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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 17, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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neck at 10:00 young woman shot and killed on her front porch. what neighbors say they heard. >> plus a former michael vick dog that was in fights is doing therapy but he has a new battle as brings smiles to children's >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now on fox 29 news at 10:00 growing ebola concerns. tonight we are learning that the hospital in texas at the center
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of it all is making some workers sign a contract to stay home. this as president obama picks his administration's ebola czar and tonight many lawmakers want to see a travel ban in place to cope with the ebola scare. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm dawn timmeney. iain page is off tonight. the very first nurse diagnose with ebola receiving treatment in maryland. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in bethesda outside the building where nina pham is under quarantine. dave? >> reporter: that's right, doctors tell us nina pham is resting. they say she has been very, very tired because of her condition. she's been here now for about 24 hours, and doctors tell us she will be here at the nih hospital for as long as it takes. >> her condition is fair. she is stable and she is resting comfortably. >> reporter: nina pham's first full day at the national institutes of health hospital in bethesda, maryland, as tiring as you can imagine.
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26 year old nurse continuing her fight after being diagnosed with ebola following extensive care for ebola victim thomas eric duncan who died last week. health officials say she had significant exposure to his bodily fluids during treatment. >> i said she was in fair condition which implies that she does still have some symptoms. she's very fatigued. this is a virus that really wreaks havoc on you. i mean you could come in and be getting better, you could have decrease in diarrhea and vomiting but you're still very, very tired. this virus knocks you out. >> reporter: she inter acted with medical staff in this vid video. >> pham way the first dallas nurse to be infected with ebola after caring for duncan and was flown from dallas to maryland on this specialized jet. she was seen walking off the plane with workers in protective gear loaded on to an ambulance and taken to nih.
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>> we will get her here until she's well and clear of virus. >> reporter: 29 year old amber joy vincent the second nurse to be diagnosed with ebola after treating duncan and prompted the feds friday to reach out to 700 passengers and crew members after federal officials say she flew round trip between dallas and cleveland on frontier airline. remaining dallas health workers are being restricted from dallas area restaurants, grocery stores and other public places out of an abundance of caution. those restrictions will be in place for 21 days. health officials say that is the maximum incubation period for ebola. now, coming up at 10:30, we'll take a closer look at what the federal government is doing especially trying to contact hundreds of passengers who were on the same plane as another nurse infected with ebola. dawn? >> all right, thank you, dave. three people from pennsylvania were on a flight from cleveland to dallas with that second nurse that dave just mention hood tested positive for ebola.
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they are in texas now and they're being asked to monitor their temperatures, but they are not under quarantine right now. meantime governor tom corbett warning residents this morning not to be distracted by all the rumors that are going around. >> philadelphia officials definitely insisting they are fully prepared for any possible ebola outbreak and they stress they have no evidence of any local infection. in fact mayor nutter said the city's top officials showed up at city council to ease public fears. far commissioner derek sawyer says his first responders have basic protection gear already on hand. that is gear recommended by the centers for disease control, and they say local hospitals are equipped and trained for any potential cases. mayor got a few choice words for the spotlight trained on the ebola situation in the us. >> there is a line, i believe, between actively informing the public and potentially scaring the hell out of people. we need folks to stay focused,
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be calm, but we're prepared for this. >> the city says fire department paramedics will be on the front lines of any potential outbreak around here. health officials now say the texas nurse who flew to ohio felt quote funny during her time in cleveland. 29 year old amber vincent even spent extra time resting during her visit. this was days before she was diagnosed in texas on tuesday. doctors say she did not have the typical symptoms of ebola at the time. but they still can't rule out the possibility that her illness began saturday or even earlier. of course we are tracking the ebola situation on air and on our website. for up to date information throughout the weekend just go to look for the ebola coverage right there on our home page. >> a developing story right now delaware county. police are trying to track down whoever opened fire killing a young woman on her front porch. fox 29's brad satin talked to neighbors who heard the gunfire.
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he's live in chester tonight. brad? >> reporter: guys, we can tell you police left a short time ago but they have a lot of questions. the biggest of course is who did this exactly. it happened about half block down here again police now gone from the scene. what we know right now as you mentioned 25 year old was shot. she was taken to crozer chester medical center where she died and right now no arrests in this case. >> we were sitting in our living room and we heard like maybe a couple of shots and a girl scream. >> reporter: it was just before dinnertime neighbors heard a gunshot. angela cruz walker went out to investigate. >> everybody just came outside to see what was going on. because it's not normally anything, you know, don't much happen on this block. >> reporter: chester police quick to the scene spent hours looking for evidence and knocking on doors after 25 year old woman was shot and killed hit by a single bullet on the porch of the home where she had been staying. it happened around 5:00 o'clock on the 2900 block of west 11th street in chester. >> it's shocking to say the
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least. >> reporter: this man lives right next door. he was not home at the time. but says, it's not the first time gunfire has been this clo close. >> two shots were run through the window of my house. >> reporter: how long ago? >> about two months ago. >> reporter: still and others neighbor it's been relatively quiet in recent times. >> that's too close to home. a couple doors down. >> reporter: it sure is. family members still being notified for that reason. victim's name isn't being released. we asked police if the shooter may have gotten away by foot or by car. right now, guys, they simply don't know. >> all right, brad, thank you very much. and now a look at what's on your radar tonight. there are some chilly changes headed our way. fox 29 in center city philadelphia this evening. not a bad night out there, but it's a about to feel a whole lot colder. chief meteorologist scott williams is here now and, scott, you have a huge hurricane on the radar. >> yeah, that's certainly right, dawn. a lot to talk about as we move into the upcoming weekend. as far as weather conditions,
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locally get ready for a shock to the system for the second half of the weekend. we're going to watch a dip in the jet stream, a trough that's going to bring blustery conditions our way. look at the temperatures on sunday morning. upper 30s north and west. 44 degrees at 7:00 in philadelphia. but by sunday afternoon, low to mid 50s, high temperatures well below where we should be for this time of year. as we move into your sunday overnight into early monday, 30s north and west. as well as in sections of south jersey. so frost will be a concern. in the meantime the tropics continuing to watch hurricane gonzalo it made landfall 8:30 with maximum sustained winds at 110 miles per hour. a direct hit on the island of bermuda. take a look at this radar snapshot from the bermuda weather service about two hours ago. you can see right here in the center, that's bermuda and the eye went directly over that island which is about 21 miles square miles that is and just
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unprecedented for that to happen right over bermuda. we'll talk much more about this system as well as the roller coaster temperatures ahead for us all coming up. dawn and lucy. >> thank you, scott. you can track the tumbling temperatures all weekend get the weather any time by going and clicking on the weather tab. >> a new day could be donning for the struggling trump taj mahal casino resort. the owners say a judge's ruling in federal bankruptcy court today is breathing new life into the casino the casino is void union contracts with employees. the owners say it's the only way the casino can survive and that is to shed costly pension and health care obligations. as you can imagine the union is quite upset and plans to have its members picket outside the casino next week. one old city hot spot isn't doing any business tonight. it is closed after a fire there early this morning. flames were seen in a dumpster outside the city tavern restaurant at second and walnut street. it was put out just after 4:30
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this morning it's believed the fire may have started in linen bin. if you made a reservation for the weekend they'll reach out to you and let you know your stat status. >> there's no damage inside in the building, but we have to assess -- we have to assess the smoke damage and everything else to make sure we can open and serve as soon as possible. >> the chef says he's very grateful national park service acted so quick toll put out the fire and save the historic building from major damage. electrical and mechanical checks are being made throughout the restaurant to make sure it's safe before it reopens. police are looking for an armed thief who hit two stores within 20 minutes of each other. investigators say the man walked into the haircuttery on the 3900 block of lincoln highway just before 9:30 wednesday night. police say he pull out a gun and demanded cash but took off before he got it. he then headed to the pizza hut down the street. 20 minute later where police say he robbed and assaulted an employee. though, not before surveillance cameras caught a picture of the
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tattoo on his arm. if you know who this guy is, call police. >> the pennsylvania state police trooper hurt in a deadly ambush in pike county is finally out of the hospital and this morning a police escort helped him to a rehab center. police say eric frein shot trooper alex douglas and corporal brian dixon last month at the blooming grove barracks in pike county. corporal dixon died and the massive manhunt for frein is about to enter its sixth week. >> the man who threatened to below up the willow grove mall will have the next 18 months to think about it in prison. a judge sentenced 24 year old david barn house yesterday. he hacked into his neighbor's wireless router and used it to e-mail a bomb threat in 2013. well the mall ended up having to ramp up security and his neighbors had fbi agents at the door with a search warn. aside from his behind bars he has to pay res toy tying to the mall. >> wall street manages to break a six-day losing streak just in
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time for the closing bell today. the dow jumped over 263 points today but it still closed down 1% for the week that's how bad things were. the market had huge swings this week including several sharp drops as investors worried about slowing economic growth, plunging oil prices, even ebola. ♪ >> it's road rage involving a schoolbus. coming up, police may have found a huge piece of evidence that possibly could break open this case wide open. >> also ahead puppy snatchers thieves caught stealing family pets right out of their backya backyard. the video the family hopes will bring their dogs home. >> you gas up your tank ending up sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. how much gas you're burning up by going nowhere. talk about a lifesaver. a local firefighter going beyond the call of duty to help a three year old girl. >> it's a great feeling but, you know, people are saying that i'm a hero. i don't look at it that way. >> what this local man is doing
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♪ >> a woman is robbed in the middle of the day at a busy spot in old city philadelphia. this is surveillance video from atm at fourth and mark streets. a man walked up and put two fingers against the woman's ba back. he told her he had a gun so she handed over cash. if you know who this guy is, give police a call. >> a big break tonight in the case of schoolbus road rage. now we told you last night that bus had more than 20 students on board when a group of women broke out a baseball bat and mace. the surreal seen played out in philadelphia's mayfair
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neighborhood. but police think they've now found the vehicle involved. fox 29's dave schratwieser picks it up from there. >> reporter: only fox 29 was there when police found the suv they believe was involved in thursday afternoon's road rage incident with a schoolbus loaded with children. >> it just literally blows my mind. get out with what i'm told baseball bat and mace? we got children on this bus. >> reporter: police believe there were four women inside the suv when it stopped the durham school services bus at boulevard and levick just after 3:00. that's when passenger got out, sprayed mace on the hood and another woman used a bat to break out the bus window. >> there was obviously some kind of dispute, verbal dispute, maybe some kids on the bus, maybe the bus driver, we still haven't narrowed that down yet. >> hopefully they'll find who and what this was all about. >> reporter: the bus company's general manager says there were 22 students on the bus, a 15 year old was slightly injured by flying glass.
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he praised the bus driver and the bus matron for keeping their cool. >> they kept the people off the bus and they didn't allow the children to get off the bus. so i think we have to give kudos to the driver and the matron on the bus. >> reporter: sources say investigators found several women's purses inside the suv. police are still trying to identify the suspects. >> we'll be talking to the owner of that vehicle, and who was in that vehicle yesterday. hopefully that leads to the people that we're looking for. >> reporter: the bus driver and matron did return to work friday, despite the frightening incident. >> they're okay. everybody is okay. thank god and the children most of all. >> i hope they can find these people, arrest them and do what needs to be done. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> did drugs play roll in the death of a new jersey mayor's son william acres the mayor of seaside heights and his 20 year old son william died yesterday. authorities are waiting for the results of toxicology tests to determine an exact cause but they say they did find drugs at
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the scene. police arrested a man in connection with their investigation and he now faces charges of possession and intent to distribute. >> former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in bucks county today addressing gun violence. also among the speakers at tod today's round table discussion. abused women are five times more likely to die if their abuser has access to a gun many officials say domestic violence centers across the state serve 85,000 victims each year. >> as promised the union representing philadelphia teachers is going to court. it filed several motions today. the union wants the school reform commission's decision to cancel its contract reversed. about 3,000 union members and supporters rallied school district headquarters yesterday. the src voted earlier this month to cancel the contract and that means the teachers have to start paying health premiums. the district officials say they had no choice. and the move frees up million of
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dollars for classrooms. good news for drivers who use the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike. a construction project marks major milestone that will cut travel time down significantly. at noon today, 6 miles of the northeast extension opened to six lanes of traffic, three in each direction. thanks to the turnpike widening project. the recently rebuilt section of the road is located between the mid-county and lansdale interchanges. the $191 million project started back in february of 2011. now, some of 476 is still under construction and that won't be done until the end of 2016. >> well, a community turns really mean spirited act of vandalism into a story of triumph. >> we first told you about the children -- special needs children who play at field of dreams earlier this week. somebody vandalized their playground making the equipment dangerous to play on. but little did the vandals know how resilient these children a are. fox 29 shawnette wilson has their inspiring story.
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>> reporter: the playground that was vandalized is clean and back open again. now these come back kids can once again enjoy the place built especially for them. >> it feels good. it feels great. it just feels nice. >> reporter: 15 year old jacob hackett was saddened to hear that someone doused the playground here at the field of dreams sports complex in absecon with canola oil tuesday. the equipment is designed for children with special needs. like jacob who has cerebral palsy. >> what such persons would do this, it is very sad and the main question is why would someone do this? >> reporter: the playground has since been cleaned and the children who use it are now seeing better days. they put all of that behind them, turn the lights on on the field and took in a game of baseball. >> christie riley plays outfield on the team and is glad to move on from the vandalism this week.
10:20 pm
>> i some. >> friday organizers posted these signs around the complex. >> the key word obviously is facility is now safe once again. >> reporter: barry hackett hopes whoever did this is caught. but in the meantime he's happy to see smiles back on these kids faces. >> it was a pretty rough week but you know what, every negative has positives, the play ground is back. the playground is clean. kids were play on there. now it's time to play ball and let's go. >> reporter: in absecon, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. >> the road to recovery coming up. one of michael vick's dogs rescued from his fighting ring is now helping humans. what this pooch is doing that's bringing some people a lot of joy. >> and free satisfy gentleman. starbucks wants to give you free coffee for life. when it's happening and the one very big catch. >> and the man behind the shad
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shades. u2's bono is finally talking about his sunglasses. why he's been wearing them
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month.
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under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years? ♪ >> philadelphia police want to find two guys who burglarized and vandalized the all city rentals in the grays ferry second of the city after breaking into the office on the 1300 block of warfield street and stealing car keys one guy rams a vehicle into the fence while the look out guy watches. once he demolishes the fence he steals another car right off the
10:24 pm
lot and both men just drive aw away. >> firefighters show their heroism every single day by saving lives but one is going above and beyond the call of duty and it's something he has never done before. >> he is donating part of his liver to a little girl who desperately needs it fox 29's thalia perez from bethlehem with this touching story. >> i think i asked him probably five or sick times if he was serious, and we wept through all the testing and it turn out that he's a match. >> reporter: it's a miracle says dawn mccoy that high school friend mike thompson can donate part of his liver to her three year old daughter kennedy stevenson. this gift of life comes after long journey for the family. searching for a diagnosis and learning that kennedy service from a very rare disease and can't metabolize protein. >> it's such a selfless thing to do, and we're just so grateful that -- there's really not words to express how grateful we are to him. >> reporter: thompson tells us
10:25 pm
throughout his career as firefighter he's been saving lives. so it only came naturally to jump into action to help safe little kennedy's life. >> it's a great feeling, but, you know, people are saying that i'm a hero. i don't look at it that way. i just think of it as a human being helping out another human being. >> reporter: but for dawn and her little angel, he is they're hero. giving them both a gift that's priceless. >> i have all the faith that, you know, i've done everything that i can do to get her to this place, and now i have to trust that this is what they do every day. >> reporter: surgery is planned for october 28th in pittsburgh and both are expected to take some time to recover. in bethlehem, thalia perez, fox 29 news. >> e bowl in america. still ahead tonight two nurses being treated after having direct contact with an ebola patient. how their hospital is working to make sure no other health care workers spread the virus. >> a group of men caught taking dogs right out of a family's
10:26 pm
backyard. this family is heart broken and hopes this video brings their cherish pets back home. and talk about an embarrassing mistake. can you spot it here? the spelling glitch that's catch something people off guard. >> scott? >> dawn, coming up we'll have the latest on hurricane gonzalo battling bermuda right now as well as roller coaster temperatures ahead with the
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♪ >> right now at 10:30 a prayer vigil for the two nurses who contracted ebola while treating a patient in dallas. dozens of people gathering outside the hospital where they worked holding signs and praying for their recovery. 26 year old nina pham is being treated in an isolation unit at the national institutes of health clinical center in maryland. she arrived there last night. >> fox 29's dave kinchen is live outside that hospital right now. so, dave, how is she doing? >> reporter: well, she is resting right now. doctors say that she is very very tired because of her condition. in the meantime, doctors are also monitoring the conditions
10:30 pm
of other people who worked with her in texas. texas officials are actually requiring hospital workers who cared for deceased ebola victim thomas eric duncan to stay away from public places including grocery stores and restaurants for 21 days. that's the maximum ebola incubation period. now, as we are here because of nina pham. let's go to video right now. she's the 26 year old nurse the first nurse who cared for duncan to be diagnosed with ebola. she flew on especially outfitted jet from dallas to maryland arriving into town last night. doctors here at nih say she's very tired but in quote fair and stable condition. they say she's still showing symptoms of ebola and will be here for as long as needed. >> she's getting optimum intensive care. if needed therapy but it'sly being done with the optimum protection of our health care workers. she is in good spirits. she's a highly intelligent aware
10:31 pm
person who knows exactly what's going on and she's a really trek person. >> reporter: well meanwhile the other nurse infected with ebola after treating mr. done can is at emory university hospital in atlanta and today federal authorities are working with frontier airlines to try to reach out to hundreds of passengers who traveled with her and around trip between dallas and cleveland. this includes three passengers from pennsylvania who traveled from cleveland to dallas. pa state officials say they are not showing ebola symptoms and they are not under quarantine. lucy and dawn. >> all right, thank you, day. we of course are staying on top of the ebola scare on air and online. for new information around the clock just go to and look right there on our home page. >> happening right now, hurricane gonzalo passing over bermuda. it made landfall as a category three storm so it's weaken it the eye passed directly overbear
10:32 pm
mud today. web cam video shows was islanders are up to with wind gusts at 110 miles an hour. some areas are a wash in a foot of rain and power outages and damage is widespread. last direct hit bermuda took category three storm fabian in 2003. >> and scott is back now with a look what's on your radar for the weekend. stt scott tomorrow is looking really good, right. >> that's right. we're talking about roller coaster temperatures ahead. a lot of weather to talk about but i want to show you this impressive radar imagery two hours ago when gonzalo made landfall. the eye went directly over the island of w bermuda which is 21 square mile. the entire atlantic ocean is 41 million square miles. so talk about the odds of this system going directly over 21 square miles just unheard of. but a lot of impressive storm surge as well as winds gusting over one hadn't dread miles per hour. some locations have already picked up a half a foot to a
10:33 pm
foot of rain. dangerous storm surge up to 10 feet is possible as the system starts to finally pull away movement right now to the north northeast about 16 miles an hour still maximum sustained winds at 110 miles per hour. so as we take a look at that wind forecast you can see those winds will start to ease overnight and early saturday morning as gonzalo races on off to the north and the east. in the meantime, toward hawaii we're talking about hurricane anna. that has winds at 80 miles per hour but thankfully that is going to stay to the south and west of the island chain over the upcoming weekend. for us right now, temperatures in the low 60s. the high today made it up to 73 degrees. well above the normal for this time of year which is 66. right now we have upper 50s in trenton as well as dover. 60 in pottstown. low 60s right now in atlantic city. so for tonight we'll call it partly cloudy, comfortably cool temperatures bottom out in the low to mid 50s so not that bad.
10:34 pm
tomorrow morning, in wilmington by the riverfront, sunny, breezy grab those light jackets we're looking at temperatures in the upper 50s for the walk to end alzheimer's. come join the fox 29 crew out there. as far as the high temperature tomorrow upper 60s. not that bad. a seasonal day. but it is going to be breezy. those winds will be out of the west 15 to 20 miles per hour and then blustery and chilly as we move into the second half of the weekend. a trough is going to be diving southward over our area and that will bring some of that cooler air down from canada. temperatures well below average. look at the clock. by sunday in the afternoon, temperatures in the low 50s north and west. we're talking high temperatures in the low 50s. 54 to 55 degrees at best around philadelphia for the high temperature sunday. mid 50s in atlantic city. so the first part of the weekend seasonal. the second half we're talking about temperatures more typical of november and then as we move into sunday night, monday morning, watching critical temperatures north and west.
10:35 pm
likely widespread frost as well as once you move into the pine barrens of south jersey so just keep that in mind sunday night into monday we're talking about that frost concern. 68 degrees tomorrow and then you can see mid 50s on sunday. upper 50s for highs on monday. and then clouds role in and produce some rainfall likely beginning tuesday as well as wednesday into thursday. so the bottom line really, enjoy saturday because blustery conditions will take shape as we move into sunday and then also cloudy and a little unsettled with rain and temperatures in the 50s, low 60s all next week. >> we have to pull out the winter jacks i think. >> yeah. >> i was just thinking that and my hot cocoa. (laughter). >> thanks, scott. >> well, a coffee lover's dream come true. still ahead how free java for life sound? when starbucks is doing this but the one very big catch. >> you know there had to be one, right. exactly. >> what a -- you fill your gas
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♪ >> who would want to steel handles on toilets? one guy in florida apparently couldn't help himself. but tonight police say they've caught him. surveillance video shows him walking into a business going into the restroom then leaving with a bag in his hand police say. and they also say he did the same thing over and over again. wendy's and mc donald's and burger king and crackle barrel and the list goes on. police say he not only targeted the handles on toilets but also pipes. >> in your money, a big race of money on your way to and from work. we although traffic jams can be a nightmare, but now we know how much money it's costing us. $1,700 in time and gas burned every year for every person who commutes and if you think that's bad, researchers predict that it
10:40 pm
will soar to $2,300 by 2030. the center for economics and business research found last year alone sitting in traffic costs $78 billion. >> all right. how would you like free coffee for life? sound good? well get in line at starbucks. the java giant is looking to boost business with a chance to winfrey starbucks for life. live meaning the next 30 years any way. in december, 10 people who use starbucks card cards with mobils will win a free coffee or food item every day for the neck their years. >> i'm sure hoping my life is beyond the neck 30 years. but anyhow. you can say goodbye to the stress of meeting sat and act standards if you want to go to pittsburgh duquesne university. but that only applies to students who want to go to its college of liberal arts and they'll have other requirements they have to meet including a 3.0 grade point average. new policy starts next fall and the school says it will still have test score requirements for other degrees. >> all right.
10:41 pm
what are you doing this weekend how about joining fox 29 as we walk to end alzheimer's? you can join team fox 29 during three separate walks this saturday we'll be in wilmington at the tub ban garrett park on the riverfront. we'll be in atlantic city on october twenty sixth and citizens bank park on novembe november 9th. for more information go to look in the family focus section by the way sue serio, bruce gordon arc bunch of people will at the walk this weekend in wilmington. >> with good weather, too. former michael vick fight dog who survived those horrors actually became a therapy dog. but now he's fighting an all new battle straight ahead. >> plus the mystery behind bono's famous sunglasses. why he says he has to wear those shades. ♪
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♪ talk about unforgettable ride to
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the hospital for a pregnant woman in iowa. we first told you about this last night. now we're seeing the dramatic dash cam video. you can see police pull over rachel and ben cohen who are racing to the hospital because rachel was in labor. the officers drew their weapons forcing the couple to the grou ground. once officers realized what was going on, they drove the couple in their police vehicle the rest of the way to the hospital. an hour later their baby girl hazel was born and we're told everyone is doing just great tonight. >> that is a good thing. dog snatchers caught red handed on home surveillance cameras outside chicago. at first, they were scared off by the three bulldog pitbull mixes but then they be friended the dogs and that is when they made their moves stealing the pets throwing them over the fence. i cannot believe they actually stuffed them into the trunk of a car. the 12 year old owner says the dogs were christmas gift and just watching the video breaks her heart. >> when you saw the video what
10:46 pm
went through your mind? >> i was just really mad, but i didn't really know what to do but just cry. i really miss them lot. i just really wish people could help us try to find them, 'cause i really miss them and they're like family to us. >> the family is afraid the dognappers will sell the pets online they've turned to facebook for help and the video has generated more than 17,000 views. police are investigating. >> hopefully they'll catch those guys. >> well, one of the dogs rescued from nfl player michael vick's fighting ring is now bringing smiles to a whole lot of people. >> he is a therapy dog but he's got a new fight in front of him. a battle against cancer. fox's mary mcguire has the story of hector. >> geese and ducks. you can go chase them. >> reporter: in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. it's the life in your years. for his nine years on earth, make that, 61 in dog years, hector the pitbull has seen
10:47 pm
enough for many live times. >> most of the scars around his chest he's got a few on his legs. >> reporter: one of 51 dogs rescued from michael vick's dog fighting ring hector has made his home in rochester for the past six years with a couple of college sweethearts from saint mary's university in wenonah. >> i was skeptical a little bit. just things like i was worried he wouldn't get along with our other dogs. just because didn't make sense to me that he would. but he did. >> reporter: since his adoption, hector became a certified therapy dog. visiting local nursing homes and hospitals all the while disproving every misconception about pitbulls. >> he loves people. loves -- loves kids. he's wonderful with other doing. >> reporter: a small glimpse into his past live does make an appearance every once in awhile, though. >> you know when he first came into our house, claire would look over and all of a sudden he's standing on the dining room table so it's like, all right, we got to teach you that, you know, it's not the top of your
10:48 pm
doghouse in the card. >> reporter: after surviving unthinkable circumstances, the struggle for this incredible animal is not over yet. >> it all kind of started with michael vick. a lot of the dogs from that case, um, had a blood parasite. we were thinking starting a new treatment for that because he wasn't doing that well. they found he had cancer. >> reporter: hector is battling a particularly aggressive form of cancer and has been given only weeks if not days left to live. >> he's got cancer all over his liver and his lungs and it was pretty fast moving because a few months ago we didn't abdominal ultrasound and everything was clear and then we went back a month ago and it was all over. >> reporter: the family have made two appointments to put hector down already. but canceled both. lecking to leave that decision up to hector and faith. >> could be any day now. but we figured just going to let him decide when that time is -- time is right. >> reporter: this pup is part of their family now and will spend his last days on earth
10:49 pm
playing in the grass trying to make new friends and soaking up the last of the warm autumn sunshine. >> i think he had to do what he had to do while he was there but once he got the chance to get out just like, all right, i can stay who i am and never look back. >> well as mary mcguire tells us hector's owners say one lesson they have learned from their beloved pitbull is to be more open minded. >> a good lesson. >> um-hmm. >> it took her seven decades but an 88 member neb woman finally gets her hands on her high school diploma m gladys lonnie dropped out back in 1945 because of world war ii. her father said she was needed to help out her family. lonnie was a few months shy of her graduation and she went back to fulfill her requirements but she never got her diploma. she told her family she always wanted to walk across the stage and yesterday her family planned a surprise graduation party.
10:50 pm
>> i think school is an opportunity for all children. i hope they will wanting to like i did. >> lonnie's family says they got her to the event by making her believe it was actually a surprise birthday party for her sister. all right. take a close look at your screen. do you notice anything wrong. >> yes. >> apparently a road crew did not when they finish this paint job. you can see stop spelled incorrectly on the left at a parking lot in aurora, colorado near den very. the painters did return late last night to correct the spelling error. >> he is a world famous rock star with a signature look. >> that's right. have you ever seen u2 front man bono without his glasses? because i haven't. no. >> it turns out those iconic shades are for more than just looking fantastic. bono just revealed he has been suffering from glaucoma for 20 years. a british journalist asked if he ever took off the glasses and that's when he just dropped the bombshell.
10:51 pm
if left untreated glaucoma can lead to blindness much he says he's getting good treatment and insists he'll be just fine. >> all right. and keith russell in the house. >> the eagles are looking fine, aren't they. >> as we led to that is bye week in the midst of the eagles crushing the giants hear how chip kelly added new meaning to the term sportsmanship. temple owls had no intentions of getting their wings clipped
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>> earlier tonight i gave you three choices for the best moment of the eagles season thus far come back win of the colts. jason peters fighting for his quarterback nick foles against the skins lesean mccoy' break out game again the giants. here's my take. come back withins not expected heard. peters not only stood up for foles that day heed to up for the team and the city and sent message the birds will not be pushed around. that's my top moment so far. now here's what he had to say about your favorite eagles moment. >> so charles kelly smith says how about the two blocked punts for touchdowns never done before in the history of nfl back to back weeks? that's a nice point but amy gallagher says the pet peters baker fight against washington said something about this group as team and showed they have each other's back. amy, that's what i'm talking about. now this story has been buzzing. sunday night eagles 27-zero win over the giants receiver victor
10:55 pm
cruz tour his patella tendon ending his season. he stayed the night in philly at the hospital and instead of just celebrating the win coach kelly went to visit cruz to wish him a sped dee recovery. >> how many coaches would do for their own guy other than a player on the other team. >> season we break down on "game day live" at 11am then fox nfl sunday at noon at 1:00 o'clock panthers and packers and 4:25 we need a giant favor beat them cowboys. the story trending right now seahawks, the guy electrifying last year super bowl one of the fastest players in football. also a guy who reportedly has such a bad attitude the champs couldn't take it any more. now, temple has dreams of being champs today they put their four-one start on the line in houston. now, the owls would need to fight back in this one early on houston was picking thiemia par. i'll take that.
10:56 pm
and we'll take this. houston up 10-three. near the end of the half the owls come back walker to kirkwood. item p trails 17-10 but a lot of football remaining to be played. now, finally a story had will make you want to run on the court and tackle this guy. david booker a student at harding university division two in arc by hitting this half court shot he gets half his tuition for the year. half off his tuition for the year! >> that's worth a celebration with one shot david brook kerr staves $8,500. the only thing i would -- that's great. >> try a full court shot. i want the and tire year paid for. (laughter). >> exactly, right. >> pay for the whole thing. >> temple is coming back. >> temple is fighting back. >> fingers crossed. tomorrow is a big day here on fox 29. in the morning but right now,
10:57 pm
tmz is next. >> and we are back tomorrow morning fox 29 weekend starting at 8:00 a.m. be sure to join the team. stay tuned. >> and bundle up. because scott says it's coming. >> and bundle up. because scott says it's coming. >> yeah.
10:58 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> justin bieber went to a nightclub in hollywood last night, which is no big deal. but there's a twist. >> oh! >> lil twist is in the house, guys. >> lil twist is like the worse thing to happen to justin bieber. >> have we heard about lil twist getting in trouble before he met justin bieber? >> ooh! [laughter] >> kevin hart made a plea for the bus driver. >> i'm asking national to please give this woman a pass. >> she jumped out to get a selfie so they suspended her. >> if they rehire her, do they become the go-to car company for black people. >> i think black people abandoned hertz after o.j. >> it turns out blac chyna and tyga are not kaput. the direct response to everyone