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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 25, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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next a grad student accused of hiding cameras in bathrooms around a local university and cops say he was doing it for years. >> and mystery solved. truth about these dolls showing up on door steps tha (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now on fox 29, a developing story. a memorial is growing at the scene of a tragedy in north philadelphia. three children are killed when a
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carjacker crashes into a fruit stand. their mother and the carjacking victim are in critical condition. the carjacker and his accomplice are still on the run. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland this story we have been on top of since it began this morning. reward for information leading to the carjackers is growing and right now it has topped $100,000. our live team coverage begins with shawnette wilson at philadelphia police headquarte headquarters. shawnette? >> reporter: tonight the fraternal order of police added to that already existing reward bringing the total to $110,000 as you just mentioned. they want the men in custody by noon tomorrow. in the meantime, three children were killed in this tragic cra crash. >> they were right there. >> they said hi, they were getting ready to sell something. >> police surround adversary overturned table and broken fence next to a fruit stand where mother and three children were hit friday morning while selling fruit and water as witnesses say they do every day. >> every morning. every morning.
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that's sad. >> it happened on the corner of germantown and allegheny in north philadelphia. >> it was a mother. she was packing -- unpacking something ton leave and come back and learn that this is them -- >> police say two men who carjacked the 34 year old woman on the 600 block of cumberland street are responsible. the woman is a realtor who had just finish showing a house police say when two armed men forced their way into her white suv. and took off with her inside. >> they were driving at an extremely high rate of speed. at some point the tire blew out and they were probably trying to make that turn from germantown on to allegheny, lost control of the vehicle and then ultimately ran up on the sidewalk. >> reporter: the men jumped out suv and ran off. the mother was taken to the hospital. her 15 year old daughter, 10 year old and seven year old sons all died. 65 year old woman identified by relatives as thelma brown was helping the family at the fruit stand and was also hurt. along with the carjacking vict
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victim. >> somebody hit them kids like that and just keep on going doesn't make sense only thing i'm saying turn yours in. >> there are no words to describe how i feel right now but we do need to find those people and that needs to be our focus. >> reporter: police are reviewing surveillance video from cameras in the areas of both of those scenes. in the meantime, the three remaining victims are still in the hospital. lucy. >> all right, shawnette. people in the neighborhood know this fruit stand well. it is a summer weekend tradition ton night they are stunned, they are incredibly sad and they are anxiously awaiting word of an arrest. fox 29's thalia perez is live at the scene of the tragedy. thalia? >> reporter: lucy, we'll take you right to this growing memorial behind me. a steady stream of neighbors have been stopping by lighting candles and leaving stuffed animals as you see there. i'm told that this family was a staple in the community. they were well known for having built a beautiful community garden just right around the corner, and today they were doing what they typically do on
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friday selling fruits and vegetables from their stand right here at this corner. when this unspeakable tragedy occurred. >> when will this stop? >> i hope these guys have a heart. turn yourself in. and let this community rest in peace. >> reporter: neighbors are speaking out at the site where three children were killed earlier today. stuffed animals and candles make up the growing vigil. surrounded by other things like this table and bowls. a stark reminder that the victims were selling fruit and vegetables from the table to raise money for their community garden and church when this tragedy took place. police say an out of control suv barreled into them at the intersection of germantown avenue and west allegheny. just after 11:00 this morning. stephan benson lives next door and he says he spoke with the victims just before it happened. >> i've been crying all day and i just -- i don't want to cry. i don't have the energy to cry. >> reporter: benson says the victims were seven, 10 and 15
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years old. their mother he says survived but was critically injured. >> turn yourself in now. and spend the rest of your life seeking redemption for what happened today. >> reporter: police are hunting for the driver and the passenger of the suv who they say carjacked a woman shortly before the crash. she was also critically injured. neighbors say they are now left to pick up the pieces but don't know how they'll move on. >> and that's crazy that, you know, people come and do this don't have no heart. no feelings. >> reporter: you're looking live again at the memorial here at the corner. i'm told from neighbors that there is talk of creating a permanent memorial either right here or at the community garden that would include a mural. lucy? >> all right. thalia, and for continuing coverage of this developing story, go to it is right on the home page. >> happening now, a possible break in the fighting in the middle east. israel says a 12 hour
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humanitarian seasoner in gaza will start tomorrow morning but israel says it will respond if terrorists choose to he can polite the law. secretary of state john kerry says talks towards a truce will also resume tomorrow. israeli strikes intensified today with one shell killing 33 people. today's violence pushed their number of palestinian deaths past 800. >> a cop who almost lost his job over a controversial video comes to the rescue in a row home fire in south philly. three people had to jump to escape the fire on segal street this morning. medics took a young girl and two adults to the hospital. lieutenant jonathan josie saw the fire, called it in. then kick in the front door. he says he saw someone throwing a fire bomb at the house. >> suspicious at this point. went up rapidly and we need to determine what caused it to go up so suddenly. >> investigators say man is in custody tonight and charges are expected soon. lieutenant josie lost his job over a viral video that showed what lock like him slapping a
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woman after the puerto rican day parade few years ago. philadelphia police reinstated him last year after a judge cleared him. >> delaware county officials expect to are a rain 49 year old richard plots on monday. they say he remains unconscious at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. he's cued of carrying out a deadly shooting in a hospital campus on thursday. police say he killed his caseworker and injured his psychiatrist. our karen hepp has more on what is believed to be the motive. >> reporter: this is the face of a troubled and disturbed man. investigators say richard plots was agitated, armed and wanted to kill his dr. lee silverman when he arrived early for his psych appointment. no one saw his 32 till he pulled it. >> he removed the gun from his waistband area and started to rant. dr. silverman immediately started to back up. however, what happened next was horrible. >> inside these offices investigators say, he turned and pointed his weapon at his
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caseworker's head theresa hunt was killed instantly. on her quiet port richmond street today, her friends are devastated. >> i'm shocked. it was like everything inside you feels like it's going to fall apart. >> we all start crying because we fell like who killed her? we feel like she was our family. >family. report why is there a motive? investigators say plots was angry about a no weapons policy at the hospital. investigators say dr. silverman has every legal right to carry a concealed weapon and is a true hero. grazed in the shoot out and rattled, he was not up to speaking when we visited his home. today we learned about two more heroes. dr. jeffrey deckert and another caseworker john d'lonzo. >> he was able prior to the shooting to open the door, look in, see mr. plots with a weapon and call 911. after he heard the shotting fired, this caseworker then went back into the room and engaged in a wrestling match with mr
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mr. plots. he was then helped by dr. deckert of the fitzgerald mercy staff. they were able to sub die him on the ground and take the revolver away from mr. plots. >> reporter: karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> we're going to have to wait to see if pope francis comes to philadelphia for the world meeting of families next year. catholic news service reported archbishop charles chaput made the announcement that the pope was coming while north dakota but the archdiocese cautions those comments were not official. vatican spokesperson says the holy father is willing to attend pope francis has yet to visit the u.s. in a statement archdiocese says in part "there has been no official confirmation by the vatican or holy see of pope francis' as 10 dance at the 2015 world meeting of families in philadelphia. we still expect that any official confirmation will come approximately six months prior to the event so mark your calendar. a nasty dust storm hitting
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phoenix night. >> take a look at this incredible video. pretty wild. it's actually called a haboob. big dust storm. a wall of dust. after several days, of extreme temperatures, thunderstorms are forming and they're blowing over the desert creating dangerous driving conditions right now although there have been no reports of any injuries. >> a local graduate student accused of hiding video cameras in restrooms on a local campus for two years. >> it's kind of sick like someone just like was stockpiling all these images and stuff over such a long period of time. >> how police say the student was finally caught coming up. a 13 year old girl wakes up to find her cell phone smolders inches from her head. what happened and why you'll want to check your children's bedroom before they go to sleep tonight. >> a little dog is snatched right out of its own yard. his owner watched it happen. why she says there's nothing she could do to save her precious pet. and mystery solved. cops say they know who left
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porcelain dollars on the porches of several families. coming up, was it creepy or an act of kindness? scott. >> iain, it's been a beautiful friday evening across our area, but some changes ahead for the upcoming weekend. the timing of warmer temperatures, humidity, even the threat for showers and storms.
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♪ >> university of delaware grad student is behind bars and police are pointing at his extracurricular activities. they say he actually put hidden cameras in campus bathrooms and this has been going on for two
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years. >> students there as you can imagine cannot believe it. our drew dickman is live in newark tonight with their reaction. drew? >> reporter: iain, the students learned about the arrest and their invasion of privacy today. following a month long investigation. the news as you can imagine has several students on campus tonight shaking their heads. >> that's gross. why would you even want to see someone using the bathroom? it's weird. >> reporter: students reactioned as they read the e-mail sent by the university of delaware. alerting them hidden cameras were discovered in campus bathrooms. >> the fact it took them two years to notice this is a little ridiculous. i think they're handling it well. >> reporter: woman found a video camera the size of pack cigarette hidden inside a female bathroom dispenser. they uncovered recordings of bathrooms in several buildings. suspect javier worked. the 38 year old grad student from mexico faces 21 counts of
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criminal violation of privacy. >> it's pretty disturbing knowing he did it more than one bathroom and like you had to take the time out to plan all that stuff out. it's really scary. >> reporter: university officials already have 40 victims. they expect more to come forward. and more charges for soto. investigators say they confiscated 1500 video files. but they say those videos weren't shared and line or with others. >> it's kind of sick that like someone just like -- was stockpiling all these images and stuff over a long period of time. it's good they finally got him. that's the important part. >> reporter: 23,000 schools come back to school this fall they'll return to more security procedures including random checks of all restrooms. the university's expect tiff director of public and campus safety doesn't want the campus to go through this again. >> it's very discouraging much this was a really serious crime, um, not just for the victims and we have several -- several victims but for the university of delaware community as whole. i mean somewhat feel violated somebody would do something hain
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yous like this. >> reporter: soto has had his visa revoked and is being held behind bars to it in without bail. the university is offering counseling to students and also set up a special hotline through university police for any more victims out there. for that information, head to our website iain. >> drew, thank you. a traveler had more than a laptop in her computer bag when she arrived at new york's kennedy airport. custom agents thought the woman was acting a little strangely so they searched her carry on computer bag and found a white powder that tested positive for cocaine. more than 4 pounds worth. she was arreste arrested on drus and turned over to hem land security. >> french military released photo showing wreck casm of algieri airline that crashed in northern mali. crews one of the two black boxes but no survivors. the plane had 116 people on board. less than an hour into the flight the pilot asked to change
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course because of bad weather. the plane then disappeared from the radar. >> hundreds gathering to mourn the loss of the 298 people killed in last week's malaysian plane crash in eastern ukraine. there were tears and prayers during the multi faith memorial service in kuala lumpur. monday the mourners colleagues of the malaysian airlines flight attendants. >> there's no words can express what i'm feeling inside. it's really, really -- it's not easy to -- i just want to say so sorry for the loss of their loved ones. >> flight mh17 was shot down over eastern ukraine while the investigation continues the dutch safety board which is leaving the probe to public factual findings soon. >> we can't to follow new developments in the israel hamas conflict. the israeli military says it has agreed to a 12 hour humanitarian cease fire in gaza beginning tomorrow. but for now, the fighting rages on. fox's connor powell has the very
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latest from gaza city. >> reporter: as israeli and hamas decision makers spent the day reviewing a us backed cease fire proposal with international negotiators the fighting in gaza showed no signs of letting up. israel continue continued its bt of militant position killing a senior leader of jihad the hamas allied group announced a missing israeli soldier hamas claimed to have captured was in fact dead. efforts to end the violence seemed to have collapsed tonight israel security cabinet rejected secretary of state john consider row's cease fire proposal. the temporary agreement would have stopped fighting for a week and allowed israel to keep its truce in gaza. israel wants to continue the process of destroying hamas tunnels. a condition that hamas would likely have rejected.
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>> reporter: in recent days the raid rate of rocket fire has slowed down from gaza. more than 2,000 rockets have been fired at israel. israel has targeted dozens of hamas launching sights and says it killed many of hamas' fighters and is in the process of demolishing 31 tunnels israel says were going to be used for infiltration into israel to attack civilians. but it is palestinian civilians who have paid a high price during the one 8-day conflict. at least 848 people have been killed in gaza. mostly civilians, many children. the violence also spilling over into the west bang where thousands of palestinians took to the streets protesting the israeli military operation in gaza. at least five people were killed in the demonstrations. for now, the fighting continues as does the effort to end it. it's not clear how long this humanitarian cease fire will last or when it will start on saturday. but israel's dee finance minister is warning that after
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it, the israeli military may extend -- expand its military operations here in gaza so there is the potential that the fighting could even escalate in the coming days. in gaza city, connor powell, fox news. >> tense moments 200 feet above ground as firefighters work to rescue a trapped construction worker in houston. >> really scary stuff. authorities say the crane operator slipped during a shift change fell and got stuck way up there. so far up it made it very tough for rescues we are to get him back down but he's safe tonight. his co work workers say he has serious injury. >> good news about big pat that loving horse we told you about last night. he lost his sight and was beat up after years of hard work and then neglect. so far, an online fundraiser rounded up $1,500 to help pay for the horse's treatment. big pat is getting a second chance through an operation to restore his sight. his own are in abandoned him at lancaster county auction house. but now thanks to kind hearts
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and skilled hands big pat has gone from ban don many to hope. $1,500 is fantastic. it's just a fraction of how much it will take to restore him totally and that surgery was like $10,000 or something. >> if you'd like to help we made it easy for you. head to our website and click on the as seen on tv and you can help. all right. let's get you right over to chief meteorologist scott williams now for look at your saturday morning forecast. >> hi, iain and lucy. today was a beautiful day but can we do it again tomorrow? well, all in all looking pretty good. 75 degrees right now. humidity still from the tee comfortable. wake up weather for your saturday morning, temperatures in the city in the mid 60s. low 60s in the suburbs so looking good for that morning jog. perhaps a garage sale early tomorrow morning. temperatures will be comfortab comfortable. however, by tomorrow afternoon, a few pop up showers and thunderstorms possible around center city as well as outlying areas. a high tomorrow of 87 in the city. that saturday snapshot for the
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poconos, 76 degrees. pop up showers likely down the shore upper 70s it will be breezy. coming up we'll talk about the heat returning, the humidity building, over the weekend as well as those shower and thunderstorms chances. we'll time it out for you hour by hour coming up. >> you see police chases all the tile. this one ending is like a scene from the wild west. why cops cannot believe no one got hurt. after 12 years in prison a man convicted of rape is exonerated and released. why he says he pleaded guilty to a crime he did not commit and how much money he'll get for every year he spent in jail. >> plus caught in the act by an app. how one woman is using a crime solving selfie to track down the how one woman is using a crime solving selfie to track down the pethe wonder of summer is that
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♪ >> it is like seen from a wild west. a 20-mile high speed chase ends in a shootout between a wanted fugitive and deputees all caught on dash cam video. this happened last month in wisconsin deputees were searching foreman wanted in connection to several stolen car cases. when they found him he was driving a stolen car. a chase.
10:25 pm
before cops say the suspect turned a gun on them. >> this car here he saw them shooting as he pitted them he laid over in the seat and down in the ditch went. >> no one was injury. suspect is under arrest. officers are now using the video for training. >> what was that buzzing seattle space needle? that unidentified flying object that whipped up security concerns no more than drone. people saw it flying around the space needle on tuesday. then fly into a fifth floor room at a nearby hoe physical. imagine looking a the that thing happen. now police contacted the man staying there. he told them i just bought it at the hobby shop down the road. i was trying it out. some people thought they saw it crash into the space needle but investigators haven't found any evidence of that. the faa let's people fly model aircraft and drones without -- within certain limitation. so the man does not face any charges. >> all right. we talk about this last night. the case of the porcelain dolls on doorsteps solved.
10:26 pm
>> we first told you about this last night. the dolls were found on porches of eight california families. the dolls resembled young girls living in the home and the families found it creeper so they call police. a california woman says she left them and she was just trying to do something nice by giving away toys her own family had out grown. she goes to the same church as all of the families and she tells police she's now embarrassed by all the media attention. >> we thought that was what it was. did you. >> i did. i had a hunch. what if it's a nice person just trying to be nice and it was. it was. >> we immediately thought the worst. >> jump to conclusion. >> exactly. >> beer gardens are popping up all over the city and drawing big crowds. >> not everybody is happy about these outdoor hot spots. why some say they're outrageous. and they should shut down next. >> teen wakes up to find her cell phone smoulders. it burned a hole right through her pillow. the warning from the phone's maker that might have you
10:27 pm
checking your child's room tonight. >> all right. so this guy wasn't about to let an 8-foot gator hurt his best friend, his dog. how he just barely managed to friend, his dog. how he just barely managed to sathe wonder of summer is that
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i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan
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with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. >> scary moments at a td bank in montgomery county this morning. this armed robber walk into the bank on south york road in hatboro and demanded cash and it looks like he got away with stacks of it. investigators say he is considered article and dangero dangerous. if you know anything about this crime, you're asked to call police. >> after 12 years in prison for a rape that he did not commit, a texas man is now finally cleared of all those charges. 57 year old michael phillips pleaded guilty to raping a 16 year old girl at a dallas motel in the early '90's. phillips says he only pleaded guilty on the advice of his attorney who did not believe a jury would clear a black man accused of raping a white teenager. after a dozen years behind bars he finally walked free and 2002 and now a review of dna evidence has completely exonerated
10:31 pm
phillips. >> my father god god me through this. that's all i got to say. that speaks for itself. pick up his book. it's truthful. see you through anything. >> that's an attitude to have. his case had go to app appeals case for final approval. under texas law he can get $80,000 a year for each year of his wrongful convict. >> beer gardens are popping up all over philly but they're also causing quite the debate and some business owners say they're skirting the system by operating under a catering permit and not the same liquor license that bars and restaurants have to buy. the $500 catering permit makes it legal for a establishments to serve alcohol for a few hours at an unlicensed location. the complaint is people are buying several under different names allowing them to operate continuously and one bar owner doesn't think it's fair. >> it's almost a slap in the
10:32 pm
face to the small guy in this area who does pay their taxes and tries to stay and top of everything they do and make this area nice area. that bar owner tells us he paid $100,000 for his liquor license two years ago when he bought his place. some pennsylvania lawmakers are vowing to step in and draw up legislation to change the practice. >> florida woman's are home after someone snatched her mini schnauzer from her front jar. she says a few weeks ago, the pup named was playing outside. car rolled up, a woman got out, lured over the dog and took off. police think the woman probably targeted pfeffer. her owner is not giving up hope that she'll come home. >> please, please bring her back home where we can become a family ago with our broken hearts. we just want her home. >> she's had pfeffer for eight yours and we sure hope she gets her back very very soon. all right. how scary is this? 13 year old
10:33 pm
girl wakes up finds her mobile phone smoulders just inches from her head. >> fox's steve noviello explains exactly what happened happened. >> this is five seconds of summer. >> reporter: aerial is like a lot of 13 year old girls. >> and that's our -- she loves bands, has favorite song. >> break free. >> reporter: and loves using her samsung galaxy s4. >> really like nice and pretty and like high tech. >> reporter: every chance she gets. >> i go on instagram and twitter. i text all my friends. >> reporter: but during our visit, she had to borrow her dad's s3 because her phone is burned so badly it's barely recognizable. >> the whole phone melted. the platt tick, the glass you can't tell it was a phone report roar this is what's left of ariel' phone. she says it slipped under her pillow as she fell asleep. the smell of something burning woke her in the night. >> i didn't think much of it i went back to sleep and i woke up
10:34 pm
again and it was more prominent. >> reporter: her dad us specs the phone overheated causing the battery to swell. >> this is the battery. you can see how thick that battery is now. that battery swelled. >> reporter: and start fire. this morning, almost a million batteries inside those monitors have been recalled. >> the family had seen our recent series of reports on swelling baby monitor batteries which led to nationwide recall. they contacted samsung and then contacted fox four. >> we have a residential expectation that the products we buy are going to be safe. >> reporter: spokesperson for samsung says their products are safe and point out battery inside the phone was a replacement unit and not an original samsung part. nevertheless, they do agree there is a need for consumer education when it comes to rechargeable batteries. it's exactly why they post this warning in their user guide when specifically states, covering one of their devices with bedding or other material that could restrict air flow could
10:35 pm
cause a fire. >> well, i hope, you know, everyone watching this warns the children not to sleep with the phone. >> reporter: warning her dad and the teenaged phone fan never read. >> anything they should put a big warning on it like -- like a cigarette label if that's the case. >> reporter: besiding by the now. >> put it on the night stand next to the bed. >> reporter: is an easy call to make. the samsung spokesperson take any instance of a battery fire very seriously. they have requested that the burned unit be sent to them so they can fully investigate. we will continue to keep updat updated. meantime the phone the bedding mattress and pillow will all be replaced by samsung. >> i'm steve noviello. that's my 2 cents. spent it wisely. >> parking lot collapses in california. how an effort to spruce things up almost create add catastrop catastrophe. >> if you have allergies you'll probably love this. you'll soon get some relief without a prescription. the popular drug you can soon by over the counter coming up.
10:36 pm
>> and this special little boy had just one wish for his sixth birthday and boy is it coming true. how people from all over the world are helping him celebrate as he fights
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
>> a parking garage collapses in los angeles and a landscaping project may be to blame. construction crews were using earth moving machines to handle rock and dirt but the weight of the material was too much for the structure of the garage. no injuries have been reported. >> take a look at your money popular online retailer caming up things. birch box is opening brick and mortar stores in new york. each month they get a customized beauty package delivered that their door. now they can come in and have a tech friendly experience. the stores feature i pods where people can get product reviews and fine out based op their profiles which items work best for them. many small online businesses are branching out and stepping into their real world. >> welcome news for allergy sufferers. the fda is about to let you buy flonase without prescription. the medication helps lessen the misery of hay fever and other
10:40 pm
respiratory allergies. >> i'm glad we got the close up of this. early n year you'll be able to buy the over the counter but still in its full prescription strength. >> all right. new limited addition root beer note orioles. they come with the vanilla flavored golden cookies we're told the cookies smell and taste just like root beer floats. it would be weird if they didn didn't. anyhow. little boy living with a terminal illness i'm telling you gets the biggest celebration of his dream. >> people around the world fulfilling his wish of getting cards for his big day. hundreds turned out in massachusetts to celebrate danny mick nickerson'ss sixth birthd birthday. youngster has terminal cancer in the form of an inoperable brain tumor when he asked what he wanted simply said mail and his wish was granted. he got thousands of letters of love from people who don't even know him or his personal struggle.
10:41 pm
>> two letters last night from japan. >> 3,002 days ago. 8,000 yesterday and almost 33 thus san today. >> wow. danny's family enjoyed the celebration it was a welcome distraction to danny's diagnosis in october. >> huge big smile on him. >> crime solving selfie. an app is putting a face to the person who ripped off one woman's phone. you might want to look in this app. we've got the story next. >> an 8-foot gator grabs a hold of this guy' dog. how he barely managed to save his pet and himself. >> it's been a beautiful end to the week but what about the weekend. the week but what about the weekend. yothe wonder of summer is that
10:42 pm
i never know what kind of adventure awaits.
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the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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♪ >> update tonight on story we've been following about an inn cell little boy. >> we first introduced to you henry norton last week. he has usher syndrome which is a rare genetic disorder that causes hearing and vision loss. last sunday henry's family held a fundraiser for research and groups groups that help people like henry and we're so happy to tell you they have raised $21,000. good for them. local man left in mc don in many's bathroom as a newborn
10:45 pm
using social media to search for his birth mother and he may be getting closer. david managed to track down the woman who found him in that newark, new jersey, mc donald's more than three decades ago. that woman now lives in houston. david found her on facebook and he hopes that will lead to his birth mother. our fox station in houston spoke to willa mean in a tonight. >> it was just so unusual to know that he went to the efforts that he went to to find me to say thank you. >> david says he was inspired to look for his birth mom after seeing the reunion of another local woman and her birth mother that woman was ban donned as a newborn in pennsylvania burger king back in the '80's. >> wish him luck. a money fights off an alligator to save his golden retriever. >> this happened couple of week ago in florida. the dog own are in says his four year old pooch willow decided to jump in the water. lurking inside was the gator who
10:46 pm
was on the tack. the man put up quite the fight though for his beloved pet. >> reached down to grab her and grabbed the gator. i jerked him up when i did i seen the big head and she went back that way and as soon as i seen her going to the bank, you know, kind of let the gator go and i was stuck in the mud. i kind of pushed her up on the bank and crawled up myself and got out of there. >> impress seven. >> yeah. >> willow ended up with more than 25 stitches and some deep puncture wounds. >> a florida woman is using technology to help her find her stolen phone and it's not the find my iphone app another app that actually caught the thief in the act. >> as fox's michael shingleton reports she's going old school in her search. >> reporter: you won't find tech savvy on kathy carter's resume. >> and the word selfie might be a bit forward but she's definitely up to speed on the app called look out. >> i were like to give her a big hug. >> last week she left her windows down during a brief trip
10:47 pm
to the doctor' office when she came out her phone was gone. >> you know then you think did i leave it really in the car? >> reporter: kathy had just signed up for look out. she immediately went home to check the app's website and clicked find my phone. >> they had sent me an e-mail with her picture and approximate vicinity that she was in when she was looking at my phone. >> reporter: the app snapped a picture of this woman when she tried to access kathy's phone. kathy says she actually looks familiar. possibly from the doctor's office. >> i was floored when i recognized the woman. i just need a name with it. >> reporter: lakeland police would like the name behind this face. this afternoon look out sent kathy 10 more e-mails showing her phone moving around lakeland. she jumped in the car to see if she can buzz around town check the locations and recognize the woman. officers are doing the same and say apps like these definitely help. >> it is a great tool to have. we don't endorse any particular app but we would say you should have one of these on your phone. >> reporter: even in this digital age kathy is going old
10:48 pm
school in the hunt for her pho phone. >> i'm putting flyers out all over town with her picture, and i hope somebody gives me a phone call that they recognize her. >> you know that is going to happen. this lady is having pictures snapped of her left and right. she wants her phone back because she as has pictures and contac contacts. >> you got to back up your phone. very important. >> scott williams who has has his phones back up he's that type of guy. very prepare. always knows what's going on especially with the weather. you know what lucy, today were you a teen but i can't guarantee a 10 as we head into the upcoming weekend. we do have some weather changes. the humidity will increase and we also have showers and storms to talk about. but no storms tonight. it's comfortable. 75 degrees right now. humidity at 53%. winds are out of the southwest at about 6 miles per hour. high pressure it is in full control. the front that brought us the showers and storms early until week well to the south we're watching another system that
10:49 pm
will move from the midwest during the up coming weekend to increase our humidity as well as the threat for showers and storms. the low this morning in philadelphia 63 degrees. we made it up to 83 degrees but that's still below average for this time of year. we should top out around 87. the record high for today's date 96 degrees set back in 1999. look at the temperatures right now. mid 60s in millville. 66 degrees in dover. 73 in wilmington. upper exacts in allentown. 64 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. but the measure of moisture in the atmosphere, we gauge that by looking at the dew points. you can see dew points below 60 pretty much area wide and that is really comfortable air. temperatures dew point temperatures that is right now in philadelphia at 57. so for tonight, we're talking about an evening delight, dry, comfortable conditions across the area. moving ahead to your saturday, warmer temperatures. the threat for a few pop up storms on saturday. but a better chance for showers and storms as we move into the second half of the weekend.
10:50 pm
you'll note the warmer temperatures as well as that humidity on the increase both days. so overnight tonight, it's dry, it's quiet. what about tomorrow morning for your plans? maybe you're jogging, headed out in the morning we're looking at temperatures pretty comfortable as well as the sky conditions not bad but as we move into the 3:00 o'clock time frame pop up showers and storms during the heat of the day. not washout. saturday night looks okay but as we move into sunday morning, and throughout the day we have the threat for showers and storms. it's not going to be washout but keep an eye to the sky as we move into your sunday. now some of the showers and storms on sunday have the potential to be severe. the storm prediction center has placed our area in a slight risk for damaging winds as hail on sunday in particular sunday afternoon. 60s for low temperatures tonight. pretty mild and comfortable. the poconos 76 on saturday. 79 sunday. as we head down the shore, looking pretty good. but once again there could be a shower especially as we move
10:51 pm
into sunday. water temperatures are in the low 70s. so that seven day forecast showing upper 80s for the weekend. best chance for storms once again sunday into monday unsettled but once we move beyond the showers and storms, look at those temperatures. 81 on tuesday for the high temperature. 82 on wednesday and it stays below average as we move into next weekend. some of the long-term models are showing that as we move into the month of august we'll stay below average. >> and really long term mild in december. and january. let's hope. >> all right. colleen i'm ready for football. >> i'm ready for some warmth. that would be great in january and february and december. wonderful. eagles they're reporting for the start of training camp with high expectations. a new season under chip kelly and one player in particular is already learning a very
10:52 pm
(son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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♪ >> well football is back as the players returned to the novacare complex for the start of eagles training camp. now, most people dread going back to work after an extended time off. but most people aren't football players and these guys, they couldn't be any happier to be back at work. >> i'm very excited. you know it's like the first day of school. obviously it's good to see everybody. haven't seen anybody in a month
10:55 pm
except for the couple guys that live around here. >> couldn't wait to get up this morning. get everything going and just the ride here -- you just sort of reminisce on everything the last year in the off season and it's actually here so i know all of us are giddy. we're all seeing each other in the locker room much it's been a month. we're all ready to go. >> so all smiles from the players. except lane johnson. has to sit out the fun for now after being suspended for games by the league for using a band substance. in fact he's not loud in the building until september 29th. until then, he and the team is left paying the price. >> this suck. toughest part about it i'm not going to be able around here to battle, um, you know, i was expecting to come out here and get good start, um, you know, week one and something, you know, i can't do now. so -- >> lane did something that was not very smart. he is going to pay the price for it. not like he was taking something for aning tended period of time.
10:56 pm
he got caught in small window doing it. thinking that he was able to take that okay because he had a prescription. >> older guys wouldn't make that mistake. you know right away if there's anything from a doctor. anything -- you check -- any doctor you see whether it's a foot doctor, dermatologist or anything you use an eagles doctor. >> lesson learned. hopefully. it's christmas in july for the phils and d-backs. santa's will he from the phillies it's not getting any shorter. wins would be good. d-backs start wade miley having a rough night. codey asche scores darrin ruf and gets to second thanks a throwing error. d back keep it existed. bases load. martin hits it out of the park. four runs score and nervous it's a game again. dominic brown in the seventh gives the phils two run homerun for brown the phils go on to beat arizona nine to five the final. >> and finally, we're calling out brent celek tonight for th this. we can't rip on plays yet so
10:57 pm
we're making this outfit our highlight. >> what is he wearing. >> you can see look closely it's plaid sleeve less hooded button down tucked. really charming. >> like he can kell almost. >> it's great. he's a real pioneer. [captioning made possible by
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> lil wayne making a huge play for jay-z's title. >> he is now having a sports management company. >> who has more raw power at this point? >> jay-z and he always will. >> jay-z and lil wayne are making money for c.a.a. run by jews. jews win again. shocker. >> joan rivers at the airport. >> i've been trying to get celebrity reaction as to what is going on with israelies and palestinians. >> if new jersey fired rockets into new york we would wipe them out. >> there were tunnels that were dug. >> we got selena gomez and cara delevingne aliving at l.a.x. >> they are trying to look like a couple.


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