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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney tonight in for iain page. they are not showing any symptoms but the cdc says they are not allowed on another commercial flight for 21 days. today there have been no confirm cases of ebola in the philadelphia area. city officials are quick and happy tore mine us. our bruce gordon says mayor nutter was front and center today to try to keep everybody calm, bruce. >> reporter: yeah, dawn, the mayor took a not so subtle and perhaps well deserved jab at the media noting there is a fine line between informing people about ebola and scaring the heck out of them. so far the ebola virus in the us has been confined to a single death in dallas. but the fear of a widespread epidemic has been fanned by breathless news coverage across the nation from coast to coast. which the mayor and top city officials going in front of cameras friday trying to sooth jangled nerves. >> we need folks to stay focus focused, be calm, but we're prepared for this. >> reporter: city officials say local hospitals are equipped
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and trained for an ebola outbreak. but that the public must do its part. anyone who has recently traveled to west africa and exhibit symptoms like fever, headache, diarrhea or vomiting should call 911 or report to a hospital emergency room. there have already been examples of people exposed to the virus being less than candid about their travel history. then becoming sick. >> we can't force people to tell the truth. we can only wish that people act in their own best interest and it's in their best interest to be fully forthcoming. >> reporter: philadelphia paramedics could well be on the front lines of an outbreak. fire officials say their people are trained and equipped but the basic protective outfits required to be around ebola patients. >> we already have 700. there's another thousand on order. >> reporter: how long before those arrive. >> they should be here within the neck 30 days. >> reporter: 30 days. >> yes. >> this is the kit. with instructions. >> reporter: but the union representing those first responders calls this gear --
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>> mask, shield, gloves, head covering and gown. report roar woe physical inadequate. >> they are the bare minimum level of protection that you can have in this type of situation aside from wearing nothing at all. >> reporter: now it's no secret the union and top fire department brass agree on very little. in this particular squabble the commissioner says there are more advanced protective suits on board every piece of equipment that's sent out. nothing 22 says they are under orders not to use that gear but instead to stick to the basic gowns. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. the first dallas nurse infected with ebola spending her first day that in a special arrived unit in maryland. late last night the dallas hospital she was at released this video of nina pham before her transfer. doctors say the 26 year old is sitting up eating and resting comfortably. she does still have some symptoms. she is in good spirits. she's a highly intelligent aware person who knows exactly what's going on and she's a really
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terrific person. >> we have also learned that another hospital worker who handled lab specimen from the liberian who died is on a caribbean cruise ship. that worker is now quarantined for any signs of infection. of course, that's nina pham right there you see. a lot of people are glued to this to the developing ebola story as it continues to unfold. click the ebola virus link on for our coverage 24/7. we are following new developments tonight in a road rage case involving a schoolbus. police say they have a possible break in the case. they've now found the vehicle that may be involved in yesterday's violent attack against a bus that was filled with children in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. and one of the students on that bus was hurt. fox 29's dave schratwieser joining us live outside of northeast detectives with the latest. dave? >> reporter: veteran detectives told me today that they've seen their share of road rage cases, but never one involving a schoolbus. they tonight are trying to figure out what touched off this incident as they search for the
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four women involved. two of whom had mace and a baseball bat. >> i don't understand it. i absolutely don't understand it. >> reporter: employees at the bus company targeted in thursday's road rage incident on the boulevard were still trying to come to grips with the bizarre incident friday an incident that left one student injured, a bus window smashed out with a bat and the company's general manager wondering what could have touch this off. >> it just literally blows my mine. get out with what i'm told baseball bat and mace? we got children on this bus. >> reporter: only fox 29 cameras were there when police found the suv they believe was involved in thursday afternoon's road rage incident with a busloaded with children. >> we've had our road rage incidents in the past as you know and we never had one involving a schoolbus. >> reporter: police believe there were four women inside the suv that stopped the durham school services bus at the boulevard and levick just after 3:00. that's when a passenger got out, sprayed mace on the hood while
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another woman took a bat to the bus window. >> there's obviously some kind of dispute, verbal dispute, maybe some kids on the bus, maybe the bus driver. >> reporter: bus company says there were 22 children on the bus, a 15 year old was slightly injured by flying glass. the gm praised the bus driver and the bus matron for keeping their cool. >> they kept the people off the bus and they didn't allow the children to get off the bus. >> reporter: investigators did find several women's purses inside the suv. police are now trying to identify the suspects. the bus driver and matron were back at work friday despite the frightening ordeal. >> they're okay. everybody is okay. thank god and the children most of all. >> reporter: now, police continue to go over that suv looking for leads in this case. they have not yet identified the women. when they do, they could face some very serious charges. dawn? >> all right, crazy story, thank you, dave. police right now trying to figure out why a truck driver swerved all over the road hitting parked cars in norristown before officers
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finally stopped the guy. it took some extreme measures. police say they had to fire shots at this tractor trailer to get the driver to stop. stretch of route 202 in norristown was partially shut down for hours. a chopper flew the driver to hahnemann hospital. there's no word on his condition tonight or if prosecutors have filed any charges. >> philadelphia police are looking for two men who tried to rob one person and shot another. the scene the 200 block of widener street in olney. police say a man wearing a halloween mask walked up to a woman who was just sitting outside her home. he had a semi-automatic begun. forced her inside while another man walked in behind them. there was a person inside the house and that man tried to fight off the robbers. they shot him in the arm. they punched in the stomach and took off in white chevy impala without taking anything. the pennsylvania state police trooper who was shot and wounded in a deadly ambush in the poconos is out of the hospital. he was given a police escort to a rehab center this morning. trooper alex douglas was shot
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last month at the blooming grove barracks in pike county many corporal brian dixon was killed. investigators say that 31 year old eric frein shot those two officers a massive manhunt for frein is now about to enter its sixth week. >> iconic old city restaurant is closed tonight after a fire early in the morning. it broke out in dumpster outside of the city tavern restaurant at second and walnut streets. firefighters arrived on the scene just past 4:30 this morning. they think it may have started in a linen bin. if you made reservations for tonight or this weekend the city tavern will reach out to you and let you know the status. no word though on when it will reopen. >> hurricane gonzalo already making his presence felt in bermuda. this is web cam video check it out. island nation is set to take a direct hit from this major category three storm. mack mum sustained winds are over 100 miles per hour. life threatening storm surges are hitting residents and warnings are in effect there. many people have taken
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precautions boarding up windows and shopping for necessities. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams monitoring the very latest developments. scott? >> making landfall right now, dawn, around the area. the northern part of the eye wall is impacting the southern most tip of the island of bermuda as we speak. but certainly this is the first major hurricane to really impact the area since fabian back in 2003. as we continue to go in time those conditions will rapidly deteriorate this evening. we're talking sustained hurricane force winds over 74 miles per hour impacting the entire island through this evening. maximum sustained winds at 115 miles per hour right now. movement to the north northeast at 16 miles per hour. a half a foot of rainfall and storm surge upwards of 10 feet expected there. for us, pretty comfortable right now. 70 degrees currently at 6:08. looking out winds southwest at 11 miles per hour and temperatures colonel until atlantic city 66 degrees.
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we have 67 in pottstown. 68 right now in allentown and 60 in the pocono mountains. so if you're stepping outdoors for dinner checking out that new movie or friday night lights grab a light jacket or sweater. we'll call it comfortably cool. lows to night bottom out mid 50s in the too. low 50s in the suburbs and then as we move ahead to the second half of the weekend, coming up we're timing a fall chill, how cold it gets as well as when to expect, yes, we're talking frost with the seven day forecast. dawn and lucy, back to you. >> all right, thank you, scott. you can track hurricane gonzalo at just click on the weather tab. >> still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, he earns a living saving lives but a local firefighter is going way beyond the call of duty. >> he's about to become this little girl's hero. what he's planning to do to give this little girl a chance at a long and happy live next. >> routine traffic stop takes a scary turn along a new jersey roadway. the close call caught on tape coming up.
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>> it's your chance to have your voice heard and see if we agree. with six games down we give you the chance to weigh in on the eagles season. we'll explain how coming up in sports. >> coming all new tonight at 10:00 o'clock the road to recovery. one of michael vick's dogs rescued from his fighting ring is now helping humans. what this pooch is doing now that's bringing people a l
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♪ >> check out the dash cam video hit-and-run right there in freehold, new jersey. it happened on saturday night. man that person was going fast. two state troopers narrowly escaped getting hit. a silver or white jeep sideswiped a car that he had pulled over for traffic violation on i-95. as you see it just keeps on going. if you have any information on this, give a call to the state police. >> firefighters are all about saving lives. but this will be a first for one fire fighting hero. >> he is donating part of his liver to a little girl who desperately needs it fox 29's
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thalia perez from bethlehem with this heart-warming story. >> i asked him probably five or six times if he was serious, and we went through all the testing and it turn out that he's a match. >> reporter: it's a miracle says dawn mccoy high school friend mike thompson can donate part of his liver to her three year old daughter kennedy stevenson. this gift of life comes after a long journey for the family. searching for diagnosis and learning that kennedy suffers from a very rare disease and can't metabolize protein. >> it's such a selfless thing to do, and we're just so grateful that there's really not words to express our, you know, how grateful we are to him. >> reporter: thompson tells us throughout his career as a firefighter he's been saving lives so it only came naturally to jump into action to help safe little kennedy's life. >> it's a great feeling, but, you know, people are saying that i'm a hero. i don't look at it that way. i think of it as human being
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helping out another human being. >> but for dawn and her little angel, he is they're her row. giving them both a gift that's priceless. >> i have all the faith that, you know, i've done everything that i can do to get her to this place, and now i have to trust that this is what they do every day. >> surgery is planned for october 28th in pittsburgh and both are expected to take some time to recover. in bethlehem, thalia perez, fox 29 news. >> a day of hope and promise in sewell, new jersey. 500 people showed up at a job fair at rowan college in gloucester county. organizers say 63 businesses looking to fill positions were there. this is a big big thing. many job seekers took part in three seminars before today's event bolster they're writing and resume and inter viewing skills. businesses represented are part of the pharmaceutical, health, education, retail and banging industries. good luck to everybody there. septa just kicked off its annual food drive dilworth plaza
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in center city the sight of the festivities today. the transit agency is partnering with philabundance for the sixth annual stop hunger at your station food drive. the two week drive hopes everyone will pitch in to help give food to those in need in our area. last year it collected more than 25 tons of food. you will find barrels for donations at various septa stations. >> and we would love for you to join fox 29 as we walk to end alzheimer's. >> that's right. grab your walking shoes. you can join team fox 29 for one of three separate walks. this saturday we'll be in wilmington at tubman garrett park on the river road. we'll be in atlantic city on october 26th and at citizens bank park on november 9th. for more information, just go to our website it's in the family focus section. sue serio will be at walk this weekend in wilmington. if you want to come on out and say hello. and to the fox 29 weather authority, where we are hoping, scott, that we're going to have
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good weather for tomorrow's walk. i know it probably will be a little cold. >> it will be a little chilly. not going to be drastically cold across the area tomorrow morni morning. so light jackets perhaps a sweater. it will be sunny and breezy. temperatures in wilmington saturday morning right around 58 to vape degrees. it will be a little windy though but those winds out of the west about 10 miles per hour with higher gusts. it's been breezy today. but pretty mild. 70 degrees right now at 6:17 on a fantastic friday evening across the area. so if you're stepping outdoors for dinner, perhaps some friday night lights, temperatures will be dropping into the if you have tees so grab a light jacket or sweater but we'll stay dry. look at the high temperature today. 73 degrees. the normal this time of year is 66. the record 89 degrees set back in 1938 and the sun sets this evening at about two minutes. how about that? as far as those temperatures right now, 68 in allentown. 66 in atlantic city. as well as millville. 70 still in philadelphia and 67 degrees right now in
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lancaster. as we move into the upcoming weekend, we'll watch a big dip in the jet stream that will usher in some blustery and chilly conditions for the second half of the weekend with temperatures in the 40s and 50s as we move into your sunday afternoon. but sunday morning, starts off chilly temperatures right around 46 degrees in philadelphia. but look at the clock by the afternoon. we budge a little bit into the low to mid 50s pretty much area wide so definitely jack and sweater weather. it's going to feel more like november as opposed to mid october. as we move into sunday night and monday morning, watching critical temperatures especially north and west. dip into the 30s for reading, allentown, pottstown, likely some widespread frost north and we have. as well as once we move into the pine barrens of south jersey temperatures will be dipping into the mid 30s. the tropics right now watching hurricane gonzalo as it continues to make landfall around bermuda as a category three hurricane maximum
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sustained winds at 115 miles per hour. you can see movement to the north northeast at 16 miles per hour. hurricane force winds will encompass the entire island. a storm surge up to 10 feet. up to half a foot of rainfall and also widespread power outages likely with this system as we move into your friday evening. most of the wind action will diminish as we move overnight as the system wrappedly pulls away. so once again, for us, partly cloudy tonight we'll call it comfortably cool. temperatures bottom out in the low to mid 50s across the area and then for tomorrow, mostly sunny, seasonal, but breezy winds out of the west 15 to 20 miles an hour. high temperatures in the upper 60s and then we're talking about that chilly change blustery conditions for sunday. a high of only 55 degrees then we have to watch out for the plants especially the sensitive ones sunday night into monday. look at the low. monday morning that's in philadelphia. 39 degrees.
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59 for the high. clouds, some shower chances. we'll arrive as we approach tuesday afternoon and evening and really continue for wednesday into thursday so next week is not only going to be chilly but also a little unsettled. not feeling like october it's going to feel like november with those temperatures only in the 50s. >> at least we got good tomorrow tomorrow. >> good day tomorrow for pumpkin picking or going to the orchards. >> good day tomorrow great football team. >> grit football team. eagles are chilling this weekend but we're still talking about the guys in green all day long. who is used at the eagles getting off to five and one start. hardly anyone and we've got a way to celebrate together and let everyone hear your thoughts on the way the eagles have fought this season coming up in sports we'll tell you how you can get a shout out on fox 29 news at 10:00.
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>> royals manager says the whole world is falling in love with his baseball team. the whole whole world except for san francisco of course. they would like to bring an end to baseball giants cinderella story. last night in the ninth inning travis launched the giants into the world series for the second time in three years and zen the cardinals home just as fast and now a matchup with the hottest team in baseball. >> to bring me back for that
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second opportunity and, um, not only to bring me back but to call me up and just give me this opportunity, it's just -- it's so gratifying, and i'm just so happy that i was able to do it for this city and this team. >> and you can see every game of the world series right here on fox 29. the royals haven't lost a game in these playoffs. will that change against the giants. see for yourself. game one tuesday night coverage starts at 7:30. >> the eagles get a break. five and one currently top first play with the cowboys lot of moments that were top notch but we want to hear your opinion. which one was the very best? was it this one, codey parkey's game winner against the colts a game the eagles trailed 20 to six? maybe. maybe not. was it jason peters coming to the rescue after that cheap shot on nick foles pumped up the eagles to play to the skins or last week, there's codey parkey, bang. the rookie has paid off big dividends for the eagles this year and there's jason peters. boy, did he show new meaning to fighting spirit or was this last
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example lesean mccoy almost 150 yards rushing. eagles get their first shut out since 1996. go to our fox 29 face back page right now and vote on which of those moments you think is the bev. i'll share your comments tonight at 10:00 but also tell if you that's the play i chose. yeah. interesting. >> ooh. >> on the only eagles on the menu. by week he had dig of "game day live" sunday at 11 a.m. eagles cheerleaders in the house. fox nfl sunday at noon. double header on fox 29. >> now, one story that's being reported everywhere, coach chip kelly after the dines of giants game in which the giants received victor cruz suffered that devastating knee injury chip kelly went to see him at the hospital. >> wow! >> that night. >> that's awesome. >> that's some kind of guy. i love that. remember the little girl whose dad gave her that big rah-rah right before she had the cancer surgery, right, well he zen chip kelly and eagles a whole big basket of toys to the hospital
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for her. >> doing it on and off the field. >> i love that. thank you. that does it for us here at si
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and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. ebola nurse. her message to america. >> i love you guys. >> she's in tears. and the ebola bride-to-be, they shut down the bridal shop where she got her dress. >> i was in contact with her. and fear-bola, what's really inside. >> why not call it 500% vitamin c? and mom's having a baby. >> we're having a baby and it's coming out. >> but cops don't know that. >> did they really stop them with a spike strip? >> they popped my tires. and have a heart. >>