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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  December 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> good morning, 5:00 o'clock right now, after chuck hagel steps down at secretary of defense, who will step up? word on the street is it could be somebody from our area. we'll tell you who is rumored to be cast by the president. then it has been banned for more than three decades. the fda is considering a change that will allow gay men to donate blood. plus, a health warning this morning, a worker at a popular local restaurant diagnosed with help tight a, what you need to know to keep your family healthy. >> mr. chairman and the committee, we believe that wearing the uniform of nfl player is a privilege, it is
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not a right. >> you may recognize him, former eagle, troy vincent, speaking out about domestic violence in sports. what he says the league's next step is. good day everyone, it is wednesday, december 3rd, 2014. can we take just a moment, kerry, to look at sue serio? and say sue, on day like today, again, you have perfect hair. how do you do this? >> you do actually, just noticing. >> welshing i did it when i got here. i didn't do it home and have the weather mess it up. >> on your bike ride into work? >> right, all the way down the blue route and i-95, ya, i was a site to see, believe me. well, thank you. yes, well, that's a big don't mess with your hair if you have to go outside afterward. wait until you get where you're going. that helps on a day like today. we give you a six out every ten, dense fog in spots, showers around this morning, stowe will make for a not so good hair day. milder temperatures, that's the good news today, and we may even see some sunshine
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before the end of the day. but not yet. because we still have showers moving through the area. kind of streaming up from the southwest, moving now into new castle county, chester county, montgomery, bucks, little bit into delco, as well as the jersey shore just getting some minor showers. real big problem is the fog this morning. 41 degrees, but we have a bit of a breeze at the airport. not seeing a lot of fog there. sunrise happens at 705:67:89 but i don't think we'll see sun until much later on today. the good, other good news, all of the temperatures are above freezing today. so we had the concerns yesterday. north and west of the city with snow and sleet. not a problem today. it is just rain. if you are getting any precipitation at all. so we have 49 degrees, 41 in philadelphia, right now, about 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. but these temperatures will keep going up with some warmer air moving in from the south and the southwest. so, places where the air is calm, that's where fog is more likely to form. and that's mostly north and west of the city. it was such a messy and dreary and chilly day yesterday, only
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got to 45 degrees, when the average is 49. today we flip those numbers around, we give you 534 for a high temperature. clouds, fog, some showers, as well, most that far happening throughout the morning hours. but improvement is on the way. we will tell when you coming up, just not yet, bob kelly. >> not yet. good morning, everybody. 5:43, wednesday morning -- 5:05, live trip out the front door. all of the on and off-ramps almost slippery because of the weather conditions. they're all wet, a combination of a light mist right now, also dealing with some fog, this is live look, the woodhaven road off-ramps from i-95. we are dealing with some fog up and down the 30 bypass, also, along portions of route 100, this morning, we're dealing with some fog, then southbound on the new jersey turnpike, jackknife tractor-trailer, at exit two, that's for 322, also, fire location here, in narberth, montgomery avenue blocked, right near price avenue.
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otherwise, the major roadways, pretty good. 50 miles an hour on the schuylkill, some fog along the way, also some fog out along portions of route 309, upper end of 309, up near the bethlehem pike. but hit and mills. comes in quick, that quickly disappears. philadelphia international, no delays at the moment. first flights getting out of the gay on time, but because of the fog, and the wet they are morning, just be ready for some possible delays, to pop up, may want to check with your airline. all of the bridges looking good at the moment. we deal with some fog delays coming over the river this morning, mass transit, septa, trains, all looking good. >> rescue teams working late into it night to look into a man who fell in the christina river near the port of wilmington. twenty-five year oley manuel has been missing since about 7:00 last night. he and two other employees of norfolk dredging company fell into after a drain barge capsized. those two other men resurfaced. search suspended because of poor water conditions but will resume sometime after
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daylight. >> big update to the story we first brought you monday night. police say they've found the car involved in a hit-and-run in west philadelphia. but they're not telling us anything else about it. it happened at about 9:00 monday night near 59th and market. police say a man was crossing the street when an involve owe station wagon hit him and kept ongoing. he is in critical condition, and police still aren't sure who he is. time now 5:05. happening today, vigil will be held at the west chester university in honor every missing student. shane montgomery hasn't been seen since leaving a philadelphia bar early thanksgiving morning. detectives is her thatched abandon factory in manayunk yesterday. a signal for his cell phone had been pick up near there. but investigators found no signs of montgomery himself. his parents say they're trying to stay strong during the search. >> doing everything i can to hold it together so that i can continue to ask questions and try to answer the questions
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the best to my ability, and keep shane in the forefront until we bring him home. >> right now the fbi is looking through surveillance images to find clues, but have not found images every montgomery so far. >> us senator bob kacie push to go combat workplace discrimination against pregnant workers. this as the u.s. supreme court prepares to hear landmark case, senator casely join national advocates at press conference today shedding light on his pregnant workers fairness act. the bill booze z protections for pregnant workers, allow them to receive reasonable accommodations, so they can continue working. the u.s. supreme court will soon hear the case of young versus ups where a woman allegedly lost her job because she was pregnant. >> so this morning, the delaware county council is honoring the teen who pulled a philadelphia police officer from a burning car. seventeen year old joe shame percent, senior at ridley high school, jr. member of the lead and fire company, will be honored. chambers and another good
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samaritan, helped rescue officers early last month, when his patrol car crashed and caught fire. >> montgomery county native could be the president's top pick for the next secretary of defense. >> yes, there are some reports that are circulating, that president obama may nominate ashton carter, the former deputy defense secretary, to fill chuck hagel's old post. fox 29's jenny joyce here to talk a little bit more about the leading candidate and his ties to our area. well, kerry, he graduated from abington high school in 1972. he was president of the honor society at the time of graduation. his hometown community says it pretty much newark ton carter was destined for greatness, the yale and oxford university graduate no stranger to the defense department. he worked as deputy defense secretary from 2011, until 2013. he served as a pentagon's technology and weapons chief. he was never in the military. carter eventually left for a job in the private sector, the now 06 year old has a backgrounds in science. he is an expert in physics,
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and has an extensive history in national security. while the white house has not made any official announcement, he has the support of his hometown community. >> sends a wonderful message to the student of abington school district t shows if you work hard, if you gain an education, if you are really killed in your field, look what the possibility are. and the possibility to be part of a president's cabinet is such an amazing accomplishment >> we are going back to 1972 now, ashton carter year book photo from abington high school, we also have the proof that he was a speaker at commencement. the school says he was always a very good student and is an excellent role model. nomination for defense secretary could commas early as this week. it is going to be a demanding postment number of issues need to be tackled including the ongoing fight against the islamic state militants in syria and iraq. crisis in ukraine with russia the controversial closing of guantanamo bay detention
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center and spending cuts, kerry, chris. >> all right, jenny joyce, thank you so much. meantime bill cosby now being sued by a california woman who claims he molested her in a bedroom of the playboy mansion around 1974, when she was 15 years old. and, as that information comes in, temple university's student body president says he's glad cosby has resigned as a trustee a mid the flurry of sexual assault allegations. meanwhile, philadelphia singer jill scott is defending cosby on twitter. she was on stage with cosby at last spring's graduation when temple gave her an honorary doctorate. she says, quote, society is attempt to go destroy a magnificant legacy. and she says she's done more for the image of people of color than almost anyone ever. her comment are generating a backlash. but scott's un daunting -- undaunted saying, you know bill cosby? i do child. this is insane proof.
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>> right now officials in mercer county are warning about help tight a a after confirming restaurant employee has that virus. >> so now concerned others might have been exposed after eating at rosa's in hamilton township. the employee has been hospitalized for several days. but health officials notified the restaurant about the potential danger yesterday. the big concern is the worker is a food handler. >> they then can contaminate food by touching it, and spreading help tight a, causing significant illness, in anyone that comes in contact with it. >> help tight a can be mild but it can also be very serious lead to go hospitalization. >> this is an unforeseen thing, unfortunately, and the poor fellow that is sick didn't even plan on this, didn't realize it until, unfortunately, yesterday. >> health officials are urging people to get vaccinated. the colonial volunteer fire department is holding a hepatitis-a vaccination clinic thursday in hamilton township.
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>> the senate commerce committee is examining the policies within professional sports forehand link domestic violence and how to prevent it. >> catching all of the attention nfl executive troy vincent for his tearful testimony. >> we believe that wearing the uniform of nfl player is a privilege, it is not a right. and remember of the nfl community, must embrace this unique leadership role that we play in our society and the trust that you place in us, we look forward to working -- >> vincent here speaking on the issues of domestic violence in the sport community, also said that the nfl is looking forward to working with the senate commit tee improve their current policies. >> one boy's small idea turns into a huge success. how many he's helping local kids in need in our area. stay warm this holiday. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv?
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and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> we have a look at some of the visibilities throughout the region, because we are seeing fog, but it is not everywhere. any place that has a little bit after breeze, it tends to move the air around, air is not stagnant, not as conducive to fog. but half mile visibility in lancaster, .3 in mount pocono, greatly reduce in the allentown, reading not so bad at philadelphia international
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at the moment. hopefully will stay that way, because it is kind of breezy out there. so we have one frontal system, another one on the way, in the wake of the first one, we will get miler temperatures today, then the second cold front sweeps through, and we get a lot chillier tomorrow, but, after this one sweeps through, we will get some sunshine during the day thursday. so, it is a lot going on, and a lot of action in our seven day forecast, as you'll see, but for the rest of the morning, be prepared for showers, because, they'll be popping up all over the place. through about lunchtime, even 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, plenty of showers around, then by 3:00 start sog see sunshine emerge, at least before sunset which is before 5:00 o'clock. these days. tomorrow we do see sunshine coming in. tomorrow probably ends up being the best looking day when the -- count the day as local out of the next seven, friday, most of the day looks good. not until nighttime that we get more showers, moving in, so, again, okay a look at
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ultimate doppler radar for right now shows that we have rain delaware, at least top two counties, delco, delaware county, and chester county, as well. and places here in the city we get to 54 degrees, be prepared, for fog to slow you down specially this morning, and then it is a lot chillier tonight rest of the seven day forecast, in a word, unsettled after tomorrow. and really after friday night. unsettled weekends, i know you don't want to hear this, with all of the holiday event going on for the first weekend of december. but, scattered showers around on saturday, and even the early part every sunday dane, eagles game, may end up being dry, but then rain comes back on monday and tuesday of next week. there is your seven day forecast, traffic cat bob.
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>> big zip that far coffee we have for you over there, good morning, everybody, 5:16. the rain, the fog, just one of those yucky wiper wednesdays, a live look right here, this is route 309, out near the bethlehem pike. dealing with some spray, dealing with some fog, so a little bit of everything depending when you begin and end your trip. live look at 422, live look at the schuylkill expressway near route one. again the fog is hit and miss. it comes in on you fast, it is thick, then that quickly it clears out. shear live look at the bethlehem pike. you can see some of the fog there, in the background, but otherwise major roadways, speedometers, right where they should be, 53 coming up 202, watch for some fog out along the pennsylvania turnpike, out near morgantown. we slide on over to fire location in narberth. >> this has montgomery avenue blocked, at old gulph road. so at least for the time being, lancaster avenue, is going to be your best bet for the alternate. south on the new jersey turnpike, this tractor-trailer accident at exit two, a
5:18 am
jackknife tractor-trailer. now, traffic is getting through. but as we get into the rest of the morning rush hour, may want to use 295 295 as your alternate headed south down toward the delaware memorial bridge. headed out of town? expect possible delays today at the airport because of the weather and the fog. so far all of the flight are getting out on time. but there is only light volume. about 6:30, quarter to 7:00. when the arrivals and departure numbers start to pop. benny, whitman, commodore barry, all looking good. again, dealing with some fog throughout the morning. chris, back to you. >> federal appears court considering a killer schizophrenia should be spared of execution today. attorneys for texas death row inmate, scott panetti says he's too dilutional, an execution would violate the eighth amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment. they want a new round of competency test toss support their arguments. panetti set to die tonight by lethal injection for shooting his in-laws in 1992. developing story out of boston for you.
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doctors at massachusetts general hospital announced yesterday that they're test ago patient suspected of contracting the ebola virus. hospital sent out memo to staff saying someone who is being monitored by the state was admitted to be evaluated after showing symptom. the patient is being treated in a specially prepared isolation area. >> in your health, may and major shift. new stud you find brain scans can diagnosis autism with 97% accuracy. carnegie melon researchers examined how the brain responds to social interactions like a hug. they say the difference in how somebody with a autism processes that information can be scene on the. you. >> nude i slings to longer life. mediterranian diets high in fruit, veggies, oil i have oil. these foods help stay biologically young, can help prevent some chronic diseases, like heart disease or perhaps cancer.
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the study published in the bmj. >> so, we've all heard about mean girls, but boys might actually deserve that bad reputation in middle and high school. this according to new research, that reveals that boys in this group show what's called re lash until aggression, includes gossip shall trash talking, threatening to end friendships. research previously showed that girls exhibit these behaviors because physical aggression was not a come on out let for them. but, now, university of georgia study shows that boys are more often admitted or more often admitted, i should say, to using relationship aggression. >> 5:21 the time. haddon height teen had small idea that turned into something tremendous. and it is helping other kids in need. thirteen year old william borough, heard that the center for family services base in the south jersey, was low on donations, specifically, boys pajamas for kids that they served. so, williams decided to start a pajama drive. ended up with more than 400 pairs of new pj's, $600 in
5:21 am
cash to help buy them. they spread the word bypassing out flyers and posting on social media. and he and a friend organized and pack those pj's in boxes, well, tuesday the family delivered them to the promise neighborhood family success center in camden. >> i knew there were people in need. but i didn't know that they needed it so much. >> the pajamas will go to families in the community staying in emergency shelters or other facilities. drive so successful, william plans to do it again next winter. >> good for him. >> what a great kid. major news from the fda, now considering lift ago long standing ban that does not allow gay men to donate blood. why some organizations are allow gay men to donate blood. why soa remote that livese on your phone.
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>> wall street back on track, stronger than expected construction spending figures, and good car sales data led to record day on the stock exchange yet again. the s&p 500 up 13 points, to land at 2,066. best one day per and game in about a month. same goes for the dow gained more than 100 points, 102 to ends the day at 17,879. nasdaq up 28 points lands being at 4755. on line shoppers set a record on cyber monday. americans spent whopping $2.04 billion on line. that's a 17% jump over last year. it is a single day cyber monday spending record, according to research firm
5:25 am
come score. this came as a surprise to some. analysts after this lackluster "black friday", at the brick and mortar stores, is a concern, but boy did cyber monday help out. >> made up for it. thirty-one year old ban on blood donation frost gay and by sexual men could soon be lifted. yesterday the fda began debating the issue, which gay activists say is discriminator i. many leading health organizations say the policy is out-dated in fact no longer supported by science. fda is re visiting the issue on the heals of the 26th annual world aids day. no word on when a final decision will be made, but if the ban is lifted, it will eliminate one of the last remaining federal bans on gay americans. >> just in time for the holiday season, yes, make up inspired by the smash disney hit frozen. oh, ya. the collection is the latest in the beautifully disney make up line. >> oh, my goodness. >> seven year old daughter, hope she's not up watching.
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>> this watch it, prices range from seven to just $37. collection includes nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick. >> is that where -- you have a little make up bag. is that what you use? beautifully disney? >> ya, turning in my man card. >> it says my stuff on the outside. >> i'm wearing pink. >> okay. >> go eagles. >> more on that in a moment. 5:26. signs of the christmas season popping up all over the area. >> and tonight philadelphia will host its tree lighting ceremony. maybe we'll have some pink lights. all right, here is a look at last year's tree lighting, tonight's event kicks off at 6:30, at city hall. r&b singer estell will be there among tonight's performers, she will sing favorite christmas songs, mayor michael nutter will turn on the tree, just before 8:00 p.m. >> you know it is okay, right? there is no shame in it. >> ya. >> one couple gives five siblings the gift after lifetime. where they spent the past seven years that has them
5:27 am
jumping for joy to finally be home for the holidays. >> how about this as you're headed home for the holidays, if you're flying, a lot of concerns about people taking batteries onto airplanes? why there is a fear of fires or
5:28 am
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>> newest accusation against bill cosby is the worse yet, they claim it will make today's miserable weather seem not so bad. >> thanks, steve. yep, we do have a a lot of
5:30 am
drippy weather throughout this morning, but could be worse, no winter weather in the forecast we'll tell you what you are facing before you walk out the door today, kerry? >> then the search is on for who shot little mala. the less than two year old pooch is recovering, but the family has no idea who would do something like. >> this why this dog is more than just family pet. it is wednesday, december 3rd, 2014. it is indeed. >> twenty-two sweeps until christmas. >> do follow santa claus on twitter. that's what he says, how many sleeps there are until christmas. so cute. yep, see, santa? >> bus stop buddy of course trying to be extra good these days, now that it is december, and, we're get that close to christmas, but we have the
5:31 am
umbrella in case you get one of the showers, temperatures are in the 30's, 40's, but in the upper 30's, where ever we do have 30's, so, not worried about frozen precipitation six out of ten today, will have milder temperatures but we have the fog, the showers around, there they are on ultimate doppler radar, pretty much all green on radar this morning, few pockets of steadier rain maybe in southern lancaster county, jersey shore, not much going on. but out to our west, seeing more rain 41 degrees, 9 miles visibility, sunrise at 7:00 # five this morning some other temperatures as we mention, pretty much all in the upper 30s, but 41 degrees in philadelphia, little bit milder than yesterday, but temperatures are going to keep going up, as the morning goes along, breezes out of the southwest, at about 10 miles an hour, so when you get a breeze, really don't get too much fog. it was only 45 degrees yesterday, but let's see where we're going today with fog and
5:32 am
scattered showers around, we're in, say, the 30's, 40's, walking out the door. cloudy, damp, upper 40's by lunchtime. we should top off at 54 degrees by the end of the day today and look at the sunset time, 4:36 p.m. >> days are getting shorter and short. >> live look at route 202, painter crossing, 202, and route one, as you can see here there is fellow looks like he was coming out of the gas station, south at 202, so route one, 202, the intersection, blocked, if you're headed south on 202 this morning, your best bet would be brinton lake drive, probably be a good alternate for up. otherwise dealing with some wet roads, some fog there is morning, as we roll out of the driveway. live look at the schuylkill expressway, near city line, take a look in the overhead street lamps, pick out the fog. it is thick in some areas, you
5:33 am
may not even notice it in others. so hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip. live look at the 30 bypass, gang leaving downingtown, toward king every prussia 422, have to deal with the fog at route 29. and then, the southbound side of 202, as i showed you in the camera here, block, best bet would be brinton lake drive. that will take you down and around painters crossing, around the shopping area. fire location narberth, montgomery avenue blocked at olds golf road. traffic for the next half hour using lancaster avenue. south on the new jersey turnpike a jackknife tractor-trailer, at exit two, for route 322, if you are headed south this morning down toward the delaware memorial bridge, i would use i295 to save yourself some time. all of the bridges, looking good at the moment, but, as we roll into the rush hour, we will have to deal with some fog delays, as you come across the river, and mass transit off to good start this morning, no delays on septa. chris, back over to you. >> bob, let's get to breaking news, out every mt. airy. police say woman robbed a wawa, germantown avenue around
5:34 am
3:30 this morning, investigators say the woman robbed the store located at germantown avenue and allen's lane at gunpoint, and took her on -- police still looking for her right now. >> new development in the sexual abuse scandal rocking bill cosby, another accuser, she is taking a step only one other accuser has so far. >> fox 29's steve keeley, center city, to explain. steve, good morning. >> well, from the street here, of cosby's hometown, to the headlines now running this morning, across the world, it is a 15 year old girl, given lots of alcohol, told to lie about her age, at a famous spot where she claims cosby molested her. >> , another day, another disturbing series every cosby headlines in the nation's newspapers. and these, the most disturbing yesterday, made in a lawsuit, a woman suing cosby, saying, he sexually molested her, after giving her alcohol, when she was only 15 years old. saying it happened 40 years ago at the playboy mansion. the first time since a former
5:35 am
temple university staffer sued cosby in 2005, that one every his many accusers has taken legal action. so, while he has not answered previous accusations, publicly, he will have to answer this one, since it comes in a california lawsuit. and unless he set it is out of court, as he did in the temple assistant coach's case eight years ago. >> this new lawsuit says cosby was on movie set in 1974, when the accuser now, 55, was with her friend, who was only a year older at 16. and he invited them on to the set, then to visit his tennis club the next weekend. then to his how the where he gave them beers, he says, telling the girls that they had to drink every time he won a game of pool. they then consumed multiple alcoholic beverages the suit alleges, then cosby took the girls to the playboy mansion. and told them to say they were 19 if anybody asked them. >> got her a bedroom at the mansion, then sexually molested her without her consent.
5:36 am
woman and her lawyer believed the statute of limitations should be waved, because she justice covered all her psychological injuries and i will nests, were caused by the sexual abuse, perpetrated by cosby, just in the past three years. >> here about the public opinion, chris kerry there is latest claim may not change any minds, but certainly on both sides it gives them new ammunition, his supporters will say she is just in it for the money, his re tractors will say boy it keeps getting worse. >> yes. >> we have to remember, it is not like they checked i.d.'s back in the 70s. >> this one so disturbing when you have 15 year old back then, drinking age 18. but the drinking part of the story is probably the least important part of the store. >> i you bet. >> of course. >> yet another accuser coming forward, steve keel. >> i bye now. >> all right, philly rapper meek mill is home for the holidays. out of prison. >> the entertainer whose real name is robert williams served five months, for violating
5:37 am
parole in a 2009 drug case. he walk free though yesterday afternoon. in july, a judge sentenced him to three to six months, he will not be able to tour or to leave philadelphia, until he completes additional treatment, and community service programs.
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>> myers keep finding new ways to lose games. this time they give up the winning game, less than 122nd remaining. san jose won the game two to one. the flyers have now lost four of their games in a row, for the rest of the night in sport. here's howard eskin. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, eagles clearly play better defensive team this week in seattle. cowboys were exposed as bad defense, seattle, much better players. it is one player on d that people talk about. guess who? that would be defensive back richard sherman. the big can play, and some think it is just better not to throw his way. that's not the case with the eagles. no reason not to throw that way at richard sherman. >> there is a guy that played once, way back in the in a former live, guy named deion sanders, that we went into a game and said just absolutely stay away from him. you know, other than, that you just got to call your offense. i think we got to play. and we have confidence in our
5:41 am
players, and we just got to go out and try to execute. >> to college football playoff ranking for the playoff seating. out last night, the top four teams the new playoff format, those teams get in. it is alabama, oregon, tcu, and that lucky team, at florida state. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. adrian peterson fight to go play professional football again. >> running back in new york city yesterday, for a hearing on his suspension from the nfl, he admitted to using small tree branch, a switch, to discipline four year old son, league then suspended him without pay until the end of the season, football player's union fighting the suspension, calling it unlawful. >> warning about bringing batteries onto airplane, why caring them in your kid's luggage could cause serious problem in the air. plus showdown expected today over airbag recall. why the japanese company is refusing to comply with the us government demand, and what
5:42 am
they want to sigh happen.
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5:44 am
we have fog out there, places where we see some problems with visibility, up in mount pocono, where there is .3 of a mile visibility at the moment, little over mile in allentown, and things have improved in reading, lancaster, but still reduced visibility, when the breezes pick up, it kinds of blows the air around, and dissipates that fog, a little bit. but, you never know when you are going to run into some.
5:45 am
so we have 7 miles visibility at philadelphia international right now, here is a look at the showers, that are moving through our area, they should be gone by about lunchtime, we will check the future cast in a second. rain right now in chester county, pockets of heavier rain, as well, in new castle county, delaware. seeing some heavier rain around newark, and around west bradford, chester county, in aston, delaware county, and in chester, as well. temperatures still cold, chilly, above freezing, that's good, no black ice problems out there this morning. 41 degrees in the city. thirty-four in mount pocono. >> spotty showers throughout the rest of the morning, through 10:00 o'clock, 11:00 and socked in with clouds, when it is not raining. here is another area of showers, moving through about,
5:46 am
by 2:00 they clear the coast, then start to see little sunshine before that 4:30-ish sunset. so brief period of sunshine before going up nicely, 65 degrees first day of december, yesterday only to 45, so we lost 20 degrees there. >> today back to the 50's, that's improvement. but then tomorrow we trade off again. we get some sunshine, but then, temperatures are whole lot chillier. we lose 10 degrees again with high of 43, and then, after friday night, temperatures remain unsettled all the way through the weekend, and beyond. >> bosh kelly has news about one every my least favorite intersections in the area, and 202, and route one. >> oh, isn't it a pain in the neck? as i look right here, 202, route one sometime silt here for 35 minute just to make it through the traffic signal. but we've had two separate accidents at this intersection, and this
5:47 am
morning, and the second one just cleared out of the way you can see what's left. the sands to put down to some up the oil and the gasoline, but just let that be an example, the roads are wet, they're slippery, maybe even stopping at that intersection, could be a little difficult this morning. live look 309 near the bethlehem pike, again hit and miss, comes up on you fast, thick, and then that quickly back in the clear. this is live look, at i-295 dealing with not just the fog but light drizzle, spray coming up off the cars, live look at the 30 bypass for the gang leaving downingtown, again, fogged in, in most of our viewing area this morning. fire location in narberth, montgomery avenue, blocked right at old gulph road. so for at least the beginning part of our morning, lancaster avenue would be the best bet. tractor-trailer accident south on the new jersey turnpike right down near exit two. so if you are headed south this morning, down near the
5:48 am
delaware memorial bridge, may want to use i295 to save yourself some time. >> bridges looking good, deal with fog delays over the spans, septa says in good shape. just watch for some slippery spots because of the wet platforms as you board and exit the trains. back to you. >> fox 29 live on the scene every building fire at narberth. on the 900 block every montgomery avenue, no word on what started this fire, but you can see, live pictures, as the to fight this fire at the fast sign building or at least what once was the fast signs building. all right, time now, 5:48. congress is ready to hear showdown between japanese makers of the dangerous recalled airbags, and the national highway traffic safety administration, the airbags can explode and shoot shrapnel, during a accident. the maker, t a/k/a ta fail to to he can panned the recall of faulty airbags, instead, leaving the decision in the hands of automakers, a new
5:49 am
study raising concerns regard cents the safety of batteries on airplanes. the batteries used in electronics from mobile phones, the laptops, have been shown to possibly start fires or explosion that is could did he tried an airplane. >> this video shows the government test from april, safety regulations, the once that do it, regulators say rechargeable batteries limit today no more than hands full in a single box, however,. >> who shot little mama? police say they're looking for gunman who opened fire on a dog in delaware county. >> this morning, 292 month old rot whiter pitbull mix recover. but police say somebody in the upper darby neighborhood with this owner lives shot the dog in the neck. it happened friday afternoon the 6900 block every clinton road debra said she was beside
5:50 am
herself when she got a phonecall. >> i want to know y she is so precious. she doesn't harm even a fly. >> debra and her house left the house, thought the door was lock, but somehow she and the other doing got out. mala underwent surgery and expected to make full recovery. mr. liss hoping somebody can identify the shooter. >> so youtube sensation who famous michael jackson thrill nerve 20 different styles is at it again. this time, with mariah carey all i want for christmas is you. >> ♪
5:51 am
>> ♪ all i want for christmas ♪ >> i'll take mariah carey. i mean, really? in this match up, to imagine dragons to usher. invoking him tom jones, yes, this is unusual. >> something is wrong with this guy. >> chipmunk? if my daughter ever bridges a guy like this home. >> banished from the home? >> move to australia, drink all day. >> with a lost tonight, the
5:52 am
six letters match the nba all time losing streak to start a season. so, we want to help the sixers with a little walk. pull out a win tonight. this morning, we're asking what's your good luck charm? tweet us fox 29 goodday. >> home for the holidays, what this cup del that is making the seats on the bright that's those kids have ever had.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> that looks like fun. >> doesn't it? >> and don't catch an edge. oklahoma couple gives five sibling the gift after lifetime this season. >> brian and donna first adopted two boys, nine year old ego, 15 year old john. but the brother missed their three sisters. the siblings have spent the past seven years apart, been in 12 different homes. so, brian, and don't, a met the girls and decided they would adopt all five. >> wow. >> yep, and they're not stopping at five. they're also fog egger a six month old baby, as well. >> my goodness. >> very special couple. so california teen makes what some might say is impossible, possible. >> yes, would you take a look? see why. the star safety of high school football team, and he plays the game, yes, with only one arm. eighteen year old really quinn
5:56 am
was born without his hand, and forearm, but, he doesn't let that stop him. really only sees this as a minor challenge. he says, he thinks he would be worse at sport if he had both arms, because he wouldn't work as hard. >> i think the whole reason i work hard, and i really care, about the sport, and take pride in what i do is because of having one hands. there will be bad things in life, things i try that try to knock you down, keep fighting, keep working. >> so, really, just love the game, plays on the basketball team, as well, he pitches for the baseball team, also, a straight a student. good for him. fight to protect pregnant workers next. first jenny joyce live with another local guy in the national spotlight, as well. next secretary of defense could be abington montgomery county native. turns out this guy has always county native. turns out this guy has always bwe put all the apps you love...
5:57 am
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inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season
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and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> yet another woman comes forwards, claiming bill cosby attack her, but this latest allegation, is probably the most shocking. how young she was when she said cosby assaulted her. >> police widening their search so far no luck, what
6:00 am
led them to abandoned factory. >> a local man reportedly in the running for secretary of defense, where ash to be can't err grew up, has his school feeling very proud this morning. >> record broken cyber monday. heaviest on line spending day ever, just how much shopping we americans did. good day everyone, it is wednesday, december 3rd, 2013. >> hoping to come well into january in 2015. >> tough, tough. >> hi, sue serio. >> morning, everybody. >> we have issues. >> keep talking specifically about the weather, oh, there is that. >> probably all use some therapy, but another time, anothe


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