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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  September 16, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> tonight, when and where investigators say these crimes happened. >> a massive manhunt intensifies as police announce they know who ambushed two state troopers killing one of them. >> what officers just revealed about the man they say had a drive to kill. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> a break tonight in that massive manhunt for the shooter who ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers killing one of them. light right now 200 troopers are trying to find 31 year old eric treatment. he critically injured another trooper in the attack. police say he's a survival lift and expressed a desire to kill cops and commit mass murder. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland these new developments come after days of tracking down leads. let get straight to fox 29's dave kinchen live outside the philadelphia barracks of the pennsylvania state police. dave? >> reporter: we're here because this is where corporal brian dixon served for a year and i can tell you troopers here
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are pleased to hear that a suspect has been identified in the murder of corporal dixon friday night. now he served here for a year before transferring to northeastern pa at the barracks there to be with his family. he transferred back in june, and that is where the shooting took place on friday. let's go to video. here's what we know. 31 year old eric matthew frame has been identified as the suspect. survival lift from northeastern pennsylvania accused of killing corporal dixon and critically wounding another trooper in an ambush during a friday night shift change. he is considered armed and dangerous. police believe he was making a statement against the government and police with the attack. police say a person found a jeep in a swamp 2 miles from the shooting scene and called 911. investigators say they found evidence in that vehicle it matched evidence at the shooting scene. they issued an arrest warrant. troopers here say the suspect took a way a model public servant. >> he was an exceptional person. he always came to work ready to
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go. he inspired his people to do good work. he was just service oriened person. he serve in the marines from there he jumped in with the state police. i told the guys it would be great if they caught the guy tonight. we want the guy obviously in handcuffs before we lay brine to rest on thursday if that's possible. >> reporter: pennsylvania state flag at half staff here at the barracks in philadelphia on belmont avenue and troopers will be heading to corporal dixon's funeral in scranton on thursday and i'm toll that the troopers here will also serve as honorary ball bearers he'll w. iain. >> dave, thank you. happening now just released video of a group accuse evidence viciously attacking a gay couple in center city. the group of 13 people including men and women are wanted for assaulting the pair last thursday. the men and women seen in this surveillance video approached the couple on the 1600 block of chancellor street. police say they made derogatory comments about the pair's sexual orientation before attacking
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them. cops say some of them held the couples down while others punc punched nem that the head, face and chest. when authorities arrive they all took off. both men suffered multiple injuries. they are out of the hospital tonight. >> tonight this music teacher is under arrest at the center of scandal. bridget, a wife and a mother walked in handcuffs outside court today. investigators say the 31 year old had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old male student while she worked at a doylestown middle school. fox 29's thalia perez is live in bucks counsel tonight with the story. thalia? >> reporter: lucy the assistant district attorney tells us that it was an anonymous call to the state run child line that tipped them off and in the criminal complaint today, we learned that the alleged sexual relationship between this band teacher and her student began with cell phone calls and text messages and eventually turned into trysts in her car and on school grounds. with her hands cuffed in front, bridget, a former lenape middle
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school band teacher walked silent until to court today. the wife and expectant mother was arraigned on multiple charges. including sex with one of her students. >> young kid and a person who is in a certain position this is just -- this isn't any he add dull this a teacher. >> the alleged sexual relationship went on for the entire school year in 2012 when the student was 14 years old. and two of the incidents took place on school grounds. >> she has been with the district for seven years. and up until her suspension friday, has been teaching at central bucks high school south. parents today say the district did a good job in informing them about the incident. >> i just want to know where -- like how this child was alone to have that -- you know what i mean, to have that much enter action with a teacher by himse himself. >> reporter: the school superintendent doctor david whitesell announced that the 31 year old teacher is suspended from her teaching position. pending the out come of the investigation. he also says the diss truck will not tolerate the type of conduct
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that is alleged in the criminal complaint. and we will do everything possible to be supportive of the student and his family. parents say they're pleased the teacher was quickly removed from her position. >> you have to have faith in the system and faith in the school diss track you know they'll set things right. >> reporter: and she was released oh and $500,000 unsecured bail. lucy, we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much, thalia. the children's hospital of philadelphia has now confirmed at least four cases of a nasty respiratory virus called enterovirus a group of respiratory viruses right now making children sick across the country. now symptoms can include what you would normally feel with a common cold, all the way up to the flu. doctors say respiratory illnes illnesses like these are pretty common this time of year. chop says it has treated and released all of the patients so far. >> police name a suspect wanted for the shooting death of a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. cops say 26 year old devon, the
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man who pulled the trigger. the shooting happened sunday morning on the 1500 block of adams avenue in frankford and police say the soon to be mom was just sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time. dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters to knee. dave? >> reporter: iain, within the hour, homicide detectives and u.s. marshalls fugitive task force searched several homes in the frankford area looking for this suspects unsuccessfully unfortunately they are still looking for him tonight and he is still on the run. >> he's a bad guy. >> reporter: police now say it was 27 year old devon, who wildly opened fire sunday morning in frankford killing 25 year old mother to be meghan doto and her baby girl. >> considered armed and extremely dangerous. he has a very violent history, and we need to get him off the streets. >> reporter: detectives say tips from the neighborhood and good detective work helped them identify the shooter monday night. captain clark says the $40,000 reward was not a factor for some witnesses. >> they just felt in their heart
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they wanted to do the right thing and had nothing to do with the money. >> you don't shoot a gun on a street full of kids. you know what i mean? you never know. bullet ain't got no name on it. >> reporter: neighbors who saw her get shot she was simply outside her home with a friend when the police say he opened fire at a fleeing car a block away. striking doto in the head. >> she was a totally innocent victim. >> you never know where that bullet is going to go. >> reporter: she was raced to the hospital by police where she died. doctors did an emergency c-section trying to save her baby. but the baby died a short time later. >> god rest her soul. you know what i mean? >> reporter: homicide detectives police he was shooting at griscom when he fired 10 or 11 shots at a white four door car headed towards adams avenue where she was sitting. the bullet traveled 500 feet before it struck the victim. >> you don't know who was in that vehicle. but he pulled out gun and he fired several times at this vehicle. >> it shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: police looking into the possibility that he
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opened fire on that car in retaliation for the murder of his brother two weeks ago just a few blocks away. they're still working on that motive and looking for the suss spec. coming up at six we'll look at his criminal history and why he was on the street at the time of this double murder. iain? >> dave, thank you. president obama is boosting the u.s. response to west africa's ebola crisis. win the past hour, the president announcing plans to send 3,000 u.s. military personnel there to supply medical and logistical support to local health officials. mr. obama made the announcement at the centers for disease control in atlanta. he says the world is looking to the u.s. to help. >> we're prepared to take leadership on this to provide the kinds of capabilities that only america has and to mobilize the world in ways that only america can do. >> nearly 5,000 people have been infector and more than 2400 have died from the virus which is now spread to five nations.
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>> we have breaking news on the us strategy for dealing with islamic terrorists. mixed messages from the nation's capital today on one hand our top military leaders says he has not ruled out a recommendation to deploy ground forces those boots on the ground to fight militants in the middle east. but president obama maintains us forces will not carry out a combat mission. here's fox's mike emmanuel. >> can't sell this stuff and no one believes me the out come will be any different. >> reporter: defense secretary chuck hagle and join chiefs of staff martin democracy defended the president' plans to take down isis during a hearing on capitol hill. >> isis leaders have threatened america and our allies. if left unchecked, isol will directly threaten our homeland and our allies. >> reporter: if the current strategy of air strikes fails general democracy says he's prepared to recommend a combat roll for u.s. forces in iraq. democracy stands places him at odds with the president who insists american troops won't engage. >> my view at this point is that this coalition is the
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appropriate way forward. i believe that will prove true. but if it fails to be true, and if there are threats to the united states, then i, of course works go back to the president and make a recommendation that may include the use of u.s. military ground forces. >> reporter: congress is considering narrow legislation to equip train syrian rebels but democrats fear the arm could fall into the wrong hands and republicans want to see a morrow bust response. >> we've got to do more than train a few folks in syria and train a few folks in iraq. and dropping bombs. i just don't know that's enough to achieve the objective the president outlined. >> reporter: the us is prepared to conduct air strikes inside syria, it is already rolling out phase one of president obama's new strategy. an isis fighting position near baghdad has already been successfully targeted. on capitol hill, mike emmanuel, fox news. >> a group of orphans from hour durr rays finding some piece
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here in philadelphia. >> orphans in crumbling nation. could this be their -- visitors to philadelphia and highlight of their trip will make you smile. >> helping soldiers run faster. jet pack that could one day mean the difference between live and death on the battlefield. >> and this pizza store employee is in big trouble for doing something a pizza serving up something no one would want. howard. >> i'm going to take look back at one of the more exciting games in years for the eagles. i'm sure it never gets old. hear from the head coach and the players on the come back coming up in sports. >> and coming up in weather, it's the last week of summer but we're dealing with below average temperatures. how long will they last and when to expect a
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♪ >> a local father is in police custody accused of shooting and killing his daughter's boyfriend. it happened on the 2700 block of ax factory road in holmes circle last night. it's believed the 32 year old man climbed into the window of a second floor apartment the father shares with his 20 year old daughter. investigators say it appears the father thought the victim was an intruder. police say there was a struggle and that's when the dad shot the boyfriend once in the head. the victim died at the hospital. so far no charges have been filed. >> right now police are talking that a 15 year old girl after she's found unconscious in pennypack park. it's a story you saw breaking last night right here at 10:00. the teen was found on the side of the road along busy rows vessel boulevard before 8:00 o'clock. she's roughing from a head injury. police say she rode septa buses and trains before she was found and according to police sources, septa has reviewed surveillance video but did not spot anyone suspicious around the girl. >> donald trump's first casino
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in atlantic city is now closed. it is the third casino to shut in ac in the past three week. fox 29's steve keeley has a unique perspective on today's closing. he also covered its opening 30 years ago. >> reporter: we've never experienced anything like that. while nots many are coming to atlantic city to drop dough in the casinos as much many are still coming for the bread. down this unmarked alley atlantic city insiders know a short stroll in just a dollar 25 gets i was long loaf of fresh steaming hot bread right out of the oven at for mica's brothers bakery. and now it's third generation owner is suffering along with the casinos since all those shut down were big customers, too. >> the drop off is so bad for the first time in the their years i've been the sole owner, that we have to lay off people. >> reporter: atlantic city residents talk about the white house, they don't mean the place the president lives. but another third generation family run business right across arctic avenue from for micas both looking optimistic klee on
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the date trump plaza shut down casino closing number four already this year in the background now with new hope going up in the for ground right along arctic of a next door. with a massive bass river pro shop being built. >> we have employees been 15, 20, 25 years. our turnover is very low. and it breaks your hard the tragedy here is the employees. people look at the casino employees and say they're losing 6,000, 8,000. there's hundred businesses like mine that are support businesses. we got to lay off people to survive. >> reporter: among the last trump plaza visitors sadness with still more sad shut downs they predict to come. >> i would guess probably six. maybe two more, taj mahal, maybe resorts and end up with six left a are overall. >> reporter: for reporter who covered open day the trump plaza may tenth, 1984 covering closing day was very strange. remembering the thousands lined up both on the boardwalk and down pacific of a just to get in on day one and seeing only a dozen or so people kicked out on
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the last day and told they weren't even nice about it. >> what was the mood in there in the last moments? there was no mood. there wasn't anybody there. they were trying to throw me out. the guy said come on, leave, i said i'll wait until the last second. >> in atlantic city, steve keeley, fox 29 news. >> and perhaps donald trump is having a change of heart. today he tweeted sadness over what's happening in atlantic city. going on to tweet "i loved atlantic city years ago. good timing. now i may buy back in at a much lower price to save plaza and taj. they were run badly by funds ". very interesting. we will keep you posted. >> they've come here to the birthplace of democracy for a late summer visit. >> but for honduran orphans it's not the liberty bell nor independence hall that grabbed their attention. our bruce gordon joins us now. bruce, their visit actually impacts impoverished children thousands of miles away. the young people aged eight to
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22 are here in the invitation of a group called amigos de gentlemen suss a malvern based non-profit that runs orphanage in honduras. several kids are chosen to visit philly each year so they can meet the people who did he 98 to their care so the donors can ease the faces of those who appreciate even the smallest gestures of kindness. >> just back from are a overnight stay in ocean city our youthful visitors grabbed lunch at pat's in south philly. >> cheesesteaks are not a regular part of the honduran diet but the kids liked them well enough. director of orphanage where they lived. this trip is a welcome respit from the grind and poverty that's become a way of life in their home country. >> right now live is really hard in honduras for children and not just for children but for everyone.
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jobs are not available. >> reporter: amigos do jesus houses 120 kids ages two to 25. place manies in the facility have more than doubled over the past five years. honduras has descend flood chaos. many of the children are orphans but others have simply been removed from abusive households. what do they children want to see when they come to philadelphia? that's easy. >> the orphanage has no tv reception but does have a dvd player which runs the boxing classic over and over to the delight of the kids. >> now a chance to see the legend himself. at least a bronze replica. >> it's very pretty and he never thought he would come and see it in person. >> you like that? >> yes. >> i saw you posing like you're a boxer. was that fun? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you think rocky? >> he's good. >> reporter: you like rocky? >> i like him. >> reporter: i couldn't let their visit end without a trip up the art museum steps.
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it seemed kind of fitting. kids who face an uphill climb in life. willing to make the journey with their best effort, a smile. >> our goal is to help them grow and flourish in their own country we want them to be educated to have hope and to stay in honduras to help create a better community. >> eighths daunting challenge but with the help from their american friends, these kids are taking the first steps toward a better future. >> the kidsed when back to honduras on monday but not before a trip to the philadelphia zoo and a broadway music concert at the kimmel center. for more information on amigos de jesus go to, click seen on tv, we'll link to you the organization and the good work they do for kids who need a break. lucy, more at 6:00 o'clock. >> bruce, i hope that more at 6:00 o'clock includes you running all the way to the top of those stairs and raising your hands triumphantly along with those kids. still catching my breath. >> all right. thatching bruce. >> your fox 29 weather authority now. the rain is gone. the fall like temperatures are sticking around. great for a run up those stairs.
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here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> really is great if you'll be outdoors exercising this evening. temperatures are comfortable. humidity not that bad. and we are dry and quiet. right now it's 72 degrees in philadelphia. humidity at 49%. winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. the disturbance that brought us those early morning showers, it's out of here. we saw decreasing clouds really throughout the entire day and that sunshine piqued through. warming our temperatures a bit but number still below average. looking at 60 in the poconos. upper 60s in pottstown. low 70s in wilmington and 74 degrees right now in atlantic city. but if you're stepping outdoors, grab that jacket or sweater because it will be a cool and fall like feel this evening. we'll talk about just how chilly it gets and if we might warm up for this last week of summer with the seven day coming up. iain and lucy. >> all right. scott, thank you very much. other chaos on a beach in brazil with police showing up and firing tear gas into the crowd. the crime sparked a fight that quickly spiraled out of control.
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>> and ukrainian lawmaker treated like trash literally. why a crowd picked him up and dumped him into a dumpster. >> we already know soda is pack with sugar. why just a few sips of the
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>> chaos at a brazilian beach onlended when police broke out r gas sunday at rio famous beach. police say beach goers got into witness i was bunch of thieves. the fight started after people saw crooks taking cell phones and bags. >> now a developing story tonight in great britain. with just two days before the big vote both sides are stepping up their arguments on why scotland should leave or remain in the united kingdom. if the vote is to leave, scotland will become an inter pent nation early 2016. britt turn prime minister david cameron wants the uk to remain intact an split would be a painful divorce. they would no longer share the same currency and their armed forces would split. >> you don't get changed by under mining your economy and damaging your businesses and diminishing your place in the world. but you can get real concrete
5:26 pm
change on thursday if you vote no. >> thursday's vote is considered too close to call. >> ukraine protesters decided it was trash day and they apparently thought politician deserved to get dumped. they were cursing and yelling outside ukrainian parliament and moments later a group of men grabbed deputy and through him into a dumpster. you can see the men holding him down and at one important throwing water on him. their very upset over a bill the politician signed that tightens restrictions on anti government protesters. eventually the politician was able to crawl out and get away. >> finding a partner who shares your political beliefs is one way to get along, right? accomplishing that goal could be as easy as a sniff of the nose. >> why you may be able to someone's politics by their body odor. scientists catch this giant squid in antarctica. they are studying it right now. as if this isn't exciting enough there's something special about the beast making history.
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>> using technology to help soldiers run faster. the college student working on a jet pack that could one day mean
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>> here's live look at lake allen paw pack. we ease towards fall chief meteorologist scott williams will have your details on this weekend's cool temperatures coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. >> hurricane odile is now a
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tropical stortropthousands of stranded in shelters. the mexican government is sendinsending planes to airporto help people evacuate the area. the storm record through the area as category three hurricane late sunday and monday causing a lot of damage. some areas are now without power and drinking water. officials say the damage is widespread with many homes destroyed. officials say looting has also become a problem. >> we have significant damage to homes and businesses. majority of light posts have fallen. trees have fallen. vehicles have been damaged and infrastructure has been damaged. >> the storm is expected to dump much needed rain on california which is dealing with historic drought conditions. closer to home montgomery county man accused of killing a baby and her grandmother in a botched kidnapping plot says he did not do it. he's representing himself dan he said he's going to prove two other people committed the crimes. 27 year old man of upper merion
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could get the death penalty if convicconvicted. prosecutors say he equipped 10 month old baby from her family's king of prussia apartment in october of 2012 and killed the baby's grandmother. police later found the baby's body. he says two men forced him to lead them to the family's home and they killed the grandmother and the baby. jury selection began today. philadelphia schools may be a little closer to an infusion of badly need thed money. a state house committee voted in favor of a $2 a cigarette tax in the city. the city okay it. tack credits had been put in the bill. a final house vote expected tomorrow or monday. it would then go to the state senate. the senate pass add version of the plan back in july but the house left for summer recess before they could vote. >> arizona state university grad student could change the way soldiers fight on the balance field. a jet pack he designed with his fellow asu researchers could
5:32 pm
boost the speed of soldiers on the battle feed. mia garr is he ya shows us what it's all about. >> reporter: an experimental jet pack designed to help soldiers run faster. >> anybody that can wear a backpack can wear the jet pack and inn stannously thrust allowing you to run faster. >> reporter: asu grad student jason, developed the jet pack. it's one of three exoskeleton potty tow types being developed and teste tested at asu. they could be used by the department of defense. >> we want soldiers to be able to put this on. they can normally run oh five or six minute mile and be able to run as fast as they can. that could potentially be the difference between life and death. if you can get in some and get out somewhere faster than any of your enemies it gives i was real advantage. >> reporter: research for two of the prototypes air legs one and two is being funded by the federal government after asu won a grant three years ago. >> the defense department asked us if you could assist people
5:33 pm
that are amputated can you assist able bodied people as well. the jet pack isn't being federally funded just yet but he believes it has the greatest potential to help soldiers run at super human speed the. >> big picture goal real toll get soldiers or anybody running in these suits to run and be able to move at -- with abilities we never thought possible. >> one woman faced a terrible dilemma trying to save her own life while saving the live and side her. >> jenny was five weeks ago when doctors diagnosed with her breast cancer. they felt they had to start treatments right a way. several rounds of chemotherapy during the pregnancy and a few more rounds after her baby girl was born. her doctors say even experts are surprised it's safe. >> the studies have shown that as long as you wait till the second or trimester after most of the baby's organs are already formed, that the potential birth
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defect risks are a lot lower. >> believe it or not cancer was not the only obstacle for jenny and her baby t night at 10:00 the family's inspirational story with a happy ending. >> all right. forget waiting until pay day. get your paycheck as you earn it every day. >> the app giving you access to your cash right now. they already know soda is packed with sugar. why a few sips may be too much. >> and coming up at 6:00 guns in pennsylvania schools. the new plan that could have some packing heat in your kids school. scott? >> iain, temperatures continue to run below average. feeling more like fall but will we warm up for this last week of summer and also a little rain this morning but what about more
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>> in tech text quite the site. overturned semi truck with a piece of construction equipment nearly plunged off an overpass in dallas yesterday. a tether the worker ever so carefully secured the 40,000-pound rig. it's not clear how the accident happened.
5:38 pm
nobody is seriously hurt. part of the that highway is still closed because of all the damage left from that wreck. >> the images of nascar star tone nestor wart's car killing a fellow driver are now heading to grand jury. whether stewart will face charge force the death of kevin ward will rest with that panel. the incident happened last month at a race in upstate new york. ward's car spun out during the sprint car race and ward climbed out of it and on to the track to confront stewart who was still driving. stewart's car hit him. >> a gigantic squid weighing almost 800 pounds is thawing out in new zealand. fisherman caught it last year in antarctica. it's been on ice waiting focile scientists to look it over. the colas sal squid is one of biggest ever caught. >> this is essentially an intact specimen. this is an almost unparalelled opportunity for us. >> the same crew which caught this giant squid captured another 17 years ago. those remains are in a museum in new zealand.
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>> taking a look the your heal health. if you're drinking a can of soda day you might have used up your daily allowance of sugar and then some. scientists at the university college london say the amount of sugar you should eat every day is no more than 14 grams a day. we checked it out. that is three cubes. a can of coke, for instance, has 35 grams of sugar which equals seven cubes. so they say if you drink just one you have surpassed your daily recommendation of sugar. they suggest diet coke and coke zero alternatives since both are sugar free and low calorie alternatives. researchers say just taking that step will prevent soaring tooth decay and rising obesity levels. it turns out you may be able to sniff out people with similar political views. a new study from brown university shows people are attracted to the body odor of those with like minds. researchers asked participants to wear a gauze inter their arms for 24 hours. the samples were then frozen a week later the participants
5:40 pm
smelled each vile and raided them for attractiveness. scientists found out not only people drawn to those with like minds they also found people with opposing views less appealing. >> who volunteered for that test? don't you wonder? i do wonder. >> sniff them. exactly. >> no thank you. >> all right. no more waiting. how about this? no more waiting for pay pay day to get your paycheck. >> that sounds unbelievable. how you can get your hands on the money you earn the day you make it may sound like a scam but it is not. and this pizza store employee is in big trouble for doing something to a pizza that may peak you want to skip dinner. what he put on it besides the toppings. howard, what is this world coming to you. >> i don't know. i'll take pepperoni and mushroom on mine. the small evident guy on the eagles did it again in big come back.
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>> texas teen in trouble for what he did to a speeza. fare warning this story is disgusting. cops say 18 year on the austin simmons rubbed his private parts on customers pizza. that customer walked into the pizza shop and caught him in the act. he did it because the order came in right before closing time and they charged him with tampering with consumer product. >> okay. so are you tired of waiting for your wages? you may be. now you can get mid when you want with no fees or penalty for early access to your cash. >> it doesn't cost i was thing. fox's steve noviello takes look at app that unlocks your earnings. ♪
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>> reporter: need cash? they've got it. big money loans ripe for the picking. but with big money comes one big consequence. >> you're going to lose lot of money in fees and stuff. >> reporter: steve has been there himself. when times got tight he turned to an online pay day lone service. the fees were overwhelming. >> i got caught in just a continuous loop of having to pay them a fee just to keep the lone going because i couldn't pay back the entire amount. >> reporter: recently another bind. this one almost cost him his home. >> i was on the cusp of being evicted from here. ♪ >> reporter: but this time he turned to technology instead. >> it doesn't make any sense to have to manage your life with a part of your money. >> reporter: ron is the president of active hours the smart phone application that gives you access to your money as you earn it. that's right. now, pay day is any day. >> i don't know why two week waiting period or wages.
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>> reporter: limbing access to cash until pay day doesn't keep us from spending. instead, rom says it makes us count on credit and keeps us overdrafting our bank accounts to the tune of -- >> $35 billion year. >> reporter: as a country we spend less on fresh veggies each year. which gave rom a fresh idea. users up load their hours to the active hours app. anyone with a digital or online timecard is eligible. then as you work, you can access your take home pay. yes, there are limits to keep you in control with just one click your cash is deposited into your bank account all of this for the price of -- >> there's in fee. there's no interest. we ask the customers to pay us what they think is fair. >> reporter: yup. no interest, no fees. the payout for these pay day loans is purely from customer tips. >> i don't know of anybody that could just not pay anything for a service like this because it's really helpful. >> reporter: steven was except
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al at first. >> this is got to be a scam. it looks too good to be true. >> reporter: he tried borrowing 100 buck again the hours he had already worked. he got the cash, no problem, no fees, no interest. now, not only is he unlocking his pay -- >> what did we get. >> 2,005bmw. >> he's unlocking the door to his new car. >> i wouldn't have been able to get the car at all if i had the couple extra hundred dollars i needed for the down payment. i was a little short. >> he warns consumers should be careful. he turned when he turned to active hours cash out through the app that had employees from more than 250 companies already -- >> it's their money. they've earned it. >> reporter: cashing in. >> as we mentioned there are withdrawal limits about 100 bucks a day come pay day active hours will debit your bank account to pay back the loan. the available cash by the way is post tax and post deduction so you never have access to more
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than you actually earn. >> amazing. think it will be raging success. what do you think, iain. speaking of raging successes get ready for the season premier of new girl tonight at 9:00. >> whoo! you just got called o out. >> karen hepp out in los angeles gettinged by fun know guy maurice and zoe. four years in they say they are still excited to go to work. >> this trial sal dream come true. i always feel like we're in the best case scenario at all times. we have great show that makes us laugh. we get to hang out with our friends and they've invited us back for fourth season. i don't think it gets better than that. >> tenth season would be better. (laughter). >> that's true. >> you'll see lots of great guest stars this year including jessica biehl. tonight a jam packed with utopia at 8:00 followed by the season premieres of new girl and the mindy project. join iain and myself for a full
5:49 pm
wrap up of the days news, weather and sports on fox 29 news at 10:00. >> speaking of weather -- you can get update on that right now. chief meteorologist scott williams is here. >> the last week of summer but it doesn't feel like it. we're looking at below average temperatures really continuing for the remainder of the week. but there is a little bit of hope if you like that warm weather. we'll talk about it coming up. but right now temperatures are comfortable in the low 70s. we have a mixture of sun and clouds right now. humidity currently at 49%. and the wind direction out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. the low this morning, 59 in philadelphia. the afternoon high only 74. you see the normal for this time of year is up to 78. look at the record high set back in 1991 of 94 degrees. i don't think we'll hit the 90's again this season. 72 degrees right now in the philadelphia area. but look at the cooler conditions off to the north and west. certainly a taste of fall. pittsburgh 65 right now. cincinnati 62. upper 60s currently in chicago. so as we roll the clock for us,
5:50 pm
we're looking at those temperatures dropping to chilly numbers by your wednesday morning. what about 46 degrees in the pocono mountains? pottstown you'll wake up to numbers right around 47 at 7:00 a.m. vick degrees in philadelphia the forecast low for tomorrow morning. and low 50s in millville. right now as we look at the satellite and radar we're dry but we do have some passing clouds overhead mixing with some of that sunshine but we're dry. that disturbance that moved through first thing this morning it moved through quick. about a tenth of an inch to quarter of an inch of precipitation but it is long gone. and we're looking at quiet conditions. high pressure is going to be settling in overhead over the neck several days. that means a lot of sunshine, mild afternoons and chilly overnights with a lack of cloud cover so any heat that we gain just goining to right back out o outerspace. but this high pressure will mean that it's going to be great to maybe mow the lawn over the next several days and what about washing your car? it's a good team to do that because we're
5:51 pm
not looking at any rainfall for the remainder of the week. the tropics still heating up, of course, we're watching hurricane edouard just to the east of we are mud today. it will stay to the east and move away but maximum sustained winds at 05 miles an hour. as we move toward the west, still watching tropical storm odile. a lot of heavy rain around the baja peninsula moving into sections of the southwest. so arizona, new mexico we're talking about maybe two to perhaps even a half a foot of rainfall over the next several days as we watch the moisture from that hurricane and tropical storm continue to move inland. so back at home mostly clear, chilly for tonight. 56 degrees the low in the city. 47 in the suburbs. so a chilly start. jackets off to work and school tomorrow. temperatures rebound to around 74 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. and the weather authority seven day forecast showing you a string of tens forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to 10 over the neck several days.
5:52 pm
low 70s a little cooler on friday. and then the upcoming weekend it warms up into the low 80s so summer makes a come back the last day of summer on sunday high of 81 degrees. how about that? >> perfect timing. >> a lot of act in the weather department. a lot of action on the grid iron last night. >> come back last night, too. it didn't matter what the temperature was. we were inside. how about that? >> howard loved it. >> it was raining. it didn't get me. >> no pop ups. >> they were but they were outside. >> only two games into an eagles season with so much anticipation and the game last night has fans in this town going nuts. a win on the final play. there's no better way to win game. in the first two week of the season eagles fallen behind by 17 last week. 14 last night. that has to change but right now the eagles are two-zero. last week we talked about the new star in town. happened again last night. let's go to indy. and that would be darrin sprol sproles. can you believe this guy? this guy is unbelievable. that's a third and long.
5:53 pm
he gets a touchdown. for the eagles. he's 5-foot six. little left guy on the field much this is a big play that set up the winning score. many think darrin sproles getting all of those plays takes away from lesean mccoy getting those touches. that's not the case according to lesean. >> he's helping me out. like i said without sproles we would be in some trouble. you know i need to get my thing together. i feel like i'm not playing to my level that i should be playing at. and tonight, you know, average above average game, came in and carried us again. >> first and for most darrin is a receiver. i've said that since day one since we've had him here. no, he's just a special player. the first day we had him, how many different ways can we find ways to get him the football. he's just a dynamic football player. real excited he can run it, he can catch it, he can do it all. he's a complete running back and he really came through tortoise night.
5:54 pm
>> i used to play with him on the video game back in the day. he got me a lot of points when i played with him. but he's a talented guy. very very talented. and we got to make sure we keep giving him the ball where he can do the thing he does. >> nick i'm happy he got you some points. heck of a come back. 24, second half points this was a big turnover. all indianapolis has to do is kick a field goal and they win the game. they wined about what should have been a hold led to a touchdown. the score tied at 27. big defensive stop. third and five an dru luck who had terrible game. the eagles drive bound the field and codey parkey kicks a field goal to win it a eagles hunk in there. did what they what needed to do for the come back. >> shows the character we and i know we said it last week when we came out of the hole. now we weren't in hole. we were scrapping it out punch for punch it was a heavyweight fight and our guys hung in the there. >> exciting. >> it means we're two and zero.
5:55 pm
it means we have to execute better on both sides of the ball in the first half so that, you know, you're not going to make a leg continuing to be 17 down in this league. we got very very good washington. division opponent coming in here. coming into our place on next sunday. so hopefully we got it out of our system but we need to do better job in the first half executing. >> it's a big game obviously against washington three-zero. not good nouse for the defense. michael hendricks might be out a couple of weeks and he is big on that defense. so with a calf injury that he suffered last night. but still they're two-zero. >> thatching howard. >> straight ahead at 6:00 scandal and criminal charges surrounding a local teacher, wife and mom. police say she had a sexual relationship with a young student. investigators say it all happened. >> major makeover at philadelphia's largest shopping center. while be calling franklin mills by another name. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right our dad's a plumber.
5:56 pm
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only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> breaking at 6:00 police name the man they believe ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers in cold blood. take a good look at 31 year old eric frame. police say he killed one of those troopers and critically injured the other. >> investigators say he wanted to kill cops and commit mass
6:00 pm
murder. tonight hundreds have joined the search to find him. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get you straight to fox 29's dave kinchen live outside the philadelphia barracks of the pennsylvania state police tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, troopers here are actually involved in the search and the investigation to find the se suspect accused of murdering corporal brian dixon who used to work here until early this summer. >> 31 year old eric matthew train is the man state police are hunting for in anti government survival lift wanted for the shooting death of corporal brian dixon. it happened during an ambush on late night shift change in pike county friday night. >> i told the guys, it would be great if they caught the guy tonight. we want the guy obviously in handcuffs before we lay brian to rest on thursday if that's possible. >> reporter: captain james, worked with corporal dixon at the philadelphia state police barracks for a year and says he was a consummate professional dedicated to public service. >> he was