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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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it has fired 24 year old catherine knot. knot and the other two people charged in the assault philip williams and kevin harrigan are out of jail after posting bail overnight. our cameras were there as they left central detectives in philadelphia this morning. all face criminal charges of couldn'conspear see, aggravatede assault and regular less endangerment. they will in court next week. police say the victims suffered serious facial injuries and were taunted with gay slurs during the attack on september 11th. now, many people feel the incident should be prosecuted as a hate crime. but sexual orientation is not covered under current pennsylvania law. so a new push is now underway to change that. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live in the newsroom with the latest. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, those looking to throw the book at the alleged attackers were surprised to find the hate crimes book does not and conclude a chapter on sexual orientation. well, today movement on two fronts to change that. while the beating victims speak out through a friend.
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>> the number of hate crimes in the united states. >> exactly two weeks after the brutal beating of two gay men in center city, their supporters staged a mid afternoon rally at love park to demand state lawmakers add sexual orientation to the list of categories covered by the state's hate crime statute. the beatings took place in the legislative district represented by openly gay state rep brian sims. >> the more we ignore the issue and assume that things have gotten better, the more we are shocked that incidents like this attack still occur. >> provide for additional penalties for criminal conduc conduct -- >> reporter: a few hours earlier and just across the street, city council members blondel reynolds brown and jim kenny introduced legislation designed to gift philadelphia's hate crime code. an assault motivate beside hatred toward a person's actual or perceived sexual orientation gender or gender identity would be its own offense. that could bring the offender an extra 90 days behind bars and $2,000 fine. >> the word needs to go forth
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that philadelphia celebrates diversity. philadelphia celebrates people who look different than me. people who have disabilities. people who have a different sexual orientation. >> philadelphia if you're a philadelphia or resident and you see two men holding hands or two women holding hands. get over it, behind your business and keep your hands to yourself. >> you butchered my boyfriend's beautiful face. >> a statement from the beating victims to their attackers was read by the victim's friend. to those at the rally. the men said they appreciated the support shown by the community and joked as they described their road to recove recovery. >> despite the pain and disappointment, we're doing okay. black eyes, broken bones and bruised bodies heal plus we have some really handsome doctors that know what it means to look good and they're getting us back to that status. >> reporter: the city council legislation has unanimous backing in the chamber. mayor nutter has not seen the specific of the bill but we're told he does support the intent. closing the hate crimes loophole at the state level, that could be a tougher fight.
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but, this event today has gallon van knifed supporters. lucy. >> thank you very much, bruce. two to your fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at philadelphia international airport. you heard chief meteorologist scott williams talking about this. the weather system that made for a rough morning around here is now causing trouble up in the new york area. why are we telling you this because there are flight delays at philadelphia international airport because of that. so scott you warn us it was coming and you've been tracking this system all day. i have my umbrella just in case any lingering showers happen. lucy, keep that umbrella handy through the evening because we're still looking at some pockets of light drizzle not as heavy as earlier this morning. most of that rainfall moving to the north and east of us. but we still have the cloud cover certainly and those cooler than average temperatures. ultimate doppler right now, showing you those pocks of light the drizzle and mist. it's beginning to diminish over the next couple of hours or so. however, we still have some wet roadways out there. so allow extra travel time
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because of the slick conditions. how much rainfall did we receive? one to 2-inches from philadelphia south and east down the shore atlantic city a little over 2-incheinches. north and west lesser amounts less than an inch but as we take a live look right now at the philadelphia international airport it's rain cooled 63 degrees. winds root now out of the north northeast at 14 miles per hour. so we do have some of those airport delays for arriving flights right now into the philadelphia international airport. we'll talk about when this system gets out of here and also some warmer temperatures on the way coming up. iain and lucy. >> okay, scott, thank you. now to developments oh and a possible terror plot against mass transit here in the united states. iraq's prime minister says its government uncovered a plot to tack subway systems in paris and the us. he says isis is at the center of the plot but the obama administration says no one in the us government is aware of any such plot. septa not taking any chances. >> the transit authority is stepping up patrols to make sure people in philadelphia are safe. fox 29's chris o'connell is live
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at the city hall stop on septa. so, chris, are you seeing a bigger police presence? >> reporter: we actually are, lucy. it is quite evident, though, that the us intelligence community does not think there's a credible threat against u.s. subways. regardless, yeah, we are seeing a lot of this, septa transit officers stepped up patrols on the mark frankford el, the broad street lines. you're right, septa not taking any chances. >> septa subways running as normal tonight. but transit passengers make their way home, they're learning of a new terror threat targeting subways in the united states and paris. >> sometimes you have to take threats seriously because you never know when the real one is. >> reporter: septa says it's taking the threats seriously. we saw stepped up patrols at several subway entrances around center city. but terror experts are downplaying the threat since it didn't come from u.s. intelligence. bad conduct on the part of the
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iraqi prime minister. he ought not be making announcements for the american or french publics. >> the fbi cannot confirm the threat that isis is targeting subway systems. but some think the warning may have done more harm than good. >> it doesn't help our anti terror efforts in the least and i can't imagine that washington or paris are happy with it. >> reporter: locally, septa says it will continue to monitor the threat as they always do. passengers said the news isn't changing the way they travel. >> it doesn't really matter. i feel luke i'll be safe no matter where i go. i feel pretty good about the city. >> if there's an incident in which, you know, it raises awareness at an extreme level, then it probably would. >> reporter: back out here live at center city station, septa says they will continue the subway transit police patr patrols again out of the abundance of caution.
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but they say passengers they should be aware but not overly concerned. lucy. >> all right. thank you very much, chris. we are following this story on air and online. for breaking updates any time, go to and look on our home page. >> eric holder america's first african-american attorney general is resigning. holder six years in office were, he was held in contempt of congress back in 2012 over an operation to sell guns to and trap mexican cartel leaders. holder also faced criticism over his depth's happened link of irs targeting scandal its civilian prosecution of terror cases, surveillance of the media and other issues. even though the president lauds his record. >> on his watch federal courts successfully hundreds of terror cases proving that the world's mine fine mysterious to us system is fully capable of delivering justice for the world' most wanted terrorists. >> holder is one of the few remaining members of the president's original cabinet.
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he says he will remain on the job until his successor takes over. happening now the search for a robbery suspect in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood. police say the robber walked into a mini market, pulled out a gun and demanded money. the employee handed over some cash and the suspect took off. this happen tuesday afternoon on the 400 block of east clearfield street. no one was hurt. >> suss specced cop killer on the run in the pocono mountains turning the manhunt into a game well, police believe he may be doing just that. investigators say they have caught glimpses of 31 year old eric frein but they can get to him in the rough terrain. he killed one trooper, wounded another during a september 12th ambush of their barracks in blooming grove. they think he's toying with law enforcement now. their manhunt has so far included kicking bears out of caves and getting warrants to search vacant houses. >> shall font bucks county police need your help to find a gunman who held up a wells fargo bank on counsel too line road it happened yesterday afternoon. they say he robbed the same bang
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in june and another wells fargo in philadelphia less than two weeks earlier. police say he wore a mask and a gray wig to look lick an older man. if you know anything that might help catch this guy, call poli police. >> new arrest tonight in the philadelphia school cheating scandal. prosecutor have charged barbara mccreery the form mr. principal of communications technology high school. they have also charged arthur milton. the long-time leader of bock technical high school. prosecutors say they changed incorrect answers thus boosting test scores. sixth and seventh philadelphia school district educators charged criminally in the cheating scandal. >> local family hopes to solve mystery as we near the sixth anniversary of their son's murder. >> what happened when he stepped out of a car in philly six years ago and his family's campaign to catch the killer? >> and women, what your skirt size can tell you about your chances of developing breast cancer and scientists say it's an even better predictor than your family history. howard?
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>> the eagles are three-zero this season but there's some things they have to straighten out. we'll hear from the players about those concerns coming up in sports. >> and coming up in weather, right now, we're still dealing with that coastal storm. find out when it finally moves out. what to expect this weekend and out. what to expect this weekend and also when those tempera
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♪ >> this sun day marks six years thins the murder of matt nowak shortly after of the 2008 2008 o rican day parade. his family is still seeking justice and making a new push to find his killers. fox 29's dave schratwieser leave at the scene of the crime in spring garden. >> the murder of matt nowak rocked his family. they were hoping for a wick arrest. but none has come at this point. even with some very good surveillance video captured from this camera here on sixth street near spring garden.
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still no arrests. so tonight the family is offering a $42,000 reward. >> this was devastating that all of us. >> reporter: matt novak wants you take a good look at this police surveillance video of a blue chevy impala with new jersey tags seen here at sixth and fairmount. then again a moment later near sixth and spring garden it's a car that could be the key to solving his son's murder. >> i mourn my son but i still have this pent up anger inside of me to wander to get these guys off the street. >> reporter: 24 year old matt, jr. you was murdered six years ago this weekend after he was seen on tape getting into the car after his buddy's car had broken down at sixth and spring garden. the three guys inside offered to take matt to get jumper cables to restart his friend's car. >> they kicked him out of the car and shot him in the head. >> reporter: matt was found at 13th and fairmount. he had been robbed and shot dumped out of the impala near this empty lot. his killers are still on the loose. his family is still in pain. >> every day is emotional to be
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honest with you because it's like i lost an arm and it's never coming back. report roar as police and family members try to track down the car and the three men inside, they've retrieved more surveillance video of the car at sixth and fairmount minutes before the murder. a $42,000 reward is on the tab table. matt, sr., wants someone to step forward. >> we hope that someone gets a conscience, one of the three guys that maybe are still involved or alive. >> this time every year it's -- it prescription back all the emotions and memories and, you know, it frustrating we're not getting any closer. there's a $42,000 reward. that's not chump change. it's not $5. >> i spoke to the head of philadelphia's homicide unit who assured me this afternoon that detectives are still working on this case. if you have any information you can call the citizens crime commission at 21554 sick tips. again, if you have any information, you can give it anonymously. iain? >> all right, dave. thank you. the wet weather putting a
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damper on a school in gloucester county. the delsea regional high school's roof is leaking and now buckets and trash bins are stacked along the hallways to catch all those raindrops that are dripping into the building. school official say the roof has had problem for years and the school has asked voters for the money to fix it. so it's been denied twice. but the school district superintendent says the issues up for a referendum vote again this time including financial help from the state. and she hopes voters will do what's necessary to help the students. >> we're proud, arc proud district, and we have so many thing to be proud of. and right now our facility especially our roofs are not up to par. and it's embarrassing and we want our kids to have the best and right now worry not giving it to them. >> the school believes the main concern for voters has been increase in taxes. the superintendent says sin the state has agreed to cover 50% of the costs, taxes will not go up. the referendum vote is on tuesday. very interesting study about skirt size and your breast
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cancer risk. a staying the same size may minimize that risk. researchers base that information from more than 90,000 women enrolled in british database for cancer screening. their breast cancer risk increased significantly if their skirt size increased by two si sizes every 10 years between the age of 25 through menopause. the study's author say skirt size proved to be an even stronger predictor of cancer than family history. previous research has also linked increased weight to a livelihood of developing breast cancer the findings are in the british medical journal. >> turning back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it was a wet over into the and a wet morning. so you probably didn't need sprinklers for your lawn. >> the gus news i saved on money water mike brand knew little garden i just planted. much needed rainfall. we were 2-inch below average for the month. as far as rain full in philadelphia area. so a lot of happy gardens out there as we take look right now
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at ultimate doppler we have leftover pocks of drizzle and light showers but nothing real heavy right now. and the system continues to diminish as it pulls away. earlier we saw heavier rain the order of 12-inches from philadelphia to areas down the shore. lesser amounts north and west with this system. so damp and dreary the rain continues to taper off this evening as well as the overnig overnight. it stays breezy,. low temperatures tonight a little chilly in the if you have tees and then as we move ahead to tomorrow morning, some patchy fog out there to start. but if you like the sunshine it will return during the day tomorrow. so some good news. look at the temperatures today. only 64 degrees that was the high temperature. we should top out around 75 degrees for this time of year. so well below where we shall be, but we were in the low 90s back in 1970 on today's date. low 60s right now at the airport. humidity up there at 84%. winds right now out of the north northeast at about 13 miles per hour. and we still have some higher
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gusts. but the overall trend will be for those winds to din minish and it was almost better to have a poncho today as opposed to an umbrella lot of broken umbrellas out there across the region. low 60s in atlantic city as we ales were millville. we're looking at 60 in pottsto pottstown. upper 50 in the pocono mountains right now. still damp and dreary. temperatures cool. have light jacket or sweater. leftover showers continuing by 11:00 o'clock. some drizzle around but that patchy fog develops overnight much this system will be pulling away. high pressure pulls in tomorrow morning. that will decrease the cloud cover throughout the day giving way to some sunshine and a beautiful weekend on tap. we're talking temperatures warming back to the low 80s feeling more like summer as opposed to the first weekend of fall. so for tonight cloudy, breezy, drizzle and fog for the overnight. suburb temperatures right around 53 degrees. 57 in the city. and then tomorrow, once again patchy fog, morning clouds and then that will give with to sunshine. 77 degrees will be the high
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temperature tomorrow. winds out of the north about 10 miles per hour. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you much improved as we move into your friday. 77 for the high temperature. what about saturday and sunday? a beautiful weekend if you have outdoor events. festivals we are looking fine and dandy. 80 degrees on monday. and then a little cooler tuesday and middle of next week with better chances for some showers. the weather is improving just in time as fox 29 salutes the military friday morning from 7:00 until 10:00. come on out to fourth and market streets right here in philadelphia. we're talking temperatures in the 50s to start, but warming to a little milder. 65 degrees by the nine and 10:00 o'clock hour and also some peeks of sunshine returning, too. >> perfect. >> looks like a perfect friday. >> all right. >> it's always perfect. >> you got to look at it. >> sunday is the matchup of two young quarterbacks. which one of the two eagles
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49ers game is the better wb. by the numbers the eagles have the better of the two.
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♪ >> the eagles they take three three-zero record out to santa clara to play the 49ers in their new stadium. nick foles also tries to become the first eagles quarterback in the history of the eagles to
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have four straight 300-yard passing games. he has rated higher than the 49ers colin kaepernick. one is the highest. that's what nick foles is. because of san francisco's one-two record that makes the game a desperate, desperate game for the 49ers to win eagles record may be perfect but they know they have some things they have to clear clean un. their first half scoring and slow starts would be one area the eagles know has to get better. the running game also has not been where it needs to be. lesean mccoy who i think is still the best running back in the league has not that a 100-yard rushing game yet. >> we need to be better on all cylinders. i need to do a better job of throwing the ball. you want to be balanced, yes, but you're going to into a game and sometimes it will be like that. sometimes you're not going to be able to throw the ball. sometimes it's going to be balanced. sometimes it will be like where it was like we threw it a lot and that what makes great offenses no matter what happens you he can cute the play in that situation.
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>> it's about points scored that's weight comes down. all right. here's our lineup for sunday fox 29 "game day live" at 11:00 i'll be out there life followed by nfl sunday at noon then our double header the bears and packer at 1:00 followed by the eagles and the 49er at 4:25. >> phillies playing their last road game of the season today. not sure if it mack any difference to the fans but they are one win away from the 73 wins they had last year. it is however almost over. to my am moo. all right. let's go to the sixth inning chase utley who has struggled with his power gets a blood pressure double here which sets up the inning in two-two game. because after that, dominic brown gets a base hit. and the phillies are now leadi g it but instead of four-two. it is four-three phillies in the seventh inning. one note. ruben amaro said last night on the radio pre-game show young man's game. yet the phillies have the old defendant team in baseball i think it wasn't his idea to sign all those old players. just giving i was little unsight. >> that's interesting.
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>> thanks, howard. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. ♪ we have a saying... mi coffee es su coffee. our way of inviting you to share what's ours. so between september 16th and the 29th, we want to treat you to a rich, smooth mccafé coffee for free. why would we do that? when you have something this delicious, you just have to share it.
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terror on the roof. >> home invader breaks in and there's only one place for the victim to go. hiding on the roof. he's right behind her. >> everybody on the street gasped. then, go ahead, i dare ya. >> the commentator suspended for what he said about the embattled beatleed nfl commissioner. >> please, call me and say i'm in trouble, i dare you. and got you, wanted for kidnapping the missing co-ed. his bizarre rant in court. >> they took all of my clothes. plus, duck dynasty daughter. her dad signs off on her hot outfits. then, worst