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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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((walter ahead this hour on good day: will a man who killed another man on a playground... go free? the judge could decide... in a matter of hours. ((jenplus... one of the biggest protests in the ?country... hits the nation today. why it could effect everything from fast food... to airline flights. ((walteralso on the calendar today... the official kickoff... for the giving." how charities across the country are getting some much-needed help, for the holidays. good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. and i'm jennifer epstein. and we begin with news alert right now in hillsborough county. thieves have targeted a ?gun store... and left a huge path of destruction. it happened earlier this morning... near waters avenue and dale mabry in north tampa.
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a news alert this morning out of colombia... where a passenger plane carrying 81 people... has crashed. the plane was flying from brazil to medellin, colombia carrying a soccer team from southern brazil. the team that was scheduled to play in a regional tournament tomorrow. only ?three survivors have been confirmed, but local officials say there ?could be more. the pilot reported an electrical failure right before going down. there was also poor visability in
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forecast... from dave. a tampa judge is expected to decide as soon as today... whether to grant bond for "trevor dooley." the 75-year-old shot and killed another man... in the middle of a playground. dooley shot and killed
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of james' daughter . dooley claimed he was defending himself... but he was sentenced to 8 years in prison. back in april, an appeals court ruled there were errors made during his sentencing. so now, dooley is getting a ?new trial. and his attorneys want the judge to grant bond... while dooley waits for that next court date. prosecutors and james' family is fighting ?against bond. the judge is expected to decide today or tomorrow. developing in south tampa: a valet driver for bern's steakhouse has been ?robbed at gunpoint. and he's the ?third berns vallet to get at the latest incident happened sunday night as the driver was walking through an alley off south howard avenue. last night, we talked to ?another berns valet who got robbed back in ?may. his name is "joshua" and he didnt want to give his last name. joshua says he was ?also robbed while walking thru a nearby alley. a man came out of a corner holding a handgun and demanding money. joshua gave him 200 dollars and ran. after that may incident, berns installed lights near the alley way.
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in the ?third incident sunday night -- all the details are the same. despite the similarity in all three cases...tampa police are calling sunday's robbery an "isolated incident one of the biggest protests in the ?country... is taking place today. it's called the "day of disruption." organizers are holding the fourth annual event to call for minimum wage to be raised to 15 dollars an hour for ?all workers. fast food workers in more than three ?hundred cities are expected to take part... including some in st. pete. the protests begin at the mcdonalds on east hillsborough avenue around six a-m... when workers are expected to walk ?off the job. then, there are rallies planned later in the day in st. pete and in ybor city. ((more)) the protests are also hitting one of the busiest airports in the country today... chicago's o'hare. about five ?hundred airport workers are expected to walk off the job at ?noon. that includes baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, and janitors. ?all employed by private contractors. they plan to picket outside the terminals. but chicago's department of
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disruption in service. ?other airport protests are expected, but o'hare is the ?only one where workers are expected to walk off. several ?big announcements are expected this morning from president-elect donald trump. his team says that will include a new ?cabinet pick... and a new administration pick. and one of those nominations is expected to be "tom price" for secretary of health and human services. price is a u-s representative from georgia and a former orthopedic surgeon. he's currentl price has also been a vocal ?opponent of "obamacare"... and could be called on to help ?replace it in the new administration. it's still not clear if the president-elect will announce his pick for "secretary of state" today. trump has been meeting with ?several high profile candidates. most recently... that list included former general david petraeus. and even "mitt romney" is still in the running. romney is expected to have dinner with the president-elect tonight.
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salute... for cuba's longtime dictator monday. memorials continue in the communist nation after the death of fidel castro. a huge gathering will take place today in havana... and then tomorrow castro's ashes will start a six hundred mile journey around the country. a funeral will take place saturday. president obama announced he will ?not attend any of the services. castro's death comes just as the obama administra cold war-era positions... could easily ?refreeze under the trump presidency. the president-elect sent this tweet monday: quote.. ."if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban-american people and the u-s as a whole... i will terminate deal." meanwhile-- the first commercial flight from the u-s to havana... took off from miami monday. this was an american airlines flight. orlando will have ?its first commerical flight... later today. southwest airlines
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starting on december 12th. these flights are made possible under those newly restored ties between cuba and the u-s. the catholic church in saint petersburg is getting a new bishop. pope francis just made the appointment this week. bishop gregory parkes will replace bishop robert lynch who's retiring after nearly 21 years. parkes sat in on several meetings as the transition began. he comes to the diocese of st. pete after leading diocese in bishop parkes says he's blessed to have been given the opportunity. he calls his leadership style... approachable: parkes is somewhat familiar with the area. in the 19-80's... he worked in the financial sector before going on to seminary.
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"cyber monday" are behind us...the ?next big shoppping date is here! but this one... is all about helping ?others. it's "giving tuesday"... a time to help out your favorite charity. but a heads up... before you start giving handouts. here's a few tips on ?how to donate... online. first... do your ?research. there are several websites that list ?how non-profits are spending their money. next... how should you ?pay that donation? most people do cash or checks. but credit cards are pretty popular now too. and ?some card cpa points... for donating to charity. but keep in mind, charities might not get ?all of your donation if there's a credit card fee. and finally... who are you donating ?with? doing it by yourself is great... but if you donate as a ?family , it can be even ?more rewarding. you could even try to make it an annual holiday tradition, passing on the spirit of generosity. and just one of the places you can help in ?person today... metropolitan ministries. they are always in need of food, toys,
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donations... and we will also have charley belcher ?live at the tent later this morning. ((more)) and here's a closer look at the two tent locations. the tampa one is downtown, near the intersection of nebraska and cass street. they also have a donation center in pasco county... along u-s 19 in holiday. both locations will be open today from seven a-m to seven p-m. still ahead: a major emergency... in the middle of a mountain resort. wildfires have forced several towns to ?evacuate... as the smoke from the "smoky" mountains... covers the sky. the latest from tennessee, after the break. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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a scary night... at one of the biggest tourist spots in the southeast. almost the entire city of "gatlinburg, tennessee" has been evacuated... because of wildfires. at least five ?hundred acres have burned in the smokey mountains national park. and thirty ?structures have burned as well... including a 16 story hotel. smoke and ash covered the downtown area, as officials urged everyone to ?leave for their own safety... as air quality worsens. all schools in national guard has been deployed. gatlinburg and nearby pigeon forge are ?huge tourist towns. dolly parton's childhood home is also nearby... along with her theme park, "dollywood." the park is not scheduled to open again until wednesday, but it's not clear if these fires will change that. ((walter/jen)) dave... the
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?are you ready for one ?less day of nfl football? the league addresses the rumors... that they might ?remove one weekly event. and later this half hour: an amazing survival story... involving a baby girl. how she survived a serious crash... with barely a
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin... with some monday night football. two streaks heading into last nights game... and ?one of them would have to end. the philadelphia eagles were looking to stay undefeated at home... and the green bay packers were actually trying to end a four game losing streak. and packers q-b "aaron rodgers" proved that he's ?still got it. the packers went into halftime with a 14 to ten lead.. and just pulled away in the second half. green bay wins the game... 27 to 13, and puts an ?end to that losing streak ?both teams are now 5 and six. and green bay is just two games back in their division... so don't count them out for another playoff run. ? and... could the n-f-l be ?removing thursday night
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the games started to dip this season. the games haven't been very exciting, mostly because the two teams don't have as much time to ?prepare for them. the league even tried to boost interest with the special "color rush" uniforms. reports came out earlier this month that the league was considering the possibility of ending or at least limiting thursday night football and that changes would happen as early as the 20-18 season, after current contracts with nbc and cbs ?expire. well the nfl addressed the rumors monday... telling "fox they are fully committed to thursday night football and that any reports saying the opposite are unfounded. and how about some college basketball now. the kennesaw state owls fly into the sundome to take on usf last night. the bulls needing a feel good game here. the bulls hold off at charge by the owl early in the 2nd half... tulio da silva is having a monster game.... he
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the bulls lead to one with 2-minutes to play.. michael bibby answers with a layup and the bulls hold on 71-69 when we come back, i'll have another check on your tuesday forecast. plus... we're gonna call it right now. this will be the ?cutest video you'll see all day. why this group of
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university will re-open... for the first time since a savage attack. a student drove into a crowd.. and then started ?stabbing people. eleven people were hurt in the attack... and it could have been even ?worse, if it wasn't for the quick action of a campus police officer. he shot and ?killed the suspect... just one ?minute after responding. the suspect has been identified as 18-year-old "abdul razak ali artan". just before ten yesterday morning, police say al-artan took his car onto a curb hitting several people by. five people were hit by that ?initial strike. police say he then got out of the car and ?stabbed five people. the 11th person suffered foot injuries. university police officer "alan horujko" shot and killed the attacker just ?one minute? after getting to the scene. the officer was already in the area, investigating a gas leak. university leaders say the officer ordered artan to drop his knife.. and then
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officer horuj-ko hasn't spoken publically since the attack. the f-b-i has now joined the investigation...and is continuing to search for a motive. we continue to learn more about "artan." he came into the united states as a somali refugee...and was granted status as a legal permanent resident. a student newspaper ?interviewed him back in august, to talk about his transition from a smaller college... to ohio state. he also talked about his muslim faith. authorities are also now investigating a facebook
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muslims are treated. also making headlines across america: firefighters in arkansas are calling her a "miracle baby." an eight month old girl was involved in a car crash with an 18 wheeler. first responders found her 35 ?feet away from the car, in a drainage grate. she was sitting up... and virtually unharmed! four adults were also injured in the crash. crews say the baby's car seat was ?not properly installed. and in san francisco... airline passengers don't much cuter than this. "virgin america" just helped fly this group of chihuahuas across the country to new york. it's part of a rescue effort called "chihuahua airlift." there's an overpopulation of chihuahuas in california shelters... so they send the dogs to shelters on the east coast, where demand is much greater than supply. and the chihuahuas were clearly in the christmas
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seasonal sweaters. still ahead: another ?locally transmitted case of the zika virus. but for the first time... it's ?not in florida. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in tampa... where we're waiting to hear how many stolen guns are on the street this morning.. ? ? you guys ever try one of these bars made over at right twix? why? our special cookie is cascaded with caramel and cloaked in chocolate. you never wondered? [ whoosh! zap! ] [ glass breaks ] aah! [ male announcer ] try both.
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