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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 8, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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first they were busted for dui then police say they got busy in the back of a police car. the incident that made a judge blush. >> the group helping animals and families dealing with disaster. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now at fox 29 news at 10:00 a jury deliberates late into the night in montgomery county double murder.
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a man on trial accused of killing a baby and her grandmother. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney to in tonight for luce is he nolan. i'm iain page. >> the jury began deliberating just after 4:30s bean in a kuriakose joins us live outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown with the breaking developments. sabina? >> reporter: guys, he is defending himself but tonight his stand by legal counsel tells me at one point tonight it appeared the jury had a verdict before it seemingly changing their minds. now right now the judge is deciding whether to allow jurors to break for the night following at least five hours of deliberations. earlier the you've rejected what seemed to be a juror's requesting to home for the evening. prosecutors say the man kidnapped 10 month old baby from her family's king of prussia home in october of 2012. he killed her grandmother. the little girl was later found dead. prosecutors say it was a botched kidnapping. he testified two men forced him to lead them to the girl's
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apartment and they say -- he says they committed the murders. the 27 year old could face the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder already tonight jurors asking for the definition of first, second and third degree murder. so of course this is a very high stakes trial. we saw a lot of family of relatives of the young girl and grad mother in the courtroom anxiously awaiting this verdict. again, no verdict as of now. right now the judge in there the courtroom deciding whether or not to keep the jury throughout the night or whether to send them home. of course we'll have the latest developments for you dawn and iain. back to you. >> sabina, thank you very much. the other big story tonight of course the ebola virus turns deadly in the united states. the first person diagnosed with ebola in america has died. thomas eric duncan died this morning while receiving treatment in texas. as word spreads of the first death in the us, another man is rushed to a texas hospital with ebola like symptoms, and some airports stepping up screenings of passengers coming into the
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country a lot of new developments and we learn just a short timing a duncan's body will be cream mated. >> the 42 year old contracted the virus in liberia. did he not show any symptoms when he left for the united states, but got sick several days later. dozens of people at risk of being infected by duncan are now being monitored. they'll be monitored for the next 21 days. today a dallas sheriff deputy who went into an apartment where duncan stayed was taken to the hospital. he is in you being tested for the virus. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at cooper university hospital tonight where health care workers are prepared to deal with ebola. jennifer? >> reporter: that's right, dawn. even though ebola patient through to dallas, he very well could have flown to the philadelphia region and for that reason local ems squads and hospitals like cooper university are preparing for the possibility that ebola could hit home. >> on a lot of calls seconds count. >> reporter: chuck you'll made a living saving lives.
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>> no typical day. >> reporter: he works as the chief of galloway township ambulance squad. what he does each day is inherently dangerous. the newest concern is the possibility of ebola hitting our area. >> there are people that come from west africa. there are people that travel from europe who may have come in contact. >> reporter: rule number one question patients upon ems rival. >> the first questions that we ask them, have they had any travel outside the united states in particular in west africa? >> reporter: if yes an emt will break out the isolation k kit. >> there's a gown inside there. it's a gown that doesn't a loud liquids to go through. >> reporter: the chief ordered another case of these kits today in light of the concern. >> typically this ambulance gets wiped down after each call. however if an ebola patient was trance poured through here the ambulance would be taken out of service and stripped by professionals. >> we have gloves that easily accessible. >> reporter: cooper university ems says the hospital is directing 23ems agencies in new
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jersey on how best to prepare for an ebola patient. >> if we are concerned the person is at risk for ebola, then the person should be wearing a mask and brought into a designated isolation room. >> reporter: dr. honk a father of two and chief you'll say protecting themselves is key. >> i'm taking steps so i don't infect anybody else. >> reporter: beyond that they're relying on their knowledge and that equipment that they are adequately prepared. >> if and when it does come here, we'll be ready to deal with it. >> reporter: and we are hearing that ems squads and hospitals throughout the region are having on-going meetings reviewing protocol and making sure they are prepared because you never know. iain. >> all right, jennifer, thank you. travelers arriving from west africa will be examined at five major u.s. airports starting on saturday. the new screenings will take place at jfk, washington dulles and the international airports in atlanta, chicago and newark. white house says the fever checks will reach about nine of 10 travelers from the hardest
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hit countries. as the ebola crisis continues to develop stay with fox 29. head to our website for around the clock updates on this fast-moving story. >> happening now, disgust and disbelief after shocking charges are filed against a montgomery county mother. prosecutoprosecutors say patrica davenport bought and supplied her teenaged daughter with drugs going as far as to allow the teen to do the drugs right at the kitchen table. the district attorney's office davenport and a friend meghan rudolph bought the drugs in philadelphia at seventh and russell streets. davenport often had the 15 year old and her eight year old stepson with her as she bought heroin, cocaine and prescription drugs. investigators say the girl's boyfriend was also allegedly given drug. >> not only bring their child to philadelphia to purchase drugs on numerous occasions, but to introduce her to the use of heroin and to inject her with heroin is unbelievable.
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>> it's shocking and i gas you never know. >> prosecutors say the women are facing corruption of minors, reckless endangerment and drug charges. they're being held in jail tonight on $50,000 cash bail. high schoolers showing their anger over the philadelphia school money crisis. dozens of students came out to support their teachers today. protesting outside of several schools. the teachers expired contract was canceled monday so the district could begin to make them contribute to the cost their health insurance. school officials say that will save $44 million a year which will go directly into the scho schools. >> so they're not getting as much money. i don't think that's far they're trying to help us, and make sure that we get an education, and i feel as though their right is to have health care. >> the teachers union says it will challenge the canceling of the contract in court. skyfox is there as several people are arrested in a protest in atlantic city, new jersey. casino workers who are members of the local 54 union blocked traffic at the intersection of
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missouri and arctic avenues during rush hour tonight. they're angry over demands for contract give backs from the trump taj mahal, the casino is threatening to close if the union doesn't give up its pension plan and health insurance among other things. police say 24 people were arre arrested and charged with with obstructing a highway and failure to move. >> state police discovered accused cop killer eric frein's chilling diary and in it he describe the ambush that killed one state police trooper and wounded another. one police official calls the actions frein details as quote pure evil. graphic account of the ambush police say frein described his get away which included driving into a pond and ditching his ak47. he has been on the run for nearly a month now. despite a massive manhunt that has cost millions of dollars. >> it will be a clear and mild night. chief meteorologist scott williams here with a look at what should be on your radar tonight. scott? >> right now it is dry and quiet. it will be comfortably cool for the overnight but on our radar
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we're tracking our next system that will be gathering moisture from the southwest as well as the midwest. so by tomorrow morning, we're dry and quiet across the area. thursday looking pretty good. but watch the clock as we move into thursday night and pry friday. our next system arrives friday with clouds as well as showers. unfortunately,. so here's the clock. lunch time on friday, mostly cloudy, showers and drizzle across the area especially south jersey, sections of delaware. pretty widespread across the area into friday night. this system could actually linger into the upcoming weekend as well. so for tomorrow, no problems. sunshine, cooler conditions for highs only in the upper 60s. then by friday morning, cloudy, but dry and then that rainfall arrives by friday afternoon and evening. coming up we'll talk about how that system will likely impact the weekend and also how the early call for the forecast this sunday at the linc. iain and dawn? >> a late night incident at philadelphia international airport has one passenger crying foul. she believes that she was
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removed from a jet blue flight for criticizing the pilot on social media. >> fox 29's bruce gordon explains how it all started with a delayed flight from philly to boston. >> reporter: carter knight tells us she and her fellow passengers were boarding flight 760 when she overheard a joke about the long delay. >> a passenger says wow it's been a long wait. i hope the bar is fully stocked and the pilot came out and said that's it. everybody back up the jet way, i've just been accused of being intoxicated. >> reporter: passengers were sent back to the gate to wait. as the pilot was given and passed a sobriety test. carter knight tweeted pictures of the plane as she waited at the gate. but she also tweeted a series of comments critical of the pilot. claiming he had falsely accused the passenger who made the joke. and describing the pilot as unruly and irate. >> normal things that anybody would share on their facebook page outwaited page and i was told -- told that i -- pilot was not comfortable with meet getting on his flight. >> reporter: when passengers were once again allowed to board
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the plane carter knight was held back. she believes the airline monitored or learned of her critical tweets and punished her by refusing to honor her ticket. >> three children that without their mom tonight because a pilot made a decision that my social media interaction with my friends and family was not appropriate and he was not going to be tolerated by him. >> reporter: in statement jet blue says "it is not our practice to remove a customer for expressing criticism of their experience in any medium. we will remove a customer if they are disruptive and the crew evaluates that there's a risk of case laying which could lead to an unsafe environment ". attorney fred tee she. >> it's their obligation to get the area plane from point a to point b safely much that's the first thing they have to worry about. secondly, they have to worry about other passenger f someone is being disruptive the airlines have tremendously wide latitude to remove that person. >> reporter: wide latitude indeed. the full jet blue statement says passengers can be removed if they exhibit objectionable behavior or cause conflict at the gate or on the plane.
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of course the airline gets to define those terms. jet blue ultimately refunded carter knight's money. she flew home on a different carrier. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> squad car shenanigans. comincomingcoming up a couple dui wind up in even more troub trouble. what happened after police caught them getting frisky in a police cruiser. >> fox 29's viewers help reunite a music legend with priceless sheet music. >> is chilling confrontation. do police go too far during a routine traffic stop? >> oh, bleep. >> the wild incident has sparked a lawsuit but the plaintiffs say they're not looking for money. and red cross for you are animals. we are taking you inside philadelphia's red paw. the group that rushes in to help when disaster strikes. you'll see a heart warming when disaster strikes. you'll see a heart warming reunion of people and pets that
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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>> terrifying hold um at a td bank in hatboro, montgomery county today. police say a man wearing a halloween mask walked into the bank on a 200 block of south york road, pulled out a gun den manned money from teller. police say he took off with the cash in a dark blue buick with stolen pennsylvania plate. investigators believe he robbed the same bank back in july with a bandana covering his face. if you know anything at all, give police a call. >> investigators say a two harm house fire in tacony was most likely an accident. but enough to injuria philadelphia firefighter. skyfox over the scene in the 4600 block of princeton street.
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we are told that the firefighter is doing okay tonight after falling down some stairs. >> that fire caused major damage to the home of one family who has suffered through its share of tragedy recently. fox 29's chris o'connell live in tacony with their really heartbreaking story, chris report roar this is a heart-breaking story, dawn and iain. this family lost pretty much everything, and we're not just talking about the items, the belongings, burned in today's fire here. no, this is the latest in a long list of recent family tragedies. >> everything. i lost everything. >> reporter: stephanie was across the street working at finger' hoagie shop just 100 feet away but it still wasn't close enough to save her rental home from a familiar fast-moving fire. >> my mom ran out of the house and said steffie the back room was on fire. >> reporter: she could only watch as almost everything the family owns was burned. >> the fire department went back in and got her for me. >> reporter: one thing that was salvaged, the ashes of her
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grandmother. >> this is like so important. that's my grandmom. i just lost her. >> reporter: her grandmother died two weeks ago and that came after her husband's grandparents were both murdered in strawberry mansion back in july. the elderly couple was strangled to death over $120 and a gold chain. now with no home and no renter's insurance, this family is near its breaking point. >> i don't know if we can take any more. we can't take no more. this got to be it. this got to be the drawing board. >> reporter: to make matters worst family is wondering if their home could have been sav saved. the nearest fire station engine 38 was less than a half mile away. but it was temporarily closed today because of city budget cuts. so engine 36 was the first company to respond. traveling more than mile and half to the fire from holmesburg one of those firefighters was injured falling down the stairs. he was treated and released from
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aria torresdale hospital. back on prince top street, the rebuilding begins. >> i'm going to be patient and i'm going to be strong. and i'm going to fix it. >> reporter: the american red cross is helping this family out tonight. along with the tacony civic association. they've helped secure an apartment for this family to use for the next month. as for that firefighter, he has been treated and released from the hospital tonight. he is doing fine. dawn? >> all right, chris, thank you. residents in a west philadelphia neighborhood are feel uneasy tonight after bunch of cars are broken into and vandalized. neighbors waking up this morning to find their tires slashed and their belongings stolen from their cars. nearly dozen vehicles were targeted near the 200 block of south faragut street. the vandals swiping wallets, registration cards, toys an stroller from one woman's trunk. >> why do you take stroller? i mean, officers said what they probably did was use the
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stroller to transport whatever goods that they took out of people's vehicles. >> detectives are still investigating. so far no arrests. a new jersey man pleads guilty to human trafficking charges in connection to a male prostitution ring. the state attorney general' office says mark branch of ventnor could face five years in jail. investigators say branch operated the prostitution ring out of his apartment. he posted nude photos of the young men involved on craigslist to solicit male clients and he charge up to $200 for their services. officials say at least one person involved was a minor. branch will be sentenced in december. >> more than a dozen people are injured in two separate schoolbus crashes this morning. skyfox over the scene of this crash in southwest philadelphia. this is at island avenue and lindburgh boulevard this morning. we're told four people were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions. and in northeast philadelphia, a schoolbus hits a parked car on lot street near hop just after 8:00 o'clock. this caused a chain reaction
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crash that damaged three other parked vehicles. there were 22 children on the bus at the time. 10 of them were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. the bus driver was not hur. >> fox 29 gets results for rock and roll singing legend bobby rydell. we first told you about this yesterday. rydell lost a suitcase full of priceless sheet music. well it fell out of the open hatch of his suv after a weekend concert at map p.m. newtown high school. steve taylor and his girlfriend found it on west chester pike. they saw rydell's name on the music and started trying to track him down. they wept to his facebook page and saw that he was directing fans to a story that our bruce gordon did on the missing suitcase. >> reporter: you see the story want goes through your mound? >> panic. instantly all i can think, get this back to bobby. needs it. i just -- i felt bad. i felt terrible. it was just sitting in my room for though days. >> you did good. you did real good. thank you, bruce. thank you, fox. thank everybody. >> got his eagles hat on too.
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the grateful rydell gave the couple a collection of cd's autographed photos an five hadn't dread dollars reward. if you'd like fox 29 to help you gets results, just let us know. visit our website at, click on the news link and send us an e-mail. >> a woman caught on camera seemingly looking for trouble. coming up how her plans took a back seat after a bad fall. it's video you have to see. not your typical school yard fight. cops say a mom got involved in this one. who police say the mom attacked right and side the school. >> and a seven year old boy decides to identify as a girl. the reaction from her second grade class and what the lightest or nothing.
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>> breaking news in media delaware county right now. sky fox live over the scene of a fire on elwyn road near the elwyn development sent. you can see firefighters still out there working although the flames appear to be knocked out. no injuries have been reported. >> air quality in a small town in canada being testified after a train derailed. catches fire and then explodes this happened yesterday petroleum spilled from two of the cars. that's what caused the fire investigators say. about 50 people had to be evacuated from their homes. no one was injury. california officials are grounding all air tanker in the battle against wildfires after a deadly crash. a pilot died yesterday after his air tanker crashed fighting a wildfire near yosemite national park. witnesses say the plane smashed into a canyon wall appearing to
10:24 pm
dint toy great on ill pack. the pilot is believed to be the only person aboard the air tanker when it crashed. >> cell i don't know video a police confrontation with drivers in indiana will take center stage in a courtroom. >> oh, bleep! >> jamal jones the man scene being tased in this video is suing the hammond police department for excessive force, false arrest, assault and battery and other charges. he says the driver was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt. jones and the driver and her two kids were in the car on their way to the hospital when the incident happened. >> i got shot in my back with a taser. he started tasing me and i just started going -- just felt look my body was going to shut down and then he tased me on the ground. i asked him, please, please, just stop tasing me. >> jones says the driver called 911 saying she feared for their lives. the officers involved are dee
10:25 pm
defendants in other lawsuits charging them with excessive force as well. still the police department is standing by their actions tonight. >> and now some video you have to see to believe. the the case of the bundling burglary. police are on the look out for that burglary who walked around the backyard of a home and took a trip to the roof before then taking a pretty bad fall. the incident was caught last month on camera. the burglar made a quick exit much to the homeowner's relief. >> it was scary the first week our daughter didn't want to be upstairs at all by herself. >> sean looking for a lost frisbee or nothing hick that. she was looking for window to get inside and commit who knows what. >> that woman is still on the loose. police think she may be connec connected to other crimes in that neighborhood. ebola fierce spreading across the country. coming up another man being testified for the deadly virus. why his son says it's all being blown out of proportion. >> police cruiser trip.
10:26 pm
a couple busted for dui get caught doing else that landed them in big trouble. what officers say they did inside a police car. >> and it's red cross for our pets. inside a local group that rushes in to help our four legged friends when disaster strikes. >> scott. >> iain, don't go to get just yet. that complete forecast coming up in less than 10 minutes. we'll talk about late week rain that kim pack the weekend as well as when to expect cooler temperatures.
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>> dallas county sheriff deputy is hospitalized tonight after showing possible ebola symptoms. the deputy was inside ebola victim eric duncan's apartment. >> doctors say his risk is minimal but they're in the taking any chances. deputy walked into a care now facility at a strip mall around 12:30 today. >> fox's arab talk to his son who said his dad had stomach pains and wanted to be extra cash. >> reporter: as a frisco care became an intensive hazmat
10:30 pm
scene. patients inside like chuck marone know and his son ethan say the waiting room was like a panic room. >> initially, there was a lot of frustration amongst the staff just that, you know, a lot of disbelief that an ebola patient would walk into a care now for care. >> reporter: soon they realized the commotion was open a patient exhibiting possible signs of ebola. the frisco fire depth says the man was in the apartment of the dallas ebola patient thomas duncan before he was decom contaminated. >> i requested masks and gowns for my self and my 15 year old son. >> reporter: family identified the man as mike mon knack a sergeant of the dallas county sheriff's office who woke up today with flu-like symptoms. >> he just woke up and felt a little sore. fatigue. and had a little bit of stomach ache. no fever. no, you know, vomiting, diarrhea anything like that. >> reporter: he was among the sheriff deputees that he is cored health and county officials inside duncan' apartment last we can. >> he was one of the first
10:31 pm
responders there. he was in the apartment for maybe half an hour. >> reporter: although he didn't wear protective gear his son says his dad never had contact with the e bella patient's bodily fluids. the family says he's been monitored by the cdc with daily temperature check much his son says the last reading was normal at 98 degrees. >> my dad being the cautious person that he is decid decidede rather safe than sorry. >> reporter: he was taken from frisco to presbyterian hospital in northeast dallas where duncan had a been hospitalized. the frisco first responderred followed protocol for an infectious disease like e bella taking necessary precautions. >> waiting to get all the facts. making sure nothing gets blown out of proportion. >> reporter: as the family waits for answers in privacy -- >> chuck and ethan say this will be a memorable part of their medical history. >> physicians and scientists around the country are in philadelphia discussing ebola and other infectious diseases. the medical professionals are sharing their knowledge and
10:32 pm
experience it's happening at the convention center through sund sunday. >> philadelphia police have now charged three people in an tack on a 14 year old girl in a classroom at edison high school. you're looking at the video here. the suspects are 32 year old mother identified as boykin and her two daughters who are students. the victim had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. >> philadelphia police are trying to stop series of break ins at public storage facilities in the northeast. they've released a surveillance pictures of two suspects stealing items from extra storage space on grant avenue on monday they got away in a truck and there have been several similar public storage break ins over the past 2.5 weeks. if you know anything that could help catch the thieves you're asked to please call philadelphia police. >> fox 29 investigates has some great news to report tonight. it's all about that burning controversy over the trash can caper in a philadelphia neighborhood. it showed a man back in july with a city issued trash can balanced on a handtruck. he wheels it right out of frame
10:33 pm
never to be seen again. well block captain joanne manuel called the police but the trash can never reappeared. we told the story and reminded viewers that these cans help philly in the on-going battle with all of that city trash. this week we got results. the streets department placed a new trash can on penns grove, this time with heavy chain and lock attached. the block captain says it's all she ever wanted. >> and here's scott williams with a check of your weather. >> that's right, iain. today it was a pretty nice day. we saw that rainfall yesterday at this time. it moved out rapidly giving way to sunshine and windy conditions but look at the high. we made it up to 75. the normal this time of year in the upper 60s. we'll likely stay in the 60s for tomorrow as well as right through the weekend. but look at the record high. near 90 on today's date back in 2007. current conditions across the area right now we're looking at 60 in allentown as well as wilmington. mid 50s in millville.
10:34 pm
low 60s in atlantic city. as well as wildwood right now. so the winds they were gusting at times up to 30 miles an hour earlier. right now, current winds out of the north and west anywhere from about five to 10 miles per hour on average so that's some good news. the winds are dying down as high pressure moves in overhead. looking at the satellite and radar, you can see we're pretty quiet for now, but we're looking ahead and we're talking about some rainfall by friday. likely lingering into much of the weekend. for tomorrow morning, sunshine. it will be comfortable start. comfortably cool that is. those high temperatures only in the 60s. but look at the rainfall off to the west. thursday during the day we start to see those clouds move a little closer and then by frid friday, yeah, that system s the moving in. we're talking rain moving out of the ohio river valley, moving into south jersey, sections of delaware. on and off again showers, drizzle it's going to be damp and cloudy. it's also going to be cool. temperatures friday will be
10:35 pm
stuck in the low to mid 60s. look at friday night for your plans. we're talking about some rainfall overspreading the area and it continues overnight friday. saturday morning, yeah, looks writ tow damp and dreary remember last saturday morning? it could be a similar setup. as we move toward saturday afternoon, we still have clouds, pocks of showers and drizzle and that boundary will stall to the south and eventually by sunday night into monday another chance for rain. but take look at the tropic. this is a massive typhoon. it is called vong fong movement to the north and west about six. should be impacting tokyo as we move toward the weekend moving closer to mainland japan next week. could cause catastrophic damage. overnight mostly clear, dry and cool, upper 40s low 50s across the area. tomorrow, sunshine but cooler. high of only 68 degrees. remember the average high for
10:36 pm
this time of year is 69. the seven day forecast showing you friday, we cloud up and we're talking about that rain arriving in the afternoon and evening. lingering showers to start on saturday. the temple game to be cloudy and cool and also could be some rainfall unfortunately by sunday night for the eagles game. so we'll continue to watch that but those temperatures in the 60s until next week. >> fall is in the air. it is. >> thanks, scott. all aboard. coming up the leader of the catholic church goes on a little joy ride around vatican square. see who he inn have id to hop on the pope mobile. >> americas best burgers looking for a juicy hamburger to sing your teeth into? the two fast food giants that tied for having the best burger in the country. >> and a big cell phone service pre cidar ordered to pay up. >> and a big cell phone service pre cidar ordered to pay up. how you could
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change.
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tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. ♪ >> talk about a thrill. the pope takes some unexpected guests on a joy ride around saint peter' square. two little boys were just thrilled to hop on board after their trip the boys kissed pope francis on both cheeks before going back to their group. a wisconsin couple sentenced for having sex in the back seat of a cop car after being arres
10:40 pm
arrested for dui. you heard that right. after they got pulled over for drunk driving back in august, police say travis and heather got frick key in the squad car. disorderly and lewd conduct were added to their list of charges. he has been sentence to do 90 days in jail the maximum penalty for his charges while she in a separate hearing was given time serve 48 days plus fines. >> in your money at&t will pay big bucks to settle cramming complaints. they will pay customers $155 million according to the fcc. it's to settle allegations it billed customers millions of dollars for third party subscriptions and text messages that were unauthorized. it is the largest settlement in the fcc's history. at and t has also agreed to reform the company pledging it will obtain quote express informed consent from customers before allowing third party charges on their phone bills and it will make sure those charges are clearly identified.
10:41 pm
all right. according to new online poll our nation's favorite fast food burgers are served up at burger king and five guys burgers and fries followed by wendy'. mc donald's came in at another category. tastiest fries. chick-fil-a was overall favori favorite. more than thousand people took part in this fast food survey. >> the owe gallons have something special for this done sunday's big prime time game again the new york giants. boyz ii men will perform at half time of the the game on national tv at the linc. boys two help sold 60 million albums a long list of hits spanning more than two decades and they're new album called collide comes out october 21s october 21st. >> a mother says her seven year old son has decided to department if i as a girl. coming up, the reaction from her second grade class want some parents say concerns them the most. >> and red cross for our anima animals. we are taking you inside philadelphia's red paw the group that issues are in to help when disaster strikes.
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you'll see a heart warming reunion of people and pets that will make you appreciatemt
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>> just in from the montgomery county courthouse. the jury was just dismissed for the night in the double murder
10:45 pm
trial. they had been deliberating late into the evening starting around 4:30 this afternoon. he's accused of kidnapping 10 month old baby girl back in october of 2012 and killing her grandmother. the little girl was later found dead. jurors will resume their work tomorrow morning. >> a seven year old causing quite a stir in kentucky. the child been a boy has decided to identify himself as girl. nicky sullivan says her child has always identified herself as female in private. on monday, she went public. she arrived at school with a new name and a new wardrobe and was introduced to her second grade class as ella. some parents are not happy about this. >> to me a boy who on friday is boy and monday decides to be a girl to me that's major distra distract. our kids shouldn't have to go through that. >> people said they're going to pull their kids out of the same class and stupid stuff like th that. but i'm not worried about it.
10:46 pm
she's amazing. so just a different name. >> sullivan says the school is providing ella with announce si sex restroom and protecting her from bullying. >> a giant moose is getting whole lot of attention as it wanders around in western wisconsin. officials say this big fella was first seen last week 40 miles away from where he was spotted today. officials think he even crossed a river in his journey. many residents lined up along a local highway to get a glimpse of him. wildlife experts are urging them to keep their distance as moose can behave aggressive. since he's caused no problems right now there are no plans to relocate the moose. >> well, they're not just your cat or dog or your hamster for many of us our pets are part of our family. but when disaster forces you out of your home, they can become an after thought. >> bruce gordon to note with very look at a local organization dedicated to rescuing and caring for the four legged victims of tragedy. >> hi, baby.
10:47 pm
>> i missed you so much. >> rodriguez can hardly cop taken herself. after nearly a week of separation, she has been reunited with her beloved pomeranian bear. >> and jenn leary is the woman who helped make it happen. >> they are family members. the whole reason that i started this is because i wanted all family members taken care of after a disaster. >> kevin is on call thursday night and friday day. >> she founded the read paw emergency relief team inside this south philly row home where she lives. former philly firefighter and red cross volunteer loor respect countless area at disaster scenes and couldn't help but notice there was lots of help for people, almost nothing for their animals. >> the owners were left with this horrible decision now they just lost everything they had, now they're forced to essentially give up their pet because they don't have anybody to take them while they try to regroup and recover.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: leary's home is filled with critters of all kinds. >> kittens rescued from a west chester house fire. >> they're all named after female characters in hemingway novels. >> reporter: in the front room leopard gecko from a northeast philly blaze. a pair of turtle turtles removed from a wyssonoming murder scene. >> read paw partners with volunteers from all over the region. who foster these animals or place them for adoption as circumstances warrant. we met leary back in july at a west philadelphia house collapse. chris chapman's two scott dish deer hounds were missing. she was frantic. >> your still looking for your dogs. >> i'm looking for my dog. nothing else matters until ooh find the dog. >> one of the dogs was quickly recovered but the other brie was trapped inside the rubble. called to the scene by first responders, leary accompanied trap man into the collapsed home with the city official acts as escort. >> good girl. >> it took us awhile because she
10:49 pm
i was afraid to cross the collapsed floor that was slanted down but after little coaxing, we got her. >> report. >> good girl. >> it's a great day. i got my dog. the dogs are safe. it's a great day. >> reporter: back to rod rouges. she and her five children and two dogs were burned out of their frankford home in mid september. she and the kids could stay with mom but there was no room for the doing. >> those were her babies, and she was heart broken to have to be separated from them. >> reporter: read paw offered to help as always free of charge. they turn this time to operation ava. part of read paw's network of facilities that provide temporary care and lodging for displaced pets. when needed they will provide medical care, spay, neuter or vaccinate their guests. but bear and nena the chihuahua are in pretty good shape. >> they've been out playing with volunteer in our play room here and they just needed a bath and
10:50 pm
time to recover from their trauma. >> reporter: and when it came time for bear and ne any of the a to reunite with rodriguez -- >> baby, i missed you. i missed you so much. >> reporter: jenn was there to see the smiles her team in created from the ashes of tragedy. >> what goes through your mind as you see those little dog geese. >> now my kids will be happy again. >> it's great. it's why we do what we do. read paw service comes free of charge. they survive on donations and grants. and remember, they are invited to fire scenes and alike by first responders. so make note of their name if you need help. red paw and go to we'll link to you their sight. if you want to help them with their good works. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> what terrific organization. absolutely. all right. >> howard is here with look at sports. big game coming up sunday. >> probably the biggest one for the flyers -- flyers. for the eagles this season. we'll get to the flyers. eagles play the giants on sunday
10:51 pm
that may be the most intense rivalry this team has and the trash talking has gun. nothing like a good fight. now we got the flyers. as they begin the real season. now we got the flyers. as they begin the real season. the fwhat's possible today?it
10:52 pm
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♪ >> the hockey season has begun. the flyers opened the season and the game had everything for the flyers but they did have one less goal than the bruins. let's go boston. had everything fighting, luke schenn trying to send a message to those bruins in the second period. flyers were down one to nothing. but the flyers did tie it up in the third. sean courtiere scores i don't know if he touched the puck. it doesn't matter. it's tied. steve mason keep the flyers into a tie. stone the shot. but with less than two minuting to in the hockey game boston and the flyers zone and the puck is bouncing around in front and chris kelly puts it in 11:51 left. the flyers lose it two to one in the opener. >> football players liked to lot
10:55 pm
of smack talking. the giants dropped the first trash talk sunday night eagles and giants at the linc. the eagles have some things they have to straighten out and we know that but it never hurts to have the other team gets things started here's what got thing started by the giants defensive back antrel roll w asked about the eagles winning the division a year ago, he said i don't feel like there was really much of a battle in the did you having with last year. i feel like it was a weak division and the eagles responded by throwing back on the giants a tomorrow by the way that finish third in that weak division. >> are you saying your team was bad? you didn't do what you were supposed to do, so, um, that's an excuse, and that's his opinion, um, but -- but i'm not fixing to sit here and entertain it, because i think somebody like actually asked me that on this radio show and i said we'll see you on sunday. >> i'll tell was motivates me is when i walk out on that field and you see 70,000 screaming
10:56 pm
fans. >> looking at the standings eagles are four and one. but the talk in town is what's wrong with this team? >> it's philadelphia. philadelphia wants five-zero winning by a thousand points game. so you can't, you can't be good enough. so we're going to push keeping ahead. four and one is a great start but obviously we could be better. we like where we are and we'll keep making progress and progress will be lead to victory. >> they just want to you cover. that's all. here's our lineup for sunday. >> great finish to an exhibition basketball game. let's go to germany. how about send these basketball teams from the nba. san antonio is just trying to win the game. stolen by alba berlin. alba berlin wins it in
10:57 pm
exhibition preseason basketball in germany. >> nice trip but had wants to go over there. whatever. >> exactly. >> good play. >> thanks, howard. >> hey tmz is coming up next. peak sure you watch that. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". be sure to stay tuned. ♪
10:58 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on tmz -- >> so charles and i minding our own business this morning watching cbs this morning when gayle king seems to say "i'm ay. >> oh, my gosh, you and charles minding your business watching tv this morning. >> i want to be clear, you and i were not sitting around watching cbs this morning. >> does charles have his hair tied up like this? >> kevin hart was at the airport. >> ok. >> people started taking pictures with him and this lady runs in and takes a picture with him and if it comes clear, she's wearing like a uniform. she left her shuttle bus which is idling with people in it and scurries back to the bus. you hear her in the background yell, i'm sorry, y'all.