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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  September 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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clash that set off fire storm. terror group isis bringing their battle to american soil? why police are ramping up security in new york city. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> with a hate crime committed on the streets of center city? that is the question that has a raisin since a gay couple was tacked. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at central detectives tonight. dave, what are you hearing? >> reporter: lucy at this hour at least six people who were seen in that surveillance video handed out by police earlier this week in this attack have now come forward and given statements to police about this incident as they try to get to the bottom of this. police have now acquired a video tape of the melee that they have
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not made public, and this comes as city councilman james kenny calls for that federal investigation and a defense lawyer for one of the men who could be charged in this case comes forward. >> it's appalling that this stuff happens in 20 frein. >> as persons of interest in the center city beating of a gay couple, continued to file in central detectives to give police statements on the incident, city councilman james kenny stepped forward requesting a federal investigation. >> that's why i sent a letter to the us attorney in philadelphia to have them monitor the case to see whether or not these actions rise to the level that need to be protected by federal law. >> reporter: kenny's request came after local prosecutors revealed that pennsylvania law does not cover sexual orientation and hate crime statutes. >> this says a lot about pennsylvania we don't have it. we do federal government to protect our citizens. >> i think the evidence will show there are clearly two sides to this incident. >> reporter: as can't knee called for the federal probe a
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defense attorney for one of the men who could be charged stepped forward. >> what the evidence will show was that both sides here were involved in a mutual altercati altercation. >> i can't imagine two men would take on 15 people. >> reporter: perry says his client who he did not name will surrender if champed. he also expects new details on the confrontation and melee will come to light. >> we'll handle this case in a courtroom. we're involved in our investigation at this point. >> reporter: in the meantime investigators have now taken statements from five to six men and women in the crowds seen on video tape. documenting the attackers and the circumstances. charges may not come until the weekend or early next week. >> you should be able to walk out of your house go get a pizza and not come back with your jaw wired for two months because of who. >> police sources tell us two more men from that surveillance video are expected to should up here at central detectives within the hour with their lawyers and give statements to police. we are being told by sources that as many as four men and two women could end up being charged
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with the top charge being aggravated assault. we'll bring you the very latest coming up at 6:00. lucy? >> we'll talk to you then, dave. developing right now, the man who police say ambushed two state troopers outside their barracks is now on the fbism's 10 most wanted list. pennsylvania state police and the fbi just announced 31 year old eric frein is on that list. they say frein killed corporal brian dixon and critically injured trooper alex douglas. another barracks in pike county in the poconos friday night. the fbi now has a message for frein. >> the fbi will continue to assist pennsylvania state police and provide the full resources we have at our disposal as long as it takes to bring this criminal to justice. >> the fbi says adding frein to the most wanted list let's them search across the country and internationally. but it still does believe he is in the blooming grove area and that is where the manhunt is focused. the way reward leading to an
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arrest has conviction has grown. a non-profit group offered $75,000. the fbi is offering an additional one hadn't dread thousand dollars. >> governor corbett and law enforcement officials from far away from california attended services for corporal broken dixon today. the mood somber but the message throughout the day stay the course to honor dixon the impact he made on everyone around him. more from fox 29's jennifer joyce who a ended that the services. >> new jersey state troopers were among thousands of law enforcement agents to arrive saint peters cathedral in scranton to honor the life of their fallen brother. the body of 38 year old corporal brian dixon was escort to do the church by a police motorcade. dixon's wife tiffany and the couples two young boys followed as their loved ones casket was carried through the church. one of his sons was later scene wearing his dad's drill sergeant hat perhaps the highest honor. >> he held himself to the highest standard as evidence in
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every aspect of his life. >> dixon's close friend and colleague described his late buddy using one word. um peckable. he got choked up sending this message. >> i promise you that we will take care of tiffany and the boys as you have perfectly taken care of them throughout your life. >> reporter: pennsylvania state police commissioner frank new noon nine dixon is the knifeth state trooper to die in the line of duty. he lost his live nearly one week ago in an ambush outside of the blooming grove police barracks in pike county. while the suspect 31 year old eric frein remains on the loose and an active manhunt is underway, this morning's focus was on honoring the life of a fallen hero. >> retired police officer frank, road down from middletown, new york. >> we came to pay our respects to a brother that went down. >> the casket passed me and the hearse i blessed myself because
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it's awful. it's just an awful tragedy for not only our area, not our state but the nation. >> reporter: second trooper alec douglas was seriously wounded in last friday's shooting. commissioner noon nine extended his department's full support. >> to alex f you're watching today, know that you are in all of our hearts and prayers and your state police brothers and sisters will be with you throughout your recovery and we'll see you through till you return to duty. >> reporter: after the funeral service, pennsylvania state police units escorted corporal brian dixon to his final resting place each law enforcement agent is now focused on bringing his killer to justice. in scranton, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> a chester county high school one of its students has the enterovirus. the student attends uniform chad forward high school. the student will not return until medically cleared. it has spread across the nation striking children.
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some parents say they're not too worried and are satisfied without a diss ticket is handling all of this. >> they are taking precautions letting everyone know the parents do know about just keeping faith. washing your hands but viruses cannot be cured with antibodies. >> school district is taking extra steps to keep that school clean. urging parents to as always keep children home from school if they're sick and doctors say the enterovirus is very similar to the common cold. we are following breaking news out of delaware county. cops found a man wanted for murder. he has been extradited back to upper darby and has been charged with murdering his ex-girlfrie ex-girlfriend. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in upper darby tonight. how did they track this guy down? >> reporter: well, iain, upper darby police have been working since early august when the murder happened to bring 38 year old desean lowry to face justice in pennsylvania. here's his mug shot. he's charged with strangling his girlfriend to death with a phone
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cord last month. police say lowry domestic klee abused 38 year old griffin over the course of their 13 hiv year relationship. she had taken out several protective orders against him. the latest one a month before her murder. police found her body in the bedroom of her emerson avenue home after her sister asked for a welfare check. police believe lowry who just gotten it of prison at the time wanted to move back but she refused. that same day as police found the body, police in jackso jacksonville, florida, reported finding lowry with his wrists slit driving her car. they charged him with dui, meantime upper darby detectives went down to florida and charged lowry with theft and other charges. that was enough to hold him until he could be taxi dieted. he's charged with murder. he was already on his way to prison in the strangulation death of his girlfriend 38 year old griffin. back to you. >> thatching sabina. happening now police in new york city are ramping up security.
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authorities say a blog is now encouraging lone wolf terrorists and the u.s. to attack times square with pipe bombs. we've heard this before and police are not taking any chances. critical response vehicles and heavily armored counter terrorism police are standing guard on the street. but police say they have no specific information point to go an actual terror plot again the city. a day after the us house voted to support president obama strategy for confronting isis, lawmakers are now holding new hearings. >> they are trying to get sharper picture of just how the white house plans to take on the terrorists. in a rare open hearing of the house intelligence committee today, concerns were raised about president obama's vow that the u.s. will not deploy boots on the ground. former central command boss general james matos said boots on the ground is not something the u.s. should take off the table. >> this strategy has many of the right elements to it. i don't think it goes far enou enough. >> why in the world are we
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putting the best army on the shelf in favor of something that will never equal that? matos is the fifth senior military official to publicly say that boots on the ground should not be off the table. >> the search is on for the man who attacked and stabbed a woman at a local employment center. >> the victim was able to walk across the industry to the hospital but she's taken a turn for the worse tonight. how she dedicated herself to help those in need. finding work that could change their lives for the better. >> talk about man's bev friend. homeless, but together a veteran and his dog both desperately needed help. then the right people stepped in. at just the right time. >> unbelievable feeling when you turn somebody's live around. >> both are now on the road to recovery. we've got their big reunion. and later, the pay it forward philosophy and action at a chick-fil-a restaurant. one man's random act of kindness could get a free meal for dozens of customers. howard. >> the eagles play the big game on sunday again the redskins. but there's also an interesting
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connection between two starting quarterbacks. we hear from nick foles coming up in sports. coming up in weather your weather authority will have forecast for that game this sunday at the linc. we'll talk about weekend warmup as well as our next chance for rain.
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♪ >> a woman fighting for her life after being stabbed inside a south philadelphia employment agency. police say she actually helped ex-cons find work. the woman was able to walk to a
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nearby hospital after that attack. fox 29' bruce gordon is live in south philadelphia. bruce, just amazing that she was able to make it to the hospital by herself. >> reporter: absolutely, lucy. yeah, at this hour 54 year old caroline bass so franklin remains hospitalized in critical condition after a morning attack inside the business she runs right here at broad and ritner. the police crime tape in front of 2340 broad street barely hinted at the violence played out inside. even upstairs residents of the building were unaware of what had happened. >> i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: nothing at all? >> that's terrible. >> reporter: police say a dark complected are a african man with hair in corn rose entered trinity staffing services at 9:15 a.m. sd asked for a job and told there were no openings. it's believed business owner caroline franklin asked the man to fill out an application. he became angry. pulled a knife and stabbed her repeatedly in the chest. he made off with her purse.
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franklin stumbled across broad street to methodist hospital and was later rushed to jefferson. one trinity client described the business as temporary staffing agency with a tough clientele. >> she just give people a chance. you know what i mean? mainly a lot of guys that i know of they like ex offenders so she gives people opportunities to work legally and -- >> get back on their feet. >> yeah, take care of they family they self. stuff like that. >> reporter: franklin is a member of the faith independent baptist church. well liked by her business neighbors on south broad. >> nice lady? >> yes. very nice. >> reporter: ever any problems here before. >> no. >> reporter: any kind of violence. >> past four years, nothing. i haven't heard an, many upstairs. >> reporter: the attacker is still on the loose at this hour again described as a dark complexioned african-american man 5-foot five, 5-foot six, with corn rows last seen wearing a blue hood deem police in this area checking for security camera individual that could help out. there is a camera mounted on the
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wall of the hospital directly across broad street. it appears a large tree perfect until line between that camera and trinity staffing blocking any possible view. guys? >> all right, bruce, thank you. a newlywed couple will spend the rest of their lives behind bars for luring and killing a man they met on craigslist. a judge sentencing 19 year old miranda barber and her two year old husband to life without parole. the judge says their permanent removal from society is appropriate. the two plead guilty murdering 42 year old man. they lured their victim last year in sellers grove pennsylvania with the promise of sex. he was strangled and then stabbed to death. >> do you see this guy? police are after him for breaking into this restaurant in east germantown last week in the middle of the night. the skyline restaurant is on the 5600 block of chew avenue. police say the burglar forced open the front door then took money from the cash register. police say in the video it appears a woman was with him. if you know anything, give police a call.
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>> happening now, decision day in scotland. more than 300 years of history hangs in the balance as citizens decide whether they should remain part of the united kingdom. today's vote expected to be extremely close. fox's amy kellogg is in scotland with look what's on the line. >> reporter: 4.2 million people registering to vote in this historic referendum. the question they are answering is this. should scott lapped be an independent country? flurry campaigning on both sides now over as the leaders of yes and no campaigns head to the polls. better together group casting his vote with a no thanks button on his lapel. first minister hope majority will choose separation. >> we're in the hands of the scottish people. there's no safer place to be. >> reporter: scotland one of the four countries making up the united kingdom it's been part of great britain for 307 years. numerous questions surrounding the political and financial details of a potential split and
5:18 pm
polls on the projected out come too close to call. >> i think after 300 years we're due a change. >> i don't believe the yes campaign was convincing enough about how we could go wrong. >> reporter: if more voters select yes, scotland will be the 31st new country to form since world war ii. scottish separatists getting support from others with residents in ukraine voting? gathering to show their support for an independent scotland. u.s. of course sports ukraine's territory integrity. white house says it also hope the uk stays together, too. >> amy kellogg, fox news. >> it's a work in progress. a mural of hope is now going up at fox chase cancer center. one of the centers patients designed it and others patients and cancer survivors are painting it. these types of inspirational murals are going up in 10 cities across the country to celebrate surviving. now once this painting is done you'll find it on a wall near the fox chase train station.
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your seven weather authority who has been hitting it out of the park this week thank you scott. beautiful. changes on the way. our chief meteorologist scott williams. what you got. >> lucy right now we're looking at pretty quiet but comfortable conditions still across our ar area. there's a weak front that's moving through. without a lot of fanfare we're lookinlooking at a few passing s one or two spotty sprinkles in delaware but otherwise it will be nice if you're stepping outdoors on this comfortable thursday evening. 72 degrees right now in center city. humidity at 53%. dew points right now at about 54 degrees. but as we look at those temperatures, we're still running below average area wide across the area. it's 70 right now in atlantic city. low 70s in wilmington. mid 70s north and west because we have seen more sunshine here throughout the day today. 66 degrees right now in the pocono mountains much here's your hour by hour forecast for the remainder of the evening. low 70s at 7:00 o'clock.
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67 degrees by 9:00. mid 60s by 11:00 o'clock and those temperatures will continue to drop overnight in the wake of that front. take a look at the wake up temperatures for friday morning. we're looking at 40s north and west. mid 50s in center city. and we'll talk about a warming trend for the weekend iain and lucy coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you. people around the country are taking a close look at surveillance video tonight showing the final known moments before a university of virginia student seemingly disappeared. plus the man police want to talk tonight as they try to track her down. >> new details tonight about the doctor who was working on late comedian joan rivers when she went into cardiac arrest. where that doctor could be tonight. >> later a man forced to use a wheelchair trapped in a house fire. if it weren't for the bravery of two police officers, he have in the be able to tell his story tonight. the amazing story still the be able to tell his story tonight. the amazing story still ahead.
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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>> police are hoping to find a man who witness saw with missing university of virginia student the night she disappeared. police say the witness came
5:24 pm
forward last night after two more grainy surveillance videos were released of hannah graham at a mall near campus much the mall is the last place the 18 year old was seen on friday night. police say she attended an off campus party. she was drinking and may have become lost. the family of another girl who was killed after being abducted near the university of virginia is offering their support to graham' family. >> our hearts went out to the family much it's like a physical blow. you felt -- i noticed myself getting breathless again much it's like ptsd. you go back and imagine how they're feeling. knowing how shocking it is. the disbelief and just pain. it is really a raw, raw place to be. >> the family of morgan harrington formed non-profit called help save the next girl to prevent future abductions and support families force to do dealing with nightmares like this. they say while they are concerned, they hope graham will be found safely.
5:25 pm
>> yet another nfl player in trouble with the law. prosecutors charged arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer with aggravated assault on his wife and infant son. he said very little after walking out of jail on $25,000 bond today. >> when is the last time you talked to your wife? did you know these charges were going to be filed. no. >> what do you have to say to the cardinals organization? what did you say to female football fans who have been watching the reports of domestic violence, jonathan. >> dwyer told the reporters he will play again. however the cardinals deactivated him after spoke of the rest. >> tmz reporting did the who worked on over rivers before her tenth was not authorized that work in that clinic. the doctor is also accused of taking a selfie with rivers right before she went into cardiac arrest. tmz says the doctor was not authorized to practice at yor yorkville endoscopy the website also reports the doctor works with other celebrities as well and that lady gaga and celine dion are also patient that is
5:26 pm
doctor is keeping a low profile and may even have left town. all right. dog lovers you may swear your dog is pretty smart. >> it turn out you're probably right. new clues to just how smart your puppy is. first an inspiration story of recovery. a local vet and his dog with nowhere to go until people around them stepped in. and duck, duck big time. separated to get the help they needed. we have got their reunion. >> and later the pay it forward philosophy in action at chick-fil-a. a restaurant. one man's rare act of kindness could get free meals for dozens of customers.
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>> here's live look now at historic town of jim thorpe from our pocono mountains camera. clear skies and cool temperatures. it's going to be another cold night for some of you. chief meteorologist scott williams will have those details coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. >> former penn state president graham spanier defamation suit is heading to court. the question is whether it's a state or federal court. a judge has set november freinth as the date for that decision. spanier is suing fbi director will you wee free. free had criticized spanier's happened link of the jerry sandusky sex scandal. graham wants that case heard in federal court. and cases can transfer from state to federal courts if the opposing parties are from
5:30 pm
different states. >> new jersey transit and the port authority are getting nearly $1.5 billion to make repairs from super storm sandy and to shield themselves from future storms. most of that federal money will go to new jersey transit for projects include agnew electrical grid that can keep trains moving during major power outages. the port authority will get money to build sea wall near the path maintenance facility in harrison. >> you've heard the old saying is dog is man's best friend. homeless veteran from delaware county can certainly a test to that. dawn tim men know has quiet story tonight on the struggles two inseparable friends face. >> how community helped get them second chance at a better life together. ♪ >> reporter: meet sheba. this 12 year old pitbull has been living stoney creek at veterinary hospital for six months. >> good girl. >> reporter: she's an absolute sweetheart. a complete about face from the bitter cold february night she was first brought in. >> so aggressive where we couldn't even walk up to the cage she was just going at the
5:31 pm
door. lunching and trying to bite us. >> reporter: sheba had never been separated from her own are in anthony weatherly and was extremely fearful and protecti protective. the two were found living in squaller in a box inside this chester garage which has since been fixed up. it was the dead of winter and anthony feared they might just end up in the cemetery across the alley. >> living in the dark with air flying in all night and it was cold wasn't the word, man. sleeping on the floor, on the concrete floor. freezing. my final prayer every night was pray that we wake up the next morning and one of us wouldn't be frozen. >> reporter: the veterans affairs homeless out reach program was trying to get him help noon a shelter but no dogs allowed and anthony budge without knowing sheba had somewhere safe to go. >> we'd be sleeping outside like in cars and stuff. i'd wake up, man, she'd be like right over top of me, her and i -- really really came close for that last year when we were out here because that's all we
5:32 pm
had was each other. >> reporter: buzz miller from pact was called to the rescue much buzz founded and runs the non-profit which helps finds foster families for veterans pets while they're serving overseas. he tried to place sheba in a doggie daycare until he could find a foster home. but -- >> four different phone calls saying you got to get this dog out of here. nobody can get near him. nobody could feed him. men while we're having one of the major snowstorms of the winter of 2013 and frein for a couple days we find the dog had home. we had no idea no human being could get near her except for anthony. >> reporter: that's when buzz turned to dr. jenn for johnson of stoney creek vet hospital. >> anthony came in and he was just -- he was cold and dirty and not in the right frame of mind and sheba couldn't leave his side. seeing anthony and the condition he was in and how horrible it was we had to do something. >> reporter: dr. jenn agreed to take the dog in and give sheba the necessary and long overdue medical attention she so desperately needed.
5:33 pm
gradually, with lots of love and treats from the staff, sheba came around. >> sheba got nicer and nicer and sweeter and sweeter. >> want more treats. >> knowing sheba was in good hands anthony was finally able to get the help he nodedded. the 54 year old was dealing with host of issues. including major depression, memory lapses, blackouts and other medical and psychological problems. he says much of it stemming from the time when he was deployed in the persian gulf. >> since i've been back i didn't know what the symptoms of ptsd, of depression, of readjustment was. i just thought that i was just going through something, and 20 years later, i realized i wasn't able to get out of that. >> reporter: anthony turned to the coatesville feet veterans affairs medical center for treatment. >> it changed everything. it changed me. changed all my -- gave me a future back. i don't think i would ever would have bounced back. >> reporter: with both anthony and sheba on the right road to recovery it was finally reunion time.
5:34 pm
>> sheb! what's up, girl? what's happening? come here. what's happening, sheb. >> and time to say goodbye to all of sheba's friends at stoney creek. >> in the end it was all worth it. that's what our job is all abo about. >> thank you doctor. i can't tell you, man, really saved my life. >> reporter: anthony who just signed a lease for his place in chester was eager to get sheba to her new digs. >> ready, sheb. home. six months to get her home. >> that's why we do what we do. it's an unbelievable feeling when you turn somebody's live around like we helped do with anthony. >> how does it feel to have your own place? fantastic. i mean, it's like everything came together more than i could ever imagined. it's like a dream come true. this is going to be sheba's room right here. >> we knew if it all came together he just needed help. >> that's where you going to be sleeping. >> he's a wonderful man and he deserves this. >> you're home. you home, sheba. >> anterior knee is receiving
5:35 pm
his va benefits he has a job and plans to pay it forward. volunteering at his church and helping other veterans who are going through a difficult time. >> dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> got to love a happy ending. >> absolutely. >> this is just the first chapter of hopefully many bright chapters for they will. exactly. wish that many all the bev. we have put links to the coatesville va and packed on our website for you at head there and click seen on tv. >> speaking of dogs in need this guy was worth the effort for emergency crews out west. he was just rescued from flood waters. see the happy end. >> in florida several students leave school sick. the pills police say they popped. >> and coming up at 6:00 the pennsylvania man under arrest for calling 911 several times in a matter of hours much his emergency, he was lonely. >> scott. >> iain, temperatures will be dropping in the wake of a weak cold front that is moving through right now. but com
5:36 pm
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♪ >> check out the leftover effects from tropical storm
5:39 pm
odile lingering over parts of arizona. people in tucson are taking no chances creating barriers around their homes with sand bags. water levels are expected to continue running high after heavy rain the past few days. flood watches and warnings are posted for parts of three counties. >> those raging waters trapped a dog in arizona. then res cures did swoop in. you're seeing the happy aftermath right there. animal control officers found the pup right on the edge of growing flood waters near the mexican border. she was trapped. they say the dog was terrified. not injured, though. >> not moving. shaking a lot. 4 feet from the water. not moving at all. i was able to reach her and with my leash, you know, grab her. >> nowhere to go. tropical storm behind all of this has now weakened to depression. but that storm is soaking parts of arizona with just relentless rain. >> in your health a new link between migraines and park kin sons disease.
5:40 pm
middle-aged people who are prone to suffering migraines are more than twice as likely to develop par sin son's disease. according to a new study. doctors at the uniform services -- university of bethesda maryland say early warning signings include seeing flashing lights, the link may be associated with a dysfunction in one of the brain's messengers but researchers say the risk is still low and migraine sufferers should not be alarmed. scientists say if further research confirms this link, then migraine could be included as one of the many early warnings symptoms used to identify people at high risk of developing the disease. >> in you mothers say they feel discouraged from breast feeding because of what they feel is a stigma. british study women complained about being stared at, negative comments and feeling sigma tied in they chose to breast feed their children for more than a year. others even say the health community does not support them enough when they're learning to nurse. this is not in the united states. this is a british study. it's in the journal of maternal and child nutrition. >> all right, doug lovers look
5:41 pm
at your four legged best friend and feel i am positive there is intelligence in those eyes. new clues just how smart dogs are. >> and international twerking miley cyrus is in trouble again. what she's accused of doing with the mexican flag that's got one lawmaker calling for punishment. >> howard? >> the flyers may be without one of the steady yesterday players on defense going into this season. kimmo timonen speaks for the first time about his injury that may keep him out the entire
5:42 pm
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>> ukraine president giving washington, d.c. president spoke before joint session of congress and met with president obama today. he was asking the us to step up its ass assistance to the ukrainian government. his visit comes as new fighting threatens a 12-day cease fire in ukraine. >> the war these young man are fight dag is not only ukrain ukn war. it is europe and americans war, too. >> the united states is already helping with a military aid package worth nearly $50 million but that does not include weapons. >> several students had to leave school sick in florida after taking a diabetes drug from fellow classmate. police say eighth grader brought the drug to class and shared it with seven classmates. six of them were rushed to nearby hospital. two others were evaluated at the school. the girl who brought the drug could face charges. police have not said how she got the medication. >> in texas man in a wheelchair is alive thanks to the bravery
5:46 pm
of three police officers. they raced the 66 year old john sours burning home and pulled him out but not before having to break a bedroom window to get to him. you can see right there. those flames intense. >> the smoke burns your eyes. it burns your lungs. you can't -- you can't do anything in it. and so we were basically taking turns pulling getting out and trying to get fresh air going back in and pulling some more. >> sour is in good condition tonight. police say he did suffer smoke inhalation and has minor cuts and bruises. firefighters arrived a few minutes after the officers and quickly got those flames under control and investigators are now looking into what exactly started that fire. >> well, status quo for miley cyrus. make a scene on stage, grab some headlines. >> and now one mexican lawmaker is fuming about what the singer did during a recent concert in his country. one of cyrus dancers used a mexican flag to spank cyrus as
5:47 pm
she twerked on stage. now legislator wants to fine the singer and her crew for misusing the flag. the fine would amount to $1,200. balancing back in 2008 pauline in a rubio was fined for posing naked wrapped in the mexican flag. >> all righty. ever wonder how smart your dog really is? some scientists have come up with something to compare their intelligence to, babies and now you probably think your pup is smarter but here's the key. they get gold directed behavior. dogs know where to look and how to respond people when it seems like somebody important might happen like maybe a treat or something. and that is a trait that researchers have long believed was exclusive to had you man's and non human prime mates like chimpanzees and such. italian researchers are behind the study. they say people do everything bigger in texas and here is an example. a chick-fil-a customer decided to pay it forward. the man we know him op as john handed a cashier a thousand bucks after ordering his food to
5:48 pm
help serve 88 other customers. the gesture left everyone stunned. >> here's 10, $100 bills i'd like to pay for everybody else in the line, and for the neck one hour he bought everybody's meal. >> how about that? and as you would expect the restaurant picked up the tab for this guy's meal. >> wow. >> that's very nice. >> goodness. >> he's dropping 10, $100 bills. >> you can't buy weather like we've had the past week. it's been crazy good. it really has. we're looking at high pressure in control. so the cool chilly evenings and over nights will continue and also the pleasant afternoons. take look at the low this morning. 56 degrees the afternoon high we made it up to 74. but that's still below the average for this time of year which is now at 77 degrees. look at the record for today's date set back in the 1800's of 90 degrees. i don't think we'll hit 90 the remainder of summer. so sorry, iain as we take lock at the sunset we're looking at it today at about 7:05.
5:49 pm
so the daylight hours are definitely getting shorter. 72 degrees right now in center city. we're looking at that humidity at 53%. those winds currently out of the west southwest at about 10 miles per hour but we're watching a weak front that's going to move through and we're looking at some plunging temperatures especially north and west with some of air coming in out of canada it will mainly move into northern sections of new england where believe it or not they're talking about frost and freeze advisers and watches posted for northern parts of new england so an early fall chill moving in for most over the next day. but we will see a warmup. watch those temperatures late tonight. here's 11:00 p.m. we're looking at upper 40s in the poconos. 64 degrees by 11:00 in philadelphia and we're looking pretty chilly north and west. temperatures drop into the low 40s by 6:00 a.m. on friday for allentown. upper 30s for parts of the pocono mountains. so the farther north and west you head, the chillier it's going to be to start your friday morning. but friday will be a beautiful
5:50 pm
day. temperatures moderate into the upper 60s to right around low 70s for the philadelphia area. still running a good nine to 10 degrees below average. saturday morning. we're looking at temperatures generally in the 50s and mid to upper 60s as you move into south jersey, but by saturday afternoon, temperatures right about average for this time of year 30 flirting with 80 degrees on saturday and then on sunday i think we'll be in the low 80s. as we look at the satellite and radar right now weak front will be moving through. not a whole lot of moisture associated with it but a couple of sprinkles possibly late tonight and extreme south jersey central and southern sections of delaware but friday that high pressure it settles in. no weather worries during the day tomorrow. what about the upcoming weekend out ahead of our next system those winds coming in out of the south will warm us up to near average on saturday. above average on sunday. sunday night we'll watch a boundary move through that could bring the threat for a few
5:51 pm
scattered showers our way. speaking of showers, we're talking about a lot of tropical moisture still impacting sections of the southwest. take look at some of the rainfall totals coming in. three to 7-inches so flood concerns will continue especially for southern arizona and sections of texas. but for us tonight, it's fair skies. cool conditions for the overnight. 47 degrees the low. north and west for the suburbs. mid 50s in the city. moving ahead to your friday, mostly sunny, feeling more like fall. temperatures right around 71 degrees. so whether weather by the numbers tomorrow on a scale of one to 10 we will give it a 10. so really no complaints tomorr tomorrow. a little cool start and temperatures slightly below average. moving into the up coming weekend you can see we warm up for the last weekend of summer. 78 on saturday. looking good for the temple game also looking good at the linc. 83 degrees for the high temperature on sunday. so above average temperatures to close out the final full day of
5:52 pm
summer and then a 10-degree temperature drop for monday. 73. low 70s as we move into the middle and latter part of next week. >> just in time for fall. >> thank you, scott. >> all right, scott. >> it's football. >> you good with that. >> it's football. i don't care what the weather is, it's football. no rain. all right. the eagles and redskins play a game that everybody was waiting for. desean jackson against the team that released him. but the game is more than that with many story lines. on the injury front, one could affect the eagles linebacker michael kendricks did not pack again today. i'm hearing he'll not play on sunday. quarterback matchup this weekend is interesting beyond the game. we know foles will be the eagles quarterback kirk cousins will start for the injured robert give iii did you know that foles was at michigan state for one year and played with cousins before he transferred to arizo arizona? and they came out in the same draft with cousins going frein picks after foles. and now they oppose each other
5:53 pm
in a big game. >> it's crazy, but at that time kirk has always been he can treatmently talented. always been extremely hard worker, a great leader. so it doesn't surprise me at all the success he's had. the success he had at michigan state and he's continued on and he was a great teammate to me at michigan state and i know he's a great teammate to the redskins. so i'm really happy for him. >> just win, baby. our coverage eagles and redskins starts with fox 29 "game day live" at 11:00. i'll be down at the linc followed by fox nfl sunday the noon. kick off 1:00 o'clock and we'll wrap it up with our post game report at 4:30. the flyers opened training cam and for the veterans tomorrow. one player not on the ice and may not be on the ice the entire season is kimmo timonen. i'm told that he told people at the flyers wants to play one more season then retire. but his health issue is a dangerous one. it was discovered in august he had blood clots that reached his lungs. so he's on blood thinners and obviously you cannot play with all the hitting that could cause bleeding.
5:54 pm
so he wants to play but it's dangerous with contact. so he told his wife that could affect things at home. >> based on the doctors i can do anything else except contact sport. i told my wife, i can't clean any dishes or i can't vacuum or anything like that. but it didn't go that well. (laughter). >> somehow i don't think he was going to do that. everyone knows i have many opinions and you have opinions about the ones that i have. here's your chance to express yourself. so now you have the chance to question or challenge me on anything i may say. there wouldn't be anything i can think of. it will happen every weekend on fox 29 weekend our news in the morning. knock the king a segment for to you join us, knocking the king and that would be me. actually i had a debate today with lesean mccoy in the locker room. lasted about a half an hour. >> about what? >> wilt chamber land or allen iverson. i clearly was right with wilt chamberlain. i agree with you on that. iain has a differing opinion.
5:55 pm
>> i may knock the king this weekend. >> i'll get desean to knock the king -- i mean lesean. shady. shady to knock the king. (laughter). >> if you want to do so, shoot your tweet to us post it on our facebook page or go to and click on the ureport tab. up load it. we'll play the best ones maybe with my opinion mixed in. this saturday start the 8:00 a.m. >> i'm thinkin thinking the intt might melt down on this one. it might crash the whole thing. >> we wouldn't want that. that would keep people out of more work than they already are. >> thank you howard. >> coming up at 6:00 there has been outrage over the fight that left a gay couple badly injured in center city. but is there more to the story? another viewer of the clash that set off a fire storm. >> the dog who just made one amazing journey. a local family lost gidjet several months ago and she just turned up on the other side of the country. as far away as you can get.
5:56 pm
the effort now is underway to get gidjet home. fox 29 news at six starts right after this. ♪ the usual? not tonight. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the smoky double bacon sirloin.
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the new spicy sriracha sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. steaks that sizzle. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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5:59 pm
>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at sick. >> tonight philadelphia police continue to question the people they say you can see in this
6:00 pm
surveillance video. >> investigators believe they played part in a clash with a gay couple in center city that many call a hate crime. but tonight, one attorney says do not rush to judgment. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get right tout fox 29 months dave schratwieser. he's live at central detectives to night. dave? >> reporter: iain, we are awaiting the arrival of two men seen in that video tape. they are expected to arrive here at central detectives with their lawyers within the next few minutes. they will be questioned by detectives. no one has been charged at this point, and today a city councilman called for a federal investigation in this incident, and a defense attorney for one of the men who may be charged is speaking out. >> i think the evidence will show that there are clearly two sides to this incident report roar those comments from high profile defense attorney fortunato perry, jr., as he stepped forward in defense of one of the men being investiga investigated in last weekend's brutal assault on a gay couple in center city. >> at the end of the day, i think what