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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  September 11, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destraut isil. >> so the president says we'll crush isis, or what he calls isil. but how? our terror expert is here on this 9/11 to talk strategy in iraq, and possibly syria. yes, 13 years ago today, was a beautiful day in september. and it is another beautiful day today. that's a live shot from lower manhattan it at the reflecting pool. we'll take you there live. and did they see this tape? did the nfl see it tape all the way back in april. that's what one report says. we'll break it down, the heat could not be hotter on the nfl commissioner. and, we thought we would have averred by now in the
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oscar pistorius case. but the judge just keeps talking, may talk for couple of days. but already hint today what her decision is. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> hey, alex. >> how are you? >> good. kind of mel and collie day. >> it is. >> because you think back to 13 years ago, and sue, i remember, how beautifully clear it was that day. >> yes, that particular day, i was doing weather, doing werth at remote location, finish my last weather you were on the air with us, janet zappala, and all the sudden, on the air and everything changed. >> from that moment our lives changed. >> my daughter, last thing, my
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daughter just started preschool the day before. now she's a senior in high school. that's how you mark time with your kids, you know? >> so, we continue the reflection of the day. weather completely different this september 11. a lot of humidity out there, feels a lot like summertime. in fact do expect temperatures to get into the upper 80s, by the end of the day. there is cents a six, out of ten, in your weather by the numbers, off to muggy start, with bus stop buddy, and he has the umbrella, because we have a chance of thunderstorms later on. so, at the bus stop this morning, you should be fine. but for some kids there may be some rain coming home from school. at 70 degrees in philadelphia right now, winds out of the south at 8 miles an hour, and relative humidity is at 84%. 88 degrees, will be the high temperature before those storms hit. southwesterly breezes to up ten to 15 miles an hour, and then, tonight, we are down to 61 degrees, after the clouds clear, after the rain goes away, and we've got a gorgeous day in store for tomorrow, so
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stay tuned for your seven day forecast, coming up. and now, it is time for traffic. standing by miss caitlin ross. >> good morning, everyone, right after 7:00 a.m. mainly, this morning, pretty quiet just construction, start off with 202 northbound between 401 and 29, in malvern, we've been talking about this all morning, construction has one lane blocked, seeing the delays as the morning commute picks up. let's take a lock at the travel times for you, as we get to the height of the a.m. rush. on the schuylkill westbound vine through the blue route, where you are seeing heavier stack ups, 26 minutes there, that will take you a little over what it normally does, also, 95 southbound, woodhaven to the vine, currently travel time of 34 minutes. slowing on the pa turnpike westbound, bensalem to valley forge, current time, 24 minutes, we'll have those for you coming up next hour, too. >> 7:05, and 13 years after the september 11 terrorist attack, president obama making his case for military action, against isis or isil. >> casino of ironic that was
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last night. speaking from the white house the president detailed his four part strategy to stop this threat of terror to us here in the united states. steve keeley breakdown this speech for us little bit. steve? >> reporter: first of all no coincidence at all that that speech happened last night. they waited for the eve of 9/11 for sure, to win support, the first memory of everybody, you know, mind from this date, 13 years ago, is how beautiful the day was. and you see the sun sparkling, as we zoom into the tree limbs, you can see the sparkles of sunshine breaking through one of the many trees planted here at the garden of reflection, and as we pan over to the left, you can see the man-made light that shines up through those twin fountains that remind you of the twin towers, 18 people of those nearly 3,000 americans killed that day from this area. and since this date 13 years ago, america has been at war, and now waking up on the solemn date today, the president is hoping americans will support a new war front.
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different than the invasions of iraq, afghanistan, but the kinds of endless never let our guard down and rye solve or might be doubted again kind of war that most predicted 13 years ago on this day, we would have no choice but to fight forever, since we let our guard down 13 years ago, and paid so curely for it. as we all show up at the special places like this to remember, the president hopes those memories still so fresh will be helping him get support for what he pushed for on national tv just ten hours ago. >> it will take time to irade kayla cancer like isil. any time we take military action, there are risks involved. specially to the servicemen and women who carry out these missions. but i want the american people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. it will not involve american combat troops, fighting on foreign soil, this counter terrorism campaign will be wage today steady relentless effort to take out isil where
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ever they exist using our air power, for our support for partners, forces on the grounds. and so as americans lay flowers at places all around the country, like here, and you can see, they've done that already today, the president laying the ground work for what he hopes is support from both parties and from all americans to do what he thinks and most americans think needs to be done, especially, after watching the video of those beheading of american reporters last month, and then hearing the president say we don't have a strategy yet, that's good, for a a lot of people that we're meeting out here to hear finally we do have a strategy, especially since us intelligence thinks americans and europeans with passports from the united states and britain are among the thousands of people from all around the worlds who have joined that terrorist group in syria and iraq. so, around here, they're saying time to take them out before they take any more americans out like they did. >> exactly, word they'll come back here to the united states, beautiful memorial behind you.
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i love what they did with that, thanks, steve. of course like we do every year, around the nation will pause throughout the morning, to remember the victims. a moment of silence held three times this morning, each to hon or the exact moments when the towers at the world trade center and the pentagon were struck. meanwhile private ceremonies will be held for survivors and victims families in new york and at the pen gone. >> president obama, national memorial in swelling ville will be open to the public all day to honor those victims. and, a 7:09, more follow up this morning tide to the ray rice scandal than video of him knocking out his then fiancee, the nfl has hired former fbi director rube earl mule tow lead independent investigation into how the league handled evidence in the case. that comes on the heals of associated press report that says a law enforcement official sent the tape to unnamed nfl executive, months ago. commissioner roger goodel says
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the league didn't see the video until this week. >> so alex, what did the ffl know and when did they know it? boy, there is a term that goes all the way back to the early 70s,. >> mike is here, and our legal expert is here, as well y don't you certain up what we learned from ap yesterday? >> yesterday, mike, said that the league did have the tapes. they got as far back as april. >> april? >> when it was sent to them, then there is verification on voice mail from woman who received it and said yes, i know, it is terrible. so you take the next step. could that tape have come in and not gotten to the goodel office? from the jump i thought they had the tape. otherwise, barney running their security force. no way that they would not be able to get that tape, as powerful as the security force is, they probably have $10 million budget, hire ex fbi guys, the guy who heads
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the security, with the former commissioner of the state police of pennsylvania so impossible not to have gotten access. >> so you hear the woman say we got the tape, i have look at it, and you're right it is horrible. >> yes. >> now, goodel, the commissioner, could say, well, somebody looked at it, and they didn't sends it to up my offers. >> well -- >> hard to believe. >> it is authorities believe. i think what that would mean is that the nfl is either incompetent or liars. if somebody didn't get it to roger goodel, a type that far importance, i would consider that to be innocent. i don't believe that happened. i believe roger goodel did see this tape, trying to sweep it under the carpet, didn't want it to blow up any bigger. and i think that now he's faced with the possibility that people don't even -- >> so what you're saying, two nights ago, when he looked into that camera, with nora o'donnell, he lied? >> i have to tell you something, mike. >> but he did say not to my knowledge. >> i have the memo he put out yesterday, directly to me.
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no, actually, and he says: on multiple occasions we want the proper law enforcement to share with us any videos of the incident. different law agencies including police, atlantic city police, county police department, solicitor's office, none of the entities we were committed provide any video. were permitted but some way you can get it, even if they weren't permit in the is again denial, denial. >> i have taken probably a thousand depositions in my career. when look at him on that screen, i saw him blinking like crazy. >> he did twitch. >> he didn't sound like somebody telling the truth to me. >> but why? why would he do it? >> why? >> the greatest question ever. and i think did he it for two reasons. number one, he wants today unable the baltimore ravens, and their high file owner who won a superbowl, very close, and goodel, and he underestimated the impact that this domestic violence situation would have, thinking
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the tape would never get out. >> do you know there are 30 domestic violence cases cents on his desk right now, the nfl? >> there are people convicted of domestic violence playing, guy from the san francisco 49ers, obviously the nfl, they don't take domestic violence very seriously. >> very smithsonian. because the cover-up went -- he acknowledged little bit of it, there were things that kept away, but he knew the fact what was going on, and he blamed the washington post. well, this was a situation, goodel is in, exactly right now, where he is in denial, but here is the thing. >> 1972, why would we ever learn the lies would catch up? >> the truth always runs you down. the truth is the same -- >> now they're having fbi investigator going to investigate, going to be full investigation, like they did with penn state, with louie free did the investigation. so, all of the truth will come out. >> but the fbi investigator has done previous business with the league, and law firm
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has negotiated some television contracts. so how independent? >> mike the cynic. >> from day one. >> you need somebody more independent. >> that takes you back to 72, as well. roger goodel, canceled appearance last night in the carolinas, north or south. what happens to him today? >> well, he's going to be asked those questions, again, the same questions he was asked before, going to bring the whole situation up that the nfl did, in fact, get the tape. and he is going to be put on the spot, as to did you see it, did you not get it from the people that got it, what happened here. >> now in the building. >> yes, continue to faucet light. however, his ownership has given him full support on. >> this the public has no support for him. the ownership who he serves, has support for him, at this particular time. >> makes $47 million a year. >> but i still think he has to go, saying that from the beginning. he has to go. >> okay. hang around here. because this is also happening. this is the busiest day, i'm telling you, happening right now, judgement day for oscar
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pistorius. the judge has ruled out premeditated murder already in her opening statements. and a lesser murder charge, leaving only culpable homicide, as the only possibility left. i would think. however, the judge has not red the exact verdict yet. so, oscar is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriends, reeva steenkamp. he claims he accidentally shot her when she was in the bathroom. and how about this? an elementary school in new jersey is starting the new school year without a bunch of ipads. the school says somebody stole them. here we go again. ouch. >> mike, this is the second time something like this has happened in the willingboro school district. fox 29's lauren johnson live outside twin hill elementary school this morning. lauren, what's the latest on this? >> report report alex, the epitomy of evil, down right nasty, stealing from children, what happened at this elementary school. as you said not the first time it happened. so looks like somebody is getting away with this.
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on tuesday, police in the township were called to the twin elementary, twin hill elementary school here. there was report after theft. officers learned 12 ipads were stolen, and they believe the tablets were swiped at some point during the summer, apple, ipads, are not cheap. so talking about a 4,800-dollar lost. to this particular school last year, district reported the same theft, but in much bigger numbers, 150 devices at that time. but the district still not sure if those were snatched from schools, or district warehouse. either way, each one cost roughly $400. that hit cost taxpayers $68,000. they are not happy. a police spokesman says it is too early into this investigation to make any connections with the previous theft, of course they're asking anyone who has any information about these ipad thefts from the school district to call police. alex, mike? >> my goodness. i'm telling you. all right, 7:16. little late for weather, but sue will catch us up. >> yes, a lot of cloud cover out there this morning,
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temperatures are little bit warmer than they were yesterday. pottstown, allentown, we have 69 degrees, here in philadelphia, it is 71 degrees. real muggy out, there 68 in dover, 72 degrees in wildwood. as we get our thursday started. now, winds are now out of the south. that's what makes all of the difference, see the arrow going from south to north. that means the humidity is coming in. because that's usually where it lingers. soap, 9-mile per hour breezes, and with it, being this humid, we're greatful for every breeze 10 miles per hour in dover. as far as precipitation, none to show in you our area. what we are watching is this area of precipitation out to the western part of the state. and stretching down through ohio, all marks where the cold fronts is. told but it y hot, humid now, cooler behind the front. so, when it hits, it will probably touch off some thunderstorms. very slight risk of severe thunderstorms today, but it could happen for some of us, that we could hear some loud
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thunder, some heavy downpours, and some high winds. so if you are at the game tonight, you may have a rain delay. pop up thunderstorms, we may get one, we may not, 83 degrees, one more game, with pirates, and that is tonight. so the seven day forecast, has thunderstorms, $8,820, less humid tomorrow, and lovely with a high of 78, in fact, we gave it a ten, and then, a cooler weather shower saturday. looks like the showers just looking at some computer models won't arrive until very late in the day. so i think the balance of the daytime on saturday, should be fine, sunday, pretty nice, high of 74 degrees. very excellent. and another chance of rain then on tuesday of next week. so there is your seven day forecast it, looks like most of our weekends, caitlin, will be pretty good. >> yes, and looking forward to. that will some comfortable weather there, too. sue, going to start us off, talcony palmyra bridge, talking about it all morning. so, in philadelphia, tac-pal westbound near the mid-span. we now have an accident that has nothing to do with the fact that it was closed
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earlier for a ship to pass. now we have an accident on it and one lane blocked. also, on 55 northbound, this is after 5:52, in vineland, those construction there, got the right lane blocked until 5:00 p.m. tonight. all day thing. finley we head to the atlantic city expressway between the farley service plaza and 73. we've got construction in this area, so if you are maybe headed to or from the shore, you will have some issues, maybe slow downs until about 5:30 this evening, al next. >> thanks, caitlin. mike, you have been pretty busy getting ready for big event? >> yes, calling this a you got to try this tasting party. let me explain what this is. i've been going around for about three years on every monday we do a segment you got to try. >> this so i try unique foods you can get in the delaware valley. so everybody goes i wish i could do. that will you can do that. you simply come over to sixth and market at the independence visitors center. i think we may have a grabbing. >> best of the foods you tried? >> exactliment look at the time. 6:30, 9:30, there may be some
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alcohol involved. we'll have some music. >> maybe. >> about 25 restaurants that you can taste their food just like day. so please come out. you got to log on to our website go to the "good day" tab. and scroll down to the you got to try this. com website. that is fundraiser, trying help some philadelphia school kids. so go there, do that now please. remember that 20 cents tip lesean shady mccoy left for the service of pyt? wee havup a date. >> yes, another big name is stepping up in a very big way. who wants to give that waiter a thousand bucks. we'll have that next. >> that's a thousand dollars tip? >> ya!
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were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. >> meanwhile, remembrances ceremonies will soon begin around the country, we will take these moments of silence, throughout the morning. let's get to up our robert moses there, in lower manhattan. so, what is different today on the 13th anniversary?
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>> good to see you both, i think what's different. >> lower man mat and feels less like construction site, last year fences all around the 9/11 plaza, this year, those fence also gone, and so this area is now integrated into the rest of lower manhattan, yet another signal this area is coming back. talk a little bit about what we will see today. ceremony will get underway around 8:40 this morning. >> it hit the north tower, after that we begin the readings of those 2,983 namesment those people who died on 9/11, as well as those who died in the 1993 attack here, on the world trade center, the ceremony expected to last until sometime early this afternoon, and here is a interesting note. one thing little different this year than in previous years, the 9/11 memorial, that's those reflecting pools
7:25 am
will open at 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> robert, since it is the anniversary, of course it will be open to the general public, are their higher expectation when is it comes to security? should we expect to see a lot more happening out there when it comes to screening everyone when they get on the site? >> new york has always been on high alert, since 9/11, that hasn't changed. yesterday police commissioner spoke about the new threat that isis posts cents -- poses, he said isis poses even bigger threat in some senses, but new york is prepared, there is no specific threat today, and new york is ready to go. >> lower manhattan, on that date, 13 years ago, two buildings gone. you look down, you new where
7:26 am
you were, north or south of manhattan, you see, then gone. it is so great to see that building behind you, robert, just glistening in the sun. >> it is. and this view never gets old. one world trade center will open this coming fall, we're told that there are about 5 million square feet of office space that have already been leased down here in lower manhattan, the transportation hub, which is long overdue, and over budget. that's supposed to open next year. but that hub, again, will be another signal of the re integrate of lower manhattan, 11 subway lines coming into the hub. >> interesting, well, nobody will go into that building, you say that it is not full yet. but there are plenty of occupants. >> there are, going to be a lot of media and advertising
7:27 am
companies down here, that's the big question, would people come back to lower manhattan? would businesses choose to relocate here? the answer so far. >> yes. >> bringing new life back to their a. >> sure s people had moved out of there, but moving back in. and the prices were casino of low right after 9/11, people come back down there. hey, robert, thanks a lot. we'll check back with you. >> my goodness, alex, did you see this just across the wires here? i guess this oscar pistorius, as i interpret it, found not guilty. >> not guilty. >> that's the way i read it. >> so now we head right to our legal analyst con rotweiler in the news room, so what exactly does this mean then? is he completely cleared? >> no, not completely cleared. appears from what the judge has said so far he will not be convicted of premeditated murder, normally convicted of the lesser charge of murder. but cull recall homicide is still something -- >> prison time? >> not necessarily, mike, up to 15 years, she could
7:28 am
actually give him no jail time or 15 years jail time or anywhere in the middle. so not even there yet. but certainly looks like premeditated murder not going to be the verdict nor is murder. mike, if you remember, for three months, i've been covering this trial, i've always thought it was going to be culpable homicide. i never thought they could get premeditated murder because they couldn't get beyond a reasonable doubt. so now she is considering cull recall homicide. we'll see what happens. >> ken, what exactly does it mean for people at home? does it mean he was neglect? is that what they are saying? >> culpable homicide is the same as our manslaughter. >> oh,. >> that is a death occurred, but wasn't premeditated, didn't meet the qualifications of lesser charge of murder, so basically manslaughter. that's what i think this absolutely was. and then she will decide based on a loft other factors whether she wants to put him in jail or not. and remember, mike, there is still, remember, we talked about the other things that he was charged with? the shooting off of the gun, through the roof, and in the restaurant? he could serve up to five years for each of those charges as well. so still, still not out of the
7:29 am
woods. co-still serve significant time in jail. >> but i thought you could premeditate over about a four minute periods. >> you and i talked about this. you can. but she is determined that it is through all of the set of circumstances the fact that it was, you know, you know, a day when they were together, the whole day, that it was valentine day coming up p and all of the factors that go into that she didn't believe he premeditated killed her. >> so, the judge thinking he got scared and shot through the bathroom door? >> yes, probably leaning toward the fact that he thought it was intruder and trying to protect, you know, himself and reeva steenkamp at the same time. looks like that's where she is going. >> this is still unfolding? she is still talking and going through each of the counts? >> exactly right. she has to go through all 37 witnesses, talk about her assessment of all 37 witnesses, at the end that far, she will render a verdict. i still don't think it will be today. because it has taken her a long time. we may have this verdict tomorrow or sometime later today. >> boy they do things a lot
7:30 am
differently over there, don't they if. >> a lot differently. >> just her decision with a couple of helpers hine her. >> mike, over the last 33 days, when they've been deliberating she has been sitting with the two assess ores, gone overall of the evidence, all three have, so all three of them, you know, played a part in the decision-making process here. >> ken, thanks. >> i think what's good here, too, we see everything that the judge accepts and reject, going through everything. so, we're learning a lot here. >> so could take couple every days. >> it could. >> sue? >> we have bus stop buddy with us this morning, yes, this is a time, kids are waiting at the bus stop. there are a lot of clouds out there. the umbrella, though, for later on, when we expect showers and thunderstorms to pop up. six out every ten today. feels like summer, quite humid. that could be positive or negative depending on what you like. thunderstorms could be quite strong, at least some of them, later on in the day. that's why we gave you six instead of yesterday's nine. 88 degrees the high today. clouds, it will be muggy, and the thunderstorms popping up
7:31 am
later on in the day, i would say, any time after 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, tonight after the storms clear, we will see the clouds clear, and then temperatures will drop into the lower 60s, we will see some temps in the 50's, in the suburbs overnight, so, probably after midnight you will be able to turnoff that air conditioner and wait until you see the forecast for tomorrow. caitlin, i know you know it is great. >> i can't wait. thank you, sue. all right, picking up out there on the roads, lower moreland township where we startment tomlinson al philmont, accident just came, in all lanes block, not going to be able to access tomlinson road at philmont avenue. you will have to use one of the alternates, either bustleton avenue, or just try to get around it as best you can, and it is causing some delays. all right, also in glennside, limekiln pike at southeast ton road. just got an accident there. police are on the scene, so use caution, probably going to be some slow downs there. next, on 95 northbound, at the commodore barry bridge, here is another accident. three in a row. just keep coming in. it is on the shoulder, so not
7:32 am
blocking any lanes, but as we in the height of the morning commute you can probably expect some slow downs there. finally, 295 southbound, this is smear 168, black horse pike, we've got an accident right there. on the shoulder but also seeing some at least moderate stack ups there, too. and we'll have an update probably 15 minutes. mike? >> moreover, i have made it clear we will hunt down terrorists that threaten our country where ever they are. that means, i will not hesitate to takings against isil in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principal of my presidency. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> president obama goes on the offensive outlining his strategy to take down isis. >> yes, during a national address from the while house, the prepare prepared the nation for the next phase in defending america against this threat of terror. joining us now, terrorism expert, ed, professor at the foreign policy research institute.
7:33 am
always good to see you. >> michael. >> every time i see you, you were talking about something negative, but it is good to see you. >> on this anniversary, let me put up quick headline here. this is the thing that surprised me. obama ready to strike isil in syria. are we going to go into syria with our airplanes. >> we'll go with airplanes, the question, michael, who will do this on the grounds? you won't be able to get this job done strictly from the air. and the president right now says we have a coalition of nine countries. remember, he was very critical of george bush, in the iraq war, who had 34 countries. john kerrey said well there is more coming. here is the magic -- >> coalition of the willing. >> that's right. here is the magic question: if we're not willing to send grounds troops, and we know we need ground troops, who is going to send them? >> so mention the coalition, but didn't specifically say who was willing to help with
7:34 am
this. >> alex, we didn't get many specifics at all. >> except for the 475 troops, on the ground. >> yes. so now we're just about 2,000 advisors. >> advisors. >> so what's very clear is that this situation has been brewing for a long time. but the bee had he g of the two american journalists and the switch in public opinion has really driven the administration, two weeks ago we didn't have a stage i, and yesterday, the president is speaking not just to the nation, to the world, saying we're going in, but again, not many details. >> do you think some type of retaliation? he said some pretty strong words. is there summariesing in doing that? >> racing in everything.
7:35 am
realize, more than 100 americans have left this country to go fight for i cyst. more than 2,000 british citizens have gone to nice for isis. only about 500 british muslims in the queens military. >> what did you want to hear? we're going back in, troops and everything? the only way you'll defeat them. it says that you got to have people on the gown, but i can't believe, he wants turkey, saudi arabia, other arab countries to step in. and so do i. >> and what i would have preferred to have heard is no limitations on what we're going to do. so, it didn't mean that we had to announce ground invasion. that would have been foolish, it would never have happened. but, what the minute you say you are not doing, then the other side says oh, that's good. >> are you nervous today? , 9/11? >> i think the country's overall security situation is
7:36 am
worse today than at any point after 9/11, that largely has to do with the lack of control on our boarders, specifically on the southern border, and the fact that isis is not just recruiting large numbers of people to come, they're going to be sending them back, and, realize this: isis gets anywhere from two to $3 million a day. >> oil? >> oil that they are selling on the black market. they are very coordinated. this isn't -- these are not the jv's. >> thirteen years later we have an organization that's more dangerous than al quaida that we dealt with 13 years ago today? >> that's absolutely correct. last night the president gave a speech where in effect he said we're going to bomb the people that are posing syria, a year ago last night he said i want to bomb asad. >> such a mess in syria,
7:37 am
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>> tip gate stories, called pyt. >> now celebrity, getting involved. and it is prompting a big fit to the service who said he was stiffed by lesean mccoy. here's what happened. few days ago mccoy and three friends went into pyt in northern liberties, when the bill came, they left only a 20 cents tip. everyone heist been talking about this, so now, charlie sheen. >> who? >> charlie sheen. >> what? >> he reached taught pyt owner and said woe give the wait area thousand bucks. now, we still haven't heard
7:41 am
mccoy side of the story. >> no. and i got to tell you, i i know plenty, bunch of service, bun of of waiters, waitresses have contacted us, we waited on shady mccoy and he was cents good tipper. >> i'm just confused why charlie sheen, mike? >> i think some celebrities who like to put themselves in situations after lot of people are talking about it. >> yes. >> this is going all over. >> i thought, alex there is was a philadelphia story, that he would were the only one covered t must have gotten national attention. >> social media, things can go all over the place quickly. >> but charlie we haven't heard from him in a while. >> probably why he's doing this. >> we all know you should watch the sugar in your children's diet watch about the salt? it can be just as bad, alex. >> kids getting way too much
7:42 am
sodium. tell but some of the worse foods your kid could be eating. >> i bet that kid is eating right now, too. >> i bet. >> and jenn fred hanging out with the races cents again, in millville. i love this every year. >> yes. >> and ♪ here's the thing, the go pro daytona national championship something something. >> yes. >> this guy might actually win t we'll talk to jake. see the pretty prett
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
going to be thunderstormy kind of afternoon. all in one, as you see on ultimate doppler, no rain around here right now, about you don't have to go too far to find some down in the western part of the state. southern ohio, is all part of a cold front headed our way for later on in the day, ahead of that it is very warm, and very humid. so, as we look into the future, here we go, jumped ahead to friday morning, got rid of all of the rain, but i promise you, we will have some thunderstorms later on in the day. and then, as we head into saturday, because everybody's concerned about the weekend
7:46 am
it, looks like a lot of cloud cover, on saturday, it is casino of if-ee, with very slight chance of a strong thunderstorm, later on in afternoon. as we look at temperatures, before you walk out the door, get ready for 71 degrees, and late 69 in allentown, 63 mount pocono, here in philadelphia, it is up to 71, already, and it is quite muggy outside. 68 degrees in doylestown, chester, 69, 69 in allentown. but it won't last long, that humidity, if you don't like it >> i think may have pop up thunderstorm, possibility of rain delay at citizens bank park, phillies and pirates get started 7:00 # five, i think they'll get the game n88 degrees for today. legs humid, 78 degrees tomorrow cooler with shower possible, as we were trying to tell you on saturday, let's call it a little bit if-ee,
7:47 am
but not a wash out. by sunday, 74 degrees, and just gorgeous monday still pretty nice, tuesday, chance of shower again, so there is your seven day forecast from the weather authority. we've got our ups and downs in, there but to the dollars warmest of the next seven days, caitlin? sue, if-ee, construction to report, york road, currently an accident, right there. now, police are on the scene. no other details besides, that but if you can avoid that intersection, maybe for the best, as they clean up and assess. >> lime kin n pike, glennside, so expect some delays around that area, too. next, 95 northbound, we just told but there is 15 minutes ago at the commodore barry bridge, there is an accident, police are on the scene, it is on the bridge, so it might take a while to clear up. finally, accident, on the
7:48 am
shoulder there, too. >> huge championship weekend in millville, new jersey, bikes, bikes, more fast bikes. >> i don't understand how this geese and women do this. >> their bodies scrape the cement. >> yes, the ama pro racing series, it will be saturday, sunday, jake is probably going to win, one of the classes, it is the go pro daytona sport bike division, yes? >> yes. >> but, behind us, these are like amateur racers, that will try to be the next you? >> yes, out here practicing and being able to hit the track today before the pros get to. >> jake, you're young guy. >> yes, 18 years old. >> do you think you can win your definition. >> i definitely do. >> there you go. let's hear it again. do you think you can win this weekend? >> ya, definitely think i can.
7:49 am
new jersey is one of my favorite tracks, really good success here last year. >> what do you like about this track? >> real fun, real fast, provides good racing, and fan turn out is amazing here. you can hear the fans when going on, just get you excited for the race, whole layout, really fun. >> most of the guys are in the as tall as you. do do you consider your height an advantage or disadvantage? can work either way. little tall to get tuck in, so area owe dynamic, but since i have such long legs, put it back and forth pretty fast. >> like this? >> yes. >> okay. you guys out there for three minutes? >> yes, pretty long race, dow a lot of training back home in ken tuck toy prepare for the race, because you don't want to fall behind, and then start at the end of the race when your tires go off strong, be mentally prepared for the whole 30 minutes,.
7:50 am
>> are you tired, tired start -- tires start going off. can you feel under that neat you? >> our tires are pretty soft. donlop, pretty soft tires. so toward the end of the race, they start sliding around a little bit. but you know i grew up racing, so i'm pretty used to it. >> so when you drive around in your mini-van, i mean, your rental car when you come to these races are you ever like i wish i had different tires on that sweet hoopty? >> no, going pretty fast cents getting over here. >> don't say. that will police were watching you. >> how fast? >> oh, i don't know, pretty slow. >> i need to train you, to have a little bit more swagger, okay, when it comes to you, and being little more discreet when talk about riding the hoopty around new jersey. these fans, you see them, a lot of people camped out. they'll race today and tomorrow. then a big part of it. when you see them, you kind of mention it, got to be cool. >> really cool.
7:51 am
definitely one of the largest crowds all year. and a lot of friends that come to this race. you know, i guess they like motorcycles here in new jersey, so it means a lot, especially from a god race, find outnumber one on sunday -- >> stop. don't say if. when i win the number one whatever. how much money do you get if you win? >> i don't know t would be pretty good. i think 25 grand from ama. >> huge. >> yes, pretty good. >> and your bike is a little prettier than the green bike? >> yes, all of these are pretty much stock bikes that we pretty much are on full factory yamaha six, and built in the show, like at the shop, so like everything comes off of it. >> we call it a motorcycle not a bike. >> definitely. >> good luck and your motorcycle this weekend. you don't need luck though. you have got it in your brain. so here is the thing, guys, talking to all kind of people. now the track doesn't get hot
7:52 am
until 9:00. so, we can't really be showing a lot of racing. but i am going to try and trick one of these people into giving me a ride. yeah, we want to see you on a motorcycle. anything. thanks, jen. >> 7:52. hey, leave the lip balance many at home. >> the message from one school, why they're retiring a doctors note for little relief. >> what? i can't take chap stick to school? >> nope, you need chapped lips. >> what about this storey? >> the new york post report being a doctor allegedly did a biopsy while joan rivers was put under for routine end does cowpea. put under for routine end does cowpea. if it is true, who is
7:53 am
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
7:55 am
>> 8: 55. >> 7:55. >> weird! well, the weather will be, i mean, tonight, it is going to be weird.
7:56 am
thunderstorms, i'm not kidding. >> you're scaring us. >> on the commute home. lightning, noise. >> i think we'll love it to sue to tell us about this. >> but i'm scared. well, parents often worry about what they feed their kids, and nutrition experts suggest avoiding sugar altogether. now the cdc is warning par bent another health threat, and that is sodium. >> always about sugar, this is salt. >> now another thing for people to worry about. cdc has listed some of the worse offenders, mike start it off. >> there is salt apparently, a a lot of salt, in sandwiches. >> which is surprising. because a lot of kids put those in lunch boxes. i mean, like the go to thing. >> that's what mom makes a lot of times. and but the sandwiches you can get in grocery stores, convenience stores now loaded when salt. >> next, what comes with the sandwiches a lot of times, though savory smacks, like potato chips. they are processed and contain a lot of food at tifs. >> we all know that. that one is obvious.
7:57 am
>> next to the chips, cold cuts. >> oh, yes. >> pile it on, especially salom i. i love salome iment you can taste the sodium. >> you can. you can taste the salt in it. >> then next, bread roles pass tax things like, that but i didn't realize it was so full of salt. >> bread or rolls, excuse me. >> ton of salt, into that dough, that they make the bread and rolls out of. i think is obvious, too. >> pizak chips, bad for you? >> i could have done this stud. >> i somebody made a lot of money off that? >> kids get salads is that correct what we are saying, in us just salads? >> i was watching this segment on doctor oz yesterday, base list saying eat a salad every day. >> you probably can't do any dressing, because kids love ranch dressing. >> salt in it, probably like
7:58 am
oil. >> exactly. >> so, just eat a wedge of lettuce today. >> eat some leaves. >> yes, okay, well, local school made the list of the best colleges, not just talking about smarts, stuff like that, who has the best heating hauls, around the country. >> important, because your freshman year, a lot of people gain the freshman 15. ranks muhlenberg college in allentown at number three, among 14 other schools. they earned that spot because of special dining hall events. every year they host battle the chefs, in which culinary experts from other schools compete for the top prize. then there is another college in maine, ranked number one, northwestern university at number two. >> well, do you really this bye how good the food is when you choose a college? >> yes, that was one of the things, we ate, took us to dining hall, and thereon valentine day they had a special like nights where you can go, bring a date, they have kindergarten day, we get like chicken nuggets and
7:59 am
things just eat that. oh, ya. >> that's why i knew that school, university mazoo. >> it is a good school. at least the food is good. and they have like stir fry, cook to order. that's what's happening right now. >> one of the best broadcast schools in the country. >> that's so nice for to you say. >> sickens me that you went there and i went to your big rival. here we go, let's do another hour of the show, whether we should or not. good day, it is thursday, it is september 11, 2014. here we go. >> we remember the fall then morning, me? >> that date hard for mike to say. imagine how it must be for the
8:00 am
minds who those who lost. here at the garden of reflections, one of the things they built into this lovely place, these little hills. and they're like ripples, in the grounds. and that's to represent the ripple effect, of what happened on this date, 13 years ago, that still is being felt to this day, and the president, feeling it last night, using that day as a speech to fight more against terror attacks. >> the weather quite different than it was 13 years ago. >> blue sky, sunshine, now you see the clouds out there in advance of some thunderstorms, we will tell when you they arrive and more importantly, when they leave. coming up in weather authority forecast, hey, jen. >> forget about the could you a sacky, i can lie my honda. cb r6 hundred? whatever, here is the thing, they do put little tire warmees. they want to make sure the tires 180 degrees, so not so cold. that's my cv r6 hundred? >> it is a honda.
8:01 am
>> blanket. >> little tires. >> you can get a blanket, flight. >> we get it. >> so trying to have some fun today. because it is the 13th anniversary of nine/one; one of those days, you know exactly what you were doing, at that moment, what, 8:46 eastern time. >> yes. >> yes. so, where were you, hit us up on twitter, 13 years ago, hit us up we remember. >> oh, oh, alex, your ride's here (police sirens in the background). >> did that fire station open again? >> gentlemen, fourth and race. >> this a big fire year and a half snag. >> i should have said fourth and arch, yes, better than ever now. it is wonderful.
8:02 am
we have a lot of clouds out there. we've got a lot of stickiness out there. feels like summertime for sure. and we've got thunderstorms on the way for later on in the day. it is a six out of ten in your weather by the numbers, thanks to our twitter followers, for reminding us to add muggy to the dog, muggy the dog to the weather scenario today. thank you, muggy. temperatures in the 60s, it is sticky out there this morning. buddy has the umbrella for the possibility of thunderstorms later on, already up to 72 degrees, 81% relative humidity, at least we had the breeze out of the south-southwest at 11 miles an hour. thunderstorms arrive any time after say about 3:00 in the afternoon, and 61 degrees overnight in the city, 50's after the storms get out of here. caitlin? >> thank you, sue. already looking ominous out there. couple of issues, this morning, mainly accident that we just have got answer ton that have come in. start off in laurence, new jersey, 59 southbound, just before federal city road. we have an accident there, that has the left lane blocked. so, you can't access that,
8:03 am
probably going to see some delays. also, 76, schulkhill, eastbound the ramp to northbound route 202. so all the way toward the western ends of the schuylkill, accident there. has the left lane block. already seeing a lot of backups, as very busy area, as you try to access king of prussia, around the western end of the schuylkill. next up, vine st. expressway, westbound, at broad street, an accident there has one lane block, also seeing delays, finally on the 42 freeway, right before 681. lower landing road, an accident there, has one lane blocked. so a lot of delays out there this morning, we will keep you posted going through the rest of the show. >> we're about 43 minutes away from our first moment of silence, and we will take to you lower manhattan for that, so you don't miss anything at allment look at the big beautiful building standing where the twin towers fell 13 years ago today as you know nearly 3,000 people died right there on that site. is her moan list soon begin in new york sit, and again, we will take you, you won't miss anything, go up therefore the first moment of silence at
8:04 am
8: 46. >> here is a live look man too, a new jersey, the place of reflection, the 9/11 memorial at chestnut branch park, and remember this event will begin at 8: 30, and will continue to cover 9/11 throughout good day philadelphia and mike like you mentioned we will have several moments of silence. >> they did great job with that park. on this anniversary of 9/11, america facing new terror threats, during national address from the white house the president prepared the nation for the next phase in defending america against isis. what a dangerous group. probably more dangerous than al quaida who hit us 13 years ago. >> fox 29's steve keeley live at the 9/11 memorial in lower makefield, has more on the president's speech. steve? >> reporter: eighteen of the victims from 13 years ago today were from bucks county, some on flight 93, some in the world trade centers. and here they are gathering already for the start of what
8:05 am
is their 13th memorial service. getting bigger every year, not getting less popular, but getting bigger every year. and that is a good sign. and like the place in man too, a south jersey, and like so many other memorials across the country, this, too, also has a chunk of the steel and the concrete all twills dollars and now rusted, that was part of the worlds trade center. makes you wonder what floor was that on? and where was i when that fell down? well, the president probably one of the many americans thinking those questions this morning. >> we will hunt down terrorists where ever they are. that means i will not hesitate to takings against isill in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principal of my presidency. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. until this community thousands of foreigners, including
8:06 am
europeans, and some americans, had joined them in syria and iraq, trained, and battle hard end, these fight corsetry to return to their home countries and carry out deadly attacks. >> reporter: well the focal point of this garden of reflection for sure the twin fountains there that are lit up all around the clock, and as we see people putting red, white and blue carnations in the planters here in front every us, this morning, we can be sure that the president won't have any better dayton the calendar than this one to have public support for want to go take out terrorists before they can ever come here ever again and do anything like they did on this date, now known simply bust those two numbers, alec ex, mike, 9/11. >> that's for sure, steve. 8:06. going to get back to this story. because this happened a couple of hours ago. the judge in the murder trial of oscar pistorius has ruled out both premeditated murder and murder verdicts; however, she has yet to read her
8:07 am
official verdict. she still is talking right now, it is about 2:00 in the afternoon there. pistorius still faces the possibility of something called culpable manslaughter. accused of shooting and killing his girlfriends reeva steenkamp. oscar pistorius claims he accidentally shot her. he thought she was an intruder. >> the fall out over the ray rice scandal is heating up this morning. the nfl has hired former fbi director robert mule tow lead independent investigation into how the league handled evidence in the case. now, that comes on the heals after associated press report that says a law enforcement official sent the tape of rice knocking out his then fiancee to unnamed nfl executive months ago. roger goodel said the league didn't see this video until this week. >> so ap report says the tape was delivered to nfl to the nfl in april, so that's before the commissioner decided to give him a two game
8:08 am
suspension. oh, my goodness. well, roger goodel, commissioner, was supposed to be at appearance in north carolina last night. cancelled it. >> he has got to be worried right now. >> oh, the heat is un believe bridge high on him. >> we were talking about this last night. why lie about it? if this is in fact true, that means, he basically went and did that interview and said, well, to my knowledge, did he give that disclaimer, that the nfl had not seen that video. so, nowadays everything seems to come out, everything. >> oh, you can't lie. the truth will always hunt you down, for sure. so voice mail from a woman, from nfl headquarters, what the ap report says. that you can hear her saying we got the tape. >> and it is terrible. >> and i looked at it and it is terrible what happened in the elevator. oh, man, if that happened back in april, people are in trouble. >> yes, that's true. and told you some ravens fans have been finding ways to get rid of their ray rice videos after that ugly video
8:09 am
surfers -- >> zombies cents, exchanging ray rice jerseys for other things. some fans are burning the jerseys. >> but this little girl used her ray rice jersey to display an important message. take a look. you see additional letters were added to say: be nice to girls. a father shared this on his facebook page, brian but thelet said he wanted to use the ugly moment to do something positive. >> yes. that little girl lives in he will could the city, marylander, put n over the r, and rice went to nice. >> this is important. a lot of children hearing about there is seeing it, so to see a young girl put that together. >> that is a thing, when you put this stuff on tv, you know kids are looking at it, my mommy, daddy, what's happening in that elevator, and do you have explain it. >> so race rye, be nice. >> still ahead on our show, bus it is 8:09. a young girl banned from using chap stick at school. why her teachers say she and
8:10 am
other students need a doctors note to bring in lip balance many -- balm to the classroom. did the doctors really perform a biopsy on joan rivers? the legal ramifications that a new york city clinic could be facing.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> muggy morning, 73 here in the city. even up in mount pocono, 63 degrees, you go down south, it is 72 in millville, 73 wildwood, 71 degrees in wilmington, delaware. now, things are little bit warmer than they were yesterday. we have winds coming out of the south. that makes all the difference with the humidity. but at least we do have bit after breeze. and we've been seeing breezes kind of gusty here in old city this morning, 14 miles per hour our sustained winds in philadelphia right now. so, yes. re link on the breezy side. that will help alleve ate the mugginess little bit. we have a lot of cloud cover out there, as well, here is the boundary line of the cold
8:14 am
front will be coming through later in the day. with heat, humidity it, will touch off some thunderstorms, but we stay cloudy we may not see too many severe thunderstorms. under slight risk of severe thunderstorms because of the cloud cover. we will see what happens with sunshine, coming out a little later on in the day. and, some more of those temperatures, as we take a look once again, that 73 degrees, in philadelphia, at the moment. you know when temperatures are this good, you just can't see enough. here is a look at the forecast, for the game tonight. one more, with the pirates, phillies and pirates get started 75:00 again, could have some pop up thunderstorms, may see nothing, that's what pop up means, pop up here, pop up there, maybe not over citizens bank park. 88 degrees is our high temperature, for today. then we get to 78 tomorrow. tomorrow will be beautiful day. seventy-two on is saturday, now, saturday looks little if-ee, with some clouds, and probably some sun early in the day. but then, showers possible, later on, hopefully they'll
8:15 am
hole off until nighttime. but it looks a little unsettled for saturday, sunday gorgeous, and high of 74. and that weather extends into monday, as well. caitlin? >> thank you, sue, the accidents just keep rolling in this morning, so problems all over the place including on some of your majors, 959 southbound, just before route 141, we've got an accident that has the left lane block, doesn't look like too many delays yet. but they may start to pile in as we continue to go through the morning commute. lots, schuylkill eastbound ram top northbound route 202, so this is way out on the western edge of the schulkhill around the king of prussia, an accident there had a has the left lane block, 76 eastbound the ram top northbound 202, so avoid that area if you can. let's go to new jersey, next on the 42 freeway, right before 681, lower landing road. we have an accident there. that one, has one lane blocked. finally, on the atlantic city expressway there is one between pleasantville and route nine, an area of construction, got two of the right lanes blocked, that is until 5:30 today. so expect delays this morning, and again for the evening
8:16 am
commute. mike? >> thank you. >> at 8:15, the state health department continues to investigate questions remain as to what exact actually happened when joan rivers enters a clinic in new york two weeks ago for routine proceed you. >> is it ever routine teen? the new york daily news reports biopsy was performed after something was seen on joan rivers vocal cords. so when they had the scope down there, they see something, the paper says they went ahead and snipped off piece of the vocal cord to do biopsy. so, what is going on here? because the york ville clinic has been contacted. they say we never did a biopsy. the paper is wrong. it just makes us think what is going on. we brought doctor mike in, our legal attorney, ken rotweiler, very busy this morning, so, again, yorkville clinic says doctor mike, they never did the biopsy. would this be unusual had that biopsy occurred?
8:17 am
>> reporter: -- >> doctor mike: certainly if a biopsy occurred, there would have been another reason or possibility of having a problem. i brought in some things. because i want people to see. this is probably exactly the casino of scope that was used on joan rivers. it is a fiberoptic laryngo scope t looks down your nose, and the reason they do that is to look at the vocal cords. if you can see where that tube goes, and basically, what you're doing is she had some hoarseness, and trying figure it out. what people are trying to realize, hey, 1 percent of people that have this procedure can have something called laryngo spasm. where the throat actually closes off. now, i brought a throat with me. and what you have right here are the vocal cords, and i want you to look in there. that can actually close off.
8:18 am
you have three minutes to get air into the lungs or you will suffer brain damage. >> couldn't they have done like an emergency trainee the any right then? >> well, that, that is the million dollars question. when you have a medical emergency like laryngo spasm, you have to get air into those lungs or you'll suffer brain damage. so you need a tube like this, down the throat, by an anesthesiologist, or someone that knows what they are doing, or a tracheostomy has to be performed. >> requires general anesthesia, and all of that, that had to have been done to prevent brain damage. >> well, doctor mike, you mention medical emergency. is that the difference here the fact that this was done at a clinic in new york as opposed to a hospital? >> doctor mike: well the bottom line is they claim at this clinic that they have all of the appropriate tools and people and everything. the thing is that when something happens like this, it is an emergency that has to be dealt with right away.
8:19 am
>> they say they don't do biopsies there. >> whether the biopsy was done or not, do you have realize, when you have one of these procedures, 1 percent risk every having a spasm like. >> this so even on a good day. >> of course of her family is just irate. who is in trouble here? >> potentially clinic is in trouble f like doctor mike says 1 percent of complications then they better be prepared for those complications the better have the right resuscitative equipment. they better act in a very expedicious manner. doctor mike says in three minutes could you have brain damage, could you have problems, that means do you have get the scope down, get that airway freed up, in that time period, and if you didn't, and if someone dice, has brain damage from it, they potentially have big time civil lawsuit. joan rivers made a lot of money, will have a lot of lawyers looking at this case. >> what if she signed a form said hey if something happens, do what you need to do? does that mean they can't get anything. >> great question. on the issue of biopsy, if they did do biopsy, no
8:20 am
dispute, though have serious problems, because i know she didn't sign a form, informed consent, she didn't sign a form which allowed them to do a biopsy. >> how do you know that? >> from everything i read, nothing that indicate that that was even something that was even talk about. so i don't think that that was done. but the fact, still learning the fact here in this case, so as the fact come out, you know -- >> wouldn't it come down to that piece of paper if they do have it. >> that says what? if a procedure needs to be done, that they -- that they're allowed to do it? yes, if they are allowed that contingency, we're doing this endoscopy procedure, if one when we do that procedure we see something, we need do do another procedure -- >> five weeks ago, ken, i went in foreign does copy. and the doctor, she says, if i see anything down in your stomach, they were checking my stomach, i'm going to snip off little piece of it and do biopsy. so i signed the thing saying
8:21 am
okay, you don't have to wake me to up ask me. >> i think most people would sign that form. >> you're absolutely right f that form was signed it is okay. but depends what the facts are here. we don't know the fact. they're coming out day-to-day. we'll see what happens. >> doctor, closing comments. >> doctor mike: yes the point about the biopsy, if they did they would have to use a rigid scope like this which is a surgical procedure. and, i'm telling you, in talking with the people at my institution, at penn, when you do a procedure, a biopsy, you need to have it in a surgical center where they have ventilator machines, they have anesthesiologist. >> called a hospital. >> so if there is a problem, they know how to deal with it right away. we'll have to wait and see what all comes out with this. >> what equipment they had there. >> exactly. that's going to be the bottom line. >> okay, we'll stay on it, thanks, guys. >> thank you. 8:21, still ahead, the site for -- fight for andi.
8:22 am
she receives life saving transplant. how her facebook page led to second chance at life. our dad's a plumber. a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too.
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8:24 am
no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
8:25 am
>> a teacher ' a seconds chance, thanks in part to student, and two daughters, two daughters we met on the show, probably, well, about nine months ago, something like that? they came on, begging, please help us save our mom. she needs a transplant. >> able to get the word out she desperately needed the kidney. now a successful transplant took place on tuesday. first told but george washington high school teacher, andi, back in april, she had been suffering from chronic kidney disease, for almost 16 years, and was waiting for a transplant. the doctors told hershey was difficult match. >> thankfully they saw the facebook page, the husband, o positive, just like andy, turn out to be perfect living donor
8:26 am
match. >> this wonderful angel stepped up, gave me a kidney. i'm going to cry. sorry. >> very big gift. donor 41 year old danno connor, a husband and father of two, dan, and andy metaphor the first time, just last week. that's unreal. i remember meeting these kids. i was in tears. >> beg for somebody with the same blood type step up around save our mom. and i'm telling you two of our viewers, good day philadelphia contacted me after the interview and said they would give their kidney. >> dan saw her facebook page, but they got it done. >> one every his healthy kidnaps he gave to this woman. >> way to go dan. we should have him come in. >> we should. >> let's get back to motorcycle racing, something i
8:27 am
will never do, because it is cents so scary to me, jen. >> we have a huge competition happening here. championship weekends, millville, new jersey, so coming up we end us deuce to you a guy who will probably win the whole thing. see if we can get him here. on m,
8:28 am
i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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8:30 am
litsch in gloucester county where ceremonies getting underway in mantua at the place of reflection this september 11. so, that is cloudy morning,. >> this morning, for later in the day we have the possibility of pop up showered, thunderstorms, number out of ten, six today,
8:31 am
those thunderstorms and humidity, keeping it from a nine or ten, weaver the nine yesterday. it is 73 degrees, already, and it is pretty sticky out there, with 79% relative humidity, but you can see, the camera wobbling a little bit. 14-mile per hour breeze at the airport, and it is out of the south. so, that's why it will stay casino of humid rest of the day. 88 degrees, if we get enough sunshine, and then the thunderstorms popping up later in the day, but when things clear out tonight, temperatures will be around 62 in the city, 50's in the suburbs. so, things will get more comfortable, caitlin, after today. and that sounds good weather wise, little uncomfortable out on the roads, a lot of accidents have come in this morning, really within the last hour, we start off in philadelphia. ninety-five northbound, just after penn's landing, we've got an accident right there. has the left lane block. usually choking point. we have heavy delays, whole area. but again, that is 95 northbound, you can see, all stack up right after penn's landing. also 95 northbound, before cottman avenue, so further north of 95 disable truck has
8:32 am
the right lane block. so you can't get around. that will do you have use one of the other lanes, and it is probably also going to cause a lot of delays. next into new jersey, 42 freeway, right before 681, also, called lower landing road. there is an accident that has one lane block. finally, this is 95 southbound, before kurland street, accident that has the left lane block there. seeing some moderate delays pile up there. guys? >> thanks, caitlin. now we are going to millville where it is race week epp. we check back in with jen because she is getting revved-up, hopefully see letter on motorcycle soon. >> probably see me on motorcycle soon, the track not hot yetment can't get on the track. so we will talk about this again. this is josh, three times super bike champion of all time, good morning. >> good morning, you got the title. might swing it around a little bit. these bikes are the amateur, guys racing today, tomorrow, big shots like you guys, each start on saturday and sunday.
8:33 am
>> i asked a question earlier, 7:00 hour, i ask you because you're young and handsome. are you going to win this thing? >> that's the plan. that's why they bring in the big rig, pay me the big bucks, yes, i plant to win this weekend? for a lot of people to say like that sound is so craze he. what people don't know, you literally are off the seat of the bike, for a long part, especially here at millville. right? >> little bit. >> i'm on my had your huffy, i'm offer the site going up the hill. i understand how it feels. >> i understand, yes, i feel ya. >> do you have lena lot off this track? >> pretty much all the tracks are the same. get to see fans getting close to the racetrack, get to see it up close and personal. >> yes, hang off the track, hang off a lot. do a lot of wheel east, a lot of things that are cool and go real fast. >> i like the wheel east, i like going fast, i like the
8:34 am
yamaha thing. the energy is good. here is the thing. i understand you're gorgeous attractive awesome wife. >> yes. >> is also racing. >> right. >> not against you. >> not against me this time. >> but you have raised before. >> we have once before. >> who won? >> i guess i have to say she d i crashed out. she won the race. she didn't win the race but beat me. that's all that matter. >> back up. >> that's all i heard about. >> you lost. >> i lost. >> but not this weekend? >> not this weekend? last thing we wrap it up. if i don't have those wheel warmers on my wheels i'm definitely not going to win the place. >> if you don't have tire warmers you're in trouble. >> i hope your wife beats you in a race again. that's awesome. >> that's kind of hot. >> kind of hot, right? >> motorcycle races? >> josh has trouble. >> cute. >> oh, she is cute. >> she is a door job yes. >> all right.
8:35 am
i that just got more interesting. it is 8:34, hey, still ahead, let's talk about restaurants. >> going taught eat with come with unwanted drama new study says most restaurant employees make fun after anything customers, that's not all, why being mean to the waist up could ends up costing you. >> might be something to the food, you mean? >> first, one of life's greatest treasures. so how do you make it taste even better what you should do the next time you want a sugar rush. >> i like chocolate. >> we all like chocolate. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at one deposit a month waves sothe monthly maintenance fee.
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he's so good to me. mom! this is amazing! i know. no fee. no. brian at citizens bank. he gave you a special deal? he's into you. sounds like it's time to get back out there. honey, anyone can get one deposit checking. besides, he's younger than your brother. eww. you got that right. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee.
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8:38 am lling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at >> breaking news at 8: 38. judge in the murder trial of oscar pistorius says he is neglect, which is raising the possibility of culpable homicide as a conviction. earlier this morning, the judge ruled out both premeditated murder and murder
8:39 am
verdicts. she has yet to read her official verdict, though. >> but she has been talking for about six hours, they've closed off the session now, what, about six hours difference over there, in south africa. they do it much differently there. they don't have a jury. just this judge, there she is, has to make the decision, but neglect, and culpable homicide, i think, what we call it here in the united states. >> manslaughter. >> manslaughter, yes. on lighter note at 8:39. chocolate. i like it. >> yes. >> it is a guilty pleasure for a lot of us. but you know what makes it bitter? eating with someone you lover. >> oh, thank you. well, research actually rolfs. >> this mike is not just talking right now. in a yale university study, researchers found chocolate tastes better to women when eaten simultaneously with another person. the theory also worked in reverse. when women in the study ate bitter chocolate, parities paints felt it tasted worse when eaten in a shared experience. scientific sounding.
8:40 am
eating with other people, now, the reason why, remains a mystery, but researchers think it might be due to increase in what they call attention al focus. women, we just like attention. >> that's exactly what it is. if i sit here and eat chocolate with you. >> yes? >> you're more satisfied, ya. well, we will have tons of chocolate at this event. >> we have all kind of food at the event. >> yes, and it has got four different places cents bringing desserts. you must go to our website and click on the "good day" tab, once you buy your ticket right now, it is cents a fundraiser, but the ticket aren't that expensive. please come. you got to try this tasty party. >> there will be other celebrities. >> sixth and mark, you know where it is, big beautiful hall. i was at wedding there not long ago. it is a great place, the
8:41 am
catering, food fantastic, i didn't know could you have wedding row exceptions there. anyway, it will be great party, please, go to our website buy your ticket and make sure your their. >> basically you got to come, is to you got to try this event? >> i like that talk, way to go. still ahead on our show, at 8:41, one of the most popular nfl jerseys is. >> jersey flying off the shelves. how proceeds are helping his daughter. this is one of the sweetest stories out of the nfl, certainly need it today. >> yes, we do.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
ninety seconds away, liver slot from lower manhattan. yes, about 90 seconds away from a moment of silence, i'll be quiet here, because that's the national anthem. (national anthem)
8:45 am
(national anthem) (national anthem) blank
8:46 am
(national anthem). >> thirteen years ago, right now, the first plane hit, moment of silence. blank (moment of silence) (moment of silence)
8:47 am
(taps) (taps)
8:48 am
(music playing). >> we were cutting back and forth between lower manhattan, their ceremony, here on the south lawn of the white house, conducted their moment of silence there at the white house. than is back to lower manhattan. again, now, they start reading almost 3,000 names of people that lost their lives 13 years ago today. we'll take a quick break. come right back. it makes me happy to go on the computer.
8:49 am
8:50 am
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>> quick checks in our weather, beautiful dale yesterday, ahead of the cold front, southerly winds, remembers the humidity has settled in. cloud cover has also settled in, but when we get some sunshine, and we really warm up to the upper 80s, then, when the cold front hits, that is when the thunderstorms will happen. and, all of that not scheduled to happen until later on in the day, so, kind of socked in with clouds right now, on ultimate doppler radar, but there is the leading edge of the cold front, air behind it a lot cooler and by tomorrow it will -- you will feel the nip of autumn in the air. under very slight risk of severe thunderstorms probably because of the cloud cover that's out there. we don't have the blazing sunshine now to really warm us up. meantime looking at temperatures that ring from 72 degrees in ridding, 69 west chester, to about 71 in
8:53 am
pennsville, new jersey, and 71 in bear, del square, glassboro, 70, williamstown, 70, as well. so pretty warm to get started on your day, no where to go but up from here with those temperatures. few more temperatures, mt. holly, 68, toms river, 72. so, for the phillies game tonight, there is probably a 50-50 chance of a rain delay. i don't think it will be a wash out. but, if you get one of the pop up thunderstorms that will hold things off for little bit, because 83 degrees is our high temperature game time, high temperature, see it, 88 degrees, again, thunderstorms are possible, late in the day. but, beautiful weather, and going to gave you a ten, for friday, with high of 78 degrees. saturday still looks if-ee, front coming through today, sort of stalls to the south and stays nearby.
8:54 am
could come back northward, give us few clouds, maybe shower, but we should letter out completely sunday, high pressure takes over for sunday, monday, and another chance after shower on tuesday every next week. so, little bit of ups and downs, with our precipitation, and our weather, but we've got couple of nice days on the seven day forecast. >> we do. weekend actually looks pretty nice there, sue. thank you. okay, another accident just came in, 295 northbound, after 168 the black horse pike we have got an accident there that has the left lane block on 29a back into p a on the schuylkill expressway eastbound, right before belmont avenue. we've had earlier accident, but now, we've got disable truck, it has got the left lane totally block, schuylkill eastbound right before belmont, so you know plenty of delays there. finally the accident on 95 northbound, weaver been talking about this earlier, right after penn's landing, dent cleared, but still seeing some backups in that area. alex? >> thanks, still ahead, pyt now getting some star power
8:55 am
over the mccoy controversy. charlie sheen getting involved. what he's doing for the server, why he is even there, in just a bit.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> 8:58. getting ready for their ceremony down in d.c. at the pentagon. as i remember, it was 9:37. when a plane hit the pentagon, on that horrible morning, 13 years ago. so, we will take you there live. because they'll have their moment of silence at 9:37. our next moment of silence three minutes past 9:00 when the second plane hit. we'll take you here this location back to up lower manhattan into new york city.
8:59 am
good day to you, sue joins us here at the desk. >> morning, sue. >> we're matching. >> and we don't call each other ahead. >> no. >> it is getting weirds. >> this happens. it is getting weird. >> what is happening at this hour, this is odd. young girl banned from using chap sticks at her school. there is she. going out to eat, unwanted drama, new study says most restaurant employees make fun of annoying customers. but, that's not all why being rude to the weight staff could cost you. >> attention shady mccoy. >> they dawk about us back there, hope that's just talk really. also in the studio this morning, comedian gilbert got field is here, we talk with him about late joan rivers, his appearance this weekend
9:00 am
right here in philadelphia. >> i think he will appear almost all weaken over that club helium. >> they have locations but one of the biggest once right here in philadelphia. center city. >> straight up 9:00. back 13 years, what were you doing? i know i was setting right here, different studio. we were sitting right here. and boy you talk about juxtaposition. it was 8:45, and earth, wind and fire was performing. >> right. >> and we were given away tickets. i was instructing people how you can go to our website and when the tickets, in my ear, our producers goes we'll punch up a shot in new york. our version of skyfox was over lower manhattan. and had a shot of the twin towers. and they say in my ear: report is that a small plane has lambed into one of the towe