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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 13, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> a sea of orange greets a local teen in a fight for his life. his battle against cancer and inspiration that's touching meaning hyped shelly. >> plus get ready. a beautiful start to your weekend is coming to an end. your weather authority tracking exactly when the rain will end. ♪ >> first breaking news in the search for a father who disappeared in the delaware river. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. jenn for joyce is live tonight along the river in south philadelphia. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, iain. we just got word from a police a body has been pulled from the river a body that appears to be of a 48 year old man who went
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missing in the water earlier this afternoon. this news comes after an hour's long search of the delaware. the sun went down but the search continued for a 48 year old man who went missing in the deep and murky waters of the delaware river. >> helicopters flew over and did a thermal scan and again the boats were using their side scan sonar. >> reporter: chief inspector joseph sullivan says the man went fishing off this south philadelphia pier near castor street with has teenaged son. around 4:15 p.m. he decided to jump in the water and swim to the next pier over. >> family members went to meet him on the other side. unfortunately at some point they lost sight of him, and he did not make it to the other side of the pier. >> reporter: family and friends of the victim continue to stop by the scene and watch the search. they told us the victim moved here from napal. >> we have very upset family members on location and we're keeping them informed. >> reporter: and police say
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that the man's body has been transported to the medical examiner's office and still needs to be positively identified by family members. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much. a developing story now involving another nfl star. it comes in the midst of the drama surrounding this video with ray rice and of course the inform fl's response tonight the spotlight is on last year's mvp. fox 29's keith russell live in the newsroom with developments and keith this time it has grabbed the attention of parents and how they raise their children. >> lucy, yes, it does. another sign times have changed viking running back adrian peterson indicted on child abuse charges for how he says he disciplined his son. his been deactivated for sunday's game against the patriots. sources are telling tmz his four year old son was visiting him back in may at his home in tex texas. he normally lives with his mom in minute money. tm seem reports the child returned to minnesota and his mom noticed injuries and took him to the c the doctor called police in texas to file a report. in a statement released by
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peterson's lawyer he admits to using a switch to d discipline s son. by the way a switch is a small tree branch or twig. the statement reads in part "he used the same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in east texas. adrian has never hidden from what happened. he has cooperate cooperated fully with authorities and voluntarily testified before the grand jury for several hours. it is important to remember adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury ". >> now this is what we have to wait and see. if this falls under the nfl new domestic abuse policy if it does, lucy, that could be an automatic six game suspension for adrian peterson. >> meanwhile, keith, the prosecutor who handled the ray rice case says he signed off on pretrial intervention after reviewing the circumstances and consulting with rice's now wife. so the football star entered the program instead of going through a trial. video attacked inside the revel he will strapped that left his wife unconscious came to light earlier this week.
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>> your weather authority tracking some wet changes on the way. people out enjoying a beautiful friday night. it's start to go feel like fall out there. the radar is clear right now, but that is going to change in just few hours. chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking our rain. >> that's certainly right, iain it's been beautiful this friday evening across our area. but satellite and radar is showing you two areas that we're watching. one to the south around parts of the carolinas. the other around the great lakes. these two will combine and move toward our area bringing some rainfall as early as tomorrow. but right now, it's comfortable, beautiful. 67 degrees right now is the current temperature. dew points still below 60. and tonight, we'll stay dry looking at mid 50s in the suburbs. low 60s in the city. so no rainfall for tonight or overnight for that matter. in fact let's roll the clock. you can see dry conditions for the overnight but tomorrow morning, at 7:00 a.m., we're mostly cloudy across the area. but a dry start. but look at the clock.
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by lunch time we're watch something shower approach from the west. i think most of the activity the heaviest will be to the west but by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon we're looking at some of that moderate to heavy rainfall at times move toward our area. coming up we'll have the exact timing and how long it will last, expected amounts as well as when to expect a taste of fall with that seven day forecast all coming up. iain and lucy. >> talk to you then, scott. a building collapse has injured a man and rattle add lot of nerves in queen village it happened just after two on the 200 block of monroe street. inspectors say demolition crews were taking down and authorities believe workers may have tried to take down each at once. a neighbor watched it all unfo unfold. >> they were taken one of the sections of the concrete wall down, then cut it away, and obviously it was too heavy and it collapsed the wrong way and went down into the elevator shaft. >> and two workers were inside
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during that collapse. one escaped unharmed. other has cuts and bruises. guilty verdict in a horrific crime that stunned the city. a woman is convicted of kidnapping a five year old child from a philadelphia elementary school and then sexually assaulting her. fox 29's bruce gordon was in court. >> reporter: it began with the chilling security camera footage of christina regusters disguised in muslim clothing snatching her five year old victim from bryant elementary school. it ends 20 months later think a guilty verdict against reguste regusters. >> many people can't imagine that this crime would occur. how could a woman abuse a child in this way? well, it happened. >> reporter: regusters asked napped the little girl, brought her to a nearby house and raped her in a most savage fashion. the child was discovered 19 hours later alone and frightened in an upper darby park. some believe regusters was merely the scapegoat for group of people involved in the abduction. prosecutors say that story was pushed by the defendant herself
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who told her brian folded victim that her sexual attacker was an unnamed man. >> she said her -- fed her information about this alleged man including showing her a picture on cell phone. there's absolutely no evidence to suggest that that man ever existed. >> reporter: this was her and her alone. >> her and her alone. >> reporter: regusters defense attorney continues to insist there were others involved. >> i think this is a diabolical plan. i don't think she had the capability of coming up with a scheme like this. >> reporter: by herself. >> yes. >> reporter: and carrying it out by herself. >> right. >> reporter: prosecutors linked her to the crime but the hero in breaking this case may have been the little girl herself. she led investigators to the house where she had been held remembering the talking bird inside. and the unusual back door. >> we took her out on the streets in a car. she walked the streets with our investigators to the point where she was getting tired she was like, i want to come back and help more. >> reporter: victim's mother left court without comment but the family's attorney praised
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the little girl's courage in testifying against her attacker. >> this is an amazing story of a wonderful, precious child who was horribly, horribly brutalized, and today we had justice in one sense. >> reporter: in one sense. that's a reference to the fact that a civil lawsuit filed by the family against the philadelphia school district is still pending. tom klein says were it not for the abysmal failure of security at the bryant school none of this would have happened. sentencing for christina rei gust social security now set for december. prosecutors say they will seek life in prison. in the newsroom, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> education activists wrapped up a week of protests against governor corbett's butch cuts. they held a rally and a visit to the governor's philadelphia office. protesters held a series of events throughout this first week of school to call for more education funding. many school leaders and parents are upset that kids have started the new year with a huge budget gap and fury sources. the trump taj mahal sent notices
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to more than 3,000 employees warning the casino could shut down in november. the company filed for bankruptcy on tuesday, and threatened to close the taj if it doesn't get concessions from its unions. if it shuts down, the taj would be the fifth atlantic city casino to close this year. >> so what do you do if you walk out to find your car and it's smashed by a hit-and-run driver a new jersey man decided to find the person who did it, and he is using youtube to do. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose live in riverside, burlington county. >> reporter: lucy, one of life's little injustices this family is not taking it lying down. they're using social media to try to track down the person who wrecked their car. family sedan hit so bad it's now held together with duct tape. >> it was closed. i have no means of getting this car covered through insurance unless the driver is found and
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we can make a claim through their insurance. >> reporter: todd says someone clammed into his '9 '98 mazda. >> this might even be bent here. >> reporter: parked in front of his home late last thursday. by the time his wife came running out the culprit -- >> the other car just the taillights i saw. >> reporter: taking off. family is already down on their luck. he's on disability and todd suffers from serious medical condition and can't work. the money is tight. todd took to social media. >> please, call riverside township police. >> blasting out a call to action for in one who may have seen a dark colored vehicle with serious front end damage. he says friends and neighbors have helped spread the word. check it out. speed limit on this road 25 miles an hour judging by all that damage on the car the malloys think the driver was going way faster than that. >> my end goal is not to make them feel horrible or, you know, attack them. i just need help for my family. >> reporter: every day injustice turning a regular family to social media sleuths.
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>> people mess up. >> now you need them to step up. >> it would be nice. >> reporter: and police are investigating they're hoping their surveillance video that leads them to the driver meantime todd says his youtube video already garnered hundreds of views. iain? >> sabina, thank you. not again. george zimmerman pulled over by police after a driver calls 911. >> i said what are you going to do shoot me? >> i know this was... >> what spark this new alleged road rage? >> and a sea of orange to support a local teen in a battle for his life. the inspirational message behind shelly strong. >> tomorrow is implosion day for this huge local high rise. why some can't wait to see it go and others say they'll lose a little piece of themselves in the rubble. >> look very closely. can you see what's hiding in that fireplace? that my friend is a kay oat tee and it's not leaving. how he got in in the first place. ♪
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♪ >> scary moments for a philadelphia 7eleven employee early yesterday morning. you can see this guy was followed into the store on the 1400 block of cottman avenue. he was just returning from a break and then the guy hyped him pulls out a semi automatic gun and demands money. the employee handed it over and the suspect took off. if you recognize the man in the video contact philadelphia police. >> a germantown high rise long considered an eye sore will soon be history. as in tomorrow morning. demolition crews will implode more than 50 year old queen lane apartment building. >> fox 29's dawn tim men 93 spoke with people who once
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called the building their home. >> reporter: it stands 16 stories high. it's nearly a block wide, but after more than five decades, this big old monster of a building will be reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds. >> literally at 7:15 exactly is when we're -- we'll push that plunger and the building will come down fairly quickly, about seven seconds. >> reporter: the demolition was first proposed back in 2010. and was supposed to take place in 2011. but it was delayed to address residents concerns about the project. 28 year old ivan evans lived in the apartment building in its heyday. he says tomorrow will be bittersweet. >> was raised here from about nine to -- a good portion of my life. sad to see it go. that's all. i i know it's got to come down. pretty ugly now. used to look nice though. >> reporter: alvin brown said the high rice had become plagued
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by drugs and crimes in recent years. >> i'm anxious to see it go do down. i live right across the street. >> we know it's going to change the future of this neighbor. this building here has been a symbol of blight and of, um, a level of depression for this neighborhood for a very long time. >> reporter: the queen lane apartment building will be replaced with 55 low-rise affordable townhome rental units much the housing authority says they'll be completed by next year. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> residents who live in one block radius of the site will be evacuated beginning at 4:00 a.m. there's also a dust zone that covers two square blocks those residents are encouraged to stay inside with their doors and windows closed. >> admitted triple murderer tj lane and two other escaped inmates are back in an ohio prison tonight. you saw it as breaking news last night when they escape. the teenager plead guilty to shooting three students at a high school in 2012. the inmates escaped by simply
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climbing over a prison fence. now while lane was on the loose, police raced to the homes of the families his having timms just in case. police caught him six hours later. about 100 yards from the prison near a church graveyard. making headlines around the world olympic runner oscar pistorius out of jail tonight but far from out of trouble. the judge has convicted the double amputee for culpable homicide essentially manslaughter for the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the verdict comes aft the judge ruled him not guilty. a premeditated murder yesterday. pistorius will be out on bail until his sentencing on october 13th and at that time the judge could give him anywhere from a fine to 15 years in prison. the groom accused of groping a pregnant waitress at his wedding reception in pittsburgh pleads guilty. the incident touched off a brawl earlier this month. it ended with several people arrested including the groom. well, today he pleaded guilty to public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. prosecutors dropped several
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other charges against hem that were more serious. >> susan g. komen three day breast cancer walk is now underway in our area. it's one of several three-day walks across the country this year. fox 29's lauren johnson at ours as hundreds of people kicked off the local event in willow grove. >> reporter: it was an early wake up call. a call to action. >> we raise money and awardness for breast cancer. >> reporter: it's a marriage of families, friends and fashi fashion. >> this is my daughter's tutu. >> reporter: to celebrate fighters, warriors, survivors. >> i have survivors in the family and i just wanted to help. >> reporter: it's the susan g. komen -- >> nearly 1700 people are here. >> reporter: three day in philly. >> little chilly but it will warm up. >> reporter: a lot traveling these men from boston. hearts filled with loves. >> that wasn't one of the reasons i first started walking knowing there was very few men supporting. >> reporter: this woman -- >> our men stand by us, support us, encourage us.
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this is my first philadelphia run. i walked in d.c. and i walked in san diego. >> reporter: walking in memory of her mother. >> mom died of breast cancer when she was 46. so i walk for her. >> reporter: everyone gathered here to take down cancer. >> we are walking this year for trudy hanson. she's a member of our church who we love dearly who is a survivor and thankfully we're working for her. >> reporter: lacing up their walking shoes. >> i'll see how far i can walk this year without actually training for the first time. >> reporter: strutting 60 miles over three days. strolling through the streets of the city of brotherly love. >> you're surrounded by great, awesome, positive people all weekend long. >> reporter: hoping to raise their voice -- >> one time you walk you'll be hooked for the rest of your life. >> reporter: and awareness one step at a time until the very end. >> when i cross the finish line at the end is when i always cry. >> reporter: tears fell at the opening ceremonies. hearing stories from survivors, families and friends. >> what do you hope to feel
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after all this is however? i hope to feel we're closer to helping all these people. >> reporter: people with a shared purpose to kick cancer to the curb. >> we'll probably be signing up again for the next year. >> reporter: in philadelphia, lauren johnson, fox 29 news. >> susan g. komen three day walk continues through the weekend, rain or shine. scott it may see a little rain late tomorrow. >> that's right. most of the rainfall will occur tomorrow afternoon and evening. but the entire weekend is not going to be a wash out by any means. satellite and radar right now showing dry conditions across our area. but we're watching moisture gathering to the south as well as around parts of the great lakes. those two pieces of energy will merge to bring us those showers tomorrow. but comfortable temperatures in the meantime. 50 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. upper 50's in lancaster. 60 right now in atlantic city and 67 in philadelphia. so for tonight, we're talking dry conditions, fair skies, those clouds will thicken overnight and first thing
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tomorrow but we're looking at comfortable lows in the 60s as well as the 50s. so for tonight, we'll stay dry and once again it's going to stay pretty cool for the overnight. but during the day tomorrow, we're looking at cloudy skies, there might be a few late morning sprinkles across the area but the steadier rainfall will occur toward tomorrow afternoon and evening. we're looking at about a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rain and then by sunday, the sunshine returns and it's going to look pretty good. we'll have the latest on the exact timing of that rainfall tomorrow and also, yeah, we're talking a fall preview with that seven day forecast. how cool it gets coming up. iain and lucy. >> hopefully it's just a preview and not like a main event. all right, thank you very much, scott. >> it looks fuzzy enough to pet. but experts say stay away. the caterpillar that's putting children in the hospital. >> the owner of a burger joint is firing back at lesean mccoy.
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what had him cursing in live tv. >> no sugar allowed in the sweetest place on
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♪ >> trouble toronto mayor rob ford withdrawn from the upcoming mayoral election. ford announced on wednesday he has an abdominal tumor. doctors won't have his biopsy results for a week. the 45 year old says he is now in the battle of his life. ford of course became an
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international celebrity last year after acknowledging using crack cocaine in a drunken stooper. he returned to work in june after a rehab stint for drugs and alcohol. a massachusetts mother facing some serious charges after the remains of three infants are found inside her vermin infested home. 31 year old erika murray charged with concealing a fetal death, injuring a witness intimidation and animal cruelty. it all began when neighbors called authorities a couple of week ago after reporting a child crying for hours. when police got there, they found bodies of two infants an newborn during a two-day search of the home. the house also been infested with rodents. murray is being held without bail. >> george zimmerman is in trouble again and police say a driver claimed zimmerman threatened to kill him. >> he told investigators the confrontation on the road wasn't their only run in. here's part of his call to police. >> there was a passenger going hey, what's your problem? why are you shaking your finger? i said, excuse me? i was in my
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car rapping to my self with my windows up. i looked over and george zimmerman was the driver and they were threatening to kick my bleep. and to shoot me. i said what are you going to do shoot me? okay. >> dash cam video shows lake mary florida police just outside orlando questioning zimmerman. the driver says zimmerman pulled up alongside and threatened him and the man says two days later he saw zimmerman in his truck outside his job. zimmerman of course was quitted last year of second degree murder for shooting unarmed teen trayvon martin. he's been pulled over three times for various incidents since his acquittal. >> packed football fans deck out in orange but not for a team. they are rooting on player who is in a fight for his life. >> i mean just have to go through it and in the end i'll be better. >> from the hospital room to the football field next one community showing they are shelly strong.
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you might need tissue for this one. >> fulfilling life long dreams to get back in the classroom. local women getting a second chance at their dream job. >> apparently it's my first ever tv commercial. >> he's back. from a state fare to an add on tv the apparen
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♪ >> what a night for high school freshman like a page out of a hollywood movie boy and a fit for his life had an entire community show up for friday night life. the grid iron and after a month in the hospital, the team led his football team to the field. >> fox 29's dave kinchen was there for the emotional and energetic moment. >> reporter: the star of the night, marple newtown football center michael shelly leading his tigers on to the field in game dedicated to him. >> classmates, cheerleaders and
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fellow players rooting on high school freshman fighting his way through non hodgkin's lymphoma in a sea of orange stands shelly strong saying no one fights alone. >> michael is a great kid, great person. he has a great family. >> everyone is supporting him just great for hip. >> it's a especial toll see everybody here but i mean i like it. a lot of attention. >> reporter: michael says it's where he wanted to be after several weeks of chemo. >> great that i get out the hospital after nearly a month. and see my team and stuff. pretty cool. >> they give us so much love and support, and that's what gets us through every day in the hospital. >> reporter: his p.m. says michael's surprise appearance almost didn't happen. >> yesterday we weren't allowed to we got a last minute decision today from our doctors after they did all the blood work that his counts were better than they thought so we were so ex static
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that we're here. >> family says michael was practicing football all summer when he came down with a stomach ache and ended up in the hospital. his teammates devastated. >> i was just shocked. i didn't know what to think. >> a lot of chemo an lot of tests and stuff. but i mean just have to go through it and in the end i'll be better. >> report roar the community picked up on the shelly strong campaign buying shirts to raise money for the treatments. >> i just picked up 500 and they're almost all gone. we sold 100 or two before that. >> reporter: even the visitors wore the gear playing on the same team so to speak showing delaware county sticks together. >> we're so proud to be from marple newtown. >> our community has been great and everyone sports me. >> it doesn't really matter what the scoreboard says michael's friends and family say it's already a big win. michael says, this will keep his spirits up. he has 10 more months of chemo to go. in newtown square, dave kinchen fox 29 news.
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>> eagles star lesean mccoy's tip trouble if you want to call it that just will not go away. tonight we are hearing from the owner of that establishment the waiter at pyt in northern liberties says mccoy left a 20-cent tip on a bill that was a little over 60 bucks. the burger joint and bar posted the check on its facebook page and that started the whole thing. the owner says mccoy and his group were verbally bows seive and making derogatory statements about women. he was asked about that today on cnbc. >> don't weren't to go into detail on that because i'm not trying to ruin somebody's nike contract and keep completely quiet on that. >> you dragged him through the mud, though. >> he was a bleep. excuse me, sorry. bleep that out. >> you can't believe it out. it's life. the waiter admitted to fox 29 this week that mccoy did not get the best service. >> while employment numbers are up proving nationwide local jobs and career counselors say that is not true for women 40 and
3:33 am
older. so local schools are now teaming up to help. our joyce evans is introduces us to a mother of two fulfilling her dreams thanks to this new program. >> reporter: 43 year old rochelle shelly wright working her mail route near unionville, pa, for 13 years now she's rolled out at 8:00 a.m. but these days, the u.s. postal service demands only the first leg of her day. by 6:00 p.m., the wife and mother of two is... an hours drive away at delaware county community college. >> nursing is always something i wanted to do. >> reporter: a dream deferred by marriage. >> you can actually go in here. >> reporter: mooter hod and money. until now. >> it's been a long time coming. i've been waiting 10 years to get into school. >> reporter: her timing couldn't be better or more urgent. given the challenges of today's job market, especially for wom women. >> sometimes you don't know whether or not, you know, you're
3:34 am
going to be secure in your job in the next five years. medical profession is something always will be around. >> we prepare them just like they're out in the field. >> reporter: she will system enrolled in a nursing pilot program a partnership between delaware county community college and drexel university. >> giving access to students who are non traditional students as you seen with shelly right now. >> reporter: a chance for older adults employed or those who aren't to pursue a nursing associate's degree from the community college and a bachelor's degree from drexel university back to back. >> finish six courses and then you'll sit for the boards and once they finish their boards for their nursing degree they can finish the bachelor's degree in one to two terms. >> reporter: finished in about two years half the time without repeating courses. tuition is set at community college costs and, yes, there is financial aid.
3:35 am
>> actually i'm not sure i would have been able to go if i didn't get financial aid help. >> reporter: students are taught by d.c. cc and drexel professors in class at hospitals and online. why the rush? >> we have a nursing work force that's getting old. they're going to retire soon. we have a nursing faculty that's even older that's going to retire soon. we need to reflect measure those. >> reporter: also away for drexel to give back to the community. it's just one of dozens of programs and not all of them health related. offering great new hope for hundreds more who may be out of work with no way to pay tuition but they need retraining. back in the er -- >> you lost your patient. i did. it was awful. >> not nearly as devastating she says as when she first returned to class after all of these years and after she got a live patient. my first clinical day with
3:36 am
my first patient i thought i was going to throw up. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: almost 9:30 p.m. shell system finally home with her family. a slice and a chat with her daughters haley and tara. then she hits the online course. >> i finish that one and i'll be starting another one in a couple weeks. >> reporter: now shell system on track to complete her nursing associate and bachelor's degree next fall. we have links on this information and other programs on joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> bug experts say it would feel like 30 bee stings. a four year old's run in with a venomous caterpillar that sent him to the hospital. >> the sweetest place on earth hershey pa and a ban on cupcake at school. it's next. >> a big change at olive garden a limb on unlimited bread sticks. why the rest
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>> in your money tonight no more unlimited bread stick at olive garden. the restaurant chain is being accused of being wreck less with its brody sticks. one of the restaurant chain investors star board value took
3:40 am
a close look at the company. star board decided olive garden was going overboard with the bread sticks. the official policy is one bread stick per person plus one extra for the table but star board says servers are handing out whole lot more than that. it says that's just plane wasteful. star board is not pushing for an end to unlimited bread sticks just the way servers are handing them out. >> all right. you might call eight cupcake couldn't 91 drum. >> whatever you call it, any way you slice it, a new ban on bringing cupcakes to school has taken huge bite you out of childhood tradition. did you that, rye. a long time ago, yes. >> for you and me both it was long time ago. hershey penn the home of the chocolate factory is lowering the boom. it is banning students from bringing cupcakes to any other -- or any other snacks to school for birthdays. they sent a letter home to parents explaining the bad news. school officials say, hey, time for change. >> we're trying to encourage
3:41 am
non-food rewards for students. so that applies to birthday parties, successes they may have in the classroom or with a classmate. >> he goes on to say food not only brings up new trig al issues but allergy concerns. >> an unwanted visitor who just won't leave. that's coyote asleep in the fireplace. what these homeowners final dollar to get it out. >> and apparently he's back. the apparently kid starring in his own commercial and trust us it does not disappoint g the weekend won't ab complete disappointment but coming up thw
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>> four year old florida boy is recovering from a run in with a venice caterpillar that sent him to the hospital. he was stung by what's called a pus caterpillar. the hairs on its tiny body have venom inside and they break off into the skin. because so much venom gets into one spot it feels like being stung by 30 bees. the child by the way is doing okay. >> intruder makes his way into a home but this wasn't a regular break in. >> it was a can i oat too who made scottsdale arizona family's fireplace like little den. pretty cozy. fox's mia garcia has the story.
3:45 am
>> it started in the morning here. my neighbor scott let me know i was to be attacked by a coyote which has put itself in our fireplace. >> reporter: sound asleep the coyote wop move. >> this is a 9-millimeter in case he tries to -- he's acting like too much of a pet. >> reporter: jonathan called 911. >> the 911 operator said can you please put your gun down. police are on the way. i said, no, i can't. when they get here, i can do but right now i have a coyote jumping over my kitchen table. >> reporter: jonathan and his wife ali didn't get video of that but they did get plenty of video of this sleepy can i oat tow is there's nothing they could do to shake him. even using leftover more rack companies from their wedding d
3:46 am
day. >> it was more like rem sleep or two, three hours -- >> he would not wake up at all. >> reporter: police got there along with a wildlife expert. >> the sergeant came over and they were like all like i've never seen anything like this in my 39 year career. which was great because it is 9/11 and it added some laughter to a day where it's a serious day and, um, they were all laughing and this is one we're not going to forget. >> finally they got the coyote in crate. >> not only do we deal with bang robbers but sleepy coyotes. >> were you nervous. >> i was very nervous but it's all good now. >> it's in custody in little karma safe and sound. >> hopefully they released the little coyote in a real den somewhere. montgomery county boy who became an sensation for his word parent system add it again. >> apparently he's starring in
3:47 am
pet food commercial and apparently you need to see it. >> munich name apparently kid, so apparently you don't know my name. apparently kid and -- a phone number 50,ing. >> apparently on youtube. find him. noah ritter from pottstown now the star of fresh pet food. he's become a viral hit during the summer when he was interviewed by a tv station and he used the word apparently over and over again. the clip has been viewed more than 15 million times. >> that was a -- he's awesome. >> scott williams, what's on tap for the weekend? apparently we do have some chances for showers across the area tomorrow especially. tomorrow afternoon and evening. but the and tire weekend is not going to be a washout. as we take a look at the satellite/radar we're dry and quiet. but look to the south. thicker clouds as well as showers and also to the west
3:48 am
around parts of the great lakes. so these two will combine and that will bring us the rainfall chancchances tomorrow in particr tomorrow afternoon and evening. so dry for the overnight. you can see tomorrow morning we're looking at thicker clouds. so mostly cloudy conditions for your saturday. temperatures will be below average as well and then we'll wait until the second half of the day. here's noon. you can see most of us still dry but we're watching that disturbance off to the west. by three, 4:00 o'clock it's closing in toward the philadelphia area. and then continuing through 5:00 the dinnertime frame and then it's progressive so it will be in and out. so that means sunday we're looking at a lot of sunshine and beautiful weather returning similar to today on sunday. so how much rain are we talking you can see here's 3:00 o'clock. we're in the really looking at the accumulating precip until later in the afternoon. about a tenth of an inch by 3:00 toward lancaster county. as we move toward 5:00 o'clock, about a tenth of an inch around philadelphia.
3:49 am
so on average we're looking at about quarter of an inch to perhaps a half an inch of rainfall before all is said and done. lesser amounts down the shore and the rainfall won't arrive there really until later on saturday evening. the high temperature today in philadelphia made it up to 78 degrees. the normal this time of year is 80. but look at record high for today's date. 95 degrees set back in 1931. temperatures right now are pretty cool. already 60 in atlantic city. low 60s in wildwood as well as millville. upper 50s in allentown right now. look at the pocono mountains. a chilly 50 degrees right now. so it is going to be cool tonight across the area but take look to the west. that cooler fall push of air. mid 40s in chicago. 47 degrees right now in the twin cities. so we're going to keep temperatures below average with that seven day forecast. but over the next 12 hours we're looking at temperatures in the low 60s by 4:00 a.m. as well as 7:00 a.m. with mostly cloudy skies. there could be a few sprinkles
3:50 am
around towards the ladder part of your saturday but once again that heavy rain doesn't arrive until the afternoon and evening. so for tonight, fair skies, those clouds will thicken during the overnight and early morning tomorrow. but mid 50s in the suburb. low 60s in the city. and then for tomorrow, mostly cloudy. we're talking temperatures only around 71 degrees in the city. it will be damp for the afternoon and evening. so once again it's the second half of the day tomorrow with the better chances for rain. look at those temperatures with the seven day forecast. we're talking 74 degrees on sunday. sunday dry, beautiful conditio conditions. looking good on monday. but there's another shower chance on tuesday and then wednesday, 74 for the high. low 70s for highs next thursday and friday and overnight lows will be chilly in the 50s for most even in the city. >> i'll get my jackets all ready this weekend. thatching scott. >> keith you got your jackets ready.
3:51 am
>> i got all kinds of jackets ready. what do i need it for. >> he's wearing jacket right n now. >> single breasted by the way. >> meantime this just in eagles have discovered real life big foot in their locker room. we promise to explain shortly. and the nfl new drug policy has several changes which is already shortened the suspensions of some of the leagues most well-known playe
3:52 am
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3:54 am
♪ >> you know 15 games left after tonight but let's hope the phillies show a sign of things to come in the future. so philadelphia fans get a bad wrap, right? showing support for marlins play jianne carlos stanton who got hit in a pitch last night. phils down one to zero. here come chase utley on the wild pitch. all of a sudden we got extra baseball. it goes to the tenth where codey asche comes through to win the game with a homerun. his name asche you call me asche i'm real upset but not this guy. lotion up. lubricate. phillies 13-one. monday night you can see it now andrew luck against nick foles and then the game comes down to the smallest guy on the field. rookie kicker codey parkey probably has it playing out in his dream. winning against the jags last week with that 51 year old field goal. since signing with the eagles he hasn't made one kick.
3:55 am
he made three, 50 yarders. back in indy the team that traded him back to the birds. >> i was getting to go for dinner. he wants to see you. did you a rea really good job bt they have adam who's a study. at the end of the day you can't replace 19 years of being in the league so they cut me, released me the next day they told me that they traded me. i was actually three hours from atlanta when they told me i was in the car heading back to auburn. >> so on "game day live" sunday see more of parkey at 11am then at fox nfl sunday at noon. giants at 1:00 o'clock. don't forget fox 29 news at 10:00. the nfl new drug p.m. see is done. there now be a separation between performance enhancing drugs and substance abuse. players will have to have more marijuana in their system to test positive. this lowers the chances of testing positive for second hand smoke.
3:56 am
now cleveland receiver josh brown suspended the entire season under the new rules would not have tested positive forge marijuana. his suspension down to 10 week. >> wes welker was supposed to miss the first four games testing positive for ecstacy could play sunday against the chiefs. >> lasalle against did he martha from maryland. the school that produced brian westbrook. mcfarland where you going, boy? to the house. the explore verse quarterback named kyle shurmer son of pat shurmer. he catches the td lasalle wins 41-39. little guys coming up big. >> great way to end the week. >> have a g
3:57 am
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>> these were the two most obnoxious drunks. >> announcer: they met with a "bang"... >> he cut me off, and she barrels right into me, then jumps out of her car and goes, "look what the [bleep] you just did!" >> announcer: ...then escaped in a flash. >> she shoves me out of the way so she can jump in her car and leave the scene. >> judge judy: [ raps desk ] why did you leave?! >> because she was pushing me to the ground. >> judge judy: no way! >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution jo ann wilbert is suing fellow motorist 18-year-old sara eubanks for damages from a hit-and-run accident on the highway. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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