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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 27, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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still about 150 yards below its season average. >> joey: this is the number that sticks out to me. baylor only one of three teams that has not allowed a sack this season. >> joe: he gets clock ed by mucherson. those no sacks in 157 passes. russell has replace d jefferson. he's short here at third and one. sixth consecutive game.
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about 140 yards short. >> joey: i could be wrong, i think the last time they didn't go over 500 was texas. >> joe: we'll talk about cory and antwaan coming back. >> joey: how about clay fuller back into the lineup. >> joey: clay fuller, one of the guest athletes on this team. played a little minor league ball before coming back over. >> joe: russell keeps it. he's a talented runner, strong runner.
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we talked about how a lot of high schools will put their athle athletes -- seth russian sell is a quarterback, he throws the ball, and runs extremely well. >> joe: originally committed to kansas. turner gill inspired. has decided not to go there. baylor had a scholarship open because rg3 turned pro. that's the scholarship that was filled by seth russell. second down. let's check in again for the game break. >> we showed you david robinson's son cory. here's torii hunter jr.'s grab
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in the end zone. syracuse would add a pick 6 to answer in the 18th. >> not pretty necessarily, greg, with only two touchdown lead for the irish. but it's like they're on their way to 4-0 as is baylor. >> i'd rather win ugly than lose pretty. here's a screen at the line of scrimmage and incomplete as we roll to the end of september. notre dame, number 8 in the country. florida state, they keep messing around, they're going to slip up at some point. >> joey: i wouldn't be surprised to see them drop behind oregon, alabama, oklahoma, all three of those teams have looked far more impressive than florida state. >> joe: should baylor hop texas a&m. baylor folks think so. >> joey: does it matter at this
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point? >> mario: they're watching the baylor radio booth next to us. >> joe: they had that texas a&m game going on. came back and won that one in overtime. >> joey: rivalries run deep in college football, joe. >> joe: you think florida state maybe drops out of the number one spot even with the win? >> joey: i don't think they're the number one team in the country right now. the only reason they're number one in the polls, they won last year's national championship, and they haven't lost yet fourth down coming up for baylor, special teams unit comes out.
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here's a chance for chris callahan. red shirt kicker made his first field goal of the season. just barely squeezed it inside the up right. but has missed four straight since then and he has missed again. that's not costing him, because they're not in a close game yet, baylor's got a problem in this field goal unit. we're back to ames after this.
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>> joe: sam richardson takes a shot down the sideline, a flag flies in. it was intended for montgomery. they're going to get dion wright with a pass interference. pass interference number three, automatic, first down. >> joe: a little bit of arm bar in there, as the ball was in the air he does a nice job of throwing the big receivers. done a good job of throwing the ball back and high.
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he missed a couple times. it will be second down and five. matthew thomas makes the stop. baylor's going to get to 4-0 for the second straight season. it will be the first time since 1937 and 1938 that they started 4-0 in back to back years. art briles. syria, third and short. tough place to come into. it's getting difficult more and more forward. it's never going to be easy to go down in austin. tcu, the number one defense in
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the country. i think baylor has been scheduling these nonconference games, scheduling teams like oklahoma, oklahoma state. this year. >> joe: wide open man takes it in. >> joe: first career touchdown for the junior from houston. baylor still feeling good, though. you were saying about baylor's schedule? >> the big. >> joe: is down this year. you could, this is obviously projecting down the road. could you have an undefeated baylor, if they beat oklahoma mid season. that would be in the discussion of, are they -- have they played a tough enough schedule to get
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>> joe: iowa state and baylor continuing to battle. . reasons for optimism for this offense, especially on the second half. >> joey: absolutely. >> joe: original player number five is now number 99. >> joe: we saw flashes of it, when watching film of iowa state, that sam richardson has the potential.
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we all said he's scrappy, he's gutty, he seems like the guy you needed to have at quarterback. he needed to eliminate those one or two. >> joey: even though it was a penalty, he kept it moving. >> joe: moving faster than that. not sure what in the world that was. >> joe: not sure what the holdup is here. the ball has to go ten yards if the receiving team doesn't touch it. >> joey: i think it was offsides as well.
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he got a little bit of a head start, i believe. anybody ahead of him before the ball kicked? we'll see the flag come out. >> joe: again, though, it doesn't matter, there's another penalty, which is recovering the ball before it went 10 yards. >> joe: offside, kicking team. baylor will take the spot of first touching, it will be their ball, first down. >> joe: the bears will have the football at the 42 yard line. chances here for the players lower on the two deep to get
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some action. so much talent deep into that two deep, we're seeing guys that have made impacts already this year. russell pumps and throws for fuller. he overshot him, second and ten. >> joey: you mentioned a moment ago, fuller, jones, hall were all in the ball game there. hall has nearly 200 touches on the year. fuller has already established himself. just coming back from injury. the wealth at wide receiver is pretty impressive here at baylor.
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24 touches for the fourth string running back. part of that is that devin chapin has been out. he's been the third string running back. we've not seen devin shapen tonight. we'll have to wait at least one more week to bring him back. let's go to greg wolf for a game break. >> let's go to the coliseum. after sean manion was inninger accepted for a pick six. ryan murphy goes 97 yards on the return for a touchdown. oregon state would add a field goal, they lead it 10-7 second quarter. guys? greg, in his only returning
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kicks, because victor bolden is out with an injury. oregon state trying to win it for the first time since 1960. russell goes down, inside the 20. utah went down earlier tonight utah's first loss got caught looking ahead. arizona state walloped by ucla thursday night on fox sports one. ufc with a loss at boston colle college. here's russell.
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it will get inside the 10 and pay for it. matthew thomas with the tackle. >> joey: he leads the fake and becomes the blocker on the edge. russe russell doing a nice job. this team will be in good hands when bryce moves on. >> what a run at quarterbacks. >> not too bad. >> joe: no. second and short. first down. rg3 in his first few years when he was out. to warren, petty and russell.
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the heir aparent for the quarterback spot. >> joey: let's not forget coach briles before he got to baylor. >> joe: houston. >> joey: he only produced the all time leading rusher in the history of football. the clock winding down to a minute. baylor has past its first big. >> joe: test. flag down. iowa state. this crowd is going to have spots where it gets revved up, starts to believe it has a chance. credit to baylor for throwing
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those punches the cyclones threw early on. >> joey: they fed the crowd early, stayed with them after half time but there were a couple key manage takes by iowa state, a couple big plays by bayl baylor, and all of a sudden it was a 20 point ball game. >> 5 yard penalty second down. >> elected to take the ten second runoff. please reset the game clock to 43 seconds. the game clock will start on my ready for play signal. >> joe: the clock moving inside of a minute.
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second and goal. up next for baylor, they go to texas. texas has not been good, not a normal texas team. you know they'll be ready down there in austin. this weekend, tcu at home, back in their new stadium before heading back on the road 49-28 win over iowa state. cyclones fall to 1-3 on the season. baylor is 4-0 with a convincing win. they wrack up 400 yards. and send the cyclone faithful home disappointed. mmmm... peppermint. vo: where can the innovators at chevrolet get discounts on their car insurance?
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. 49-28, baylor beats iowa state, on a beautiful night here in ames. art briles team is 7-0 for the second year in a row. you've seen baylor twice now, your thoughts as they move into the meat of this big. >> joe: schedule. >> joey: he threw for 336 yards, got himself squarely back into the heisman trophy situation. he benefited from the return of two wide receive irs. antwaan goodley, coleman. katie cannon the third leading receiver in the country has more catches. the depth, the 5b89 to spread the ball all over the place is really unlike any other school in the country right now, the depth that baylor has, it's impressive to watch. their front 4 pretty good. >> pretty fun to watch this baylor team. moments as, kris visited with
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bryce petty. >> kris: i know you have a lot of special play makers on this team, you give back a couple of them. how good was if to have coleman and goodley back out there today? >> it was huge. those guys are play makers. i joke around, they're my little toys, it's like christmas all over again for me. >> talking about some of the mistakes you made on offense. what do you need to correct? >> you need to work on things improve on things. >> we needs to work on some things on my end. we clean that up. we'll be good to go. >> kris: thank you. >> joe: fox sports one is your home for championship baseball. coming up next on fox except for the west coast, it's your
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late local news. we'd be remiss to say bryce petty was one of the best quarterbacks in the country, one of the best guys in the country as well. baylor rolls iowa state 49-21. for joey harrington, the rest of our fantastic crew in ames, joe davis saying good night. college football's first playoff. we are! fox sports!
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