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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the individual we believe we've identified him now at this point in time richard spots is the perpetrator. he is a psychiatric patient here at the mercy wellness center. he came in today a little after 2:00 p.m. with his caseworker. her identity is still being withheld although some of her kin has been notified. not all of her kin has been notified. we are -- came in with her. went into the doctor's office. at that point, a worker did confirm that he heard some loud arguing going on. they came in and they actually opened the door and saw him pointing a gun at the doctor. they did not notice the caseworker at that point. they shut the door very quietly, went immediately called then 11. no shots were fired at that point in time. however, what they did determine is a few minutes went by and then they did hear multiple sh shots fired. after that, they did try to
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force their way back into this office. they did note that the doctor at that point was covering his face. he was bleeding from the head profusely. the individual still had a gun. the perpetrator still had his gun. they were able to -- another doctor and another caseworker were able to wrestle him to the ground. disarm him and at that point in time police actually arrived. police were very prompt in this particular situation to respond. they're trained to respond to this type of situation, and within minutes we had a massive police response here in delaware county with yeadon borough police, darby police as well as surrounding police departments also our tactical teams were activated and did a tremendous job. right now what you see going on hyped you the hospital workers are being released. they were under lock down. they're being released at this point in time of the hospital is open at this point. however, the building behind me where the shooting occurred is still closed because the crime scene is still going on.
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they are still up stare on the third floor doing the ballistics evaluation as well as the evaluation of how this occurred through a crime scene perspective. >> have you talk at the doctor, have you interviewed the doctor yet. the doctor is still as we speak at the hospital. we have officers with him and i believe they are in the process of having him released from the hospital at which point he'll be interviewed. as we speak right now the doctor has not been interviewed so i cannot confirm everything that we originally proposed to you earlier. >> can we clear for our viewers, so this gunman walks in, shoots the caseworker, shoots the doctor, the doctor pulls his own weapon and returns fire and shoots the suspect multiple times in the torso, is that right? we believe that that is probably what occurred. but the only person right now that can confirm that based on all the evidence that we pieced together is the doctor and we'll confirm it when we have the first opportunity when that doctor is interviewed but we believe that that's what occurred in this particular case. however, we still need to confirm it.
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>> worry told that mr. plot has criminal record. can you confirm that. i can't confirm it at this point. i know there were various detectives working on his criminal background history of. we would expect that to come shortly. however, i did receive information that there were incidents involving mr. plots and hospital personnel including the doctor's staff in the past. >> can you tell us more about him? i can only tell you he's a patient. i don't have any background information at this point in time. other than what i just said. >> very traumatic time for patients and for employees here. especially the employees that haven't returned here -- have to return here tomorrow. is there anything being done to help them out with this traumatic situation such as counselors to be on hand or anything of that nature for them tomorrow? needless to say, the administrative staff at fitzgerald mercy and the mercy health system are devastated right now and they are meeting with various employees and assessing their needs. so the hospital is just in shock
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but they are working to make sure that everyone can deal with this situation. >> was this doctor afraid of mr. plots and is that why he had armed himself? >> reporter: i don't have that information. until we interview the doctor, that's unclear at this point. >> is there anything unusual when he walks in? was there any way to detect this. no. i believe there was no way, because the staff did not give rise to that. in fact, various staff that were there indicated that -- that they only reactioned when they heard the loud arguing which was unusual. so no one believed that he was armed when he entered that building. no one believed he was armed when he came into that office. there was no evidence of that and everyone was in shock when they heard those shots. >> did the doctor have a gun permit? i do not know that information. i don't even know if he if he had needed to gun permit unless it's concealed about your pers person. >> were police actually called before the shots rang out then when the employee opened the door. my understanding yes, the 911 was called but a very brief period of time.
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seconds, minutes, when the door was closed, the police were called and those shots were fired. so literally seconds. >> are you char plots. that's my understanding. >> are you char plots. >> tonight you're wrapping up the scene. it should be wrapped up to into the and do you expect the psychiatric unit to be reopened as errly as tomorrow? i do expect that. i expect it will fin -- we'll finish our investigation here within the next couple of hours. so i do expect that it will be up to the hospital administration to open it when they deem it's appropriate. however, we'll be done with the building. >> have you notified next of kin of the woman who died. we've talked to a brother who was unaware of it but there are other siblings that we're in the process of attempting to november. >> is she a mother, a wife, can you tell us anything about her? i don't believe -- i have the information as to -, we believe she lived in alone in philadelphia, at an address in philadelphia. when we responded to try to notify the kin no one responded to that door so i don't know if other than speaking to her
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brother briefly whether she had any children. we don't believe there's a husband. >> how about the age on the caseworker. the caseworker is 53 years old. >> pots p-o-t-t-s. plots i believe. richard plots. >> his age. i believe he's in his mid 30s but i don't have his date birth at this point. i may have had at one time but it's in the investigate file. >> he lives in upper darby on west chester pike. >> can you talk a little bit more -- >> richard and lucy do we have you here. >> iain and lucy? >> yes, shawnette we hear you. go ahead. >> reporter: you guys have me here at the scene. >> we do have you at the scene. shawnette wilson is live at the scene rhett now. okay. we'll toss it back to you. >> i don't know if she can hear us right now. here's what we understand is going on. that was district attorney jack whelan who's obviously from delaware. he said they do have a suspect name.
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it's richard plots. he leaves he's in his mid 30s. psychiatric patient at the mercy wellness center. they don't know about any criminal background but the da does have information involving mr. plots and disturbances with this office in the past iain. >> you can't school. we understand that are you char plots is in his 30s. and they're going to give us more information of course shawnette wilson is on the scene and we hope to hear from you in a little bit. >> all right. our cameras were at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania tonight. where medics took the doctor grazed by the gunfire. the delaware da you heard him talking about this. they do plan to talk with that doctor tonight after his release. the suspect is at hup as well. and, again, he was also injured in this shooting. three gunshot wounds that we have heard about and he is also in critical condition tonight. our coverage continues withdrew dickman. he's on the hospital campus in darby borough. drew, have you been talking with witnesses and it sounds like they have a lot to say. >> reporter: yeah, they do have a lot to say lucy. a lot of concern and confusion. you her the da just say that
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this is a hospital where people know the other doctors here. they are upset. obviously a family lost a loved one. we even spoke to a woman today who said her aunt was the one inside that office. she called 911. she didn't know what happened to her aunt. she didn't know if she was alive. i had just was able to confirm with her about 10 minutes ago. she was able to make contact with her. she's breathing a huge sigh of row he left. that's what the sense is out here. people aren't really sure who was shot at this point. we have not heard the names. they have not been officially released of the doctor and the caseworker that was shot. so again a lot of concern, a lot of questions. more information continues to come out that does ease some of the concern for people that work at this medical campus as well as those family and friends that have come to the scene. here's some more of what some witnesses and other medical buildings near the shooting had to say earlier today. >> when they brought a few people out on stretchers -- >> a few? >> how many total? >> i'd say three people get
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tooken out in the ambulance on an vet cher. >> you don't expect this to happen. they have stupid signs up like if you have a weapon, turn it in, something like that. >> reporter: again there were a lot of questions. those questions are starting to get answers slowly but surely. we now have the identity of the suspect richard plots. we do not have the identity officially of the doctor who was shot as well as the caseworker that was kill. but, again people out here are trying to figure out what is going on and they are hoping for the best in this tragic situation. lucy and iain, back to you. >> drew, thank you. we of course will continue to follow this story for you throughout the newscast and all night. you can get continual updates on you'll fine the latest information right there on the home page. a developing story now in new jersey. a big child pornography sweep has caught 14 men including two schoolbus drivers an man who reporters say black mailed a girl to strip on a web cam. the men used a file sharing network to download and distribute child porn on the
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internet. >> and new jersey recently passed tougher penalties for child pornography. and fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in mer chanville, camden county, dave? >> reporter: lucy, these suspects could face prison sentences of five to 20 years behind bars because of those new state laws to crack down on child pornography. this is the second big sweep of child predators in south jersey in less than a year. >> sick, very sick. >> reporter: for the folks who work and live in merchantville, news that one of the suspects arrested in a statewide pornography round up was active in youth ministry here at the first presbyterian church on maple avenue had them troubled to say the least. >> i have a little child and it's concerning. you don't know who lives near you. so scary, too. >> the just scary. >> they call it operation predator alert and by the time authorities swept through new jersey, 14 men were under
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arrest. in the latest round up, of child pornographers. >> all 14 of these men are in short child predators. >> he of all people i mean he's a very unassuming type of fellow. >> michael parker of pennsauken who worked with children at first presbyterian was busted on pornography charges. police say he had photos of fully clothed young boys from the church on his computer along with child porn. no one answered the door at the church thursday. >> a lot of people try to find ways to get what they want and what they need. >> reporter: andrew shiner of williamstown and/or man dough ortiz of egg harbor drove people to school in mays landing. >> these people inn physical trait position where is they can gain access to whoever they want to. >> reporter: 31 year old mikail van cullen of monroeville was charged with blackmailing and coercing a 16 year old couldn't made yann girl into stripping naked on her web cam. >> allegations against van cullen reveal new breed of child
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predator. >> reporter: now, police say parker was actually destroying 200 images on his computer while they were banging on the door ready to arrest him. he remains behind bars on bail. van cullen's bail has been set at $150,000. iain? >> all right, stunning, dave, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news for in you delaware county tonight. a shooting at darby hospital campus leaving a caseworker dead, a doctor injured and the suspect now identified as richard plots is in custody and in critical condition. hey pal? you ready?
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worker a 53 year old woman. the doctor has a graze wound and is expected to be okay. with investigators waiting to talk to him and right now plot social security in critical condition. we understand that he was shot three times. and they tell us they've recovered two guns from the scene. the shooter's begun and one that they believe may belong to the doctor. of course, we'll continue to follow this story through this newscast and all night with continuous updates at you'll find the latest information on the home page. >> family of a man killed while taking a walk on a north wildwood beach two years ago has just filed a lawsuit. karen hepp joins us live from the newsroom tonight. karen his widow and the friend who was with him during the tragedy are speakin speaking out publicly for the first time. clearly this is still very raw for them. there meg al and they are in distress because of all of this. but they say this beach is very dangerous and they don't want anybody else to have this kind of experience and feel the pain that they did. >> according to witnesses, brad smith was simply taking a walk on the beach right along the
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waters edge with his guest friend and their two daughters when all of a sudden the beach collapsed. >> walking on sand, next thing i know i'm in the water. and there was nothing underneath me. there was no, new york city sand to push off from. nothing. i'm just swimming and my daughter is on my back and all i could think i got to get to shore. >> with his daughter wrapped around his neck scott finally made it in. little brandy was picked up by a jet skier but nobody could find her father brad. >> i just ran. i mean just -- yes. just ran down the beach and the kids were there and the ambulance already. it's the most terrible day ever. >> this is the video of that day two years ago as the coast guard searched in that section of north wildwood's inlet beach.
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>> protected area i believe is right around here by ordinance. >> a lawyer shows me on map exactly where brad disappeared. they say others have died here before. >> this beach needs to be shut down. >> the family is filing this lawsuit for damages against new jersey, cape may county and north wildwood to get this beach closed. when we check out the very same stretch today, you can clearly see families strolling in the same spot. brad was a father of four, his family is devastated. they say others shouldn't have to be as well. >> he was the most important person in the family. >> we spoke with officials from the city of north wildwood and they say that this is a tragic and very sad incident but they have never had a drowning on a protected beach ever this is the inlet second it is an unprotected area. they have sign that is poste pod that say in swimming allowed. they even patrol that area. officials from the new jersey attorney general' office don't
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comment on pending litigation. iain. >> karen, thank you. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. scott williams is here. >> beautiful conditions, iain on this thursday. low humidity. we're not dealing with showers and thunderstorms like we were this same time yesterday. take a look at the temperatures. low 80s right now. humidity comfortable at 39%. those winds are out of the north. look at this. the high temperature today 83 degrees. below normal the normal is 87 and several years ago the record high was 98 degrees set back in 2011. that is certainly safe. we have a pair of sevens in wildwood right now. 79 millville. 77 in pottstown. allentown as well as reading. so that is a popular temperature right now. so if you're stepping outdoors for your evening plans, it's going to be great thursday evening out. low humidity, 79 degrees by 9:00 o'clock. we're looking at mid 70s by 11:00 o'clock and overnight temperatures will dip into the upper 50s low and mid 60s. so open up those windows, let
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some fresh air in. you can see some drier air moving in behind that front. out ahead and south of that front that's where the showers, thunderstorms as well as humidity will stay. so for tonight, fair skies, low humidity. for your friday, a fantastic day. a lot of sunshine. get outdoors and end join. for the up coming weekend temperatures warm up. there will be a few scattered showers and thunderstorms both days but better chances by sunday. 85 degrees wee recapping the high temperature for tomorrow. we'll give that a 10. forecast by the numbers on scale of one to 10. and you can see a little warmer. pop up showers saturday. better chances on sunday and then early next week temperatures stay below average. >> all right. scott, thank you. below average to howard eskin and the phillies. >> and ryan howard below average right now. the phillies benched ryan howard for the second straight game. but the reasons are kind of vague and the fans that think their boos send a message to reliever jonathan papelbon. woooo.
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♪ >> phillies didn't score many runs but they did avoid the four game sweep by the giants. the story a ryan howard benched for the second straight day. the manager didn't use that term but i will against right handed pitcher tim hudson who howard has opened. he's hit point throw 28 with seven homeruns in his career.
6:25 pm
ryan howard is hitting .224. the manager spoke to how war before the game but howard would not speak to reporters after the game. let's go to the ballpark. the phillies didn't score much but because cole hamels pitched so well. 10 strike outs, one run in eight innings. hamels was on fire. and san francisco giants they gave the phillies two unlearned runs this by the left fielder michael morris. the err rower on little pop up. revere would score eventually score the second and winning run and who's in the ninth. yes, there he is. that's jonathan papelbon. to know him is to love him. after blown save an loss in the last two games he got the save today. the fans booed and papelbon says, bring it on. >> i enjoy it. >> with do you enjoy it? >> um, i just think that it's, um, fun. it's just brings little bit of energy and life to the park and,
6:26 pm
um, gives me a little bit of something to look forward to every day. maybe we can get the whole park booing here soon. >> you don't have to worry about the whole park booing mr. congeniality there. >> all right. he's something else. >> thank you howard. >> you got it. >> we want to row cap that breaking news we've been following for you all night here. a man opened fire this afternoon inside a doctor's office at the wellness center at mercy fitzgerald hospital. a caseworker is dead. and a doctor is injured. >> authorities say the gunman is richard plots. the man they say is a psychiatric patient. now, police believe the doctor fired back at plots in self-defense shooting him three times. so from what we understand, the staff was in the office heard some commotion, they opened the door, saw a gunman pointing a gun at the doctor. the doctor's hands up next to his head they hear that happening call 911. right now plot social security in critical condition. of course you can get the very latest on this story on
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baby can wait? >> a woman about to give birth is told she can't cross the street to get to the hospital. >> was it because the president's motorcade came first? then you've never seen a chase like this. busting out. who is this guy? >> he is pointing a gun at cars. >> who's that teen with him? and desperate mom's dilemma. >> she left her children in a hot car to go to a job interview. >> there's a baby in a car by itself. he is crying. >> now she's speaking out. >> it was a moment of desperation. plus, bill clinton. was he abused by his own mother? a new book's shocking claim. then who's behind the white


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