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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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it ended with gunfire and a man dead. now the man convicted is going home. he will be released on bond. we're live were more on the ruling today. gloria. >> the judge gave dooley a 100,000-dollar bond. he could be released from jail any time. >> and n serving eight years in prison for killing david jane. it was over a dispute on a court in 2010. it watts in front of jame's daughter who was 8 years old att the time. she is now a teen. but this bring he learned he gets a do over after winning an appeal and granted a trial. they revised the ruling and offered a new appeal.
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bond. >> and just before the ruling the judge heard from his wife. >> you have lived in the tampa bay area? >> yes. >> she is fighting to the widow of the victim is fighting to keep him locked up. >> this is not fair to her. she watched this happen. when do we get justice? in prison. but will now get to go home and prepare for whatever twist comes next. >> there are conditions to the bond. he can only stays in the county not allowed to leave unless it is medical or legal. he cannot own a weapon. we'll have more on this at 10:00.
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fell off this survived. this car spun out after hitting gravel. and troopers are looking for the truck that specificallied the gravel and caused the -- that spilled the gravel and caused the crash. >> the driver could get a ticket for failure to secure the gravel. they want to find the driver to figure out what caused the mishap. >> there watts a strip of of romle >> by the time irene saw the gravel to i-4 from the connector her car was in a tail-spin. >> i spun out of in a circle my front hit the wall. then my bumper hit it. >> she was the first to hit the gravel. some kind of truck spilled it while merging. >> the driver may not have known he is losing this load.
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spin out, each slamming into the barrier, they show the after mastmath n the car she heard the second then the third a scrape and then a boom then another. the same thing the third could have been deadly for the driver of the second car william schwartz of tampa. he was outside of his car checking the damage when car was involved and knocked him 30 feed down to the ground. >> workers struggled to reach him because of the ar where he fell. but he survived and is in fair condition. now they just want to find the truck that spilled the gravel causing the accidents that could have been much pores. >> i'm thankful that we all made it through without serious injuries.
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>> anyone with information about the truck that caused the crash is asked to fall star fhp. the candles that started the fire. the mobile home caught fire. and the silver dollar club. a disabled man was living there and dropped. his wife was ses brate. firefighters say the couple fell asleep while burning. officials are now looking into what happened to them. it is officially the last day of hurricane system and they are on the move. this time they are going to lakeland. the planes to collect the data
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the lakeland airport should be done by next hurricane season. >> lego land is expanding again. a resort is opening offering a retreat. it is a ding with 83 beach themed bumming allows. 166 rooms all with lego decor inside and out. and each will for tomorrow and cad to relax the kids explore in the play area. there will be a cool and shad wry area and b. and. >> we imagine these will be mini block parties. more than you sinned in a settle.
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yar as night. it is a part of the tampa bay area that has been abused. now money from the bp settlement will go to helping it. just east and as lloyd sowers tells us it received no respect for the decades. >> this from 1926 what is it is blocking the flow next to the port. the some that know that they take their trash there. but the bay is seen differently, we view this as an urban oasis, the program and other agencies will intend a 34eu8on dollars.
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bp spill. >> the efforts to restore this started in the 1980s. it is a long road back. >> it was a hidden fishing spot on the bay, now look at a photo from 1938. see the water the swirls that is sea grass. now 1968. no sea grass. the score line industrialized but some has been cleaned up. >> an example is the ikea the redevelopment area, the massive store was built on drown fields. >> this for us is one of those things we feel like we have given back and contribute to the waterway. parts have been restored. this is the benefit and after to try to turn back home but there is more to do.
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employees, to the clients and tenants. hoping to breath life into a bay that was left for dead. lloyd sowers. knox 13 news. a display of american history will be no more. the armed forces history museum wilt close at the end of january for years it has been operating every yea crash to keep it alive. he passed away last month. >> they are looking for a donor or else the doors will close. >> this home is fog away. i'm hoping that somebody has a heart for that. and will want to continue to salute them. as for the ideas the
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it has been a big for musical acts with dolly parton. barbra streisand tonight. another major act is oming. >> sweet caroline. >> good times never seemed to good. >> neil diamond will be celebrating his tickets go on style for american express holders. you have to get them early. for the rest of the public on december 9th. that's going to be good. vehicles driving around tampa. it's not about driverless.
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a big come back. >> that's not such. guys are mostly clear.
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((kelly--vo-)) it's the it is the future of the roadway. autonomous and connected vehicles. that reality may the be far off. the florida automated summit. there is such a thing. >> and we send mike bennett out there to find out how far we are from seeing the technology hit
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>> you can see it is no driver or steering wheel or. >> we are not far from the driverless car. the car makers have been developing them for years. >> it is designed to take you from your doorstep to a transportation hub. >> this vehicle is meant to cut out short distance driving show up within a few minutes and take you to the train station to the metro and the tram. whatever. >> the self-driving cars may be the future. >> with you see on the screen -- >> connected vehicles will get us there. >> we get tale time traffic data. >> damagive drag and having nothing but green lights ahead.
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light, they slow down. they are not accelerating and we destress them, the technology is the future for tampa. >> it has an award from the dot that we got for connected vehicles. we're doing a project in the downtown area where we will use some of the technology. >> and the future is cool the future may be cooler through smart paint t and blind people. they have the cane and recognize when they are getting out. it is finding that mineral in the smart paints. >> i'm ready. >> we talked about this a lot. it would make the roads safer, how much would they make them in the rain? paul, we saw some.
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like three years. it came down. not much now a couple more showers. a big day it wraps up the atlantic hurricane season. and since 2012. there are the numbers. the average number of storms is 12 and we had 15. these are the predictions from university. and the numbers. and the prediction was 4 to 8 hurricanes. 5 from colorado state. we had 7. long term average of a hurricane is three. we had three in florida. and it was impacted directly by 3 storms. you may have forgotten about
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and hermine followed the track. they had the same impact along the west coast. we had squalls. flooding. we had issued in pinellas with the storm and the surge and the issues. we had the big storm along the east coast from matthew and that made impact or landfall. these are all the other tracks. and the late season across central america and pacific. see you later. and that is done. and wow 25 out of 30 days this month, above average a very dry month. the rain added up to a trace which is a drop or two and ended up 1.5 and november is usually
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>> pretty good wind from the south and the southeast. and that was enough to produce a couple of showers and there is not much rain earned. >> and radar returns here and that's the military earlier today calling what we drop. that's a metal particle. to see how they can prevent radar from seeing the planes. that went away. here we go. rain is moving away. and the rest of the night should be rain free with areas of low cloud developing t is warm and muggy. everyone is sitting in the 70s. this is muggy. the dew point is 70 in lakeland and wauchula upper 60s around
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a front. this front will move down the peninsula and a band of clouds and showers. i i'm not expecting any long term rain events just spore sporadic. it's not that cold. it is less humid. you will notice the humidity and the dew point. turning around from the east to the northeast. it is muggy again. i'm watching the possibility of real cold air to arrive we'll see how that plays out. dry air diving to the south.
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pushed to the south. the moisture will come back. >> the dew point and a gusty wind. good news as far as the rain goes. there were weather and including tornadoes in alabama. now there is a strip of the weather moving there will not be a risk here. colder weather behind the front. and dallas at 59. low clouds. cloudy. showers. 99. friday is like a nice day.
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and should come back next week and temperatures will be in the upper 70s. several bucks missing practice. are he had in danger of missing sunday. a update is coming up. what a season for usf. quinton flowers picks up one of
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the bucs visit the chargers this week. do not be fooled by the record all six losses were by one score and they have wins over teams like denver and atlanta. and they have topped the bucs. and no mike no mccoy. he will play this week. conti, he suffered a chest injury. major wright was signed. dirk koetter said that tandy has
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opportunity, he has not gotten it for one reason or another. if you see the leadership on the unit. that's a pretty good precursor to how they're going to fit in on defense. now think are asked to do more things more often but you know good players. this regood football players. >> there you go. i found that the good pregame shows are good this weekend 10:30 a.m. and the corning and the lions and saints at 1:00. followed by the bucs and chargers. and a lot of football this week. 10 minutes and cracking the top 25. and don't be surprised if you hear willie taggert's name pop
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given the opening. >> and the bulls have top talent. flowers named the offensive player of the year. and the only player in school history and 2000 passing yards rushing. the record10 goals in all earned all conference honors. >> a couple of melt downs we're not talking about the normal but two epic melt brooklyn. doc rivers teed up. watch him go off. he has to be restrained. a second technical when an official thinks he is yelling at a difficulty he said that was not happening, he has to be restrained by the teammates. nearly loses the jacket. maybe can you decide which one you like better or dislike better. >> this one last night in --
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andrew shaw for hooking the replay. and then he sees it and we had to bleep over his mouth and a shot for good measure. he punched it. he leaves the game. what do you think? >> i think that's the guy next to him. don't hurt me, please. >> and it is more than the basketball but makes for better. , the objectings go flying. a jacket or article of clothing. >> and several stages. good thing i had a glove on. a major announcement from president-elect trump, who he
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it is my opinion he acted lawfully. the officer is cleared. no charges for the police officer who shot and killed keith scott while his wife videotaped the confrontation. heavy rain is moving through tennessee s it enough to give the firefighters the upper land. >> and the clean up beginning after a night of tornadoes and storms in the southeast. not to charge a police officer in the death of keith scott. evidence was presented that proves it was justified. >> reporter: mark, as you remember, scott's wife said he was not armed and his daughter said he had a book but the da said that just is not true. all the evidence backs up the account that he had a gun.
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store. he pointed to a bulge saying that's the the gun in a hollister and in video it is unclear what scott is holding in his hand but the da said it is clear his land leg is raised that's consist ent that he teach reached down and pulled a gun. the da said the officer, who you see here giving a justified in fearing for his safety and that of his fellow officers. >> what he saw was a man who had drown a gun. and exit the vehicle and failed to comply with the officers who commanded him to put it down, as a convicted felon he was pot supposed to have a gun. they said three people on social
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investigators that they had not actually seen the shooting. that's frustrating for the prosecutor considering that protests engulfed charlotte in the following days fueled by claims they shot an unarmed man. one was shot and killed during the rioting. the city is preparing for more protests in the wake of the decision. a coalition called charlotte uprising has called for a gathering a somali born student who attacked students may have been inspired by isis. it may be too soon to tell if it is terrorism. he was inspired by the state group and the former leader. >> the 18-year-old was shot by a police officer shortly after he drove into a group of people and started slashing them. a motive is unknown. crews in tennessee have
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bringing the total to 7. and gatlinburg officials say 400 build havings burned in the fire and no are at risk although they got some rain. the smoky mountains is one of the most bee loved national parks and they plan to bounce back from the devastation. >> we want to give that positive message that everything is going to be okay, feet in a short time. come and visit us. come back and vacation here. >> so many people will, officials may turn to fema. since monday more than 14,000 people have been evacuated from gatlinburg and many are still waiting to return to see what is left of their homes. the rain did help firefighters get the upper hand finally. and much needed rain cam
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they are creating their own issues. this reto blame for five deaths. those fighting the fires in the area are now worried about mudslides and winds. the weather service is confirming that a tornado touched down in the metro atlanta area. this is of the damage where it has scattered debris. >> and this >> the weather service is surveying the storm damage across louisiana, mississippi, alabama, george georgia to determine the damage. and another cabinet pick. and it is over the battle over secretary of state. we have more from washington. >> during the campaign, the president-elect said he would bring manufacturing jobs back to
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his first successful deal keeping the jobs at a carrier facility from moving to mexico. the former campaign manager said it shows he is a man of his word. >> bring the jobs back. >> the white house responding that the deal will save 1000 jobs. >> if he is successful in doing that 804 more times he will meet the record manufacturing jobs that were created while the president was in office. >> this as the president-elect announced steven mnuchin has his pick for the treasury secretary. he is a former banker and his finance manager and would be tasked with overseeing the irs. he said tackling tax reform is one of his biggest priorities. >> the big of the reform since reagan. it's not going to be a cut in corporate taxes but a large
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>> all eyes on the battle over the pick for the secretary of state after mitt romney met with the president-elect for a second time. and the chief of starve attended the dinner. >> i think he see as lot of talent in the governor. nothing is certain t is up in the air. >> this as the president-elect announcing to prevent any conflicts of interest that he will hand over control of his empire to takes over the oval office. house democrats have reelected nancy pelosi as their leader. and she is the best bet. not everyone was pleased. some said the party doubled down on the failed strategy of recent
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street blues has died. grant tinker was married to mayor tyler moore. and he was nbc chairman in 1981 and brought the network great ratings with the hits like the cosby show and cheers. he was 90 years old. the man credited with inventing the big mac has died. and he created years ago when he owned a franchise in the pittsburgh area. he invented thing abouter with the two all beef pattys. special sauce, lettuce cheese pickle onions on a sesame seed bun. it went national in 1968.
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the plae that crashed in colombia killing 71 people ran out of fuel. that's according to the people who heard the recordings. and he told them the plane was in electrical failure and without any fuel. 71 people died in the crash. all but three members of a soccer team. the plane was taking the team to a watch when it crashed. there was no fire and which
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a four day, 5 hundred mile journey across cuba to a place in the eastern city of santiago. >> and thousands lined the streets0 to say goodbye to their leader. >> it is feign full; we love him. he is respected. there are no words. >> a small flag row's ashes. and the remains of the later will rest in santiago where he started the revolution in 1953. >> we felt proud for everything he left us. he will remain with all of us. >> it traces the victory tour he took after overthrows.
6:42 pm
live on forever. , she is in pain he is physically gone his example will continue. he left his brother in charge. raising the possibility of a change in the leadership. and his half brother has been overwhelmed by the support of the half the country is crying. >> the ashes will be interred and for a man who ruled the country for 50 years. in new york. and for the first time in eight years opec will cut oil production. eight years. starting next year it will cut
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for us it lead to gas prices. in california a new enemy in
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tens of millions of americans suffer hair loss.. millions of americans suffer hair loss and remain women. there are causes like birth control and child birth. how doctors say it can be treated and prevented. can you take your netflix with you. and netflix said starting today the subscribers will down load their favorite programs. the bes extra. the programs orange, black and ready for down load. the features included in all plans and available for phones and rival amazon introduced off line viewing in 2015. stocks ended lower. utilities falling the most.
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point up. s&p down more than 5. california taking the fight against global warming. it is produced by cows and other wild stock. >> it is milking time. they produced eight gallons to make ithe but they produce other things. they are sources of methane. a greenhouse gas more potent. >> if we can reduce the emissions and the second second most important gas. >> that's why jerry brown signed legislation to reduce the
6:48 pm
at fairly low cost and benefits to respect farmers and other communities, they want to use the digester like this that captures it and converts it into electricity. >> we want it to be sustainable and we were doing all we could to decrease our carbon foot print. >> and they are released when what they eat. but the dairy farmers said it will hurt businesses when this are struggling with drought and labor costs. >> we're losing dairys, they are moving out of state where the costs don't expect. but it is only possible because
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utilit. others he would not afort one. >> it will impact the economics. they are committed to make sure it works for the environment. and the pros sect -- prospect. livestock were just over 14% of the planet's heat trapping glasses that's more than planes, trains and automobiles sometimes you learn information you do not really want to know. >> the planes, trains and automobiles -- automobiles they have nothing on the cows. >> that's crazy. >> paul? why when i hear that i think of the cow and chick-fil-a. that's how my brain works. a decent day a couple of showers around late today and produce some rainbows.
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that's donald de bolt. this one showed up in auburndale. if you look can you see a hint of another rainbow on the left. and it didn't rain much but this time the low sun angle we get it with sprinkles around. 83 is the high today. we only had four days as far as the highs go and that's a cold snap before thanksgiving. then a long stretch upper 70s and 80s. that will continue into the first couple of gays in the summer. rain fall was path pathetic. one day of 100. this is our driest month of the year. i don't see prospects for rain on the way.
6:51 pm
and light rain not adding up to much. they were in the 60s. this is as muggy as it gets for november. >> and the temperatures are holding in the 70s, 75 in tampa. low to mid70s inland. a south wind. and there is a front that's producing rain over the mountains of the carolinas and gatlinburg. that is shifting, they had a good soaking. the wildfire. the drought is not over. they could eliminate the chance of fires.
6:52 pm
all we'll see is maybe a couple of showers, i'm not expecting a lot. cooler and drier. we get more and we'll see the temperatures drop dropping back to average: tonight we're in the 60s to near 70 for low. many spots will be in the mid80s. variably cloudy. high pressure builds in. a couple of days. early next week the winds turn around. it may give showers of next week. and muggy. patchy fog. and cloudy and showers.
6:53 pm
mostly sunny. in the mid-70s. >> you start planning the weekend parties. okay to me. the mid-730s. a the next chance of rain is next week. >> lots of twists and turns. waiting for a front of the season. >> and we don't have cooler behind the >> a lot of football games. the weather should be good. high school is bringing their own brand of. ? to disney. how they were part of the
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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ks. papa john's. tonight at eleven... a suicidal woman standing way up a woman standing up there.
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officer who talked her down. florida is third in the country for identity theft. how to protect you and your money. we'll see you then. thank you, cynthia. the processional at epcot is a highlight and a school choir earned a spot in the show. they are what's wright with tampa ?[music] ? ?[music] ? the chorus tampa prep is rehearse fog ar big show. one of the big nest the country. >> it is an importance that we don't get. >> the cappedle light
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which is beautiful with professional lighting. and the choices of liberty and guest narrators. >> this will be tampa prep's fifth year and there is a reason why they are invoted back. >> we work hard for that we sent. >> the hard work that pays off in more ways than one. >> that is awesome. ?[music] ? >> i have chills. they're beautiful. >> sounds amazing. >> great. >> the high schoolers will
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ris. we have the processional. if you want to watchch them. maybe we can get them in the studio to sing us out.
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so much of the news has been portrayed around -- >> the dancer. >> he has a huge crush on her. you know? >> kissing and looking cozy in the hawaiian surf. it is on for mariah and her dancer brian tanaka. taken the next huge step in their romance? >> i'm humbled. >> i kind of hit a wall. >> are you pregnant? >> a picture of me with a bump and a circle. >> she's put up with baby rumors for well over a decade but a line has been crossed for jennifer. her new plea to end the madness. >> we just got to break out of that and go, whoa whoa. >> were kim and kanye having major marriage problems before his breakdown? we head straight to paris with


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