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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 18, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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it to another level where you can talk with us. > it is thursday, april -- no, it is september 18, 2014. what would it be like to play for the philadelphia eagles, then play for the redskins and have to return to the link? as desean jackson is doing sunday. that guy knows what it's going to be like for desean so we'll ask him about that. donovan mcnabb, number five going to join us in a little. wedding shocker, it's custom for the bride's parents to pay for the wedding. we'll tell you who is paying for clooney's wedding. we get so much reaction. about breast feeding, a lot of moms feel breast feeding is best, but why do we get so much backlash for it, why some moms feel so ashamed they are deciding to put off breast feeding. > also in this hour, it's 9:00 now, so we're about an hour away
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from a funeral for corporate brian dixon. he'll be laid to rest in scranton. he was killed in an ambush outside the pipe county state police bar reaction friday night. the man hunt is underway. some of these police officers and their families are worried. if he's out, he's targeting police officers, will he be near the scene of this funeral. jenny joist is live in scranton. most everybody there now? >> a lot of people are here. however, we are still about an hour away and i just talked to an official outside the church who says they'll still expecting a lot of people to arrive. there's a stream of state police vehicles here. we can also watch as pennsylvania state police troopers are gathering outside the church. a pretty powerful image, the american flag waiving from above. we are awaiting governor correspond bet. he is expected to be here for this 10:00 service. 38 year old corporal brian dixon
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was a seven year veteran of the service and served as a you s maintain. he spent a year in philadelphia working out of the belmont bar reaction. he lives behind a wife and two children. the search continues for this man. his suspected killer, 31 year elderric freon. he killed dixon and wounded another service. state police freon is hiding out in a wounded area of the county. his jeep was found partially cush r submerged in the forest a couple of miles away from the police bar reaction. more than 150 law enforcement agents are on a 4 hour police hunt. he is a self taught survival eos and has a long-standing grudge. that search will continue throughout the day, a day that will be tough for family, friends, and the entire law enforcement community.
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again, the funeral service will begin here this morning at 10:00. > mike. >> my goodness. of course our coverage continues today, so make sure you log on and you can catch the coverage on 5, 6 and 10:00 tonight. > some breaking news out of north philadelphia, sky fox over the scene in north philly. oh, no, it's a school bus accident at fifth and came bring a. i'm not sure about any injuries. i just got this to us. sky fox noticed this. it doesn't look like a lot of damage to a bus. any time a school bus is involved, parents, all of us get very, very concerned. we're find out where the bus was going to. officerrers are on seen. it looks like they're writing down and taking some pictures. we'll get some more information soon on that. > it is exactly 9:03. new moms out there say they feel discouraged from breast feeding because of the stigma surrounding breast feeding in
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public here. there's a british study and in this woman women complained about being stared at and sometimes they get negative comments and they felt stigmatized if they decided to breast feed their children for a long period of time. more than a year. the health community doesn't support them when they are learning to nurse in the beginning. it is published in the journal newborn and child children. > i have all three children. >> i was still breast feeding the -- we did some shows. i was stopping breast feeding because you do feel a little odd. my baby is now 14 months. > he's huge. >> luckily he doesn't ask for feed by now. he still just indicates. it is hard. the at a certain point you do feel some pressure when you have this enormous child. but you breast fed in public. i certainly did.
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all three in the beginning, but they have those cut little covers nowadays. > not everyone uses a confer. >> i could see why it could be a little uncomfortable. it's like, oh, my gosh, do i look away. my daughter jessica, she breast fed, too, it was a funk key blanket that she put over teddy's head. i don't see any problem with that. i what the a function the other night, back-to-school night with my husband and there was a little tiny baby and just at that moment the mom lifts up her shirt. and all the moms will go together and they go to target and they were all we'll do it at the same time, that protest kind of thing. > did they have blankets. >> i don't know. i would assume. > if the kid is hungry and
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you're out. >> you got to feed them. it's the best food for babies. if you can do it and not everyone can. that's the other caveat. it's not something that's necessarily easy, lot of people need help. if you can do it, if you can't, you don't want be to shamed, either. > my mother breast didn't breast fed me. i was the fifth of six kids. she breast fed the first four. >> i can see that, though. get the formula out for mike. stunt my growth. > real quickly here, was it a little tiny baby. >> the baby? > yeah. >> welcome back. george clooney will not -- he's rich, but he's not going to pay for his own wedding. > no, the bride's parents are reportedly footing the billion. according to us weekly. his fiance, her parents are very
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old fashioned and they wanted to follow tradition. now, the wedding is expected to take place next week, september 27 in italy. > it is fancy. it's going to cost a ton of money, so they must be loaded. >> this reminds me of the kate mid eel ton thing. remember that kate mid ill ton's family, they paid for a lot of stuff. they couldn't pay for buckingham palace, but they paid for a lot of things. i think there is great respect for doing this. she is marying george clooney for the rest of her life she is going to be so hooked up, the family is going to be hooked up. they're going to be vacationing in lake comb oh, wherever he has that house. this doesn't upset. i wouldn't mary george clooney. this whole thing i don't think this is cause for an us weekly news alert. they had the money to do it. there is probably some instances where not everyone has george
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clooney money. if george clooney was marying someone who didn't have the money, i'm sure he would pay for the wedding. >> i've seen it a lot of times, when these folks get into their 20 #-s and early 30s, they help their parents out with the expense of the wedding. do you hear me, daughters, jessica and jill? >> i paid my wedding. you get to a certain age than ah own your own money, you shouldn't be -- i would like their help. you get to a certain age, you want to have your own things. the other problem is if you're not paying for it and your parents are paying for it, then you're stuck for all your mom's decisions. then you have to wear the princess dress. > first of all, i paid for my own wedding. my dad hired the photographer and paid for the photographer. that's all he paid for. he bought me a snowboard.
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you're still strapped onto everyone's opinion. i disagree with that. you're still dealing with the mother-in-law's cookie tray. one wants the weird flowers, not the cool flowers. you have to pay for makeup. you have to get a celebrity makeup artist. i do say this, it's the modern era, right, unlike mike's kids, most daughters and husbands, if they're over 18 and not a dugger, they're probably paying for some of the wedding. > i think they are, to get what they want. >> your daughters are smart, if you're willing to pay, they'll let you pay. no one is going to argue paying. they're probably like daddy -- >> that's exactly right. > that little kid voice, please daddy. >> dad, that's exactly what happened. jill, are you going to come to the baby shower. don't feel like you have to. she wants you there. >> yeah, she does. > that's a good thing. i will go.
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> what was your lunch box filled with when you were a kid, or the sack? >> my mom put my sandwich in a brown sack with a stain on it and it was lunch meet, baloney, almost every day on white bread with ketchup and frit ohs and i'd put those frit ohs on top of the ketchup and crush it down. > a lot of people are take apples and more healthy stuff. check these creations out. now, i don't even know how to say this, that's how fancy it is. voluntary contact phone of california known as lunch box dad shows how some of the ways he turned a regular lunch into works of art. the dad says he was looking for a way to connect with his daughter as she started kindergarten and the idea was snart. he said it takes about 30 minutes and he posts directions
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on his website for other dads to try. these opinion trinity dads are ruining it for the rest of us. > how cute is that. >> i just put them in a zip lock bag and maybe a napkin on top. > what's your mom and dad put in your lunch. >> i ate a lot of opportune fish and pecans and stuff. > i used to get cheese sandwiches to camp and they'd have tomato and let us and they'd get soggy. that was my lunch. > did you ever do lunchables? >> yes. i do them now. >> i like those, too. make little designs with the pep own i, smiley faces. now they put an or ohio cookie
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in some of them. this might happen saturday morning, go into seven/eleven. 2. 30, 3:00 in the morning. my kids beg for them. they know the candy is right there. sue, here's one we used to have, brown swagger. did you ever get that? >> it's like baloney, except it's not. my mother bought it all the time. it was like processed meet and you would cut it. it was round and it fit right there on the bread. would you say it was on the food chain, would it blow your baloney or above baloney. >> i think it was baloney plus one. > did you do spam. >> my mom did not do spam.
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> spam was at least the right shape for the bread because sometimes it's hanging over the bread. > how about liver worse anionic on. >> no. > i actually like liver worse. i'm going to google -- >> brown swagger. > and fridays we had tuna fish. > it's a beautiful day. we really don't have much to show you on ultimate doppler radar. a couple of showers way upstate new york. all we'll see from that are clouds, no rain expected and really not much difference in temperature. here is what it's like right now if you're walking out the door. it's 58 degrees in mount pocono. it's 58 in pottstown. in philadelphia it's a lot milder. we expect to gain about 10 more degrees before the day is
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through. 62 in wilmington, 63 in millville. it's a pretty nice morning. it's getting a little l more comfortable, a little less chilly out there now we look ahead to sunday, the eagles are at home against washington. 80-degrees when the game begins at 1:00. a high treatment will be about 82. we've got 72 de, 78 tomorrow, 78 tomorrow. three tens in a row. the first day of fall is monday. the season doesn't change until about 10:30 at night. this is your last full day of summer and you get to a high of 82 degrees. make those outdoor plans for the weekend. the last weekend of summer looking pretty good. i do want to say because we were talking about lunches. my mother, my father, they put in a little love note each day. i had my lunch with a side of love. > that's suite. a little love note. >> my poor children, get out the
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door. > okay. so this sunday we're going to the game at the link. what do you think it would be like for desean jack sop. he played for the for example also. now he plays for the reunion redskins. now he had has to come back. i wish we had somebody on the show that had that experience. we're going to talk to donovan mcnabb. he can relate to what desean is going to. when the minnesota vikings announced that adrian peterson would be benched for the top priority they said their top priority was getting it right. in fact, they said that phrase 20 times during the news conference we were watching yesterday, so we crammed them altogether. we made mistake. and we needed to get this right. and we want to be sure we get this right and in the end it
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really is about getting it right. we're getting it right than get things right. if when get this right. it's to get this right and we want to get this right, that we get this right and to get it right. if we got it right to get it out when we got it right and that's when we got it right and to get it right. we're getting it right, to get things right and like i said all along, we're aiming to get it right. > i'm getting the sense they want to get it right. when they got it so wrong. >> adrian peterson has been put on the exempt list while he deals with his situation. they need to look in a they care us. > here's the talking points. use these words. how about this, the national football league has been dominating the headlines, we thought it was because of the game action, but it was because
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of all the off activity, as you know, ray rice suspended, the mine so the a vikings adrian peterson, both these out comes were not in the initial punishments which were much less severe. we had another case overnight, an arizona accused of beating up his girlfriend and baby their maybe. it has many calling for roger good del to resign. i haven't heard from him in three or four days. > our next guest believes he will be stepping down. former for example also quarterback, donovan mcnabb. it's nice to have you back. you're a player, you're comen eightor, what are all of your thoughts on this one and good morning. >> good morning to everybody. i heard your comments and i'm definitely feeling it's a dark cloud over the nfl at this particular point. it seems like it's a domino effect of all the information
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that we've been presented with. you talk about the ray rise situation and the commissioner being involved. did he see the tape? did he receive the tape. you begin to question now the loyalty and really the trust of the commissioner and his decision making. and then it follows with greg hardy and ray mcdonald. you mentioned dwyer, a running back in arizona. and adrian peterson. it's right now making the nfl look -- shine a bad light on everything that we've been able to accomplish. i look at it also in the sense when people bring up sports, you know, we always focus so much on the negative and it takes away from some of the positive things that a lot of these players are involved in, charitable work, being able to reach out to the community and touching lives, inspiring others to be great. > i was just at an event two nights ago with alex here where our philadelphia for example also were making money for big brothers and p big sisters.
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that was on the back burner when it comes to the news media. it brings up this documentary that you're involved with. these four players fought so hard to get into the nfl and then we have stories like this today, donovan. >> right. it's so unfortunate and i think not just for the players, but just forever one in general to learn more about the game. each sunday, monday or thursday we pack stadiums and we tailgate and we congregate at homes to watch nfl. the exciting part about the sport is that these guys have paveed the way for a lot of players to fulfill way in the nfl. the forgotten four. the players that are plage in the nfl, it's probably 75 percent african american that are playing in the nfl and probably about three percent of them know about the history of
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the game and when it was integrated. and for me trying to spread the message, spread the word for them to learn more about it definitely helps. > there's going to be a screening. we've got a screening tonight and we got a lot of philadelphia connections to this story. who are these forgotten four and why do we need to now learn about them? with the phillies and the success that they've had, everyone talks about baseball, jackie robinson, being a football player at ucla, one was one of the best players in the country, and was never given the opportunity to be drafted. and george hallux played a major part of trying to get the nfl to integrate, to give him that opportunity. it didn't happen. it was turntd down by the owner of the washington redskins. also we had bill will is, toe
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matily, frits pal archbishop wood played a major part in this. i think everyone will be participating and watching this movie. something really interesting that i noticed the washington redskins who were going to be playing, they were one of the last teams to have african american on their roster. >> absolutely. the owner, like the commissioner, s what the end all be all. people would bring it to his attention and he would deny it. for their team to be the last to integrate says a lot about that organization and what it was able to do to the league. > at the rest of our satellite, if you pop out of here, it means our satellite window closes. you have to answer this, desean jackson coming back just like you had to come back as a washington red skin into the link, what is that like. >> when you're drafted you want to be able to accomplish great things, win super bowels, put up
9:22 am
great numbers, but you also want to retire as an eagle and you feel like that's taken away from you, you look forward to coming back and showing your work and you had an opportunity to retire there. >> i think for desean, he'll take on the same approach that i did, focus on whatever it takes to play the game. > he really wants to play, even though that was a pretty hard injury to his shoulder. thank you, donovan. welcome back backfill i at least thank you, donovan. welcome back backfill i at least by sat
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet.
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that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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> welcome back at 9:25. you heard about a bar crawl, but what about a bar crawl. this is going to be in cherry hill and it is not too late to hospital aboard. let's get out to sue.
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the tickets are still available for the bark craw. kathy is here from new jersey aid for animals. we're map happy to be here. we've brought some dogs that are up for adoption. look at chuck i. he's 18 months. he's part of black retriever. this is gem a, she is a staff i mix and she's a social butterfly. she loves people. they're both available through new jersey aid for animals. also wearing a little blink, miss philadelphia international, jamie devine. you have a platform and you work a lot with this group new jersey aid for animals about pit bulls. >> i know firsthand about put bills, i have one. i rescue one. i want to spread awareness to everyone. that's why i work with new jersey aid for animals dpl they
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are good animals and sweet and kind. you can meet miss philadelphia international tonight at the bark crawl. where is it? >> you get started at the red hot and blue at the holiday inn at cherry hill. we have luxury coaches. > what time should we show up. >> 6:00. we have a few seats left. it's $30 for the vip and 25 for the other coach. > and then you go to really all these good places in. >> we're going to start at pjs in haddonfield and then the keg and be back to cherry hill by 10:00. but information is available at info at sa dot organize. and we'll hook you up at our website my > i am happy to say i have great weather for you. >> i was going to say. you're a doll. thanks so much. > new jersey aid for animals. and that's the most important part. they do wonderful things to rescue animals and get them
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medical treatment in camden, new jersey. the bark crawl, ladies is tonight. > thank you, sue. our favorite forecasting is back janice is here this morning. come on in, janice. hello.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at hey, welcome back, one of my favorite people janice dean is here. >> i love you. >> our favorite forecasting frog is back, freddie, the pressing kids for whimsical
9:32 am
winter weather. >> what are you reading. >> just say janice is back and this is her new book freddie the frog caster and it is doing very well on amazon, barnes and noble and all of the places you can get books. do you go to the book store. >> i have been to the book story know you just learn how to read. >> i go to the barnes and noble just for the muffins, to sit there. >> for star bucks. >> now, about the first book you did so much, you can do a sequel. >> tories a new one coming up as well which i'll tell but. >> look at you. >> i know, is second career. >> it is the next chapter in my career. >> what is happening here. >> so, this is the thing about freddie, he loves frog casting the weather. and this is him near the green screen. if you actually see, these frogs are green. they cannot be on the green screen, correct. all you see eye balls and a mouth. you don't see the the screen with him. they do a lesson on we as weather people what we have have to deal w i can't wear
9:33 am
green. i would be eye walls and floating hand. >> sue serio's wardrobe is entirely green. we have just had to use a big machine for, yes. >> main focus is fun story, illustrations by rus cox ace macing. i mean one thing to write book but you need a great illustrators. i mean this is a true artist, he is amazing, really makes the book. >> beautiful. >> but other party want it to be value for your dollar. at the back there is meteorology terms that myself and sue use every day on tv, cold front, warm front, different types of precipitation in the just snow, freezing rain and sleet. >> are kids really learning about weather you don't tell them that they are learning. that is the key, right. you put in these terms during the the story. is there a winter storm checklist. >> yes. >> it doesn't have have to be a blizzard. it is important for kids, adults, parents to get together and make an emergency kit for any storm that can go through good here's jen fred,
9:34 am
on location. we have shots of the live truck, we have to go through, to cover snowstorms. >> this is pauley watkins. she has decided to do a live shot of what happens. she gets stranded. so freddie is so pro active, he gives her an emergency kit so she's prepared. i don't want to give spoil's way. please don't read the end. >> let me go to the even and read this here. >> yes. >> this is second book. the the third book. >> he is frantic here. >> third book will be freddie and the huge hurricane. so that is coming out in july. >> you will do every weather pattern. >> if they will have me do it. here's the thing there is not lot of books here that tell and teach kids about weather. >> yes. >> i did my research here because people were saying, my son, daughter hads a birthday can you recollect men a really good weather book. there wasn't anything out there i jumped on that band wagon. >> are you rich. >> i'm in the rich, it is not about the money. it business teaching the kids about the the weather. >> are you going to do one, freddie and the occluded
9:35 am
front. >> perhaps. >> perhaps. >> look at pauley out there, right with her glasses broken and having a hard time. >> yes. >> frog news network. >> how clever is that. >> freddie based on humidity. >> what happens here in philadelphia, right. >> yes. >> and a lot of people have been asking will we have a terrible winter. >> well wife a terrible winter, janice dean weather machine. >> anything past five day forecast is up for grabs, right, sue, right, sue. >> yeah. >> sue does seven days. >> yes. >> good to see you. how are the kid. >> they are fantastic. >> how burr husband. >> he is amazing but i miss you. you are my tv boyfriend. >> owe, yeah. now i have an occluded front. >> are you going to commercial break. >> we will see you guys later.
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>> bye. >> bye. you can get a
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welcome back, we are ready to my favor and stroll. >> yes. >> who is that women. >> this is jamie, right. >> hi i'm jamie mt. airy, u.s.a. and we are putting on street fair this evening. >> we love mt. airy. low have that section of the city. new york times, a few years ago, named it within of the top ten neighborhoods in america. >> one of the region's most diverse communities in the whole country. >> it will be diverse tonight. >> yes, food trucks. >> how many food trucks are coming out. >> we have over 50 food trucks. >> we have some of them behind us here.
9:40 am
>> yes. >> this is pb and you, this is a really new truck. >> really new truck. >> what does it have. >> peanut butter, and it is saferry, and sweet. so we have lots of options here. >> who is this dude. >> that is michael. >> hi michael. >> hi michael. >> how busy sit running in the food truck here. >> what he just got tonight june. >> is this your first time going to the event. >> oh, yeah. >> are you ready. >> so excited. >> how many people. >> over 10,000. >> can you serve 10,000 people. >> i think i can. >> what is pb and u stand for. >> the u is for your creation. >> so we get to create it. >> like what do you mean. >> well, i have an example, but people can play around with different creation is what is pb. >> peanut butter. >> peanut butter, all right. >> it is a homemade peanut butter. >> i make it myself. >> we have philly raise win philly cream cheese, raisins, honey, tuna and sugar.
9:41 am
we have pickler, peanut butter, bacon, cheddar cheese and pickles. >> here we have our favorite, the smore sandwich which is check late peanut butter with graham crackers. >> what is in there. >> check late peanut butter and graham crackers. >> how many different creations do you have. >> well, it is really ongoing, it is on going. i'm always coming up with more. >> we're on going too. >> so yes, now we have a cart here and is what the name of this one. this is mom, mom's and they are the only polish cart in the city. they are very new as well. it is all so exciting because it is hard to get polish food in center city. >> who are you. >> caitlin. >> is that guy and is what the name of your cart. >> mom, mom's famous food. >> is there a mom, mom. >> that is my mom, she's 91. >> yes. >> it is your first time in mt. airy. >> yes, we are really excited. have fun tonight.
9:42 am
>> i'll eat that in just a second. >> how many years has this been going on. >> about four. >> we have a lot of new comers coming in. >> we do, yes. >> now we have what is this. >> ice cream. >> okay. >> what kind of ice cream do you have. >> we have french style ice cream. we have our, carmel apple oats ice cream sandwich, apple crumble ice cream and organic fare trade virginia nil. how many flavors do you have in total. >> you are looking at, what is going on in there right now. that is for you. >> thank you. >> i had that ready for you. >> carmel apple oats. >> yes. >> that is gluten free. >> we are not a gluten free company but this one happens to be. >> okay. >> lets talk about this. >> tonight,. >> 6:00 o'clock on germantown avenue runs from mt. airy avenue to sedge way. >> until when. >> 10:30. >> only tonight. >> if you want to come you've
9:43 am
got to go. >> i will there been. >> thank you so much. >> we need some more, jen, back over to you. >> thank you. >> here's the thing, now we know how to say you guys just talk and talk and talk and talk. >> i know, it never stops. >> i know. >> kind of quiet. >> i will make her kiss and tell. i want to know what are the things that are not molly that is not real.
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you know, i have to think about flying continental anymore, you know. >> why. >> i don't know, it is just rare. >> it is so much u.s. airways here. >> that is what i get all the time in philadelphia. >> that plane is moving slowly. >> must be a backup at phl international. >> welcome back everybody. >> when it comes to beauty and make up ladies want the best of the best. >> if you want the best you have to go to the best in order to get the best. we have seen her all morning long. she's very, very fun. >> here's why we want to have her own let's roll that beyonce footage like beautiful bean footage. do you want to look like her. >> yes. >> every girl does. >> so you have to go to the make up artist that she uses, right. lets get back out with mally and jenny. >> here's the situation it is not just by an say that she laid her hand on, you have done j lo i mean for real. kiss and tell a little bit. >> i have had the best
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clients, biggest clients, best client in the whole wide world that have a wonderful heart as well as well as being the most famous and fabulous. >> the thing i love about them, smiling when you do peoples make up. it makes people feel happy. people will be happy, watch this, to see you here at the shop here in exton. it is 10:30. here's the the phone number. >> if you want to call, and come make an appointment. >> women runs her empire like a lemonade stand. >> yes. >> yes. >> i'm very, very mom and pop, we're hand on. >> yes. >> here's the thing. the two mess best selling products in the world are. >> ult mally beauty, volume icing, mass car a award winning all over the world. then face tea fender. the this is clear powder, it makes you look younger and fresher and makes you look like you are 20 years younger. come to ulta here in exton on saturday, and i will tell you why. >> we know all have of your
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stuff is gorgeous. i want to know because are a real deal. you are qvc. you see all these different things. when it comes to other bland. one of the things i love about you, when we are first met i only make something that hasn't been made. your stuff here, you are the the only one that does. that mascara is better than others, right. >> yes good when you go to another product it has got to be good. >> it has got to be good. ulta is my favorite place because you have everything in here. you can get it all. so lets talk about hair. >> i am a hair girl. >> ashley is in the taking care of things but our new intern. >> she's like get the number? first of all, i like big hair. like hello, hi. we say, the bigger the hair, closer to jesus obviously. >> yes. >> this is el net. i have to tell you thinks a celebrity secret, everybody uses el net from the biggest hair stylist in the world, and holding hair without getting too crunchy. got to move. now, this is an oral cream
9:49 am
moisturizer i love it has spf too. double duty. now i have adult acne at 42 years old. >> thanks, hormones. >> yes. >> clearly, now, all right. make up off at night. >> my makeup remover is my pull owe. brody fredrick says why is your pillow nasty. i flipped it over. >> oh, no. >> that hurts me feelings. >> take your make up off at night, people. and then finally very quickly you have to take a bath. i love there's if i. they have nice smelly ones. this is vanilla birthday cake. cremes, get this for your daughter. >> when you take a bath, you say do you take a bat h. it goes into my soul. and do you this. and you. right, stop. whatever. fine. >> and we say you take i bath, question mark. >> mike jerrick, some day i will give you the pleasure of
9:50 am
being in the same room as this tsunami of fun and you will never, ever, ever say anything bad about me ever again. >> tsunami of fun. >> i love her. >> yes. >> thanks, ladies. >> you know, we are talking about the new weekend show which premieres this weekend. >> it is alone with lauren johnson. you will love her. neat thing about the show it is interactive. it will be your stories, your views on something. your news. fox 29 weekend is what we are calling it. we want to you join this conversation. talk with us on facebook. talk on twitter, instagram. easiest thing to do to find what you are saying use that hash tag right up on the screen hash tag fox 29 weekend and your comments will run at the bottom of the screen. we will run some, make a video comment as will well. we will encourage that if you are in to skype, please do. we will start off with selfie saturday. so tweet us a selfie picture if you can with the tv right behind you may be and send that one in and use that hash
9:51 am
tag fox 29 weekend. i like to see what people are doing. maybe going out tour kids game and brag on your kid, send us those pictures. irish weekend down the the shore. >> it is fun down the shore. >> and all of the good times. >> so whatever you are doing this weekend, send them to us because we want to put them on tv and share in the conversation at 8:00 a.m. with lauren johnson. >> two hearst saturday, within hour sunday. >> here's the thing they don't have chairs, budget didn't allow for chairs, they will stan for two straight hours. >> that should be fun. >> you never know what could happen. >> yes. >> before we get to break here, kitchen wizards is the twitter handle. >> okay. >> alex. >> yes. >> you look like neil young's wife on young and the the restless. >> i don't know who it is. >> jessica, we will get that picture and show it when we come back. >> i hope it is a is in looking woman. >> by the way, speaking of pictures, we will put this beyonce photo. do you see anything different about her?
9:52 am
is this another photo shop deal here. what looks thinner. um. >> let's investigate.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
all right. it is five minutes away now, four and a half minutes from the start of this funeral up in scranton with family, friend and colleagues. we see a lot of blue paying their final respects to corporal brian dickson. funeral services, four minutes away. all morning we have been watching members of the pennsylvania state police, gather at saint peters cathedral in scranton. to lay their own to rest. our coverage will continue at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 tonight and we will continue to stream there at my fox sad day. man who kill him is still on the loose up in the poconos. >> thirty-one year-old eric
9:56 am
frein. can i just say this congratulations to a guy that comes by the show a lot, tom kline, very noted attorney in our city. he gave 50 million-dollar to drexel, so they named the law school after him. >> such a classy move they are trying to bolster up their law program. they offered a two year program. that is great for him. he is a wonderful guy. >> come see us soon. >> beyonce is sharing her photos from her birthday vacation. this is in the south of france. alex, what are they saying is happening here. >> they showed off her incredible bikini body for a luxury yacht but critics are wondering if the shot was altered. you will look here, it is the top, in between her thighs. >> yes. >> it isn't straight, it is tilting up, in between, really upper thigh, right in between, so it makes people wonder, could it be photo shopped. if you look at the outside of
9:57 am
her legs where thighs are it goes straight but right there just goes up. people are thinking they are photo shopping to look thinner. >> she got heat for thin are thighs here. >> it is not first time she has been accused of photo shopping, this is another one, is she trying to look skinny i guess. >> make her thighs look skinnier but she has a beautiful body. sometimes you just have hang up to create that body. >> but that was a great excuse, i was forced to stare at beyonce's thighs. >> thank you for that. >> lets go to another picture now, this is neil's wife on young and the restless. >> no. >> they say that you look like her. >> alex is much younger and cuter. >> that is in the right. >> younger and cuter. >> so much cuter. >> what is she doing. >> ahh. >> yes. >> no, now his son that character's son is in love with his character's wife. >> on young and the restless.
9:58 am
>> or toy get hooked on young and restless because it airs before bold and beautiful. i need to be
9:59 am
10:00 am
live, from new york city, it's season six of "the wendy williams show." today, beyonce's photo-shop controversy. what does wendy think? and we're talking the latest scandals with dr. phil, and he's not holding back. plus, tv guide runs down the new must-see shows this season. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> hi.