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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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injuring the other. >> police say frein is a survival list who has expressed a desire to commit mass murder. they suspect he's hiding out in the woods tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. the manhunt continues as the force prepares to bid farewell to the fallen trooper. jennifer. >> reporter: that's right. simultaneously state police tell us right now they are searching every inch of pike county looking for the man who they believe killed their brother in blue. that man 31 year old eric matthew frein o is accused of firing several shots at the barracks hitting and killing corporal dixon walking out of the station and wounding trooper alex douglas who was transported to an area hospital. since friday, frein has been on the run state police troopers are searching a wooded area for
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a man referred to as a survival list an experienced gunman and a person who has a serious grudge against law enforcement. police think they are the sole targets. >> we can never completely rule out an act of violence, i am convinced frein has engaged in a personal battle with law enforcement, particularly the pennsylvania state police and will likely stay focused on that fight. >> reporter: 38 year old dixon died on the scene friday night. he was a seven year veteran of the force and had recently been transferred to pike county from the belmont barracks in philadelphia. dixon leaves behind a wife and two young boys. corporal dixon's funeral will be held here at saint peter's cathedral in scranton at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. lucy? >> an accident on i-95 southbound sent a trooper to crozer chester medical center. skyfox over the scene in tinicum
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township near prospect park and essington exit. traffic was backed up all the way to philadelphia international airport right around 11:30 this morning. lasted for quite sometime. state police are not releasing details about what exactly happened. but they are saying the trooper has non-life threatening injuries. >> now a developing story in center city. philadelphia police are crediting social media for helping them with the investigation into the brutal beating of two gay men. less say the punches were so intense one of the victims was severely injured. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in central detectives in center city tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, police say they received telephone calls from several local defense attorneys promising to bring in their clients here to central detectives to make a statement to answer questions about that violent altercation. in fact, we are told now that one person from that large group did in fact come here to central detectives. unbe nouns to encampment and
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photographers and reporter who's spent the day here. they made a statement, answered some questions and were on their way. we also know thanks to the twitter severe images of all of these suspects have been seen by thousands of people. this surveillance video touched off an internet frenzy. police say members of this group men and women believed to be in their 20's are alleged to have beaten a gay couple after a chance enchanted at chons lar and 16th street late thursday night. amateur end net detectives took the video and matched it with facebook entries to connect the group of suspects to this restaurant outing earlier that evening. it's believed to be a 25th birthday party involving archbishop wood high school alumni. a man with the twitter handle fan since 09 posted the picture and alerted police. >> 15 people, you know, when all is said and done probably had about, you know, 80,000 people looking for them. somebody knows somebody. so i kind of new we were going to solve it. >> reporter: victims say their attackers asked them whether they were quote boyfriends then
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shouted homophobic slurs and purged them repeated. one of the victims speaks through a jaw wired shut. >> we were going out of the dinner the two of us. having a nice night in philadelphia which we do all the time. we lived here for years and never had anything like this. i want to make sure it never happens again to anyone. >> we honestly just want these people brought to justice much this is not fair. >> reporter: police obviously grateful for the help they've received from those twitter users. it's worth noting, though, that the quality of that surveillance video that you saw those folks walking down the street was rather high. also making it easier to identify the suspects involved in that violent incident. by the way the district attorney's office tells fox 29 this will not be prosecuted as a hate crime. because unlike race and ethnicity sexual orientation is not a covered category. lucy? >> all right, thatching bruce. your fox 29 weather authority now. live look at center city. at the end of another beautiful day. i mean it is gorgeous outside.
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we're feeling fall a little sooner than expected though. but it was warm today, scott. i have to tell you it was warm today though it may get pretty chill toll name chief meteorologist scott williams what's on tap? the high today made the up to 75 degrees and right now it's still pretty comfortable with temperatures in the low 70s. but you can see that humidity it's dry, we're looking at it only at 38%. so dry air heats up rapidly but it also cools rapidly so those temperatures will be dropping once the sun sets. in fact let's watch how things play out for tonight. we're looking at low temperatures north and west dipping into the upper 40s and low 50s. upper 50s in the philadelphia area. this is again is by tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. but for tonight, it's going to be pleasant. you might want to grab that light jacket though. temperatures will be dropping to right around 64 degrees by left clock tonight. but take a look. well to the north in canada we're tracking some ra* really cold air find out when some of that will arrive into a part of our area coming up and we're
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already looking ahead to the weekend coming up. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you. happening now, police are investigating a tragedy in university city. eight year old little girl is dead after falling from a ninth floor window. it happened while her father and older sister were right inside their apartment. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at the scene tonight for us, dave. >> the child's death sent a wave of sadness over this neighborhood. in fact this accident occurred right across the street from a popular school. tonight neighbors, they tell us their thoughts and prayers are with the victims family. >> it's heartbreaking. >> neighbors living at and near the fairfax apartments in university city were numb after hearing the news that an eight year old little girl died here when she fell from a ninth floor window wednesday morning. >> i feel for the surviving ki kids. lose her sister. wow. it's going to be tough for them. i wish them the best. >> my heart goes out for them. they have my prayers and sympathy. they do. >> reporter: police say it was just before 8:00 when the eight
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year old fell from the window of a ninth floor apartment she shared with her 11 year old sister and father. >> the father is awakened to the 11 year old screaming that the sister had fallen from the window. >> the father raced downstairs to the courtyard to find the child sprawled on the ground. he was cradling when police arrived and raced them to children's hospital where the child died. >> 11 year old is extremely distraught from this. >> i can't even imagine my thoughts for the dad. >> residents in this quiet neighborhood were stunned by the news and saddened by the little girl's death. >> that's really a tragedy. it's sad. >> it's a safe lovely building. it has good security. it has, you know, all the things that you think about. >> reporter: detectives collected video tape from the scene and check the window that the child fell from. >> seems to be a tragic accident this time. this is a larger apartment complex. very well managed. >> i think that the apartment should more security matters to
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prevent this disaster. >> reporter: there are bars on the windows on the first floor of the building for security reasons. there are no safety bars on the upper floors. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. >> meantime an elevator accident is under investigation in university city. a 48 elevator dropped suddenly from the 33rd to the 31st floors. it happened at the edo building at 30th and chestnut street. cables helped slow the elevator. two people were taken at the hospital. one may have a broken leg. >> president obama continues to insist u.s. troops will not have combat mission against isis terrorists in iraq. today the president got a briefing at central command in florida. then he told the troops mcdill air force base he will not send troops into another ground war in iraq. he says the u.s. will only train iraqi forces to defend themselves and america will also continue its air strikes op is isis. >> whether in iraq or in syria these terrorists will learn the
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same thing the leaders of al-qaida already know. we mean what we say. our reach is long. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. we will find you eventually. >> yesterday the president top military adviser told lawmakers he could see a scenario where are return of combat forces in iraq might be necessary. >> the next philadelphia mayoral election will include the first latino candidate date. ken true jill low wants to take over the job for mayor michael nutter. he says he wants to give philadelphia's children a better chance an brighter future. outlining a bold a yen today outside the school district of philadelphia in spring garden, he has served as the city's solicitor of philadelphia and worked as us assistant attorney. philadelphia's mayoral election is next year on november 3rd of 2015. and he could be up against strong female candidate. former philadelphia diss track attorney lynne abraham. she has been enter taken the
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idea of running for mayor although she's made no formal announcement as of yet. abraham was the first woman to become the district attorney of philadelphia. she held the position from 1991 to 2010. >> the pennsylvania state house has now scheduled a vote for monday on a bill to provide crucial money for the troubled philadelphia schools. the bill would authorize a $2 a pack cigarette tax in the city. to provide more money for schools. a vote today though was put off. lawmakers removed unrelated tack hikes and tax credit that is that been added to the bill. arguments over those additions has delayed the alleges laying it's got to pass the state senate as well. >> a local fire department apologizapologizing its volunter fighters to night. >> signs they made pose question a whole lot of folks found offensive. the language that has them in hot water. >> rocky the bobcat making headlines again much he's been living in zoo ever since he escaped from his south jersey home. what a judge just decided about his future. howard.
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>> the eagles play the washington redskins but it's the return of desean jackson and desean talks about his release by the eagles coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather right no we're getting that early taste of fall. but temperatures will drop even lower before they warm up and what about the up coming weekend? we'll look ahead to that and talk about the flood concerns for sections in the southwest next. >> and inspirational story of recovery. a local vet and his dog. homeless depending on each other to survive until a local no non-profit stepped in to help. separate to do get healthy. non-profit stepped in to help. separate to do get healthy. tonight
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>> new jersey has purchased first of seven flood damaged homes in east brunswick under a super storm sandy program. the $300 million program seeks to buy homes from willing sellers in areas that have been plagued by flooding. that land will be then made into open space. so far more than 300 homeowners in five towns have accepted buy out offers.
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none of the money has gone to monmouth and ocean counties which were hardest hit by sandy. >> donald trump is now taking a serious look at taking back control of the atlantic city casino company that bears his name. buying back control of trump entertainment resorts boils down to how much it would cost. the company went into bankruptcy again this month and trump plaza closed yesterday morning. the company has threatened to close trump taj mahal in november. trump owns 9% stake in the company. and went to court last month to tri to get his name removed from the properties. >> a banner posted by volunteer firefighters in wildwood this weekend is becoming all the talk on social media, and now some firefighters could be suspended. the banner from the williamstown fire company number one is so vulgar we have to blur part of it out. the sign asks women to show their breasts. the banner flew for everyone to see at the annual firefighters convention. fox 29 caught up with the town's mayor who promises this will not happen again. >> i'm embarrassed but i have no
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control of it, first of all. you know that. we will take care of the probl problem. >> the president and fire chief of the williamstown fire company released a statement apologizing for the banner. says poor judgment was used by some members of the department. a south jersey woman getting her pet bobcat back. a judge has ruled the big cat can now go home. we first introduced if you rocky the bobcat in may after he escaped from his stafford township home. rocky is apparently done this kind of thing a few times. the bobcat turned up eventually animal control officers took him to zoo. his owner was fined, had to go to court. she told the judge she has made improvements to her home to stop the 38-pound feel line from making another escape and she says rocky is more of a hybrid and more of a house cat than wildcat. >> someone in our area got new motorcycle tonight and it belongs to tony luke. he raveled it off to raise money for north philadelphia's school. how much did he raise? five thus san dollars. he says he grew up in the city and wants to give back whatever
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way he can. >> that's wonderful thing. yes it is. >> speaking of which our weather has been tremendous. back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. >> i think it looks good for the next few days as well. >> it really does, guys. we're talking about high pressure in full control. dry conditions right now on ultimate doppler as we scan the area. this is what we refer to as severe clear. no problems. no weather worries and not looking at any rainfall as we talk about those temperatures, it was a cool start. 56 degrees was the low in the philadelphia area. we made it up to 75. that several degrees below the normal for this time of year which is now down to 78 degrees. the sun will set this evening at 7:06. so the daylight hours are definitely getting shorter as we approach fall coming up. 73 degrees right now in center city. humidity comfortable at 38%. dew points are in the mid 40s and we're looking at winds out of the southwest. right around 10 miles per hour. 70's current until philadelphia.
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60s north and west. but take look in canada we're tack thirty twoing at numbers dropping into the 30s and 40s and some of that cooler air will arrive north and west of the philadelphia area as we move into friday morning. here's the cold front. you can see it in sections of can in a today. it will continue to head in our direction during the day tomorrow. but it will really won't arrive until tomorrow evening. here's that area of high pressure. it's in full control right now. we'll watch that frontal boundary approach. tomorrow evening moving through as a dry front. but that cooler air from canada will be moving in thursday night into friday morning to drop those temperatures. for tonight, though, we'll watch how things play out across the area. you can see tomorrow morning it's going to be pretty cool in several locations especially north and west of philadelphia where numbers will drop into the 40s. to right around 50 degrees in pottstown. we're looking at 57 in millvil millville. 60 in atlantic city and 54 tomorrow morning in trenton. tomorrow afternoon, we'll do it again. a cool start, but a pretty mild
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and comfortable end. we're looking at temperatures warming to right around 76 in philadelphia. tomorrow by 4:75 in atlantic city. but tomorrow night into friday morning, you can see those numbers north and west drop into, yes, the 30s. we're looking at mid to upper 30s in the pocono mountains as well as the lehigh valley so that cool push is headed in our direction for friday morning. in the meantime, still watching what's left of odile out west. it's no longer a tropical enti entity. but you can see it's dumping lot of rainfall in sections of arizona as well as new mexico. up to half a foot of rain could fall and keep in mind the ground there is very dry. so it acts almost like concrete. so we're not looking at a soaking rain absorbing a lot of that will run off so we'll have major problems to talk about with the flood concerns there. for us, though, it's mostly clear, cool and quiet overnight. 40s and 50s again. once again the 40s north and west of the city but 76 degrees
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for the high temperature tomorrow. mostly sunny, dry, mild and comfortable. weather by the numbers on scale of one to 10, tomorrow is definitely a 10. not whole lot of complaints. cooler conditions to are highs on friday with that front. it will be chilly start once again 30s north and west in the poconos and we're looking at warmer conditions into the up coming weekend. next chance for rain really not until monday. and fall begins monday night. >> monday night. the official day. >> the official. >> thank you, scott. >> three tens coming up. >> that's good. >> isn't that good? >> 30 if you add them altogeth altogether. >> oh, that's good. >> you like that quick math. he can do math, too. carry the one. >> i can do it all. >> all right. the eagles, they are the best in the nfl at scoring points doing so with only six points total in the first halfs of two football games. so what's the problem? hear from the players and desean jackson talks about his release by the eagles heading into his first meeting against his former teammates.
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as a student at devry, a business career was my goal. this was my career training ground... my professors, were also my coaches. their guidance helped me find career success... at microsoft. find your success with our career catalyst scholarship. classes start october 27. get started now. visit ♪ >> and we're waiting for it. eagles and the washington redskins on sunday but the game is more than just a rivalry. more than just an eagles team trying to go three and zero.
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it's much more than that. to the fans and to one player on the other side. it's a game with desean jackson coming back to play against his former team for the first time. it's not game that the skins starting quarterback robert griffin the third will play because he had an injury. but a game that desean jackson said he will play despite suffering a shoulder injury last sunday but desean still thinks about his release by the eagles. >> that's their decision. they made the decision, and, you know, they moved on. i moved on. so you know i'm just blessed like i said to have second opportunity to play here in washington and, you know, it's not about them any more. you know, it's about, you know, what we're doing over here. what i ned to do to better my career watch i need to do to help my organization win games. >> he doesn't like contact either. you know that, too, right? >> i mean, we'll see. we're going to -- we got a game plan for him. i won't comment on that one,
6:26 pm
but, yeah, we going to try to be physical with everybody. >> one good pop, jeez, i don't know if i can make it the rest of this game. eagles scored more points and gained nor yards than any team in the inform fl so far this season. when the eagles have scored all but six of those points in the second halfs of first two games. so what's up with these first halfs? >> trying to push them so far hard to come out hot and to come out, you know, firing on all cylinders. i think we're putting such a big emphasis on it it's kind of hindering us a little bit. we needing to it there and play the game and play the right. it will take care of you. our scheme will take care of itself. >> all right. sunday lineup, 11:00 o'clock "game day live". i'll be live at the stadium. then there's game, of course, and then a post game report at 4:30 that's on sunday. >> so we got a lot going on sunday. >> super sunday. >> yes it is. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at
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is this the doctor who took a selfie of joan rivers moments before she stopped breathing? she's celine dion's doctor. and john mayer. and dr. phil on the nfl in crisis. >> putting your hands on a woman in actor, putting your hands on a child in anger is unacceptable. then, just plain rude. airline passengers behaving badly. >> reporter: the new passenger shaming campaign that's gaining altitude by the minute. plus, she's a teacher, so is she. and she's a lawyer. wait till you see what they say happened to them