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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 3, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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welcome back to quakertown. it stretches a full mile down broad street here. our goal to walk this entire thing. but we have a lot to get tonight believe it or not we'll try to do satellite interview from this noisy place because we think it is worth the try, new move that i i opportunity see called identical. >> gentlemen, supposed to be very good. you see we have our little heads here. but they don't have one for you. >> what else are we doing this hour? >> also talking about, yes, the wedding. bradjoelina. finally got married a lot of time they say it is about the couple but they made it all about their kids. we'll talk about that, have a discussion. >> marking all over her wedding dressment can't touch the wedding dress. >> these face also all up and down broad street in quakertown, just all stunning, all you, i guess. >> yes, nothing for you. sorry.
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>> oh, look at that. a lot bigger than me, look at this. >> you win, you win. all right, jen? >> what's in? >> no idea. i get it. >> sorry, i'm a little slow. all right, jen? >> talk about me and jen's alleged relationship? >> talk about the home of the future, stuff could you do from home, teaching kids thousand do at the orleans technical institute. >> definitely. >> back out to quakertown. >> yes. >> all right. you like it? big head. >> by the way, come on over here for a second, this woman, how much weight did you lose? >> 54 pounds in five months. >> oh, wow. >> what's the name of your place? >> this is -- >> i lost 11 of these.
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>> oh,. >> and it moves. >> look at it. >> this is a job, we're going to try to walk, which i would say, probably three quarters after mile, get this done in one hour, starting at the very end. high, everybody. >> we're doing it now. who are you? >> imette st. guillen ' with you have got it made. my husband is doing it. >> you've got maids. it is a made service. >> it is a made service. >> do you come dressed like that? >> i come dressed like that. >> wow. >> ice bucket challenge. >> do it. >> right here live. >> on tv. >> get the ice in there. >> all right, i'm nascar mars with aviation. >> what? >> 's good guy. he is my boss. >> oh, ya. >> and mike, over at faulkner service center, frank burger you've got maids corporate out of charleston and most of all for henry, at rose marie water
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ice here, who is going through a lesson, doing this for him today. >> oh, okay. >> and we've got one of the buckets ready. >> no hat! >> here we go. >> oh, boy. >> no hat, no hat, no hat. >> ahh! >> more, more, more, more. >> oh, my gosh. >> they didn't have the big bucket? >> oh, that was great. that will was great. >> the most water i've ever seen in a ice bucket challenge. >> pretty cool. >> now here, here is your helmet. >> oh, what a way to start this. watch out, a child behind you there. hey, i met her earlier. >> this woman is 19 years old. where do you live? >> perkasie, pa. >> not far down the road. >> and you are a business owner at 19? >> yep. >> what casino every business do you have? >> avenue bakery. >> very nice. >> so what kind of donuts are these? >> plane donuts with chocolate
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and van all icing. >> oh, my gosh. >> so congratulates. >> thank you. >> you have business here on broad street? >> right over there. >> yep. >> what's the name of it? >> casey classic bakery. i'm case. >> i good flame for it then, thanks a lot. nice to meet you, casey. >> lovely. >> let's take a peak. the people we are talking about, right? giving awe toothbrush, too. >> bad breath? >> after you eat all of the reeses pieces. >> that's fine. and purpose sell my favorite color. >> perfect. >> oh, okay. here we go. >> oh, baby. hey, sue, good to see you. where is your hotdog plate? >> downtown dogs. >> are you like the mascot? >> actually that's the masses could the. >> oh, there. >> downtown dog.
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>> cool. >> his name is peter and he's a weeny. >> we're showing off your arms. >> hold on, okay, now we can hear you. so i'm danielle from physical therapy and wellness institute, testing out your grip strength today. see the whole football team is over here. so do you have try it out. >> i can't compete with a football player. >> go. >> do it. >> keep your arm at your side, 09 agree angle. you are just going to squeeze as hard as you can. we'll tell how many pounds of force you put through your grip strength. >> squeeze, squeeze. >> what would a noble 25 year old be? >> i would say about 670-pound. which you are 25, right? >> yes. >> okay. >> fifty pawn of force with grip strength. >> oh, okay. >> pretty good. >> congratulations. >> how about that?
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you're strong. >> ya. >> oh, geez. >> all right, where are we going next? >> pineapples, and jen's over here. >> oh, yen made it? >> she has big hand, too. >> so celebritiesment look how big your heads are. >> federal red it -- credit union. >> do you have any money on you? >> drop a coin. >> look over there. >> hi, what's up? >> how are you? >> i'm state senator bob mitch. >> i know him. i recognize you from tv. i've seen you on tv. >> imagine that? >> have you metal next. >> hi, bob. >> very nice to meet you. >> do you always travel with lay us? >> whenever ever whenever i can. >> hey, ladies? who are they? >> these are bob's angels. >> nice. >> i'm state senator. >> what do they do? >> they sell real estate. >> only real estate company represented here today. >> and they have a a sale
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going on today. >> good to see you. >> nice meeting you. >> ♪ >> live bands. >> right here on broad street. >> hi, welcome. >> what's? >> local non-profit based here in quakertown, help at risk children here in quakertown. awesome organization. september 13th, we have our annual softball tournament. and the phillies fanatic is going to be there, all day long. >> where? >> over north penn gun club. >> cool. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> i don't know the name of the bands. sounds good. >> oh, coming out. look at him. he is rocking out. >> got to get the leg up. >> popcorn from the y.
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>> ymca. >> hello. >> oh! hurry up! what you doing? come on, come on, common. >> what? >> very much! >> this is heavy. is it money. >> no. >> no? what's q and b sampler? >> quota nice bank. >> i like that. >> quite a nice bank. >> okay, oh, sue, sue, you want some stuff, too? >> the newspaper is here. hey, good to see you. >> very nice. >> oh, and they love fox 29. will you marry me? >> we will, we will. >> we finally found someone. we finally found someone for mike. look at that. >> what do you mean finally? what's this place? >> all things bridal. >> who owns it? >> dow. >> i'm the only one not in a dress. how flu. >> married? >> no, i'm not.
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>> oh! >> what a perfect -- >> exactly. >> how long have you been around? >> we've been in town for about seven years now. >> bridesmaid dress that is bright now. >> those are prom dress. >> oh,. >> prom dress. >> look, showing some skin here, mike. >> you better not wear that to the prom. >> actually here. >> look at. that will well, skin up there. that's not a prom dress. oh, mother of the bride there. looks good. thank you all. >> oh, here. >> oh, thank you. >> so cute. maybe there is an engagement ring in there, right? >> wedding? >> that's true. >> don't you need to start dating somebody if? >> probably. i'm jumping the gun. >> beautiful jewelry. great store. >> red lion brewery, remember, the liberty bell, one night stand at red lion right over here. >> oh, high. >> liberty bell? >> this where the liberty bell
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was cents? >> now you know he shouldn't be drinking. >> oh, my gosh. chug, chug, chug, chug. >> oh, man that's good. >> hey, before we have to -- tom, ready to go? >> still going. >> thomas, hey, what's up? >> oh, rite aid. >> i'm getting a headache. i'll be in. >> yogurt. >> yogurt tree. hey, don't overdo it. is there anything in there? >> oh, my gosh. >> pretty popular today. they're pretty popular. >> well, i seen you the other day, were you soaked down in atlantic sit. >> i oh, i was. >> so here's to yogurt tree shirts. >> thank you. >> you guys kept it cool here in quakertown. thanks so much. >> self owned by my son and i. >> okay. >> and it is design by both, that's our two stores. >> beautiful looking store. watch out. that's a great looking store.
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>> yes, beautiful. >> right here in quakertown, and we're also in doylestown. >> hold this here. i got to have my hands free. >> now we go to jen and qa lot of talk. >> well -- >> yes, let's try to explain this. he was at jen's house yesterday. it look as if they were married. >> yes, waist all comfortable sitting in the kitchen. even had a mug to sit in there. >> and her children were there stowe look like they were married. what's the response, jen, we start you? >> first of all, i love q. >> i love too. >> i've loved q from the day that i laid my baby girl eyes on you. >> been a long time. >> but it was so funny because we were on tv and we weren't kissing. >> not at all. >> or touching. >> like that's what married people do. >> but on instagram i say i love that q loves my kids, because you do.
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and everyone is like i didn't know that jen and q were married. i didn't know. >> one said i look like wife swap. and i was like well, ya, we have that chemistry going on. >> we would make great children. now, also a victim of this situation. >> yes? >> my actual husband, steve keeley, a lot of husband think he is my actual husband. >> well, he is your actual husband. he is not talking to me now. >> here is the thing. my children sang a song, steve keeley is not my dad. and steve keeley heard the song. >> so steve, are you mad at me. >> so everyone thought it was steve at first. >> well, let's bring in steve keeley. maybe he can give some advice to q about how to handle, how do you handle being married to a jenn frederick? >> report mike, lets clears up some confusion, they resemble q at all? >> maybe little bit. >> very pail. >> yes. >> i'm pail in the morning. >> little bit?
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all right. well, q, here is how you can say. they get your brains from you, that's a given. >> the problem, i got roped into the whole frederick marriage thing, every time she talks about her husband, which is every live shot she does, she doesn't just say my his like everyone else does, she has to say my husband stevement and his name is steve and that's why my life has been living hell ever since she started saying that all the time, then i always say there is give me some credit people, here is my line now to the public, six times a day when they ask me. i say not enough beer in the world? not enough viagra in the world. and then i get laughing. >> oh, my gosh. >> really? really? really? >> you have work husband. >> i don't talk to him. >> steve, then a house husband. >> i have a house husband. steve frederick. now bees the thing is, steve keeley, that, you know, steve and i used to yell at each other, because steve keeley is the meanest person in the news
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room. >> oh,. >> he's nice. >> smart but mean. >> when he comes around, he's nice. >> a bully, a known bully, so thank you for being that guy. >> maybe i can replace steve keeley and be your husband, we will take it there. >> steve keeley, mike being alex, and dray did say is my friends q taking me to school. so she already has a connection. >> friday night. >> excited. >> who knows, man. this kid will be little more carmel, though? nice tan? >> probably, yes, kids carmel, hey, thanks, guys. >> all right, now we go to kerrey, because we're going to be talking about bradjoel even a, everyone is talking about this wedding dress, that angelina was married? >> being criticized. some people criticizing, some people saying the kids are too involved in the big day. thousand all breaks down. if you haven't seen the picture yet, a lot of people
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would probably agree, if have you the chance to include your kids in the wedding it is a no blaine err, but writer from the new york post that said brad and angelina went too far let the kids call a shots on the day a day that was supposed to be theirs, although it is probably brad and angelina's choice who they want in the wed being. i think write is her way out of line. let me tell you the back store. she told people magazine the ceremony was unusual situation with all eight of them getting married, meaning obviously she and brad and their six kiddos. kiddos wrote the vows, ten year olds packs was even in charge every baking the cake. some think the wedding was nice expression of family, this writer says that the wedding was an example of extreme attachment parenting. she says that brad and angelina are over indulgent parents gone mad. so i don't know if you have seen the picture, of her wedding veils, but it had artwork, if you can say that, from her kids, you know, pictures of them, like, you know, pictures that they drew of themselves of rain both, of planes, of birds, animals, that kind of thing, all sewn
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into the vale of the versace gown she had. so taking six kids on the honeymoon, as well, although they are saying in a separate villa, little ways away interest their kids. so they are not actually, you know, all staying in the same room together. but here is the deal. i don't know if you guys can hear me, i may be talking to myself. but as long as their kids are well behaved -- >> i haven't seen the dress, but i hear they were writing all over it. is it too much to bring your kids to your honeymoon? i've never been on a honeymoon. >> aren't the kids the ren they are together in the first place, main focus of their lives. >> but honeymoon. isn't that for adult time? >> they've got ten on enough. you know what i mean. >> draw on the vale? the designs were sewn into the vale by the designer, so handed off a bunch of their artwork, drew it into the valement frankly, who the heck cares? who is this random -- >> hey, thanks, kerr. >> i okay. >> starting to cloud up here in quakertown, because i can't
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hear. >> sorry, kerrey, sorry we cut you off. >> starting to cloud up here in quakertown, sue, give us a update? we can make the rest of the show, can't we? >> 's wonderful man. oh, you know what, we have folks coming up taking pictures, because we're with flash, the beautiful horse, courtesy of critter coral. so why don't we get started, go on our little trip down the street. now, you bring flash out for special event like this. >> yes, special. >> a rescue? >> a rescue, yes, he is and he loves events, he loves people. and he's very well mannered. >> heis not like flash. >> 3 miles per hour, what we do. >> delightful. i love that's got wonderful life now with you guys at the critter coral. >> yes, he does. he's weighing about
9:18 am
2,000 pounds are he eats about a bail of hey a day. >> we have perfect day for nice ride in the country. let's talk about the weather, and thousand will be by the end of the work week, because, yes, we will be getting back up to the 90s, but today, 87. so still warm. but definitely not as humid by the end of the day. we can really feel the difference out here in quakertown this morning. now by the end of the week, still in the 90s, but big change coming on sunday with high temperatures in the 70s. sort of a fall football casino every feel. that's your seven day forecast, heather, thanks for the ride this morning. >> thank you. >> mike, alex, i've got the best ride in town. >> i want to gave you a hug from california. >> oh, from california? >> yes, very happy to see you. >> oh, thank you. >> your a so much thin nerve person. >> really? >> oh, my goodness. >> what are you saying? >> my, my, my. >> oh,. >> my, my, my.
9:19 am
>> oh, look at that. >> are we monkeying around too much for you? go eagles. >> go eagles. thank you for that. come back and get it. >> way down broad street. >> still going, so many businesses are out here, it is great. >> where's cathy. >> oh! >> look at this, fresh squeezed, she's excited. look at that. >> you have the most energy of any person in quakertown. we got out of the truck today at 6:00 this morning, and she's like ahh. she was great, though, woke us up. >> this is aj over here. he works with me all the time. this is danny, right here. this is our cafe. please, sample some of our fresh orange juice. it is our -- doing fabulous, mexican specials. >> yes? >> are we still talking? >> no, you haven't stopped talking since 6:00. >> lock at the sign, though. >> geez. >> i helped you out. did you like my sign? >> did i.
9:20 am
i have a new friends. i love it. thank you so much. >> married woman? >> i am married. my husband works nights. i work days. so we get along very well. >> go back into your coffee shop and drink some more coffee. >> no, no, no. hey, next -- now we will take a break, we continue down broad street. can we do it? we'll find out.
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>> hey, marilyn russell, what's up, native philadelphian, welcome our new girl hal ex hole toy good day philadelphia. >> oh, that was so great. thank you so much! philly attitude. that will was great. mike? >> thanks for doing this, they've been doing this since 6:30 this morning. what's the name of the dance school? >> miss cindy's school of dance. >> you're so cute. >> that's great. let's go over here. i hear there are some diamonds
9:24 am
over here. let's see. >> hello. >> good morning. so how does this work? >> welcome to our house. what's the name of the snows. >> the house is hc kulp jewelers, been here since 1957. >> you must be tired. >> good day. >> i'm exhausted. >> okay. >> so what do you have going on here? you win a diamond? >> here it is. 200 ice cubes, one of them, only one, has a genuine diamond. >> how big is it? >> why is that important? >> so i can see it. >> typical female. >> that's not important. >> okay. >> how big is it? >> $750. >> it is worth $750? >> worth $750. >> so what do dow? i just look? oh, do i get to pick one? >> hole on a second. you're not supposed to take a shot. >> you don't want to swallow a diamond. >> it is gray goose. >> i know. but what if i swallow the diamond? >> i think you have had some.
9:25 am
>> we let the cube melt down, then the stone you have comes inside. and we'll test it for you, and you may be a winner. >> i don't get it. if i drink it, don't i swallow the diamond? >> you'll have it tomorrow morning. >> it will come out? come out? >> will you check for me? >> one way to do it. >> ya, who will check to see if there is cents a dime in there. >> i don't know if i should be drinking. >> why? >> why not? >> would it melt? >> oh, you let it melt if you don't drink it. >> it is somewhere. >> it is 12:00 somewhere. >> isn't that the way works. >> ya. >> drink it if you wish. >> i need to hang out with you later. >> i have no idea what that would be. >> oh, i can tell. >> hopefully someone gets a diamond today. >> watch out. you'll step on a kid. >> don't want to step on a kid. all right, making your way down broad street. >> what's it place? have we stopped here before? >> i don't think so. >> who are you people? >> what's the name of the joint? >> my name is cathy gregger.
9:26 am
i don't have a joint. >> oh, what's this? you make this stuff? >> i do hand paint the glass, do the bird seed streets. >> how do you wash them, if you wash it will the paint come off? >> , no you put it in the top rack of your dish washer. >> how do i get a hole of you? >> i have a card right here. >> that won't help my viewers. >> glass with class. by kathy. >> glass with class by keith. >> i mike, nice guest coming up? >> are we going to attempt this? >> attempt to talk to ray. >> ray, good fellow, has new movie out. >> we want to hear all about it. >> it looks pretty good. we'll talk to ray after the >> it looks pretty good. we'll it makes me happy toe go on the computer.
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okay. this is going to be like making a movie, like we're on a movie set here. we will try to talk to somebody miles and miles away by satellite but i think it is worth it because it i ray liotta and now he is in another one that looks darn good to me. >> he is doing something a complete opposite he will be a priest in the priest call the identify call about two twins separated at birth during great depression. we will show you a little clip. >> it is time for to you grow up and be a man. you are going in the ministry. >> i don't hear the call that he want me to hear. >> took you long enough to figure that out. >> it is all i want to do. >> let's do it. >> this little musical tour of yours, it is over.
9:31 am
>> okay. so ray, welcome to quakertown. >> hi. >> and, go a head. that is a long delay. welcome to quakertown. i want to know when you got the call from your agent and you they wanted to you play a priest, what was your response. >> i welcomed the opportunity. i am a preacher, in the a priest, but it was so nice that i didn't to have beat anybody up. >> well, that is true. so is what the other twin. >> well, one, they are separated at birth, i adopt one of them, and the one twin that i don't adopt, he becomes this big huge rock and roll person. my son really wants to get into music too but as you just
9:32 am
saw i want him to go in the minute industry so is there friction on between me and him. it is a bought full story. really proud of this movie. it is a great movie. >> ray, weren't you in real life adopted. >> yes, yes. >> does that connect you then to this role. >> it moved me, it made me look at things from my father's point of view as opposed to, i'm a person who adopts the kid, but, you know, it really moved me. it really did. like i said, it made me think of things through my tad's eyes. >> um-hmm. if were you in quakertown walking down the main street called broad street what would people yell out to you, sit still good fellas. >> that and field of dreams, maybe. >> that is a big one.
9:33 am
>> field of dreams, what a great movie. well, listen to this, i have a question, i have been watching your tequilla commercials. the one at the prize fight, it seemed a little weird and creepy to me. >> what when i lean into her ear. >> he sees himself. >> yes, exactly what it is. >> you are kind of leaning over. you don't have to say anything. >> when i lean over. >> yeah. >> yeah, he likes to lean over. >> those eyes. >> ray, congratulations on this movie, it looks good and when does it come out. >> it comes out friday. >> thanks for spending time with us. >> okay, thank you. >> it kind of work.
9:34 am
>> i think that work. >> it works a little bit. >> that was good. >> but that is just the way it is with satellite. >> we are finishing up broad street. >> hold on, there is something to eat. >> more food. >> what is this. >> this is what. >> are you lost there in your head. >> i did. you have to try. just try it. >> it is eggs. >> we have bacon pancakes. >> and these are eggs. >> okay. >> and we have the homemade green salsa on top and homemade hawaii salsa. >> where is place. >> thinks jp's diner right up there. >> i'll just go up there. >> on broad street. >> thanks, ladies. >> oh, i am going to stuff myself with this big pancake. >> it is kind of big. >> i will take a short stack. >> good one.
9:35 am
>> now that is a pancake. >> hot dog and a pan cake. >> ♪
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
one of my favorite stores in quakertown has always been there, let's split up here for a second. when was this built? >> 1926. >> 1926. so it is signed. everybody knows signs. isn't that weird. that is a sines, sines, they misspelled sines. we will take a closer look inside. what do we want to show them. >> we want to talk about the ride up here. >> we went way out of our way to get here because of tom loudon. >> thanks, tom. >> there he is. >> he says best way to go to take the blue route and so this is how it went. >> we're going to quakertown. your we out in south philadelphia. why are we going this way. >> so you are going to go south to get north. >> i doubt we will see you today. >> we will be there on time,
9:40 am
don't worry about it. >> we went by wheeling, west virginia. >> somehow we have ended up on the pennsylvania turnpike in a construction zone, and look at the time. i think we are half mile away from the site itself. >> allah ex-could come on camera but she has her hair wrap again. >> can we see. >> just stick your head out a little bit. >> yes. >> you look beautiful. >> wilmington, tomorrow, tom. >> they said okay. >> the ride to these locations have been fun. >> they are an adventure, before we even get to the site where we will be for the show. >> tomorrow we will do that same kind of thing in wilmington and we will meet you at 7:00 at rodney square. sines, 1926, 27, we have a camera inside too. does it look pretty much the same as it did back then. >> it looks like the same as
9:41 am
it looks since 1956. >> when did you a remodel. >> remod held in 1976. >> are you a sines. >> i'm a desend event of a sin ises what does that mean. >> migrate grandfather was howard sines and i started this business. my name is now fox, linda fox. >> that still fox, fox is here at sines you can come work for us. >> is this one of the original. >> yes, when i was here i used this when i started working here at 15. >> does it still work. >> yes. >> look at how old this is. >> still does work. >> make it ring. >> look at that. >> there is no money in it. >> hold on a second back when things were a penny, right there. >> yes, yes. >> it only goes up to $5. >> is that it. >> five bucks was a big deal. by the way your dime is broken. >> i know, it came off in the storm. >> sand i. >> no, just recently one of the rains. >> good to see you good to see
9:42 am
you. >> you fox. >> so is what your first name. >> linda. >> she's linda sines fox. >> i like it. >> okay. >> now we are going here because we have a little competition. >> oh, no. >> what? >> now we are going to jen. >> we's here. this is the worst invention. >> yes. >> open house, just regular
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
♪ >> that bandies really going, aren't they mike. they ever still going. >> they have been out here over three hours,. >> yes. >> look at this handsome dude. >> hello. >> stand right over there you are next. i want to talk to this young man, okay. thank you. >> thank you mike i appreciate that. >> red lion girls. >> yes. >> is what your name. >> my name is dave. >> so you want to build this big skate park in quakertown
9:46 am
where do you want to put it. >> right by the high school, small park there and we want to expand it. >> and these are all local kids. >> local guys, we have great local guys here that are incredible on a bike or skateboard. >> what did city council say. >> they love it. >> how soon will it be there. >> i would love to have it here next summer will you help with us that. >> sure. >> it is free fall every year and speak of the competitions. >> we have a competition with jen and q. >> yes. >> here's what we are doing, we are telling people about the home of the future. first of all you have a big open house here. >> yes this weekend huge open house, 40th birthday, please come out, we will have all kind of events, home automation, moon bounce out front, we will have the national guard here, we will have working dogs and policeman and firemen. >> to you carpetry, electric, plumbing, ac hc. >> we have a home of the future. >> yes, ma'am. >> let's see it. >> unlock the door.
9:47 am
>> okay, thank you. >> hi guys. >> hello. >> so this is home of the future, joe not just because of the door thingy. >> thingy. >> you will come in. >> i will operate it for you. >> here's the thing. i have learn here, at nto, where am i. >> tell me how to do this. >> basically make sure that you can see, that thinks now automated. here's what you do people. you just put this thingy on here. >> pull that chip off. >> what is this thingy called. >> it is a computer chip. >> okay. >> you have to put in this home automation outlet. pull out the standard and put home automation in. >> why do i want to be able to turn my lights on. >> nowadays everybody wants to control everything from their phone. >> top one please. >> right there. >> bam. >> and everybody controls everything from their cell phones now. if you are not home, or put a
9:48 am
light on in the house you can set this up. so, right now, all right, john had has that set up. i want you to hit dining room receptacle, top left. >> top left. >> hit it all off. >> off. >> look at that. >> wow. >> i can do that from my phone traveling, like if the kids are coming home annie want to turn the light on. >> turn the light on in the house. >> or you don't think you are home and on vacation. >> yes. >> one of the things that drives me crazy, i have rotten kids at home, you met them honey. >> i love them. >> they can mess up the screen. you say fixing the screen is easier then we all thing. >> lindh ace the experts when it comes to the screen. you have sort of told us how to to this and we basically have to go on this side. >> no, you are set up on this side this is a sliding tool. it has two edges. it has a edge here and here and you put that into the
9:49 am
slot, to bring the screen in. the edge that has a groove, you want to ride along this and then you want to stroke and you are on. >> we have two cheerleaders, right. >> yes. >> you will fix this if i mess this up. >> yes. >> so just tell us. >> are we ready. >> yes. >> let's go. >> turnaround. >> this is something they are learning how to do but we can also learn how to do this at home. >> these are nylon screens. these are easy for the home owner, and anyone who can do this you can say to yourself tons and tons of money. it is something every home owner should be able to to.
9:50 am
>> now q, you should be able to do this. >> yes. >> putting a screen in. >> yes. >> guys, we had an amazing time at orleans technical institute. thanks, linda. >> come saturday. >> come saturday. >> enjoy the party. >> yes. >> if you don't follow me on instagram you need to because q, mike jerrick, q was teaching lynn a a little bit about modern music. >> yes. she enjoyed it. >> he knows a lot about modern music. >> good. >> unaudible. >> people will they they are married because of the bickering. that just sounded like chaos to me. okay, bellmawr thoughtful. >> yes. >> is that you. >> yes.
9:51 am
>> that car over here is cool, beaches and sandals. >> yes. >> where are you located. >> we're on west end boulevard, southwest end boulevard, up on 309. >> yeah,. >> and we're all local, in quakertown. >> i love local. >> i love you. i wanting to on vacation with you. >> to disney world. >> you you are the two. >> you made the t-shirts that we had earlier this morning. >> yes. >> public accountant and financial advisors just down the the street. >> shout out from mccool. >> thank you. >> i love it. >> that is one of of our better signs. >> we're taking it home with us. >> thank you very much. >> lets show off some more kids going back to school. >> we have riley and carter and they are going back to school or they went back to school because they should be there, hash tag fox 29 fox 29 back to school. >> i hope their mom was there to get them on a school bus that would be a good thing for a
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ >> you can do a beiber imitation. and, go. >> go. >> i can see that. >> that beiber what a wean i. >> right. >> i'm doing yoga. >> yes. >> you just missed out, forward facing dog. >> hoist the big one here. >> this is lucky hi lucky. >> okay. >> you said you can get us dizzy without being drunk. >> free alcohol, the trouble is i have been drinking. >> stop, stop, stop, stop. >> don't serve that to anybody else. >> i will nominate presidential aviation. >> is that tart.
9:56 am
>> it is. >> all the way, more, more, more. oh, my gosh. >> she kind of does it. >> 3 miles an hour is what we do. >> this is delightful. >> he is a lot bigger than me. >> you win, you win. >> mike, you are hanging on here. >> i know it. >> everybody look at that big camera way up in the sky, say good bye. >> good bye. bye quakertown, we love you. >> so much fun, it has been a great morning. >> so far, is the key there. i made the mistake of asking the the quakertown fire department if they would take us up, thinking they wouldn't. >> now he is hanging on for dear life. >> you will do it. >> what is your name. >> tim. >> tim horner. >> okay, shall we do it. >> yes. >> do you want to go 30 feet up. >> all the way. >> should we go all the way
9:57 am
up. >> how high is all the way, tim. >> 100 feet. >> one hundred feet. >> come on in mike. >> we will say bye, when we're real high. >> thank you quakertown. >> it has been great, so much fun. >> can you still see me. >> you cannot miss that head. so big. thanks for welcoming alex to good day philadelphia it has been wonderful. >> i love quakertown. we have shut down broad street for sure. >> wow, alex, starting to jerk around. >> how many feet. >> how high are we now. >> about 60 feet. >> we're above light poles. >> and we're still going. >> bye quakertown, by bucks county. >> we can see mess of bucks county up here, alex. my gosh. >> we're still going. >> bye, quakertown.
9:58 am
>> love you quakertown. >> by bucks county. we will see
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's wendy williams! today, chrissy teigen is here to share details of her marriage of john legend and hot new show, "snack off", and apollo's day in court. wendy has the details. another 50 and fabulous makeover. [ cheers and applause ] now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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