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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  September 12, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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high rise will be gone. >> i'm sad to see it go. that's all. i know it has to come down. pretty ugly now. used to look nice, though. >> impending implosion make something neighbors sad and others really nervous. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> two a developing story. a guilty verdict in a horrific kidnapping case. this woman is convicted of kidnapping a five year old child from a philadelphia elementary school and sexually assaulting her. it's a case that sent fear through the hearts of a lot of local parents g evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. prosecutors want a convict because the young victim so was brave. our bruce gordon has more on the verdict and the reaction. >> reporter: the grainy security camera footage of christina regusters snatching her five year old victim from bryant elementary school only hinted at the horror that was to come. now, justice has been served. >> i can't imagine what she
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endured at the hands of this monster. but this case was solved because of this five year old. >> reporter: we know now regusters kidnapped the little girl brought her to nearby home and sexually assaulted her in savage fashion. the child was discovered at and upper darby playground 19 hours later. prosecutors say regusters tried to confuse her victim by suggesting to the little girl there were several people involved in her abduction. ultimately the victim and police saw through the reusse. >> this is a child had was able to provide more detail and more information than most adults. she's an mazing, courageous child and hopefully this gives her some closure. >> reporter: the little girl helped crack the case by leading investigators to the house where she had been taken. she remembered a talking bird inside and an unusual back door. investigators marveled at her courage and her stamina. >> actually drove her around several times and when she got tired, she was upset about herself. she says, you know what i want to help.
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i can do this. >> reporter: prosecutors found regusters dna on the t-shirt the little girl was wearing when she was discovered and they're irrelevant they're search of the defendant's computer turned up evidence she had been carefully plotting the kidnapping. >> we had some enormous hurdles to overcome. dna were you a hurdle. interchange searches were devastating. >> give mom some privacy for n now. >> her mother had no comment as she left court. but the attorney representing the family in appending civil lawsuit against the philadelphia school district noted the now seven year old girl and the courage to testify against her attacker. >> we heard her say she didn't remember certain things and god only knows we hope that she doesn't remember the brutal horror she had at the hands of a horrible monster. >> judge will sentence regusters in mid december. after court ordered mental health and sexual offender evaluations and prosecutors are making very clear they believe live in prison is too good for
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her. happening now in downtown philadelphia, education activists are wrapping up a week of protests against governor corp. its could be's budget cuts. they're holding a rally and paying a visit to his philadelphia office. here's a live look as protesters have held a series of events throughout this first week of school to call for more education funding. >> also developing right now, part of a building under construction comes crashing down in queen village and the falling debris did hit and hurt workers. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at the scene. jennifer, what exactly happened here? >> reporter: well just wanted to give you a heads up first an l and i representative told me off camera that they were just april side of this property yesterday to review a safety plan. everything looked okay and it wasn't until just before 2:00 o'clock this afternoon that things went wrong. we'll take a look. we are told that this piece of property 207 monroe street that you can see is under construction and backs up to and is connected to several properties on south second
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street making an l shape. we were granted access into a neighbor's home to get a better idea of what's going on back there. l and i owes says the demolition job was focused on one wall today. they may have tried to take too much down at once it all collapsed. two workers were inside. one was trapped. he was later transported to jefferson hospital and is now listed in stable condition with some cuts and bruises. neighbors tell us they saw what happened today. >> they were taking one of the sections of the concrete wall down and they cut it away and obviously was too heavy and it collapsed the wrong way and went down into the elevator shaft and one of the workmen must have been working above the elevator shaft and he drops right down with it and he was all jammed in between all the wood and we couldn't get him out. >> reporter: neighbors tell it's been a long standing battle with the owners of this proper property. six area families have hired a lawyer and they say they feel
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like the construction site has been unsafe. we have called into licenses and inspections. we are waiting to hear back. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. 23 year old man is under arrest accused of tweeting a bomb threat to atlantic cape community college. cops say the threat came in this afternoon. all campuses are closed right now. police say sergio feliciano has been charged with making the threats as a pro caution the college is canceling all classes and activities for the rest of the day. buildings on the campuses have been evacuated until police give the all clear. >> to your fox 29 weather authority. a little taste of fall. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams we got a little bit of a cool friday night on tap. that's right. but it's going to stay dry and still comfortable there, lucy. we're talking about sunshine right now. beautiful weather. 77 degrees currently in philadelphia. but look at the humidity only at 42%. those dew points are below 60. so it feels really pleasant when you step outdoors. temperatures right now in the pocono mountains in the 60s already.
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we have 72 in lancaster. 75 in wilmington. 76 currently in millville and low 70s right now down the shore. look at those dew points area wide below 60 even in the 40s right now in sections of the pocono mountains but changes will be taking place for the upcoming weekend but if you're stepping outdoors beautiful weather, low humidity, comfortable. you might want to grab a light jacket or sweater by 11:00 o'clock temperatures right around 67 degrees. coming up, we'll have the timing of our weekend system, moisture gathering to the south as well as to the west. and we're talking about the timing of that rainfall. how much to expect, when and if that entire weekend will be a wash out coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott. thank you. philadelphia police releasing surveillance video from a shooting along a busy kensington street. the shooting happened just before 7:30 back on august 31st. police are trying to find the gunman. they say he got away in light colored chevy suburban. you can see it here in this video. cops say 18 year old man was shot at the intersection of ella and mayfield.
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that teen survived season recovering tonight. >> stealing is obviously wrong. stealing from your grandma is a level below. but police say that did not stop one new jersey woman from doing just that. 22 year old shelby hutchins told police someone burglarized the home she lives in with her 64 year old grandmother. she claimed someone stole two flash screen televisions. but after some detective work, egg harbor detectives say they discovered hutchins herself had pawned her grandmother's tv's for the cash and they arrested her yesterday. the trump taj mahal sent notices to more than 3,000 employees warning the casino could shut in november. now the company filed for bankruptcy on tuesday and threatened to close the taj mahal. if it doesn't get concessions from its union. now in its bankruptcy filing the casino listed assets of no more than $50,000 and liabilities of up to $500 million. if it shuts down the taj would be the fifth atlantic city casino to close this year.
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>> a he olympic hero oscar pistorius convict evidence culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfrie girlfriend. he's out on bail until sentencing next month. he could face up to 15 years in prison. fox 29's greg palkot explains what's next for the track star. >> reporter: pistorius working into court surrounded by a swarm of media before learning his fate. a judge convicting the track star of culpable homicide essentially manslaughter in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp but he avoided a conviction of murder and premeditated murder. prosecution says they're disappointed by the out come but they stand by their case. >> of course we are disappoint disappointed, disappointed we did not secure a conviction uniped premeditated murder and also there wasn't acquittal on the other two charges. >> sentence for culpable mom side conviction is at the judge's discretion. it can range from a fine to up to 15 years in prison.
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meanwhile, people in steen cam's hometown reactioned to the verdict. >> i do not understand. i think the charge was very, very -- at least the state to appeal that murder acquittal. >> relatives of the pistorius speaking out after the verdict was read. pistorius' uncle says he never had any doubt about the runner's version of events. >> it won't bring reeva back but our hearts go out for her family and friends. >> reporter: much judge convicted him on unrelated firearms charge. sentencing is scheduled for october 13th. in south africa, greg palkot fox news. >> short lived freedom for an admitted triple murderer and two other inmates. tonight all three are back behind bars at the ohio prison. tj lane is one of them. the teenager is serving three life sentences after pleading guilty to shooting three students at a high school in
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2012. the three inmates escaped minimum and medium security prison by simply climbing over a fence. while lane was on the loose police raced to the homes of the families of his victims just in case. police caught him about sick hours after he and the other inmates escaped. about 100 yards from the prison near a church. >> i can't confirm that inmate thomas lane the third has been apprehended by in lima by the highway state patrol at approximately 1:20 p.m. or a.m. without incident. >> inspection last spring at the prison found on-going security concerns and today schools in the cleveland area community where the shootings happened did close but they also had counselors on hand. the pentagon says one navy pilot is missing and has been rescued after their jets crashed in the western pacific. they were flying fighter jets
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which took off from the uss carl vincent. the navy has not recovered for the missing pilot. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> still ahead tonight on fox 29 news at 5:00 it's 16 stories high and it's about to come do down. >> tomorrow is implosion day for this huge local high rise. why some cannot wait to see it go and others say they're going to lose a little piece of themselves in all of that rubb rubble. plus, the palins kick out of a party. the drunken brawl the famous family reportedly was right in the middle of. that's coming up. >> are you up for a serious physical challenge this weekend we are not talking about cutting the grass here. it's a civilian military challenge. how to find out if you can cut it coming up. >> who is going to keep nick foles off his back monday night names many of you have never heard of. can they keep the eagles offensive line from looking offensive? we'll tell you coming up in sports. >> and coming up in weather, beautiful now, but we're timing our dad's a plumber.
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i'm john kane you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪
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demolition crews will implode the more than 50 year old queen lane apartment building. our dawn timmeney in the newsroom. dawn, this is an old and decaying public housing project, right? >> reporter: exactly lucy a giant neighborhood eye sore. the first residents moved into the high rise at queen lane and polaski avenue back in 1955. but the building has been abandoned since november of 2011. tomorrow the landscape in germantown will look a lot different. it stands 16 stories high. it's nearly a block wide. but after more than five decades this big old monster of a building will be reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds. >> literally 7:15 exactly is when we're -- we'll push that plunger and the building will come down fairly quickly, about seven seconds. >> reporter: the demolition was first proposed back in 2010 and was supposed to take place in 2011. but it was delayed to address
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residents concerns about the project. 28 year old ivan evans lived in the apartment building in its heyday. he says tomorrow will be bittersweet. >> was raised here from about nine to good portion of my life. sad to see it go. that's all. i know it has to come down. pretty ugly now. used to look nice, though. >> reporter: alvin brown says the high rise had become plagued by drugs and crime in recent years. >> i'm just anxious to see it go down. i live right across the street. >> we know it will change the future of this neighborhood. i mean, this building here has been a symbol of blight and of a level of depression for this neighborhood for very long time. >> reporter: the queen lane apartment building will be replaced with 55 low rise affordable townhome rental units. the housing authority says they'll become completed by next year. now residents who live in a one block radius of the site will be evacuated beginning at 4:00 o'clock in the morning
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tomorrow and there will be a comfort center for evacuees and their pets at cook, wissahickon elementary school. always dust zone that covers two square blocks. those residents are encouraged to stay indoors with doors and windows closed. iain the housing apartment is discouraging people from coming out to watch because it knows a lot of people will probably be so inclined. >> absolutely. all right, day dawn, thank you very much. >> penn state pulls gideon bibles from rooms at the two hotels it runs. university spokesperson says the school made the move in the spirit of recognizing other religions among guests. so if guests had the nittany lion inn in penn state conference hotel want a bible all they have to do is ask for one. a life saving message that everyone specifically young people can't hear enough. >> texting while driving obviously is dangerous. obviously can be deadly so how do you drive home that message to teens? well, with the help a driving simulator at the burlington could you tee institute of technology in
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medford saw the dangers up close and personal. delivering a message for a at and t it can wait program, philly third baseman codey asche. >> get out of here and spread the word, you know, we have a lot of -- they have lot of life left ahead of them. don't let a text message get in the way. >> the students signed a pledge that they will indeed try not to text and drive and not let that get in the way. the see susan g. komen three day breast cancer walk is underway in our area. one of self three day walks across the nation this year and fox 29's lauren johnson at ours as hundreds of people kicked off the local event in willow grove. >> reporter: it was an early wake up call. a call to action. >> we raise money an waniest for breast ka* cancer. >> it's a marriage of friends, friends and fashion. >> this is my daughter's tutu. >> to celebrate fighters, warriors, survivors. >> i have you are advisors in the family and i just wanted to
5:19 pm
help. >> reporter: the susan g. komen -- >> 1700 people are here. >> reporter: three day in philly. >> it's chilly but it will warm up. >> reporter: many traveling. these men from boston. >> we left early yesterday morning. >> backpacks with supplies and hearts filled with love. >> that was actually one of the reasons i first started walking knowing that there was very few men actually supporting. >> reporter: this woman -- >> it's our men that stand by us, support us, encourage us. this is my first philadelphia one. i've walked in d.c. and san diego. >> reporter: walking in memory of her mother. >> mom died of breast cancer when she was 46. so i walk for her. >> reporter: everyone gathered here to take down cancer. >> we're walking this year for trudy hanson. she's a member of our church who we love dearly who's survivor every thankfully we'll walking for her. >> reporter: lacing up their walking shoes. >> i'm going to see how far i can walk without actually training for the first time. >> reporter: strutting 60 miles over three days. strolling through the streets of
5:20 pm
the city of brotherly love. >> you're surrounded by great, awesome, positive people all weekend long. >> hoping to raise their voice,. >> one too many you walk you'll be hooked for the rest of your life. >> reporter: and awareness one step at a time till the very e end. >> when i cross the finish line when i always cry. >> reporter: and tears fell at the opening ceremonies. hearing stories from survivors, family and friends. >> what do you hope to feel after all of this is over? i hope to feel that we're closer to helping all these people. >> reporter: people with a shared purpose to kick cancer to the curb. >> we'll probably be signing up again for the next year. >> reporter: in philadelphia, lauren johnson, fox 29 news. >> and the susan g. komen three day walk continues through the weekend, rain or shine. >> it ends at the navy yard in south philadelphia on sunday. and speaking about rain, let's go to your fox 29 weather authority maybe weekend rain, scott. >> you know iain it look like tomorrow is going to be the wettest day of the up coming weekend but right now, we are enjoying the sunshine, the low
5:21 pm
humidity and just gorgeous conditions across our area. take a live look right now at center city. beautiful 77 degrees and look at that humidity only at 42%. the winds right now out of the north and west at 6 miles per hour. ushering in that drier air for now. look at the temperatures already in the low 60s currently in the pocono mountains we have 71 degrees in atlantic city. 72 in wildwood. 75 right now in wilmington. so for tonight, it stays dry. those temperatures will get chilly again. we're talking mid 50s in the suburbs. low 60s in the city. but clouds will increase during the day tomorrow. all because of a system that we're watching to the south as well as to the west. the two will combine and bring some rainfall our way. so dry and quiet for tonight as we roll the clock. here's 11:00 p.m. looking pretty good. tomorrow morning, we start off dry. but cloudy and then watch what happens as we move toward the afternoon. we start to see better chances for that rainfall. more on the timing when the system finally moves out coming up.
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>> thank you very much, scott. a driver claims he had a frightening run in with george zimmerman on a florida road. what he says zimmerman did two days later that he says is even scarier coming up. >> not anyone wants their wedding night to end the groom is hauled out of misery september in land cuffs. what's next for this infamous newlywed coming up. >> angry cabbies are crying foul. where they actually have to pass
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>> 200-foot drop in a canyon has killed three people and hospitalized two others. it happened in california and it happened this morning near santa clarita. when the become up they were in drove off a road and plunged over a canyon. those roads have very tricky switch backs and it can be tough navigating the turns. one of the survivors finally got signal on his mobile phone and called l called 911. the california highway patrol is investigating what exactly happen. in florida, george zimmerman is in trouble again. police say a driver told them zimmerman threatened to kill h him. >> he told investigators the confrontation on the road was not their only run in. this is dash cam video of lake mary florida police pulling zimmerman over. the driver said zimmerman pulled
5:26 pm
alongside and threatened him. two days later he saw zimmerman in his truck outside where he work. the associated press tried to contact zimmerman's attorney but didn't get a call back. zimmerman was acquitted last year of second degree murder for shooting unarmed teen trayvon martin he's been pulled over three times for various incidents since his acquittal. even though an ex-con confessed to the gruesome killing of his five children some family members are standing by him. timothy jones, jr. admits to killing the three boys and two girls ages one to eight. they were dumped on the side of a dirt road in alabama. each corpse wrapped in a garbage bag and despite his confession, timothy jones, sr. says his son was a very loving father and he is not the animal the media is portraying him to be. >> members of sarah palin's family are reportedly involved in drunken fight. >> the altercation that may have gotten the famous family kicked out of a party, plus bug experts say it would feel like 30 bee stings. a four year old's one in with vehement muss caterpillar that
5:27 pm
sent him to the hospital. >> and he's out. rob ford says he will not run for re-election. why the controversial mayor may be in fothe usual?t of his life.
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>> have you been hiking the bush kills falls yet it is fantastic. this is a live picture right now
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in the pocono mountains bush kill falls to be exact. beautiful scene. beautiful weather but we could see some rain this weekend. your seven day forecast in just minutes. frightening moments for a philadelphia 7eleven employee early yesterday morning. you can see that he was followed into the store on the 1400 block of cottman avenue. he was just coming back from the break when the man behind him pulls out a semi automatic gun and demands money. the employee handed it over and the suspect took off. if you recognize the man in this video contact philadelphia police. >> a deadly car crash on route 55 in vineland, new jersey, causing major delays during rush hour this morning. sky fox was over the scene shortly after 6:30. police had to shut down all traffic in the southbound lanes diverting cars to the northbound side. state police are still investigating what happened in the single car crash that left a female driver dead. >> in massachusetts police have found the bodies of three infants inside a filthy home. tonight a 31 year old woman face
5:31 pm
as number of charges related to the living conditions. fox's maryann rafferty explains how police were tipped off in the first place. >> this was shocking. >> reporter: three infants have been found dead inside a massachusetts home. officials say the residents located in the town of black stone is the same home where four other children were removed by authorities last month. due to deplorable living conditions. >> the house is pretty squallerred. it was always a smell coming from the house. >> reporter: the children who removed are now in state custody and ranged in age from six months to 13 years. >> they came out with two babies that we had never seen before and new nothing about. >> nobody in the neighborhood knew they had more than two children. so it was kind of suspicious of what was going on really what was going on in that house. >> reporter: police were initially notified of their condition by a concerned neighbor. >> six month old. there was feces on the baby. >> reporter: the home was
5:32 pm
condemned after that incident in late august. the unclear why detectives were at the location for a second time. >> it's been long day and i know people want answers. we don't have them. >> reporter: authorities say the house was so filthy investigator has to wear hazmat suits to enter. >> the house is filled with vermin. we have flies, we have bugs. we have used diapers in some areas as much a foot and a half to 2 feet high. >> it's too soon to know if charges will be filed in the deaths or against whom because investigatoinvestigators don't s living at the home at the time. maryann rafferty, fox news. >> troubled toronto mayor rob ford withdraws from the upcoming mayoral leck. he announced on wednesday he has an abdominal tumor. biopsy results will not be known for week. the 45 year old says he's in the battle of his lifetime. ford became international celebrity last year after acknowledging using crack cocaine in a drunken stooper. returned to work in june after a rehab stint for drugs and alcohol. >> sarah palin and her family making headlines.
5:33 pm
>> ang core ratch police are investigate tag fight at a party attended by several members of palin's family. publish reports say the fight broke out during a snow mobile party last saturday in anchorage much the new york post is saying it started with palin's son trek he may have hit a man who dated his sister willow. the post goes on to say palin's daughter bristol got involved and may have hit a man, too. anchorage police tell an alaska paper there was fight, alcohol was involved and that the palins attended the party and they say while they are investigating, no one at the time of the incident wanted to press any charges. now on her facebook page sarah palin said she was quote traveling last saturday. >> four year old florida boy is recovering from a run in with a venomous caterpillar that sent him to the hospital. >> reporter: this is pain you can hear. >> how did it get right there? you remember? >> i hate it. i hate it for him. i would much rather it be me.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: there are two mark in the shape of a caterpillar on four year old jet wilson's leg. >> his whole left leg was swollen and red. and it was causing pain up his leg, up his back, down his arm like the rash was spreading. >> reporter: jet got stung during recess. his teachers calling his mother robin to come at once. >> the doctor said for us to go ahead and bring him immediate. >> she says the doctor had no doubt that a so-called pus caterpillar was the culprit the highs on its tiny body have venom inside. >> it feels like you're on fire. >> reporter: the hairs break off into the skin. >> because you can get so many of the hairs with so much of the venom in one spot it's probably like being sting stung by 30 bees in one little area. >> reporter: jane morris says the caterpillars mostly show themselves in august and september and that it's important to explain them to your kids. >> they're probably more dangerous to kids because kids, you know, think it's a soft little thing i can pet it report roar his doctor gave a shot and watched until the rash mostly
5:35 pm
went away. >> i want everybody to be aware, you know, even though you're warning them don't touch it, you need to know quick reaction. just watch out for them. >> evan axle bank, fox news. >> the caterpillars often gravitate to the leaves on oak trees. >> angry cabbies turning up their noises at a proposed sniff test. why they say a body odor check is discrimination. >> no sugar allowed in the sweetest place on earth. >> the ban taking a bite out of a popular grade school tradition in hershey of all place. >> coming up at 6:00 a new jersey daycare is back in business a day after children are accidentally served water laced with bleach. the mix up and the consequences for the worker behind the scare. scott? >> iain coming up the timing of some fall air as well as showers for a part of the upcoming weekend.
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♪ >> that's impressive. big old pep rally in center city in the spotlight the annual hero thrill show. it's a week from tomorrow at the wells fargo center and proceeds go towards college tuition for surviving children of fallen police officers and firefighte firefighters. now, of course thrill show has been a philadelphia tradition since 1954. tickets are so reasonably priced. it's $10 or $25 for a family of five. >> they're available in philadelphia police stations and firehouses. well tonight in your health ladies, are you getting your fill of fish? new study says eating more fish may reduce a woman's risk for hearing loss. researchers found eating at least two servings of fish and omega threes each week may help prevent or delay hearing loss. the study involved more than 65,000 women followed for two decades the women who ate two or more serves of fish a week had a 20% lower risk of hearing loss than those who didn't eat fish
5:40 pm
very often. >> the world health organize says the number of new ebola cases in west i was from today is growing faster than authorities can manage them. the n health agency renewing its call for more health workers for the region. cuba says it will send 165 health care workers to africa. >> you might call it a cupcake couldn't 91 drum we like the illiteration. any way you slice it, a new ban on bringing cupcakes to school is taking a huge bite out of a childhood tradition. the dairy township school district which includes hershey, pennsylvania, yes, the home of the chocolate factory, is lowering the boom. it is banning students from bringing cupcakes or any other snacks to school for their birthday. they sent a letter home to parents explaining the bad news. school officials say it's time for change. >> we're trying to encourage non treat rewards for students. so that applies to birthday parties, successes they may have in the classroom or with their classmates.
5:41 pm
>> he goes on to say, food not only brings up nutrition issues but allergy concerns. the district is encouraging parents to bring things like stickers or pencils if they want to celebrate. sadly stickers and pencils aren't as tasty. so he ended up in cuffs on his wedding night. bad, right? >> not good. >> not good. what's next for the pittsburgh man arrested at his own reception coming up. >> plus steve the goose started the summer with an arrow through his head but he's now back in the water. what he found in the wild that made him do a happy dance. >> nerlins noel, why is he walking, run those steps.
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>> groom cued of a groping a pregnant waitress at his own wedding reception in pittsburgh pleads guilty. the incident touched off a brawl earlier this month and several people arrested including the groom. he plead guilty to public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. prosecutors dropped other serious charges against them. >> civilian military challenge is the ultimate test of strength. it includes a 5-mile run and whole lot of obstacles. >> fox 29's jenn frederick and one of her favorite wounded warriors check it out today. >> civilian, military columbine. you can still register, do it tomorrow right here in delaware county on saturday dan it's basically a work out then run, then an obstacle course. >> it starts out called the pitt. you actually work outfit. do you three workouts and then
5:46 pm
you hit the obstacle course. 5-mile obstacle course. you're climbing walls, doing the ropes, sliding down the higher man pole and then finishing under the huge tent with bunch of spectator. >> some of the money goes to help guys like you people who have been wounded serving our country. >> absolutely. they host bunch of non-profit that is help a bunch of veteran non-profit organizations. >> thank you for your service. shall we try out these obstacl obstacles. >> you cheater. look at this cheater. >> we did this morning on good day. and dan pretended that i was faster than him. >> that's right. >> let's see if we can do it again. >> this is part of it, right. >> getting your brain into it. >> absolutely. >> first part run up the latter right here. >> this is a tricky part right hee especially with a prosthetic going up the cargo net. >> this is tricky for anybody really. >> it is tricky for anyone. most people train a long timed to this. i'm caught right here. you're getting in the lead. >> here i go. and again it's confident boosting and when you're doing these you're in the middle of a run, right?
5:47 pm
absolutely. you're still going. you're still moving. and the hardest part is in the beginning when you're doing the pitt -- >> yes. >> you're already tired from doing that. but then you have to do this. you're still running at the same time. >> dan, i'm kind of smoking you right now and you'll be able to do this tomorrow. >> you got it. >> serious part. ladies and gentlemen -- >> she did it. >> i did it. get over here, dan. last thing. thank you for your service, guys. and girls. and, you, have fun tomorrow. >> will do. thank you very much. >> wahoo! >> there's still time to register tomorrow's delaware county event will have a kids course an whole lot. head to for more information. >> it's a happy ending for an unlucky goose shot in the head by an arrow. take look at steve the goose who was hit directly through his head with an arrow after an unfortunate accident in georgia earlier this summer but now after surgery and weeks of rehab, steve is flying high
5:48 pm
again. he was released and reunited with his flock this week. in fact he was so happy to be back home he did what wildlife specialists call a celebration dance. >> look at him right there. i love that. the happy dance. >> that is happy dance. >> all right. how about this? olive garr again being accused of being reckless with unlimited bread sticks. >> too much of a good thing apparentlapparently. one of the restaurant chain investors, star board. they decided olive garden is going overboard with the bread sticks. the official policy is one person per person plus one extra for the table. star board says servers are handing out lot more than that and they say it's just plane wasteful. star boyd says it's not pushing for an end unlimited bread sticks per se just the way servers are handing them out that needs to change. >> if you want a cab in san diego, you better make sure you don't have body odor. that is just one of 52 criteria
5:49 pm
that officials at san diego international airport say they use to judge cab drivers. anyone who flung the smell test is told to change before picking up another customer. cabbies say that's prejudiced and discrimination. the airport says, it's all about customer satisfaction. >> it just seems weird, doesn't it? >> who would want the job of sniffing? >> and you bring up the best point of all, scott. somebody has -- >> oh, boy. >> somebody has to do it. >> luck killly you've got the fantastic job of telling what us what our weekend is going to be like. right now it's beautiful a fresh of breath air but we're talking about changes as we move into the upcoming weekend and that unfortunately features some rain. 77 degrees right now. humidity at 42%. those winds are out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour so still a pretty dry and fall like air mass overhead. the low this morning, 63 degrees in philadelphia. the afternoon high only in the upper 70s. that's 2 degrees below where he should be for this time of year.
5:50 pm
it's 77 in philadelphia. but look north and west. chicago right now only 49 degrees. so even cooler air will eventually head in our direction in the seven day forecast. but right now, 63 degrees in the pocono mountains. mid 70s in wilmington. low 70s right now in atlantic city as well as wildwood. so no problems if you're stepping outdoors this friday evening. in fact look at how dry it is. dew points area wide below 60. 47 that's the current dew point reading in the pocono mountains. so that just tells you how dry the air is right now but take look at the satellite and radar. we're watching two systems. one to the south and also one to the west. the two will converge over our area during the day tomorrow to bring us showers around the ar area. so dry for tonight if you're stepping outdoors. no problems. you can see by 11:00 o'clock tonight still pretty comfortable with mostly clear skies but overnight and early on saturday, we're watching the cloud cover increase as we see some of those
5:51 pm
winds off of the ocean so that will bring in the clouds. so it looks like a dry start to the day tomorrow. and then tomorrow afternoon we're watching north and west for that disturbance that will bring us the showers by saturday afternoon and continuing area wide into your saturday evening across the area. but this system is going to be progressive so it will in and out so that basically means as we move into your sunday, we're looking at the return of sunshine and dry conditions. so for tonight, it stays fair skies, dry and cool temperatures tonight. dipping in the 50s and 60s. saturday, cloudy skies then afternoon and evening showers especially after lunch time, as we move toward the din are in hour tomorrow a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rainfall is likely out of this system. and then by sunday, we're talking about the better of the two upcoming weekend days. so for tonight, fair skies, another cool and comfortable one. we're looking at temperatures in the suburbs around 55 degrees. low 60s in the city. and then tomorrow, have the rain
5:52 pm
gear handy especially for the afternoon. early morning events looking pretty dry and quiet. if you have a yard sale or you want to get in the yard do it early tomorrow morning. temperatures only in the low 70s for highs tomorrow. so that will be well below average and that seven day forecast showing you that as we move into sunday, we keep it d dry. but cool. 73 for the high. 76 on monday and then temperatures in the mid 70s for tuesday and wednesday and then low 70s as we move into thursd thursday. so temperatures across the board will be below the average for this time of year which is 80 degrees. >> hopefully that means a nice mild winter. that's all we're hoping for. >> i don't know. some of the indications it could be brutal. >> shh. thanks, scott. >> shh. >> brutal. that's what the eagles were like in the first half last week. >> i was thinking about that today. how many quarters in dollar. >> four. >> why they only give us two. give us more than two, right? >> last sunday the eagles were like coffee with lots of half and half. really bad half, really good
5:53 pm
half. monday night just give us some whole milk because that won't work. first road game of the season it will be tough. the colts aren't the jags eagles that showed up against the jags will not beat the colts. we know that. monday night the entire country will get better gauge on how good the eagles truly are. >> they're great team. they're very coached. it will just come down to execution and who wants it more. any game who wants it more and who will execute better. not much changes. >> don't know about you i'm worried for nick foles because the five guys blocking for him aren't the same five goals the eagles thought they would would be. evan mathis as you know is out for at least eight weeks. allen barbre out for the year. lane johnson still suspended. now, this offensive line it came in as the strength of this football team. it is now a giant point of concern. >> i think the guy that comes in has expectation to get the job done. there's reason why they're on the team. there's a reason why they're on
5:54 pm
the 53 man roster. that's because i think this team feels that each one of those guys can go out there if need be and do their job. the fact is, you know, we wouldn't have dennis kelly, david molk andrew gardner on the team if we didn't feel like they could go out there and win us football games. >> i don't think it's going to affect how we're playing. what we're calling on game night in terms of what we'll do against the colts now if we sustain another injury or two that could start to become an issue but right now we don't anticipate that. >> now, the eagles don't play till monday but we've got work to do on sunday. game day 11am. howard eskin dave spadaro door wayne walker and yours truly. fox nnl at noon. >> the phillies host the marlins this weekend. miami will not have the guy who leads the national league in homers this weekend the rest of the year. tell me you didn't see this? last night against milwaukee, jianne carlos stanton hit in the face by a pitch.
5:55 pm
multiple fractures, lost some of his teeth. his dad was at the game. last night and went with him to the hospital. good news the team says it doesn't think he'll need surgery. he tweeted thanks for all the support and said he's feeling much better. >> sixers big man nerlins noel doing his impression of rocky. am i wrong? i watched rocky one and two. rocky didn't move up the steps like that. >> no, he didn't. (laughter). >> he ran. >> i mean keep in mind nerlins noel coming off major knee injury that he suffered at the university of kentucky and so -- >> there he is at the top. >> why did they have him to do? >> he's just fine. >> he played in the summer league. >> right. that's true. >> you can tell that man is outside the box. >> i got you. thinking out side the bock. he's going to walk since rocky ran. >> rory mcilroy ran up the steps when he was here for the u.s. open. golfers are soft.
5:56 pm
whatever. >> we've got another half hour full of news. prosecutors say her attacker tried to trick her but brave five year old girl would not be fooled. how the child helped them win conviction in a horrific kidnapping case. >> breaking news in south philadelphia. we're live as rescues we are search for a missing swimmer. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right search for a missing swimmer. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right after this.
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6:00 pm
>> we do have breaking news in south philly. a essential right now for a missing swimmer. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at the delaware river near tasker. jennifer? >> reporter: well good evening, iain. philadelphia police are continuing their search both on the water and in the air looking for a 48 year old man who apparently along this peer fishing with his son when he decided to take a dip in the water. he stripped down to his shorts. jumped in trying to get to the next pier over and never resurfaced. police are trying to talk to the man's son right now but there is language barrier. there are several no trespassing signs along the fence here but police often dysoria those signing to fishing. we did get about this search and rescue operation about 45 minutes ago. and still no sign of this missing man. iain