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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a suspected drunk driver is arrested, after the ?thi >>russell: a suspected drunk driver arrested after a third fatal crash involving a tow truck driver this year. shayla reaves has the latest this investigation. >>laura: the celebrations continue in miami. as exiles call for change on the communist island, one world leader's comments are raising eye prous. >>russell: today is cyber monday and fox 13 is live at the amazon warehouse in ruskin where they are already being flooded with orders. >>jim: a nice start this morning. just some scattered clouds working overhead.
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the lower humidity but the humidity is going to start to work back in as we go through the day. satellite view showing a few scattered clouds, mainly on the eastern side of the state. they continue to work across the state. right now here in tampa, we're at 64 degrees. throughout the interior into the north, mainly temperatures running in the 50s. places like wesley chapel, lakeland at 57 degrees. sarasota at 59 and st. petersburg currently checks in very mild, currently sitting at 65 the day, we're going to warm temperatures up, bring the humidity back, see a bit more in the way of some cloud cover, maybe actually a few stray showers as we go through the afternoon and keep the rain chance at 20% as we go through the afternoon. another cold front will work towards us in the middle of the week and that could give us another chance of rain. time is 6:01. let's check on the morning commute. >>vanessa: a new crash out of
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you can see it is a crash where we have some trees down. we also have some reported power lines in the roadway. this is shutting down 491 at the intersection with mustang boulevard so steer clear of this area. meantime, this crash is carrying over from the last hour with full lane blocks on u.s. 41 so you'll want to avoid 41 totally here at county line road in the spring hill part of that area between hernando and pasco and we'll update you on a couple of in a few minutes. >>laura: this morning, tampa police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a bicyclist and kept going. it happened just before 3:30 yesterday morning. investigators say that a red truck struck the cyclist in a crosswalk. the truck was later found at an apartment complex in clearwater. the victim has not been identified yet. authorities are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >>russell: for the third time
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job. >>laura: and the latest happened early yesterday morning on i-275. this morning troopers say the person responsible is now in custody. fox 13 shayla reaves is live for us at the orient road jail. good morning to you. >>reporter: we can tell you the man behind bars is accused of not only driving drunk but losing control and causing another man to lose his life. we can tell you 30-year-old peres of tampa is expected to face a judge in a few hours. he's facing a charge of d.u.i. manslaughter in connection with a weekend death of 42-year-old danny hand. now, this all unfolded off i-275 south of fowler avenue. according to authorities, the tow truck operator stopped to help a motorist overnight. as he stood on the outside shoulder, the situation took a deadly turn when another car
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hand died and troopers later arrested peres and transported him to the orient road jail. tow truck operator shared this message for all drivers over the weekend. >> please don't drink and drive. you know, call somebody, call a tow truck. we'll bring you home. car and truck. >> people depend on us to make sure they're safe. we only ask for the same respect. danny hand is from new port richey. authorities tell us the car that hit him reportedly struck hand while he was parked on the side of the road with caution lights activated. of course, we'll continue to follow this story and of course, peres, who is going to be facing a judge for the first time on that d.u.i. manslaughter charge in just a few hours. we'll keep you posted on the outcome as soon as those details become available.
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>>russell: this is the third fatal crash involving a tow truck driver this year. just last month, toy mcguire was killed. he was loading a car on the shoulder when troopers say a drunk driver hit him and his truck. that driver, gregory miller, was charged with d.u.i. manslaughter. >>laura: in february, robert peres baroto was killed while helping a person on the side of the road. prosecutors say after the the seminole hard rock casino. >>russell: florida law requires drivers to move over a lane for stopped, emergency, sanitation, service vehicles and wreckers. if you cannot move over, slow to a speed that's 25 miles an hour or less than the posted speed limit. go down to 5 miles an hour when the speed limit is 20 miles an hour or loss.
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ticket is $153. driving truck was the most hazardous occupation last year. pasco county now, troopers arrest a wrong way driver accused of almost hitting multiple drivers head on. investigators say christina gasparini was driving north in the southbound lanes of u.s. 19 around 1:30 yesterday morn according to fhp, she had a strong smell of alcohol on her breath, performed poorly and had an open beer can on the center console. she was arrested after refusing to take a breath test. >>laura: stand your ground law is linked to a sharp increase in killings. researchers looked at data from 1999 to 2014 and found a 24% increase in florida's monthly
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firearms killings. the law protects people who use deadly force in response to a reasonable threat even when escape is an option. >>laura: large crowds continue to gather in little havana to celebrate the death of fidel castro. it's the most famous cuban restaurant has become a popular meeting place for people to dance, cheer and reflect on their own escape from the communist nation. later this week, members of the cuba exile commi castro's death. it will be at the bay of pigs museum on wednesday at 5:00 p.m. now they're preparing for events in havana's revolution square. >>laura: the country is observing nine days of mourning before the burial december 4. all over cuba, flags are at half staff but there's a notable exception. the u.s. embassy. and some say it is disrespectful but embassies are not subject to the dictates of local governments.
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the complex relationship between the u.s. and cuba and america is not alone. france has its flag up, too. >>russell: world leaders continue to react to fidel castro's death, including the canadian prime minister. >>laura: he's defending his controversial comments in which he praszed the dictator calling him a legendary revolutionary. >> the fact is, fidel castro had a deep and lasting impact on the cuban people. he certainly figure and there were significant concerns around human rights. that's something that i'm open about and that i've highlighted. but on the passing of his death, i expressed a statement that highlighted the deep connection between the people of canada and the people of cuba. >>laura: well, u.s. leaders condemned the comments, including senators marco rubio and ted cruz. both are cuban american and call
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he's the only one facing backlash. >> can you hear the crowd immediately letting their feelings known on kaepernick. he was wearing a fidel castro t-shirt. >>russell: 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick booed at the beginning of sunday's name, partly for his protest of the national anthem but also for coming out in support of castro in a conference call last week, two after the game, kaepernick attempted to talk about his remarks. >> i never said i support the oppressive things that he did. >>russell: at the end of the game, by the way, kaepernij got tackled in a play involving a cuban american dolphins
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who play online games get better grades. >>russell: how some local gamers are using their mental advantage to make money. and hillary clinton has joined the recount efforts in wisconsin. why even her supporters say it won't change the outcome of the election. >>jim: we're off to a mild start. we have a few scattered clouds working over us but we'll see an increase in the clouds as the humidity is returning and also looks like showers as we get into the degrees. light and variable winds at five miles an hour and the humidity
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taking a break from toy-building, santa claus was spotted skating >>laura: taking a little break from toy building, santa claus was found skating around the ice at rockefeller center. look at that. surprisingly nimble. old saint nick took some time to help others right their own movies and scripted selfies. >>russell: this is his last break before he has to get really busy.
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look at that. >>russell: bretty impressive. >>jim: i didn't realize he had such moves. >>russell: what are you talking about? of course he has moves. it's santa claus. >>jim: i guess it makes sense that he could ice skate with all the snow and the ice. you just don't think of that. >>russell: i'll give you that. you don't think of him ice skating. >>jim: you think of him as eating cookies. that's what i think of. and how he gets down that the weekend not bad. we kind of cool things down, dry things out yesterday. now the winds switch around and we're bringing the humidity back starting today. we bring clouds, maybe even a couple of sprinkles as we go through the afternoon. we do have a couple of chances of rain maybe this afternoon, a couple of quick little showers possible and then have a cold front later in the week. ths front is really going to struggle. it's going to kind of run out of
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here and that will bring us a slightly better chance of some rain. but do you know what? we really need the rain. so far this month, which is our driest month of the year, but we've only had a measly .01 inch of rain. that was back on november 9 so it's been awhile and it's really been pretty dry, even for our standards heading into the dry season. so satellite view over the state, we're picking up a little more cloud cover over on the those winds turning, that will help to bring some that far across the state and we'll have a decent amount of sun and then a bit more cloud cover working in during the afternoon. outside right now, we're at 64. the dew points still pretty comfortable at 53. humidity at 67%. a light and variable winds here in tampa at five miles an hour but most check points picking up an easterly flow so we're not tapping the cooler and drier air
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it's that more moderate air that will be working through the state as we go through the state. 64 here in tampa. to the north, yesterday we had temperatures in the 40s to start the day. now you're at 58 up in brooksville, crystal river is 54 degrees. pretty minor along the coastline. down in sarasota, a little bit cooler at 59. and mainly throughout the interior we're looking at temperatures in the 50s and most areas running two, four degrees warmer compared to this time trend. that's because we're on the back side of the high, pumping moisture right back in. you can see lots of showers and strong storms through the middle of country as well. this front here is going to be working across the southeast. initially some big storms with it but then it drys up as it moves onto the east. front doesn't quite make it here. eventually we get the area of
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as long it. we'll get an extra kick that pushes it over us as we get into thursday and that will be our next chance of seeing rain towards the middle and second half of the week. for today, just an increase in clouds, maybe a stray shower during the afternoon. daytime high of 81 degrees. scattered clouds, a mild night with a low temperature of 66 degrees. mix of sun and clouds for tomorrow. that humidity continues to increase. daytime high back up to 83 degrees. now on the water, those winds are south as we get into the afternoon. seas two to three feet. moderate chop on the bay, high tide at 2:31 this afternoon and the seven-day forecast continues nah warming trend over the next couple of days. 20% chance of a stray shower for this afternoon. with the front, may see another chance of some rain as we get into thursday and just ever so slightly cooler as we get into next weekend. time now is 6:17 and so far, the roads have been quiet.
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lane blockage now. this one is working in the venice area. it's a crash reported that the intersection is blocked by emergency vehicles. water main break still closing george road between memorial and olympia. this is in the town 'n' country area, hearing the lanes could clear by tuesday, close of business. work around here will be eisenhower. >>russell: gun h t new orleans, the french quarter. two men, eight men, none appear to have been targeted. they were caught in a cross fire as two men started shooting each oerp. detectives are combing through surveillance footage to get a clear look at the shooters. >>laura: thee people were hospitalized after a man crashed into the wall of a burlington coat factory in vegas. a 61-year-old woman was parking just before the crash.
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to be okay. driver has not been charged. >>russell: president elect trump is back in new york after spending thanksgiving in florida. here he is sporting his signature make america great again hat as he left his estate in west palm beach. the transition team said that mr. trump is scheduled to meet with several administrative hires throughout the day. secretary of state is one of the key positions he has yet to fill. >>laura: hillary clinton officially joined the fight to revisit voting totals in effort is led by green party candidate jill stein. she's pushing back -- trump is pushing back, saying it's a scam. >> we'll see what happens. it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody else think there are going to be profound changes. we'll see what happens. >>laura: representatives will monitor the count as well as lawyers to represent them in
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many >>russell: so when you leave for the holidays, do you ever wish you had a guardian angel watching over your house and stuff? >>laura: see a new company's take on the guard dog of the future. and if you felt a disturbance in the force this morning, this is why. star wars tickets are officially on sale and they could be on
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look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. the award-winning geico app.
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>laura: 6:23 and time to see what's clicking on the web. >>walter: happy to be back. because of her love for jolly old saint nick. this one, this is 1-year-old kya and her favorite toy is a stuffed santa claus. she's obsessed with it. so when her family saw an ad for pet photos at the mall, there you go. hopped in the car and went. look how happy she is to be sitting on santa's lap. happy the dog wasn't biting
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chew toy. folks heading home for thanksgiving was greeted to new employees at the airport. they're robots and they give directions. they even take selfies. they're even programmed to flirt, wink and play games. the idea is to offer travellers a little something extra, similar robots have been deployed at malls around the world. so there you go. it's the future. all right. >>russell: looks like the maid from the jetsons. >>walter: it does. >>russell: what was her name? rosy. >>laura: wow. >>walter: this is chris norman show with a little star wars flavor. a great disturbance in the force as if millions of fans hitting refresh over and over again. tickets for rogue one went on
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ticket sites and we'll find out how the rebels stole the plans to the death star when rogue one hits theaters december 16. i'll see it. >>russell: we all will. >>walter: we all will. >>laura: thaup, walter. have your phone on the ready. cyber monday. >>russell: really? >>laura: when all the best deals are online today. >>russell: ever wonder what checkout button? ken is in ruskin to find out. what's going on there? >>reporter: i heard about star wars before. you can be the first on the block to have the cool new helmet. storm trooper, can you hear me? when it's on it, it changes your voice to be a storm trooper. this might be it. it's $56.99. lots of other things here. hundreds of things on sale.
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hand-dipped, with real milk, is the only way to make a milkshake. you can't trust machines. now, how come? once, i got a machine-made shake from some other place, and it clanked and clunked and spit out a glop into my glass. artificial turf? what? no. powder! what? powder! chowder? (announcer) get half-price holiday milkshakes between 2 and 5 during happy hour.
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>>laura: the odessa area, we're following reports of structure fire at the silver dollar ranch. this appears to be at a mobile home of intersection of gulf vista and silver dollar drive. we don't have any reports of injuries right now, but we're till waiting for updated information from the hillsborough county fire rescue, including an update from a spokesperson which we're hearing from the fire rescue is heading to the scene right now so more on this to come. you can see as far as the traffic impact, there's not a huge impact on the roadways since it isn't a residential
6:30 am
in pinellas along 275. this is northbound at 38th avenue north. this will be causing some hiccups on the roadways, i would think. it's already slow here. left lane appears to be blocked. no other lanes affected. make sure you're planning a few extra minutes headed this way. meantime, rest of the major roadways are looking clear, including 275 as you make your way from the tampa side of the howard frankland up to i-4. 75 northbound getting the green light. westbound eastern hillsborough county area. jim? >>jim: nice, mild start. we've had temperatures all over the place the last few days. cooler morning yesterday with the front pushing through. now the temperatures coming right back up as those winds are switching around more towards the south, warming us up during the afternoon. some predawn light looking along bayshore boulevard. lots of clear skies. as we go through the day, we'll continue to see an increase in these clouds, satellite view showing a few more clouds on the
6:31 am
still, at least the first half of the day looks nice. some 50s to the north and throughout the interior. 59 for sarasota and down to venice and st. petersburg pretty mild right now. currently sitting at 65 degrees. so as we go through the day, we bring back the humidity, some clouds and maybe even a stray shower as we get into the mid to late afternoon hours. >>laura: all right. thank you. for the hundreds of thousands of children born to cuban exiles, some generations removed from the island, fidel castro's death opens up the world. american airlines will launch regularly scheduled flights from miami to havana. southwest airlines will begin flights from tampa next month. >>russell: a week after a man's body was found in a dumpster,
6:32 am
and d.n.a. linking watkins to the crime. police say he admitted to being in the area but denies knowing anything about that murder. >>laura: and an 82-year-old woman is recovering from a surgery after pasco deputies say a shoplifter ran into her. this happened in trinity. cameron conca stole several hundreds dollars' worth of items and knocked down the woman going out the door. the woman's family holiday shopping season officially kicked off between sunday and black friday, more than 154 million people did some sort of shopping. according to the national retail federation, the average consumer spent $290 over the four-day weekend. that's down 3 1/2% largely due to discounts and it's just getting started. >>russell: today is cyber monday
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never at work. ken is live at the amazon fulfillment center. have you seen any packages down there yet? >>reporter: i would have no idea if your packages are here or not. there's a way to track that and it's a pretty cheap way to track that. you have a little gadget here. russell was asking, how do we know if our packages are coming in? we want them here before christmas and we're all excited. how do you do that let me introduce you to the family of alexa products. here you have the amazon echo, the amazon tap and the echo dot. this is kind of the entry point. this is 39.99 and you think of alexa as your best friend or your personal assistant. it's hands-free, you can do almost anything with her. you can say, alexa, where are my
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that's what i've been doing with the holiday cooking. i don't have time to go set an alarm on my phone or set something on my watch. you can even -- let's say you're tired and don't want to cook. alexa, order me a pizza. if you ordered from pizza hut before, she'll order you a pizza. >>reporter: it will give you news updates, weather updates. >> yes. i mean, new skills added every day. and i'm so the echo but i'm actually buying my husband hold a dot today so i can bring her into the bedroom as well. >>reporter: how much is a dot? >> $39.99. >>reporter: so why would you need the other products? why are they different than this? >> yeah. so for me, i love having alexa in multiple rooms. i have the echo in my kitchen. again, i use it for timers and for ordering, checking on my packages and then the dot i plan
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table. i can have her read me the news. i can set an alarm. i don't have to have my phone next to the bed anymore. >>reporter: this is a matter of ease, right? you could bring one into the next room and such. >> yes. but why would i want to carry -- every time i go to sleep? for me $39.99 i'm just going to buy another little one for my room. >>reporter: and a picnic in the back, get this one and you can actually move it outside the house. so there you go. we have lots of other stuff coming up. some stuff that i think about. we're going to argue on television about why do we need this stuff? we'll check it out and see what you have to say about it. >>laura: all right. thank you. >>russell: our bucs are on a roll. three in a row. bucs were firing on all cylinders yesterday. jameis winston threw a pair of touchdown passes to mike evans. they beat the first place seahawks 14- 5 on sunday.
6:36 am
a half game out of a wild card spot. zoom you guys win! crowd was awesome. i think whatever that nickname you guys have, it's not my nickname so don't put it on me but whatever you call it, i think we can put it to bed. the fans were fantastc. that place was rocking. i was trying to talk to guys on the field and it was a waste of your breath because they couldn't hear a word saying. >>russell: next week the bucs play the chargers. >>laura: go bucs. and how about this? for the first time in school history, the usf bulls finish the regular season with an impressive 10 wins and they ended strong, too, beating ucf in the war on i-4. if that wasn't enough, the team has tracked into the associated press top 25 for the first time since 2011. bulls are tied at 24 with pittsburgh.
6:37 am
>>russell: not all good news. bad day in boston for the bolts. bruins only allowed one goal. lightning have lost three of the past four. two in a row. tomorrow the bolts head to columbus to face former bolts coach john tortorela and the blue jackets. >>laura: don't listen to the song. it's not really beginning to look a lot like christmas. not at all. >>russell: it felt like it for about three hou >>laura: just long enough to tease you. >>russell: coming up, jim has a look at the forecast and disney animated tale set in the south pacific heats up the box office.
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i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >>vanessa: we're following a
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a mobile home fire in the silver dollar ranch community. we're getting an update from hillsborough fire rescue that one person has been transported to the hospital so at least one confirmed injury in this structure fire. you can still see we have a lot of smoke that is pouring from the building and from what we can tell from this angle, some heavy roof damage. we do have a crew headed to the scene. shayla reaves will be there shortly and she'll update us on anything happening in the area. we'll get you a live rep meantime, some concerns on the roadways. we have citrus county sheriff tweeting this picture out. it's yet another crash involving downed power lines. appears as though it's happening in hernando. they're taking this over and sending pictures out so this is happening at parsons point. it's on the eastern dead-end of the area and you can see you have -- looks like a pole down and some lines down so they're asking folks to avoid this area.
6:42 am
>>jim: temperatures have been all over the place this weekend. we've had some warm days, we've had cooler weather yesterday morning with lower humidity. right now here in tampa, we're at 64 degrees. lots of clear skies right now, but we will start to see more clouds working their way in as we go through much of the afternoon. 62 in south tampa. winds are currently out of the east-southeast and we'll that are over on the eastern side of the state slowly working their way back. the winds are turning more towards an easterly direction, eventually towards the south so that nice, crisp, refreshing air we had yesterday, that's going away as humidity starts to work in as well. outside right now, we're at 64 degrees. dew point not bad. right now at 53. still feels pretty comfortable outside with that humidity at 67% and light and variable winds right now about five miles an
6:43 am
interior. lakeland, bartow, both at 57. bradenton has a 61. down in sarasota, and venice, both at 59 degrees. 64 here in tampa. new port richey has a 57. in brooksville, pretty mild at 58 degrees. and the dew points, generally running in the mid 50s. upper 50s along the coastline but with the winds turning towards the south, we bring that moisture back and it's going to come back pretty quickly as we go through today, we're back up into the mid 60s heading towards the upper so it changes pretty quickly from that nice, refreshing air we had yesterday, a mild start this morning to it's starting to feel a little more particulary by the time we get into tonight heading into tomorrow. reason why is that ridge of high pressure, the high, that is now working its way off the east coast. we're on the back side of the high. that means the winds coming back out of the south, out ahead of the next cold front. this front is slicing right through the middle of the
6:44 am
now through texas into oklahoma, working into arkansas and more storms through indiana moving up into the great lakes states as well. this front here is going to continue to push on towards the east but as it does so, it's just going to basically run out of gas. now, we will continue to see some big storms for this afternoon across much of the south where we're looking at an increase in clouds, maybe a stray shower during the late afternoon hours but notice how the front runs out of gas. you see moisture goes eventually you get an area of low pressure that rides along the front. that will tend to kind of drag this front through here as we get into thursday and that will be the next chance of seeing some rain. at this point, probably about a 30% chance of some rain with that front on thursday. for today, an increase in the clouds as we go through the afternoon. maybe a stray shower there as well. daytime high of 81 degrees. for tonight scattered clouds, a little temperature of 66. for tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds. a little more humid as well. that daytime high of 83 degrees.
6:45 am
seas two to three feet. high tide at 2:31 this afternoon. seven-day forecast continues that warmin trend the next couple of days, 20% chance of a stray shower for this afternoon. up to a 30% chance by thursday and just ever so slightly cooler as we go into next weekend. >>russell: thank you. 6:45 right now. moana sailed to the top spot of the box office in a big way. animated film made $8 fantastic beasts and where to find them, second place, $66 million. dr. strange, allied and arrival round out the top five. moana is now the second highest grossing animated film to open over thanksgiving. falls just short of "frozen" which made its debut in 2013. it went on to make more than $400 million at the box office. disney now owns nine of the 10
6:46 am
time. that's impressive. and now it is time to check in with our friend charley belcher. i haven't seen you in a few days. what's going on, man? >>charley: yes. hello. hope you had a happy thanksgiving. i enjoyed thanksgiving morning watching "good day" and seeing you work while i was sitting at home with my feet up with my coffee. >>russell: good for you. >>charley: good for you. good job. >>russell: you've been somewhere. >>charley: town. my wife and i had never seen an away game of any of our favorite teams so earlier this year, we thought we would check out the appalachian state football schedule where my wonderful alma mater and it turns out they were playing new mexico state the last game of the season. my wife is the skween of finding bargains online. she found some cheap tickets from southwest and we said, what the heck? we're off on friday anyway.
6:47 am
mexico and watched my appalachian state mountaineers beat new mexico state and clinch a sun belt title at the same time. they mied end up having to share that title but it doesn't matter. all our players get a ring. it was very exciting to be there for that. we came home yesterday. >>russell: it's pretty, isn't it? >>charley: it's interesting. when you travel, and i know travel can be expensive, when you do get out and you see different parts of this country and how different, different parts of this country really are, you understand why it's tough for us all to get on the same page about everything. what they carry about in el paso, texas might be very different than tampa, florida and certainly south tampa from north tampa. it was very interesting to sand in el paso and see mexico and see the fence there now and talk
6:48 am
there. i find it fascinating. and the landscape, so different from anything else. interesting. interesting part of the country. mexico is beautiful. it's nice. i'm all in about christmas. >>russell: i can see. >>charley: the turkey is done. now i can get in the christmas spirit. we were at robert's christmas wonderland. we love coming here. gulf to bay, clearwater, from trees to wreaths to decorations to lights, we got it for you this morning. we'll get you in the cis all. >>russell: glad our back. missed you. see you later. thanks. >>laura: we got a look at the hustle and bustle in the amazon fulfillment center. the one item that was in a lot of people's shopping carts. >>russell: and tell mom she's wrong the next time she says video games are rotting your brain. according to a new study, they
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>>russell: all right. this may be the best reason to call in sick today. no one is getting anything done on their computers because -- well, they're getting a lot done. it's just not work. it's cyber monday.
6:52 am
>>laura: from the fox business network studios, we'll talk to luren simonetti. good morning. >> i'm not impressed with the cyber monday deals. >>russell: nothing yet? >> no. i'm seeing the same or similar to what i've seen last week for what i'm calling cyber week. and if you look at black friday, we had 3.3 billion dollars. a third of that happened from the computer. it's interesting that today is officially the day you shop on the computer. we're going to shop. 122 million of us are going to shop with our finger tips. some stores are having surprise deal. target would be one of them. doen know what it is. you have to start shopping to find out. amazon is doing a week of deals. we have to talk about the most watched deal is the mermaid tail blanket. have you heard of this? you step into it. girls are loving it. it goes up to your shoulders. if you want a vacation, there's
6:53 am
so there are deals to be had this cyber monday. for me, i haven't seen anything much different than what i saw last week. >>russell: all these -- certain sites that you normally shop at are like oh, look at our big black friday deals. >>laura: it's a deal just the same. >>russell: it is a deal. just the same deal. >>laura: our expectations have gotten so high. >> we want stuff period. >>russell: 50% is not enough. give me 75. let's talk about this startup company and a way to protect your stuff and to protect your house. it's kind of cool what you discovered. >> it's another use for a drone. so basically it's a drone in conjunction with a series of smart lights around your property and the startup, which is called the sunflower home awareness has this way to
6:54 am
the system knows the mailman is going to deliver the mail. the fed ex guy is going to deliver packages and they're going to linger a little bit and then leave. they drop and leave. so it will know that that's normal. you shouldn't be alarmed. but it will also kind of find out when someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing and they give you an alert on the smart phone. >>russell: that's very, very cool. i hope this works. >> agreed. >>russell:ev b bye. >>laura: mom and dad might change their mind how they feel about video games. >>russell: kids who play online games get better grades and can even make a living doing it. tom johnson shows us how.
6:55 am
online video games for a living. >> $20. he said, look, ma. i'm on tv. >> and people all over the world watch and interact with him while he does. >> it's kind of like a mixture of talk radio, a podcast and playing. >> that's why there are advertisers who pay as they play and a subscriber base, too. it works at a streamer house. he has other gamers like crusaders. jesus and ezekier do the same thing. working and living out of this lakeland, florida house. >> it's like a community. you can find other people to play with. they can play with us. >> the perception of game he weres has changed a bit over the years. after all, the industry made more than $20 billion last year in the u.s. alone. still, every one of these guys at streamer house remembers at some point in their lives being
6:56 am
good for them. >> i think there was a stigma against them thinking if you play too much video games, you're going to grow up and be a loser. >> this study of 12,000, 15-year-olds find that students who play online video games almost every day tend to get better math, reading and science scores. >> we're starting to see studies rise more and more. >> ron is with ucf's florida interactive entertainment acad shows online video games give kids a good mental workout. >> there's all kinds of critical analysis that has to occur to be a good player at these games. >> and all the quick thinking that goes on while you're playing essentially makes brain stronger. >> i haven't explored these areas in so long. >> his own interest in online gaming -- glue where is the bad guy snz -- guys?
6:57 am
>> on thousands of people's screens worldwide and, he says, did exactly what the study shows. >> i am like the smartest person out there so it definitely -- it's definitely true in my case. >>laura: nothing wrong with a little confidence. >>russell: a little? >>laura: don't go away. a lot more ahead, including the latest on the house fire in odessa that we're watching. >>russ find out how to avoid talking politics during the holidays. >>jim: yeah. we have a pretty nice start this morning. we're seeing a lot of clear skies right now. 62 degrees along the bayshore boulevard. as we go through the afternoon, we're going to start to see more clouds moving in, that humidity coming back up and we might even actually see a stray shower as we go through the afternoon. i'll have more on that coming up
6:58 am
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(russell- happening right now, firefighters on the >>russell: firefighters at the scene of a house fire, at least one person is taken to the hospital. somebody else may be trapped inside. >> recounts may soon be und i'm doug in washington. we'll have more coming up. >>laura: and shopping without ever leaving the comfort of home. it's cyber monday and this is the nutrition and retailers are offering big discounts. maybe not particularly today as we heard from lauren simonetti. but deals just the samement welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." >>russell: we have a lot ahead. let's start with the weather and jim weber who is in for dave.


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