas trees are a little tricky, aren't they. >> jim: they are. when you take that tree out at the end of the season and all the pine needles all the way up right there. >> so are like, wow, it is time to go.
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frames -- flames any second had i kept it around. but you know what, we are looking at a pretty decent day for today. we will continue to see clouds moving through the area and maybe a little bit on the warm side as well. we do have a cold front that is pushing down the state. what this front is going to do is maybe cool us off cup of degrees as ge into sunday. and what it is really doing is dropping that humidity. kind of crept up over the past couple of days and that is front we have another front that moved through the middle of next week in one will be a pretty significant cold front moving across much of the southeast giving us pretty big thunderstorms and by the time -- it does weaken and should give us a chance of some rain as we head into wednesday and thursday of next week. and then behind that, we got more cooler temperatures and certainly need the rain because so far this month, we have only
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the driest month of the year, but that -- that is beyond ridiculous to talk about only .1001 of an inch. the dew point at 59. the winds are out of north at 8 miles per hour. pretty mild everywhere you go. w had 50s earlier across our northern counties up in brooksville. you started in the 50s. crystal river started out in the 50s, and now you are back up in the mid-60s. brooksville, 65 degrees he both at 70 degrees. same down in bradenton. downtown st. petersburg, 69. sarasota currently sits at 73. you work your way along i-4 headed to lakeland currently at 66 degrees. cold front is lined up back across the panhandle so you are seeing some cooler temperatures running in the lower 50s in tallahassee currently sits at 56 degrees. there is the cold front. you can see we have got a lot of clouds kind of streaming across the front. couple of sprinkles and showers
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through the overnight hours. those are done with. and as we go throughout day, if you see any rain, it is pretty much going to be a sprinkle. most of this is just mid and upper level clouds that are working their way through. you see showers off the east coast and notice none of that 1 headed in our direction. this front will continue to sink to the south. as it does so, cecil start to clear out the skies this evening and into tonight and then behind that, that is where the slightly cooler and drier air is. but all really kind of locked up to the north, because this time around, we just don't have that big trough to push a lot of the colder air down over us. so you look across the northern tier state, plenty of 30s. cicago, 36 degrees. columbia, ohio, 39. buffalo has a 37, but across the southern part of the country, we are seeing some pretty mild temperatures along the gulf coast. so a mix of sun and clouds for today. that front continues to work
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high pressure builds back in. so we get back to more sun for tomorrow. lower humidity, but notice there is the next cold front that pushes to the southeast as we go through the first part of the week and by wednesday, heading into thursday, that is working its way over us giving us that chance of some rain, but for today, partly cloudy skies. daytime high of 67. we clear out the skies and overnight low the 58. back to more sun. lower humidity on the water, winds are out of the north at 10 to 15 knots. seas 2 to 3 feet with a moderate chop on the bay. high tide at 1:04 this afternoon. temperatures through the weekend in the 70s at lower humidity works its that by for tomorrow. and then that next cold front heads our way toward the middle of next week, alcides. >> alcides: jim, why thank y you. coming up at 9:30, the world reacts to the death of a
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saying about the death of florence henderson. after the break as presents pile up over the chrimstmas tree. consumer reporter sorboni banerjee show us how to pick
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you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> tell knee look at my video feed. when i did, might house. someone is in my house. >> alcides: home security systems linked to your smart phones are the latest liven defense against break-ins. as the market get more and more crowded, how do you know which one is best. consumer reporter sorboni banerjee show us how to shop
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>> a south tampa crime spree caught on camera ultimately leads to the suspects being caught by police. >> just providing layers of deterrent in depending on your budget. >> new technology is helping you stop a break in without breaking in your budget. >> you can really spend, like, either -- >> for example, it was a simple doorbell camera that snagged this image of one of south tampa suspects. >> takes 4 hd pictures and se >> reporter: systems are getting smaller and smarter with cameras you can control with your phone. >> communicate with the alarm system and disarm it with your phone. you need to be able to unlock the doors. >> reporter: law enforcement say the goal of a home security system is to deter, identify and notify. what you spend depends on which have those criteria you want to hit. >> those are dummy cams, you see they are $15 apiece. >> reporter: no budget, fake it
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for a long time. >> reporter: mid-range, go wireless. >> this camera can be battery powered and plugged in and essentially what you are doing -- anyone can install it and take it and it is mass netic. it and plug it in. >> reporter: cameras that don't require professional installation in the low to mid-500s. >> put in your password and goes to your computer. >> sorboni: thinking that happens at check check in on. >> real time. >> reporter: expect fees to keep video beyond certain time. >> from $44 to $54 to $64, depending on how much storage you need. >> reporter: if you need a lot of storage, a hard-wired option. now you are this $1,000 range. am imnraj that dv r. >> reporter: how much space. >> how much do you want.
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>> reporter: even inexpensive products are changing the way we watch over our homes. >> you may get an alert a trouble or break-in on sensor one and you pull out your home and look at it and get a live feed from the video and you can communicate right there with the thief or robber. hey, get out of the house or stop right there. >> reporter: when it comes to security, it is ball being smart. >> not just a panel on the wall anymore. not just a key box that you punch a code in, they can really control your whole house really control your whole house. >> reporter: sorboni banerjee, fox 13 news. still ahead this morning at 9:00, some are calling it the biggest story in decades. the death of fidel castro. fox 13 editor craig patrick will be joining us by phone coming up. we are looking at a nice mild start to the day. we had clouds working their way over the state out in advance of a cold front which is pushing down the state. now this cold front is going to bring us slightly cooler temperatures, but will dry us out as we go through the rest
9:28 am
worked its way back in over the past few days. over clearwater beach, a beautiful morning. 70 degrees. time coming up on 9 we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash.
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[speaking spanish] >> alcides: breaking news this morning. raul castro announces the death of his brother, long-time cuban dictator fidel castro. a sobering end to an emotional chapter in cuba's history. a differen kind of emotion in miami.
9:31 am
celebrate. still people even there right now. all over the city, people waving cuban flags, banging pots and honking their horns for the cubans that fled the communist regime, this is a day that many thought they would never see. [horns honking] >> this is a dictator thats that hurt the lives of at least four generations of cubans, inside and outside the island. their families their people have been shot, people who relevant has been in jail for many years. so most of -- >> alcides: there is still no official reaction from president barack obama or the white house, but president-elect donald trump is tweeting about this news. and in just 18 characters, he writes, fidel castro is dead. short and sweet.
9:32 am
from cuban exiles. mexican president enrique nieto say the country mornsor mourns passing of fidel, a friend of mexico. and nicholas mature row called to express his solidarity and love. india said that he was one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century. india mourns the loss of a great frie. phone. you have a very unique perspective because you were there when president barack obama was there earlier this year. >>caller: i was, good morning, alcides. one of the things that strikes me looking back on today, we traveled the same time that president obama did, and he spoke to president obama on state-run tv and encouraged people to rise up and challenge authority and while we were there, we had some who very quietly spoke us to off camera, of course, speaking of the corruption under the castro
9:33 am
for something different. of course what remains to be seen is how different cuba will be after fidel castro because, of course, in 2008 he succeeded control of his country from his brother raul. >> alcides: we are getting news out of cuba and nine days of mourning beginning at 6 a.m. is this a symbolic death and are things going to change. this speaks volume. the cuban government said not allow shows in the entire country. flag also fly at half-staff. radio and tv shows can only play patriotic news and information. and tuesday, there is a massive rally planned at the plaza of revolution. when you hear that you are not allowed to play anything but patriotic news and information, it goes to show that you raul castro continues that dictatorship, right? >>caller: he certainly does and
9:34 am
first place, even before this government mandated period of mourning, people were told and educated about fidel castro and his brother and the government -- on the government's own terms. so they might not get the full history of what played out, how fidel castro took the world to the brink of nuclear war, how he jailed and murdered his critics, the list goes on and on of things that many people in cuba will not know about fidel castro. the last thing that the govern celebrating in any way in miami. and with this, of course, the government is going to clamp down in a -- in a dictatorship that exists today, established by fidel castro and then continues. the irony is that he came to power running against the concept of communism. he railed on dictators. and himself. and was perceived by -- as a friend by washington when he did this. and in an attempt to overthrow the bautista regime.
9:35 am
railed on dictators was the communist dictator himself and was in cuba for 50 some years. >> we have seen a tweet from president-elect donald trump, but correct me if i'm wrong here, craig, has he made a statement? where -- where does he stand on relations with the u.s.? >>caller: let's start with president-elect trump. he has not said much on the campaign trail but he said plenty several miami. he took a hard-line position on our relationship with cuba. he railed on the cuban thaw that has mraild out since the end of 2014. and said if elected president, those agreements would change. there is a good bet if donald trump is true to his word we will not see the normalization
9:36 am
in the past several months. in fact it could easily and more likely go the other direction as well particularly if there is thought of the leadership in washington that closing things off once again with cuba may compel more change from within. >> alcides: very interesting to see what will happen here in the coming days. craig, thank you for being with us this saturday morning. we appreciate your perspective on all of this. thanks so much. >>caller: all right, a lot of folks waking up this morning maybe going shopping and so far so good. forecast looking good. right, jim? >> jim: yeah. things not bad. we continue to see scattered clouds working their way over. maybe a cup of showers through the overnight hours that did not amount to much. as you look over downtown tampa, you are seeing mid and high level clouds passing through a very mild start to the day with that temperature right now in tampa at 70
9:37 am
69. winds out of the east-northeast at 7 miles per hour, but at least you are seeing a little more sun. at least breaks in the clouds and a mix of sun and clouds as we go through the afternoon. wider view looking across the gulf of mexico, you do see these clouds stringing across the states in the panhandle. a cold front working its way into the state and that means a little bit of a change as we go through the next day. temperatures ever-so-slightly cooler but really we go through the rest of the weekend. right now we are at 70 degrees. the dew point is at 59. winds are currently out of the north at 8 miles per hour. we are heading to the upper 7 70s. we are also tracking another cold front which looks like it can actually bring us some rain as we head to the middle of next week. i will talk more about that coming up in just a little bit, alcides. >> alcides: jim, thank you. tampa bay honors willie rogers, the oldest surviving
9:38 am
airmen before he died last week. this morning, his family is holding a memorial walk that starts just before 12:00 at the burlington tower in st. petersburg and ends at bethel african methodist church on third avenue. rogers was 101 years old. tributes are pouring in for beloved tv icon mom florence henderson. the actress to made carol brady died. caren mccue has more on that -- not a package. that's okay. people have been mourning her loss on the hollywood walk of fame. barry williams aka greg brady writes, deeply saddened. florence was the most gracious person that i have ever seen. proud to call her mom and a long-life friend. she survived by her four children and four gr grandchildren.
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number. at 81, lieutenant johnny young is the state's oldest corrections deputy. but he is taking weightlifting oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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leasure. you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: johnny young knows how to carry the wait of the world on his shoulders at a lieutenant at the sarasota county sheriff's office his responsibilities are big. not his actual challenge. how much weight can he carry on his shoulders. this lieutenant shows us that he takes weightlifting at a whole new level. >> reporter: at the sarasota county jail, lieutenant johnny young makes sure everything r runs smoothly. before he put on this uniform, he wore a another. he was born in a family of acrobats. the traveled the world per performing for royalty.
9:42 am
he decided to put his acrobatic career at hold and he wanted to try something different and got a job here at the sheriff's office. >> one of my friends said johnny, time for to you come off the road and work for something that you can fall back on. >> reporter: after joining the sheriff's office, he found another calling. a co-worker asked him to lift weights. >> i benched 300 pounds the first time i ever bench and he looked at me and he says, are you telling me the truth that you never benched before in your life. >> reporter: strength to days as an acrobat. he entered competition and won, time after time. >> i get butterflies. i get very nervous because i want to make sure i put the first lift in. . >> reporter: broken records. at 71 he bench pressed 441 pounds. the state's oldest corrections deputy. >> i used to show off, you know, when things were going bad and they found out i could rip phone books, you know. i started ripping yellow pangs
9:43 am
saying youer not mess with lieutenant young because he will tear your head off. >> reporter: at 81, nothing is stopping him. one large medal sitting on his desk proves he is a world champion. he won the title for his age group last week after bench pressing 250 pounds proving that age doesn't mean a thing. >> you got to follow through. you got to keep working at it. >> reporter: in sarasota co county, kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> alcides: lieutenant young is practicing for his next competition. international weightlifting competition and continuing in a whole new category he will lift in the. incredible. if you think you have seen everything at walt disney wo
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now your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 meteorologist jim weber. >> jim: well, after that nice cooldown that we had at the beginning of the week, temperatures have warmed up pretty quickly this week. last couple of days, 83 degrees for that daytime high. the cold front is working its way down the state. it is a weak cold front, so we won't see dramatically cooler temperatures behind this front. a few degrees cooler. the big thing is to help lower
9:47 am
weekend, and then we have another front that is going to be pushing across the southeast with some big thunderstorms. but by the time the front gets down over us, it is going to weaken and it will bring us at least some chances of rain as we get into wednesday and thursday and we certainly need the rain. it is a dry mon. the driest month of the year and this is kind of ridiculous. only .001 of an inch for the are kind of running out of town. right now 70 degrees. dew point at 59. that makes the humidity at 68%. and the winds, they are currently out of the north at 8 miles per hour. we started out with some 50s to the north this morning. brooksville, currently at 65 degrees here in tampa. clearwater boat at 70 in st. petersburg. 69 degrees. bradenton has 72. and seat currently sits at 73 degrees. temperatures running in the 60s throughout much of polk county, just a touch warmer over in
9:48 am
down to 72 degrees. and the dew points which are just to measure the amount of moisture we started out this week with these numbers in the 20s, in the 30s. we are back up into the 60s. that's why you step outside. it doesn't are that cool, cr crisp, refreshing feel to the air. so there is the cold front right now. that will continue to work its way down the state. do you see more cloud cover extending out into the gulf of mexico, so we will have a mix of sun and clouds as we go through the afternoon, that pushes through, we will have the high pressure kind of pushing back in. we will tend to clear the skies out. get back to more sun for tomorrow and lower humidity as well. so mix of sun and clouds for today. front pushes to our south. clears out the skies, and at the same time, here is the next cold front. you can see a lot of storms across much of the deep south, but then as it gets over us, it weakens and gives us at least a chance of that rain toward the middle of next week. partly cloudy and warm
9:49 am
daytime high. clear skies for tonight and low temperatures of 58. 77 lower humidity for tomorrow. winds are out of the northwest at 10 to 15 knots. seas 2 to 3 feet. high tight at 104 this afternoon. the seven-day forecast not bad. and then that chance of rain works its way in as we get into the middle of next week. >> alcides: thank you, jim. have you experienced dumbo, gotten soaked cinderella's castle. by now you think you visited everything that disney has to offer.
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been there, done that .... ah, been there, done that. that is how some flridians feel of visiting disney, but the secret to finding premium experiences at walt disney world. >> reporter: if you are a local disney-phile, you know when to navigate the crowd, get fast passes, the 100 hidden mickey, even the super secret one inside small world [whispering "africa"] more than 90 add-on experiences
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and this woman -- >> somebody has to do this. >> reporter: manage it is all. her name is dotty clean denon are, it is good for repeat guests, you mr. and mrs. local. >> some will come back and say, wow, how can we scratch the surface little deeper. >> reporter: animal kingdom. most of us get smart phone, that is child's play compared to the >> our version of the th three-hour tour. >> reporter: travel along trails, traverse swaying footbridges and adventure across areas of the park. >> gives that you up-close and personal with our zebras and for our strong hippos and those rhinos and you get to spend the time on the savannah. >> you even get african food and beverage. at $189 a person, you better. a slightly more affordable version is called savor the savannah.
9:54 am
platform and a different menu of food including beer and wine from africa. >> you have three guys who are there giving those personal, amazing, quiet stories of what it is like to live in africa. >> reporter: since we live in florida, it would be kind of silly if you never surfed. if that is you typhoon lagoon two and a half hour surf lesson the premium experience you will need. >> whether you are a novice or immediate surfer, a very controlled env >> without the dangers of living in the actual ocean. >> you have to wait for the wave to come, we bring the wave to you. >> reporter: for a cool $165 per person. to magic kingdom, a child's first haircut on main street can be prearranged at the harmony barbershop with this awesome add-on. >> the barbershop quartet will come and sing their song right in front of you. >> reporter: show off the new
9:55 am
adventure cruise. two hours in the morning, kids venture on foot an by sea in search of buried treasure. >> the little tigers that need to talk and walk on the plank. they dress up. it is a lunch experience. >> reporter: it happens along the seven seas lagoon with multiples ports of call for kids age 4-12 and only 34 per child. a great way to make family memories. >> i am m you can't pay enough money for that experience. >> reporter: go grand for booking a luxury yacht sale on board the yacht one. >> now we are getting fans hey. >> reporter: disney's most pampered vip experience. a stunning way to view the fireworks. greet me customizable with private butler service from the grand floridian. about $8 an hour but divide that by as many as 18 people. for something a little more intimate, why not dine with an imagineer.
9:56 am
the curtain of disney and how do they do it. the imagineer such an important one. >> reporter: you can do one with lunch at the brown derby and dinner. what it is like to create the most magical place on earth. prices vary. we scratched the surface on the 90 premium experiences. no this, they come and go and if something grabs your interest, don't del o >> the best part of disney's story. we re-create ourselves every day. >> alcides: what was the last time you have been to disney. >> jim: august. kids love it. >> alcides: do they -- i can't stand it -- i hate to be a grump, but too much walking. entirely too much work. >> jim: it is, but this time of year lower humidity and not quite as bad as temperatures in the next couple of days in the 70s. a cold front headed our way.
9:57 am
>> alcides: all right. keep up to date with all your news all the time by logging on to our web site at follow us on facebook and twitter. >> jim: have a great morning.
9:58 am
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