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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 17, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> next on fox 29-a grave robber on camera. how cops say she was caught in the act. >> and wait before you brush those teeth. one ingredient in your toothpaste about to go away. why it's getting dropped. your new >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> tonight the true meaning of loyalty. a homeless veteran and beloved dog depending on each other to survive.
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>> my final prayer every night was to pray that we wake up the next morning and one of us wouldn't be frozen. >> separated to get the help they need, now their emotional reunion. accused of beating a couple on a busy street because they were gay. tonight the crime this group cannot be charged with. but first developing to night digging into the mind set of the man accused of ambushing and killing a pennsylvania state trooper while leaving another critically injured. police releasing new information about eric frein and his vengeance with authority. investigatorsly released these recent photos of him saying he's taken on new look and possibly even a new persona. as precaution many area schools were closed today and residents were asked to stay cautious all the while community prepares for corporal brian dixon's funeral services tomorrow. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in scranton tonight with the latest. jennifer. >> reporter: well, iain, state police say there will be heavy security at corporal dixon's
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funeral in the morning and as for the night, the search for the accused killer will continue. in less than 12 hours, corporal brian dixon a seven year veteran of the pennsylvania state police will be laid to rest. days after he was shot and killed in an ambush as he was walking out of blooming grove police barrack. his brothers in lou more than 150 of them are searching around the clock for the suspect. this man, 31 year old eric matthew frein of pennsylvania. police think he's armed and hiding out in large wooded area of pike county. these troopers have a message for him. >> in the event you are listening to this broadcast on a radio, on portable radio, while could you we aring in some cool, damp hiding place, i want you to know one thing. eric, we are coming for you. >> state police say frein is support agnew haircut shaved on the sides longer on the top. police believe it's a recent change to mentally prepare him for what they call his cowardly
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actions last friday. authorities also revealed that frein was a member of a military reenactment organization based in eastern pa. where members act as soldiers from eastern europe during the cold war. police say frein quote now appears to have assumed that roll in real life. authorities believe he is acting alone but have strong words for anyone who dares to offer aid. >> any family member or friend of mr. frein who is found to help him while we are searching for him will be vigorously prosecuted. >> reporter: schools in the pocono mountains school district will remain closed tomorrow as the search for the suspect remains active. the reward in this case is now up to $75,000. lucy and iain. >> jennifer, thank you. elevator accident under investigation in university city. a 48 elevator dropped suddenly from the 33rd to the 31st floors this happened at the ebo
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building at 30th and chestnut streets. vest gathers are now trying to determine what caused the elevator to drop so suddenly. two people had to go to the hospital and one may have broken leg. >> also in university city, an eight year old girl has died after falling nine stories out of her apartment window. it happened right around 7:45 this morning on the 4200 block of locust street. police have not identified the girl. but they say she lived in the apartment with her 11 year old sister and her father. investigators say they were both asleep when she fell out of the window. police tell us the raced down to the courtyard where he found his daughter. >> the father is very distraug distraught. young father caring for two ki kids. 11 your old is extremely distraught. giving them time to spend as family as this goes forward. >> medic rush the girl to the hospital where she died. police are still investigating but say it appears to be a tragic accident. new jersey now has its first
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confirmed case of the enterovirus 68 today the centers for disease control and prevention said a philadelphia hospital treated and released a child from new jersey with the virus. it's not clear whether that child is one of four confirmed cases at the children's hospital of philadelphia. the virus can cause everything from mild to severe symptoms which are similar to the common cold. people with asthma can have the roughest time fighting it. >> a man hoping to get money turning in his gold is robbed. police say this man took the victim's gold from parked car on north 52nd street in west philadelphia. the 74 year old says his dufflebag with necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings was stolen. he says it's all worth around $66,000. if you've got any information, please call police. >> president obama again insists u.s. troops will not put their boots on the ground for a combat mission against isis terrorists in iraq. military leaders brief the president today at central command in florida. he then told the troops at
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mcdill air force base he will not send troops into another ground war in iraq. he says the us will only train forces in the region to defend themselves while m america continues launching air strikes on isis. >> whether in iraq or in syria, these terrorists will learn the same thing that the leaders of al-qaida already know. we mean what we say. our reach is long, if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. we will find you eventually. >> yesterday the president's top military adviser told lawmakers he could see a scenario where return of us combat forces into iraq could be necessary. well it has been a very rough week for the nfl. it doesn't seem to be get it any better. tonight we've learned police arrest cardinals running back jonathan dwyer on aggravated assault charges. fox station in phoenix says dwyer suspected of assaulting a 27 year old woman and 18 month old boy. no confirmation what his relationship is to them as of
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yet. >> also, today the carolina panthers announced the team's removing defensive end greg hardy to its active roster. this stems from domestic violence case. a jury convicted him of assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend nicole holder. he is appealing the convict. >> all of this news comes on the heels adrian peterson child abuse investigation. today the minnesota vikings reverted course on their star running back. the vikings say peterson has been benched indefinitely. peterson accused of using a switch to discipline his son. investigators say the switch left his son with bruises and his mom called police. >> we value our partners, our sponsors, the community and especially our fans and in the end, it really is about getting it right. >> peterson cannot participate in any team activities until the child abuse case against him is resolved. he will also be paid during his time away from the team but he has lost some personal sponsorship deals including
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nike. locally based campbell's soup is one of many sponsors releasing statements campbell's says domestic violence is abhorrent. we're watching developments closely and look forward to the findings of the end pend investigation underway. upon completion of the investigation we expect the nfl to take appropriate action. we have shared our views with the nfl. >> happening now, police taking statements about a crime that has shocked the nation. it's all thanks to this surveillance video that turned into a social media movement shared across the country. these people are accused of beating a couple on a busy street because they were gay. >> chris o'connell is live at central detectives to night, chris, a few people have come in to talk to police. >> reporter: that's right. the gay bashing beating of those two center city men happened nearly a week ago, but police tonight are a lot closer in finding those people who may have been involved. two of those men came in here tonight to central detectives to give a statement to those detectives but police tell us
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tonight so far there have been no arrests. arriving at philadelphia police central detectives wednesday night he is one of 15 men and women police are looking for. the man according to his attorney is one of the group of 20 somethings involved in the beating of two gay men from center city. the 26 and 28 year old victims told us, they were jumped and beaten by the group near 16th and chancellor thursday night. one victim has a broken jaw that's been wired shut. he spent four nights in the hospital. they say they were targeted because they are gay. >> he says, as we crossed 16t 16th, what is that, your f'ing boyfriend? i look at him and i said yeah, it is my f'ing boyfriend. oh, so you're arbiter dee bleep. i go, yeah, maybe i am dirty bleep. then he hit me in the face. >> reporter: hours after this video was released social media exploded with tips that helped police track down the suspects. one man who goes by fan since 09
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on twitter did his own detective work asking for help from othe others. he found many in the group checked in on facebook at center city restaurant laville hola and sure enough this picture was posted. many matching the descriptions of those in the video. we spoke with that man about how he helped. >> disgusted me that would happen in our city, and it was, you know, if i'm going to have a lot of twitter followers i might as well do something good with them. >> reporter: now, those suspects may be charged with assault. they will not be charged with a hate crime. that's because sexual orientation is not included under pennsylvania statute for a hate crime. now, a bill to include that has been on the table for the last three years although it has not yet been passed. we can tell you will state representative brendon boil from montgomery county and philadelphia plans to lobby lawmakers in harrisburg as soon
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as tomorrow to make sure that is included in state law. guys? >> all right. chris, archbishop wood high school has released a statement in connection with this case. earlier today, archbishop wood high school became aware that some of the its former students were allegedly involved in the assault of two men in center city last week. this afternoon administrators communicated with the entire archbishop wood school community to make an emphatically clear that the school does not under any circumstances tolerate or condone the violent and hateful behavior displayed by those who took part in this senseless attack. the actions of those who took part in the attack are reprehensible and entirely acceptable. they are not an accurate reflection of our catholic values or of archbishop wood high. that is the school's statement. >> the next philadelphia mayoral election will include the first latino candidate. ken, wants to take over the job for mayor michael nutter. he says he wants to give philadelphia's children a better
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chance and a brighter future outlining a bold agenda he says. outside the school district of philadelphia. in spring garden trujillo served as city solicitor of philadelphia and work assistant us attorney. philadelphia's mayoral election is next year on november 3rd and he could be up against a strong female candidate. former philadelphia district attorney lynne abraham. she has been entertaining the idea of running for mayor although she's made no formal nouns many yet. abraham was the first woman to become the district attorney of philadelphia and she held that position from 1991 to 2010. guy walks into a local convenience store and robs it. using banana. here's the kicker. what cops say they found his so called weapon. >> pull up your pants or go to jail. that's right. a law against saggy pants. the penalties passed for wearing jeans too low. >> and check your pockets. we mean it. you may be about to lose $1 million. a million dollars! someone bought a winning lottery ticket
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or two in our area. that's about to expire. >> and from bear feet to bear chests. imagine this next to you on your next flight. how fellow passengers are getting even with a little shaming. scott? >> right now the weather authority has been monitoring some below average temperatures. find out when some of you will some below average temperatures. find out when some of you will wake up with
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. ♪ >> a banana a robber an convenience store. philadelphia police say a man thought he'd be very clever when he robbed an east parkside grocery store. they say he walked into the store on the 3800 block of poplar street. now the surveillance video you might have seen him right there it shows him waiting in line.
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then he grabs a banana, sticks it in his sweatshirt. so basically it looks like he had a gun and that's when he demanded money and cigarettes from the clerk. now he did escape with the cash, his cigs and the banana before cops got to the scene. >> philadelphia police open an internal affairs probe after a fox 29 investigates report. our report revealed an alleged case of police brutality. video obtained by fox 29 investigates appears to show a straight right punch thrown to the face of a city driver by a police officer. our report is not only prompted police internal affairs to investigate but now the district attorney is involved as well. >> investigative reporter jeff cole broke the story and bring us the very latest tonight. >> reporter: it was just after 7:00 a.m. along kelly drive in philly early may when terrence samson was pulled over in his black rage rover with his wife and child inside. samson and two members of the police department's homeland security unit exchanged words. >> man, listen, man, ya'll
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bleep -- >> it's cool. listen -- >> get in the car. >> i am. i am. all right. i am. >> open the door. >> dude. >> call the man back tell him i called for the supervisor. >> after samson, 30, a city worker, lee fussed to hand over his keys, officer joe simpson appears to make a fist and strike samson in the head. >> i swear to god, man,. >> hey, hey, hey. >> the video recorded by samson's wife was seen by police for the first time when fox 29 broadcast it. the department spokesperson says, the internal affairs bureau opened its investigation after seeing the report. so has the district attorney. da seth williams says, his office is conducting a review of the case and evidence a review which includes the video. >> i swear to god, man. >> hey, hey, hey. >> officer simpson and his partner christopher bins have declined comment. they've said in their police reports that simpson was
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reaching in to get the car keys. terrence samson who served prison time for assault is still facing a charge of fleeing police. in the newsroom, jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> police say they have made an arrest in the theft of 12i pads from the willingboro school district in burlington county. the suspect is mitchell a crisis intervention counselor with the school district. the 12 missingism pads have not been recovered. police say there's no connection between this case and the unsolved theft of 150i pads from the school district last year. the total value of the stolen electronics is nearly $70,000. >> happening now, do you hear that sound? that is the clock ticking because time is running out to claim a whole lot of money. the pennsylvania lottery says two winning tickets worth more than a million dollars are going to expire and very soon. both tickets sold right here in the philadelphia area. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in rittenhouse. sabina, have you checked your pockets, your purse, whatever?
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>> reporter: checked my pockets, checked this and tire block. somebody out there is walking around and they could be a millionaire. but they got to act fast. come friday that ticket will be worthless. at the busy intersection of 18th and chestnut, newsstand gets lot of food traffic. one customer may be lost in the shuffle. >> i ask my regular customers and talked to everybody, and try to find but nobody claimed yet. >> reporter: owner sing sold million dollar powerball ticket exact al year ago. >> nobody claim yet. >> reporter: million dollar lotto ticket expires tomorrow and no one has cashed it in. >> everybody need to go and check it out pockets, suits, clothes, laundry, boxes. >> reporter: regular customer oscar bermuda asks every day if the lucky ticket has been claimed. >> imagine if you find out on friday.
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>> i'll know what to do. i'll be crying. >> i want to buy a powerball. i stick it in my pocket. i don't discard until i check the numbers. >> those lucky numbers the winning ticket matched all five white balls 07, 10, 22, 32 and thrive. yeah, over at hands and newsstand on north broad someone got a inn wering mega million ticket worth 250 grand. that person hasn't claimed the cash either. deadline for them is next frid friday. michael swan knows he didn't buy a tick last september 18th he check. as for the golden ticket -- >> i think it's gone. that's it. they didn't send it in the first week, that's it. it's in the trash. >> i lose my tip. >> hey, if this story helps you figure out that you're the winner, don't forget fox 29. by the way we've got those numbers on our website back to you. >> sabina, thank you. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking another chilly
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start to your day. >> yeah, that's right, ooh yann. we're talking about dry conditions right now. high pressure has been in control so with those clear skies overnight those temperatures will be dropping. right now, however, in center city we're looking at numbers right around 64 degrees. winds are out of the south but watch the clock. those temperatures drop a especially north and west. by thursday at 6:00 a.m. we're looking at 48 degrees in allentown as well as the pocono mountains. 50 in pottstown. 50 in lancaster and mid 50s in millville. 57 degrees tomorrow morning in seasoned city. so you'll want to grab that light jacket or sweater off to work and school tomorrow morning. but those temperatures will rebound nicely by tomorrow afternoon. but take look some of the colder air just kind of banked up in canada. this will be diving in our direction over the next day or so. we'll talk about when morning lows for parts of our area will be in the 30s. plus we're already previewing the upcoming weekend and we have that eagles forecast for sunday at the linc against the redskins
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coming up. iain and lucy. >> big doing. thank you very much, scott. talk about man's best friend. homeless but together. a veteran and his dog both did he say paledly needed help. the right people step in at just the right time. >> it's an unbelievable feeling when you turn somebody's live around. >> both are on the right road to recovery. their big reunion. >> and this will make you angry. video catching a woman swiping a statue right off grave. why a camera was there to agent all. >> local firefighters in hot water night. the banner they hung that is so vulgar
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were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich.
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it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. ♪ >> thousands of stranded tourists are now being airlifted from the popular resort area of las cab bows after hurricane odile ravaged the town. strongest storm to hit the baja california peninsula in 50 year. mexican government says it could take few days to ferry out another 30,000 tourists. many residents meanwhile still have no electricity, water or phone service. odile is now a tropical storm and it's hitting arizona tonig tonight. largest bounty hunt in history is underway. anonymous donors given german private detective company $30 million to find out who shot down malaysian airlines flight mh17. the plane was shot out of the air this summer over russian rebel territory in eastern ukraine. the crash killed 298 people on board. >> connecticut woman turned herself in to police.
10:25 pm
>> after video has been released of her stealing a statue from a gravesite. the woman admitted she stole the $100 angel statue from the cemetery sunday. the family of brandon receive a man had died 10 years ago placed a camera near the grave because it had been vandalized. last weekend receives father noticed the statue was missing. watched the video and called the cops. after the video was released police say the woman turned herself in. >> it's a cemetery. rest in peace, that's that's what it's supposed to be. leave hmm alone. >> to just walk up there and take it stand there like you didn't do nothing. i don't understand how anybody can do that. >> the family says the vandalism started about 2.5 years ago. well next an inspirational story of recovery. a local vet and his dog with nowhere to go until people around him stepped in and stepped up. separated to get the help they need. we've got their reunion. >> forget about a band. one town outloud saggy pants. the penalty, jail. why town leaders are reverting
10:26 pm
their vote tonight. >> the video you have to see before you go to bed. a baby fox stuck in a -- this before you go to bed. a baby fox stuck in a -- this adorable guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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>> happening now brand new developments in that brutal beating of a same sex couple in cinder city. some of those people involved in the attack have been talking to investigators at central deck that is night. two help were beaten at 16th and chancellor last thursday. police have wanted to question a large group help say they jumped them shouting offensive slurs. video of the group went viral. and social media found pictures of them from a party at a nearby restaurant. we have just learned from the philadelphia archdiocese that one of the group police say was involved was an assistant basketball coach at archbishop wood. archdiocese says that ketch was terminated. we are continuing to track developments in this story. police have not yet officially named any suspects. >> they say a dog is man's best friend and a homeless veteran from chester county can certainly a test to that. dawn timmeney has quite a story tonight on the struggle two
10:30 pm
inseparable friends faced. >> how community helped get them a second chance at a better life together. >> reporter: meet sheba this 12 year old pitbull has been living at stoney creek veterinary hospital for six months. >> good girl. >> she's an absolute sweetheart. complete about face from the bitter cold february night she was first brought in. >> so aggressive where we couldn't walk up to the cage. she was going at the door. lunching and trying to bite us. >> reporter: sheba had never been separated from her own are in anthony weatherly and was extremely fearful and protecti protective. the two were found living in squaller in a box inside this chester garage which is since been fixed up. it was the dead of winter and anthony feared they might just end up in the cemetery across the alley. >> living in the dark with air flying in all night and it was cold wasn't the word man. sleeping on the floor. on a concrete floor. freezing. my final prayer every night was to pray that we wake up the neck
10:31 pm
morning and one of us wouldn't be frozen. >> reporter: the veterans affairs homeless out reach program was trying to get anthony help and into a shelter. but no dogs allowed. and anthony won budge without knowing sheba had somewhere safe to go. >> it would be like sleeping outside in cars and stuff. i wake up she'd be like right over top of me. her and i be really really came close for that last year when we were out here. because that all we had was each other report roar buzz miller from pack was call to the resc rescue. buzz founded and runs the no non-profit which helps find foster families for veterans pets while they're serving overseas. he tried place sheba in a doggie daycare until he could find a foster home. >> four different phone calls saying you got to get this dog out of here. nobody can get near him. nobody can feeder feed him. meanwhile we're having one of the major snowstorms of the winter of 2013 and frein. for couple days we find dog a home. we had no idea that no human being could get near her except for anthony.
10:32 pm
>> buzz turned to dr. jenn are in johnson and stoney creek. >> anthony came in and he was just -- he was cold and dirty and not in the right frame of mind, and sheba won leave his side. seeing anthony and the condition he was in and how horrible it was, we were -- we had to do something. >> dr. jenn agreed to take the dog in and give sheba the necessary and long overdue medical attention she so desperately needed. gradually with lots of love and treats from the staff, sheba came around. >> sheba got nicer and nicer and sweeter and sweeter. >> want more treats. >> reporter: knowing sheba was in good hands anthony was finally able to get the help he needed. he was dealing with host of issues. including major depression, memory lapses, blackouts and other medical and psychological problems. he says much of it stemming from the time when he was deployed in the persian gulf. >> since i've been back i didn't know what the symptoms of ptsd, of depression, of readjust many
10:33 pm
was. i just thought that i was just going through something, and 20 years later, i roll arrived i wasn't able to get out of that. >> reporter: anthony turned to the coatesville veterans affairs medical center for treatment. >> it changed everything. it changed me. it changed all -- gave me a future back. i don't think i would ever would have bounced back. >> reporter: with both anthony and sheba on the right referred rode to recovery it was finally reunion time. >> sheba! what's up, girl? what's happening? come here. what's happening, sheba? and time to say goodbye to all of sheba's friends at stenie creek. >> in the end it was all worth it. that's what our job is all about. >> thank you, doc. i can't tell you, man. you saved my life. >> anthony who just signed a lease for his own place in chester was eager to get sheba to her new digs. >> you ready, she ba. you home. sick months to get her home. >> that's why we do what we did. unbelievable feeling when you turn somebody's live around like we helped with anthony.
10:34 pm
>> how does it feel to have your own place? fantastic. i mean, it's like everything came together more than i could ever imagined. it's like a dream come true. this is going to be sheba's room right here. >> we knew if it all came together he just needed help. >> that's where you going to be sleeping sheba. >> he's a wonderful man and he deserves it. >> you're home. >> anthony is now receiving his va benefits. he has a job and plans to pay it forward. volunteering at his church and helping other veterans who are going through a difficult time. >> dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> it's all about never giving up. amazing. >> great story. we put the links the coatesville va and pac on our web side click seen on tv. >> tour reason tow mayor rob ford will have to undergo aggressive chemotherapy to treat rare cancer. he's been hospitalized since last week when he announced he has a tumor in his abdomen. he'll start chemotherapy treatments within the next two
10:35 pm
days. doctors say the cancer is spreading and they have now found a nodule near his left hip as well. ford made international headlines last year after saying he used crack cocaine in a drunken stooper. he returned to work in june after going to rehab for drugs and alcohol. ford withdrew his re-election bid on friday. all right. lovers of sag good baggy pants in one florida town are rejoicing to night. >> city council in ocala are backing off plans to ban sagging pants. it would have made wearing pants 2-inches below the natural waste showing underwear or buttocks illegal. the bill passed. it would have been crime subject to $500 fine and 60 days in jail but the naacp said no way. the council then decided to make it a civil inn frack. >> before you brush your teeth tonight, big changes ahead for your a major brand millions use. why the company said it's removing a key ingredient. and making shore you don't bring too much the neck time you
10:36 pm
need to fly. the suitcase that promises to keep your over packing in check. plus -- >> as you wish. >> this is one of the most i cock nine lines in film but made famous by somebody else much the new details just released behind the cult classic the princess bride.
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪
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(dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. >> in your non night new suitcase that could save you from extra airline fees. here the trick. it weighs what you have inside. no scale necessary. suitcase does it. you just pack the bag, close the bag then you hit button on the bag to tell you how heavy it is. so no surprise at the check in for no stiff over a fees. suitcase is still in the planning stages but developers hope it will hit store shelves very soon. >> procter and gamble says it is beginning to row move micro beads from crest toothpaste. dentists say the micro beads can get stuck in gums. micro beads also known as polly
10:40 pm
ethylene are in several crest toothpaste products. the product is safe but it's still removing the beads. the majority of crest toothpaste will be micro bead free by march 2015 and by march 2016 all crest products will be micro bead free. environmentalists consider this a win saying research shows micro beads are he can treatmently harmful to our eco system. >> a new study finds more billionaires went to the university of pennsylvania for their undergraduate degrees than any other college in the world. wealth x part of an international banking firm crunched the numbers and 25 current billionaires got their bachelor's degrees at penn. harvard has 22 under grad alum who are billions nair. yale has 20. southern cal next with 16. princeton tied for fifth place with cornell and stanford at frein. new book giving away secrets behind the scene of the accident of the 1987 classic film the princess bride. >> it's called as you wish. and one of those secrets about who could have been cast for the
10:41 pm
lead role. kerry, had plays lesley in the film wrote the book. he was up against fellow actor and friend colin firth for the lead role. he's also very good friends with co star robin wright and kissing her in the film was kind of like kissing his sister. they gig geld so much during that seen they had to do many take. by the way she a huge crush on him. did he know it at the time. interested the book is available now. >> local firefighters dealing with a different kind of -- a banner they hung so obscene we had to blur it. >> who does that right there? you see the feet up in the air next to somebodi' head? well apparently plenty of folk do. now folks have got a way to get back at the passengers they think have no sense of decen dee season see. >> coming up we're talking about changes in the weather department. there's a push of air locked up
10:42 pm
in canada
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♪ >> foxes aren't usually known for warmth and cuddliness. look at this poor little guy crying maybe they get a bad wrap
10:45 pm
as evidence by this video gone viral much that is a baby fox called kit. got its little head stuck in a tin can. a man leg nearby saw him and freed it. he got quite a thank you. cuddling up next to him. for a wild animal to show such trust is an mazing thing. >> gloucester county far department is feeling the heat. some firefighters could be suspended over a banner flown that the states firemen convention in wildwood. it's so vulgar we have blur part of it. the sign asked women to show their breasts. it flew for everyone to see at the annual convention. fox 29 caught up with the town's mayor who promises this will not happen again. >> i'm embarrassed but i have no control of it, first of all. you know that. we will take care of the probl problem. >> the president an fire chief of the williamstown fire company released a statement apologizing for the banner. he says, poor judgment was used
10:46 pm
by some members of the department. >> tomorrow is big vote should they stay or should they go? scotland deciding whether to break away from the united kingdom yes and no campaigners making their final pitch to scotts ahead of the historic vote. supporters of separation say it's time scotland takes its future in its own hands of break aig way could hurt scotland in the long run. new york city police have arrested another costumed character in times square. this time they busted a woman dressed as, yeah, dressed as elmo for aggressive solicitati solicitation. times square has seen series of incidents involving costumed characters harassing even assaulting people. in july a man dressed as spiderman hit a police officer who had told a woman she did not have to pay for a photo. >> travelers beware. the latest social media trend involves airplanes. >> especially rude and offensive behaviors on board. it's got a name, it's called passenger shaming. some images you see it right there show people with their bare feet up in the air and over
10:47 pm
seats while others are putting their feet on food tray tables. some passengers say they do money just post pictures online to shame those people on the plane with them. >> i would definitely call the polite attendant and it's not very sanitary. >> people posting the photos and line say they're doing so in the hopes of stopping offenders and hopefully making traveling more pleasant. in all of my times on airplanes i spent a long time i've never seen that. >> i've been on plains, no. what about the reclining? is that flight shaming, too? people recline. >> if you're not reclined don't let -- is that part of shaming. you took a picture of that. >> reclining is not shameful. if the chair reclines then you're allowed to recline. anyhow. keep your shirt on. >> even if you're going to recline keep your shirt on. >> and your socks. >> exactly. >> don't put them on the tray table. >> let's talk about this weather because it's it's been really
10:48 pm
comfortable. fall preview happening across our area. high pressure is in control. it's staying dry across our area as we look at ultimate doppler and i think we'll stay that way for the next several days. over the next 12 hours as we take a look at the forecast you can see it will be cool and comfortable. wake up weather tomorrow morning in the city we're looking at sunshine and temperatures will start off in the upper 50s you might want to have that light jacket or sweater similar to today. with the cool start. but the pleasant end. 56 degrees was the low this morning. we made the up to 75. that's 3 degrees below the normal for this time of year which is 78. so 64 right now in philadelphia. upper 50s in buffalo but look at the 30s right now in sections of canada. behind a cold front that will eventually dive toward our area by friday morning bringing temperatures into the 30s especially for the pocono mountains. most of the rainfall with this front will move away from us. so it will be a dry passage but you can see high pressure in
10:49 pm
control so clear skies overnig overnight. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. so don't forget those sunglasses if you're stepping outdoors with that sun glare on your with to work and school tomorrow morning. here's that front that we'll watch it will move through as a dry passage later tomorrow afternoon and evening in particular drawing in cooler air from canada but it will moderate a bit. as we watch how the temperatures play out for the overnight, you can see we'll dip down into the mid 50s for trenton. 50 in pottstown tomorrow morning at 6am upper 40s in the lehigh valley as well as the pocono mountains. and then tomorrow afternoon, we're looking much improved temperatures top out again in the low to mid 70s. what about 72 degrees in allentown by 4:00 o'clock. 75 in wilmington and low 70s in atlantic city as well as wildwood. but look at what happens friday morning. we're watching some of that cooler canadian air move north and west of philadelphia. 43 in allentown. by 6am friday morning upper 30s in the pocono mountains.
10:50 pm
let's check in on the tropics. the remnants of odile right now continuing to bring a lot of very heavy rainfall into arizona as well as new mexico. we're talking about a half foot of rainfall that will cause some flooding concerns there. because the terrain it's very dry. almost like concrete that water will really just run off across the area. so upper 40s, mid 50s in the city for us. mostly clear, a cool night across our area. and then tomorrow, beautiful conditions. sunshine, get outdoors and and joy it. 76 degrees will be tomorrow's high temperature. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you a little cooler for highs on troy today. in the wake of that front. 71 for the high. and then a taste of summer for the last weekend of summer. we're looking at 78 on saturday. 82 on sunday. the next rainfall chance by the way not really until monday. if you're headed to the link this sunday, we're looking at kickoff temperatures right around 80 degrees. >> shorts and t-shirt weather.
10:51 pm
>> it won't feel like football weather this sunday x very nice. iain is very happy with that. >> i'm okay with that. exactly. >> all right. howard. >> i'm glad everybody is happy. >> all right. a very embarrassing moment for charles barkley that makes you wonder if he was ever an athle athlete. and bad news for the phillies. desean jackson is ready for whatever comes on sunday against the eagles. hear from d jack coming up in the eagles. hear from d jack coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
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♪ >> big game sunday for the eagles. they take that two-zero record into their game against the washington redskins it's big for the fans and a player on the redskins who might be desean jackson. he's been looking forward to this game since his release by the eagles. now he suffered a shoulder injury last sunday but said he will play on sunday and is ready for whatever way the fans may react. >> i feel i put on the line for them had i played there. what i've done to help that organization wip games.
10:55 pm
so as far as congratulate me, if they boo me whatever the case may be i'm ready for whatever it is. >> you want to be behind the bench for this game. the redskins bench. the problems with player violence in the nfl just won't stop. there is another player arrest dad you heard earlier in our newscast for domestic violence it's apparent the police will not allow the coverups any longer in the nfl. arizona cardinals running back john nan dwyer arrest dad on many charges that go back to listen to this july 21 and 22nd. now according to phoenix police, he was booked on two incidents involving a 27 year old woman and an 18 month old child. the charges are aggravated assault causing a fracture, aggravated assault involving a minor, and one count of preventing a 911 call. the cardinals then tonight deactivated dwyer for the game on sunday. my question, what took so long for the arrest? the umpire
10:56 pm
dejected papelbon on sunday for the lewd gesture to the phillies fans that led to papelbon seven game suspension, he was suspen suspended today. baseball said joe west did the right thing with the ejection but suspended him one game for grabbing papelbon' jersey but bad news, bad news for the phillies tonight. they've been eliminated from the playoffs. >> what? >> let's go to pittsburgh. i know. sad but true. the pittsburgh pirates with this win and they had three homeruns tonight. they waffled the boston red sox the phillies i can davis with homerun there phillies are now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs this year. no red october. ceremony first pitches can be brutal. charles barkley got the wrong shoes on chuck. the wrong shoes. watch this. is it inappropriate if i said he throws like a girl? >> girls can throw very well. >> he's no mo'ne davis. >> that's in the girl throwing right now. mo'ne davis would have it over the plate.
10:57 pm
>> i wouldn't say he throws like a girl. >> maybe he throws like you. >> i'm just saying. i asked if inappropriate. >> what is this king think we got knocking the king. >> knocking the king. >> listen if you have a complaint send it in with your video. >> i'll be the first one. >> stay tuned.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> rande gerber, cindy crawford's husband. boarding a private jet on his way to the wedding. they're loading over 50 cases of tequila and the guy cuts open the box. >> wouldn't it be hysterical if he pulled out like things of cocaine. >> chris brown a big day. his album came out yesterday. the last two days he's been wearing a necklace that it looks like rihanna gave to him. >> how does karrueche feel about this? >> they said it's no connection to rihanna. >> who is they? >> i'm not telling you that. it's none of your