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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  July 25, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> reporter: whole lot of questions here at mercy fitzgerald hospital including how, and why a guy with a long criminal illness, past and long illness past got a gun and one answer we have, chris, is good thing his psychiatrist had a gun, and knew how to use it. >> yeah, these guys might need a psychiatrist, more than a dozen men under arrest in new jersey a child pornography sweep including two who work directly with kids. more on the charges they are facing coming up. >> sue, good morning. >> good morning, yes, it is a good morning, you can turn off air conditioning and throw open window, safe to do so, what about the rest of the day though and the weekend. we have your forecast just ahead. >> kerr i. >> sue, thank you. a break through in this weeks third major airlines disaster, wreckage have the
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plane that went down in after rick case finally found, what caused that plane to crash. so many plane crashes in this past week. >> yes. >> lets get your weather now. could be a ten today, sue. >> not could be, it is, baby. >> wow. >> we're going double digits for this friday. we have been looking forward to this all week. we didn't have an extended period of humidity. thanks to the thunderstorms that came through wednesday into yesterday morning. yesterday turnout to be a decent day. lets see what we have got today. we will start off with ultimate doppler and showers that came through. we were finish from the clouds yesterday in the morning but that is all gone. you can see it off shore and we don't have anything to show you there on ultimate doppler so lets talk about the temperature. in the city it is 64 degrees. 63 percent. whenever we see wind out of the north it generally means it is more comfortable outside, then those southeasterly wind. we have got 64 in the city.
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look at lancaster where it is 55, in the 50's in pottstown, reading, allentown, mount pocono, it is only 61 in the atlantic city. a pretty confidentable morning and cooler then it was yesterday at this time as much as 4 degrees cooler in some places. it was relief from the heat, yesterday, 83 degrees was thursday's high. what about today, about or below. who you about 85. mostly sun inn a a beautiful day, once again, just like last week a fantastic friday. now tonight we are going down to 65 degrees. clear skies, comfortable, whatever your summer evening plans may be and there are so many things to do friday night, kacie, will we go out or just take a nap. >> i will take a nap. my cousin is coming to town. you look fabulous today. everyone look at sue serio's resort look.
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north bound side of 95, between christiana and 141 we have construction there three right lanes block. this is until 6:00 a.m. staying with us another hour. middletown township 23 mapel avenue closed between old lincoln highway and bridge town pike. we have construction until october 2016. brownsville road will get you around that. eastbound side of the ben franklin bridge right lane block expect a slow down patco track replacement, guys. >> kacie, thank you. caseworker killed and doctor injured after a psychiatric patient opens fire, at a darby hospital. >> fox 29's steve keeley live outside a hospital with the story, good morning steve. >> reporter: we're outside hospital but it happened across the street on the hospital ground at the psychiatrist office up there on the third floor. you can see those grounds are connected by this walkway right over land down avenue and sidewalks here across from the main hospital grounds. you can bet many are pointing
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to this case and psychiatrist lee silver man to win never ending debate when it comes to all work place and school shoot initial this country if they say if only some within legally had a gun on them they could taken out the shooter before the rampage got worst and shooter took out more people. already local law enforcement leadership in delaware county credits the the psychiatrist for in the just studying the mind but carrying the gun and knowing how to use it. having it handy, having quick draw and having a great aim, stopping his mental patient with the criminal past who cannot legally own a gun from firing it any more than he had wounding the the psychiatrist in the head, and shooting they believe his five three-year old caseworker to death who drove him here, and teresa hunt of port richmond an employee of mercy fitzgerald, it is common practice we're told that caseworkers like her to have them bring the patients here for appoint also like what happened yesterday. >> we believe that there were
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two guns retrieved at the scene. within with the perpetrator and one we believe that the doctor may have possessed, at this point in time. so that needs to be verified. we believe the doctor certainly from all of our accounts would be acting in self-defense. >> reporter: they have been able to talk to the doctor, so they have got even a lot more answers even though they have not passed them on to us just yet and questions that remain how and where did the guy with the long criminal history and mental illness history get his gun. a a past that includes lots of previous arrest for guns, drugs, assault, even a bank robbery, and a mental illness past that had him ordered into a mental facility three times since he moves from philadelphia into upper darby. last committed back in january of last year when he was kick out of and banned from the life center in delaware county law enforcement source tells us for fighting bad aggressive behavior there we will learn more about this guy and getting guns as we have
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already learned almost every day in this job is not any problem outside on the street, chris and kerry steve keeley, thank you. as we have been in mentioning this morning court documents show that history that steve talk about of violence and gun crimes for the suspect richard plotts. >> sabina kuriakose is live at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania where he is being treated, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the plotts remains here at hup, he is in critical condition. as you heard steve mention there he has an extensive history of criminal activity and mental illness. sources say plotts has been arrested on drugs, illegal weapons and assault charges dating back 20 years. at one point he was banned because of his aggressive behavior. steve mention that had earlier. court documents show plotts had criminal convictionness both delaware and philadelphia counties. twice he got probations on weapons charges, jail time for assault in 192. former neighbors say his
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behavior what's rag i can and even about a czar. >> just acting crazy like screaming and questioning. he was just yelling at the wall. >> we have seen odditiness him. he kept to himself a lot, playing in the ceiling with wiring and like i said he income on my door and asked to use my cell phone because he stab myself in the leg. that sort of have turned on the light to me. i sort of stayed away with him i didn't communicate with him much because i saw what i saw. >> my neighbor matt knocked on my door and he looked scared to death, matt. he said kathy, are you watching the news. i said yeah. that is richard plotts. >> reporter: neighbors describing several red flags that they heard from plotts as he lived in his upper darby neighborhood from which he later moved from with the
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caseworker whom we don't necessity if that is same casework her helped him move who allegedly shot and killed yesterday. public reports say plotts served seven years for bank robbery. he is here at hup being treated in critical condition for gunshot wound. if he survived he is expected to be charged with murder sometime today. that is very latest, back to you guys. 5:09. final flared with the mh17 landed in malaysia's capitol today. that code is being retired after air liner with the same code was shot down in ukraine last week. meanwhile investigators have successfully extracted data from the plane's black box, that was yesterday. dutch investigators say there is no evidence data was tampered with but they didn't release details. more investigators are expect today as crews continue to recover victim's remains. french officials said they found the plane's black box from the wreck a age from the crash in mali.
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wreckage was found after it was pound yesterday. all 116 people were killed. before the crash officials say the pilot asked to change direction because of the weather and that is when communication was lost. france has had military resources in the region for about a year where it has been helping mali fight an islamic insurgency and majority of the people on board were french. >> if this tragedy is confirm it is a major tragedy that effects our entire nation and many others, the president, the government and all of the french people are standing by those families affect by this tragedy like all those who have recently been in morning. >> the plane was owned, operated by a spanish company but this marks third aviation disaster in a week and that includes downing in ukraine and taiwan plane also crashed on wednesday during a storm killing 48 people. after more than two weeks of violent fighting between israel and hamas, negotiators may be on the verge of working out the a humanitarian
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cease-fire, word of the diplomatic progress followed deaths of more than a hundred palestinians and dozens of israelis, secretary of state john kerry has been there since monday trying to broker a peace deal. officials say victims were taken shelter from heavy fighting on the streets outside when an israeli tank began shooting at the school. u.n. is condemning this strike but says circumstances are still unclear. israel denies intentionally targeting the school and said it had warn u.n. since it is inside a combat zone. prime minister netanyahu is laying responsibility on hamas and what he calls use of human shields. fourteen in men arrested nab in the child porn sweep in new jersey. investigators said they used a file sharing network to down load and distribute child porn including child rape video on the internet. two of the suspects a arrested andrew shriner of williamstown and ortiz of egg harbor actually drove kids to school for the shepherd bus company
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in mays landing. new jersey recently passed tougher penalties for child porn. 5:11 is the time. first some good news. we will turn to weather and sue serio. >> we have a fabulous friday. we are in the mid 80's, plenty of sunshine heading to the poconos getting an early start to the weekend. seventy-six and dry and sunny skies at hot shore today. make sure you join jen in margate if you are there, and, make it there, later on we will have 80 degrees. and, we have peaked with 93 degrees on wednesday, and 10 degrees as things got more comfortable as cold front came through with thunderstorm, wednesday night and into thursday morning. this is better, more reasonable as we get into the weekend. future cast, for rest of the day to day looks pretty darn
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fabulous were not even cloud cover, to show you. temperatures, 64 degrees right the now in philadelphia, 50's north and west of the city, 66 degrees in wildwood. we have been checking dew point all week especially when it was humid and kind of sticky. dew points below 60 degrees are comfortable and they are all below 60 degrees. it is our measure of moisture. instead of being uncomfortable and pleasant we are between pleasant and invigorating. we will good for the first part of the weekend at 58 degrees. we do get warm. there is a slight chance of the pop up storm on saturday, it is not looking likely, more likely on sunday afternoon we will see thunderstorms popping up. early part of the day sunday should be okay, by monday it is unsettled but, still no excessive heat and humidity looking ahead to the middle of next week. it gets comfortable once again, kacie. >> thanks, sue. 295 at 38 in mount laurel,
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a couple cars on the roadway this is what your majors are looking like, that is good news. you can see a slow down on the pennsylvania turnpike if you are heading westbound, just normal volume there and also just all and all things look great on the majors. sixty-five on portions of the turnpike.
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the republican governors association is in aspen,
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colorado. new jersey governor is chris christie is chairman of that association. they are meet to go discuss social issues affecting the country. couple from jersey city, new jersey is dead after a tornado swept through a virginia camp ground. more than two dozen people were hurt. one person is in critical condition right now. storm slammed in the cherry stone family campground resort. national weather service issued a tornado warning for the the area which is rare this time of the year. workers say it was chaos as the storm hit. >> a lot have of rain, hail, and a lot of people running. >> what were the wind like? >> really rough, tore down a lot of trees and damage down there. >> nearly 1300 people were staying at that camp gun when that tornado came through. north carolina boy who survived a lightening strike thanked police office are yesterday. nine year-old kyle fielder was injured last in and officers rush to the scene to perform
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cpr until medics could arrive. all he remembers is waking up in the hospital. the doctors have expressed amazement at his quick recovery. arizona department of corrections is disputing claims that the inmate's execution was spot. joseph woods was in the death chamber during the execution and he watched wood gasp for air for nearly two hours before dying. death by lethal injection typically takes about ten minutes. family members of the victim says punishment was rightfully what he deserved. >> you know, this man, i mean conduct a horrifying murder, and you guys are going oh, let's worry about the drug and how he is affect. why don't we give him a bullet. >> wood was quick in 1991 of killing his ex-girlfriend and her dad. california authorities are trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. they want to know who is leaving porcelain dolls on porch of the homes in san
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clemente. this is about an hour and a half south of los angeles. the authorities say the dolls have shown up on at least eight porches over the last week. they say dolls resembled the daughters of the parents who live at each home. >> that is beyond creepy yes. >> 5:19. a deputy in dallas county texas has made a traffic stop. >> driver of the pickup truck came close to hit being him and it was captured on video. fox's james rose takes a look. >> when i heard him lock up his brake i knew something would happen. >> reporter: thinks dash county video from the deputy's squad car. thursday july 10th just after 8:30 in the morning on the 635 coin exit service road. he is a six year veteran of the dallas sheriff's deputy makes a traffic stop a driver going solo in the hov lane. the screeching sound of tires, catch is his attention, second later the the driver of the
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pickup truck, skids win inches of hitting him. >> the the thought was, just suck it all in and in the get hit. >> i saw the the truck go around the bus. i knew something was going to happen. i didn't know how close it would be. >> take another look, he said the driver was going freeway speed at leads 60 miles an hour. >> he did levy would say over 120 feet worth of skid marks. >> driver stopped and walked back but deputy was so angry and startled he told the guy to turn back around. >> best thing for him to get him back in his car and drive away. >> i was pretty upset at the the whole situation and best thing to do was to get him back in the car. >> reporter: at sign. was hov patrol on 635 and almost his last. >> i was just glad he didn't hit me. the adrenaline, it all happened instantly. >> it is very scary.
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we just need people to pay attention. >> reporter: his supervisor say people need to move over or slow down to 20 miles an hour below posted speed limit. he said it was closest call of his career. >> yeah absolutely. >> reporter: difficult store which a husband and father of three small children to share with his wife. >> i want to be around for my kids to graduate. >> we will get you ready for weekend and we are including today as part of the weekend because this is probably the best weather day of the next three. not to say that the next couple around going to be great but less than perfect. 76 degrees in the peck necessary with cloudy skies or clouds increasing let us say on saturday. high of 76 degrees average in the mountains today. seventy-eight tomorrow. >> then on sunday possibility of lath day thunderstorms and a high of 79 degrees.
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that is the mountain forecast, as far as the the shore, today, fabulous. sunny skies, dry on saturday with a high of 83. warmer on sunday with the possibility of the pop up thunder storm and ocean water is still averaging in the lower 70's. that gets you out of town but back to town and getting around town here's kacie. >> we had our first accident of the morning coming in in bear, delaware. i'm hearing northbound side of dew point highway route 13 at hamburg left
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major indexes, ending where they began yesterday. the dow jones was down three points, s and p500 closing at a new record high but gaining less than a point and nasdaq dropped a point and a half. number of americans filing applications for unemployment benefits dropped to the lowest level in more than eight years a cross the u.s. job market there has been fewer layoffs. this trend means greater job security, hopefully, and raises hope that workers pay will finally increase after grinding through a sluggish recovery. amazon is reporting some bitter sweet news. on line retailer posted a massive sales bump as company announced its sale to turn a profit. revenue for the the giant rose 23 percent in the second
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quarter but amazon still reported a wider loss, then a year ago. new study finds it pays in the to smoke, accord together report, smokers pay 235 percent more for life insurance than non-smokers. male smokers are paying more for well. they pay an average of 38 percent more for woman than the same policy. there are some hidden gotcha's that could cost you big if you don't watch out. it includes hidden fees and scam artists, that target travelers. just a couple things to watch out for, first, state calls from the desk claiming that the problem with your credit card and asking to you confirm your card number, instead go to the front desk to confirm that there is actually a problem. next, save wifi network. double-check safety of network. stick to your smart phone it may be a better idea. then cancellations fees, know that before you book. next, internet fees, lovely,
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last are the resort fees. watch out for extra fees if you are booking through sites like price line because there can
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>> reporter: we're learning in about a suspect and what police say about his long criminal history and mental illness, sue. a forecast for the the weekend, will it be as perfect as today, find out in your weather on the one's, chris. >> we like perfect sue, thanks. how about a south jersey family fight to go keep tragedy from happening again, why they want a stretch of beach closed in north wildwood. good day, everybody it is friday july 25th, 2014a lot of news to get to this morning but first we'd like to ask you to come hang out with jen down the shore in margate having a beach party light there from 7:00 to 10:00 this morning. we hope to see you later today. >> we love christmas but christmas in july, yes, july 25th so we want to see your christmas photos, use
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hash tag fox 29xmass in july. >> abbreviation in the enough characters. >> yes. >> so just turned 5:31. time for weather on the one's with sue. >> here's how i will connect it all, we have an ornament have of lucy the element that we put on the christmas tree every yeary thought you say ornament of lucy nolan. >> yes, we can work on that, i'm craft i, why not. lucy the elephant is in margate and she would welcome you as well. as well as jen. lets take a look at our bus stop buddy, cast of characters widens here. he's wearing his hawaii shirt ready for the weekend. you might need a sweat shirt at the beach because it is on the cool side. temperatures are in the 50's and 60's to get started with your day. nine out of ten today, it is definitely a ten. sunny and warm, in complaints about the weather today.
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64 degrees is our high temperature with wind north at 7 miles an hour. it is what you'll feel walking out the door low humidity. sun rise time 5:53 this morning. those are temperatures we were showing you in the 50's this morning in allentown, reading, mount pocono. pretty comfortable out there it is refreshing. the it was relieve the heat that came through with the cold front wednesday night. so yesterday we home got to 83. that was comfortable, normal high is 87. today we will get to 85, beautiful day with mostly sunny skies and humidity in the a problem today. so, a good hair day on a friday. this is two fridayness a row, tonight down to 65 degrees. is there your fox cast from the weather authority, not quite so perfect on the roads, miss kacie. >> no, we have one accident, get down to bear, delaware northbound side of dew point highway route 13 at hamburg left lane block, media you can see those vehicles in the
5:33 am
median off the roadway. but elsewhere things are looking just fine. roadway here route 13 isn't looking that bad just over to the media block left lane with the volume this morning. north bound side of 495 at 95, two left lanes blocked at that southern split for construction, guys. >> 5:33. investigators are still looking into what caused a patient to open fire on a doctor and caseworker at wellness center of mercy fitzgerald hospital in darby. this happened at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. gunman identified as richard plotts arrived at the center with a caseworker. investigators say plots shot caseworker teresa hunt to death. they say he also shot doctor lee silverman suffered a grazed wonderful to the head. when police got there they found suspect had also license shot three times in the torso. they believe the doctorate pulled his own gun possibly in self-defense but they are in the sure who shot the suspect. >> we believe that there were two guns retrieved at the scene.
5:34 am
one was the perpetrator and within we believe the doctor may have possessed at this point in time. that needs to be verified. we believe doctor from all of our account would be acting in self defense. >> as our steve keeley has been reporting there are not medical detectors that would have revealed plotts a psychiatric patient was in fact armed. court documents showed a history of violence and gun crimes for that suspect richard plotts. sabina kuriakose is looking at that part of the story live at the university of pennsylvania, where he is being treated, is a bean, good morning. >> reporter: plotts is here at the the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. at last check he was still in critical condition due to those gunshot wound. as you said according to court documents plot has criminal convictionness delaware and philadelphia counties dating back more than two decades. two of those were for illegal possession of the firearm and bringing a firearm to a public place. he got probation for both of
5:35 am
those charges. in 192 plotts did serve time for simple assault and public reports say that he served time for bank robbery, seven years in fact. former neighbors describe his behavior as eradic and frightening. he screamed erie message as he moved out of his upper darby apartment sometime within the last year. last thing he said getting in the van he hollered and said you haven't her the end of me yet. >> we have seen odd advertise in him. he kept to himself, playing if the ceiling with wiring and like i said he knock on my door is to ask to use my cell phone because he stab himself in the leg. that turned on the lights to me. >> you could tell he was strange, there was something he needed help with. >> reporter: talk about red flags? neighbors of course saying they saw a lot of those. of course nothing to indicate something that with rise to
5:36 am
this level. neighbors said they remember a caseworker helping plotts move out of his apartment. we don't know if it was same case worker teresa hunt whom's ledgely shot and killed. plotts remains here at hup in critical condition. if he survives he is expect to be charge with murder, back to you guys. >> we will keep an eye on those stories as they develop. our coverage of this continues on our web site at my fox family of the local man killed while taking a walk on a north wildwood beach is fight to go get the that particular stretch of the beach closed. brad smith was walking on the beach along waters wedge his best friend scott, and their two daughters. when all of a sudden the beach collapsed. >> walking on the sand, next thing i know i'm in the water, and there was nothing underneath me. there was no sand to push off from i'm swimming and my
5:37 am
daughter is on my back and i'm thinking i got to get to shore. >> well, he and his daughter were able to make it to shore. smith's daughter, brandy was pick up by a jet skier. smith's family is filing a lawsuit begins new jersey, cape may county and north wildwood to get the beach closed so other families won't experience what they did. this is not type of example you'd expect adults to set around kids but new jersey police say grown ups carried the kids along for a shopping spree. it happened earlier this month at rite aide on blackwood clementon road. police say group entered the store and in about five minutes they got away with $300 worth of merchandise. 5:37. still ahead, this little guy is heading for stardom, the the incredible video of this little boy coming up in the trend.
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fire officials looking in the cause of a hotel fire in south lake tahoe, california. officials say six rooms and six cars were destroyed wednesday night, two people were injured, after they jumped off of the second story balcony of this hotel, 36 people were evacuated. homeowners are dealing with flooding after wednesday's heavy rains in new mexico after a levee broke. >> the storm only lasted about 40 minutes dropping about an inch of rain but that is all it took cause major flooding. homeowners are now trying to clean up.
5:41 am
>> the rain came and it wasn't even that long of a rain storm and within five minutes my place was flooded. >> irrigation ditch in the area used for farming is now filled with mud which will take about a week to clean out. lets do our weather with sue serio, hi sue. >> we are looking forward to a fabulous day today, only question is can we keep it going for the weekend. you have a chance to get to the beach today this is a good one with temperatures in the mid 70's along the sand, get your spot early. northwesterly breeze switching to southeasterly pleas. we will get that at 10 miles an hour. 72-degree ocean water temperature low risk but uv risk will be at an eight which is high but there is no included cover to show you. you will see all clouds moved off shore and rain settled down to the south and we're expecting it to be comfortable over weekend look at our temperatures in the 50's, this is a july morning and north east you usually would be in
5:42 am
the 70's, like we are in virginia but things are pretty comfortable and enjoy it while it lasts. current temperatures range from 53 in the poconos to 64. in wildwood. fifty-seven in reading. not exactly sweater weather but pretty comfortable with these dew points in the 50's and 40's in some is cases. very dry air mass in place. so a will happen over the weekend? we have phillies series with the die machine backs. they won yesterday. maybe they can keep that going. the it start to get warm and we may hit 90 by sunday and possibility of strong storms in the afternoon as humidity comes back. it will still stay dry enough on saturday that we won't see any then are storms but go from today's ten to an eight tomorrow and then a six on sun take with the late day then are storms. it stays unsettled object monday but then we are back to cooler more comfortable weather or warm and comfortable with temperatures in the 80's, tuesday, wednesday and even thursday. so is there your seven day
5:43 am
forecast, in the a perfect weekend but still in the bad, kacie. >> i'll gladly take it, thanks very much, sue. bear delaware unfortunately one accident, north bound side of dew point highway route 113 at hamburg. we have median lanes block. we have that accident off to the side and also the the left lane over here trying to get that cleaned up. it looks like, wow, falling over here, looks like traffic will get by on the side, so not too
5:44 am
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good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies won final game of the four game series with the giant but yesterday was more of the story ryan hour was benched for second straight game. that was a surprise he was sitting because howard has hit .328 life time against hudson. lets go to the ballpark. cole hamels was really sharp yesterday, eight innings, ten strike outs, one run, strikes out batter with the man on second. that saves a run. phillies scored two unearned runs with the giants this led to the second unearned run, michael morris drops ball in left feel. reveer to second. he was driven in by utley single. phillies win two-one. it is clear ryan howard was benched. the manager does not look at it that way. >> more of a case of darren just getting here and i wanted to take a look at him for at least a couple of games and see where he is at. i haven't seen him in a while and then go from there.
5:47 am
>> eagles open training camp today and that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. as howard said eagles reporting for training camp today first work out is saturday. >> so almost all of the teams in the nfl have have or either will report this week and staying on the topic of football baltimore ravens running back, ray rice was suspended for two games for violation of the nfl's personal conduct policy. this as you may remember is for an altercation that left his then fiance and nowthis is o from the casino. the rice will miss games against two afc north rivals the bengals and pittsburgh steelers before hees eligible to be reinstated september 12th. seven year-old devon reid is unstoppable and at 7:00 she's defying odds. >> she suffers from cerebral palsy and gets around with the walker but that did in the stop her from running bases on the citizens bank park at yesterday's game with roughly
5:48 am
2,000 other kids. >> every day can be a struggle, but devon's disposition and kind have of kid she is, makes it that much easier. >> devon's pretty smile also aired here on good day philadelphia she's seen with her mom lauren, she's a big fan of the show and her dad says she watches us each and every morning. >> so cute. >> i did not see her, i went to the game yesterday, we were at the ballpark such a licensing line of kids waiting to go run the bases. all the way from the steve carlton statue to the mike schmidt statue. >> i wish i had seen her. >> good for her. three-year old russian boy, after making waves with his musical abilities. >> we have a chalk full of talented, a nation kids on this show to day kacie has a look at the incredible video of the little drummer boy who led an orchestra of adult musicians. >> best i used to do is fake playing piano this child's
5:49 am
gift was fist discovered on the russian talent show minute of familiar but by the sound of it, minis no the in his future at all. fame is in his future. list ten him lead a orchestra through a classical masterpiece. >> ♪ >> at one point look at his arms going. at one point during the performance the boy drops one of his drum sticks, and he picks it up and does in the miss a beat. >> he knows the show must go on. >> he has a future ahead of him. >> all right, kacie. these two guys walt until you see these two guys in the news for wrong reasons n new
5:50 am
york actors alex baldwin and shy a labeouf landed the same role in the same venue. twenty-nine were in a manhattan criminal court yesterday for disorderly conduct cases. labeouf charged with disrupt ago this broadway disturbance. baldwin accused of getting belligerent for riding the book down the wrong way street. they were set to co-star last year in the revival of the play orphans but labeouf pulled out because of creative disagreements, and these two guys got into a short lived, twitter battle. >> creative disagreements. >> yes. >> in the good. >> batman fans get a look at this, warner brothers release aid new image of ben afflict in batman in the upcoming movie batman verse super man. the film is part of the seventh fifth anniversary of batman images from film, television and games. comiccan visitors will check it the out this weekend, down there. it is wedding hollywood has been waiting for, brad
5:51 am
pitt and angelina jolie will get hitched but don't celebrate just yet, couple is set to tie the knot in the latest on screen project, called by the sea. real life duo will play married couple in the movie, were they married in mr. and mrs. smith do you remember that movie. >> they were. >> first on screen performance together since then evidently. >> yep, we all necessity what happened during mr. and mrs. smith. >> yeah. >> brad pitt was already married, wasn't he. >> yes, but we don't know what goes on behind doors, closed doors that is. >> well, six kids later, let's hope they stay to go. we have a look at today's weather and plan on a fabulous afternoon. it is going be tough to to what you have to do and not what you want to do with a high of 58 degrees. low humidity. confidentable morning. it is really on the cool side out there you don't need a jacket or anything but temperatures in the mid 60's in the city and 50's in our
5:52 am
suburbs. the days are still long with a sunset time of 8:21. enjoy that high kacie of 85 degrees. >> thanks, sue. i definitely will. all righty. taking a look at all of our majors bear will be the only issue this morning. northbound sigh of du pont highway route 13 at hamburg left lane block at that scene. i will go on this side so i don't burn myself again. going to the majors median has one set of crew is still there off to the side but we had left lane block, that is cleared, it is out of the way, nothing going on there so lets head out to the majors, thinks promising this morning. getting ready to head out 5:52 in the morning, 65 on the northeast extension, 50's every where else, dwight. 5:52. you are never too old to recreate your favorite have movies, coming up why these seniors are posing as some of the most famous big screen characters.
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thank ythank you for defendiyour sacrifice. and thank you for your bravery.
5:55 am
thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. welcome back, 5:55. it is a beautiful take this morning. so, we will do weather and traffic in the minute. on line dating, now it seems as if more singles are looking to linkedin for love. career networking site has a bigger base than most dating web sites and it is full of working professionals who are not constantly taking shameless selfies. while not everyone on linkedn'synx will, i'm a single, you have a good shot of fining somebody. linked in has 300 million
5:56 am
users, e has about 21 and a half million. >> linked in because you want to make sure the dude has a job. >> not everybody on there has a job, often times linked in they are looking for work. >> that is right. >> 5:56. you are never too old to have some fun. >> you are not, daily mail reporting on a fun project. folks at nine senior living communities. their inner child out as they pose for playful pictures of the popular movies for a calendar. >> she's a ten. >> the seniors designed their own costumes and props. >> coming up, a creepy mystery under investigation, dolls turning up on the doorsteps of little girls they resemble, we will tell you where this is happening.
5:57 am
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police say a man opened fire in his doctor's office, one woman is dead, doctor hurt, suspect is in the hospital, who helped bring that accused gunman under control. the third plane crash this week jet disappears from radar new development this morning and what officials found in the wreckage. it is absolutely enough to make all of the difference. >> a second chance at life, operations helping this horse after years of neglect. things are really turning around for this family, they just won the lottery, the heart break they endured a few
6:00 am
years ago. >> good morning, nice to see that happen to somebody who deserves it. good day, it is friday july 25th, 2014a lot of news, but first we like to remind to you come down and hang out with jen down the shore in margate having a beach party at tea cater avenue from 7:00 to 10:00. >> it the is also christmas in july. we have steve keeley on the follow-up to the shooting yesterday, at the hospital, and sabina kuriakose also following up on the condition of one of the victims. we will get to that in just a minute. but first lets check with sue serio doing weather on the one's and sue, we are talking about numbers, today, brilliant. >> it is july and often in the summertime we see mass exodus out of town on a friday so we can have our three day or four day weekend. today that is highly recommended and this is why in our weather by the numbers we are going double digits.


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