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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  September 5, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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remembering joan rivers, local comedians reflecting on the first time that they ever met the queen have of comedy and influence she haddon them, coming up. okay dawn then former philadelphia eagle irving fry air faces a judge what happens as he faces a plea deal in the mortgage frayed against them. we are tracking weekend weather. thunderstorms in the forecast, right caitlin. >> we will start off with some hot and stormy weather and then a very different even to the weekend. we will track it all with weather on the one's. and then health care hack,'s web site gets infiltrated and goes undetect is your information safe?
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find out, a little later today g day it is friday, september 5th, 2014, good to have you with us. it is friday. kids are back in school, of course. if yours as well, we'd like to see your photos. send them using hash tag fox 29 back to school. >> these have been fun. we have brought these all week long. we have lots of pictures on our facebook page and twitter so thank you very much. caitlin, i guess this rain will come when, tonight or mostly tomorrow. >> it is in mostly tomorrow. we are expecting some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening as a cold front comes through. today we're already. it will be warm out there. it has been a hot week that first week of school. pretty painful for students and teachers when it gets hot in the classroom. we have clear skies. we are not seeing any showers or then are storms. slight chance of the shower later today but otherwise we're talking about a dry friday. seventy-four outside right now. take a shot at philadelphia international behind us. all quiet there. shouldn't be any weather related delays this morning.
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the light wind from the south/south east. sixty-six allentown. sixty-five allentown. cooler in the higher elevations. seventy-two wilmington. seventy-two in millville. seventy-three in wildwood. it does remain warm. yesterday 87 was the high temperature. 5 degrees above normal. it wasn't as humid as earlier in the week and that makes a difference. today will be warm and humid too. 88 degrees. slight chance of the shower today. slight chance of the thunderstorm for tonight with a low temperature of 73. it the will be a tail of two weather systems this weekend. we will show you your saturday forecast, your sunday forecast all still ahead but first let's get our beginning check of the roads here this morning as we go to the traffic authority, we will start off in camden. ben franklin bridge westbound between mid span and fifth street, we have got construction out there this morning. it has two right lanes blocked, also on i-95 northbound between 420 and 291 east the bartram avenue there is construction that has left lane block and finally on the pennsylvania turnpike the northeast extension southbound
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up through lansdale we have construction that that has left lane block so be careful there. >> when it comes right down to it. >> oh, please we will go back to that. are you kidding. >> a caring person in man has ever put his hand up a women's dress looking for a library card. >> remembering joan rivers this morning, the fearlessly funny comedian burst in the national spotlight, for her appearances, on the tonight show with johnny carson. that is pretty much launched her career in superstar come. joan eventually, crashed the male dominated world ovulate night talk shows. >> this morning people from coast to coast are remembering joan rivers. >> ledgendry comedian and trail blazer died yesterday after complication from his a minor surgery. she was 81 years old. celebrity taking to social media. my friend joan rivers has passed away. billy crystal there are in words, bone voyage, joan.
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tweet from bet mild letter joan rivers has died what a saddened to go a brilliant, tragic comic life. one of the most brave and funniest of all. fans are placing flowers around rivers star on the will hollywood walk of fame. >> i think it is fair to say there was only one joan rivers and never will be another. >> rivers will also be remembered as a red carpet fashion critic and host of the fashion police, on e. rivers is a familiar face, on the tv shopping channel, qvc where she sold her own line of jewelry. her daughter released a statement saying in part it is with great sadness i announce the death of my mother. my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. all that is did he to do right now i know her final wish would be that we will return to laughing soon. >> her legacy may not be etched in stone but it is marked in her countless visits here, and her family, and dawn timmeney is live outside the
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helium comedy club, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. so many people are remembering joan rivers this morning and her influence on comedy, including to featured comedians performing here at helium comedy club in philadelphia of course, joan rivers was known for her humor, very unapologetic, making people laugh and that kept her career going for more than 50 years. brad trackman from mount laurel remembers getting a phone call that made his career. it was a last minute cancellation, that had him, at the backup comedian opening up for joan rivers in a new york city club and he says that he remembers exactly what she said to him, that night. >> pleasure to meet you. listen, thank you for doing this, and no relationship jokes. no jewish jokes. and no jokes about clinton. >> it doesn't matter how long her career was, she tea filed ages and sexism and she was an
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incredible mother. >> of course that was comedian heather mcdonald who says she owes her career to joan rivers. she work with her at the the e network. a lot of female comedians say rivers blaze aid trail with a style all of her own and she managed to keep it going, and reinventing herself all along the way. of course, chris, joan rivers had ties to the philadelphia area. she performed many times over the years at the atlantic city casinos. her daughter melissa a was a graduate of the university of pennsylvania. she work for many years at qvc, which a lot of people don't know and i'll have more on that, coming up. back to you. >> so many years to remember her by. okay dawn, thanks much. more celebrities remembering the comedy ledgend, lena dunham watching joan rivers do stand up at age 81 was incredible. athletic, jaw cropping, essential, it never stops. neither will she. jimmy kimmel said we lost a great one in joan rivers. she was funny, all the way to
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the end. time right now is 4:07. homicide investigators swarm a home in the crescentville neighborhood. cops say a woman found two men shot to death yesterday on allengrove street. their identities have not been released but police say they appear to be in their 20's. police say this block is known for drug activity. >> we did respond to this block a lot, this particular house, we didn't have any information of the house being involved in narcotics. >> reporter: so far no arrests but investigators are looking into reports of a man seen running from the home yesterday morning. sky fox is over the scene where police caught up with a 19 year-old driver caught in the a hit and run this bucks county. police say, this man of princeton new jersey is facing several charges. she was driving a bmw when she crashed into a tractor trailer yesterday, at mechanics villain byberry road. she took off. she crashed into another vehicle, before getting into a
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third accident, not too far away. after the third wreck she tried to take off on foot. she and another driver were taken to the hospital and there is in word on their injuries. liquor store accused of serving up more than just the ingredients for a cocktail will be in the hand of the new owner. what prompted the town to step in, in the first place. and then steve keeley is live in mount holly as a former eagle is expected to face court today, steve? >> reporter: yes, sad coincidence here we go into the opening weekend of the nfl season, and one of the nfl's greatest receivers ever, not talking football but talking
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4:11 a.m. on a friday. welcome back. been a long week. many kids heading back to school and now this weekend all important and taking on a new dimension. right now outside clear skies. we are looking at a nice looking day ahead, still a chance of some showers and thunderstorm possible later today. we will time it out with the fox future cast. morning haze giving way to sunshine, heating up quickly again today. for the most part it is nice and sunny. we have a cold front. out ahead we have a chance for a shower or then are storm at friday at 5:00 p.m. it is not out of the question even though this looks scattered, and kind of just popped out of no where there is enough instability we could see a shower or two this evening before that moves out we are looking at clear skies into tonight.
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slight chance for a shower today, better chance of widespread showers and thunderstorms including possibly strong storms tomorrow. sixty-nine in pottstown. sixty-six in allentown. seventy-three in philadelphia. seventy-two wilmington. seventy-three in dover. for today we will hit 88 degrees. sun and clouds and generally pretty warm. chance of a shower or thunderstorm will arrive this evening. slight chance of the thunderstorm, a low of 73. hot on saturday. but then on sunday our eagles game day forecast we are looking at much cooler weather coming through. i mention that had cold front. that will keep temperatures comfortable on sunday very different from saturday and it looks like a beautiful football afternoon. sun and clouds at kick off and 75 degrees. energy that. we will have hot and stormy weather before we get to that. that is your fox cast. lets go back to construction area we will watch out for this morning on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, southbound, between quakertown and lansdale. we have construction that has right lane block. also on th7 pennsylvania turnpike westbound this is
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between bensalem and willow grove we have construction that has center and right lanes block. on 295 north bound near 42 freeway and 76 there is construction with the left lane block and that is until 6:00 a.m. this morning. former philadelphia eagles wide receiver irving fryar will be in court. we will learn whether the retired star will accept a play deal in connection with the mortgage scheme that allegedly involved both him and his mom. fox 29's steve keeley is live at the the courthouse in mount holly with the details, steve. >> reporter: our viewers will remember this was set originally last in but rescheduled and now, on schedule for this morning in the sixth floor courtroom here in mount holy. irving fryar's hometown where he was a stan out all american high school football player before a great college career at nebraska and then a long, great nfl career. his case seems so extra sad, since it is not only him that is going to prison if the plea bargain is taken but his now
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seven three-year old mother who will get a three-year prison sentence too for her part in the mortgage scam. her son 51 faces five years. both face trial and possible ten year prison sentences. irving fryar's mother's lawyer is maim michael jabirdi, or fryar's attorney has in the talk publicly but his mother's attorney has and said all she did was sign papers, where this guy told her to sign. she sent checks where he said to send them. he sold her house that she owned for her whole life, found out four years later she was paying mortgage on a different house. that is how she got in trouble. she never even as much as a parking ticket in her entire life and now she will likely end up serving months in prison at most if she takes this guilty plea and he says even months in prison for a nice older woman who just got scammed herself, is too much prison time. doublely sad story especially here as we are all talking about the eagles and the brand
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new nfl season and we will have another awful head line with irving fryar and his mother now either not taking a plea and facing a long prison time and a long trial, probably or likely as everybody expects, for them to accept this plea bargain and both, get sentenced to prison sentences today in mount holly, chris and kerry we shall see, steve, thank you. it is 4:15. in delaware there is a job fare at delaware technical and community college, wilmington campus. seventy companies from various industries are looking to fill full and part-time positions. the it runs from 10:00 to 2:00, the fare is sponsored by delaware's congressional delegation. in new jersey, atlantic city boardwalk will be filled with volleyball players this weekend. do ac pro beach volleyball invitation allergens today. a chance to see your favorite professional players. meanwhile make sure you stick around for good day, we will be live with the preview of the tournament. we will have interviews with olympian casey paterson and miss america is getting an
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appearance ready to dot miss america pageant in atlantic city yet again this year. in new jersey, swedesboro council has approved, i should say has approved a settlement with the liquor store own's accused of discriminate ago begins african-american customers. the agreement basically ensures, they will be closed until a new owner takes over later this month. the boro council approved the resolution wednesday according to we told but this last week. king's liquor was closed following several complaints by african americans said they were not let into buy anything in that store but white people were allowed in. the owner, seen here, mario, and that owner had been working to transfer his liquor license. we will keep an eye on that as well. so, did you catch governor jack markell on "good day philadelphia" yesterday? welshing moments after his fox 29 appearance things got weird. he sent out a tweet about one of his initiatives and a very unfortunate mistake
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occurred. the tweet announcing a plan to help disadvantage kid, the the picture as you can see right there had nothing to do with education. in fact it showed a with man dressed up in what appeared to be bondage gear. >> oops. >> governor's office quickly deleted the post and they issued an apology and explanation. the picture that was supposed to link the tweet was altered and this random picture of would the man a appeared. governor's office added he wished the accidental link, rather had been a something else, it wished the the accidental link had been a cat video, an accidental not something else. thanks, kerry. in your national headlines, the obama care web site, one of the many victims of cyber hacking. white house has confirmed that hackers broke into in july but the breach was only discovered a
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week ago? the the department of health and human services says part of the site that was breached did not have a firewall installed on it. fortunately the department of home land security says no personal information was compromised and web site does not appear to have been targeted. hackers gained access to the tester server which had in consumer information, however, cyber criminals did install malicious software that could have been used to launch an attack on other web sites. how could they not have a firewall. senator tom carper of delaware hoist chairman of the home land security and governmental affairs committee released a statement saying quote in part this report of the cyber breach on test server is deeply troubling and under scores the the scary reality of how much of a target our sensitive information has become in cyberspace. meanwhile a federal appeals court has thrown out an earlier ruling against obama care, which helped millions of low to middle to low income people afford their premium. the court will rehear the
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challenge, allowing them in 50 states. this diminishes the properties peck of obama care going back to the supreme court. more than 30 states have filed briefs asking for same sex marriage, once and for all, and, 14 other states, will same sex marriage is legal filed a brief asking justices to overturn the other states bans on gay marriage. but 17 states that have bans, same sex marriage, filed a separate brief asking court to rule one way or the other to clear out the lawsuits. they did not specifically, ask the court to up hold their bans. the filings come as a federal appeals court ruled that same sex marriage bans in wisconsin and indiana are unconstitutional. bp could be forced to pay billions more in fines for 20910 gulf oil spill, the federal government ruled yesterday that the company acted with gross negligence. a judge will make a decision in january about how much the company will have to pay in
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addition fines, it could be as much as $18 billion. oil rig explosion killed 11 people and caused millions of gallons of oil to spill in the gulf of mexico. there is a mom in california that could soon be charged after leaving her two-year old in a car, while shopping. >> cameras captured the rest. this is in san jose as fire fighters rush in popping lock and pulling that sweaty, crying boy from the car, outside, it was 92 degrees. imagine how hot it was inside that car if it is 92 outside. fire officials stripped him down and rush him to the waiting ambulance. just a few minutes more in that car and it could have been difference between life and death. mother apparently told detectives she had a second child, well, just ran in the store for a minute. >> can't do that, not when the weather is like that. >> never, ever, don't think about it. it is inconvenient to runner land with kids. >> hate to wake them up. >> just don't do it.
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4:21. caitlin is joining with us a check of the weather. we have had our own share of hot temperatures this past week. >> we have. we have another one, another day of hot temperatures, i'm afraid or maybe you appreciate that. we've got two days before we're back to that fall like weather. for your friday planning forecast a lot of sunshine today starting off fairly warm. it is not oppressively humid but it is still a warm and muggy type afternoon a lot of sunshine through today. eighty-eight is a high temperature. slight chance for an evening shower possibly a then are storm which we will include in the forecast for you, otherwise main chance for showers and thunderstorms not arriving until tomorrow. we will talk about all that in your seven day forecast, but first mainly construction this morning. but on route 42 freeway, southbound, between route 168, that is black horse pike and college drive we have another area of construction that has left and center lanes blocked and that is until about 6:00 a.m. this morning. chris? >> sue serio just walk in the studio and she's ready to go. she has her eagles t-shirt on.
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we will be at xfinity live at good day at 7:00 until 10:00 o'clock but in the meantime, with that all said, what do you have on tap for this weekend? we hope you're ready for the big game sunday so what do you have with the eagles football
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defending super bowl champions kicking off the regular season with a win, seattle seahawks defeated the green bay packers 36-16 last
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night. marshawn lynch ran for 110 yards and two touchdowns, russell wilson the quarterback threw for 191 yards and a pair of touchdowns. i got to tell you the 12th man came into play again, of course, that being the thunder us crowd in seattle where it is hard to hear and call plays. for more on the sports here's howard. good morning, i'm howard eskin. fans believe this eagles season can be a really good one. it is all about the super bowl. starts on sunday with the eagles. biggest favorite their ten and a half over jacksonville. chip kelly is reason eagles are doing what they do. you need players to do right things but you need coach to create that mentality, turnovers, the ultimate killer for a quarterback. why does chip kelly quarterbacks in the throw int's. >> if they throw more than two.
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no, i have been really fortunate that the guys i have had an opportunity to coach really understood what we were trying to get accomplished and they understood the value. we talk about the turnovers and we spend time on that. sometimes throwing the ball away is more valuable then trying to force tonight there and understanding and managing the game. >> cleveland browns receiver josh gordon suspended for the year. he has a new job. he is working for a car dealership. good luck. that is sports in a minute. of course, at this point we are two case away from the eagles opener. well, kind of three, friday, saturday-- no, two. many of you are looking forward to kicking it back with the cold beer, right. >> indeed. >> cold beer and kicking back. >> both of them. >> anyway, let's talk about beers you drink. yard's brewing company, according to the it is perfect beer for philadelphia eagles, and their
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fans. the site chose beers based on how they reflect character of the city and team. yard, of course, is based in philadelphia. >> stay tune for good day, we will finish our on the road tour in south philadelphia today at xfinity live. come out for eagles pep rally with toy cheer the team on ahead of sunday's opener. a sure stapel is saved. this carousal, wasn't going to make it after two major disasters in seaside heights but it is here to say how this was all made possible. but local residents of one apartment building are told to pack it up and hit the road, some of them are in their 90's, why they say, they were blind sided.
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we, of course, are celebrating the life have of joan rivers as the legendary, comedian has passed away. what we're learning about her unfortunate passing this morning and how local comedians are remembering her. plus evicted with no where to go, residents in one local buildings are told to get out, why they say they weren't given enough time. three teens steel a school bus and go for joy ride one mommies definitely not happy and why she said her kid told her, well, his side of the story. >> little bit different. >> then from a hero overseas to a hero at home how one
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marine is making sure that the kids of his town stay safe. >> hey good day, it is friday, september 5th, 2014, getting ready for the eagles. are you going to watch the game. >> yeah. >> 1:00 o'clock on sunday here in philadelphia. so, i just took a picture with sue serio here in the studio and we will use the hash tag fox 29 eagles. you will love this picture of sue and her eagles shirt. i will tweet it out. we will be live at xfinity, yet again today, so come down to the stadium area to the xfinity live area at 7:00 o'clock. we want to know what you think about the team, what are the chances, hash tag fox 29 eagles what is the weather looking like for that game, caitlin. >> it looks nice. much more like football weather. we have had a summery week but our weather will change to feel that taste of fall in the air that we have been missing or at least i have. maybe you are a big fan of the heat and humidity this um iser. ultimate doppler is quiet out
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there fox future cast will show we will start off with haze but that will give way to sunshine throughout the noon time hour. is there chance of the showers, maybe a then are storm late this have afternoon into this evening. otherwise we will clear out and wait for that thunderstorm chance as we head into saturday. that looks like a safe bet. seventy-three in philadelphia. sixty-nine pottstown. sixty-eight in wright town. seventy-one in in millville. your fox cast for today, temperatures in the upper 80's with some sunshine, warm, humid, again that chance for showers and thunder storm later this afternoon, otherwise, it is clear and mild. seventy-four for the low temperature and that eagles forecast very important here in our home opener at 1:00 o'clock. kick off temperature 75 with a nice breeze out of the north. it will feel refreshing. sun, clouds not too hot but there will be strong sun still so don't forget that sun screen even though it feels cooler. that is your fox cast. lets go to the road with the traffic authority in pennsauken, route nine on eastbound between 130 and 73
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we have construction that has one lane blocked in both directions until about 6:00 a.m. this morning. also on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, southbound between quakertown and lansdale construction that has right lane block. construction on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension southbound after lansdale, but that is cleaned up after the morning. >> don't you think men like intelligence. >> will we go back to that. are you kidding me. >> you know. >> no man has ever put his hand up a woman's dress looking for a library card. >> she was so talented, so quick as you saw in this, right. she always was unafraid, just to say what everyone was thinking even if a guy deserves hot water. >> she said what everybody else was thinking, exactly how she played it. >> she burst on the national spotlight with her appearance on the tonight show with johnny carson launching her career into stardom. joan eventually, crashed the male dominating world ovulate night talk shows, yes.
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>> a regular fill in. >> for a long time. >> over several years. >> people from coast to coast are remembering joan rivers. >> legendary comedian and trail blazer died yesterday after complications from a minor surgery. she was 81 years old. celebrities taking to social media to pay tribute to social media whoopi goldberg tweeted my friend joan rivers a has passed away. once again to quote billy crystal, there are no word, bon voyage joan. joan rivers has died what a saddened to go a brilliant, tragic comic life, one of of the most brief and funniest of all. many fans have been placing flowers around rivers star in the hollywood walk have of fame. melissa river release aid statement it is with great sadness i have announced the death of my mother. my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. although that is difficult to do right now i know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon.
4:35 am
joan rivers will be remembered as a comedic ledgend. she set standard for female comedians and made her fans laugh for a half century. dawn timmeney is live outside helium club in center city with more on this. she has strong philadelphia ties, dawn, doesn't she. >> reporter: she certainly did, chris and a lot of local comedians are remembering joan rivers reminiscing about the first time that they met her, telling stories, she definitely left her mark on everyone who met her. she had people smiling and laughing but what a lot of people may not realize that joan rivers work at qvc in west chester for more than 20 years. joan rivers first started working at qvc back in 1990, selling her own line of jewelry, clothing and access rest in a way only joan rivers could getaway with adding her humor and pushing it to the limit. qvc host jane tracie said she was just there two weeks ago,
4:36 am
jane tracie said she last work with joan rivers on august 2nd. >> what i am surprised because we think of her as feisty, funny, it is her amazing kindness. she would know in a minute if you were having a bad day and she was passionate about everything she did but she had great compassion accepting she was a woman who had gone through hard times and she never forgot that. so what i love for people to know about her is she was the most kind woman, she would give you the shirt off of her back. >> reporter: jane tracie said joan rivers stress todd keep moving forward and rivers lived by that. she was still extremely active with her show, on e and continue to do stand up comedy throughout her career. as chris you mentioned lots of connections to the philadelphia area. general rivers performed many times over the years at the atlantic city casinos. her daughter melissa was a graduate of the university of pennsylvania ape heather
4:37 am
mcdonald a local comedian who work with joan rivers on the e network she's performing here tonight at the helium club in philadelphia coming up we will hear from heather on the first time that she met joan rivers and some of her memories of joan and impact that joan rivers haddon heather mcdonald's career, chris. >> okay. dawn timmeney live for us. thanks very much. at 4:37 on this friday for you, florida deputies are looking for a missing boy after four bodies were found near his home in the tampa area. police are looking for the four year-old, when they discover the bodies of the boy father, adam, and the the boy has in the been seen for a week. investigators say a he had has a link to the deceased victims but did not release relationships to one another. >> it is absurd. >> we hate to have to go. >> residents told a pack up and leave but they say they don't necessity where to go next. why they say they were blind sided. making memories, one
4:38 am
creative dad putting his video skills to work to commemorate a special time in his daughter's life so what is this all about? we will
4:39 am
4:40 am
look at all of that fog. that is not good this morning. we will check with traffic with caitlin in just a moment. >> some people like fog,. >> but it is not good for travel, so we will check with
4:41 am
caitlin in the traffic. >> okay. >> someone is ready for the weekend. >> we're all at our witt's end. >> that is not true. >> all right. >> a beloved boardwalk attraction staying right where it is. seaside heights town council struck a deal to keep carousal on the boardwalk. the ride survived super storm sandy and a boardwalk fire but the company that owns it announced that this summer they will put it on the auction block to make room for new rides. the town and casino pier is swapping oceanfront property in exchange for control of the the carousal. it was hand built back in 1910. home a few of these types of carousals left made right here in philadelphia. >> thank you. >> out there doing a live report with the auction house preparing to put this on the the auction block. >> yes. >> thankfully, they didn't have to. how cool. caitlin, is it going to be a good down the shore weekend. >> yeah, i mean the season is over but this is some of the best weather these weekend in
4:42 am
september. it is usually still warm. the water is very warm. it is less crowded. it should be a really nice weekend at least first half nice and warm. we want to talk about the fog. we showed thaw live shot of the airport with pretty strong low visability right now. we are down to mild visibility in philadelphia. that reading is taken at the airport. so there may be some delays this morning. so due to the the low ceiling. it looks like it is worst right here in city. down in dover visibility less than half mile too. be careful this morning. we have some fog, that will give way to sunshine later today. lets go back to the roads. you want to be careful about the fog. we have some areas have of construction, route one northbound between ninth and southampton there is construction that has three lanes blocked due to milling and repaving of the inner drive. this should be cleaned up around 6:00 a.m., kerry. 4:42. they almost got away with it. three teens nabbed a school bus and get for a joy ride and put it right back where it
4:43 am
belonged, and they almost went unnoticed. how they were.
4:44 am
4:45 am
in montgomery county hundreds of residents at an apartment complex in abington township say they are facing eviction and some of these folks are in their 90's. they say they were just notified and they don't have time to figure out where to go. tenants spoke to fox 29's karen hepp about the hard ships they are facing.
4:46 am
>> reporter: marlene fellers is an artist, 81 year-old hangs her work in the lovely home. she cannot believe after 35 years she's being forced out in days. >> how can they do this? it is injustice to us. it is a terrible injustice to everyone here. it is absurd. >> we hate to have to go. i mean just for upheaval, not so much to say we cannot try to find a place as nice as this one but just don't have the struggle to go. you get there and you beat yourself up, knock yourself out and may not last long when you get there. >> reporter: russell jones is 93. he thought this would be his last home as he spend twilight of his life surrounded by treasures and memories. decorated world war two vet is feisty and will not be taken out quietly. >> we wanted to put up some fight. a lot of the people they just collapsed and they are just starting to pack their stuff and dot best they can. >> reporter: the the building is closing according to the owners and most have have been
4:47 am
notified they have 30 days. owner blames township for renovation delays but abington points the finger right back at the owners. >> we are getting in help, in the from the township, or the landlord. we are the pawns in the middle of all of this. >> reporter: in abington township, karen hepp, fox 29 news. 4:47 right now. three teens arrested for stealing a school bus. >> and that joy ride, caught on tape. >> of course, we will show it to you right. video does not show a lot but was enough to identified three cousins accused of stealing a school bus. a 16 year-old and two, 17 years old, this happened in central florida where everything interesting happens. >> indeed. >> police say that the kids spent hours driving around. they have even pick up some friends. the bus was eventually return to the parking lot where it was taken. >> unaudible. >> he said i don't know why i let them talk me into doing this. >> isn't that just teenagehood.
4:48 am
mom says doing a little time might help her son straighten out. police say keys had been left in the bus and mechanics doing a routine inspection saw the the bus, and had more on it then should have, and so they went back and check, yes, the the security video, surveillance video. >> good stuff. 4:48. all students in the school district of philadelphia can now get a breakfast and a lunch for free. the school district says it is part of the new meal program meant to ease financial burdens for all families, there is no paperwork involved for anybody. it will erase the stigma that is typically associated with this program. school district superintendent william hite says it will provide as many students as possible with access to healthy, nutritious meals. last year american 27 meals were served to children in the district. a new shopping cart is giving parents of special need kids a better way to shop. parents say grocery shopping is a struggle. it is a struggle even when you are by yourself sometimes but pushing a wheelchair and
4:49 am
pulling a grocery cart and trying to keep your eye on the kid, it is stuff. alternative, finding and paying for a sitter can be expensive so this new cart called caroline's cart is a huge help. it is offered at certain retailers and malls all around the country. >> it is fantastic. the she's so happy. she looks around. she can see groceries and it is something that is just ordinary. >> that is so true. kids love to go grocery shopping with their parents. the look at the fruits, vegetables. it was in alabama military mom, of a child with special needs who came up with this idea. carts could be used in more locations, if the demand for them continues to grow. >> she gets to sit there and look back at her mom too, yes. >> kids love that stuff.
4:50 am
>> absolutely. >> 4:50. people every where are mourning loss of joan rivers. i was listening to the bbc. they were talking about this overseas. she had an impact. in new york a pile of flowers grows outside her upper east side home, condolences and well wishes for legendary comic, television host, actress and authors. her latest book just came out. >> documentary. >> one of the fans, saw her last performance just last week. >> where i'm at with this whole thing reason why i'm enjoying sharing this particular photo is because she's so live in the photo and she's just sunshine and such a dine maine. >> rivers died at mt. sinai hospital yesterday. her daughter melissa and grandson couper were by her side. look at her life on our web site at my fox we have slide slow and clips of rivers interviews over the years.
4:51 am
4:50a contacted my award winning movie is back this weekend. >> run, forest. run. >> forest gump is being rereleased in imax, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the original release in 1994. it will be in theaters for just one week. forest gump won six academy awards including best actor tom hanks and best director. i'm in this movie. >> this is 20 years ago. >> i was in this movie. >> i was an extra. >> you were. >> in the scene where he is playing for alabama crimson t id e football player i'm one of the thousands in the stadium. it was filmed at los angeles city college over the summer, and it was pretty funny. tom hanks came out, screwing around between takes and he kicked field goals. it was a two day shoot, all day. >> second day he limp, he could hardly walk. he was showing off first day. how often do you you use those
4:52 am
legs and muscles. >> that is cool. >> so he is a great guy waving to the fans the whole time. >> he is a good guy. i always like him. >> of course now we're late on weather on the one's. >> that is all right, great story, thanks, chris. weather and traffic on the two's as well this morning. war looking clear with the view of ultimate doppler but we have fog, we have some haze, low visibility, especially right here in philadelphia last hour we saw visibility down to a mile, now it is less than a half mile in dover. so with this humid air mass in place we are seeing some of that fog really collect, be careful about to take to the roads and call ahead with a flight. fog can eatsly delay tonight morning flights out. so just in case. 73 degrees outside, it is warm, if you go i and muggy. seventy-one in trenton. sixty-six allentown. seventy-three wilmington. sixty-nine in millville. fox future cast shows fog burning off quickly with the sun coming out. we are looking at mostly sunny skies today, slight chance of the afternoon shower or then are storm but otherwise we
4:53 am
will wait until saturday for real then are storm chance. front comes through. showers and thunderstorms possible and then we will clear out by early sunday morning. eighty-eight is the high. sunny and warm with the chance of an afternoon then are storms. more storms possible on a hot saturday 92 degrees. much cooler on sunday. seventy-six on monday. we will turn back with cloudy and cool conditions through tuesday, warming backup with a chance of rain by wednesday and thursday, that is your seven day forecast, on 309 southbound where we will start at easton road in glenside, there is construction that has one lane block, chris. >> caitlin, thank you. talk about a home town hero this pennsylvania veteran saw a need for safety in his town so he stepped in how he thinks what he is doing will help other veterans as well.
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
welcome back. a pennsylvania veteran want to make sure kids get safe lay cross the street on their way to school. six three-year old lewis austin showed up in lah lancaster school at the start of class in late august. began walking children safely across the the street after noticing there was no crossing guard. vietnam veteran and chaplain from the county marine core league had just left a funeral and was still in uniform. he showed up at the school since then every day in uniform safely escorting kids. austin says he hopes the national attention will help other veterans find jobs.
4:57 am
doing really great deeds at once. one dad in new york turns his daughter's walk into school into something he will remember forever. >> kevin brady started taking photos have his daughter's two and a half walk block to school. now two years later he used photos to career a time lapse video showing how much she has grown. wow. 1,380 photos, to make the video. pretty cool. >> fashionable too. >> look at those clothes. >> hello. >> those clothes are not cheap. delaware governor jack markell makes a big mistake on social media how his office is explaining a racey photo and how it ended up with a tweet about
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
a former philadelphia eagle is expect to head to court today, what are his options when he gets thereafter being accused of mortgage fraud. little boy with autism is hand cuffed and put in a police car. the father visibly angry why police say they had in choice. but then we are remembering life of legendary comedian and host joan rivers what we're learning about her death. that is for you. thank you so much, man. >> and then this man is not homeless but before yo


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