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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  July 28, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good morning. it's 5:00. thunderstorms and rain making their way through the delaware valley. jennie joyce taking a look at the damage in gloucester county. >> two men being questioned into the deadly hit and run. >> also two americans now infected with the ebola virus.
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>> these are the guys who really know how to rock out. they're not playing a game. they're really playing this cover song. >> they're good. good day everybody. it is monday july 28, 2014. i'm sure you had a restless night like most of us did. it was wild out there. >> loud thunderstorms. >> not only do you need to leave early because you might have to dodge some tree branches or things that came down in your neighborhood or maybe there's some areas of flooding, but we're all going to be walking around kind of sleep deprived today because the storms kept most of us awake overnight and there was damage from a lot of the storms. let's check our weather. we're going to give you 7 today because there's still a chance of some showers around.
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you don't see too much showing up on ultimate doppler radar but there's a little bit of green there in chester county. we've been watching storms at the shore earlier. most of them have pulled away. temperatures at the upper 60s for most of us. in dover delaware, it's a humid 75 and in lancaster it's 67 degrees right now. future cast shows clouds around for the rest of the morning but some sunshine burning through. can't rule out a shower for the west of the day. but it's most likely we'll see showers move through, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 this evening and we should be finished for another day or so. mid 70s by 8:00. 80 degrees by lunchtime with some sun and a shower not out of the question for the evening drive. high temperature today 84 degrees. there's your monday fox cast from the weather authority. lots of reasons to leave early this morning. >> lots of reasons. the entire length of the come
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dor barry bridge. broad street is the alternate and looking forward to later on today open practice down at lincoln financial field all of the eagles fans getting excited. >> let's get back to the debris. residents will be on cleanup duty today after storms ripped through their neighborhood. jennifer joyce in medford, new jersey. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well these people might have a difficult time leaving their home this morning. this tree completely lying across their driveway trapping their cars from getting out of here. trees are down throughout this neighborhood. on christopher mill road. the homeowner told me he had water coming into the house. he made the decision to pack up his family including their pets and find another place to stay tonight. apparently the strong storms swept through here around 1:30 this morning.
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power has been out every since. apparently several transformers in this neighborhood blew out overnight. we've seen several township employees cruising around assessing damage. and the cleanup will be continuing all day. >> we'll probably see more damage when the sun comes up. >> there are some new developments this morning in friday's car jacking crash that killed three children. police today have two persons of interest in custody. fox 2's steve keeley has been following the story. >> reporter: you can bet the list of charges will be long and so likely will be the prison time eventually for the two young men here now. a 19-year-old may have faced his toughest judge already at home. his own mother who brought him here to headquarters with her local minister. a short time later heavily armed
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with guns and information from that first guy, police swarmed on a spot not too far from the original car jacking where they found the guy they believe was the other one who took the 45-year-old woman and her car at gunpoint friday morning and then tried to take a criminal joyride but crashed and killed three children and critically hurt two adults. along with their initial, any kind of cooperation here at headquarters, police have two sets of fingerprints they can match up with those left inside the forerunner along with blood evidence, when the car jack killers got cut themselves that they can match up with bloody clothing, recovered and suspected blood types from these two guys. a city's pain may ease a bit with this news this morning, but it's far from healed with those three children's funerals to follow and the mother and that car jacking victims still critical and in need of a lot of
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help themselves this morning. >> it is 5:05 right now. some other breaking news we need to get to. one person is dead, four others injured after a shooting in feltonville. it happened in the 400 block of front street. at least 30 shell casings were found at the scene. >> the man accused in the deadly rampage on the nerscy fitzgerald hospital case is now facing murder charges. he continued to recover from those injuries the hospital at the university of pennsylvania. police say he opened fire on the mercy fitzgerald campus during an appointment last thursday. officers say his doctor pulled out his own gun fired back. police say plots killed his mental health caseworker 53-year-old teresa hunt. tragedy strikes after a three-year-old's birthday party. a young boy is dead, his mother
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seriously injured and the father turned the gun on himself. she was waiting for her estranged boyfriend to drop off the son at the party. when he shot up, he shot the mother and child. >> i didn't know what to do. i got kids, they were hollering and screaming. you know, just a lot going on. didn't know what to do except call 911. >> he sped off. police say he later shot himself in his car. he was placed on life support but later died. time now 5:07. in the middle east, the crisis this morning, un security council has called for quote immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire between israel and hamas. >> the security council adopting that statement at an emergency meeting just after midnight.
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over the weekend an attempt at a 12-hour cease fire failed. benjamin netanyahu plans to keep targeting hamas. >> any of these casualties should be placed at the responsibility of hamas. hamas is a terrorist organization that not only wants to kill our people, it wants to sacrifice its own people. it uses them as human shields. >> more than a thousand palestinians have been killed in nearly three weeks of fighting. israel has lost more than 40 soldiers. >> let's take a look at your national headlines of the a father is dead and his young daughter is in critical condition after a pilot crash landed a small plane on a beach in venice, florida. the pilot sent out a distress signal a little before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the pilot reportedly told airport officials he could not make it back to tt airport and would try to land on a nearby beach. the man was walking along the
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shore with his daughter at the time. >> i was not expecting to come to the beach and see the plane on the ground. the propeller was bent pretty bad. >> it's sad that somebody died today, unfortunately. but you just never know when these things are going to happen. >> officials say another family member was rushed to the hospital after undergoing a medical emergency due to shock of witnessing the crash. the ntsb of course is now investigating. it's 5:09. a maryland crook thought he was outsmarting police but it didn't work. he ended up leading them right to him all due to social media. anne arundel county police have a edition of wanted wednesday. he saw his facebook picture pop up and he posted taunting police saying they couldn't catch him. one person noticed it was him.
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>> it was not intelligent at all. >> it has everyone laughing, including the mug shot. police were able to find ireland 24 hours after saying he could not be caught. 5:10 is the time. we have to go right to weather a little bit early because the weather is the big story and we're still dealing with the aftermath of this. >> and we will be probably for the rest of the day. it may not end up being the ideal beach day. today there will be peaks of sunshine but it looks like mostly cloudy skies. very windy day on the beach. it's a land breeze, but still. temps in the lower 80s. 72 degrees surf temperature. cannot rule out lightning either as we do have a few leftover thunderstorms possible today.
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although most of the heavy stuff as you can see has already moved offshore, it's just unsettled enough that we can't rule out a shower. there's a stray shower right now in chester county. so keep that in mind. there may be a few more showers before the morning is through. because a cold front hasn't come through yet. it's in the process, but not yet. all that was in advance of the cold front. all the mess and the loud thunder and the lightning and what a show it was in the overnight hours. so by noon today we still have showers up in upstate new york as the rest of that cold front comes through. by about 4:00, 5:00 there should be light showers. i don't think you'll see the drama that we had in the overnight hours but that's the deal as we look ahead to tuesday and wednesday. both days look pretty good. so the temperature trend over the past five days. last wednesday we were in the 90s. we got comfortable for a while. by yesterday we were up to 91 degrees and that heat and
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humidity sparked those thunderstorms. we're at 70 degrees right now in the city, upper 60s north and west of the city and dew points are up there too in the 60s. so recapping it all, or putting it all together in the seven-day forecast. 84 today, 80 tomorrow, very comfortable, low humidity and wednesday's high 83 degrees. starts to get a lil bit warmer but not extremely so as we get closer to the weekend. thursday and friday, mid 80s. by saturday and sunday we see increasing clouds and maybe a thunderstorm on sunday but we'll see what happens between now and then. it looks like some nice days. >> it looks like a beautiful forecast. >> downed polls, route 10 closed. center city walnut street between 12th and 13th, that police activity and closure has cleared it's out of your way this morning.
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chris? >> thank you. there's a new app that could make it easier for firefighters to save your life. jersey strong created smack
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good morning and welcome back at 5:15. a family feud within a popular grocery store chain is spilling over to its workers and customers and gaining national attention t hence our story. two cousins, arthur t. and arthur s. have been battling
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over control of the market basket chain. former ceo arthur t. kept prices down and employees say he paid them well. nevertheless, market basket fired him last week and that has led to protests and boycotts at the 71 stores since last week. >> other than my father i have no more respect for a man that walks on this earth for how he has treated me and all of you. >> the chain has reportedly lost millions. the board says it is working on a resolution. >> two americans working in africa are now infected with the deadly ebola virus. she and her husband were working at a hospital in liberia with ebola patients. >> spirits are good.
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and as is his consist event with his character, he is more concerned about other people than he is about himself. >> the world health organization says this outbreak of ebola is the largest ever recorded. it's culled 673 people in three countries and that includes three doctors there are there studying this virus. working odd hours might put you at greater risk for developing diabetes. people who work outside of normal office hours have a 9% increased risk of the disease. and for those who work these really weird shifts where they work sometimes in the morning and sometimes late night, listen to this, the risk of developing diabetes is 42% higher. the reason? they have a hard time maintaining a regular sleep-wake cycle. a new study showing
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promising hope in the fight against obesity. they have created a bacteria that acts as a they're pete i can compound in the gut. so far it's only been tested in mice. talk about an amazing development. a six-year-old florida boy has been given a special gift. alex was born missing part of his right arm. now thanks to a team of grad students, he has a new arm. and this is where the technology comes in. the students made the arm using a 3-d printer. they were determined to show that making a prosthetic doesn't have to cost a lot. >> we have a responsibility to do this. with these degrees in engineering, if we can't be helping people in it, what are they worth? >> the students did not do this for class credit and will not sell the arms. instead, they will make the arms available for free to anyone who needs one. >> that's fabulous.
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5:18 right now. firefighters risk their lives every single day to save others. but a volunteer firefighter realized his coworkers were missing key information. so he created an app for that. ation fox's douglas kennedy reports, he's hoping his app will save lives. >> reporter: kyle is the deputy fire chief in princeton, new jersey. and over the past 14 years has fought thousands of fires. sometimes you don't know whether the building is commercial or residential or even where the fire hydrants are. >> that's correct. and another thing on top of that, i don't know if there's hazardous material storage in the building. >> reporter: it was a problem charlie jake onson experienced firsthand as a volunteer firefighter. so when he came to princeton university as an engineering student in 2012, he invebted
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fire stop. >> so fire stop is basically an app that gives firefighters essential firefighting information. >> they can have critical information from things as simple to where the nearest high drants are to things like hazards to watch out for inside the building. >> reporter: it also includes satellite imaginary of every building in the area along with building schematics, so firefighters know the best way to enter a fire, and more importantly the best way to exit. >> the ipad will live inside each fire truck so before they even leave the firehouse, they'll be able to pull up the app and see all the information. >> reporter: it tells one truck the location of all the other trucks as well as a list of each truck's equipment which makes the job of coordinating the fight a lot easier. >> having everything i need off the bat with this app really helps me establish where my
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apparatus are going, what hazards i have, i can really weigh the pros and cons of the accident. >> reporter: weighing the pros and cons quickly, enabling him and his crew to save lives. in princeton new jersey, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> technology doing all kinds of amazing things this morning. 5:21. time for the weather on the 1's. >> we're dealing with the aftermath, some cleanup time, perhaps you'll have to dodge some flooding areas or branches or degrees that are done. it happened a lot in plenty of neighborhoods. keep that in miibd as you're getting ready to go this morning. a lot of our temperatures in the northern and western suburbs are in the upper 60s. sunshine throughout the afternoon but also the chance of scattered showers before the day is through. 84 degrees our high temperature
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today and sunset time is 8:18. so what you got now? >> down poled wears and a down tree. church road to callow hill. broad street a good alternate for that. more coming up in just a little bit. >> these kids may look like they're playing your typical game of rock band or guitar hero, but don't be fooled, that's a real guitar and they're really playing this song. what's going on here? i'll have it coming up in the trend.
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some breaking news this morning. an apartment building in center city is evacuated because of flooding because of the heavy rain we had overfight. it happened in midtown apartments at 12th and walnut. apparently water on the roof began leaking into the building sometime around 4:00 this morning. so three dozen people are currently displaced. more on that as it continues to develop. meanwhile, despite tensions overseas the stock market
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continues to show resilience. amazon and visa both said the second half of the year is looking for troubled than they had originally expected. for the week the dow lost about 140 points, the s and p ended just about where it started, the nasdaq gained about 17. there's going to be a lot of data to watch out for this week. and also this friday the government's monthly job report comes out as well. the cluster of airline disasters has a lot of travelers wondering if it's safe to fly. >> experts say the incidents that include a plane being shot down in ukraine are the result of bizarre circumstances and that they aren't a sign of systematic problems in the aviation industry. in the u.s. alone the fatality rate in airplanes has fallen 83% over the last decade. >> the situation we're in is we're flying a great bit more,
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double the number of flight hours for commercial aviation that was true 20 years ago. and yet the fatalities are steadily going down. we are certainly improving our safety record and improving it enormously. >> technology has made mid-air collisions less likely and planes can now avoid severe turbulence and wind sheer. 5:27. malaysia airlines going changes. what they're doing to restore flyers' faith in them. >> and an adult take on a childhood favorite game.
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the victims killed friday just 7, 10 and 15 and now the suspects in custody are at headquarters on monday, just 19 and 20. >> and lightning strikes a california turned deadly. the severe weather sending a does dozen people to the hospital. a look at the blue mountain ski area. it was not a pleasant night. >> no. quite a light show in the sky as well. hard to sleep all the way around. but if you got any sleep, congratulations. thanks for waking up on this monday, july 28, 2014. sue, how did rufus do last night? >> he had a rough night.
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it was tough for all of us to sleep because it wasn't just the thunder, it was the heavy downpours in some cases the hail. so what about today? well, back in the backyard, like bus stop buddy is, you can't rule out a shower. it is still on the muggy side this morning. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. things will be improving, though. your weather by the numbers, we're going with a 7 today. we'll have some sun and it won't be quite as hot as it was yesterday, but there are leftover showers around throughout the day and it will still be humid. so as we see just a little drip and drab here on ultimate doppler radar. 70 degrees and you see the sunshine trying to make it through those clouds as we anticipate our sunrise time of 5:56 this morning. 84 degrees our high. some sun but also some scattered some showers and breezes picking
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up. winds 15 to 20 miles per hour tonight, down to 63 degrees. it will be partly cloudy but windy as well. so yeah, at least we're keeping it interesting for you, kacie. not boring. >> very interesting morning. we have a building evacuation from excessive water on the roof, police activity between 12th and 13th you can take market. things starting to clear up, commodory barry bridge back in business this morning. you have an open practice today for the eagles starts at 12:15 so if you want to skip out after lunch, go ahead. >> what are you suggesting? >> i don't know. i want to go. >> it's monday, it's raining, everybody is exhausted because they didn't sleep. i'm on that team. >> it's 5:32. speaking of not sleeping. people in burlington county neighborhood are waking up to
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some major damage from those storms. a huge tree fell on a house in medford. it happened around 1:30 this morning. fortunately no one was hurt. now to the other major story that we're following this morning. philadelphia police say two persons of interest are in custody in connection with the car jacking and crash on friday that killed three children. fox 29's steve keeley is live at police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: a bit of satisfaction here at the roundhouse just two days after the car jacking turned killing. they believe they've got the two car jackers turned killers in custody here. a 19-year-old turned himself in here first along with his mom and minister and then detectives found out who his accomplice was and where they found him was only a short walk from where this domino of disaster first started with the car jacking of
5:34 am
a woman at 6th and cumberland. police picked up the accused car jacker number t2 at 6th street. they have statements and good physical evidence like fingerprints inside the forerunner. plus they've got bloody clothes worn by the 19 and 20-year-olds along with blood evidence likely left behind in the suv when they got hurt. names, charges and a lot of public scorn about to follow later today. this case reminded a lot of people in philadelphia of something so similar five summers ago in 2009. again a car jacking, one guy took off on a motorcycle, another guy took out a pontiac from somebody at gunpoint and a chase led that car to smash into a stoop in the feltonville
5:35 am
section and again, three children were killed and the mother of those three children killed in that car jack killing. so far the mother here is still alive, but still critical. no change at last report from the hospital. >> such a tragedy. three children from one family, the mother of course still in critical condition. she doesn't even know that her children are gone at this point. 5:35. we'll continue to develop that story as it develops today. the man accused of a rampage at mercy fitzgerald hospital is now facing murder charges. he opened fire during an appointment last thursday. officers say that his doctor, lee silverman pulled out his own gun and fired back. silverman had a graze wound and
5:36 am
they say plots killed his caseworker. autopsies are scheduled today for a family of five found shot and killed inside of a maine apartment building. >> three children ages 4, 7 and 12 were found along with their parents yesterday. police are investigating whether this was a murder-suicide. a gun was found near the bodies. the father was a maintenance worker. another worker discovered the bodies after a family friend became worried about the family's welfare. >> a man flying halfway across the world to meet the person whose life he saved. the heart-warming meeting. >> a lot of kids rock out to pop music but it's rare that you see them shred to some metal. this isn't a game. they're really playing this song. i'll have it coming up in the is how delicious it can be.
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hershey's s'mores, the unmistakable taste that reminds us that life is delicious. 5:39. in california a 20-year-old man is dead after lightning strikes the popular venice beach. >> 12 other people including a 15-year-old boy were examined after the strike. they're not sure everyone was struck by lightning, but nine people did have to be taken to the hospital. some needed cpr. and on catalina island, a 57-year-old man was struck by lightning on a golf course. and we're not the only ones dealing with severe storms.
5:40 am
check out the scene? south dakota. baseball sized hail damaged homes and wind ripped the roof of one home. the church a lot of was also blown off in that storm. this morning homeowners are cleaning up that mess. >> we had hail overnight. i feel like it's been a couple of crazy weeks. >> yeah. we're in this pattern we'll have some comfortable weather, heat up, blow up the humidity, cold front hits and that's where the drama begins and we had overnight. and you see everything that happened overnight is now out to sea for the most part, although there are still some thunderstorms up on long island. for us we're seeing things calm down a lot. but you can't rule out a little stray shower here and there like that one in montgomery county. we'll see that happening throughout the rest of the day until the cold front comes through. because everything that happened overnight was in advance of the cold front. once that happens it's out of here and we will see some pleasant changes in the weather.
5:41 am
so you can't rule out a shower today but we're already seeing some sunshine here in old city. some sunshine through maybe about 4:00 and then a stray shower or two. not everybody will get one. we'll have a few isolated showers left over this morning. but through the day on tuesday it's looking pretty good. and wednesday as well. so that is a nice, brighter forecast for us. 70 degrees right now in philadelphia. 64 in poconos, 73 in wildwood and 75 in dover. this is where it is still pretty sticky. we'll watch the dew points and see they're in the mid 60s and 70s to the south of us. that's where we get very uncomfortable. the improvement comes tomorrow and wednesday. thursday and friday are looking pretty good. it gets a little iffy by sunday over the weekend. saturday looks dry at the moment but lots of changes can happen between now and then. so i guess the worst of the drama is over. now we have the cleanup, kacie.
5:42 am
>> yes. figuring out heads or tails of things. not really related to the storm, but you have limited visibility. horsham accident. upper stump road downed wire, downed tree scenario there. 76 right around city avenue. you really can't see much of anything and you're starting to see volume already and it not even 6:00 a.m. >> malaysia airlines is looking to make some major changes after two disasters in less than a year. what they're thinking of doing year. what they're thinking of doing to rebuild business.
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aren't we all excited the eagles are back at training camp? something happens at camp, a fight between players, nothing out of the norm. part of the problem is players are not permitted to hit. >> just you know, two friends on the whole camp so far as touching a little bit too much. it's okay if you can't cover me. we just battling, that's all. >> yeah, it's okay. and the phillies got some breaks yesterday. 2-2 in the sixth. he's angry, slams the bat. however arizona stinks.
5:46 am
they drop the ball. he is out. and right? okay. so but because of the new rule in baseball, you can't block the plate. the phillies win it 4-2. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> the big 6 inducted in the national baseball hall of fame over the weekend in front of the third largest crowd in history. >> it was a particularly emotional day for frank thomas. he became especially choked up when he thanked his father. >> you can be someone special if you really work at it. i took that to heart, pop. look at us today. [ applause ]
5:47 am
>> thomas went on to tell the kids there that there's no shortcut to success and he thanked the fans in chicago for their hospitality. a driver mows through a crowd of people, this happened saturday during the popular zombie walk. hundreds of people were in an intersection when a black honda acard sped right through. the driver panicked. others say he was being impatient. >> he didn't care. he looked angry. he was yellingou. >> a 64-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital with injuries to her arm. the driver sped off but police caught up to him. after two major disasters in six months, malaysia airlines is considering a name change. the airline is looking at several options to rebuild business including restructuring routes and expanding outsourcing. a lot of people have voiced
5:48 am
their support for the localization of marijuana all across the united states. now the largest newspaper in the nation is endorsing it as well. >> yes, the new york times featured an editorial yesterday calling for a repeal on the federal ban on the drug. the headline of the article. repeal prohibition, again. going as far as comparing the government stance on marijuana to prohibition on alcohol. it's part of a series that will explore different aspects of marijuana use. >> sarah palin is increasing her media presence with her own subscription channel. it is online. it costs you about 10 bucks a month or $100 for a year. she says that she plans to talk about the issues that she believes the mainstream media does not. she says she will oversee all the content posted to the
5:49 am
channel. >> time to look at what's trending online this morning. >> a 10-year-old girl's guitar playing and the most season musicians are impressed with her skills. >> she shreds. >> i know. initially you think they're just playing along. no, this is for real. so 10-year-old audrey with the help of her sister kate on backup vocals. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:50 am
>> awe dri is using rock smith. it's a video game like guitar hero. it's a system that teaches people how to play guitar with real guitars. maybe you'll be screaming with joy later when the eagles hit the field. it's the first open practice for the birds. are you going? tweet us a picture using your eagles green using the hashtag with fox 29 eagles. >> it is baseball season, but it is football season, but it's hockey. >> these days it's eagles year-round. it's 5:50 the time. a bone marrow donor and the recipient come face to face for the first time since the life-saving procedure seven years ago. >> chemo didn't work and his siblings weren't donor matches
5:51 am
and andrew from australia was a match. >> i got a second chance and if it wasn't for andrew i wouldn't be here. and now we're brothers and not only brothers but we're actually blood brurs. >> indeed they are. the kindness of strangers is contagious. several of michael's family members are now on the donor list should somebody else need a transplant. >> we did have some noisy thunderstorms overnight and now we're cleaning up a lot of mess this morning. but what can you expect for the rest of the day? some sunshine and showers basically a little bit of everything. it won't be as hot as it was yesterday. mid 80s. scattered showers around, a few this morning, not very many. and a few more during the drive
5:52 am
home. sunset time is 8:18. >> we'll take that. thank you very much, sue. taking a look, there's not really much to see. this is 76 right around city avenue. you can see limited visibility. wet and slick roadways especially into new jersey. this is what you're up against, early morning volume plus limited visibility. >> that does not look good. 5:52. are you a big dessert fan? do you think you can handle the cheesecake
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5:55 am
good morning. 5:55. a new twist on an old arcade game. there's a couple in nebraska that reinvented the claw game. you know the one. this one has a giant claw that drops down to pick up things like beer. it's called the brew bucket and the prizes are bottles of beer. >> some great ideas never come to life because people aren't willing to take that leap of faith. if we failed at least we would have fun and have a brew bucket in our basement. so if you're not a big drinker, maybe dessert is a little bit more your style. >> if so, guy fieri's vegas
5:56 am
kitchen and bar has the crease cake challenge. it's a quarter piece of a cheesecake. this dessert has been ordered 500 times but only 20 people have been able to eat the whole thing by themselves. >> i definitely could not finish that. >> this is the most phenomenal cheesecake i've had ever. and i'm a cheesecake guy. it's the type i'll take home and eat tonight though. >> even though it's called the cheesecake challenge, you don't win anything if you finish. >> maybe need some rolaids. the sweet and the savory, salty, sweet. >> i'm on board, i don't know if i could do the potato chips on it. >> they seem to love it. >> all right. time now. >> let's do a calorie check.
5:57 am
>> oh, god. that's scary. a kitten is cashing in on one of her nine lives. hope was left on the streets and now she's blind. but her family says they're taking good care of her and they're asking for your help. wh
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5:59 am
my goodness. it was a wild morning weather still impacting thousands.
6:00 am
trees are down, and lightning sparked fires. we're live with the damage. >> and a live look at radar shows we may not be out of the woods yet. the weather authority is tracking what's left of the storms and what you could face on the way to work. also a developing story making headlines all around the country. three children killed in a stolen car and now two men in custody for questioning. the latest on this investigation. >> and a traffic nightmare for people in south jersey. >> good morning. it is just after 6:00 this morning. good monday to you, as a matter of fact. it was a crazy night last night. i know sue said there were storms on the way, but man. they delivered. >> and you can see ram nants on the roads as well. a lot of downed branches that kind of thing. >> it was loud, violent in some cases. we dealt with wind, hail,


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