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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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(russell- happening right now, firefighters on the >>russell: firefighters at the scene of a house fire, at least one person is taken to the hospital. somebody else may be trapped inside. >> recounts may soon be und i'm doug in washington. we'll have more coming up. >>laura: and shopping without ever leaving the comfort of home. it's cyber monday and this is the nutrition and retailers are offering big discounts. maybe not particularly today as we heard from lauren simonetti. but deals just the samement welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." >>russell: we have a lot ahead. let's start with the weather and jim weber who is in for dave.
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happy until they give us what we're trying to buy. that's the kind of deals we want. 63 degrees right now. dew point at 53. so still pretty comfortable with the humidity at 70%. winds are currently out of the east-northeast at seven miles an how were. we'll see an increase in clouds. winds are turning to come more of a southerly direction. that will pump the moisture right back over so that humidity is going to be heading up. we're going to see more clouds and maybe even a couple of stray showers as we go into the m with all of that, it's still going to be warm. we're looking at daytime highs in the lower 80s for today. maybe another chance of some rain later in the week. we'll talk about that in a little bit. time right now is 7:01. let's check on the morning commute. >>vanessa: good morning. good news is that earlier incident we were following in pinellas was reported as a crash and disabled vehicle. nevertheless, it's gone. it was in the left lane northbound here on the interstate near 38th avenue north and we're not seeing any
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now in pinellas county. meantime, we have a second structure fire that's reported in the clearwater area. it's reported in the 1200 block of missouri so it's missouri south of court street. we haven't had any word of lane blocks but we're seeing some very heavy delays on the back side of the building where it runs along mlk avenue so i would avoid that area. mlk is where we're seeing the big impacts from the structure fire. crash reported in brandon here, state road 60 at i-75. westboun reported here. good news is there's no delays. >>laura: all right. thank you. let's get back to this developing story out of odessa this morning. a house fire at the silver dollar ranch. firefighter vbz there for about an hour. we know at least one person has been taken to the hospital. we do not know their condition just yet. we're waiting for sky fox to get back over the scene. somebody else may be trapped inside. we have a crew on the way and we'll let you know if there are any updates.
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tow truck driver was hit while working on the side of the interstate. >>russell: the latest happened yesterday on i-275. shayla reaves went to the orient road jail. voip he's accused of driving drunk, losing control and causing another man to lose his life n. a few hours, 30-year-old perez of tampa is expected to appear before a judge after a sunday arrest for d.u.i. manslaughter. this all started off i-275 south authorities say 42-year-old tow truck operator danny ray hand stopped to help a motorist yoert -- overnight. another car left the road and struck him. hand died from his injuries at the scene. troopers later arrested pere sfwl and transported him to the orient road jail. a tow truck operator shared this message for all drivers after hand's death.
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there and try to explain to the world something as simple as not driving when you're drunk. something as simple as paying attention. >>reporter: tow truck operator danny hand is from new port richey. he was struck while parked on the side of the road with caution lights activated. florida's move over law requires drivers to move over a lane or slow down 20 miles per hour if they are approaching an emer lights. we're going to ton follow this story as perez makes his first appearance before a judge later this morning. reporting here in hillsborough county at the orient road jail, shayla reaves, fox 13 news. >>russell: also developing this morning, the search for a wrong way driver in tampa. police are looking for a person who hit a bicyclist and then kept going. the victim died. officers found a truck at an apartment complex in clearwater
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arrests. inn anything about the accident, you're asked to call crime stoppers. >>laura: and troopers in pasco county stop a wrong way driver. christina was driving north in the southbound lanes of u.s. 19 about 1:30 yesterday morning. and they say they could smell alcohol on her breath and she did poorly on the field sobriety test. she would not take the breath test. we're told she nearly hit several vehicles head on. >>russell: also an accused shoplifter who broke the a 82-year-old woman when was trying to get away. cameron canca turned himself in. the victim's family says she had to get surgery after the collision. conca faces multiple charges. >>laura: cubans will gather in the streets about 9:00 this morning to pay respects to former president fidel castro. >>russell: there will be simultaneous 21 gun salutes in
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schools and government offices will be closed today. fidel castro died friday night. he was 90 years olds. cuban americans in miami have been celebrating. many of them are victims of his communist regime before leaving cuba. some had to leave family behind in order to escape. they came to this country with hatred for fidel castro and many are hoping his death will bring change back home. and actor andy garcia is one of those hoping for change. the u.s. in the 1960s. he said i pray for what i've always prayed for, the restoration of our constitution and absolute freedom for the people of cuba. he goes on to say, the dream is very much alive. that fight is very much alive. let the spirit of dr. martin luther king, junior show us the way. singer gloria estefan whose family fled after the revolution posted this message. although the death of a human
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celeb celebration. >>laura: prime minister of canada is catching some flack for praising castro, calling him remarkable and a larger lan life leader who served his people. marco rubio sent out a tweet that says is this a real statement or a parity? if this is the p.h. of canada, it's embarrassing. >> the fact is, fidel castro had a deep and lasting impact on the cuban people. he certainly was -- he certainly was a polarizing figure and there were significant concerns around human rights. that's something that i'm open
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>> immediately letting their feelings known on colin kaepernick, there was a huge story this week about him wearing a fidel castro t-shirt. >>russell: colin kaepernick heard a lot of boos from fans in miami yesterday because of a t-shirt he had worn in august depicting a meeting between fidel castro and malcolm x. he was asked about that after yesterday's game. >> what i said was, i agree with education. i also agree with the investment in free universal health care as well as the involvement in helping end apartheid in south africa. i would hope that everybody
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narrative that i was a supporter of the oppressive things that he did is just not true. >>russell: well, kaepernick had a chance to tie the game yesterday. he didn't make it. dolphins player who tackled him was alonso. his father was born in cuba and fled the castro regime. >>laura: it's 7:09 happier football news, five games left for the bucs and they have a chance to make the playoffs. let's get straight to walter allen. >>walter: playoffs? there's something we haven't been able to say for the past few years. bucs beat the saw hawks 14-5. bucs got all the points early. two first quarter touchdown passes. it was the first time since last december that seattle was trailing at a game by more than seven points. evans had another great game,
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catches, became only the fourth player in nfl history with 1,000 yards in each of his first three seasons. no wonder winston loves throwing him the football. >> i always throw mike the ball and always talk about he my supe star. he just played amazing game today. and that's just the type of guy he is. that's the type of player he is. thank me in the situation to give him the ball. >>walter: eight catches. bucs defense dominate from start to finish. they never let seahawks quarterback wilson get into any kind of a rhythm. one of those interceptions from the bucs was verner. he was seen crying on the sideline a few minutes later. he was playing a couple of days
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he told reporters after the game, quote, i just knew what his response would have been. he would have been smiling, would have been very, very proud. i was definitely thinking about him and how he would have been reacting. bucs have won three games in a row since their last to atlanta. they still trail the falcons by one game. bucs are a game ahead of the saints and now two games ahead of the panthers who lost to the raiders in overtime. on the next half hour, our biggest buccaneer fans that we know, you know him, too. charley belcher. we'll talk live with him in the next half hour. >>laura: yeah. a lot of good football news, too. how about this? a new college football poll is out and the bulls are number 24 in the a.p. poll. 23 in the coaches poll. they're celebrating the first 10 win football season. they didn't make it to the
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as far as the top four teams in the polls, alabama is still number one. ohio state stays at number two after a double overtime win against michigan. that was a heart attack inducing finish, right? clemson climbs to third and washington is number four. >>russell: certainly one of the topics you should not discuss around family and friends during the holidays. coming up, how to avoid politics. >>laura: and then a muddy mess. days of heavy rain are causing catastrophe overseas. the drone video that shows the aftermath. >>jim: and we're waking up to really a beautiful start this morning. we're seeing lots of clear skies. nice, mild temperatures. a few over lakeland right now, beautiful looking sunrise. winds are coming out of the east at five miles an hour. 57 degrees. most areas sitting in the 60s. it's going to be a mild start and a warm finish with an increase in clouds, maybe even a couple of showers later on this
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have been all over the place with cold fronts coming through, drops humidity. had a nice day yesterday, a little cooler and certainly lower humidity. now the winds are switching around. the humidity is coming right back for this afternoon. we're also going to bring the clouds back and maybe a couple of showers as we go through the afternoon. rain chance still pretty small for today, 20% chance at best so we're going to have a couple of rain chances today and then we have a cold front which will be workin the time we get into thursday. that will give us maybe a 30% chance so they're small but the rain chances are in there. we need the rain. so far this month, our driest month of the year, but this is ridiculous. we've only had .01 inch of rain the entire month of november. that was back on november 9 we actually had that .01 inch of rain. 63 outside right now. dew point still pretty
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50s. humidity at 70% and right now winds are out of the east-northeast at seven miles an hour. we're starting out mild across the area this morning. 54 in brandon. wesley chapel has a 56. brooksville, 57. some 60s along the coastline. clearwater is 63. head down to sarasota, down into venice, both sitting currently at 59 degrees. lakeland, winter haven, all at 57 degrees. now, the comfortable right now, sitting in the 50s but as that wind switches around more towards the south, there's a dew point climbing. when these nubers get up to the 60s, starts to feel a little more sticky and by tomorrow afternoon, heading into the evening, we're actually heading to the upper 60s so that's how it's going to feel a bit more stucky outside as we go through the next several days and warming things up. that ridge of high pressure, that is moving out so we're on the back side of the high.
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this front is going to struggle. there's a lot of storms with it right now but as it works onto the east, it will start to kind of run out of gas and probably going to struggle to move through here. for today, increasing clouds, maybe a stray shower during the afternoon. daytime high of 81 degrees. then for tonight, scattered clouds, low temperature down to 66 degrees. for tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds. daytime high of 83 a little bit of a dry throat there. winds out of the south at 15 knots. seas two to three feet. moderate chop on the bay, seven- day forecast, rain chance up to 30% as we get into thursday. >>vanessa: thank you. right now we want to get to something else that might be an area to avoid. this is according to the citrus county sheriff's office. they're investigating a suspicious death and they are
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which is -- they're saying it's in crystal river. sun ripe loop, they want folks to avoid this. this is north of gulf to lake highway, a little northwest of west norvel bryant highway. what we're hearing is that this was originally dispatched as a brush fire but when they got to the area, they found there was a vehicle there that was fully in flames and there was a body inside that so they're asking folks to avoid this. sun ripe loop, crystal river. we'll get to other concerns on the roadways. water main break is closing george road at least until close of business tomorrow. that's going to be shut down between memorial highway and olympia avenue. your work around is likely going to be your best one here, eisenhower boulevard and you'll avoid that as i mentioned until the end of business tuesday. north end of the howard frankland bridge, northbound direction looking slow as we typically see this morning but
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report here. it's eight minutes across the water heading into tampa. looks like a lot of slower speeds are going to be westbound on i-4, buchman to 75 taking 23 minutes. >>laura: it's back to work today after a long holiday weekend for a lot of you. about 49 million americans made a trip of 50 miles or more. thanksgiving is not the busiest holiday for airlines. that traditionally falls on christmas and new year's eve. thanksgiving weekend is second. and memorial weekend is fifth followed by labor day weekend. >>russell: can you guess which christmas song has the most downloads? >>laura: not your normal house pet. a family living with a deer. why they don't have to worry about anyone taking it away. first, charley belcher. welcome back. >>charley: thank you very much. hope you guys had a very nice weekend. i'm getting you ready for christmas now. it's official.
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right. it's the christmas season now. we're at roberts christmas wonderland in clearwater on gulf to bay and i'm hanging in the sports section. look at all the different christmas decorations for all the different sports, basketball and hockey and baseball and football. and we're going to talk about those buccaneers in a little bit when "good day tampa bay"
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((laura welcome back to good day tampa >>laura: welcome back. time right now is 7:24. police in new orleans are looking at surveilnc after a deadly shooting in the french quarter. >>russell: two men got into a shootout during a fight. left one person dead, nine others hurt. two women and eight men were innocent victims caught in the cross fire. >>laura: this is heartbreaking to see video of a drone shows a mudslide in the italian village. pretty much everyone had left tone but they won't find much when they return. heavy rain fell during the past
7:25 am
at least two people are dead, three others missing and more bad weather is in the forecast. >>russell: cubs pay nearly $400,000 to repair damage done during the team's victory celebration. that damage filled grant park over november 4. they were wait ag long time to celebrate. cubs have not won a world series in 108 years. >>laura: and someone has a powerball ticket worth nearly $421 million. all we know is that the ticket for saturday night's drawing was sold in lafayette, tennessee, that's about 60 miles northeast of nashville. winner has six months to claim the prize. this is the first powerball winner since mid september. >>russell: most of us like dogs or cats. in russia, a young deer has become a member of the family after they found the animal hurt
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russian law requires wild animals live in a natural habitat. they made an exception in this case. family gave her the name mila. she has the run of the house and plenty of kids to play with. so there. hey, jim. >>jim: that's pretty cool right there. i love that. we're waking up to a beautiful morning. take a l from the usf marine science center. almost looks like a painting, a gorgeous looking view. very mild. winds have turned to the east. we're not bringing down any more cool air. we're going to moderate the temperatures and bring more clouds and maybe even a stray shower as we go through the afternoon. elsewhere, i have some 50s to the north in brooksville, 57. wesley chapel is 56. here in tampa, 63 degrees. we're heading towards the 80s once again for this afternoon. >>vanessa: all right.
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he will as county looking at a crash that's eastbound on curlew before you get to 19 and it looks like we do have some paint spilled in the roadway and two of those left lanes are blocked so just a single lane is passing. some single lanes as you might suspect are going to be here in the area so make sure you're planning a few extra minutes out the door. take tampa road instead. this is eastbound curlew before you get to 19. no big complaints here. this is a live look at polk county. i-4 in the area of state road 33, everything is t and like i mentioned, you'll be pretty clear as far as crashes and what not as you head in towards the tampa area. >>russell: well, don't cause a family feud. coming up, how to avoid the subject of politics during the holidays. >>laura: if you can. but first, a busy place to work. ken is there. it's a company changing the way we shop, the way we live. he's at amazon this morning. >>reporter: we're at the fulfillment center in ruskin.
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(laura- retailers didn't have the type of weekend they were hoping for. sales during the >>laura: retailers did not have the sales they were hoping for. sales are down 3 1/2% from a year ago. 99 million people went to stores to shop. brick and mortar. 108 million did it online. >>russell: today is cyber monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year. it's been around for a little more than a decade.
7:32 am
become an international marketing term by online retailers around this world and best buy, wal-mart, target and amazon are among the retailers offering the biggest discounts. all this online shopping the past few days means a lot of shipping. >>laura: ken is at the amazon fulfillment center in ruskin. that's a family way of saying where the magic happens. hey, ken. >>reporter: there are lots and lots of sales every day at amazon but last year, it was 54 amazon. this year they're expecting more and that breaks down to 629 items every second. we're talking about a lot of stuff going out. we want to tell you about some of the hottest items. let's go to stephanie rose. tell me, back in the day when i had little kids, i bought an emlo but it was a stuffed animal. now he does all kinds of cool stuff that is educational. show us new and improved elmo.
7:33 am
what's great and makes elmo different, it comes with an app for your smart phone so the parent can open the app and enter their kids' age and their interests so it will actually customize the conversation and the responses that elmo suggests for the kids based on age and interest. >>reporter: you can hold on to it longer. when they're three years old, you can use it, four years old. i don't know. by the time they get to -- >> there's over 300 different responses so there's always something different with you think, and i would think that you would be right, with the new star wars movie coming out, it's the helmet. what's the deal? >> this is a tip for all the grandparents out there. if you want to be the cool grandparent this year under the tree, this is my pick. it's a star wars storm trooper helmet. not only does it look cool and authentic but you can put it on, and press a button. it changes your voice so you sound like a storm trooper. this is an amazon exclusive. it's $56 and your kids will love
7:34 am
make me sound like a broadcaster and a little less nasally? >> talk to me after this, ken. we'll take care of it. >>reporter: i think this is cool. it's a way to get kids to read more. >> yeah. so this is our kindle hd fire edition for kids. what's great is you see it has a rubber casing so it can take awe few tumbles and also comes with a two-year, worry-free warranty. let's say it takes a trip in dishwasher or down the stairs. you can send it in, we'll replace it, no questions asked. >>reporter: and you can program this to say, the kid has to read for 20 minutes and then so many minutes of play time. >>reporter: and parents can also rest assured all your content has already been screened for age appropriateness so it's a great way if you're just starting to introduce technology
7:35 am
>>reporter: this thing i'm going to talk about later. she was trying to convince me this is something we all need. i don't think i need it but we'll see how good of a job stephanie does a little while from now. i'll -- i'm not convinced. >>laura: he's old school. all right. thank you. >>russell: 7:35 right now. president elect trump in new york after a long weekend in palm beach. he left the estate yesterday wearing the signature red hat with the campaign he plans to do some job interviews today at trump tower, prospective cabinet members. secretary of state still one of the jobs to be filled. he's also broken his silence about the recount effort by green party candidate jill stein. >>laura: she's trying to challenge the results in three battleground states. doug has reaction to that. >>reporter: green party candidate jill stein and representatives from the clinton campaign are looking at three
7:36 am
wisconsin where state officials will begin planning today for a possible recount. donald trump emerged from his home in florida getting ready to head back to new york and a growing battle over the election that made him president elect. >> it's been so exciting to see people mobilize around the vision of this recount campaign. >>reporter: jill stein heading up recount efforts in three states so far. representatives from hillary clinton's campaign. that drew fire from trump who responded on twitter with an allegation of his own. serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem. incoming chief of staff did not hide the frustration. >> it is a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought they were nervous about president elect
7:37 am
recounts in states where we won by over 68,000 votes. >>reporter: and beyond the recounts, trump will be back to transition power today. but no administration candidate is getting more attention than mitt romney. after meeting with trump, he had been openly considered for secretary of state but his harsh criticism of trump during the campaign is leading many trump loyalists to question his possible selection. >> people feel b out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of donald trump now, our president elect, would be given the most significant cabinet position of all, secretary of state. >>reporter: and also under consideration for secretary of state, former new york mayor rudy giuliani and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. >>laura: nearly three weeks
7:38 am
teacher unions, two of the biggest in the country cannot believe the math. only 51% of union members cast a vote for hillary clinton. 43% of teachers and cool workers went with trump. that's dispute early and eager endorsements for clinton from both of those unions. >>russell: a lot of us will be attending holiday office parties in a few weeks and also getting together with family and friends. word of advice, try to avoid politics. here's fox reporter. don't you understand that? this is one of the most crooked politicians in history. >> you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> for families with members of opposing political views, reconciling the surprising election outcome could pose major problems during the holidays. >> this just provides yet another venue, if you will, or another topic for which people who might already disagree, who
7:39 am
at georgetown university. >> we all have emotion and it's difficult to regulate emotion and it's difficut for people on the other end of the emotion to also be able to tolerate it. >>reporter: these days, thanks to the power of social media, you probably already know what friends and family members are already thinking about the political climate so at least you'll know what you're walking into. >> knowing that can help an intention. what's my intention going into this meal? plan ago head is a good thing. >>reporter: additionally following tips for how to handle argumentative relatives. work out a preplanned seating arrangement, take a time out, change the subject and ultimately try to remember why you're spending holidays with these people in the first place. >> i'm just going to share a drink with them and not talk about politics.
7:40 am
>> you're going to try to avoid it all? >> yes. there's nothing we can do about it right now. >> you don't choose your family but at least this year, you can choose how to deal with it. >> fans were fantastic. i was trying to talk to guys on the field, and it's a waste of your breath because they couldn't hear a word they were saying. >>walter: just the way we want it, right? derek koetter talking about 60,000 people, most of them cheering for the buccaneers. team sent them home happy with a win over the seattle seahawks. one of the better teams in the nfl. charley belcher, one of the fans very happy, myself included. charley belcher, huge -- what did you think? >>charley: i was travelling yesterday so i missed the first half of the game but as i'm
7:41 am
to change plans in houston and i saw 14-5 in the first quarter. and i couldn't believe it. now, i could believe -- look. this offens is good. jameis winston is the real deal and mike evans is obviously the real deal. the problem with the bucs, they've been notoriously slow starters so seeing 14 points right out of the gate, i was elated because that's what they have to do to they have to start strong. >>walter: that's what i was thinking. i was doing the exact same thing. i was doing odds and ends work around the house. i turn it on to have it in the background and they say, oh, it's the second touchdown pass. what? second? like you said, jameis winston was so slow out of the gate even at florida state and then to jump out to a 14-0 lead, i loved it. >>charley: the cliche is defense wins championships. and around here, bucs fans for a
7:42 am
defense when we see it. we haven't seen it in a little while. you could argue that's what cost lovie smith his job is the fact he didn't turn his defense around fast enough. mike smith, the defensive coordinator for the buccaneers called one heck of a game yesterday and this looked like a bucs defense of old. sacks, take-aways, i mean, we haven't seen this in awhile and to see it two weeks in a row against two really good football teams, definitely gives me hope for the future of this football team. >>walter: i get the sense that something has clicked defensively, especially in the secondary. especially in the secondary because, you know, they were kind of all over the place in the first half of the season and now -- >>charley: new coordinator this year. mike smith, his first year. a new scheme and it takes time. you know, it takes a rhythm. you and i on tv the first time, let's look at the tape.
7:43 am
we were on tv and probably for awhile there and then you get comfortable and move to a new station, you have to get comfortable with the new people around you. look. these people have to get comfortable, used to it and nothing breeds confidence like winning. a couple of weeks like this, they're more confident. they'll go for the interception and make it and it's exciting to see. look. they're not there yet. still need more pieces to the puzzle but to build on success like this fan. >>walter: they'll be hard to beat when you have six sacks, two interceptions, two forced fumbles and one of those recover sod that defense, they're flying around, including verner who had a very special day. much more on that. >>charley: that was a great story yesterday and i loved -- he's one of the nicest guys you would ever meet and to see him play through such tragedy, he lost his father over the weekend
7:44 am
it was good stuff. >>walter: that's huge. all right. we can talk about it all day and i'm sure we will as soon as you get back. i'll see you then. jim weber, did you watch the game? >>jim: that's probably one of the things that i noticed. you look at the defense and they look like they're clicking and you really had that feeling. this is a bucs defense finally. so it was exciting. >>walter: and it's against a very, very good seattle sea haub -- seahawks team. >>walter: bring on san diego. >>jim: exactly. we're ready for you. beautiful start to the day. a few scattered clouds overhead right now. very mild. we'll warm temperatures right back up into the 80s today. that humidity is coming back and on top of all of that, maybe a shower or two as we get into the
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>>jim: nice, mild start. a bit cooler yesterday with the front pushing through. we're already starting to warm these temperatures up. we're starting out at 63 degrees this morning. the dew point is still pretty comfortable at 53. that gives us that humidity at 70% but we're going to switch these winds around. right now they're out of the east-northeast at seven and they'll start to turn more of a southerly direction as we go th humidity back across the state. more clouds and maybe even a little shower as we go through the afternoon. that 63 here in tampa, wesley chapel, brooksville, lakeland, haines city, winter haven, all at 57 degrees. brand on, you're at 55. down in sarasota, 59 degrees. bradenton checks in at 62 degrees and downtown st. petersburg, just that influence of the water around you. you're sitting at 65 degrees.
7:49 am
that's where you head outside. yeah, it feels nice outside. now, things change as we go through the day heading into tonight into tomorrow. there you see the numbers climbing up into the 60s and by tomorrow, we're basically approaching the upper 60s for the dew point. that's where, when you step outside, you kind of notice it looks more sticky outside. doesn't have that nice, refreshing, crisp feel to the air. satellite view over the state showing a few more clouds startingo the high pressure that is working onto the east, so we're kind of on the back side of that high. that's why the winds are switching around more towards the south. in advance of a cold front. right now this front is bringing lots of rain across the middle of the country, heading into the mississippi valley. by the time this front gets over us, it will lose a lot of moisture, it will weaken. we'll see a slight chance of showers. just for today, increase in moisture, might see a stray shower during the afternoon.
7:50 am
66 degrees for tonight. then for tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds. it's getting more humid. daytime high of 83 degrees. on the water, winds are turning to the southerly direction during the afternoon. 15 knotts, high tide is at 2:31 this afternoon. here's the seven-day forecast where we're going to warm these temperatures over the next couple of days when we bring the next chance of rain in. by the time we get into thursday, about a 30% chance of those showers and just ever so slightly cooler behind the front let's check on the morning commute with vanessa. >>vanessa: right now we have an injury crash working in the myakka city area that's shutting down state road 70. this is at the intersection with sugar bowl road. this is going to be closer to the edgeville area. like i mentioned, lanes are blocked eastbound and westbound and some delays start to build here. take clay gully road which does turn into old sandy as you head
7:51 am
i'll not seeing any big, out of the way drives for you to get out of that place. 275 south, normal congestion here. southbound direction heading into the interchange, 23 minutes from bearss and it is moderate here on northbound 75. 14 minutes between the selmon and fouler. westbound i-4 only taking 12 to get from branch forbes to 75 c. ? all i want for christmas is you? >>russell: i dig this song, don't you? >>laura: i love it. >>russell: that song, "all i want for christmas is you" has been around since 1994. it's a good chance you'll hear it a lot over the next few weeks. of all the holiday songs, this is the one with the most down loads. almost 3 1/2 million. song is mariah carey's biggest international success and ranks 11th for best selling singles of all time.
7:52 am
million. that was a good movie, wasn't it? >>laura: i love "love actually." i think of that every time i hear this song. all right, charley belcher. you've got your christmas shirt on. >>russell: good to go, man. >>laura: and christmas town. >>charley: subtle, aren't i? >>laura: that's one word for it. >>charley: sorry i brought it up, lawyer a. sorry i brought it up. i'm at robert's christmas wonderland. it's time to get in t i'm talking about wreaths next. wreaths for the front door, artificial wreaths. if you want to add a little light, we can do that, too. cordless even. stick around.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
? >>charley: good day, tampa bay. let me be one of the first to tell you merry christmas. tis the season. tis the season to come by and visit robert's christmas wonderland on gulf to bay in clearwater. we're here a little early this help you out a little earlier. shawn is here. we're going to talk about wreaths. you offer all sorts of sizes. >> yep. they come from 24 inches all the way to 60 inches. so whatever your size need is, we have it for you.
7:56 am
front of the door or house. >> front door, house, inside over a fireplace, everything is perfect. >>charley: i like to see the ones with lights in them. that's a cool thing. you saw those, right? most of those plug into the wall. >> they're electric. they plug in. they're incandescent light. >>charley: i want it put it on the front door. but we have to open and close the door. i don't want a cord. >> we have you covered. we sell l.e.d. lights that are put on your wreath by yourself. it's very easy. there's 50 lights on a strand. you just wind them through your wreaths and the best part about these battery operated ones is that it's set on a timer. you have a four, six or eight hour timer on it. >>charley: and comes on at dusk. then you set how long they can stay on. >> when you set it for the first time, you turn it on at one time you want it to turn on.
7:57 am
four, six or eight hours and then shuts off and the next day it starts up at the same time. they only take two c batteries also. they come in clear plus the multi color. >>charley: these are led's. that means there's no heat. you can put these on a real wreath, too. i love it. >> and they're really nice and bright. >>charley: thank you. l.e.d. is the future. that's the present. all right. great. we'll talk trees, lights, more ornaments. shayla reaves will have more information on the house fire. ken is going to talk about cyber monday. we have it all. just stay ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ?
7:58 am
(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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today, we talk differently.... work differently... relax differently. and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... so no matter how different things become, we're always here ....
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((russell when you play with heart - good things happen. when you play with heart good things happen the bucs win led by passion of a player who lost his father just days before. and amazing access inside amazon. while you're home cliin the conveyer belts are running hard to get your gifts on the wy. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's an 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes i'm law moody good morning cyber monday november 28th amazon opened its doors for us this morning. for a behind scenes look. kenny suarez is there we will check in with him in just a little bit. first, jim's in for dave with check on our weather. good morning to you. we're awfully off to pretty nice


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