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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  July 25, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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gunfire erupt nothing a medical building on the campus of a local hospital, a worker is dead and a patient in custody and an arm doctor may have saved the day, new details just coming in, caitlin. kerry, better weather moved in yesterday but that morning rain that we saw refreshing change in the temperatures, a drop in the humidity. today looks great but how about the weekend? any rain? we will have that in the weather on the one's. a break through in the week's third major airline disaster, wreckage and plane that went down in after africa and what caused the plane to crash. death toll in the middle east conflict continuing to climb as, save areas are becoming increasingly dangerous, the the latest strike happening where dozens
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of families were huddled inside. good friday morning it is friday july 25th, 2014, of course, we like to you hang out down the shore with jen at margate having a beach party at the tea cater avenue from 7:00 to 10:00. a lot of news this morning but we will see you there later today. >> this is also christmas in july. we want to see your christmas photos use hash tag fox 29x mass in july what do you think, caitlin does it feel like christmas around here. >> it certainly doesn't and thank goodness for that. eighty's and unshine sound better than christmastime weather but maybe we can get christmas songs on the show today, hint, hint, to get you in the spirit of the chris mans in july. easy to get you in the spirit. this is a california christmas. we have, awesome weather for today. high pressure built in last night across the the northeast, any relevant i rain we saw yesterday was licensing gone by noon time hour and we saw that refreshing change in temperatures too. 66 degrees is the the morning
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reading right here in philadelphia. wind north at 7 miles an hour pushing in that cooler dryer air from canada look at these 50's on the map this morning. fifty-two in mount pocono. we might fall in the 40's before unrise. fifty-eight in allentown. fifty-nine in pottstown. sixty-four in millville. sixty-two in atlantic city. this is a dramatic drop in the temperatures for summertime. a good ten to 11 or 12 degrees cooler north and west and it will stay that way for another morning in, to saturday too. heat relieved arrived yesterday, started muggy and then cooler air pushing through. high temperature of 38 was reach. normal is 87. this is where the high temperatures really peak this time of the year, averages and then they will fall towards august. so your fox cast for today, temperatures are closer to normal but still just gorgeous. this one is going to be a ten. 85 degrees mostly sunny with a slight breeze and low humidity. beautiful evening.
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phillies in town. 65 degrees is overnight low. it will be very comfortable. just as night tonight as it was day game yesterday, 81 that first pitch temperature with the diamond backs with the phillies. southwest wind at 10 miles an hour, beautiful night and we will have latest on the weekend forecast coming up but now time for our first check of the roads, good morning. >> just construction, that you are used to so we will go over again, middletown township 213 completely shut down old lincoln avenue to bridge town pike, october 2 years from now. brownsville road is a great alternate. eastbound side of the ben franklin bridge right lane block, patco truck replacement there and things will look okay on your majors, guys. a caseworker is dead and a doctor is hurt, following a shooting at mercy fitzgerald hospital in darby. >> fox 29's steve keeley live outside the hospital with the story, what is going on today, steve. >> reporter: well, it all happen here yesterday in this third floor psychiatric office
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that shows where the doctor, he shares witt other doctors, lee silverman, outpatient vision office. as we spin across landsdowne avenue from the main hospital here but still on the mercy fitzgerald campus here. five three-year old hospital employee and mental health caseworker teresa hunt from the for the richmond section brought her richard plotts from upper darby for scheduled appointment with his psychiatrist lee silver man. in the long after that appointment began 2:59 p.m. witnesses heard loud argument and they call 911 then even before they heard the gun fire. patient plotts had a gun illegally, since he has a criminal record, three arrests for past possession of guns along with drug and assault crimes in philadelphia, going back more than 20 years a long criminal history. we have learn a long mental illness history too law enforcement says he has been forced committed to a psychiatric hospital three times, while living here in upper darby alone, the the
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latest january 2013. he was then kick out for fighting and acting aggressive enough there to get a ban from the life center of delaware county. authorities and staff here, say after yesterday, the psychiatrist silverman saved lives by having a gun on him at his office here and being able to draw it fast and fire it with good aim despite being wounded in the head himself. >> we believe that there were two guns retrieved at the scene. one with the perpetrator and one we believe that the doctor may have possessed, at this point in time. so that needs to be verified, we believe the doctor certainly from all of our accounts would be acting in self defence. >> reporter: well, two things that may get looked at in this hospital policy, strangely, reporters stationed over at university of pennsylvania hospital yesterday were quickly pointing out that there are no metal detectors out here, they were there because that is where plots
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and silverman were taken to be treated. all they had to do was walk in penn to see they are not there either. with so many people coming and going in hospitals and so many doors at huge hospital ground, metal detectors are not something many of. also, policy here at mercy fitzgerald is that in one accepts working law enforcement ace allowed or supposed to be carrying a weapon on hospital ground. well, most here including local law enforcement and police chiefs would agree it is a real good thing doctor silverman had good reason not to follow the hospital policy or this could have been a lot worse as doctor silverman and many others may not be around to tell authorities what happened. chris and kerry. >> yeah, so many what if's, steve keeley live in darby, thank you. steve mention court documents show a history of violence a inn gun crimes for the suspect richard plotts. >> sabina kuriakose is live at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania where he is being treated, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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guys. plotts remains here at hup, at last check he was in critical condition. now according to court documents plotts has criminal convictionness both delaware and philadelphia counties dating back more two decades. two have of those convictions were for illegal possession of the firearm and bringing a firearm to the public place. he got probation for both of those charges. in 1992 plots did serve time for simple assault. former neighbors described plotts behavior when he wases living in his upper darby neighborhood as eradic and frightening. they said plotts screamed erie message as he moved out of his apartment. >> the last thing he said getting in the van, he hollered he said you haven't heard the even of me yet. >> he kept to himself a lot, playing in the ceiling with wiring, and like i said, he knock on my door and knocked down my cell phone because he stab himself in the leg. that turned on the light for me. >> you could tell he was
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strange, you know, there was something he needed help with. >> reporter: neighbors say they remember a caseworker helping plotts move out of his apartment. we don't know if that was the same worker he allegedly shot and killed and back here live, again, plotts remains in critical condition here at hup. if he survives he is expect to be charged with murder today. back to you guys. >> all right, sabina, we will keep an eye on that. we shift our attention overseas. final flight with the area code mh17, landed in malaysia's capitol today. code is being retired after the air liner, the same code that was shot down in ukraine last week. investigators successfully extracted data from the plane's black box yesterday, dutch investigators say there was no evidence that the data was tampered with but they did not release details of the the date a more international investigators are expect at that crash site today, as crews continue to recover victim remains. meanwhile france is sent
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military june to it mali to secure site of the airal gear plane crash that we reported yesterday here on good day philadelphia wreckage was fun after a crash in the heavy rain storm yesterday. 116 people were on board. before the crash, officials say the pilot asked to change direction because of weather, and then, all communication was lost. france has had military resource necessary that region for a year where it is helping mali the fight an islamic insurgency. majority of the people on board were french. >> this is a major tragedy that effects our entire nation and many others, the president, the government and all of the french people are standing by those families affect by those tragedy like all those in recent mourning. >> the plane was own by a spanish company, and they also operated this. this marks third aviation disaster in this week including downing in ukraine and taiwan plane also crashed on wednesday during a storm which killed 48 people. after more than two weeks of violent fighting between
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israel and hamas negotiators may be on the verge of working out a humanitarian cease-fire. word of the diplomatic progress following death of hundred of palestinians and israelis. secretary of state beyond kerry hads been in the region since monday trying to broker a peace deal but fighting continues in the tonight in the west bank. thousands demonstrating, chanting, throwing stones, setting fires and a number of people injured taken to the hospital in ambulances. this is after another day of will violence, including an israeli shelling attack on the u.n. school killing 15 and injuring dozens more. coming up, campground tragedy, two dead, dozens hurt after a tornado sweeps through, witnesses describe the kay why the being scene. but first a local woman is killed when a portion of the south jersey beach collapses, what their family is doing to keep this
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4:13 a.m. but we will recap severe weather from yesterday. most on have that was spark south of our area we have had local storm reports across virginia, north carolina all the way up the eastern shore of maryland and that is where eastern shore of virginia where there was a deadly tornado. it started as a waterspout moving across the chesapeake closest city was cherry stone and then moved north of cape charles, a reported tornado and that is campground where
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there were two casualties, many injuries, horrible story and also so unusual this occurred right after 8:00 a.m. yesterday morning. very unusual that you would see a tornado at that hour in this area. but, a lot of people were caught off guard. thankfully in severe weather anywhere across eastern seaboard today that front that brought stormy weather has moved off shore. high pressure built in yesterday. we are looking at a great friday forecast. 66 degrees outside right here in philadelphia wind north at 7 miles an hour. humidity is low. we are seeing 50's showing upright now. very comfortable. refreshing change with temperatures in the 50's north and west, le to mid 60's south and east. fox future cast today nothing but sunshine not much to talk about. that is a good thing. beautiful beach day. nice to be out by pool, kids have camp, in problems today. tonight it will be very comfortable again maybe open up windows and let fresh air in. tonight could be temperatures bottom out in the lower 60's.
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eighty-five is the the high today. really nice 85 degrees. mostly sunny. nice slight breeze out of the north west and for tonight clear skies, pretty comfortable 65 degrees that overnight the low temperature. it should be nice but warmer for saturday. rain chances increase sunday. we will that have in your seven day forecast but kacie, off to a great start this weekend can't complain about that. >> as far as your majors go i just have construction so far. north bound side of 495 at 95, two left lanes block, been here with us and with us until further notice. right there at southern split. you know that slow down. southbound side of 42 ramp to the north bound side of 295, that is blocked until 5:00 a.m. not as bad there. northbound side of 202 ramp to the eastbound side of 76, left lane block at that scene, guys. >> too bad kacie, thank you. 4:15. family of the local man kill while taking a walk on the north wildwood beach is fight to go get that stretch of
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beach closed. >> they say it ties dangerous and protect other families from their pain. fox 29's karen hepp has the the story. >> reporter: according to witnesses brad smith was simply taking a walk on the beach along waters edge with his best friend and their two daughters when all of a sudden beach collapsed. >> walking, on the sand, next thing i know i'm in the water. there was nothing underneath me, there was no sand to push off from, nothing i'm just swimming and my daughter is on my bag and i thought i have to get to shore. >> reporter: with his daughter wrapped around his neck scott made it in. little brandy was pick up by a jet skier but be in could fine her father, brad. >> i just ran. i just ran down the beach and the kids were there and the ambulance, all ready and it is
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the most terrible day ever. >> reporter: this is video on have that day two years ago as coastguard searched in that section of the north wildwood's inlet beach. >> protect area i believe is right around here by ordinance. >> reporter: lawyers shows me on the map where brad disappear. they said other have died here before. >> this beach needs to be shut down. >> reporter: family is filing this lawsuit, for damage is a begins new jersey, cape may county and north wildwood to get this beach closed. when we check out very same stretch today you can see families stralling in the same spot. brad was a father of four, his family is devastating, they say others shouldn't have to be as well. >> he was the most important person in the family. >> reporter: karen hepp, fox 29 news. so, officials from north wildwood say that this is a tragedy and sad incident but
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they had never had a drowning on a protect beach. the inlet sexist an unprotect area where in swimming is permitted and it is posted that way and even patrolled. officials from the new jersey attorney general's oz said they don't comment on pending litigation. the republican governor's, association is in atens, colorado this week. new jersey governor chris christie is chairman of the association. governors are meet to go discuss social issues affecting the country. couple from jersey city, new jersey is dead after a tornado sweeps through a virginia campground, more than two dozen are hurt, at least one is in critical condition. storm slamming in the cherry stone family camping ground, area caitlin mention aid few moments ago. national weather service issued a tornado warning for that area workers for the campground say it was chaos as the storm hit. >> a lot of rain, lot of hail and a lot of people running. >> reporter: what were the wind like?
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>> really rough. tore down a lot of trees and a lot of damage down there. >> officials say 1300 people were staying at the camp ground when that tornado hit. moving further south in north carolina there was a bye there who survived a lightening strike thanks to police officers in charlotte this was yesterday. nine year-old, ky fielder was injured last in and office are rush to the scene to perform cpr until in medics could arrive. ky says all remembers was waking up in the hospital. doctors are amazed at his quick recovery. california authorities are trying to get to the bottom of the mystery, they want to know who is leaving porcelain dolls on the porches of homes in san clemente. thinks near san diego. authorities say dolls have shown up on at least eight porches over the last week. they say dolls resemble the daughters of the parents who live in each home. >> we have collect the dolls and we're actively in the process of investigating this and trying to pursue or examine the dolls and determine exactly who the
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manufacturer is, are they homemade, were they bought at a local retailer, is kind of for or clue to help us identify who may be responsible for leaving these on the porch of the residences. >> it is so creepy, right. >> my gosh. >> no notes the or threats have been left with the dolls but parents, of course are freaked out. police say no crime has been committed but they are investigating. several oklahoma judges putting down their gavelness exchange for guns they participate in the sheriff office training program. than state law judges can carry guns in work in the courtroom if they choose too. >> one of my courtroom deputies was injured when he was shot in the hand and another one of my courtroom deputies actually shot the bad guy. the answer truly is if you have a bad guy with the gun you need a good guy with the gun. >> as part of the project law enforcement makes sure that judges have access to expert individual training. fire officials looking in the cause of the hotel fire in
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south lake tahoe, california. officials say six rooms and six cars were destroyed wednesday night. two people were injured as well after both of them jumped off a second story balcony of this two story hotel. thirty-six people had to be evacuated. >> south shore so popular with the casinos this time of the year. that is where i was married, on the north shore though. >> how many years ago was that. >> that will be 15 years september 4th of this year. >> that is coming up, big anniversary. >> yes. >> brain storm during the commercial breaks, thanks, chris. we have a great day ahead, excited to share this forecast. it is a beautiful friday. great lead into the weekend. where ever you are later this have afternoon and into tonight, enjoy it. we are starting off comfortable. cooler with temperatures in the mid 60's, less humidity that change yesterday a afternoon. 80 degrees by noon time. we will hit a high of 85. beautiful evening for fill his play at 7:00 at citizens bank,
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sunset at 8:21 p.m. and we will see temperatures fullback in the 60's, fresh air in, great friday, forecast, we will have latest on the weekend still ahead and it looks like we are off to a good start on the roads, kacie. >> don't hold your breath, good start, right new 4:22. we will start with construction that will slow you down, you can see that slow down north bound side of 202 ramp to the eastbound sigh of 76, left lane block but things look judge fine, chris and kerry. more good baseball weather today, dream come true for young phillies fan, coming up why a day at the ballpark was so perfect to this little girl and her family.
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phillies won the final game in the four game series with the san francisco giant but yesterday was more of the story ryan howard was benched for second straight game. real surprise was sitting howard begins tim hudson a pitcher he has own with the .328 life time average against hudson. cole hamels was the the story as well yesterday, struck out ten in eight innings gave up one run and man with second base in the second inning. the phillies scored two unearn runs, this led to the second unearned run, michael moore is left fielder, drops the ball. ben reveer scores on a utley hit. phillies win two-one. now it was clear ryan howard was benched but manager does
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not look at it that way. >> more of a case of darren just getting here and i wanted to take a look at him for at least a couple of games and see where he is at. i haven't seen him in a while and go from there. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. the eagles are reporting for training cam township day their first work out is saturday. >> almost all of the teams in the nfl either have or will report this week, and staying on the topic of football baltimore ravens running bank ray rice was suspend for two games for violations of the nfl's personal conduct policy. this, as you may remember, for an altercation that left his fiance and now wife unconscious. right in our area. this is atlantic city elevator in february. this is a picture here, the surveillance video. rice will miss games against two afc north rivals the bengals and steelers before
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being eligible to be reinstated september 12th. seven year-old devon reid is unstoppable and at seven years old she's denying odds. >> she suffers from cerebral palsy and gets around with the walker but that did not stop her from running the bases after the phillies game yesterday, with roughly 2,000 other kids. >> every day can be a struggle, but again devon ace disposition and kind of kid that she is, it makes it that much easier. >> devon's pretty smile has also aired on good day, she is seen with her mom lauren. she's a big fan of our show and her dad says she watches are every single morning. i went the two game. difficult in the see devon. but there was a line all the way down outside ballpark. it is so much fun. kid were so exited to get own there there she goes, good for her. 4:27.
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this local horse, after years was just underwent eye surgery to help him see but in the out of the woods yet the how you ca
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4:30 is the time and a patient opens fire at a local hospital killing a caseworker and injuring a doctor, why police say it may have been actually the doctor finally took down the suspect. a major child pornography sweep in new jersey, 14 men
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arrested including two who work directly with kids. and they're out of here, heat and humidity gone so what can we expect for the weekend? caitlin roth has an updated forecast in weather on the one's. a man is charge in the deadly hit and run in camden this arrest coming as police released new video of the suspect's van. good day everyone, it is friday, we have made it, july 25th, 204. >> we have a lot of news. first lets remind you time to come out and hang out with jen down the shore in margate. she's having a beach party in decatur avenue for "good day philadelphia". we will see you there later this morning. >> today is also the 25th of july that means it is christmas in july. we want to see your photos. use hash tag fox 29xmass in july. >> 4:31. lets get caitlin, weather on the one's g day for both things. >> a perfect day down the shore for jen's beach party. that woman necessary how to party. you should meet her in margate.
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>> we have high pressure in control. a lot of sunshine. very comfortable this morning. temperatures in the 60's, refreshing change from yesterday morning. sixty-six right now in philadelphia. wind north at 7 miles an hour funneling in that cooler, dryer air. lets look at these readings, 59 in reading. fifty-eight lancaster. fifty-nine in pottstown. we have a couple more degrees before sunrise. cooler temperatures occurring right before, the sun comes out. sixty-four in millville. sixty-two in atlantic city. this is a change compared to yesterday morning 24 hour temperature change shows ten to 15-degree differences specially north and west. enjoy it. not exactly jacket weather or christmas weather but it is spectacular for july with the low humidity. eighty-three was the high yesterday. we have heat release quickly after within day in the 90's on wednesday. eighty-seven is the average but they will start falling approaching august. your fox cast for today 67 at 8:00 a.m. and 78 by noon time.
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so we will hit 80-degree mark in the early afternoon and 85 will be the high temperature under sunny skies later on today. phillies are back at it again tonight 70:51 pitch forecast great night for baseball 81 degrees to start, probably by third or fourth inning. wind southwest at 10 miles an hour. great start to the weekend. we will have that shore cast and weekend forecast as well as seven day coming up and kacie a preview, it will be even cooler next week if you can believe it. >> in the like 70's though. >> possibly. >> eastbound side of the ben franklin bridge right lane block, patco track replacement there heading out in bridgeport westbound side of the commodore barry bridge between toll plaza there ape ninth street one lane block until september 1st. aside from all that junk we will head out to 76 right around the boulevard route one remember we had that horrible boulevard accident yesterday but right now 76 does look
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clear, files. >> kacie, thank you. a patient opens fire at a darby hospital, killing the caseworker and injuring a doctor. lets get details from fox 29's steve keeley live outside the hospital covering the stories, good morning, steve. >> reporter: a lot of times you hear oh, my gosh i'm shock never would have shown any indication that would have happen. we are hearing opposite in this case from everybody we met who knew anything about this guy. everything from two suicide attempts, past for bank robbery, guns, drugs, arrest, assault, lots of convictions, enough to get him, force ed, committed in to psychiatric facilities, several times. the last time that we know of in january of last year but he was an outpatient here and you're looking at the third floor of the psychiatric offices here which is right across the street here landsdowne avenue as we pan right to the ambulances that you see. you can see right across the street from the main mercy fitzgerald hospital here.
4:35 am
that is where this happened here yesterday at 2:00 o'clock, he had an outpatient appointment and his caseworker teresa hunt, 53, has lived in port richmond for past 20 years or so brought him here. that is usual way things work she brought him here and shortly after people heard arguing from the psychiatric offices and then they heard gun fire. >> the last thing he said getting in the van he hollered and he said you haven't heard the end of me yet. >> we have seen oddities in him. kept to himself a lot playing in the ceiling with wiring and like i said he income on my door and knock down my cell even if because he stabbed myself in the leg. that turned on the light for me. >> you could tell he was strange, you know, that he needed help. >> reporter: doctor lee silverman, the psychiatrist here, who was wounded but armed and somehow got that gun
4:36 am
and fired it and fired it with good aim and saved his own life and probably many more had reason obviously to keep a gun here. by the way that ace against the policy because he is not working law enforcement and policy of mercy fitzgerald according to the happies that be in but working law enforcement is supposed to have a weapon here but people will agree it is a good thing doctor silverman didn't follow that will policy or he would be dead and so many others would be dead as well, chris and kerry. >> steve, thank you. 4:36. as we have been mentioning court documents show a history of violence and gun crimes for the suspect richard plotts. those documents said he served jail time after being found guilty of simple assault in 1992. his former neighbors at an up are darby apartment said he showed a lot of strange behavior. >> you could tell that he was strange, you know, he needed help. >> he stab himself in the leg.
4:37 am
that sort of like turn on the light to me. >> last thing he said getting in the van he hollered and said you haven't heard the end of me just yet. >> plotts was in critical condition at hup as of last night. our coverage of this hospital shooting continues on our web site. just go to my fox 4:37 is the time. fourteen men are under arrest nabbed in the child porn sweep in new jersey. investigators say they used a file sharing network to down load and distribute child's porn including child rape video on the internet. two of the suspects arrested andrew you shriner of williamstown and ortiz of egg harbor drove children to school for shepherd bus company in mays landing. thinks so disturbing. thirty-one year-old michael cullen of monroeville was charge with manufacturing pornography. authorities say he black mailed a cooersed a 16 year-old canadian girl into stripping name on her web cam while he recorded her remotely
4:38 am
on his computer. >> all of these defendants prayed on innocent children by viewing, distributing and in one case creating images of children being sexually tortured and sexually exploited. >> new jersey recently passed tougher penalties for child pornography. camden authorities charged a man in the deadly hit and run last week even. at rest came as police released new video of the driver's van. thirty-nine year-old alfredo trayjo died on north 27th near high street. jose so is a of camden is charge with leaving the scene of the deadly crash and driving with the suspended license. sosa is behind bars on $85,000 bail. still ahead dozens of homes affect by a levee break during a rain storm, a home owner is
4:39 am
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good morning , take a look at this, this is what homeowners are dealing with after wednesday's heavy rains, and in mexico, after a levee broke there. the storm only lasted about 40 minutes dropping about an inch have of rain and that is all because of major flooding, homeowners are trying to clean up the mess. irrigation ditch used for farming is now filled with mud which will take about a week to clean up. so, we had rain, ourself this week but still levee breaks. in fact, crazy, caitlin. >> we had excitement in the middle part of the week wednesday night, we had storms
4:42 am
yesterday and some showers and severe weather always occurring in the nation at least it seems and for today it is not in our backyard. lets take a look at your shore cast where our jen freddie's headed to right now. she will be having her own beach party in margate live from decatur street if you want to meet her right after 7:00 a.m. it is a beautiful morning. temperatures in the 60's now but they will ride in the mid 70's later this afternoon. beach wind switching from the north west to south east at 10 miles an hour. surf temperature of 72 degrees. rip current risk is low but that uv index is at eight, it is high, so that means you use the high spf for today. we are making up for yesterday when we were stuck with the clouds and the not so great weather. so looking at a beautiful beach forecast for you and then, into the rest of the weekend we will see improving weather too. at least when it comes to our warmer temperatures, so into the mid 80's here, mid 07's down the shore, that seven day forecast is just ahead, kacie.
4:43 am
>> taking a look 295 at route 38 in mount laurel things look fantastic this morning. everything moving no problems. taking a look every where in pennsylvania turnpike, 76, 476, 95 we will check on speeds this morning. 60 miles an hour on the turnpike 506789's on 76. ninety-five things looking just fine we will let you know if there are any accidents coming up next. kacie, thank you. >> 4:43. still ahead after years of neglect this local horse is finally getting help he needs, how local vets are using a special procedure to restore his visisi
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new jersey officials stopped looking for a 16-foot anaconda believed for going around the larger lake. officials call it off after scientists failed to find any evidence the of the snake in lake. traps baited with chick were even left untouched, and there have been three unconfirmed sightings of this snake, this month, perhaps an anaconda as long as 16 feet, initially they thought maybe 14 feet, state officials say there are no signs of any snake droppings or skin. >> like the lockness monster. >> yes. surgery to restore eye sight is not so unusual but what about when the patient is a horse. >> local specialist have given a horse name big path path a new life. bruce gordon says challenge isn't quite over just yet.
4:47 am
>> that looks fantastic. >> reporter: eye specialists at penn's new bolton center could not be happier for the first time since who knows when big pat can see. >> he is blinking, that is good. >> reporter: surgically repair right eye allows him to make out shapes and movement. >> it makes all of the difference, enough to give him decent functional vision. >> reporter: with it his life. human office are brought pat to chester county's large animal protection society several weeks ago. blind in both eyes and no longer any use after years of pulling plows and hey wagons he had been dumped in a lancaster county auction house. he was covered in bruises and cuts. blind animal of this size can be dangerous, without help he would surely have been sent to slaughter. >> you do have to question why someone would work a horse that is by logically blind and in the give any consideration to his own well-being, and then ship him off to a auction
4:48 am
to squeeze last couple of dollars out of him. >> i don't understand why you can treat a horse like that why do you treat an animal like that. if he work hard for you all his life you would owe him something. >> reporter: they brought him to the new bolt even center where they went to work. damage in the horse's left eye was unrepairable cataract and detached retina. >> the the cataract was there. he had inflammation in the the eye which would make it a complicated surgery but there was no evidence of the retina detach. we felt like a chance. >> reporter: surgeons made a incision and used a high speed result sound to pulverized the cataract coded lens and result, basic vision. >> he doesn't see things up close but he can see large shapes in the the distance which he could not see before. >> reporter: new sighted horse is candidate for long term foster home or a permanent sanctuary. >> he is going to be a great friend for somebody, just a
4:49 am
buddy to go out and brush, you know, he is a good boy. >> reporter: folks at large animal will protection society say cost of surgery and aftercare for pat could approach $10,000. your donations could help defray those costs, go to my fox and we will link you to the organization's go fund me site. long hard life and a well deserved retirement. in the news room i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. 4:49 right now. the department of corrections is disputing claims that an inmate's execution was botched. attorney for joseph was in the death chambers during his execution and he said he watched him gasp for air for nearly two hearst before dying. death by lethal injection typically takes about ten minutes. family members of his victim they say that was rightfully what he deserved. >> this man conduct a horrifying murder and you guys
4:50 am
are going oh, let's worry about the the drug and how it effects him. why don't we give him a bullet. >> wood was convicted in 1991 of killing his ex-girlfriend and her dad. 4:50 is the the time n kentucky a mother of the boyfriend are accused of force feeding hot sauce and vinegar to a four year-old girl as punishment. police say they did this a number of times, and a judge arraigned 23 year-old brittany hurtz by video from jail. she pleaded not guilty to first degree criminal abuse. her boyfriend's arraignment is next week. court documents said he was within feeding hot sauce and vinegar while the mother held down her own child. >> unbelievable. a deputy who captured a carjacking suspect in the dramatic take down said he haded in second thoughts during the incident. deputy fred hackette went after christopher sullivan after he tried to stop cars on the highway. deputy says he was simply reacting to the circumstances. sullivan is new in jail accused of stealing three
4:51 am
cars, threatening 12 drivers and creating six different crime scenes. moving to 4:50. actors alex baldwin and shy a labeouf land the same role in the same venue but not broadway. >> they were in the manhattan criminal court for separate disorderly conduct cases. labeouf was charge with disrupting a broadway performance wild ball win was accused of getting belligerent with police said he was riding a bike down a one way street. ironically they were set to co-star last year in the revival of the play orphans but labeouf pulled out over creative disagreements. he sound like a piece of work. then 29 actors got in a short lived twitter war. >> their history goes back. apparently, alex baldwin was really offended that the police officers didn't know who he was. >> exactly. >> i'm thinking well, they kind of should have because he has been arrested like 15 times at this point. caitlin, 4:51.
4:52 am
weather on the one's. >> thanks, kerry. looking for a great forecast. we started off with the clouds and showers. the it improved hour by hour and today we are reeping benefits of the nice air mass that came in yesterday. so all of the clouds, showers off shore, nothing but sunshine once we hit sunrise quickly here. fox future cast shows clear skies, all day long. nothing but wall to wall blue skies. gorgeous a afternoon all across the delaware valley. clear skies tonight and both saturday looks good only dip republicans is we will have a warm front lifting through, warmer, milder, there is a chance it could spark late day showers or thunderstorms. it is a small chance i'm in the buying it yet but it exists. then into sunday a better chance at actual cold front sweeps through. we will have clouds and haze to start, afternoon sun, sparking chance for what could be strong storms on sunday night. two chances, moon or one saturday night, better one sunday night some of which are severe. temperatures upper 50's
4:53 am
north and west, probably fall a few you more degrees. i cannot get over amount of mornings we have had in july where we started out in the 50's. this is unusual. temperatures in the mid 60's from philadelphia and points south east where temperatures are milder. your seven day forecast 58 today sunny and nice that is a ten. beautiful evening. for weekend not too bad. warmer on saturday. small chance for a storm late. ninety on sunday is hottest out ahead of the storm front, and they may link inner to monies specially chance for some showers. and then behind that weak turn cool. tuesday we will struggle to hit 80 degrees. it looks nice wednesday and thursday. we have another few mornings where we will start in the 60's in philadelphia and in the 50's north and west so comfortable summer pattern aside from a hugh hot days will continue as we head into august, kacie, hard to believe, august is just a week away. >> you said there were 70's. i'm glad there are in 07's.
4:54 am
>> not yet. >> north bound side of 495 at 592 left lanes block at southern split ongoing construction. southbound side of 42, this is clearing in seven minutes. southbound side to the north bound side of 295 watch for that to clear. we will let you know at 5:00, chris. they take forever to fill so now there is an invention to fix that. so now there is an invention to fix that. wethe wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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this is a nice morning. humidity gone, temperature dropped. >> it will be a ten. >> texas company has come up with soy sauce packets you can use in outer space. owners of little soy in houston developed these packets because now someone is looking for something that wouldn't spill in space. it took two years to develop ape test these packets. small fish shaped packet with a cap, the end result and it passed nasa's requirement. packets will be sent to the international space station next week on a rocket launch. >> yeah. >> i don't think they are allowed sushi up there but i don't know. >> 4:57. a texas father turning to crowd source go to raise money for his invention. josh malone is master mind behind this experiment. this contraption allows you to
4:58 am
fill balloons in 20 seconds. malone originally set out to raise $10,000 but he has raised more than a hundred so far. still ahead, terrifying moments at a local hospital, this is breaking news yesterday and we are following up, a man has opened fire in the doctor's office, who helped bring the gun man under control in a live report. a deadly tornado in a popular virginia camp ground. witnesses describe this popular virginia camp ground. witnesses describe this
4:59 am
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