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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 27, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at #. a little boy killed can after a case of domestic violence leads to a shooting in delaware count county his mother seen here in critical condition. tonight a community is in mourning. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm chris conl. joist evans has the night off. the suspected shooter is did he, but knit there is still unanswered questions. let's get right out to fox 29 say buena outside of crozer chester hospital tonight. >> chris, we just got an update from police. they say the little boy's mother is still in critical condition, but she is expected to live. meantime the suspect died just a
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few hours ago. the familiar live the victims say they are still reeling from this birthday party gone horrifically wrong. > gun shots and screams captured on surveillance video moments after a three year old's birthday party saturday night in ridley township. >> i didn't know what to do. i seen shots, blood all over the place. i got kids thevment were hollering and screaming. there was just a lot going on. i called 911. > da neesh a hill says her daughter's party was wrapping up around 11:00. her younger sister's party was waiting for her estranged boyfriend, also 26. this picture shows them at happier times. she i'm thinking he had -- you know waited until the birthday party was over.
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police say during the dropoff styles who authorities had a history of stomach particular shot washington four times in the mouth and body where shooting sigh on in the foot and ankle. he sped off. washington stumbled back into the house. police found sigh on bleeding in the backyard. he later died. he went to his cuss continue's birthday party and yes, he ended up dead. police chase add of styles, he struck another car before turning into a cul de sac in sharon hills. they say stills turned the gun on himself. he was placed on life support, but later died. washington was moving from from the abusive relationship, planning to start a new job and buy her own home. she says her nephew was innocent. as you heard, there the police and victim's family believes it was planned ahead.
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> thanks say buena. another story we are following. philadelphia police are working around around the clock. the children, their mother and a 65 year old woman were hit on the corner of alleghany and germantown avenue while selling fruit for their church. their mother remains in critical condition in temple university hospital. police say the two men car jacked a real estate agent at gun point. they then crashed the su into the fruit stand. a reward is being held at $110,000 leading to an arrest. and the man accused of a deadly rampage at mercy fitzgerald hospital is officially charged with murder. 49 year old richard plots was arraigned bedside saturday night at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. police say plots opened fire on the campus in darby during an appointment on thursday. officers say his doctor, lee silverman pulled his own gun and shot back. silverman suffered a glazed
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wound, but plots' case worker, 53 year old theresa hunt was shot dead. now onto a developing story, more than a thousand palestinian and at three israeli soldiers are dead as the offensive in the middle east rages on into it's 20 day. but as confusing continues over a temporary cease fire there is no end in sight to theville reins. fox's conner powell reports. violence continued in gaza, amid talks of a temporary truce. smoke could be seen in the sky. an israeli air strike destroyed a home in gaza city, killing a palastine woman and critically gurge her son. they struck her house and we were surprised by this targeting. they are piece people. they are not related to anything, peaceful, nosen innocent.
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they waited for someone help them retrieve their dead children from under the rumble and at the same time reof move the children who were there for or five days. the country will do whatever is necessary to achieve its goal of a sustained quiet. it's happening because hamas is firing 25,000 rockets on our sit advertise. they're attacking with terror tunnels. dug into our territory. attacking by land, see and air and obviously we have to respond. executive committee member that in an is sware i blames israeli for the conflict. they treat humans as a sub human speos species. they bomb people and then they blame the victims. the violence continues as palestinian prepare to celebrate the that deed holiday this month. in gaza city, conner powell, fox news.
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> now to your fox 29 weather authorities. let's take a live look outside our old city stewed studios. a nice day. i saw some storms rolling across behind you. >> right behind me, that's what we have to look forward to in just a few hours. we saw rain this morning, but most of the day has been sunny and quite warm. we've got some storms that made it as east as harrisburg. a severe storm warning for harrisburg until 6:45 and there has been a history with some hail with this cell. back behind it another cell, attached to it a flash flood warning. that is until 8:15:00 p.m. so i long with some potential severe weather we're also seeing some heavy rain which could lead to the flash flooding. back towards our west, any redline you see is a tornado watch and that does include western pennsylvania until 9:00 p.m. a lot of severe weather
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occurring across the ohio valley, and pushing into western pa. obviously still a couple of hours out i think we are talking about 9, 10:00 p.m. at that point it may not be as dangerous as what's going on as cro the delaware valley right now. that line of showers and thunderstorms moving through fill, some are going to be severe and a lot of are going to bring heavy down powers. you can see the heavy rain all across the state and not moving offshore until early tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 80s today, thunderstorms, some veer, we'll break down the timing for you, what t to expect monday. > thanks caitlyn. residents in north philadelphia have their neighbors to thank forgetting them out of a fast moving fire. the home on the 900 block of west huntington was engulfed in flames around 2 this morning. homeowners quickly spunk into action helping their neighbors get out. two victims were able to walk out. one woman risked her life and jumped from the second floor.
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>> just jump out. when she finally jumped out, i was able to break her fall and the only thing she walked away with was a scraped leg, so that was a blessing. i really felt, you know, bad to see her stuck like that between live and death, whether or not to run through the fire or jump. the her ache neighbors are saying they're not looking for praise, but glad they could lend a helping hand. no word on the cause of the fire. two children are taken to the hospital after a fire in northeast philadelphia cht it happened around 5:30. police were able to put out the fire, but as you can see the damage remains to that home. the victims eds injuries don't appear to be serious. international police cans their trip to the crash flight of m h h17. earlier they saw reports of fighting in the area and decided it's too dang to go there.
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this comes as we get new evidence from russian's role. international efforts to investigate the crash scene fight continued to fail. today it was 30 ub armed dop police machine. they had to turn back. that's fighting between russian-backed rebles and ukrainian forces. the ukrainian information are triecious to seal off the eastern access. it's come over heavy fire over the past two days. as far as the bodies why are, at least 220 cough instance have been returned to netherlands. the international rhys scwurs who have returned to the scene have confirmed that. they are undergoing a process of identification, but still no clear word as how many bodies have been uncovered yet. finally, the state department has released new satellite images of what it says it's proof that the russian military
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is directly firing rockets against ukraine positions. some of the rockets, officials say have traveled more than seven miles. direct intervention by the russias into this fight would be a real relationship changer between the us and russia, according to us official. russia denies the claims. they are calling it a smear campaign by the west. in kiev, ukraine, steve harrigan, fox news. > a new app helps to aim firefighters help safe on the job. first responders often miskey information when they go out. he's opening the app fills the gap, coming up. and wanted man keeps his picture on in look. police posted it hoping to t get some leads. he provides a big one accidentally. what he did that led him to getting caught. the eagles have a little more action than just the practice today at training camp. hear what sean
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> heads up, scary stuff, amateur video shows the chaos on board this canadian flight on friday. police say a 25 year old man got upset over the prices over a duty free shop and began making threats. s fighter jets escorted the plane back to toronto where the man was arrested. the mate eventually made its
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destination. the ship wrecked costa concord yeah is now, tug boats helped to tug the boat five days to its destination of general what where it will be scrapped. the concord yeah struck a reef back in january 2012. 32 people were killed. the ship's captain is now on trial accused of abandoning ship. and in washington, republicans and democrats still cannot agree on how to secure the united states southern border. fox's leland vitter has the latest from the capital. >> it seems the only thing republican and democrats agree on is that this a problem, what needs to be done about it, much less how to do it or how to pay for it is a continuing battle. there's bench discussion with president obama of handling things with ab executive order or at least changing things unilaterally when it comes to immigration. even in congress, their competing bill is about how to fund various solutions. the president has asked for
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4 billion-dollar and democrats are willing to give him most of that. house republicans say they can problem the problem of thousands illegal minors flooding across the southern border at a fraction of the cost. it has to stop, not writing the president a blank check to keep doing what he's doing that is not work, but actually solve the problem. the american public wants us to have an orderly boashedder. right now they're seeing chaos. number two, president obama sent a letter asking for money and a policy change. while the debate in washington makes for good fodder on sun shows there has been precious little progs, much less a deal. the house recesses for summer vacation at the educational endk and now it's crunch time for that to be actual progress rather than just motion. only time will tell if that happens. in washington, leland vitter, fox news. > a bitter family feud at a
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popular grocery chain is spilling over to its workers and gaining national attention. the battle has been brewing for decades, but things are getting more intense. two cousins are arthur 2 and arthur s have batting control over the market basket change. arthur t kept prices down, whether others say he paid across the national standard. last month he was fired. it led to boy cots in 71 stores and the chain is reportedly losing mills. >> other than my father, i have no more respect for a man that walks this earth than arthur for how he has treated me and all of you. arthur t has now offered to buy the supermarket chain from arthur s. the market basket board says it will seriously consider his proposal. a maryland cook thought he was out smarting police, but it didn't work. it ended leading them right to him n and it's all due to social
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media. anne arrundel county police have a new line on initiative called wanted wednesday. roger ired lain saw his face pop up on the facebook site. instead of keeping quiet he decided to comment on the picture. his daunt actually said he couldn't catch him. one person noticed that ireland was posting right above him and informed authorities. >> that was not intelligent at all. i'm sure he'll think again before he does something like that. police were able to think ireland 4 hours after he said he couldn't be caught. they found him after con you can didding a traffic stop in a vehicle was riding in. > firefighters risk their lives every day to save other people, but one volunteer realized their coworkers were missing some key information. the princeton student created an
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app. as douglas kennedy reports, he's hoping it will save lives. >>reporter: kyle remember del is the deputy fire chief in princeton, new jersey. >> we'ring whying to go through two more of those. >>reporter: over the past 14 years has fought thousands of fire. >> sometimes you don't know whether the billing is commercial or residential or even where the fire hydrants are. >> that's correct. on top of that i don't know whether there's hazardous storage inside the building. i've been a volunteer firefighter since i was 16. >>reporter: it was a problem charley jacobs experienced firsthand as a volunteer firefighters. when he came to princeton university as an engineering student in 2012, he informed fire stop. fire stop is basically a tabloid add that gives firefighters essential firefighting information. >> exactly. as they were arriving on scene
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they can have critical information as to where the nearest high drandz are and the things that are a little more complex like hazards to watch out for inside the building. >>reporter: it also includes satellite imagery of every building in the the area, along with building schematics so the firefighters know the best way to enter a fire and more important lirks the best way to exit. >> the ipad will live inside the fire trucks. so before they leave the hoyer phos they will be able to pull up the app and pull the information. >>reporter: it tells one truck the location of all the other trucks, as well as a list of all the equipment. which makes remember del's job of coordinating the wait better. >> it also me establish where my apparatuses are go, what hazards i have, i can weigh the pros and cons of the incident. >>reporter: weighing the pros and cons quickly, enabling him and his crew to save lives.
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from princeton, new jersey, douglas kennedy, fox news. > well, talk about another real hero, a mother in illinois gives her own life to save a child's. coming up, how friends and family are remembering one little boy's guardian angle. plus aviation say despite recent stories, flying is still perfectly safe. stories, flying is still perfectly safe. ththe wonder of summer is that
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i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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> nice day for car lovers walking the streets of south philadelphia today for the ninth annual car show and street festival. there you see lots of custom cars, trucks and motor vehicles mocks, five blocks near pash young plenty of activities for the kids, too. three major air disci's aster, in one week. >> it's got some people wondering if it's still safe to fly. fox5's bryan llenas explains why you should s nt stay out of the sky. experts say fee after a high profile airline accident is norm l al, especially after you have three in one week alone, but the fact is, flying is safer than ever. 2014 has been the deadly yes
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year for flying since 2010. 761 people have died so s far in airline accidents this year. that's nearly triple last year. this after 2012 and 2013 were the safest on record ever, 52 accidents t out of about 70 million flights. experts point out that two out of the four major airline incidents this year, the dice perns of malasyian airline 270 and the shooting down of the plane on the ukraine border are of bizaar circumstances and not of ordinary circumstances that affect the average passenger. we double the number of flight hours for commercial aviation. and yet the fatalities are steadily going down. we are certainly improving our safety record. veteran technology has helped. in the us alone the fatality rate has fallen 83 percent over the last decade. technology has made mid air
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collisions and crashes less likely. much stronger seats and non flammable materials mean 95 people are surviving plane crashes and flight data and safety concerns are being shared internationally on a routine basis. we are also quick to learn from accidents. >> there's no point in taking chances. the malasyian crash in the ukraine certainly provese on the side of where planes are rooted. you are far more likely to die in a car on the way to the airport, on a train or at work than you are in the air. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. > a woman in illinois is a true hero. she gave her life trying to save another's. coming up how family and friends are remembering this angel. >> caitlyn, chris, severe thunderstorms moving through the state right now. as far east as harrisburg. when to expect them in our area.
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what the biggest concerns of
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> a brave woman is being remembered tonight for giving her life the way she lived it. as a hero and an angel to those around her. she died tuesday while saving a boy struggling in a lake. fox's tissue a lewis has her story. >> heros still exist. there are good people. karen wees eel was so caring. her sister says she would cut each grape and cherry in half before serving them. because it could be a chokes hazard. and, i mean, it seems like like it's crazy, but that was her. she didn't think twice before going into star lake to rescue a young boy struggling in the water even if it went sacrificing her own life. heros still exist. there are good people. there are good people who still do the right thing. that's just the type of mother, best friend analysis tear wees
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eel was. generally was there on tuesday when her sister gave her own life to save another. she saved that little boy's life. she was the here evgeny kuznetson. he panicked and kept crawling up her and kept pushing her under water and they pulled her out of the water and they thought that there was still a chance. this he restarted her heart. she was holding her sister's hand when she passed away an hour after the rescue. the two arlington heights sisters were best of friends and neighbors. she was my entire world. and a mother to many. i didn't get any sleep last night. i stayed up all night even those who were not her biological children, many who attended school with her son. she was like a second mom to him. we were looking for people who
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are heros every day and we have one right across. she leaves behind a 9 year old son and a 17 year old daughter. they set up a scholarship fund in arlington heights. the 8 year old boy who was saved lives in russell river. after she saved him, she went under. a boat came by and pulled the boy to safety. he is recovering tonight. fox news. > in your health tonight, some welcome news for algae sufferers. a popular drug will soon be available over-the-counter. the food and drug administration has approved flonase as an over the counter treatment. it gives relieve present hay fever and upper respiratory allergies. it will be available in its full prescription strength starting early next year. another medical news showing some very promising signs in the fight against obesity. scientists at vanderbilt university have created a bacteria that acts as a therapeutic compound in the gut
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preventing weight gain even in high fat diets. so far it's only been tested on myself. > the american red cross says there's an immediate need for blood donations. donations through the red cross are down about 8 percent over the past three months. the red cross says the shortfall is significant enough that they could experience an emergency situation in the coming weeks. you can donate blood simply by calling 1-800 red cross. of course you can get all the latest health headlines on site, go to our website and click on the health tab. there are many organizations dedicated to helping children in need. one such group called touching heart. the group believes charity begins at home and inspires kids to change the world. fox's kelly wright has more. scattered throughout the world are millions of children in need. some need clean water, some need food and clothing like shoes.
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others need parents to love, nurture and guide them throughout life. sadly mills of children suffer because they live without these basic necessities that makes life livable and their dreams achiervel. from her home amid the nation's capital, helen felt the call to help. i felt my passion was to to help kids and teach them that they can make a difference to others. > what she did next to answer the call in her life was dramatic. she walked away from a successful career as an it executive in corporate america to launch touching heart, an organization that teaches the heart of giving and the joy of becoming their brothers keeper. >> it inspires kids to have a giving art. you want to instill compassion and empathy in them in a young
6:34 pm
age. they believe if they can do that, they feel that joy that your get when you are giving and helping it will stay with them into their adulthood. the children who work with helen are incredibly aware of their mission. they learn how to organization and launch their own charitable events. they have literally helped thousands of children who live in foster care. >> it is empower. it helps you know you have so much, you get to live with your family and there's a lot of people who don't get to have that, so i think it's great that you get to see other people -- through other people's eyes and help them out. i want to give more to those who don't have a lot, so it just sort of makes you feel good once you've done something for kids who have less than you. it just makes you feel really like proud.
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> through touching heart helen and her armly of kids are bringing some comfort to children in mow seem back providing beds. she says each time she helps a child she is reminded of her grandmother's legacy. my grandmother was in an orphan sage. she says it was a couple kids and then over the time she had over 100 kids in her care. she created four kids. now helen is passing the torch to children in america, mentoring and teaching students from 8 to 16 on how to change the world by touching the hearts of others in h need. if you think about it, if you got all the kids kind of awareness of this compassion, i mean, you're raising compassionate leaders so when they become leaders they can attack human shelters, they can attack all these issues and we
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have and the world will be a better place. so that's my hope. > that was fox's kelly wright reporting. helen launch touching heart with her oldest daughter taylor who is just 13 years old. > las vegas is known for going big and this desert definitely takes the great and the pretzels and the chocolate and the potato chips. are you hung gri yet? we'll dive into this deck dent decertificate. plus, a party fit for a principals. decertificate. plus, a party fit for a principals. lathe wonder of summer is that
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i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment.
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so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. > a six year old from colorado fighting a tough battle with cancer lives out her princess fantasies friday with the help of the make a wish foundation. fox's heather mills has the story. h her royal hiens, princess keeley. >> complete with the tie arlington heights a, ceptor and stash, princess heal i was dressed to the nines including a ball gown.
6:40 pm
>> much like her favorite princess, arecord a from sleeping beauty. but while arecord a got to sleep through the scary part of her fairy tail, princess keeley fought through herself. you don't always realize you go through the day-to-day battle of cancer how much it takes out of you and your family. after two years of therapy, radiation and a bone marrow transport, her wish was granted but not by a fairy god moard, but by the make a wish foundation. it has been all about her and have her separated from whatever she has been struggling with. we have a pretty special lady today that was going to kick off the race. it wasn't just for a day, it continued sat when she kicked off the oyster raise.
6:41 pm
they race monies for the make a wish foundation, but this was the first. to be able to see a wish we were able to make happen from last year to this year, i think it's great for the actual runners to see their hard work putting to test. en helping some of the races. for princess keeley, her fairy tail has a happy ending. >> it was really special. > that's a cut little princess. that was foxes heather mills reporting. > pretzels, potatoes chips and a cheese cake, that's the entire desert at one las vegas restaurant. how much this concoction will cost you. >> we have storms expected. cost you. >> we have storms expected. how long that will last into
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have you seen tom corbett's negative ad with this actress. it's just not true. and more of the same from corbett. tom wolf's company is headquartered and files taxes right here in pennsylvania. and it's tom wolf who'll be the governor we need. he'll make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. build a 21st century infrastructure. and restore manufacturing for the jobs we need today. take a look at his plan for yourself. tom wolf. a fresh start for pennsylvania. > here's a new twist on an old arcade game, a couple in nebraska reinvented the claw
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game, you know the one that jumps down and pick up prices you never win. their is called brew bucket and it has prices like bottle of beer. so many great ideas don't come to life because people aren't willing to take that leap of faith. if we fail, at least we had that fun and we have a brew bucket in our basement. > the game allows players to pick up one of 36 bottles of beer for the price of a dollar. as if there aren't enough over the top food and drink concoctions in las vegas well, there is now the cheese cake challenge. they take us into the 14-dollars desert creation. it is called the cheese cake challenge for a reason. >> i cannot finish that. > you get a quarter piece of an entire cheese cake loaded with pressettes, potato chips and chocolate saws all on one plate.
6:46 pm
>> this is the size of a new york style piece of pizza. this is a reward for finishing the massive desert s, it's called the cheese cake challenge because they dare you to try. the monster cheese cake has been ordered 500 times. only 20 people have been able to finish it on their own. the culinary team at caesar's wanted to make something over the top, something that really hit the table when the geo's says wow. he adds chocolate drizzle and then tops it off with as many press et cetera and chips that can fit. this can be described as the perfect piece of cheese cake. it is sweet, salt tie and saferry all at the same time. you can get eat it with your hands, too. guests say it's deck daunt, but it is light. i'm a cheese cake guy, it's the type i'll take home and eat tonight, though. the only problem, finding the room to stuff it down.
6:47 pm
> in last las vegas, matt fin, fox news. >> onto your fox 29 weather. that's too much. >> that would set me back about a week right there. > right to the thighs, right. >> i can't help it. > it looks good. >> it does. > i know you're tracking some nasty weather. it looks bad coming across the state. >> it looks good outside right now, but boant be fooled, in a couple of hours we'll be rocking and rolling. a lot of severe moving across the western parts of the state right now. starting with your weather headlines, the back drop of the city at fourth and market with the ben franklin bridge behind you you see nothing but blue skies even though we started the day off with some rain, it turn out not that bad. as we talked about yesterday, two southern border rounds of some nasty weather arriving pretty quickly. storms are moving in from west to east. they've made it to harrisburg right now. it should arrive in the city i'd say between 9 and 10:00 p.m.
6:48 pm
we're talk about the potential for severe weather. high winds. very heavy rain and a ton of lightning. it's already showing its hand right now and that's what we expect to continue. heavy rain will continue overnight and a leftover shower. the active weather right now, any of these outlined red borkses are active tornado boxes. the smaller red boxes that are filled in, those are to*r warnings. mainly confined to kentucky and tennessee. we are already seeing some flash flooding with these storms. we see a ton of lighting in the s central part of the state right now. this area has blown up within the last hour or two. active severe thunderstorm warning, one over harrisburg. that's been continuing for the past hour and it has now been extended until 7:30:00 p.m. we have one right behind it over al toon a. there is also a flash flood
6:49 pm
warning. we've got the rain there, the lightning and also a history of hail, a at least according to radar. these blue and purples indicate a potential for some hail stones within the storm. whether they make it to the ground arlington heights melting before they get is still to be determined. i haven't seen any reports yet, but the potential exists for a lot of hail within these storms and they're not too far. you know how far away harrisburg is. fox futurecast shows maybe we'll get a rogue shower, otherwise another ' waiting for the showers, on our door step, the western part will get them later. as we get into midnight we may lose the potential forth severe weather, but we all have the potential for some heavy rain and that lasts overnight into the early morning hours of monday. it looks like day break those showers have moved offshore. we'll see sunshine, but as that trough digs out, it ' going to
6:50 pm
start the chance of some more showers later in the day. this is just a little bit of rain mixing in with the sun and clouds that we'll see throughout the day on monday. we saw high temperatures in the 930s thanks for all that sunshine. many of us in the middle to low 80s. we have another hour for, like i said, the thunderstorms come in. all of us have the potential of heavy rain for tomorrow. we'll see gusts over 30 miles per hour at times. it's a transition l day, periods of sunday, a chance for a shower or thunderstorm, but not completely clearing out until monday night. once when get through monday, we'll see some beautiful weather, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, no humidity. low temperatures in the 80s. you cannot beat that for late july, and early august, august beginning on friday. the heat, not the big story this week. it will be the storms tonight and then possibly again tomorrow.
6:51 pm
> by tuesday we turn things around. >> it looks great. > we are following some breaking news coming out of california. at least seven people were struck by lightning during a frequent thunderstorm in los angeles. this happened at the boardwalk at the city's famous venice beach. the conditions of the victims have not yet been released. of course, this is a developing story. we'll have the latest coming up at 10:00. >> howard, the eagles in the second day of practice at training camp. why did sean mccoy get angry? training camp. why did sean mccoy get angry? ththe wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me.
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the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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> it was only the second day of practice, we have a long day to go at eagles training camp and
6:54 pm
the first fight and argument happened. there will be a lot made out of this little squirm itch with linebacker sean mccoy. understand there is almost no hitting in camp and almost no touching. it's what football camps have become in the nfl because there's just no contact allowed. so when trent cole was a little too handy, it was short and the players were pulled apart and the next play. at least one happens every training camp. >> gorks two friends, the whole camp so far has been touching a little bit too much. i tried to let him know it's okay if he can't cover me. we just batting, that's all. we'll go in the locker room area and talk it out, joke it out. so it was nothing. > that's because you're so cute. sean mccoy, that's why they touch you, and trent cole over it. i think we all know outside of quarterback sean mccoy is the
6:55 pm
focus of this offense. we all wonder what he can do to top last year when he led the league in rushing. they say he's not done yet. >> keep writing the philadelphia eagles history book. i think that's what he should -- strife to do. i think he's on the bay to do that. i think he's the best running back in the nfl. the things he does with the ball, not many people can do that. > sean mccoy is the best running back in the nfl when you look at what he has done, i agree that he is the best. one different that is different this training camp that there are many of the marque names not in the camp. no michael vic, no desean jackson. does that make a difference? >> it's definitely different. just the different personalities, the limelight a little bit, that a guy michael vic has kind of changed the game, the way he plays the game.
6:56 pm
it's a lot different. we just play. we support each other. that's really it. we don't have that type of who is the biggest star, who makes the most. i just play. > tonight on sports sunday it's time to go full speed ahead with the eagles. joining us in the studio to show us what we should be looking at this season with the eagles. lots of talk about eagles tonight on sports sunday at 10:35. i found a way for the phillies to make the playoffs in the future. thinks it. they just need to play the arizona diamonds 162 games this season. it wasn't a pretty game this season, but all that counts it was a w. let's go to the ballpark. probably the best moment of the day, this little boy was set up by the fan nationallic. his mom back from southeastation and he gets to see his mom for the first time in months. a really touching moment which is, like i said, the best part of the ball game. he gets a two run homer.
6:57 pm
the philly's up 2-0. two outs, marilyn bird pop up. arizona stings. so what happens, arizona base man drops the ball. ryan howard takes until september to get to second place. in the if you rule, if the player blocks the ball, it's in up to interpretation. a 2-run. the phillies win it. as long as they play the diamond backs, they're okay. > football, i think they're going to have a goodyear. >> good, because i'm done with the phillies this summer. > that does it for us for tonight. we'll see you back here at 10:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. until then, have a great
6:58 pm
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