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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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tampa bay number one news station, this is the fox 13 news at noon. 87 miles an hour pushing fire, people were basically running for their lives. hundreds of firefighters in tennessee are still battling massive wildfires. which are being blamed for four deaths. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado thanks so much for joining us.
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more than 150 homes and buildings destroyed. in the southeast, powerful storms and tornadoes move through overnight. leaving 5 people dead. fox's john roberts has wrap up of this day of deadly weather. folks in the southeast are assessing the damage following a series of heavy storms overnight. with several suspected tornadoes hitting parts of alabama, tennessee, louisiana and mississippi. first responders and rescue workers now combing through damaged while anxious residence return home. we got down to basement i come over here and buildings tore up. we've had a community member lose their residence. but nobody the good seriously hurt. nobody's lost any life. so we got that to be thankful for. other communities weren't so lucky. there have been several confirmed deaths and officials throughout southeast are reporting multiple injuries. many others say they are not sure if they will be able to
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>> we had some roof damages to some barnes and different things. and like i say trees and some 18 wheeler beds and things that were actually tilted over. meanwhile further north in tennessee crews are still battling the biggest wildfire to hit that state in century more than 14,000 people evacuated hundreds of firefighters work to save homes and businesses including their own. we've got firefighters first responders helpi fires. in their own homes being losted. and that's something that people just don't think about. firefighters say that after month of dry weather they are finally getting a break with a heavy rains that have hit the area in the past 24 hours. they are hoping that wet weather continues again today. >> in atlanta, georgia john roberts, fox 13 news. and that front that brought tornadoes to southeast is heading our way. meteorologist jim weber joins us now to tell us what effect it's going to have on our weather. hey jim.
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its way through much of the southeast. still some very potent storms along this boundary along the southern end of it. there is a still a tornado watch that goes until 1 o'clock this afternoon for portions of new orleans or louisiana. and into mississippi and alabama as well. but as this entire line continues to work its way on to the east it will continue to weaken. we've watching that throughout morning as well. we are seeing that weakening trend. by time front gets different story. we will see a couple of showers around. but nothing like they are seeing across the much of the deep south. now birmingham over towards montgomery and just to the east of huntsville, still seeing some very active thunderstorms right now with this line, this entire line working its way on to the east. and each one of these red dots here where little tornado symbols are reports of tornadoes we saw last night and into early this morning.
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but for us, we have more of that southerly wind. lots of clouds building across the state. a very muggy day for today. with daytime highs into the 80s. cold front's heading our way for tomorrow. with just few scattered showers i will talk more about that what's behind that coming up in a little bit. linda. thanks, jim. >> a daddy motorcycle crash early today tied up traffic on hillsborough avenue for morning commute. this happened around 6:30 on 56th street and hillsborough avenue. florida hi driver of a motorcycle crossed the intersection on a red light and collided with a pick up truck. motorcyclist was killed and his name hasn't released yet no charges have been filed. authorities want to find the driver who set in motion a very frightening series of events on the selman expressway connector. that ended with a 24-year-old man falling 30 feet from ramp. thankfully he's doing much better now. he's listed in fair condition in tampa general. meanwhile as fox 13 shayla reeves reports police want to
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>> well if you can just imagine making it out of one crash and seconds later you're involved in another. that's what happened to a man early tuesday here in tampa. in fact the impact sent him over a wall and more than 30 feet to the ground. he's still alive. and receiving medical care. troopers want to find the truck at the center of what's been described to us as multi car mess. here's what you need to know. according to a florida highway patr t 9:30 m morning on crosstown connector of approaching i-4. a northbound truck spilled gravel causing several drivers to lose control control and strike barrier wall a 24-year-old man checked for damages another driver plowed into him and his car. first striking the wall then the truck responsible for spilling gravel did not stop and continued traveling on to i-4. the search continues this
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the vehicle. and authorities are asking anyone if you may have seen something or heard anything or have any information you have not reported to please go ahead and reach out to the florida highway patrol. reporting here near the crosstown connector, shayla reeves, fox 13 news. thank you, shayla. we have a news alert from charlotte, north korea. where prosecutors say no charges will be filed against an officer in the shooting death keith lamont brently vincent in september. today the district attorney said after reviewing evidence officer vincent who also black, acted lawfully. while scott's family has said he did not have a gun, the da showed surveillance video from convenience store minutes before shooting. it showed scott with what appeared to be a bulge from an angle holster on his leg. officer saw scott in gun with car and officer vincent only shot him after he stepped out of
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that gun. >> after repeated commands mr. scott did not obey those commands. steps out of the vehicle with gun in hand. doesn't run. car. but steps out and steps back. assessing each officer. >> the district attorney also says there was no evidence that scott was reading a book before he was shot like witnesses claimed. he also said nine witnesses were interviewed by the fib and some gave conflicting statements. he says scott's wife also gave conflicting statements to the police about the shooting. saying it was for four white
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but did not shoot. scott's shooting sparks day in protest and demonstration in charlotte. police have identified the woman found stabbed to death in plant city as they continue to search for her killer. police say a man was seen stabbing near a gray nissan quest monday afternoon. it was stopped in the 2700 block of salmons road she had been stabbed multiple times. police say that man took off in her car which was later found abandoned witnesses say man is you know anything they'd like you to call police. you could eligible for $3,000 reward. >> new at noon a police k-9 is recovering after being hurt during a chase in manatee county. this is k-9 low key with handler deputy charles. yesterday they came across man vandalizing home under construction. man took off he gave chase. man slammed a gate on k-9 causing a large cut on his leg. but low key kept ongoing and
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matthew was arrested on armed burglary charges and for battery on a police k-9. nearly two dozen people were arrested accused of a blocking protest in protest in tampa. fight for 15 protest started ybor centennial park last night. eventuallied it made it down to mcdonald's east 13th avenue and north 21st street. some of the protesters sat down in the roadway and refused to get up after multiple orders by tampa police. officers took 23 people into tuesday's march was about much more increasing their pay. it was their way of showing the establishment that they deserve respect. ski skip out on meals. we had really struggle to make ends meet it not far large corporations don't care. if that's what it takes and we do it respectfully that's what we're going to do. florida retail federation and other large businesses nationwide said they are opposed
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they claim businesses would have to make up for higher pay by reducing their work force or increasing prices. there's now a $10,000 reward for information helps catch a group gun store burglars men broke in through front tampa arms company on waters avenue yesterday morning. they stole about 40 guns. quite a sight to see. it's the third largest scale burglary of tampa bay gun shop since may. a judge in polk county refused to reduce a sentence for foer she actually made that request yesterday. she's serving a 22 year prison term for having sex with three resort with 83 she faces additional charges in hillsborough county. those cases are still pending. >> new a noon le although gandy is expanding again. legoland beach retreat will open april certainty next year a
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166 rooms each with lego key doer inside and out. of course. each bungalow will have shaded area for mom and dad to relax while kids explore outdoor lego play area. also be a pool with sandy beach area plus a bar and restaurant and a giant lego light house. we have he woken the accommodation market now here in winter haven. but it will be interesting to success of hotel and obviously the beach retreat. rooms will start at $153 a night. game on. universal studios has confired it will add nintendo themed areas to parks including one in orlando. it's expected to be a fully immersive experience where guests feel like they are actually walking right into a game. there will also be rides character meet and greets and food options. no specific attractions have been announced yet or characters.
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to be here before we know it. when we come back we will take you to downtown tampa where car companies from all over showing
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whether you are for or against self-driving cars... they are coming! today... car companies from whether you are for or against self driving cars they are coming. car companies from across the kin showing different technology in downtown tampa. walter allen vivid automated vehicle summit. good afternoon everyone. walter allen coming to you from
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between amalie arena. where all of the future is kind of on display when it comes to vehicles. sue with, expressway authority. perfectly, this is sexy part about rose. that's really sexy. fabulous part about being road agency we get to do these kind of things and bring demonstrations automated vehicle technology to tampa area. this is my this your fourth year holding summit. good for you guys. we started with f dot in four years ago. this is, and it's been to orlando and jacksonville and now back in tampa. we're hoping to do it again. but the expressway authority is very into automated vehicles. we were awarded as connected vehicle grant last year for downtown pilot with connected vehicles. and we are a test track with usdod if people want to test automated vehicles they can do it. this really is, it's so exciting
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technology evolve year after year. this is your fourth year. i'm sure the skies the limit and future's the limit. >> definitely and really interesting because a lot of things we've been seen being tested are now out in marketplace when audi came and test their piloted vehicle with technology when you're traffic jam we see it on commercials now. this technology is happening faster than we predicted. and it's, all being market driven. you know it's going to you know be in the future much sooner one exhibiters is the easy mile. this vehicle we are standing in right here. if you take look around, there's no driver. it drivers itself neil joining us this afternoon. thank you for joining us. idea behind this walk me through. you want to start us up and take us for ride? the idea behind it. easy mile has done greet job manufacturing this driverless
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and we're working very closely with easy mile toll bring this out to different communities. doing a lot of demos right now. but we excited about bringing these into areas like universities and campus and entertainment facilities and things around the country. i was going to say, this isn't like an end all like you're not going take 50 mile trip with this thing but idea is just last mile, right? correct we're excited about being able to provide this for a ferries mile last mile and be a ebl to provide services for people for lot of conveniences. an there. we think that this is the new age of transportation that can actually really provide some new benefits and really get people excited about transportation again. you're not hearing rip roaring engines because electric. so good for the stwurment as well. your dream at the end of the day, running around all over town? absolutely. we believe that thomas vehicles will be able to actually provide a safe environment. not only as exciting to ride in,
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but, we're excited that we can really provide these kind of services for people. and you know, we have ability for people who have disabilities as well that we can get on here and help them move as well. fantastic. okay. so there you go. it takes you first mile last mile? can you just ask it to go 24, 5 more miles? take me to my house? abs. there you go. going to take me home. there you go. automated vehicle summit walter allen, fox 13 news. thanks so much. we want to take moment thank you to our fox 13 viewers. you really stepped up on giving tuesday. helping metro min strooe reach its goal of 60,000 meals for less fortunate. nonprofit shoodz, shelter clothing and job training and many other services and especially busy this time of year. 18,000 families registered for help with food and toys for the holidays. put people back to work train them and do these things
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fox 13 viewer dropped off hundreds of pounds of food and toys. the shelves are filling up but more is needed for more information drove off locations and how to make a monetary donation go to fox 13 care so glad we're hooked up with metropolitan ministries. that was fun yesterday. i think i saw it on maybe your facebook page. that today's last day of hurricane season? yes, it is we're finally there. and it's really, it's been a long season and when you kind of look back on the season, going back to the very beginning, what we were looking at as far as forecast noah put out their forecast, and colorado state put out their forecast and looking a maybe an average season. they started to up that as the season was going on just because it was obviously becoming a bit more active on left-hand side here, that's what we typically see for average season 12 named storms six hurricanes and three of those becoming hurricanes. you see forecast in there maybe
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right-hand side that's what we ended up with, 15 named storms. 7 of those becoming hurricanes. and then we also had three major hurricanes. and you can see there just kind of all over the place probably the most notable ones was her mean. hurricane hermine which made lan fall across florida breaking decades long drought of land falling hurricanes in floridamatthew just rolled right up the coastline. did not officially make land fall here in florida. but you possibly can along the florida coastline with actually not making that land fall. a little changes as we go into the 2017 season. very important part of the forecasting comes from the hurricane hunter flying out of macdill air force base. they are actually relocating their operations over into lakeland for the 2017 season. simply because macdill air force base very busy air force base
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so they need to relocate those operations. so today we're looking at a lot of clouds starting to work their way in. more of that southerly flow across the state. it has been breezy through the morning as well. what that's really doing is just kind of pumping up a lot of moisture up across the state. we have seen a couple of small showers and sprinkles on skytower radar across the southern end of pinellas county also into hillsborough county. in and around ruskin over towards riverview brandon. over stretching over towards maybe just the south city. we go through afternoon might see that quick little sprinkle or light shower. otherwise, just mainly cloudy skies along the coastal areas. but certainly these warm temperatures kind of on the muggy side as well. outside right now, we're at 82 degrees with dew point climbed way up there at 69. making humidity at 65 percent. and currently our winds they are out of the south at 13 miles an hour. although many locations have seen these winds gusting up to about 20 top 25 miles an hour. temperatures generally running in the 80s.
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sitting at 86 degrees. and dew points climbing back up, upper 60s, low 70s, really makes it feel very muggy outside. there's cold front right now very active band of showers and thunderstorms. they saw tornadoes last night across mississippi. and into alabama. as this front continues to push to the east, it will continue to weaken. you can watch that on future cast there you see that waning trend as we go through the day front pushes down over us we see more clouds for tomorrow and a few scattered showers. front will cti our south. we just get into some slightly cooler and dry air for a time over the weekend. but already back to the west you can see more moisture building. so more of that will be working its way towards us a we get into the fest part of next week. forecast for today, variable cloudy skies breezy. few sprinkle around as well. daytime high of 83 degrees. then for tonight, a muggy night. overnight low of 69. for tomorrow, more clouds
12:23 pm
to 15 knots seas to four feet with moderate chop on bay high tide comes up 3:43 this afternoon. here's the seven-day forecast, about a 20 percent chance of showers for tomorrow with cold front slightly cooler, slightly drier over the weekend. but then humidity comes right back with the showers as we get into the first part of next week, linda. thanks, jim. when we come back we'll show you the high tech way scientist are
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snook season comes to an end this week. fisherman will no longer be able to catch the fish fisherman will no longer be able to catch fish until march 1st a season end more schnook are being released in sarasota. mote marine library scientist releasing them various creeks as kimberly kuizon shows us they are doing it to help the future
12:26 pm
>> the next time fisherman snag a schnook on creek it could one of these. we've raising these fish in the hatch resince january. 320 of them each one tagged. and documented. and just big enough to hold this tiny tracker. the communicates with the antenna rays we have out release sights in the creek. mote marine scientist explains how the system will keep tabs on each fish on journey creek. a lek electromagnetic field charges a tag spits oh very specific number we know exactly which wish was over that loop at that time. scientist are trying to figure out environments schnook drived the most. on creek those environments include sea walls, natural shore lines and areas with vegetation. we're documenting the dispersal of schnook at these different tab at that time types and how long they reside in various habitats over years red tide have reduced the schnook population.
12:27 pm
single cold snap in 2010. populations rebounding, scientist hope to learn what they can do if it happens again. we're trying to develop that responsible strategy so that we can release juvenile schnook in the event schnook population does poorly in the future. and these schnook and their tiny transmitters may give scientists answers they are looking for. >> in sarasota, kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. and they hope to release between 10 and 15,000 hatch reraised schnook overtime.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of.
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crave those crazy squares. many have wondered if there's a conflict of interest between president-elect donald
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of interest between pretty business and his new oval office job now we're learning he plans to address those concerns. a news conference in about two weeks fox's lauren blanchard has more. president-elect donald trump vowing to separate himself from trump business empire. morning in a series of tweets saying i will be leaving my great business in total. adding the presidency is far more important task. meanwhile mr. trump announcing he will nominate former goldman sacks campaign finance chair steven as his treasury secretary. wilber ross secretary of companies and todd as deputy secretary of commerce. >> our number one priority is going to be the economy. get back to three to four percent growth we believe that's very sustainable. and focus on things for the american worker. well dnc says he's a slap in the face to voters who hoped he shake up washington.
12:31 pm
divided over this secretary of state contenders mitt romney a former harsh critic of mr. trump meeting with president-elect for second time last night. the people he selected as members of his cabinet are solid and effective capable people. mr. trump planning to announce he's been able to strike deal can carrier to keep manufacturing jobs in indiana that we are going to be moved to mexico. he and vice president-elect mike pence will speak in indianapolis 500 about deal before heading victory rally in since cincinnati tomorrow night. washington larn blanchard, fox 13 news. hillary clinton made a surprise appearance last night at the unicef snowflake ball in new york city. she presented the audrey hepburn humanitarian award to singer katy perry. perry lyric remind us when you get knocked down to get back up. perry was big support of hers
12:32 pm
well. this was clinton second public appearance since conceding the election. investigators hope to interview flight attendant who survived that terrible plane crash in columbia. the crash killed almost an entire brazil soccer team. aun with surviving players had to have a leg amputated. investigators aren't sure if the plane had an electrical failure or if it crashed because it ran out of fuel. authorities are working to finish identifying the because the crash did d. not include a fire. >> it is game on for facebook. but first more jobs. fox's lauren simonetti has today's midday market report. >> the private sector, ad 213,000 jobs in november according to adp. payroll processing firm. it was 51,000 above estimate and fastest pace of job growth since june.
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facebook is playing games. literally. the company adding games to facebook messenger. games include classic like pacman and newer games like words with friends. goal here is to get you to spend more time on facebook. and mcdonald's is rolling out fresh beef patty as more of his restaurants. the fresh not frozen patties will be used on quarter pounder mcdonald's around the tulsa, oklahoma area. that's business. for more log on to in new york i'm lauren simonetti. so meltsz manufacturing plant in tennessee has a bunch of job openings. 20 co-worker hit the powerball jackpot. doesn't that just sound nice drawing was worth nearly $421 million. so a lump sum payment before tacks would $259 million. that's almost $13 million apiece. so happy for them. group had been buying $120 worth of tickets every wednesday and
12:34 pm
tickets she actually went to bed thinking they would never win. so i just went to bed i said i'll just check it in more than ain't going to be no winner, you know. well i got up made a pot of coffee for my husband they were going hunt thing my son saw the tennessee on t very astarted texting i no mama's bought that ticket. wake her up they were shaking me and shaking me i run. went in there grabbed my tickets the third ticket there it was. mama did buy that ticket. group 20 most already know how they will spend some of that money the list includes some of obvious vacation new vehicles, college for kids and medical bills. and most have already quit their jobs. battle to make recess mandatory in elementary schools is back on.
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despite the support of a very vocal group of moms.. a bill to ?mandate recess in elementary schools did not despite the support of very vocal group of moms a bill to mandate recess in elementary schools didn't pass this year. but state senator has just reintroduced that bill for the 2017 session. and things may be a little different this time of around. fox 13 kelly cowan explains. >> it's hard to believe in many has been completely erased from the schedule. and now parents across the state are fighting to take the playground back for their kids. this past spring a bill introduced at the state legislature tried to make recess a required part of the school day. now bill received overwhelming approval in the house. but over in the senate, it never even made it to the floor for a vote. senator john legg who was at the
12:38 pm
pre-k-12 committee chair wouldn't hear it because he said the state should not be mandating recess. it should left up to schools themselves. but parents say it's led to some schools making the decision to cut recess altogether. and that simply unacceptable to many parents. >> nobody likes to mandate anything we understand that we don't want to tell teach is what they do they have an education they know what needs to be done for individual students. but unfortunately, it seems that the teacher are just inundated with things they have academically right now that they don't feel like they would be allowed to or that they would have time to take a break. we want all kids regardless of their background what school they are at, to have on the date they this have pe that opportunity to go outside get wiggles out for a couple minutes. recess bill filed tuesday essentially a mirror image of bill that failed in this past spring legislative session. it would mandate five days a week 20 minutes a day of recess
12:39 pm
grade. in pinellas county, kelly cowan, fox 13 news. a courageous bride finds her soul mate incurable disease makes it harder and harder for to even move fox karen hess shows us her incredible determination and journey. i was immediately drawn to her. kathy and chuck don't have a conventional love story. he was actually the first one to message me. they met on years ago and shared so many adventures. their first date was a 11 hours. what we met about two weeks later at i hop. it just seemed like someone i've known forever. but getting down the aisle wasn't an easy journey. kathy has a very rare disease and just moving is difficult. i was diagnosed with fibroid. >> it is a rare disease that basically creates like a second
12:40 pm
but i have extra stra bone in mice legs in my arms in my back. in my jaw. um wherever there's trauma bone grows over that area. and immobilizes it. kathy good at make her goelts a reality and just putting herself out there. she graduated high school and college. and then got her dream job at an atlantic city dispatcher. she surrounded herself with wonderful pets, but she wasn't sure she would ever find romantic love. because they say dog is man's best friend and parrot i could talk to forever. so luckily i wound up with two birds, 5 cats, a bearded dragon and a husband. >> with thing ring. true love against the odds a braeming bride a smitten groom. kathy is funny and witty. chuck doting and loving. soul mates.
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amazing. she's my heart. so-- anything i need to do to take care of her i will. and i'm happy to do it. off we go. they truly around a team creating solutions to every challenge. when her hands got stiffer she learned to type upside down faster than most folks right side up. a remote for the door, a chair to help kathy get to work. chuck bustles around kathy making sure needs. and they can't help but smile. probably kathy's only regret is she can't drive now. she misses that independence. neither of them knows next on their journey. all they know they want to take it together. we can't worry about what is a year from now. we worry about today and this week. you know, so we make it work. fox news. that's a real love story.
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have bowled a perfect game. but texas man taking it to whole new level. look at this. this is 24-year-old sean osborne. he was living a quiet life in houston until last week when he bowled not one, not two, but three perfect games in a row. his winning streak has made him an overnight social media star. i never thought it would be me i never thought i could do it or have two in psalm set let he lone three of them. so still say that. starting to believe it a little more every day. osborne says he's not a professional. maybe he should consider it though. he just bowls for fun. here's a live look outside. meteorologist jim weber will
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
hey everybody i'm charley belcher coming to you from
12:45 pm
where they are already in the christmas spirit. christmas in the wild. something specia they are doing this year. extended zoo hours. and lots of fun and music and entertainment and that guy right there. who needs no introduction santa. whoa. how cool that is this guy name's scott. yeah. it's tough to follow santa. i know you can't follow an icon. let's talk about christmas in the wild. christmas in the wild is a great new family tradition he lights, lights and more lights. nearly 300 lit christmas trees throughout the zoo. there's entertainment around every corner. there's phenomenal food. there's great gift opportunities for guests really great place for families to come together and just enjoy the holiday season. and to see some really cool animals after dark. >> that's it i love it when zoo does these extended hours. because the habitats after dark, it's a whole different experience.
12:46 pm
it's interesting that you say that. because that was kind of a happy accident. we discovered some animals just as interested in guests after dark as we are in them. so they come out and kind of peak out at you, and they have special enrichments that go on. there's even a special show that happens. to celebrte, celebrate great wa- christmas with the animals. so it is it's not an extra ticket if you come to park at noon you want to stay you can but you can come later in afternoon get a less expensive well of course if you're happy to a zoo member it is incorporated into that as well as are all the events here tampa lowry park zoo. cool thing if you want to become a member you can do that now and then come all of next year as well. so enjoy this event plus all of next year. >> with no extra charge. all good for next year. great, great opportunity right now. so it starts friday and saturday nights for now. but as closer we get to christmas going to be every night eventually. that's right. it starts right now playing
12:47 pm
when we come to december 16th, it will be every night from december 16th through december 23rdrd. then of course the 24th and 25th we have to make sure santa gets back to the north pole. that's right. and then, on 26 the through the 30th it will reopen for those people who extend their christmas holiday all the way up to new years santa will be gone but lights and celebration will still happen through the rest of the month. that's right. and the cool thing is, not we have not only santa but also have live we have live chelist that place wonderful christmas music. dancer even have selection from nut can being area solo ballerina who performs selections from nutcracker. there will be d j in the lodge playing christmas music. we have live karaoke to sing christmas careless with live keyboard player. >> it's, like i said entertainment around every corner. all right tampa lowry park zoo. how about you end us with best
12:48 pm
from man himself. there you go, charley belcher, fox 13 news. thank you, charley. katy perry and orlando bloom are sparking engagement rumors after the singer was spotted wearing a massive rock on her left ring finger monday night. entertainment tonight captured pictures and people can't stop talking about them. the two were out to dinner at the polo bar in new york city and the ring is an off cut yellow diamond surrounded by dainty baguett. perry and for the past ten months fans taylor swift are in heaven new tv channel, yeah a tv channel will exclusively feature nonstop content from their favorite singer new nip between swift and a t & t called taylor swift now. the channel will showcase unique videos concert performances behind the scenes footage and much more spanning taylor's entire career. and you can watch it on at&t video mral forms include direct
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i love it when viewer who are watching interact with me on social media during the show. get lot of them stan one of my twitter followers breaking news stuff in brandon falling from the sky. it's round and clear. liquid looking stuff i guess he hasn't seen rain in a while. we haven't. thanks danny november 9th was last time we actually saw any measurable rain here in tampa. i've got one for you, look at this camera here, there's something, there's something all over the lens. i guess that's rain. 78 degrees out at st. pete beach. and we are seeing some showers working there way through pinellas county. through hillsborough county. and also down to our south. on skytower radar, there you see it. we've had some of these also moving right through south tampa. working there way basically right up dale mabrey. may actually get couple showers at t ua. remember so far this month wee only officially had 1 hundredth of an inch of rain. that may change in just the next few minutes. may pick up at least a little
12:50 pm
that number up a little bit. right now we're looking some other showers over in eastern hillsborough county orr towards lakeland as well. notice the motion, just continues to work its way from the south to the north. there's more of these kind of developing to our south. so we'll keep that 20 percent chance of a couple of showers as we go through the afternoon. now, there's big cold front working its way across much of the south. all tornadoes and damage across portions of deep south through alabama, mississippi, and this band is continuing to weaken. bu significant storms with. in fact have a tornado warning in our panhandle up towards destin. there's a confirmed water spout that has moved on shore in just the past few minutes between destin and miramar. that tornado warning goes for just a little bit more, that goes until 1 o'clock this afternoon. outside right now, clouds and sprinkles around we're an 82 degrees. dew point way up there 69. humidity is 65 percent. currently our winds are they are
12:51 pm
still warming these temperatures up into the 80s. 82 here in tampa. brandon has an 82. in fact there's actually a fairly popular number on the map. sebring a bit warmer currently sitting at 85 degrees. down in sarasota 80. and downtown st. petersburg, currently sits at 78. the dew points, we started the week with these numbers in the 50s. now we're back up into the upper 60s. and low 70s. that's why we start out in that invigorating and went right to sticky. almost summer-time level. and really just a matter of about a day, day and a half. now across the southeast. we still have at tornado watch boxes with the active cold front. this front will continue to push down over us as we get into tomorrow. the key is we're not going to see this kind of strong storm activity. it will weaken significantly as it pushes on to the east and down over us. we will have the cloud cover. we will have a few scattered showers with this front.
12:52 pm
clear the skies out a bit. we will get slightly cooler and lower humidity. more time over the weekend. but as you look back to our west you're already seeing more showers developing so more rain will be heading our way first part of next week. so for today variable cloudy skies. daytime high of 83 with some scattered showers. for tomorrow, for tonight, overnight low of 69 degrees. seven-day forecast, keeps these temperatures a bit on the warm side. but we have to cool things down
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
with the increase sales of e-books, printed books are
12:55 pm
decline. and misty gordons trying to reverse that trend kelly ring shows us why she's right with tampa bay. missy gordon is taking her books on a very important mission. oh pickle juice. the open book exchange. this is m little free library. which is an national progra that installs these leave a book take a look libraries all over the country. she started the program to help ignite the passion of reading in the community. >> its just good for mind. it helps us continue in our life long learning. she hopes she is sparked others
12:56 pm
create atmosphere of avid readers. my whole goal was to inspire others and not just to take the books, but to take the project and carry it out in their own way. it was getting low. bob devin jones has participated in the book exchange for years. i've seen hundreds of people come by at all points of the day to give a book or take a book. something that sheest really encourage read in a simple and direct way. i think that we should never stop learning. kids a children's hospital in san diego got a surprise visitor or visitors i should say check them out. sea seaworld brought in min pen gin parade along with other animals. about 200 children and patients at the hospital and they are often unable to leave. so this as you can imagine was a real treat. who doesn't love penguins he got
12:57 pm
very nice. kind of gray out there. yeah kind of gray. actually maybe a little exciting because we haven't seen rain in so long. skytower radar showing some rain. this you see it working et cetera way through pinellas county. hillsborough county as well. this will continue to work its way on to the north as we go through the afternoon. rain chances kind of around 20 percent as we go through at that today and into tomorrow. thanks so much, jim. the news doesn't end here we will keep posting latest all day on and on ur
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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today on "the real". we are talking about the standing rock preservation. >> it breaks my heart. >> are chip cards slowing us down? >> move your card. >> stop yelling at me. >> and this holiday season we want to share your plan. >> i am. who better to play a painted lady than me? >> on "the real". ?


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