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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 30, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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do you know this gang of gun thieves? not only could you get stolen weapons off the so do you know in gang of thieves not only could you help get stolen weapons off the streets you could also get $10,000 reward. breaking overnight severe weather across much of the south. several people are killed when a tornado touches down on a mobile home. >> from tampa bay's number one news tampa bay. hey ekdz it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. laura moody has morning off thanks for waking on wednesday november 30th. is dave outside? he's not right there. i am assuming he is. where did he go in that was in break room. sorry we got to talk about this. yeah. no. unfortunately, 5 people have been killed in this storm moving across southeast three of them in this tornado in northeastern alabama. in town of ross lee happened late last night even this
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severe weather. this is one of those systems it's helping some and absolutely hurting others. because i take you to skytower radar. you can see the big line of showers and thunderstorms. and thing is, is the worst of the weather has been in alabama down through portions of manny ramirez. you see the tornado watches that continue at this hour. the way it's helping is the beneficial rain that they are getting in eastern tennessee. they desperately need that rain to put out these fires or take care of all of those hot spots they are getting but at the same time you're getting severe weather south and east of there. we've got a little bit of fog not where i'm standing where i'm standing absolutely gorgeous i know into polk county their visibilities are reduced. we're a 73 degrees in tampa. we are two degrees away from our normal high temperature for this time of year. wow. so easily back into the 80s for high temperatures today. all right, dave thank you. 8:0 one.
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deadly motorcycle crash reported at 56th and hillsborough avenue. we have skyfox there right now. looks like we still have blockages right there in intersection. it looks like a couple directions are pretty much severely impacted with diversions. you can see around the intersection. so once again this is 56th and hillsborough. where we have some heavy delays in all directions through that intersection. and we're urging folks to avoid the area. you're work arounds for this area northbound and 40th or harney. and then in the eastbound westbound direction sligh or mlk. massive destruction. that's what people across gatlinburg tennessee are waking up for the third day in a row. raging wildfires are leaving trail charred trees and homes. flames destroyed more than 250 buildings. many peeped we are evacuated told to leave their homes
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a curfew remains in effect fire crews watch for hot spots some fires aren't done burning winds blowing 40, 50 miles per hour pushing fire along making it more unpredictable. wind direction is swirling. it picked up many embers in caused spot fires. multiple trees began to fall taking down power lines which caused other now there is some relief coming to the area. rain is expected in the in area through late today as well as this weekend. but it's not clear if it will be enough. and while many evacuees are headed back to the their homes this morning one tennessee man is desperately searching for his wife and two daughters who were caught in the fires. michael reid and his son were away when fire swallowed his home hours after learning his home caught fire he still doesn't know if has wife and
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8 o'clock monday night to say the fire was moving closer to their home and she wasn't sure what to do. he told her to call 911 and that was the last he heard from her. now he says it's just a waiting game to find out the rest of his family is alive. american red cross is offering a assistance to people affected by fires. you can help too. you can make a $10 donation by texting word red cross all one word to 90999. or you can head to american red offer helping hue manned appear community foundation set up a support fund to learn more about that head to >> 8:04 right now. millions of americans struggle with addiction. in particular an addiction to pain pills. and today th house is discussing a bill that could combat the problem and also get more money to states to help with addiction as well as roer. it is called 21st century cares act. we give billions of dollars to
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find new painkillers that are less addictive. and find new treatment options for serious medical problems. now while this sounds good in theory it's getting mixed support. some democratic senators say if the bill that bill would create even more corruption within pharmaceutical many believe the bill is no perfect they still say there is something in it for everybody. house plans on voting on that bill today. we'll taken up by the senate next week. if both chambers it will most likely become law before presiden obama leaves the white house. insulin, millions of people rely on medication to treat diabetes. but some say it's getting harder to afford. over last two decades the drug has spiked 700 percent in price from about $21 in 1996 to $255 in 2016. about a week ago the american diabetes association asked congress to investigate this
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to help people who rely on it. ada says it takes issue with the fact that while the price continues to jump here in u.s. and other countries, it remains unchanged. in fact it's about 60 percent cheaper. the drug is not a luxury. a necessity to keep people alive. that's why they want congress to intervene. if issue sounds familiar it's probably because we've seen consistent price hikes across pharmaceutical this year epipen was one first to see major it increased prices making lifesaving medication out of reach for hundreds of thousands of americans. it's 8:06 right now. what started at a gravel spill ended with a miracle on the selman connector. man fell 33 feet off the side of a barrier wall. and he's still alive this morning fhp is looking for person who lost the gravel and kept ongoing leaving behind a huge mess. shayla is live along the crosstown this morning.
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survived. >> yeah, good morning to you, russell he survived with serious injuries. and right now he's receiving medical care in the hospital. but certainly the big question this morning remains, where is the truck responsible for spilling is the gravel? that is a question that florida highway patrol troopers wouldn't to answer and right now, troopers are asking anyone with information to please report what you know. so here's what we can tell you. this all started rig 9:30 in the morning tuesday. right on the crosstown connector approaching i-4. according to troopers, northbound truck spilled gravel causing several drivers to lose control and strike barrier wall. a 24-year-old man checked for damage and another driver plowed right into him and his car. first striking the wall, then sending the man over it. well, he fell about 30 feet, a little more than 30 feet.
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hospital for treatment of serious injuries. the truck responsible for spilling the dpravl continued traveling down i-4. and that vehicle has not yet been located. at last check so authorities are asking anyone with any information to please come forward and give florida highway patrol a call. so we'll continue to follow the story. we'll continue to keep you posted. and of course, hopefully they get some answers in this case. russell, back sure do. all right shayla, see you later on. thanks. >> there's now a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of gun store thieves. this video is just incredible. now just after 3 yesterday morning about a dozen people look at all of those broke through, broke in through the front of the tampa arms company on waters avenue. and just under a minute they all wiped the store shelves clean getting away with about 40 guns and lot of ammunition.
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new this more than usf police are searching for man who stole wallets from two different people and used their credit cards. campus police say this man rode scooter into bruce b. downs parking although the about a week and a half he stole a wallet from book pack. man then used credit cards inside a nearby gas station. four days later he returned. this time he walked into college of medicine book store gained access wallet from a purse. if you know anything call the usf police department. well grinch doesn't just live in a book or on the silver screen. it turns out the thief is alive and well in florida. he has his eyes on an expensive prize. >> laser light displays. they are a hot item for homeowners and thieves too. police say they are easy to set up and also easy to steal a cape coral man his expensive display is missing and he's not only one. one coworkers had hers swiped and now they are out about $100
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>> that's one plug they pulled the stake out the ground they are gone. there's a market for them they are hard to find they are popular they are going to try to resell them on craigslist ebay wherever they are going to sell their stolen goods. if you do buy one, try to find some way to anchor it down. well cape coral police say while they are investigating the stolen christmas equipment, it's up to homeowners to make sure that everything is secure. i had no idea they are after that. all right tomorrow is the first can you believe it? and we're still in the 70s. dave's back not 1970s. dave back in few minutes how long these warm temperatures will stick around hackable policy ho will day gifts. you can protect yourself while shopping. battle for recess continues kelly cowan is live with newest push to get our kids out of the classroom and into the fresh air. but first, got to check in with
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good morning. i am indeed. yes indeed tampa lowry park zoo queen of north wind. are you ready my queen? and i've got rose, queen of the electric cello. christmas careless on the chel
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it's the most wonderful time of the year.. but it's also yes, it is most wonderful time of year. but its also a time when the busiest. electronics at the top of most christmas lists. including cyber crooks, drones laptops smart phones some coolest tech gadgets on the market. while you're most likely planning to give or get these things chances are that someone is nearby hoping to get their hands on your stuff. but a security expert says there are things you can do to protect yourself.
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comes to shopping on hien. when did you that search for perfect gift you may see offers that seem to be too good to true. available from retailer you've never heard of. be really careful before you click on those things. too good to be true it probably is. it could take you to a fraudulent website and giving up a lot more than just your credit card information. the other tip action be careful about what you click on. a lot of spam emails will be make into your in box. majority of them are just not safe. always ask yourself if you asked for that information. or before you open that email. when it comes to sweets, there's there's rich and then there's just plain expensive. if you have sweet tooth an expensive taste, russell the golden donut may be for you. and it's coming to south florida. golden donut created by a new york city restaurant has been a viral sensation since earlier this year.
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yam. crystal champagne adorned with crystal icing. 24 karat pure gold dust and 24 karat pure gold leaf. that donut is going to cost you 100 bucks. people behind it are bringing to south beach for the art basil festivities and only in florida from december 1st to the 15th. >> i don't know. it has crystal in it things down to south florida. so anyway going to be interesting to see that. >> do you eat that thing in you do, yeah. for $100. it can be yours. no. no i'd scraping off the gold flakes. >> okay. we're at 73 degrees. let me tell you a little breeze out here this morning right into my face that south, southeast wind. pumping in warmth. pump managing humidity.
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hilton clearwater beach camera another shot tampa as you're looking west toward howard frankland in far left-hand side of your screen. airport right. once you get into lakeland. okay. there we go. we're final getting rid of low cloud cover there. now the 70 degrees with south, southeast wind at nine miles per hour. the visibility beginning to improve in polk county, also in eastern citrus ask sum per county. still a bit redu another breezy, warm day. we wait for this line of rain. by the time time it gets to us, a few sprinkles. and that's really about it. or tiny light shower tomorrow. right now, of course you've got heavy rains from tennessee all the way down into southeastern louisiana. so for day breezy, warm, variable clouds. and high of around 82 degrees. yeah. it could hit 83, absolutely.
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several degrees above where we should be for this time of year more like 80. 69 overnight tonight. you have fog this morning you might get it again tomorrow morning heads up for that. 79 degrees tomorrow. but only a 30 percent rain chance. strong as that radar looks to the northwest of us, it's going to fall apart. a couple of days of drier air vanessa for some friday and saturday. and then humidity is back for early next week. >> all right. dave, thank you. major roadways looking pretty good congestion. we do have normal delays particularly on southbound 275. approaching downtown tampa. that's not unusual. this is live look near ashley. right in this area it seems to be moving along just fine. southbound direction. overall you can see sitting around 30 minute mark to get from 75 to i-4. that is normal. i carb 4 westbound also normal in red. eight minutes or nine minutes to get from mlk to downtown. still monitoring 56. that hillsborough following at
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like they still might have some lane blocks in the area yes and traffic is being diverted. continue to avoid, please. you are not going oh hear this very often. complain more find highway traffic administration is urging people to pitch a fit. it may be breakfast for you. but it's dinner time for us. and vanessa cooking up pot roast goodness crock pot style. all ahead at 9 o'clock. christmas in the wild i'm keeping myself together charley at the loish park zoo hanging out with the pengies.
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good day tampa bay. and welcome to craziness of tampa's lowry park zoo. i think we may be having silly with all chshths that we're actually having on tv. i'm we are having fun. yes, sir. >> it's fun. it's really fun. charley's here, it's funny. we're getting you ready for christmas in the wild. friday and sergeant nights zoo open until 10 o'clock. after 16th it's every night. yes. every night right up until the 23rd. and then once again from 26 the through the 30th. and before we talk about these wonderful entertainers you have here.
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female penguins. she may flirt a little bit. all right. the zoo opened until ten is fun because real animals. no offense penguins fun to see them after dark. and sometimes, so many of them nocturnal you see a little more action. we're not sure who's more if guests are more interested in them. but it is fun because you get to see see them in whole new light or at least less light. whole new less light. and, they are, they are fascinated by what throughout this zoo as well. so it's pretty cool. talk entertainment we brought in for christmas in the wild people don't expect to see this much entertainment. of course in the foreground here we have, we have our friends patrick and pennelope. brand new. and they are here just for christmas in the wild. nice. and then, of course we had the lovely luna princess of north wind. look at her. not just extraordinarily tall woman i have feeling she might
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going out on a limb. well so is she until she got on the stilts. very nice. one of our stilt walkers that will be here for every night of event then of course beautiful music you hear playing in background. this is rose. she's a celis here she is just got back from playing for the pope. so she's gone from playing for pope for now playing for animals here in christmas in the wild. at the vatican? >> wow. so we're, very happy with the we also have >> is someone here the least interesting person here in she's busy. good deal. wonderful thing we've also got some lovely dancers from the, toured with international ballroom sensation. we've got ballerina and just stuff all over the place. >> wow. will office entertainment be scattered throughout this particular area christmas in
8:25 am
entire park you can turn corner and find next surprise awful lot tree top lodge great dining facility you can have some delicious food. and then, see some entertainment. there will be d j there. interacting with the guests. playing christmas games. and highlights once again. it's no extra charge. you can come to the zoo and i mean 11 o'clock in the morning if you really want to make a long day of it. but also buy an after 4 o'clock ticket which is less expensive. less expensive you can do that online. you can go to tampa lowry park zoo. its real simple. i do too. that's why i'm really happy. or great for members as well if you happen to be a member of zoo then >> all included. and you buy a membership now, correct me if i'm wrong good for all next year. an ideal christmas gift you want to give it to whole family. everybody start a new family tradition. thank you penguins talk to you more about rose and the pope. that's interesting.
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the way just for you jennifer epstein. she's happy girl now. i am. all right. recess may be gone but some parents hope it's not that way forever. we're live with the renewed push to get kids out of the classroom and into the great outdoors. plus well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. a flurry of activity this morning... as donald trump
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morning a donald trump makes some key selections to his cabinet. however there is still no word on pro president-elect donald trump will nominate for secretary of state. this as the president-elect announces a deal with the air conditioning company carrier to keep hundreds of jobs from moving to mexico. fox correspondent jackie has more from new york. he did something i tried to do and was unsuccessful in. he won the general election. president-elect dold supporter as he has dinner with former republican presidential nominee mitt romney in new york tuesday night. romney blasted trump during a primary as phony and a fraud. but now he seems to be changing his tune as he believed to be considered for position of secretary of state. >> last few weeks he's been carrying out a transition effort and i have to tell you i've impressed by what i've seen some trump closest supporter are upset romney being considered
8:31 am
romney fought against trump every single step of the way. and fought against him with really vicious language. >> but some democrats believe the former massachusetts governor would be a good person to work with other countries as secretary of state. mitt romney has be a class act. he since the election. ist no surprise he's making himself available to the president-elect. trump is also considering others for the position. including former general david petraeus and former new york city mayor rudy giulia that are being looked at. and what i have to respect about the president-elect, he's really taken this process very, very seriously. mr. trump's expected to begin his victory tour starting in cincinnati, ohio tomorrow. and he'll also travel toll indiana to unveil an agreement made with company carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in the hoosier state. in new york, jackie, fox news. well, burn the flag go to jail. president-elect proposed jail
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american flag. this despite two u.s. supreme court rulings that protect the act under the first amendment. it's regarded as freedom of speech. regardless of that, trump tweeted tuesday that no one should be allowed to burn the flag. if they do there should be consequences. time now 8:32. this morning top stories we should find out today if a tampa man will be granted bail while he waits new trial for murder o% a man on basketball court. >> years old and wheelchair bound is accused of a killing david james in 2010. dooley claims ait was a case of self-defense he was sentenced to eight years in prison for killing james. but back in april, dooley won an appeal to get a new trial after the court found mistakes during his sentencing. dooley's lawyers are asking for him to be released on bail pending that next trial date. a california attorney who ones represented casey anthony was charged with trying to smuggle
8:33 am
officials say he flew a private jet from orlando to port au prince to load it with 1500 kilograms of cocaine. back in 2010 he represented anthony in the murder trial of her two-year-old daughter. he left anthony's defense team due to disciplinary charge he was later disbarred. he was sentenced to prison last year as well for defrauding clients and investors. he was arrested in extradited to the u.s. about two weeks ago. well fury florida power and light customer you're going to club state regulators agree to bump yesterday. it's an $811 million base rate increase overall. but public service commissioner agree to spread out increases over the next three years. people who use 1,000 kilowatts an hour of electricity a month will see about a $5 increase in january. critics are calling the decision unnecessary. and environmentsly unfriendly. fresh air and a little by
8:34 am
way when it comes to our children's overall health. but most elementary students are getting chance to go outside during the school day. newly filed legislation may change that. a republican senator out of miami-dade is pushing for a minimum of 20 minutes of recess a day. and she's getting a lot of support from parents. fox 13 kelly cowan is live in st. pete morning to tell us about how some local moms are helping to push this legislation along. hey kelly. >> hey good morning to you guys. it's hard to believe i've talked to here in pinellas county as we've been out here this morning. hard to believe that so many elementary school children across the state simply don't have recess in their schedules any more. but now parents are fighting to take back the playground for their kids. a new bill aimed to put a mandatory 20 minutes of recess in each school child's day. now that bill received overwhelming approval in the house earlier this spring.
8:35 am
it never even made it for to the floor for vote. because senator john legg out of pasco who was at the time chair of chamber education pre-k through-12 committee wouldn't hear it he said the state should not be mandating recess that's something should be left up to schools themselves. but parents who were on the side of this legislation say that when it's been left up to the schools the schools simply make the decision to cut recess altogether in favor of testing. and to many parents. >> obviously research is there. there's we don't need any more proof that kids need activity. adults need activity. people need to move every day to, you know succeed in life. and succeed academically. so this mandate is not something that we want to have mandate at the state level. we have tried other things. but it will give the teachers the allowance to take that be time that they need. so now that new bill is back
8:36 am
of bill that failed last round. in state legislature did not make it through senate they are hopeful it will not only overwhelming receive the same response in the house but also make it to the floor the senate for a vote. because this is time around, senator john legg is no longer in office come this spring. so he will no longer be able to block it once again. >> all right kelly, thanks. >> talk to you later. thank you. now, school officials are also working hard to get students out classroom there. on healthier track across the uk school districts send students outside each day to run a mile. not only helps childhood obesity fresh air also helps students concentrate a bit more. daily mile effort is working. now spread to thousands of other schools. across a handful of other countries. this morning good day good deed is courtesy of a man in manatee county whos generosity
8:37 am
most. ray is a former flower shop owner who invested in real estate. he and his late wife started a sara and ray fund with manatee county foundation. each year, they grant awards to local nonprofits. yesterday on given tuesday it was no different. ray delivered $10,000 checks to 10 nonprofits. over the years ray and his wife have donated $400,000 to local groups. something he hopes will eentually inspi that is awesome. that is, wow. cool. >> yeah. good for them. good for them. >> you going to come join me out here my friend? you like going outside? >> yeah. i believe so. we're okay. russell and i >> want to go out? >> i was not invited. if you want to go out you can go out. 73. i'm just kidding, jen.
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a little muggy. dew points are up a little bit. it's warm outside already. in fact 73 degrees our current temperature there in tampa. 70 in lakeland. 70 up inspect brooksville as well a sarasota region. our dew points, it's what's going to get you right upper 60s even a couple 70s out there. and that's what makes it feel like a late summer-like day. it doesn't feel anything like november 30th. so i've got another couple of days of this humidity. but points over the next couple of days start to drop. so today, right through tomorrow. upper 60s to around 70. and then, beginning late tomorrow and then early into friday, they start to drop. and they will drop back down into the 50s by friday morning. so two more days to deal with this humidity at least we get a little break from that. now what we're not going to get is that big line of rain that we
8:39 am
the energy from that front moving north, we just get maybe a tiny shower. so the good news is that i think the heavy rain will absolutely, not only help out with the fire in tennessee and carolinas but their drought situation is extreme up there. that's going to help that. for us once this front gets into the area, honestly, just a quick little shower at best. that rain chance 30 percent. we're going to 82, maybe a high temperature this afternoon. and it looks like we'll stay in the upper 70s to around 80 tomorrow even with some cloud cover around. quick shower. we dry it out for two days. and then humidity comes right back in again. especially on monday and tuesday with highs in the lower 80s. i don't know what it is about people trying to win mug. you guys raised bar with some pictures you sent in recently. check this one out #welivehere.
8:40 am
of a siesta key sunset with all the birds flying around enjoying a beautiful end to the day fox 13 good day mug for you diana. that's a beautiful one. >> it's pretty awesome action shot. >> yeah. my goodness. >> right in the middle of all of that action. thanks, dave. thanks diana for sending that in as well. look right now roadways heir 8:40 a crash with some big delays intersection gulf to bay boulevard keen road lanes will be blocked here we're seeing most of our delays eastbound and westbound also some are present on keen road itself. avoid but keep in mind heavy delays as well on your obvious work arounds drew id road in drew street which will be at to the the to the north and south plan extra time. we will get to polk county here's another lane blockage crash we're watching. it's off u.s. 98 entrance ramp to eastbound polk parkway.
8:41 am
mentioned before. so please be careful. >> it's a common sight walking into a seeing calorie counts on menus. but do those numbers actually stop people from picking their favorite fast food? a new study says probably not. it doesn't stop me. starting next may fast food chains with more 20 location have to display calorie counts on their menus. but the research found only about 8 percent of people rll calorie counts. reason researchers say simply calorie information is not enough instead nutrition will information needs to be larger. needs to be easier to understand. consumers also need to know their recommend calorie intake. without these ad steps most of this information is ignored or misunderstood. >> i think a big surprise would things you think that are healthy at that fast food restaurant. maybe not be. >> maybe not healthy as we
8:42 am
coming to a tv screen near you. taylor swift on demand. superstar is launching her own tv channel. not everybody will be able to tune in. >> plus driverless cars are coming to a road near you. fox 13's walter allen live in tampa with a look at some of them. hey wally. hey. jen and russell good morning to you. that's right we're looking into the future. today's last day believe it or not for florida automated vehicle summit. and you're looking at one of them. we're going to take ride in
8:43 am
8:44 am
z24x6z z5yz
8:45 am
((russell 2shot bw)) self-driving self driving cars. whether you are for them or against them as they say in paris, texas. florida is preparing for its future. today car companies from across the country are showing this different technologist down to tampa. fox 13's walter allen is live automated vehicle summit about to kick off. hey wally. >> hey good morning there guys.
8:46 am
technologies are out here tesla is out here. there's company out here that is making technology where a car will talk to the infra infrastructure of a city and straur will then talk to other people. sop you know, somebody on their cell phone and about to walk out in front of traffic they will get warning on their cell phone to stop texting and actually pay attention to their surroundings. it really is interesting. wave of future. kind of getting the technology to meet up with the lawmakers. because sometimes laws are a little bit behind of the technology. so it's kind of getting them to marry together. we are in the easy mile, right? let's take off in easy mile. nobody going to be behind wheel i love it. our middle name gilbert and neil. let's talk to you. this is your baby, right? yeah, she's actually my first baby. we all know what he called the second generation of babies so hope he's going to amazing this one. >> and you guys made all the trip from france.
8:47 am
to what was idea behind this? so the vision would be to try to convince commuter to give up their car and a use every possible instead. so the general idea of this vehicle is that, it, it provides a solution for the first and last. so it's particularly for commuter who want to be transported door to door in harsh climate in summer or people with disabilities who are actually cannot walk. to door. >> so our vision is not to take them all the way door to door but to provide a solution for i mean, from that it the door step to the main transportation hubs like trains, buses and this is the reason why we need to also transportation provide the solution. >> okay. and neil how do you step in with this? are you going to operate these babies once they are in mass production? their babies are fantastic. they are doing a great job
8:48 am
these. someone has to make sure we have a good customer experience for all riders. and be able to get people on and off safely and maintain these. so we're partnering with easy mile here to make sure wee safe and ready to go with passengers. how soon will we see this in tampa? that's my question. we're actually working very closely with multiple provider or multiple transportation operators here in the tampa area across florida and a about this right now. we're hoping to do more live pilots over the next several months. and we hopefully will see lot more of us around here in tampa. all right guys, thank you so much. we were in time as always. thank you appreciate it. thanks for ride real quick ride so fun funny you said people with disabilities a guy walking by i think he broke his leg he was can you give me a ride. they gave him a ride right down the street. that's perfect. yeah. the wave of future russell and jen. is it weird?
8:49 am
it >> no. i you like it? i'm so, i'm so, i hate drivingi hate it. i hate driving now i understand other side of argument i do but i really. i can't stand it. if you can have somebody take me to and from work and play i'll be a happy person. i wouldn't get some red light tickets any more. >> blame it on your car, right? exactly. i didn't do it. i didn't do thank you. all right see ya. that's pretty cool. my husband driving that car by the way. >> it is cool. >> all right hey charley belcher what are you doing? normally when i come out to lowry park zoo they bring me animals for animal segment. cute or cuddly. or maybe a creature owl. not this guy. not this time. this time we're going to put the wild in christmas in the wild. wild controlled animals.
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welcome back... the time is 8:xx. new this morning... fans of this morning fans of taylor swift are in heaven. a new tv channel exclusively featuring nonstop content of her favorite singer. can you believe it? sounds like a dream i know. but we promise it is the real thing. it's all because of a
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at&t called taylor swift now it showcase unique videos concert performance and more from taylor's entire career. she's just one step closer to dominating the world. you can watch it on a t. and t individual policewoman form direct t v and u verse. merry christmas swift fans. i bet charley belcher's daughter is exited about this one. swift, taylor time. >> she's 16 her music choices change direct 21 pilots. she's, she's getting into alternative music a little by the >> oh, okay i can't concentrate i'm keeping yn 0 wild animal christmas in wild. we're going to put wild in christmas in wild right now. melinda is here as always. hi. don't be scared. you're hiding behind you yes i'm
8:54 am
maul you first. this this she's a clouded leopard she was born here at the zoo. we call her our leap year leopard she was born on leap day. she lep erd. what have you feeding her raw meat. raw meat. yeah its good. in my arm. she knows she knows. loo how good she's being right there. christmas if an events goes to sponsor all animals so super cool. and it's a great way to come out see animals in a different light so to speak. i love it so many of them are nocturnal and they are lot more active after dark aren't they? yes especially clouded leopards in the exhibit. because they are definitely they love coming out at night. they are pretty active and interact with guests and what not. in exhibit. sorry, look at those paws. she's going you know this is smallest big cats. so she's not super huge. she's going to be really, really
8:55 am
>> she'll probably top out around 30 pounds. not really, really big but they do have the largest canines of all the cats. her paws sore big. that's interesting. you look at the paws they are climber this is do climb a lot they go up in trees. they do really good left. you want to switch roo we'll just leave here we have to talk about the event. we have to talk about the event. because event is tradition for family coming out to the zoo. for christmas in the wild. and it stays wild with animals there. there's all kinds of special entertainment that will be out. santa's here. santa has a new lodge which really beautiful. we were in there. isn't it awesome. yes. really nice in there. and of course when people are waiting in line to visit san that they are not going to be standing in line. lot of entertainment along the
8:56 am
beverages. they have all kinds of special stuff. special food for the event. perfect segue. due ahear meow. she meows like a kitty cat. >> she does. you're in love aren't you? how can you not love that face. but you're going to be doing a food segment aren't you? she's waiting for her food. because when we come back, we're going to talk about the special food and drinks that they have for christmas in the wild. russell rhodes, that is a beautiful cat. isn't it? yes, it is. it like that. i haven't either. beautiful. look at those spots. she meows like a little kitty. like a house kitty. oh, man. beautiful. see you later, okay. all right buddy. bye. all right still ahead the feds want you to complain. specifically about your car. they want to make it easy for you to do it. we're going to tell you about it coming up. plus president-elect trump makes a huge decision about the future of his business.
8:57 am
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the military draft. should it include women? the latest move to that puts the "selec the draft. should it include the latest move that puts the selective service system in jeopardy. >> low and slow, yumminess. vanessa is gourmeting her way to our stomachs with this easy crock pot roast. crock pot pot roast. crock pot pot roast. >> crock crock crock >> [ laughter ] >> crock pot pot roast. >> sorry. hi everybody i'm jen epstein. laura moody has the morning off. sorry. >> she's at lucky one she go away from us didn't she? and this is what i have to work with. every day. every day. all right.


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