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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 5, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> the tragic loss of a comic legend. >> welcome, please, joan rivers. >> joan rivers paved the way for women in com did he in a way that will never be forgotten. >> someone that vibrant i believe is always going to be with us. >> tonight new questions surrounding her final procedure and the clinic now under investigation. >> it's a story still developing to night. joan rivers passed away today at a manhattan hospital at age 81. it was one week ago that her heart stopped during what was supposed to be a routine medical procedure. g evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lauren johnson in for lucy noland. >> rivers will be remembered for his feisty attitude during her five decades in the entertainment industry.
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>> these are all my jokes over the last 30 years. >> the daughter of russian immigrants born joan mel lynn ski in brooklyn new york in 1933. she worked odd jobs before changing her name to rivers and breaking into comedy in the early '60s. >> welcome, please, joan rivers. >> rivers gained national attention in 1965 when she appeared on the tonight show starring johnny carson. he told her, you're going to be a star. she would eventually become carson's permanent guest host. but her career and life had a number of set backs. she helped launch the fox network in 1986 with a late night talk show. something carson considered a betrayal. they never spoke again. the show only lasted two seaso seasons. months later, edgar her husband and long-time producer committed suicide. >> now for a change of pace -- >> in 1989 she returned to daytime tv with the joan rivers show which earned her an emmy and she garnered a tony
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nomination for portraying lenny bruce's mother on broadway. >> i am a grandmother. hard to believe, huh? >> pick a finger. >> she never stop doing stand yup and making headlines for her controversial comments about celebrities. she joked about her own love with cosmetic surgery. >> i am in love with it. >> she launched a jewelry and clothing line and starred in several cable shows with her daughter melissa. >> but joan rivers will always be remembered as a comic legend. she set the standard for female comedians and made her fans laugh for nearly half a century. >> joan rivers! >> 40 years in the business and this is where you end up. >> rivers daughter melissa rivers released a statement saying in part "it is with great sadness that i announce the death of my mother. mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh.
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although that is difficult to do right now. i know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon ". >> fans remembering her jokes and opinions of celebrity fashion or leaving flowers and paying respects at rivers star on the walk of fame in hollywo hollywood. right near the dolby theater the home of the oscars. rivers received her star back in july of 1989. her legacy in our area may not be etched in stone, but it is marked in her countless visits here and family ties. fox 29's chris o'connell continues our team coverage tonight at the helium comedy center in -- in center city where stories of the comedian are being shared tonight. chris. >> it is a sad night in the comedy world. i talked with lot of comedians tonight. if you were a comedian joan rivers had some sort of influence on you. in particular, two of them actually performing to night here at the helium comedy club. both of them saying the world has lost a legend. >> starting out as a young
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comedian 12 years ago, brad trackman remembers getting the phone call of his career. a last minute cancellation had him opening for joan rivers in a new york comedy club. >> joan rivers was a shining star in comedy. >> reporter: minutes before the routine of his life -- >> the agent says, listen, miss rivers might not even speak to you so, you know, don't bother her. >> reporter: that's when the nervous young comedian from mt. laurel heard a knock on the door and standing right in front of him the queen of comedy herself. >> it's a pleasure to meet you. listen, thank you for doing this. no relationship jokes. no jew wash jokes. and no jokes about clinton. i'm just messing with you and i was just like wow, man. >> reporter: that's kind of brash she humor kept joan rivers career going for more than 50 years. >> she was just so sharp and clever and nobody was exactly like her. >> reporter: comedian heather mcdonald says she owes much of
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her career to rivers. she worked with her at the e network. >> i'm heather mcdonald. she was like i know who you are. i can't believe you know who i am. >> mcdonald said rivers placed a trail for her and other female comedians with style all her own anime icon a pioneer. >> really admire how long her career was. like she defied age and sexism and she was -- did it all while being an incredible mother. >> reporter: rivers had many other ties to the philadelphia area. of course, she spent many years doing jobs down at atlantic city casinos. her daughter melissa rivers graduated from the university of pennsylvania, but it was her influence on other comedians i learned tonight that just might be her lasting legacy. iain. >> chris, thank you. coming up later in the newscast, we will good life to new york where fans are remembering the legend. >> happening now, we've just learn the obama care website has been hacked. the white house confirming to night hackers broke into health in july.
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but the breach was only discovered one week ago. so what does this mean and was any of your personal information stolen? fox 29's jennifer joyce in the newsroom to break the all down for us. jennifer. >> the department of human health and human services says the part of the sight that was breached did not have a fire wall installed it. no personal information was compromised. the hackers gained access to a health test server which had no consumer information however the cyber criminals did install malicious software that could have been used to launch an attack on other web sites. senator tom carper of delaware who is the chairman of the homeland security and governmental affairs committee released a a statement saying in part "the report of a cyber breach on the health test server is deeply troubling, and under scores the scary reality of how much of a target our sensitive information has become in cyber space".
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>> health is the latest victims of the hackers. earlier this week we found out home depot is investigating a possible scarabee scare a mid reports that credit and debit card data linked to purchases on the store were sold to the black mark. home depot has not confirm the attack. department of health and human services says it does not appear to have been targeted but rather hackers were scowering the internet for web sites with weaknesses. lauren and iain. >> all right, jennifer, thank you. it took over an hour to clean up this mess on the road in gloucester township today. police say a settlement truck driver slammed on the brakes a little too hard a blackwood-clementon road and gloucester road causing this huge mess. enough concrete spilled out to cover two lanes and the local fire department and public works managed to get it all up some cars that were splattered had cleaning up to do as well.
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>> so far only two people came through said they traveled through the concrete aft the truck had left. i was advised they went and got their cars washed. came back and there was no damage to the cars. >> police tracked down the truck driver. no citations have been issue. police say they'll determine whether the driver will be cited once the investigation is complete. police say anyone else who may have driven through the concrete can give them a call. >> tonight an ambler alert issued for child missing from a florida home after four bodies were found nearly a mile away. four year old tristan, has autism last seen week ago during a welfare check at the boy's home authorities discovered the child was missing and found signs of foul play in the house. they found the bodies of two men and two women three quarters of a mile away. the child may be with adam man toes who deputees believe is his father an person of interest. authorities say mattos is from pennsylvania. >> homicide investigators swarm a home in the city's crescen crescentville neighborhood. cops say two men were found shot
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to dem this morning in the 500 block of allen grove street. investigators say a woman found the bodies around 10:00 o'clock this morning. their entities have not been row release leased but police say they appear to be in their 20's. this block is known for drug activity. >> we did respond to this block a lot much this particular house we didn't have information of the house being involved in narcotics. >> police have made no arrests at this time. but investigators say they're looking into reports of a man seen running from the home this morning. >> fast food employees takes to the streets to demand higher wages in philadelphia. workers marched down broad street from spring garden to arch about a dozen protesters were arrested for blocking traffic. organizers hope to push fast food chains to pay their employees at least $15 an hour. similar protests were held in cities across the country. >> robbers hold up a 7eleven in oxford circle now they are on the run. this is surveillance video from the robbery on bustleton avenue a few weeks ago.
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two masked gunman forced an employee into the back grabbed two bags of cash then broke the security system. they also forced a second employee to empty the cash register. no one was hurt. >> it's a new beginning for the west side of city hall in center city. a ribbon cutting ceremony officially marking the completion of the new dilworth park. there's a sweeping new lawn, a cafe, public art and fountains and the fountain space becomes an ice ring in the winter. the project costs 55 million bucks. the entrance to septa's busiest hub even got a makeover. speaking of septa, the transit authority is renaming one of its most popular stations in center city. starting today, the market east station will now be known as the jefferson station. the change as a result of a naming rights contract between thomas jefferson hospitals sep septa's gm calls a perfect fit. the deal is for five years and worth $3.9 million. septa says it will help defray operating costs. >> one dad is furious over this.
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his 10 year old son with autism bent over the back of a cop car handcuffed. >> what if somebody happened in the future to my son. is he going to be able to trust an officer? no, he's not. he's going to look at a cop and think right away he's going to get arrest. >> why police say it was all for his son's own good. a soldier killed serving his country overseas is popping up oh and dating sites. it turns out his picture was stolen. why his grieving mother says she can't get them removed plus -- >> reporter: couple of months ago we told you the story of big pat. a blind draft horse almost certainly headed for slaughter. tonight pat is not only been given site he's about to get a brand new home. i'm bruce gore. the story straight ahead from cochranville. >> and caught in the act. she thought no one would believe her until she got it on her phone. what one woman recorded her postal worker doing inches from her mailbox. >> if you're making plans for the upcoming weekend get ready
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for weather changes. the timing of heat as well as showers and storms.
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♪ >> police say this guy is wanted in connection to shooting in philadelphia's port richmond neighbor. no one was hurt but cars on the 2200 block of east monmouth street were hit with bullets along with window of a hem nearby. this happened last week and police say the gunman was wearing a dark green hat, greece muslim gash with long sleeves and red adidas shoes. if you know anything give police call. >> in montgomery county, hundreds of residents of an apartment complex in abington township are facing eviction
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some in their 90's. they say they were just notified and don't have much time to figure out where to go. tenants spoke to fox 29's karen hepp about the hardship they face. >> reporter: marlene sellers is an artist. the 81 year old proudly hangs her work in her lovely home she simply can't believe after 35 years she's being forced out in days. >> how can they do this? it's an injustice to us. it's a terrible injustice to everyone here. it's absurd. >> we hate to have to go. i mean just for the upheaval not so much to say well we can't find a place nice as this one. just don't have -- the struggle to go, you know, you get there and you beat yourself up and you knock yourself out until you may not even last long when you get. >> reporter: marshall jones is 93. he thought this would be his last home and he'd spent the twilight of his life surrounded by his treasures and his memories. the decorated world war ii vet is still pretty feisty and he's not going to be hustled out quietly. >> we wanted to put up some
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fight. other people just -- they collapsed and they just starting to pack their stuff and do the best they can. >> reporter: the building is closing according to the owners and most have been notified they have 30 days to get out. the own are in blames the township for renovation delays but abington points the finger right back to the owners. >> we are get nothing help. not from the township. or the landlord. we are the pawns in the middle of all of this. >> reporter: in abington township, karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> a busy day for delaware governor jack markell. he appeared on "good day philadelphia" this morning to talk about his new education initiative. well, moments after his fox 29 appearance, things got little weird. the governor sent out a tweet about his initiative and a very unfortunate mistake occurred. the tweet announcing a plan to help disadvantaged kids a picture though, well, it had nothing to do with education it showed woman dressed up what appeared bondage gear. the governor's office quickly delete delete deleted the post d
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fished an apology and an explanation. it says the picture that was supposed to link at the tweet was inadvertently altered and the woman appeared. the governor' office added this. it wished the accidental link that been a cat video. >> big news for big pat. he's got a new home tonight. earlier this summer we told you pat's story. a blind draft horse almost certainly heading for slaughter. >> local animal activist and university of pennsylvania veterinary specialists stepped to save his site and his life. >> reporter: bruce gordon brought this story back in july. he's here with great news, bruce. >> big pat was pawned on a lancaster county auction house when he was no longer of use to a local farmer. he was likely headed for slaughter. now, headed for michigan and the rest full retirement he richly deserves. >> all right. check you out while we're here. >> final eye exam before big pat hits the road.
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new adoptive mom lisa hal bert sure likes what she cease. a veterinarian from battle creek michigan lisa is a adopted unwanted animals before. >> i found the rescued animals recognize when they're in the hands of angels and they forgive their past and warm up to new people and all heart. >> reporter: big pat was blind, beat up and under weight when he was rescued by the large animal protection society back in july. now he teamed up with penn vets at the new bolton center. pat' left eye was too far gone but the right eye could be sav saved. the eye doctors made an incision in right cornea broke up the cataracts inside and sucked out the debris. >> he was definitely a different horse. hot hot mission accomplish. >> it's she was to so him especially see him so happy. he's in good weight. all his wounds have heeled. he's visual. >> reporter: final check up was followed by a going away party. after being worked hard for 14 years, then discarded, pat doesn't know much about celebrating. turned up his nose at the carrot
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cake and said nah to the sparkling cidar. but the folk at the protection society were in toasting mood. why not? they took in a throw away. found experts that gave him back his site and raised funds for his care. >> it was just a really neat experience to be involved in something like this. >> reporter: good feeling inside to know he's got good home? >> absolutely much he's getting the best home you could possibly have. >> reporter: i guess. lisa says pat will have a couple of draft horses to hang out wi with. >> a couple of my mayors may really find him a handsome guy. >> reporter: he's got all of scheme coming his way. >> he does. >> reporter: that's retirement living. >> you ready to go for ride? >> reporter: the power of social media. lisa saw big pat's story on the laps facebook page. one look and she was hook. she says she'll send some pictures of pat when they get home to battle creek. we, of course, will share them with you or you can go to our website, click scene on tv for more information on protection society and the
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great life saving work they do. iain. >> bruce, thank you. great story with a good ending. chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking some sticky changes for your morning. scott. that's right, iain. we're watching a warm front that will be advancing toward our area. you can see to the south of it, showers and storms and also we're looking at muggy conditions. so get ready for tomorrow morning. it's going to be a zahn outdoo outdoors. over the neck 12 hours for the philadelphia area, we're looking at mild and muggy conditions. some patchy fog to start. likely with that warm front advancing. but look at the temperatures by 7:00 o'clock, 73. upper 70s by 10:00 a.m. there could be late morning showers. perhaps a rumble of thunder as well. but look at the temperatures right now, 75 in philadelphia. we're looking at 73 in trenton. mid 70s still in the wilmington area. so once again those dew points climbing above 60 it starts to feel a little more sticky and oppressive so you can see already dew point reading in in the low 70's for dover and that
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air mass will continue to lift in our direction. coming up, we'll have temperature changes and also the timing of some weekend showers and storms. so don't make those plans just yet until you see the latest model run coming into our studios. >> all right, scott. three teens steal a schoolbus and go for joy ride around town. even passing cops along the way. but not single person noticed. >> what was you thinking about and he said i don't know why i let them talk me into doing th this. >> how workers finally realized something was fishy when they went in to work days later. >> killer cobra on the loose is finally found. where police say the massive snake was hiding right in plane sight. >> plus no ketchup for you. where the favorite condiment is now banned.
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♪ >> a couch not properly secured on the back avenue pickup truck leads to an accident on a milwaukee freeway. the couch wound up in the left lane. the driver stopped in the middle lane and went to retrieve his furniture. another driver slammed into the back of the pick up. neither was badly hurt of the investigators say the driver of the truck received three ticke tickets. a georgia man whose son died after he was left in hot car has been charged with murder. a jury indicted justice harris on several charges as well. he's been in jail since his june arrest on the day his son died. prosecutors say he left his son in the hot car on purpose. harris says he was supposed to drive his son to daycare but drove to work without realizing
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that the child was in the car. prosecutors say harris searched hot car deaths on his home computer. >> who can forget this. the woman who police say drove her van into the ocean while three young children were strapped in the back seat now says she did it because of quote low blood sugar. he been bono wilkerson's attorney filed a motion saying that. it will be addressed in court during a hearing tomorrow. wilkerson' attorney say her blood sugar level was measure at 44 by paramedics who were called to the beach. this happened back in march. they say normal range is 70 to 100. the 32 year old is charged with three counts of attempted murder and child abuse. three teens arrested for stealing a schoolbus. >> their joy ride was caught on tape. the video doesn't show a lot but enough to identify three cousins accused of steelin stealing a s. a 16 year old and two 17 year olds in central florida. they spent hours driving around even picked up some friends. the bus was eventually returned
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to the parking spot where it was taken. >> i said ely gentleman, what was you thinking about? and he said, i don't know why i let me into this. >> mom says doing a little time might help her son straighten you. the keys had will be left in the bus. mechanics saw the bus had mr. miles than it should and figured something just was not right. >> manhattan clinic now under investigation. joan rivers walked in for a routine procedure and was rushed out after her heart stopped beating. new information about what happened inside that clinic. >> plus the picture causing quiet stir. a 10 year old with autism face down in the back avenue squad card. niece handcuffs but police say he was never under arrest. what cops told his dad just feet away. >> deadly cobra on the loose for diss is caught. but it wasn't easy. how crews finally found and captured the hug
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♪ >> from coast to coast and around the world people are remembering joan rivers tonight. the star died after
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complications from a minor surgery on her throat. she was being treated at a clinic in new york when she went into cardiac arrest last week. >> rivers was rush to the hospital and put into a medically induced coma passing away today surrounded by family and friends. fox's sharon crowley is live in new york tonight where fans are showing their love for the comedian. sharon report rt they certainly are. we're live outside joan rivers upper east side apartment here, and as you can see behind me, and you'll see from some pictures in few minutes, people have been dropping flowers and notes and coming by condolences not just from celebrities but also from just regular people who didn't know her but say she made them laugh. >> a pile of flowers grows outside comedian joan riffs upper east side home. condolences and well wishes for the legendary comic, tv host, actress and author, are coming in from the famous and the fans. natalie heron had chance to meet rivers at an event in new york city last april. >> she was just warm and delightful and i was just even
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more happy to have met her after having been a fan for so many years of her business. >> reporter: fan shade saw rivers last show last week. he took this picture with her at the event. >> the world went a little gray, you know, but where i'm at with this whole thing, like, even the reason i'm enjoying sharing this particular photo is because she's so alive in the photo and she is just sunshine and she is such a dynamo. >> rivers died at mount sinai hospital this afternoon. she was rushed to the hospital after she had a cardiac arrest during a routine throat procedure last week at a new yorkville clinic. her daughter melissa rivers and grandson cooper were by her side today. melissa released a statement that says in part "my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. although it is difficult to do right now, i know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon. joan rivers was 81 years old. her funeral services are planned for sunday at temple emmanuel on
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the upper east side. >> it broke my heart. she's from my hometown in large montgomery. followed her career since 1965. i'm heart broken. >> i love her because, um, she didn't believe in political correctness and neither do i. >> reporter: you heard it the fans are heart broken as are many celebrities friends and family of joan rivers. services will be held on sunday and i think part of the morning here tonight -- mourning tonight joan rivers really her appeal spanned generations. sharon crowley, fox 29 news. >> as you can imagine, twitter has been lit up everyone tweeting around the world about this i couldn't joan rivers not just here in philadelphia but around the world and of course celebrities are weighing in on twitter as well. let's read some of those tweets for you. here's ryan seacrest tweeting she was trail blazing hysterical thoughtful we'll miss you immense joan.
3:32 am
whoopi goldberg says my friend joan riffs passed away. once again to quote billy crystal, there are no words. bon voyage joan and this from bet midler on twitter. joan rivers has died. what a sad ending to a brilliant and tragic comic life. one of the bravest and funniest of all. >> and this from samuel l. jackson love her or hate her while mississippi joan riffs i always lee expected her go for broke humor one of a kind rip. >> from ricky gervais... >> lauren. >> joan rivers visited chester county several times a month to show off her fashion line products on qcvc. >> rivers had huge heart. >> she would know in minute if you were having a bad day and passionate about everything she did but she also had great compassion. she was woman that had gone through some hard times and she never forgot that. so what i'd love for people to
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know about her she was the kindest woman she would give you the shirt off her back. >> tracy says rivers constantly had the crew in tears laughing so much they kept tissue nearby. tracyly says rivers taught her how about it is to be yourself and always move forward no matter what life throws your way. >> you can take look back at the life of the legend on our website we have a slide show and some clips of rivers interviews over the years. >> a sense of relief in southern california tonight. a deadly albino cobra that was the loose has been captured. it had been slithering around a thus san oaks neighborhood since monday. animal control officers spent hours each day looking for it. its bite can kill within an ho hour. the snake reportedly bit a dog finally it was spotted this afternoon in someone's backyard hiding under a pile of scrap lumber. official put it in a wooden box and took it to an animal shelter. officials believe it escaped from captivity although it's illegal to own one in californ california.
3:34 am
>> a 10 year old boy with autism is handcuffed on top of a police car. his father now furious. were you police say they absolute hal no choice. >> fox's jackie, reports. >> let me go to the class and -- i'm his father. i can help him out. i can deal with the situation better than anybody else. >> the principal called police at sigh press elementary school after his 10 year old son began acting violently much the principal told officers the boy was making threats and trying to hurt himself with a pair of scissors. >> they say things they don't mean out of context much it's just a tough situation. >> police didn't take it that way. >> our officer went in asked if he can speak to the child trying and get dialogue going with the child, calm him down. that was not successful. he was very aggressive making threats to harm himself using scissors. >> police say they had to literally carry the boy out of the school because he was kicking and screaming. according to the police report,
3:35 am
the boy was placed on the trunk of the patrol car and not on the asphalt because it was too hot. officers say the boy was never arrested only handcuffed for his own safety. >> we train for this type of thing. we go through crisis intervention training which has a component that deals with children who have disabilities. obviously we'll train some more but the chief, he stands behind the officer's decision to go ahead and subdue the child. >> reporter: maldonado says officers were too rough with his son. >> he got a heat rash from the cop car. he got bruises from the handcuffs, he's afraid to go back to school. >> why is that. because they treated him like a criminal. >> he has tan attorney and is filing complaints against the police department and the school district good right now my son is terrified of cops. what if something happens in the future to my son. is he going to be able to trust an officer? no, he's not. >> the school district declined an on camera interview and did not release any details about what happened.
3:36 am
only saying this in a statement "all procedures and protocols were followed by the school in this situation". reporting in kissimmee, jack company -- fox news. >> battling breast cancer, forced to miss a year of work, one teacher almost lost her health insurance and her salary. until her co-workers stepped in. what they gave up to give carol the time she sneaded. >> better get used to dry french fries, that burger those eggs where ketchup is being banned. >> why some church is packing up and leaving a pennsylvania t
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>> topping your money tonight a ban on ketchup. mad fresh bistro in fort myers does not serve ketchup to anyone over 10 years old. they have it posted right on their website. they believe ketchup is intended for kids. they you were customers to trust them. their chef knows what he's doing. and the chef says they're still pulling in big crowds. >> a church in western pennsylvania is threatening to leave its tiny town over the right to host weight watchers meetings a priest at the first christian church in east washington says the issue is about zoning. bureau officials say the municipality is zoned only for
3:40 am
residences and institutions such as the church and not allowed to heft for profit businesses much the church says they need the money from hosting wait watchers to pay for repairs being forced to make by the borough. >> and here's a true example of human kindness. >> teacher in california with cancer is giving a touching gift from her fellow teachers. sick days after carol clark was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she was forced to stay hem because of treatments and complications. well she was gone for so long her health insurance and salary from her elementary school were threatened but the 56 year old's benefits were saved after her co-workers rallied. donating their sick days as part of the catastrophic illness donation program. >> just to give a day is just wonderful and then for him to even say i'm going to give more to carol is -- is just the heart of people and the generosity. >> carol has given lot of love to lot of people and she doesn't realize it. but she has. >> clark ended up receiving an
3:41 am
additional 154 sick days. officials from the los angeles unified school district say the program helps around 20 to 25 teachers every year. >> he died serving hess country overseas so how is he showing up on dating web sites? next why his grieving mother says she can't get the profiles taken down. >> u.s. postal service employee caught tossing packages out the window. the home own are in records the whole thing. what happened when that guy's boss knocked on her door. scott? >> iain, get ready for more heat and humidity. it's going to be to build over the neck several days but find out why. we'll go from summer to f
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♪ >> a minnesota mother says someone is using her dead son's photo on several dating web sites. she's an grow and looking for answers tonight. jill stevenson says her son ben could be was an army ranger who died while serving in afghanistan five years ago. she posted several pictures of him on social media to honor his sacrifice, and keep his spirit alive but little did mention someone would use those photos to create a fake online dating profile. the person is on at least three dating web sites.
3:45 am
>> made me sick to my stomach to be honest. they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery and in this case i don't think it is. >> stevenson wants the person caught out of fear for their safety of those who may the use sr. will be communicated with under a false image. she's spoken with an attorney to see if there's any action she can take against the user. >> a woman frustrated for years with the way her male carrier has been handling her deliveries. she decides to get even. >> fox's abby eaton shows us what she does. >> we've seen the videos. people who are supposed to be making special deliveries ting precious cargo or even urinating on the driveway. susan had you ward perry says she saw something similar all the time from her window with her mailman. >> there's our trustee mailman. >> reporter: knowing she had an expensive book on its way, she decided to record the drop off. >> i thought, i'm going to see what he does with this book. and sure enough, that's how the video happened. >> reporter: narrating from
3:46 am
her window, susan saw this. >> he did. he just threw it on the ground. >> reporter: her mailman throwing that expensive book on to the ground. and she felt relief that she finally had proof. >> because i thought if i were to tell somebody about they're going to look at me like really come on. you're exaggerating. no, i not. that's how my mail gets delivered. >> reporter: susan says for years she's dealt with issues. certified mail not delivered, even when she was home to sign for it. packages on the ground by the street. and destroyed letters. >> he would put the mail in and then should have the package which which tear up all the male. i spent my time filing complaints and never got resolved. >> when she posted his video on facebook she was the least relieved to get support but she didn't realize she'd get an answer a visit from the new manager of her post office. >> he showed up at my front door, and literally his boss had seen the video on facebook. and he said, i apologize. >> reporter: now susan feels
3:47 am
she's at least a step closer to getting what she's wanted all along, her mail. >> that's all i want. i want my mail. >> the postal service says an investigation is under way and the agency does not tolerate such behavior from its employe employees. >> interesting there. let's get a check of our weather now with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> hi there lauren and iain. get ready for muggy conditions moving in during the overnight during the day tomorrow. especially you'll notice the change in the dew points that all important number that will go above 60. but as we talk about those headlines, humidity for tomorrow a few showers around but better chances for rainfall saturday as we watch a front approach the area. but out ahead of it, it's going to be hot and humid temperatures will be in the 90s but then we'll cool down by behind that front and it will actually feel more like fall so if you don't like the heat and humidity, just wait until the second half of the weekend. this morning the low was 68. we made the up to 87.
3:48 am
the normal this time of year is 82. 5 degrees above average but the record from 2008 was 93 degrees. temperatures right now generally in the mid 70s. we have 75 in philadelphia as well as wilmington. 77 degrees that's the warm spot right now in allentown. 67 degrees currently in the pocono mountains. so that dew point the measure of moisture in the atmosphere we talk about this all the time. any time it goes above 60 it starts to feel sticky, uncomfortable by 65 and then 70 oppressive. so friday and saturday we're talking about those oppressive heat and humidity. ultimate doppler is dry and quiet as we scan the area right now in willingboro looking good, middletown, delaware, millville down the shore right now quite and dry. were you take look the this warm front off to the south. it will advance toward our area and put us in that warm and steamy sector. you can see showers and storms impacting sections of the carl loin nass. so that air mass is headed in our direction overnight. so by tomorrow morning, look at
3:49 am
the clock this is 7:00 a.m. we're watching out for poe potentially fog, some mist and drizzle across the area looks ominous not anticipating widespread rainfall during the day tomorrow a few pop ups during the heat of the day as we continue to roll the clock by friday night man's plans it will be dry but muggy still. saturday morning we start off warm and muggy and and that by the afternoon the heating of the day we're watching out for some scattered showers in advance of a front that will arrive later in the afternoon and evening. so we could see some rainfall during the day on saturday. but better chances around the dinner hour as we watch that front approach the area. clearing the coast after midnight setting us up for beautiful weather on sunday. mid to upper 60s in the city for tonight. pat cher fog developing overnight. 89 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow with some morning fog. isolated showers around. and then look at saturday. 91 degrees.
3:50 am
afternoon and evening showers and storms as that frontal boundary approaches to kind of cleanse the atmosphere and lower that humidity. 79 degrees on sunday. 78 on monday. 77 tuesday. you see the trend. we are talking temperatures in the 70s and that eagles kick off forecast 1:00 a.m. -- 1:00 p.m. on sunday mid 70s for temperatures. >> per fact football weather. all right. howard. you got to be happy about that. >> i'm tickled pink. no rain. it's not 10 degrees. what happens when you get hit by a baseball in the head from 300 feet. you'll see coming up. >> and what is a football team without play from the quarterback? chip kelly seems to get the most out of the ones he has and chip kelly explains why coming up in sports.
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♪ >> i think fans are ready for a big season. super bowl season for the eagl eagles. the not too much to ask. after winning the division last year. now it starts on sunday with
3:54 am
eagles they are the biggest favorites over the weekend in the nfl. they are favored by 10.5 over jacksonville and chip kelly big reason the eagles are now doing what they do. but you do need a coach to create the mentality they have. they have it now but the killer for any coach is turnovers. chip kelly no different than the other coaches. those are no nos. why las he had the suck social security we quarterbacks not throwing interceptions? >> you bench them if they throw more than two. no. i just been really fortunate the guys i've had an opportunity to coach really understood what we were trying get accomplished. they understood the value and we talked about earlier about the turnover question we spend a lot of time on that. sometimes, um, throwing the ball away is more valuable than trying to force it in there and really understanding and managing the game. >> i think he make it really simple for quarterbacks. not only do the eagles need to win, they need to win big. dee phenes needs to play welch otts obvious but the offense the
3:55 am
fans are waiting for. there will be plenty of wide receivers with no desean jackson to catch the balls on this team and another year with foles throwing it to riley cooper. >> i don't know if it's changed at all. i mean, um, he's obviously gotten better. but i mean has anything change justin drabick no, he's -- he's throwing the ball great. he's looking great. he seldom make the wrong read. he's a very special player and he's able to read wide receivers, coming in and out of their break. when to throwing it. the timing. he has a natural knack for it. >> good way to explain it nfl starts with fox 29 game day at 11:00. fox nfl sunday at noon. 49ers and cowboys at 4:00. we'll wrap it up with the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> never fun to get baseball off your head. even less when it comes from 300 feet away. let's go to testimony pa. longoria the hitter for tampa and in the outfield ra dickie
3:56 am
from the toronto blue jays gets hit in the head with that fly ball. now he's just like any weather guy. he's got a hard head and he takes it without a problem. that's because he called for pop up showers. (laughter). >> how did you get hit off the head and not feel it? >> i don't know. >> ouch! >> that's a good -- okay, ouch! >> exactly. >> thanks for watching. remember the fox 29 morning news comes your way tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. >> coming up two hours of news and infotainment. it all starts next with tmz followed by inside edition, dish nation and chasing new jersey.
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remembering joan rivers, local comedians reflecting on the first time that they ever met the queen have of comedy and influence she haddon them, coming up. okay dawn then former philadelphia eagle irving fry air faces a judge what happens as he faces a plea deal in the mortgage frayed against them. we are tracking weekend weather. thunderstorms in the forecast, right caitlin. >> we will start off with some hot and stormy weather and then a very different even to the weekend. we will track it all with weather on the one's. and then health care hack,'s web site gets infiltrated and goes undetect is your information


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