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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  September 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> running back adrian peterson told to stay away from team activities, how long he'll have to stay off the field. >> possible break in the case where group of men and women viciously attack a gay couple. how social media is playing a role. >> what can you do beyond that. >> the enterovirus hitting philadelphia. what you need to know if your child is showing symptoms of this potentially dangerous disease, and how to avoid them hopefully in the first place. >> trouble brewing in ukraine. the unrest spilling into the streets of protesters, went after and dumped in a dumpster. this is no joke. >> through this guy in there pretty much. >> scary. good day everybody, it is wednesday, september 17th, 2014. >> we're finally awake. the drool is gone, eye crust
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finally wiped away and we're wide ian bushy tail. >> speak for yourself. sue serio, scale of ten on a scale of one to ten? >> i'm drooling over that. just going to be gorgeous kind of day. >> okay, we're all set. sunny skies, cool, comfortable today. >> head today traffic right now, that's what's on the scene. high of 75 today, and bus stop buddy wearing a sweatshirt. okay, we're back, yes, temperatures in the four's, 50's, and that's really the most important thing, back to the they will i morning like monday, no rain on ultimate doppler radar, 58 degrees right naught, northwest breeze at 6 miles an hour, yesterday's high, 74, we will be right back into the mid 70s, today, we just won't have any rain in the morning, like we did yesterday. and tonight, we're down to about 59 in the city, and little cooler in the suburbs,
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so we'll have increasing clouds overnight. that's a look at your weather authority forecast. now, it is time for traffic. we start off with big story of the morning, which is in center city, if you haven't heard yet, seventh street right there at locust, the old water main break, like river, there so the road is closed. your alternate is ninth street. now, on route 30 eastbound, after route 340, there are reports of an accident there. that's out near downingtown, route one roosevelt boulevard, grant avenue, right there, they're reports of an accident, as well. kerry? >> our detour diva, sue, thank you. 6:02, philadelphia police investigating a vicious attack on two gay men in center city, a be there there is now video of the alleged suspect. >> steve keeley live at central detectives this morning, the video that police have given you, they want everyone to see here. >> well, we said how the world is changing on surveillance video, saw the whole change in the ray rice case, as soon as the video got out to the
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public, just like that case, it is public outrage. seeing tangible evidence. we know crimes occur all the time. when you see it in front of your face, you see the people who committed it, walking in front of your face, and you recognize those familiar faces, well then the outrage becomes tip calls. that's what happened here. dozens of tip calls starting, flooding into the police, almost instantly, when they put this surveillance video out in time for the dinnertime tv newscast last night, so only about 13 hours ago, not just tip calls, from those who recognize many in this gay bashing group, but those in this crowd themselves, who first taunted with homophobic slurs, severely beat, round, and put two gay men in the hospital last week, one needed to have his teeth put back in alignment, have his jaw reset with surgery, now wired shut for eight weeks, but he told us what happened through those clench teeth last thursday night just before 11:00 when had he and his partner bumped shoulder with this group, you can see we're taking up a lot of the narrow sidewalk in center city, so instead of
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plate excuse me, chris, kerrey, gay slurs first, then punches to the point of unconsciousness next, now step three, a lot of lies, ruined, and they'll see how serious something like this becomes. you just can't say these things to people in this day and age and then on top of that beat somebody to the point of unconsciousness, just because they bumped into you on the sidewalk. so, these are severe serious felonies. >> vikings put star running bake adrian peterson on the exempt list. this is a move that will require him to stay away from the team while he addresses child abuse charges, vikings made announcement early this morning after initially deciding peterson could play with the team while the legal process played out. peterson is charged with a felony, for using a wooden switch to spanning his 14 year old son. >> pocono mountain schools closed today as safety precaution, as police continue to search for the suspect accused in a deadly ambush at
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a pennsylvania state police barracks. >> police say the gunman is an anti-government survivalist. he's been identified as this man, 31 year old eric frein. on friday he killed corporal brian dixon critically injured trooper alex douglas during ambush, investigators say they identified him after someone found a jeep partially submerged in the swampy area 2 miles from the scene of the ambush. >> inside that car, was cents a number of items of evidence, that tide that person to the scene. >> every law enforcement agent in this country, policeman, constable, look looking for this guy. >> right now troopers at the philadelphia belle month barracks are helping in the search, corporal dixon work therefore years, midnight shift supervisor. >> we want the guy obviously in handicuffs before we lay brian to rest on thursday if
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that's possible. >> he was exceptional person, inspired people to do good work. he was just a service oriented person, i served with the marines, from there jumped in with the police. >> based on what happened friday night, frein considered armed and dangerous, he express add desire to kill officers and to commit mass murder. >> scary. 6:06. respiratory virus that is been affecting kids across the midwest now spread to our area. >> talk about scary. fox 29's dawn timmeney live now at chop with the latest on this. dawn, good morning. good morning, chris, kerrey. yes, hard not to panic as parent when you hear just how severe the case is of this enterovirus, d68 has been out in the midwest, where this first broke out back in august. but doctors here at children's hospital of philadelphia say no need to panic, the case is here have not been nearly as severe, not seeing the surge of number of hospitalizations, as in the midwest.
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130 cases, though, in 12 states, including pennsylvania, and there are now four confirmed cases cents here, at chop. the children did require hospitalization, ranking anywhere from two-six days, but they've been released, they're home and they're doing just fine. the symptoms are very much like the common cold. coughing, congestion, achy muscles, fever, runny nose, best way to fight it, according to doctors here, is pretty much common sense, wash your hands frequently, don't touch your nose, your mouth, and your eyes, and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. now the send pennsylvania department of health says parents really need to be very vigilant, just don't as assume that this is the common cold, best advice is to seek the medical attention of your doctor. >> first time seeing this in a long time, not new virus, but
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hasn't been here in a while. that's why the kids are most at risk. >> glad you mentioned, that couple of the elderly might be, immune system, not fully developed, as well. >> 6:08 the time. rally for ray rice? who held the prayer vigil for the fallen football player last night, at least fall friend grace. >> check this out. very disturbing allegations cents cents against the doctor who was operating on the late joan rivers, what one of the doctors reportedly did at the clinic, when she was under
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>> hurricane odil, now tropical storm, something worth watching. 50-mile per hour winds storm northwestern part of mexico, bringing a lot of rain, now over dollars border into arizona, tuscon area expected to get as much as 6 inches of rain, we will undoubtedly be dramatic pictures from that part of the country over the next day or so. meanwhile, edward, under there somewhere, casino of where we want hurricanes, still in the middle of the ocean, possibility of some strong rip currents, say, if you are spending some time at the shore, you want to go to the ocean, because of this storm
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it should move off to the northeast. forty-five in allentown, 49 degrees in pottstown, and here in philadelphia, 58 greets, 56 in wilmington, in the 50's in south jersey, as women. so that's to get you started this morning. 72 degrees monday even with the rain in the morning yesterday, the high temperature was 74 degrees, will like back to the 70s today, mid 70s, there, and three ten's in a row, pretty amazing, but lovely stretch of weather coming for saturday, temple, warmer for l eagles and washington sunday. that's a look at your seven day forecast, now we check traffic for you this wednesday morning. see, how things are going, a lot of volume, i95 at girard, plenty of traffic, but things
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moving okay so far. kerry? >> excellent. >> 6:12. we talk about trashing our politicians. >> i don't know, i don't know we've ever done anything quite like this. protesters giving ukrainian lawmaker a piece of their mind. lawmaker a piece of their mind. >> what had them so guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right.
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down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road,
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and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to nfl players union appeal ray rice's indefinite suspension from the league. now, he was punish after video surfaced showing rice punches fiancee inside an elevator at the revel casino earlier this year, as you well know by now, rice was originally suspended, for two games, but the nfl extended that, after the video came to light last week. the union says the move is to
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protect the rights of all nfl players. rallied behind the trouble athlete last night, supporters gathered at local church to pray for rice, and his family. the organizer of that event says, it was, quote, a night of prayer, and they did not discuss the issues surrounding the whole ordeal. meantime, the minnesota vikings have barred star running back adrian peterson from activities, has been ordered to stay away from the team, while he addresses child abuse charges. >> first deciding peterson could play with the team while the legal process played out. major sponsors are voicing their disapproval over the nfl recent scandal, but the companies are stopping short of pulling the advertising altogether. anheiser bush, motorcycle done al eights, visa, campbell's, all said that they have spoken with the league about their concerns, as advertisers. this, after radisson hotels announced that it was pulling its sponsorship of the minute vote a viking team. no other brands have pulled
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sponsorships from teams or the nfl altogether, kerr. >> i 6:16. top us military officials say ground troops may in fact be need in the iraq and syria. martin dempsey telling senate panel that he thinks that president obama's approach to ice cyst enough, for now. but, if those air strikes fail, they may need ground troops. the write house says it has ruled out sending grounds force noose combat. meanwhile man from up-state new york is accused of providing support to the islamic state. say 30 year old of rochester tried to help three men travel to syria so they could join isis. he's also charged with attempt to go murder us military members returning from war. >> ukraine has ratified deal with europe, that brings the country major step closer closeo full integration. the measure sparked crisis and led to clashes with police, last fall, when ukraine's former president refused to
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take the deal. meanwhile, ukraine's parliament also proved laws, self rule to pro russian regions in eastern ukraine, and granted other terms under cease-fire measure, reached this month. and how about this? unrest, protesters actually kick up politician then throw him in the trash. they were cutting -- cursing and yelling outside the parliament, moments later they grabbed the guy and through him in the dumpster. over set over a bill the politicians cents signed that tighten restrictions on anti-government protesters, eventually, in a politician, was able to crawl out, and get away. >> president obama boosting the us's response to west africa's ebola crisis, president announcing plans to send 3,000us military personnel to help supply medical and logistical support to local health officials. he made that announcement at the centers for disease control, in atlanta. he said the world is looking -- looking to the u.s. for help. >> we're prepared to take
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leadership on this. >> to moan eyes the worlds in only ways america can do. >> nearly 5,000 people are now battling ebola and more than 2400 have died from the virus, now spread to five nations. 6:19, quick reminder, weekends morning show premiers this saturday at 8:00. >> so going inter active with the show, your stories, your views, your news, fox 29 weekends, we're inviting to you join the conversation. >> you can be a part of the show as well, start saturday, selfie saturday, self plan torrey, i believe, but tweet us your selfie with the hashtag fox 29 weekend. >> this saturday, 8:00 a.m. >> mr. mike jerrick? >> hey, what's going on, i got 99 days -- no, i got 99
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problems. >> right. >> and christmas is one of them. , only 99 days until christmas. >> scar. >> i have you guys thought about what santa will bring the kids? toys "r" us big toy store, have suggestions. already released top 15 hot toys, that you might want to grab right now. because they may be few and far between by the time up get closer to december. this is what the kids want this year, ladies, are you planning the big day? well, what if your wedding day gets in the way of the big game? dill aim some college football fans are facing because most weddings are on saturday days. would you switch your wedding day if you knew there was a big game coming up? >> that's a real question?
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jessica, wave. they factored that -- well, big chin on jay leno for a second. there is jesse. yes, she factored in, what, an eagles game, right? >> yes. >> they factored are the eagles in philadelphia on the weekend of her wedding in november. >> because they wanted to see the game? >> guys don't want to go to weddings when there is a big game on. okay? factor it in, please. >> well -- >> yes, i agree. kerrey, i'm serious. >> i'm with jessica on this. >> fathom that, okay, let's go to the weather now. >> saturday will feel like summer again, back to the 80s. today we are cleve skies, rather chilly start specially suburbs. rest of the work week, sunny,
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comfy days, and chilly, chilly nights. so the weekends though when we get the warming trends, and yes, sunday is the last day of summer, the only day in the seven day forecast when we will be in the 80s. >> seventh and low cut, seventh street, closed, because of water main break. >> northeast philadelphia, frandford at roland street, accident there, car struck pole. so power is out in the area. so a lot of people feeling the effect of that. you are going to need to take torresdale avenue as your alternate. finally, in exton, route 100 northbound at route 30 westbound, there is an accident there, many lanes are blocked. we'll be back with more on the fox 29 morning news after this.
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for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today. 6:45, phillies west coast trip off to bit of rough start. >> been rough seas on. >> i know. >> dropped another game last
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night in san diego, won five to four, the padres. there is a homerun. dominick brown, decent night. howard eskin has the rest in sports. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, eagles head into this weekend game again washington at the linc, two and zero, leading the nfl in scoring, even with all but six points scored in the second half. they are doing this with different stars, darren sproles did it again, but doses that take away from lesean mccoy? >> mean less in my opinion, we're not trying to wish rushing titles, we're trying to win football games. he think he is a harsh critic of himself, admiral quality, one thing pushes him, he trains so hard in this off season, but we're not --/standards trying to win every football game each week and that's it. >> and clinching last night, to at lan tax washington nationals in the dark, that is ian desmond, hits two run
6:27 am
homer, washington goes onto win it. three to one. and they clinch three to nothing, actually, they clinch the national league east, for the second time in three years. that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. >> new allegations cents against the doctor performing an endoscopy on the late joan rinse of the what that doctor reportedly did while the comedian was under anesthesia. steve keeley has the latest on gay couple breathily beaten by group of men and women. steve, good morning. >> reporter: yes, good news, a lot of evidence, and a lot of new information coming into central detective here, and one of the guys here just tweet today all of the people following this case, overnight, saying we've gone a lot of work, have a lot more work to do. not a law and order episode, but feeling like one, because it is getting stopped so fast
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>> a possible break in the case, young adults who attack a gay cup nel center city last week. how the surveillance video sparked number of tips just overnight. >> the enterovirus hitting philadelphia, a number of children infected and at chop, what you need to know, if your kids begin to get sick. >> and forget the penn state white out. students are holding a joe-out. how they're honoring the late football coach and the impact they hope to have with this event. good day everybody, it is wednesday, september 17th,
6:31 am
2014. >> philadelphia police have released surveillance video for group wanted for a hate crime in center city. >> sue, a check of weather on the one's? >> we're red which bus stop buddy. et cetera wearing a sweatshirt this morning. >> back to keel temperatures, rain yesterday, wasn't so chilly, but it is today with some of the suburbs, seeing temperatures in the 40's. so, sweatshirts pretty good idea, maybe jacket or sweater. ten, out of ten, though; our thunder of the day, really can't find anything negative about this weather, even the chill to start, not that bad. satellite, radar, shows no precipitation, and hardly any clouds, 58 degrees, in the city, and north-northwest breeze at 6 miles an hour, 75% relative humidity, sunrise happening moments from now, at 6:44, it is light out already, and it will be 75 degrees today, with that cool start. we end up with sunny afternoon
6:32 am
and few breezes out of the northwest just delightful weather, how long can it last, of course, that's the question. let you know more about that many doing up in the seven day, meantime, it is time to check traffic on your wednesday morning, and we are starting off with a look at what is our big problem of the morning. and it is in center city, seventh and locust, a water main break, that has the road closed. your alternate is 89th street, this morning, now, on i95 southbound, right there at bridge street, we have an accident on the shoulder, but we still got some delays. slowing folks down in that area. northeast philadelphia, frandford avenue, at roland street, there is an accident, a car struck a pole, and there is a power outage in the area as a result. so you will need to take torresdale avenue as your alternate, chris. >> sue, thank youment philadelphia police have released surveillance video of the suspects wanted for hate crime in center sit. >> i fox 29's steve keeley live at central detectives with the latest on the investigation. steve?
6:33 am
>> well, the detectives here working all night since that surveillance video was put out 14 hours ago, non-stop, because they've been getting so much help from the public, so much help including now cheese steaks and pizza, because the public out there on social media really turning into a social media police wars of its own. really advancing this case, real far. let's show you the surveillance video first. that's when the tip calls really started flooding in -- flooding in. the lawyer followed soon after this video put out 5:00 dinnertime, names to put with the faces almost instantly, and then hearing from some of those in the video, because they had hired lawyers and lawyers were calling to try to be the first in, because always the first in who says what they did or didn't do may be getting the break on the charges when they come for those who did the worse of it all. not only did those who know the people call in, soon after, so did those seen in this video and this large
6:34 am
group that taunt add gay couple thursday night before 11:00 here in center city then beat them so bad one of the men had to have his teeth and jaw reset by surgeons and his eyes on at that time bone broken, knock unconscious along with being okay of back pack that had his wallet credit cards and cell phone inside. now what started out as shoulder bump on crowded center city sidewalk, instead of simple excuse me, gays slurs and savage attack. >> you have lot of rig pant people, with attitude, majority of people attitude is very open, but do you have some ignorant people out there that choose to engage in this kind of conduct, if convicted hopefully they get very stiff sentences,. >> when i had three, four of these guys on me, i turned and and i saw his head hit the grounds. i was horrified. i thought he was dead. >> just, you know, to have a nice night in philadelphia, which we do all time. for years we've never had
6:35 am
anything like. >> this we want to make sure it never happens again to anyone. >> well, among the outrage, the numbers in the tens cents of thousands, if you look at some of the officer twitter accounts, getting tip calls, this restaurant, pennsylvania six in the heart of center city at 12th and sansom, put up 10,000 bucks reward last night, but the police are, central detectives said not one of the tip callers called in because of the reward offered that added to up 11,000 with the citizens crime commission, thousand buck reward offer instantly with the surveillance video put out. people are just outraged to the point of telling police, hey, is there a charge for criminal ignorance? unfortunately police had to tell them no, but plenty of other charges to go with what happened to this couple here on the street. and these times, when you think this hadn't happened for ooh years, anywhere near this side of the mason-dixon line, here we go back to the stone age with police handling this cup. >> i no kidding, discusting. steve, thanks. this day and age. 6:35, breaking news to
6:36 am
report this morning, minnesota vikings have barred adrian peterson from all of the team activities, ordered to stay away from the team while he addresses cents those child abuse charges. vikings made the announcement early this morning after of course first decide that peterson could play with the team. >> while the legal process played out. >> parents being told not to panic after confirming cases cents of the enterovirus at the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> dawn timmeney live at chop, even if they're told not to worry as a parent you will wore when you hear about four cases. >> reporter: exactly, chris. it is hard not to. and as you said, children's hospital of philadelphia now confirming, four children tested positive for the enterovirus d68. they were treated here, at this hospital, they were here for two to six days, before being released. they're okay now. of course there is virus has been sweeping the country.
6:37 am
twelve cases, 130 cases nationwide, now it is right here in philadelphia. it is usually found in infants, children, and teenagers because they've not developed an immunity to this severe cases in the midwest, parents should be vigilant, but no need to panic. >> enterovirus is a group of virus that is includes many different strains, a good number of them actually cause respiratory tract infections in children and adults. those are essentially the same as the common cold. >> washing hands as much as possible so it is the best thing you can do. >> now, of course, now the children are back in school, back on the playground, germs spread quickly. >> the virus comes with cough, congestion, scratchy throat,
6:38 am
rashes, fever. children with asthma can be specially vulnerable. parents should treat this like any other illness, and take their children to the pediatrician, if they have symptoms. now, there is no way to tell how long the evd68 virus has been in the area, or just how long it will last, doctors say it, will probably take several weeks to run its course, real common sense rules apply, washing your hands, covering your mouth, when you cough, or sneeze, and just being particularly vigilant, chris, kerr. >> i staying home if you feel sick, that's important, as well, dawn, thank you. >> now that school is back in, 6:38 the time. bucks county teacher bridgette faces multiple charges this morning after police say she had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old male student. >> yes, authorities say that it was about two years ago, back in 2012, when she was a band teacher at lenape middle school. the married, pregnant mother, had nothing to say, as she turned herself into authorities yesterday. the district attorney says that the relationship went on during the entire 2012 school
6:39 am
year. she had been with the district for about seven years, had been teaching most recently, at central bucks high school. that was until she was suspended on friday. the district superintendent says she'll remain suspended pending the outcome of that investigation. 6:39. disturbing allegations cents against doctor who was operating on the late joan rivers when that procedure went horribly wrong. what one of the doctors reportedly did at the clinic while she was under anesthesia. >> a college student changing the way our soldiers fight. the futuristic gadget that promises to make soldiers faster in the field of comba
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really isn't much to talk about with our weather since so perfect and wonderful, do need to keep an eye on the tropics, september being the busiest month of the tropical storm season, both pacific and atlantic, big pacific storm has been odile, and all of the rain it dumb napped northwestern mexico, still at 50-mile per hour winds even though it is on land. tuscon, in particular, low pressure system, will have a lot of rain with it, some parts of arizona expecting more than 6 inches of rain. >> for us, edward in the atlantic, not bothering anybody, hurricane of category
6:43 am
one with 90-mile per hour winds, maybe some increased rip currents, if you happen to be on vacation at the shore. maybe taking an autumn vacation there. but the storm itself is moving out to sea. t temperatures, 38 degrees in mount pocono, 45 in allentown, it is a chilly one, 49 degrees in pottstown, 58 here in philadelphia. , 54 in wildwood, chillier start than we had yesterday, but at least it is dry. and of course temperatures, have been going down, now back up again closing closer it at up, getting through the last couple of of days of summer. seventy-five for today, increase every clouds tomorrow, cool front, but still, another perfect day, and then even though it is cooler on friday, it is still another perfect day, just stretch of lovely weather lasting through sunday, we get into the 80s sunday, and by monday, we have our next chance of rain, that is your
6:44 am
weather authority seven day forecast. traffic time at 6:43, big story of the morning in center city, seventh street right there at locust, big old water main break, has the road looking more like river, or lake, take the alternate, ninth street this morning, also, northeast philadelphia, frandford avenue at roland street. we have an accident where a car struck a pole. so, not only is that accident there, but power is out in the area, so you will need to be real careful around there and take torresdale avenue as your alternate. finally in philadelphia route one roosevelt boulevard at grant avenue an accident there has many lanes blocked. you can take bustleton as your alternate. >> 6:44 the time. court hearing foreman accused every killing a woman who lived next to him in mantua boarding house. jeremiah jackson accused of killing laura in july. she was beaten, her body found stuffed into a duffle bag. investigators think a planned robbery was the motive. >> mo than 3,000 student
6:45 am
across the greater philadelphia reasonable will be at the u.s. constitution center today celebrating the 227th anniversary of the signing of the constitution. , admission is free, this time challenge students to smith creative fun videos and photos of their classrooms reciting 52 words starting with the powerful phrase: we the people. >> remembering a mother and baby girl killed over the weekend? gathered for a vigil in frankford last night. sunday morning a gunman shot megan doto sitting outside of her home on 1500 block of add amount avenue. now police say they are looking norman, 27 year old deaf inch, tips from the neighborhood helped them identify him as the gunman. >> i just think it touched their hearts, they came in and told detective we don't even want the money, this is who did this, and we're glad they did that. >> cops say they fire ten, 11 shots at a car headed toward
6:46 am
adam avenue where doto was hit sitting, bullet traveled about 500 feet before hitting him. they rush her and did an emergency c vection but not able to save the baby girl. >> police investigating attempted abduction. girl walk to go school yesterday morning. police say this happened along west rogers avenue, just a block from ridley middle school, in ridley township. the girl says a man approached her, from behind, man ma in a -- man was in a orange shirt, red latter on the roof. girl was shaken up, not hurt. school district alerted parents using robo calls. >> this is kind of news to me, i mean, when i first heard it. i wasn't aware that there was a luring going on. but, i mean, things like that do happen. so as a parent i'm very concerned about it. >> right now, police are work to go obtain surveillance video from nearby businesses toss help in the
6:47 am
investigation. they think this was an isolated incident. penn state fans playing to honor the late joe paterno at the university football game this weekend. they plan to hold a joe-out for saturday's home game against massachusetts. people are encourage today either display the number 409 to signify his overall total number of wins. after the jerry sandusky scandal there is removed his victories from the record book, took down pat turn owe statue. images of nascar stoney stewart car killing a fellow driver are headed to grand jury, whether stewart will face charges for the death of kevin ward, jr., will rest with that panel. >> this happened last month at race in up-state new york, ontario district district attors after reviewing the evidence he decided it should go in fact to a grand jury. wards' car spun out during the race, ward climbed out of his car, confronted suit stewart on foot as he watered down the
6:48 am
track. stewart's car struck and killed war. >> 6:47 right now. new reports on what happened before joan rivers went into cardiac arrest. cnn is report that a staffer at the manhattan clinic where she was being treated, says, that the doctor took a selfie in the procedure room while rivers was under anesthesia. rivers was therefore a procedure to try to find out with a was going on with her sore slot. rivers again personal doctor began performing biopsy on her vocal cords. she had never given con sent on that. more still to come. >> homeless man miley cyrus brought this year's m tv music awards barely makes a court date. >> jesse, about 45 minutes, to arraignment hearing on charge he violated probation in oregon for arrest that dated back to 2010. he didn't end area plea in court, but he's due back next month. the judge warned him not to be late again. can't be late to court.
6:49 am
reportedly gave reporters the bird after he left court. he of course gained fame last month, was it, i guess, when cyrus let her award -- let him receive her award. >> daniel craig will be reprice g his role as double 07 in the next james bond film. this is the 24th installment of the big screen franchise, the next movie expected to start shooting in december. craig has been playing the role now for eight years. >> leonardo dicaprio working with the united nations cents cents, messenger of peace. will focus on climate change. first job to address climate change summit next week. which 120 world leaders are expected to attend. he is is one of 11 prominent figures in that position. they include george clooney, stevie wonder and jane goodall, incidentally was on the show not too long ago. >> get a chance to mother him. mike jerek, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, about 11 minutes away from good day philadelphia, looking for something great to do there weaken, i've been to this, it
6:50 am
is fun, philadelphia police department hosting annual hero thrill show, where they do fancy stuff on emergency, highway officers are out there doing stunts on their cycles. it is very impressive. today quincy out with some of these riders taking a look at how they prepare, they'll show off little bit for us. so watch for. that will. also, oh, man, big day in harrisburg, the cigarette tax passed the house. now it is on its way to the senate. $2 per pack, it is all going to the philadelphia school district, so where do we stand now, could that be passed today, could we have $80 million in the district's covers by the end -- of course it would take little more time than. that will but we will talk to one of our state reps who is in harrisburg right now to vote today. >> william height keeping all eyes on that. >> of course. >> i wouldn't doubt that he's there. >> see you in a few minutes. >> mean i am we turn our attention to sue serio doing weather on the one's.
6:51 am
>> off to cool start this morning, some of the temperatures are in the 40's, if you're in the pocono mountains, in the 30's this morning, no frost out there, just yet. 75 degrees the high, sunset official at 7:06 p.m. let's take a look at traffic for your wednesday morning. and again, our big problem, right here in the city. righted there at locust, looks more like a river than the road. road closed. alternate ninth street. northeast philadelphia, frandford at roland, we have an accident a car struck a pole, so power out in the whole area needed travel very carefully around that part
6:52 am
exton, route 100 northbound at route 30 westbound, an accident, with many lanes blocked. so, more traffic, and weather, and more of the fox 29 morning news coming up.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:54, nice day to key it up. one to ten weather wise, sue serio will do your weather. first, arizona state university grad student could be changing the way soldiers fight on the battlefield. now, take a look, this is jet pack designed by him at his fellow ase researchers, could help soldiers run faster, the jet pack is one of three exoskeleton prototypes. these prototypes could eventually be used by the department of defense. >> that could potentially be the difference between life and death, if can you get in somewhere, and get out somewhere faster than any of your enemies, it gives you real advantage. research being funded by the federal government after asu won grant three years ago, and we're asking to you join us in saluting our troops, join us september 26th right outside our studio fourth and market, have food, fun, of course, men
6:56 am
and women in uniform who serve our country will be on hand, come show your support. love to see you. a possible break in the case, where group of men and women viciously attack a gay couple. how social media is now playing a role in the investigation. and breaking news from overnight, minnesota viking star running back adrian peterson told to stay away from all team activities. how long i'll have to stay off the field, coming up.
6:57 am
6:58 am
were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
6:59 am
>> twit picks to mugshot? sherlock holmes joins us live on the phone in just a bit. and, bench him. again. aid ryan peterson is back on the bench. and, a very taxing situation, in the philly schools. will the cigarette tax pass today? we're live in harrisburg, with a rep who has a vote. what was alex holley trying to get the philadelphia eagles to do last night? well, for a good cause. and, quincy, what are you up to?
7:00 am
>> at philadelphia police headquarters getting ready for the thrill show. dogs will be doing this. in a little bit. >> look easy but it is really hard. >> i look forward to. that will. >> and also, hello. >> hello great time last night, show you more video that far in just a bit. today is the anniversary of one of the first stories i ever covered. >> what's that? >> the signing of the constitution. >> september 17th. >> wonder if you will. >> we'll commemorate that today, with some constitutional trivia. how much do you know about the constitution? >> little bit. but i have a feeling we'll finds some things out that i do not know. >> we'll go deep. first, we have to celebrate something else. >> what's that? >> a ten. >> a ten! that's perfect weather. >> we the people, are loving this weather, thank