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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  September 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, it is 6:00 o'clock. time to cash out as well, revel closing its doors for good, right now. $2 billion casino goes bust, will the rest of atlantic city follow. >> what is in the name? apparently there is a lot. a local community center is running into backlash, over a proposed name change. the new name for the kennedy center that has people so upset. it is not the the first time ours cars have have been vandalized on this block. >> man, this is not how people wanted to end their labor day weekend. why police are at a loss over who did this, despite surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. amazing month foreman who inspired the ice bucket challenge. what was more inspirational then raising millions of dollars for als research. good day, it is tuesday, september 2nd, 2014, a day i
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had on the calendar for three months. kids head back to school today. we want townsend your photos. use the the hash tag fox 29 back to school. >> indeed. i feel like it is not back to school weather. >> it was fall all summer and as we head into fall, it is summer. >> the whole role reversal thing. >> we have a lot of news as well. we have reporters covering your top stories. steve keeley is live, in atlantic city where reveling stops in revel today. dawn timmeney is in lawncrest where people had an upsetting ten their holiday weekend. lets head over first to caitlin roth for weather on the one's. >> good morning to have one just have after 6:00 a.m. on a tuesday back to school day for so many kids and parents across the the area it does not feel like summer, unofficially, or officially, ending, because, you can feel like another hot summer morning. that is what we have outside today. we will start off with weather by the numbers. it is a five. not a bad looking day. we will have a a lot of sunshine. we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms come
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evening. day parties okay but it is just so hot and humid. even hotter then yesterday. bus stop buddy is back to school for him too. we have muggy the dog in toe down to the bus stop. there he is. thank you. and there is his hat on. so why not. and backpack ready to go. you need water sending kids off to school. keep them in the light, loose colored clothing because it just helps with all this heat out there. 76 degrees in philadelphia. on a beautiful sunrise, about to occur around 6:30. your fox cast, is showing once that sun comes out we will heat up very, very quickly. hot and humid. 93 degrees for the the high. tonight scattered showers and thunderstorms some of which could be strong. seventy-one for the low temperatures. that will take the the edge off the the heat tomorrow. that is your fox cast from the traffic authority now, path turnpike, westbound here is our first big issue of the morning. the off ramp to bensalem we have an overturn tractor trailer, traffic is getting by on the ramp, not causing any major blockage but we might see delays in that area amonte
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route 422, ben franklin highway near route 66 two old swede road, accident we told but earlier has new cleared, kerry. 6:03 this morning police investigating a late any shooting in mantua. it happened at forty-first and lancaster avenue just before midnight. police say a 36 year-old man was shot in the back he was taken to the hospital in stable condition and no word on a suspect or a motive, and the the roof of the building in the king sessing section of philadelphia collapsed late last night. this is the 4800 block of wood land avenue, be in was injured but some cars were hit by falling debris. happening right now, revel casino shutting it doors after only two years, in atlantic city. >> the billion dollars resort opened with high hopes of revitalizing the game's gaming history but it never made a profit. fox 29's steve keeley is live with more on the boardwalk with this. i guess the planning just didn't work out here, just two
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years later. >> reporter: one plan that didn't work out, it is new plan. 6:00 a.m. shut down. we showed you earlier the little plastic gold chains they put up. they have security people behind that wall. they have been letting the last of the gamblers out. there was in big rush out of here. there was in crowd in there. to prove it even though they didn't let photographs inside i went inside with my cell phone and be in stopped me from taking this video. i walk through that very large casino floor that is up there on the fourth floor and it was tough to find the first gamblers. i found one woman all by herself in the slot machine playing looking very lonely and place looks sad. then i saw those employees. what do you say to somebody who is, would go on their last shift, you know and only good thing i can tell you is i met great employees in there who are so opt in mystic, and you will hear from them in the half an hour and then they came outside to talk to mement whole group of slot attendants
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who they call the cream of the crop. they were last 17 who kept their jobs until last moment. they started with 65. they gave us their idea about why this place failed and how optimistic they are that it will resume under a new own are ship and if they will be the first employees hired. some positive out of the all of the negative out here as we throw it back to you chris and kerry. hear from those employees whether or not worried. they are all smiling. they are in the down and out like would you expect. you'll hear from them in a half an hour to prove what i'm saying. >> let's hope those employees necessity something we don't steve, thanks. new jersey township council is scheduled to take another vote about renaming a community center in honor of president obama. last month the council approved the change, of the name, of the kennedy center municipal building but that decision sparked backlash from critics who say the change disrespects the history of the building. the council meeting is scheduled for tonight at 7:00 o'clock. just days after three teens are killed in the crash, bucks
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county students are set to begin a new school year. grief counselors made available at council rock high south yesterday to help students cope with the deaths of cullen keffer, ryan lesher and shamus digney. in light of their deaths, the administration has made the decision to scale back, planned events to celebrate the new school year. >> just three bright lights, three tremendous individual, who shared their gifts and talents with council rock high school south and these bright lights were extinguished way too soon. >> freshman orientation begins at council rock high school south today. upper class man return to class tomorrow, grief counselors will be on campus all week. northeast philadelphia neighborhood targeted by vandals and residents say it is not the first time. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney live from northeast philadelphia with this story, dawn, good morning. >> reporter: good morning chris and kerry. residents say they have been target of vandals here in this neighborhood last six or seven years in the 5200 block of k
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street. take a look at what people woke up to no holiday yesterday on labor day for people along this street. their windshields were smashed in. one resident said that she heard someone and saw someone with the chain just smashing windows and they are a car that was hit this white car here took a beating. look at this window just smashed in. people say the last thing that they wanted to deal with. and then this car managed to escape the wrath of the vandals but then that white car in front have of it also hit. residents say they are just federal up with this chris and kerry. they want police to do something bit. they say it will cost about $400 to replace each of these windshields, ten cars were hit overnight around 2:30 in the morning and they say their deductible is $500. they will to have put this out of pocket. they are hoping police catch whoever did this before they strike again. back to you guys. >> such a pintless thing to do. it really is.
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>> pricey and pointless. >> yes. >> take a look at this, this is more than 8 tons of cocaine. where this historic drug take down happened. one woman went through to try to hide a stolen ring, why police needed an x-ray to find it, coming were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
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it is hot and dry in
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northern california. more than 2,000 fire fighters from across the country, are fighting this swat of wild fires in, northern california, the wage of the battle for more than three weeks now. the flames have consume, more than 62,000 acres. fire fighters have these fires, only 15 percent contained. lightening originally started these wild fires across the national forest, this sits right at the the california oregon border. time for whither on the one's with caitlin. >> good morning. 6:11. giving you a very hot forecast for what is unofficially first day of fall. it is a hot one for sure today. ultimate doppler not showing much else outside. we have a cool front to the west where we can see showers and storms from ohio, back through indian, illinois, extending into kansas and nebraska. so that will eventually bring south relief. more like a drop in the humidity. we will take it. anything from the very
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oppressive heat and humidity we have had over past couple of days. right now temperatures to start, the lowest all morning. we have a couple of upper 60's in the poconos, allentown and lancaster. otherwise 76 in philadelphia 74 in atlantic city. fox future cast today a lot of sunshine. that is nice part of the day. bad parties how hot and humid it will be. later on this evening that cool front comes through and sparking showers and then are storms, probably between 7:00 and eight, at least according to the latest model guidance. anytime tonight there is a chance for showers and storms with that front passing. the bus stop weather for the kids heading back today sunny and hot and humid, 80 degrees by 8:00 a.m. this morning. it is very warm. ninety-three is the high temperature with the humidity. then we will see at least slightly cooler readings, wednesday 88 degrees. it is less humid. still a very warm week with high temperatures well above normal. this is through saturday until heat breaks on sun dane and we will see relief with the temperatures falling back down
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in the 70's. that is your seven day forecast. still on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound off ramp to bensalem overturned tractor trailer is blocking right lane of the off ramp traffic gets by in the left lane of the ramp and we are seeing delays backup, obviously as you can imagine with the morning commute, getting underway. traffic, it is also, in new hanover, big road, route 73, charlotte street and we have reports of a disabled vehicle there, kerry. caitlin, thanks. 6:15. talk about a miraculous month, guy you are about to see inspired the, ice bucket challenge to raise money for als research but something more inspirational happened to him over the weekend. real highlight of his summer.
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we have some breaking news, more than 30 kids escape
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from the nashville detention center. we are learning 17 are still on the run this happened at 11:00 last night. so midnight our time. so, they were all between the age of 14 and 19, and apparently they found a weak spot in the fence, and right now, it is in the clear if this escape was preplanned, and the story is continuing to develop, and we will update you as we get new information. right now, a record breaking drug bust is eight and a half tons of cocaine seized in a raid last week, from lima on monday where officers carefully unloaded it. authorities believe that the drugs were headed to belgium and spain. eight men have been arrested. peru has been the world's top producer of cocaine, since 1912. ten people are dead following a week even bus crash in bolivia, officials say mess of the 24 people on the the bus were foreign tourist but it is unclear if any victims died were
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americans. police say it appears that the bus was speeding. the u.n. is now investigating isis, they have decided to send a team to iraq to look into human rights abuses created bias lamb i can militant group. u.n. officials are calling for an immediate end to any violence. they say, tens of thousands have have been killed by violence related to that group, isis. the pentagon says the u.s. military has conduct an operation begins isis. this is an al-shabob in somalia, al-shabob is linked to al qaeda, they claim responsibility for sunday's deadly attack at hey high security prison in somalia. militants were trying to free other terrorist being held there. meanwhile the crisis in ukraine continues, nato leaders could this week decide to create a wrapped response force, and begin to stockpile military equipment in eastern europe. the goal, to protect its member nation from his russia. proposed new force could comprise of several thousands troops contributed by the 28 nato countries on a rotating
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basis. unit would be back by air and sea. nato's chief says that the organization could deploy the unit on very short notice to help nato members defend themselves against any threat and that includes a threat from russia. let's talk politics here, with the control of the senate on the line democrats are encouraged by white house to focus on the economy as they helped into the fall election. on labor day president obama, the vice-president, hit the road to push their economic message. the president visited milwaukee while vice-president biden visited destroyed. they cheered on the unions and the american worker. the president is also pushing for a hike to the minimum wage. president obama says his administration turned the economy around. >> america is stronger because of the decision that is we made to rescue our economy, and rebuild it, on a new foundation, asking the simple question is this good for ordinary americans? is this good for working
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people. >> white house officials say now is the time to highlight recent economic improvements to strengthen the political environment for democrats and to counter the president's dipping approval numbers. the man who inspired the als ice bucket challenge is celebrating a very big event. >> he has become a new dad. pete fratus announced on his facebook page that he and his wife julie welcome a little girl named lucy on sunday. fratus, diagnosed with als, in 2012 took time to raise awareness about the disease which has no cure. fratus idea for ice bucket challenge has helped raise more than 100 million-dollar, for the als ice bucket challenge this summer. >> so "good day philadelphia" starts in 40 minutes from now. mike jerrick is showing our new co host alex holley all around town. >> they will be at independent mall today. you are already there. >> we're already here, please. this is birthplace of america. look at this backdrop. >> beautifully love it.
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>> come on, alex. so you have your hair done up. >> i'm back for another day. please no water today. >> i just can't take it. >> how do you look? i think i'm okay. >> i like it. >> i am counting on the humidity to make it better by 7:00 o'clock. >> we will have a bunch of people out here. we are basically at fifth and market. all right, kid, i got a couple of moms tweet the me last night, saying if you can guarantee that my kid can meet this o'brien kid from teen wolf and what is the new movie. >> mays runner, i will keep him out of school. i didn't know what to tweet back. >> we don't want to say that, that is a win/win, get out of school and meet dylan o'brien. >> he will be here at 8:00. you meet him. >> yes, priority pass, it is worth it. >> so we will be here. if you have a chance before you go to work or school come by basically fifth and market. >> yes, i'd like to meet everybody.
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>> that would be great. >> lou good. >> thank you, owe do you. >> no, i don't. >> i'm just not sweating as much as yesterday. >> let's hope not. >> your hair looks good too. >> he is letting it drop with humidity. >> today you may in the need to wear a visor. >> my back hair is curling. >> oh are gross, gross. >> tune in at 7:00 for that. >> yes, really. >> all right, guys. >> use it to floss your teeth. >> kerry, seriously. >> that is a wrap. >> lets go to caitlin. >> sickening. >> oh, no. you the if you didn't see mike jerrick sweating yet morning, by the the way, that was testament to how uncomfortable it is outside. he is wearing same thing, licensing sleeve shirt. we will see how it plays out. it is in the any cooler, it is hotter today. lets take a look the at your forecast for tuesday, back to
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reality and unfortunately that reality is hot summer like weather, humid, already this morning. we are seeing morning drive temperature of 78 degrees. we will quickly warm up in the 80's by lunchtime, sunny and steamy. by later this afternoon chance of showers and thunderstorms, not until evening. most of the day is rain free but 93 for that high temperature, showers and storms around again by later on this evening. so that is your tuesday planning forecast to the roads on route 30 westbound, at route 100 we have a's got a disable vehicle that has the left lane block, so this is in between malvern and downingtown. you cannot get through in the left lane. also in hyannisport, mount laurel road, reports that just came in of an accident there
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. fill difficulties something yesterday that has not happened in their 31 year history a dined, no hitter with four pitches as part of the no hitter. braves came close only once. lets go to atlanta, that once in the third inning cole hamels on the mound, and marlon byrd in right field
6:26 am
makes diving catch, and only third inning which saved the no hitter. top of the seventh cole hamels comes out for a pinch hitter with a in hitter. they have scored runs there. so now phillies bring in the bull pen. jake diekman in the seventh. no hitter. giles in the eighth. did he not give up a hit. papelbon gets the last out of the game. there is a no hitter. hamels is an emotional guy. what did he think coming out of the game. >> i understand, you know, it wasn't really necessarily so caught up in the no hits. just the fact that i understood my pitch count, the walks, struggling every inning to be able to try to maintain and get ahead have of hitters. i was than the able to do that. >> that is sports in the minute i'm howard eskin. one driver's mistake almost cost him his life if it weren't for a woman passing by. their reunion and the gift his mother gave her. steve keeley is now at the
6:27 am
shut down revel casino, steve, good morning. >> reporter: it looks like a big glass tomb stone at the end of the boardwalk. we can say revel casino born april 2013, and dead now, september 2014. so, two and a half years about and out of business and now finally closed, we will talk to some long time employees, or at least as long as they can be possibly be here a couple years when we come back. woman, opening door: hey, hon. hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. add some spice to your day with dunkin's spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. grab one today. america runs on dunkin'. start your morning spicy -- hurry in today for a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich.
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revel has shut down, second closing this week and one more casino getting ready to close its doors, future of atlantic city. more details emerging after several celebrities saw nude photos on the internet. who is looking in the case and what you need to know to protect your cell phone from hackers. this may be the oldest living person, the milestone birthday, that she just celebrated. unbelievable. good day, tuesday september 2nd, 2014, it is time for kids to head back to school: is that what you were going to say. a lot of kids heading back to school. send us your photos, a lot of parent taking a deep sigh of relief. >> i love my kids but enough already, all right. use hash tag fox 29 back to
6:31 am
school. this is cool, ready to go. >> but this is kylie or kyle, excuse me, not kyle take already heading back to school today flashing the peace sign. >> that is cool. >> we've got my daughter a new backpack with the little peace symbol, take a look at this now, live picture as sunnies coming up over atlantic city there down the shore where we are and you know, this is a beautiful picture here but in the very good news. we will check with steve keeley as revel has just closed its doors. speaking of the weather, it is a hot back to school day. >> it is. here's that um iser weather we didn't get all august long. welcome to september. very hot and very humid to start. we saw that two days ago the change on sunday. weather bynum is tuesday a five. dry and sunshine. we don't have then are storms until this evening but it is pretty oppressive out there bus stop buddy heads back to school. he is with muggy the dog.
6:32 am
it is so muggy outside. temperatures in the 07's with sunshine, very warm, bus stop buddy, dressed with the polo shirt and pants and backpack but if you dress your kids to school, some of these schools not having air conditioning. 76 degrees in philadelphia right now. it is a warm 76, with the humidity and we will hit 93 later today. mostly sunny warm and humid. for tonight showers and thunderstorms around as a cold front comes through and that will not make it that cool but it will reduce humidity and we will show thaw in your seven day forecast but first lets check roads right after 6:30. we're starting off route 30 westbound, the disabled vehicle blocking left lane has now cleared. you are fine there. in sicklerville road near hicks town road we have reports that came in with an accident. use caution if you take that road, chris. 6:32. police are investigating a late night shooting on the forty-first and lancaster avenue area just before midnight. a 36 year-old man was shot in
6:33 am
the back, and was taken to the hospital in stable condition, in word on a suspect or a motive for that matter at this time. roof of the building collapsed late last night in king sessing section of philadelphia, this is 4800 block of wood land have avenue, nobody was hurt but roof came crashing down but some cars were hit by that falling debris. happening today atlantic city's revel casino is now closed just two years after opening. >> officials hope that the revel would turn things around in atlantic city but the billion dollar resort never made a profit. fox 29's steve keeley is live along the boardwalk with more on this for us, steve, good morning. >> reporter: here's what revel has thaw don't have in las vegas or philadelphia or maryland or any of these other casinos a beautiful sunrise over a beautiful beach. and still with that natural beauty, that could not help, this place stay in business and when they made this place with this perfect reflective glass that people actually were killed in the plane crash
6:34 am
to get the the perfect right glass for this place that would reflect the beach and the sand and the sunrisees, they would have never imagined what we would have less than three years after it opened in 2012 and that is classic, cheap chains here signaling that this place is closed down for good. as revel casino. the name off the front, and look at the video i shot at 4:40 this morning on my cell phone. they didn't want any professional photography so media was kept outside and i was able to walk through and so surprised not to see more people trying to get a last minute bet in. probably a dozen gamblers at the most, employees out numbered the betters the at 4:40 and this last hour and a half of gambling. just annex stream sad sight. i had to walk a long way to find the first person in there and not many more after that. one lady at a slot machine, one guy at the cashier,
6:35 am
cashing in his last chips and within guy just walking around doing what i was doing and just looking to place one last time. i met some employees in there as they were taking pictures with each other, and taking one last picture between the slot machine and they were all smiling and all happy, which was a big surprise. i asked them to talk to us and tell us why they were in such a good mood on such a bad day. >> this place, we made it, what it should be, we thought we were going to be here for 20 years. i thought i was going to retire here. i have to start all over at 54 years old, hoping to, and come back and, that is what i think will happen. i have a feeling that maybe within a week we will find out that somebody bought the the place and they will let us know and we will not even have to reapply. we're the cream of the crop. they will bring us right back and we will train other people. >> a lot of people we left behind we are working back in this bitter position, and in
6:36 am
the project, but hard workers and we want all of our family back, all of them. >> i was than the expecting it. revel gave me the first opportunity to get in the casino and offered my a job. best job experience i could ever have. i hepp we will come back stronger then ever. >> reporter: those were all slot attendants and they said that maybe one of the reasons this place failed is this place didn't cater to the slot crowd which is really the bread and butter of atlantic city's gambling market. they never had a place for all of those casino buses bringing older slot players down here from places like philadelphia and insuring where they used on give you a roll of quarters and that would be more money then the cost of the bus trip back and for the because they figured would you lose that and then much more. that was old days of atlantic city and that kept them afloat and new as we look at one last picture i took of the slot
6:37 am
attendants all getting together on the slot floor when two rows, taking one last happy smiling picture, and what a great attitude they have. they are all convince that had somebody who necessary how to run a casino will take this big beautiful building and reopen it up as casino hotel and rehire them. they were last 17 and original 65 slot attendants hired and they call themselves cream of the crop, best in atlantic city casinos and they say next operators will want and hire the best and they're convinced they will be back here and back working real soon. >> sure hope so. >> let's hepp that is in the wish full thinking, steve, thanks. 6:37. vandals causing thousands of dollars in damage to several cars in one philadelphia neighborhood. >> what makes this even worse is that they say that this happened before, fox 29's dawn timmeney is live in northeast philadelphia with this troubling story. how frustrating. >> reporter: exactly. very frustrating. it seems this area f street seems to be a target for
6:38 am
vandals, lets take a look at what about a dozen car owners, woke up to, yesterday morning. certainly in holiday. they found their cars vandalized their windshield bashed in with what looks to be a chain hammer or baseball bat. some ten cars along 5200 block of f street were damaged and residents say they think it probably happened early monday morning while sleeping. beer's talking anywhere from 200 to $400 to replace windshield out of picket for these people and adding insult to injure victims say this is in the the first time their neighborhood has been targeted by vandals. >> it is in the the first time our cars have been vandalized, on this block. for past six or seven years our cars vandalized, and they have been broken off, windshields have been broke when stones and bricks and when we come out in the morning our cars are destroyed. i'm really frustrated because
6:39 am
we work hard for what we have. >> reporter: there are surveillance cameras but appear they to not catch culprit in action but because this happened, you guys, on a holiday, people are having today, to worry about replacing their windshield, car right behind this white car you can see somebody smash that windshield two times a lot of people have $500 deductibles so this is out of pocket money. they are hoping police catch whoever did this before they do something like this ever again. >> that is the worst. all right, dawn, thank you. four or 500 bucks lying around too. >> what a waste. >> one driver makes a big mistake that could have cost him his life. >> but a young with man swooped into rescue, we were there as the two reunited for the first time. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment.
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and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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6:42 am lling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at welcome back everyone on a tuesday, a very hot tuesday. it feels like middle of summer, in the september 2nd. thinks september we have been dealing with so far. heat and humidity and yes, some thunderstorms. right now ultimate doppler showing clear skies overhead here in philadelphia. there was a cool front out to the west at this hour bringing in some pockets of rain and even some thunderstorms stretching from the ohio valley back to the midwest. that front will approach later tonight. bringing us a chance for showers and thunderstorms and hopefully reductions in the humidity tomorrow. temperatures right now mainly in the 07's.
6:43 am
when you are this humid and keep having that humid air in place it is hard to cool down. seventy-two wrightstown. seventy-six in philadelphia 72 in reading. your fox future cast sunshine throughout today taking to us noon. we will stay sunny but by late afternoon we will see showers and then are storms, fire up in central pennsylvania, some of which may be severe but question is will they hold together in our area it looks like it. we could after lot of rain, win, strong, and, and, 8:00 o'clock, and western suburbs, after 8:00 for our eastern suburbs. that looks liking a bad line of storms coming through. we will see how it plays out. otherwise we will have sunshine as we head into wednesday. your bus stop weather whether hot. sending kids back. sunny warm and humid. 80 degrees at the bus stop have after 8:00 a.m. the hot school day and it looks like a hot week. less humid on wednesday but stays very warm. high temperatures close to 90 degrees and through rest of the week went that chance of thunderstorms friday and
6:44 am
saturday. we will see heat break for good on sunday high temperatures sunday and machine in the upper 70's. that is your seven day forecast. we are following a overturn tractor trailer, live view from sky fox on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, this is off ramp going through the bend salem exit. there is the the tractor trailer overturned. we can see it blocking one lane even though traffic is trying to squeeze by from the other lane. overturn tractor trailer, right lane of the off ramp block. you cannot access it. it looks like this backup obviously are continuing to build up behind that. westbound, pennsylvania turnpike we will have problems there for until we get that work out. also another incident to tell but this one in gloucester, yeah, there is those delays still building westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike. we will see that for a while. gloucester at sicklerville road and hicks town road an accident we have told but earlier has now cleared, good news there. >> thank you.
6:45 am
6:44. investigators in utah are waiting for a diamond in the rough you can say. >> in the rough is one way to put it. because with man there allegedly stole and then swallowed this diamond ring. police say she waited in the car. while her partner in crime stole the ring and when police eventually caught up with them an x-ray revealed that the ring was in her stomach. doctors say it could take anywhere from hours to weeks for the ring to move out of someone's intestinal tract. the both suspects are in jail. >> he looks like a real prize too. >> they both look up with full. san francisco fire department safely rescuing two men trapped by high tides, beneath the cliff house restaurant in ocean beach. they walk out during low tides but got trapped inside a small outlet when tides came back n it took fire fighters an hour to get them to safety n1 was hurt. in texas an emotional reunion as the mother meets a woman she calls her son's guardian angel. last august carlos hernandez
6:46 am
was driving near his home late at night when he doughed you have behind the wheel. he crashed in the ditch and flip his car. hernandez was trapped inside. a young woman driving by stopped to see if anyone needed help. she found hernandez and was able to pull him from the wreckage. >> i was really afraid it would blow up or something so i just wanted to get him out. i don't know how i pulled him out. >> thank you. my angel. >> hernandez is still recuperating with 31 stape unless his head, 21 stitches in his arm. woman from mexico, kerry, is celebrating a huge birthday and there should definite the liz be emphasis on the word huge. >> okay. >> this lady here, might just be the oldest person alive. leandra celebrated her 127th birthday on sunday. the family says that her birth certificate was lost in the fire but that her birth date
6:47 am
was documented by a judge insert fade by that judge. woman from japan hoist 116 hold the world record for oldest person alive but evidently has been dethroned. >> dethroned at 16 that is in the right. >> she's motivated still at 116 years old. >> 127 years old. >> fbi is investigating allegations that the on line accounts of several celebrities had been hack. >> that includes jennifer lawrence who had these photos posted on line at least a hundred celebrities have have been targets of the hack attack. ariana grande and other celebrities reportedly on the list as well. it is suggest that the hackers were able to get into icloud accounts. doctors plan to bring comedian joan rivers out of the medically induced coma today. they then are going to assess the extent of damage to rivers brain. the 81 year-old went in the cardiac arrest during a medical procedure at a
6:48 am
doctor's office last week. she was rush over to cedars sinai hospital where she has been on life support ever since and remains in serious condition at that new york city hospital. actor alex baldwin is in yet again another confrontation with the police but this time in the hamptons on vacation. tmz has video of the baldwin yelling at a police officer. tmz says police were about to arrest him for not only pushing a photographer but put ago this photographer in the head lock. they have didn't arrest the actor because the photographer declined to press charges. robin wills, yeah daughter has returned to social media after bullies forced her off after her dad's death. she comes back and posted a link of her tougher page on a quote from harvey firestein. never be bull mid to sound, never allow yourself to be made a victim, except no one's definition of your life, define yourself. zelda a hundreds nod she was taking a break to social media
6:49 am
because other users made crude comments about her father's death. >> they posted awful doctored photos. it was brutal stuff. people magazine has a line side the wedding album of brad pitt and angelina jolie. couple tying the kno last year. jolie's dress was custom aced by versace master taylor. her kids artwork was zone into the gown and into the veil. >> that is very cool. >> brad wore a suit right out of his own closet. each of the couple's six kids played a role in the ceremony. >> yes, i was dry clean to begin with. have you wondered what katie perry looked like before becoming a big star. >> new video surfacing from 2001 showing what she looked like when she was just 16. what she sounded like as well, listen to this. >> ♪
6:50 am
>> okay. >> he's unconvinced. >> that video was shot by a videographer jim stanbridge on her first tour. she used to be a christian rock singer but reports say after her first album didn't sell very well she came out with a new one. she had a new look, new name. she used to be katie hudson. that is her real name. >> kate hudson was taken by way of celebrity names. >> she thought it sound todd familiar. "good day philadelphia" starts in ten minutes. mike jerrick is showing off his new co host alex holley. you are at independent mall, right. >> we are a block away chris and kerry. bring that blue dress over here, kerry. >> because the party is starting. i can already feel it. >> hi, girls. >> hi. >> so we will be dabsing, playing some music, dj netty.
6:51 am
we are between fifth and sixth street. look at this backdrop. >> beautiful. >> patriotic. >> birthplace of america. >> that is right. >> so i noah lot of people to have get back to school but boy, the kids on the internet last night on twitter, dylan o'brien is coming by at 8:00 o'clock. he is a teen wolf, right. >> yes. >> that is on mtv. >> he will be here for ma zrunner. >> i don't know about that that is science fiction on. >> yes, he lost his memory, gets dropped in the maze and in one has done that before. >> that sound like my life ape career. >> okay. >> that was funny. >> i think that was funny. >> okay, fine. >> are you ready for trouble. >> yes. >> look at that. >> so the clock says ten minutes before our good day program, the big wall back there. we will see you in about nine
6:52 am
minutes. >> okay. >> big wall. >> seriously bring that blue dress over here. >> i'm thinking of bill clinton right now. >> oh, no. >> it is a joke. >> you are filthy. >> scoundrel. >> mike jerrick cannot be helped but neither can chris murphy. >> let's show you the forecast through the rest of the day. we have sunshine and it will look nice. we have in chance of thunderstorms until later tonight the but when we do they could be strong. seventy-eight for drive-in. eighty-seven by lunchtime. ninety-three for the high. stay cool on a tuesday, back to school day for so many people. enough said on the pa turnpike westbound off ramp to bensalem we have been following this overturn tractor trailer accident that blocks the right lane of the off ramp. traffic is able to get by on the left side very slowly of course but we are seeing those delays, build as a result. also in philadelphia roosevelt boulevard route one at oxford
6:53 am
circle reports of an accident boulevard route one at oxford circle reports of an accident there in the inner drive,
6:54 am
tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
6:55 am
good morning, welcome back at 6:55. 76 degrees, already, it is a warm one in the delaware valley. up to 92 degrees. we are live in fernwood in the pocono mountains where it should be cooler. hey drivers in maine to have do a double take when
6:56 am
they spot a muse hanging around the toll plaza. this is miles the muse, the main turnpike mascot, he was hanging out yesterday at the york toll plaza in portland. miles was, wishing summer visitors a fond farewell and handing out copies of the 2015 farmers almanac. around the country big celebrations mark unofficial end of summer. >> ♪ >> the west indian american day parade drew more than a million people, to new york city mayor, governor also participated. next week is primary week and leaders say that caribbean american population is an important political force there. after only two years the revel casino is now closed. it was supposed to save atlantic city. so is what next for the shore town. we are live at revel's last take. "good day philadelphia" is taking the show on the road yet again we are live this
6:57 am
morning at independence mall, come on down and meet mike sue and our new alex alex holley they are all there this morning. we will be hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down.
6:58 am
[laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity.
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7:00 am
we are happy because alex is here, you came back. >> i came back for another round. >> let's do this again. >> well, yesterday was a ton of fun. i bet a thousand people came out, dj greg netty thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you know where we are. we are at birthplace of america. >> yes. >> came down market street between fifth and sixth and visit. we will be here until 10:00 o'clock this morning. yesterday was a ton of fun. >> my gosh, it was wild times in wildwood. >> and your mom and dad are in town. >> they are. >> what did they think. >> they liked it. they liked it. >> you did a great job. >> we hit with you a ton of water to end the show. >> yes, good day baptist many. >> yes. >> so you had to get your hair done last night. >> i stayed up late. >> i came out here