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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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spelled right. that's always important. >> time now for the 11 o'clock news. >> and right now at 11 a sinking woman had a terrifying encounter in the last place she expected. quest she was fast asleep when she woke up to a nightmare. >> you never think you will wake up in the middle of the night in some strange person is standing in your bedroom. >> no you don sleep.nd what he did as he left. >>. [indiscernable] > a painful memory that no amount of justice can erase. the arrest finally made two years after his son's murder. quest just totally lost control and went running through the parking lot and ended up going through our food pantry. >> a local charity takes a big
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>> and we start tonight with a truly creepy story out of st. pete. imagine waking up to see this stranger staring at you at the foot of your bed. police say this man broke into a woman's home in the middle of the night. she woke up saw him standing there and yelled at him to leave. and he did leave. but before he left, he bent down and pet her. evan has more county. >> police say that this man tried to get into the woman's house a second time. that is what led to his arrest. >> it takes away your sense of security and and piece of mind. >> brittany klein was fast asleep one night nearly 2 weeks ago when the sound of her phoenix jumping out of bed startled her awake. she looked up and saw a shadow standing over her. groggy, she reached for the
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figure and saw him duck. >> i could see him crouched down on the floor. he did not look up at me. he was petting the cat. quest police to the strange man was 24-year-old jasper. he lives one street over from her but she had never seen him before. police have no idea why he broke in or why he took a liking to her cat. >> the scariest thing to me is, had the cat not jumped off the bed and woken me up when he realized someone was in the room, how long wou stood there staring at me? and what was he thinking about doing? and what i have woken up with some strange man on top of me in the middle of the night? >> she says she will yelled for him to leave. he slowly got up and calmly walked out of her house as she followed him out. client thinks he came in through a side door that her two-year-old daughter just learned to unlock. police found a fingerprint he left behind. they found him and tried to ?
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they arrested him on wednesday. >> i am incredibly grateful that he did not have the opportunity to do anything that night. that my daughter was not here that night. and most importantly that he was dumb enough to leave a fingerprint and police were able to catch them.> we are told that if he bonds that he would need to have a gps ankle monitor and stay a certain distance reporting in st. pete, fox 13 news. a news alert right now onto pesco county where deputies are looking for a man they say his arms and dangerous. we are told this man right here, 26-year-old sanchez has a history of selling drugs and is wanted for active warrant out of georgia. he is accused of running from law enforcement possession of marijuana and obstruction. if you see him i think you might know where he is these call 911. police say after tears
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was shot to death outside of his home on jefferson street. tonight reginald bauman is behind bars and charged with his murder. we are live at the police headquarters. evan, we heard that police found dna evidence. anything else that links the status of the case?> well yes, they took dna evidence as well as to anonymous tips in order to get reginald bowman behind bars. the family of victim coleman says they have spent every day for the last two years now there is still a memorial outside of his home on jefferson street. that is where he was found by his own father on the night of january 5. marshall said early morning of january 5 2015. it was just after midnight. he died of a gunshot wound. hey say that bowman staged a gun sale to laura coleman into a robbery. they say they found a visor at
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bowman with dna. they also had an anonymous tips from several people who sin bowman was planning a shakedown i suppose it gun sale. coleman's mother says that her son died for nothing. >> we don't leave a human being lying in their front yard in the street anywhere. just to die. and not reap the consequences for what you have done.> our community has been ?for decades.t is important that this discussi getting a handle on how we can solve these problems. because we cannot afford to continue to lose good young man. >> before this arrest comes bowman had denied anything to do with the murder telling police he had not seen coleman in two years. police say they found text messages between them discussing a possible gun purchase. family is now bracing for of course what could be a lengthy court process.
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the ways they begin through all of this, every month on the fifth of the month they have been holding anti-violence rallies at their home on jefferson. when he was found. that is how they been keeping this in the news and also keeping things you know in a way, his memory alive by keeping the antiviolence movement going. >> thank you so much. >> investigators in st. pete are trying to figure out how a man died. around 4 o'clock this floating in this drainage pond near 47th avenue north and third street north. police say it is too early enough to tell exactly how the man died but they say they were no obvious signs of,. his name is not been released. the man who spent the past three decades on death row may be getting a netherlands chance at life. in 1981 johnson went on a killing rampage to fill his drug addiction. he rocked until the cabdriver
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ride. they shot and killed a polk county deputy who confronted him during the manhunt.hat same year johnson was sentenced to death.ut then the appeals process started and it was a drawnout one. it wasn't until 2014 that he was again sentenced to death. ut now because of the new state law saying that a jury has to be unanimous to impose the death sentence, the florida supreme court has decided that johnson must be given a another sentencing hearing. news of today's hearing has the polk county frustrated. the deputy who he wanted was a friend. in 2000 and the sheriff convinced then governor charlie crist to sign the death warrant for johnson. johnson is now 64 years old. and the sheriff fears he could die in prison before justice is ever served. no word yet on when the new hearing will take place. >> 811, a charity took a big hit after a parking pass right through their food pantry this
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lost control of the car. it drove through the parking lot and slammed into the building. and fortunately no one is there. there's about $5000 worth of damage done. the people the charity helps most, they are those affected. because the front is ?on friday they generally serve food to people and that will not happen tomorrow. >> the food will not be available to them tomorrow. we will try to save best we can and refer them to other locations.ut many people only walk to this location because it is in their neighborhood area. and so that is the unfortunate part. >> they say they will work as fast as they can to get things up and running again. the driver was issued a citation. more money can be coming to the paychecks of state law enforcement officers. that's what governor rick scott is proposing. andrew jackson was there as the governor announced a pledge to
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p>> florida governor rick scot in orlando thinking state law enforcement officers for their work during a very difficult year. including the pulse night club attack and hurricane matthew. and once to give them a pay raise. but through these times of adversity state law enforcement fearlessly answered the call and put themselves in harm's way. standing strong in the face of danger.t is thanks to their hard work and sacrifice that florida appear severe through these diffic achieved a 45 year loan in our prime rate. >> ?that is proposing a five percent pay increase for all eighth hp, swc and fdle offices. >> it has never been more dangerous than it is now to be a law enforcement officer. these men and women put on an officer we don't just do with traditional primes. terrorism remains a huge threat to the country. >> 44 fhp troopers have lost their lives in the line of duty
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to the dangers of this job. i just reiterate this not just out troopers, it is their families. >> starting base salary is nearly $34,000. the last time they received a pay raise was back in 2013. >> we have to understand that we also live in a safe community. and if we don't reward and recognize and appreciate our law enforcement it will be more difficult. >> the race will go into effect on july 1, 2017 if approved. in orange county, fox 13 news. >> willoo place to call home ? >> coming up by wildlife officials are worried about these manatees living in a local lake. military their mission to save them. plus ?rex the marijuana thing is such a big thing. i think medical should happen. don't we agree? >> up next, the thing that president obama fears for donald trump when he takes up the issue of legal marijuana. in the field of summer again
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today but there's always a chance on the way for a couple of days including cooler temperatures.
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we are following a news alert out of pennsylvania right now. look at this. a bunch of houses right there in allentown pennsylvania. they are up in flames. fire crews are working hard to try and get the fires out but it has spread. homes are all connected. we will keep watc let you know if anything changes but that is pretty much all we have right now. it does not look good.>> in final weeks on the job president obama is not going to press the issue of legalizing marijuana. cylinders talk and write about smoking pot as a kid as a young person this is one topic the president can't wait to stop talking about. >> he recently told rolling stone magazine he is in favor of better regulation. but as kevin tells us even that has its challenges.
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this of president obama has described increasingly convoluted marijuana laws. telling rolling stone magazine ?for the justice department on the dea to be enforcing a patchwork of lost or something that is legal in one state could get you a 20 year prison sentence in another. while commonwealth sure for calling for legalization the president's concerns have been heightened by state of new state laws legalizing marijuana use despite a federal ban. in november voters in california made massacse recreational use. joining colorado and washington. while on the medical side, but is in florida north dakota and arkansas all approved medical marijuana initiatives. >> some have argued that the states are rushing to cash in on the potential tax revenue it provides. despite increases in crime in some states where it is legal. >> what we are seeing is an influx of organized crime. here is an opportunity to hide behind what is a legal
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quest that is something i think that they will have to grapple with and certainly law enforcement officers. >> president-elect donald trump think that the state should decide the marijuana issue. quest marijuana thing is such a big thing. at the medical should happen right don't we agree? i think so. >> the public has been more tolerant of the legal use. and we asked and ?60 percent y just how president-elect donald trump handles the issues that have wide-ranging applications on everything from law enforcement to public health to the economy. opponents of the marijuana law enforcement hope that mr. trump's domination of alabama senator jeff sessions to attorney general will act as ? against the rolling tide of
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be in tampa tuesday visiting macdill air force base. he will be with active-duty service members and talk about the administration's counterterrorism efforts. the president will also meet with the special operations community have been critical in the war on terror. >> and manatees got stuck in lake tarpon if you mexico. we have had rain and now the weather will turn colder. while liquids are trying to help them get out in time. florida fish and wildlife and other agencies rescued they gave him a check up, and then delete ?released gun. ?manatees ?when the water faucet 65 or below. but not that that will happen anytime soon.
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weekend if we have another cold front. but you have to watch the time lapse. if you see in the distance, watch this sea fog rolled in at the beaches. logic. the wall of clouds. almost looks like a shelf cloud that we had during the summertime. remember those with thunderstorms. so sea fog for a time today and then we ended up with partly cloudy scans. dry air began to move down the peninsula. but a pool view ?a on the camera. here will be back in a second, right here you can see this line go right there that is front which is coming to the south. and really it is one of the most dramatic differences over the state that you will see. i mean check this out. marathon is 80, key west 77, in the middle tampa 67. athenia 43 in panama city. so 43 and 80, what is that?
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from north to south? i mean there's a lot of different climates over our state. the panhandle is a lot different than south florida. but that is a big contrast. dew point is 38 pensacola, as high as they get sometimes in the summer at 76. so this is a classic case of a cold front. they are ?there is a dividing line here, behind it cooler and drier. south of this almost july like with dew point right now in the mid-70s. right now we are on that boundary. wind is north, temperature is 67 degrees. a nice night. ) will continue to shift to the south. we get about two days of cool air and dry weather. but the jet stream is pretty active. what's that weather systems are on the go. another friend will be arriving for us on tuesday. hopefully that one could bring with it a band of rain. we will be watching that
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and mike bennett and lindsay will have more on that during the weekend. we have rain and snow showers in the northeast. a couple of snow showers in the west. that is really it. lots of blue on the map today nothing really dramatic. chicago is 37. it is called but hey, it is december it is supposed to be 37 in chicago. 38 in little rock, 34 rapid city, at least in the 50s and 60s. tomorrow not a bad day. a mixture of clouds and sun with daytime highs mostly in the mid-70s. and i this is a temperature trend. restart 75 and go back up into the 80s. if you want some cold weather, and talking about this a number of times the speed. looks like in about 8 to 10 days we will be having cold air plunging south across the continental us. next to that, partly cloudy less humid and 60. fair amount of sentient part. good day to lock up the work week. then coming up on saturday mixture of clouds and seneca
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seven-day forecast shares temperatures in the 70s. we rise up to the 80s. hopefully the funds can squeeze out some rain for us on tuesday. will be optimistic and say yes. and after that we can see how the next cold glass of polar air arrives. have a good night. back to you. quest nothing like a first great weekend in december. coming up, ? >> a big announcement from the mayor to make tampa a stronger competitor in the world of ? >> tonight we are investig what it spends on healthcare. we drill into the cost and find
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knew tonight a major announcement from the white house about tech jobs and training coming to tampa. the city has been chosen as a new train by a thousand people between the ages of 17 and 29 and get them ready for tech jobs. that is over the next three years. tampa innovation alliance ceo says it will be a special focus on making sure all communities are included. >> we are talking to the business community making sure that we communicate in all languages. university area has 150 different ?live a large population of individuals that have missed out on this opportunity. so we will make sure that those
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other languages will have an opportunity to participate. >> this designation for santa comes after that announcement of $3.8 million on the training grant for the area. >> there was one place tonight in the bay area where you could see santa claus mickey mouse, ? and abellydancing statue of ? ? liberty.? ? >> .? ? [music] ? ? >> the liquid christmas ? ? parade, where else would ? there were a lot of floats.? ? many of them very elaborate.? ? look at this.? ? this is the christian ? ? academy.? ? they must have worked on ? ? this for months.? ? mickey and minnie were ? ? there.? ? ronald mcdonald was roaming ? ? around.? ? and seemingly every fire ? ? truck in polk county was in ? ? the parade.? ? around 40,000 people were ? ? there to watch the parade. a big night in lakeland. >> looks like a lot of fun.
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since the lightning have lost four straight games. no panic then and really no panic now. the bolts know there are better team than the one that has been on the ice for the past week. tonight in st. louis down quickly to the blues. they were telling them on the power play. here come the bolts out of a deficit. johnson making a two-goal game. in the third.
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his first goal of the road trip. down to one now. vladimir makes all of the good people st. louis ?that my friends is a hat trick. the third of the net. five ?three lightning still fighting. watch this here. cedric finishes and puts it in, second of the game. that lead back down to one. the bolts will straight loss. >> as always is going to be a big sunday on fox 13. i'll start with tailgate sunday at 10:30 a.m. followed by the network pregame coverage. it is the lions and saints at 1 o'clock right here on fox 13. followed by the bucks and charges at 4:25 pm.he florida basketball teams ?the florida best multi-mother has been a road warrior team.


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