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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 3, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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they are bea to break a record, maybe we'll get a win. >> never know. >> welshing that's nice and chirp i. >> great lottery pick for the next draft. >> i'm hoping for it. >> we got a lot going on by way of getting to work. right? with the wet roads, and the fog? >> fog lifting any time soon, sue? >> no. i think will be with us throughout the rest of the early morning rush hour. so, that means, you should leave as early as you can. you don't want to be rushing around and then run into some fog that will slow you down and you'll be late. so six out of ten today. going with milder temperatures, and the sunshine later on, and that will be right before sunset. but, we're optimistic, dense fog, around, and the showers, as chris mentioned, and temperatures in the upper 30's, to lower 40's, throughout the region, so bus stop buddy still needs that warm waterproof coat this morning. we got the showers, but you won't need the gloves this afternoon. it will warm up into the 50's, we've got lot of showers around the area. we will look a little more closely at ultimate doppler,
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in just a little bit. poor visibility at the airport, down to 6 miles, but we do have little bit after breeze out there, it is 40 degrees, sunrise at 7:05, just couple of minutes. and we top off at about 54 degrees, just before sunset. which is at 4:36 this afternoon. now these short days leading up to the first day of winter. but at least we don't have wintery weather out there. bob kelly, there is the bright spot. >> yes, like a warm up. like the appetizer, right now looking liver at 422, as you mentioned, dealing with wet roads, dealing with the fog, and the fog hit and miss depending where you begin and end your trip. beginning here, 422 eastbound, bumper to bumper to bumper. pretty much royersford up and over-the-hill in toward king of prussia again you got that spray, coming up off the cars and the trucks in front of you. just one of those yucky starts. here is a live look at route 202 in malvern. right near the construction zone. so, make sure to watch it, especially in all of the construction zones, as the lanes are little narrow, those drainage greats are at place,
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here jammo on the schuylkill, westbound approaching the boulevard out to belmont avenue. more folks leaving the city, at this hour, than coming into the city, and there is another shot thereof 422, but, our majors coming into town, slow going south on 95, at girard. all bunched up in south philly, on that schuylkill expressway because they're just volume. accident on the boulevard. here is the deal. an accident, a pedestrian struck here, this is northbound on the boulevard, right at ryan avenue. that's the first light north of cottman avenue. right by the car dealer there. so the boulevard and ryan outer drive blocked, with police on the scene. eastbound on the pa turnpike, some debris from a tractor-trailer here, right near the philly-bensalem interchange. speaking of tractor-trailer, jackknife tractor-trailer, south on the new jersey turnpike, at exit two. otherwise, airport looking good at the moment. mass transit no delays. chris, alex, back over to you. >> let's get back to narberth. breaking news out every montgomery county. fox 29 live on the scene of the building fire, in
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narberth. this is on the 900 block of montgomery avenue, fire officials say half of that roof collapsed in the main building, second building's roof completely collapsed. no injuries reported, right now, fire crews aren't sure how this fire started but they say it may, may have something to do with peco lines, and we'll keep you posted. again, bob says use lancaster to get around this. >> 7:03, new accuser against bill cosby claims she was targeted when she was under age by the comedian. >> fox 29's steve keeley joins us now from center city this morning with more on this one. steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, anybody that thought that cosby saga was over, get ready for this one. a story a, scandal and sidewalk debate here in his hometown that's stoked again here on the rainy streets of cosby's philadelphia where his de tractors are saying this is the worse one yet. >> another day, another disturbing series of cosby headlines in the nation's newspapers. and these, the most disturbing yet, made in a lawsuit, a
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woman suing cosby, saying, he sexually molested her, after giving her alcohol when she was only 15 years ago, saying it happened at the playboy mansion, first time since former temple university staffer sued cosby in 2005, one of his many accuser has taken legal action. so while he has not answered previous accusations publicly, he will have to answer this one, since it comes in a california lawsuit. and unless he set it is out of court, as he did in the temple assistant coach's case eight years ago there is new lawsuit says cosby was on movie set in 1974 accuse where her friend at only 16. invited them on to the set, then to visit his tennis club the next weaken. then to his house, where he gave them beers, he says, telling the girls that they had to drink every time he won a game of pool. they then consumed multiple alcoholic beverages the suit alleges, and then cosby took the girls to the playboy
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mansion and told them to say they were 19 in fib asked them. details how cosby got her alone at a bedroom in the mansion, then sexually molested her without her consent. woman and her lawyer believed the statute of limitations should be waived, because she justice covered all her psychological injuries and i will nests, were caused by the sexual abuse perpetrated by cosby just in the past three years. for life-long philadelphians, who remember another well respected legendary and admired famous bill, who was also a famous temple graduate, the cosby story this morning may ends the same way. bill conlin's came to disgrace, almost four years to the day in december 2011, saying, conlin sexually abused them all when they were kids back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, too. conlin, alex, chris, quit instantly, died of disgrace down in florida, and in
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another coincidence, like cosby, he was 77 years old when all of that became public, as cosby is today. >> meantime philadelphia police want to find woman who robbed this wawa in mount air think happened around 3:30, intersection of germantown and allen lane. police say an african-american female believed to be in her earl 30th's, rocked the wawa clerk at gunpoint. took a hundred bucks, took off. may have been high on drugs. >> back in the christina river today, looking for missing worker. twenty-five year old emanuel has been missing since about 7:00 last night. he and two other employees of norfolk dredging company fell into the water near the port of wilmington after crane barged capsized, but the two other men resurfaced. the search went late into the evening, but was suspended due to poor river conditions. >> police say they found the car involved in a hit-and-run accident in west philadelphia.
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it happened around 9:00 monday night near 59 answer market street. police say man was crossing the street when an involve vaux station wagon hit him. this morning, necessary critical condition and police still aren't sure who he is. vigil held tonight at the west chester university in honor after missing student. shane montgomery hasn't been seen since living a philadelphia bar, early thanksgiving morning, searched abandon factory in manayunk yesterday. a signal from his cell phone had been pick up near there, about no signs every montgomery himself. his parent say they're trying to stay strong during this search. >> during everything that i can to holds it together so that i can continue to be question and try to answer the questions the best to my ability. and keep shane in the forefront until we bring him home. >> fbi looking through surveillance images to find
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clues, but have not found images to montgomery so far. >> workplace discrimination against pregnant workers, this, as the u.s. supreme court prepares to hear a landmark case. >> senator casey will join national advocates at a press conference today. setting light on his pregnant workers fairness act. the bill boosts protection for pregnant workers allowing them to receive reasonable come days cents so they can continue working. the u.s. supreme court will soon hear the case of young versus ups, where woman allegedly lock her -- lost her job because she was pregnant. this morning delaware county council will honor the teen who pulled a philadelphia cop from burning car. >> seventeen year old joe chambers, we had i am on good day, senior at ridley and junior member of the lead ham fire company will be honored. chambers and another good samaritan brought on the show on good day, dante johnson, held rescue officer mackenzie last month when patrol car crashed and cause fire -- caught fire. >> we need more people like them.
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>> real dow. good that he's being honored. >> so the president is meeting with five huely elected governors today in washington. >> that includes pennsylvania govenor-elect, tom wolf. but wolf is the only democrat in the group of governors elect. the meeting will focus on creating economic and other opportunities to help people. >> next secretary of defense. >> reports circulating obama may not nam ashton carter, to fill chuck hagel's old post. >> so let's get to jenny more on there is because he is from our area. >> he is. >> he was president of the honor society at the time of graduation, and hometown community says pretty much newark ton carter destin for greatness. >> the yale and oxford university's graduate no stranger to the defense department. he worked as deputy defense secretary, from 2011 until 2013. he served as the pentagon's
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technology and weapons buying chief. he was never in the military. carter eventually left for a job in the private sector, the now 60 year old has a backgrounds in science. he's an expert in physics. hearing reports carter moved up on the obama short list after several contends he is withdrew from consideration. there has been a lot of it end sean between the white house and the pentagon related to micro management and lack of clarity in obama policy-making. while white house is has not officially made any announcements, carter has full support of his hometown community. >> it shows if you work hard, if you gain in education, if you are really skills in your field, look at what the possibilities are. >> part of president's cabinet, such amazing accomplishment. >> going back in time, to 1972, ashton carter's year book photo, we also have the proof that he was a speaker at commencement. the school says he was always
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a very good student, and is an excellent role model. nomination for defense secretary could commas early as this week, it is going to be a demanding post, in umber of issues need to be tag recalled including ongoing fight against the islamic state militants in sewer why and iraq. >> spending cuts. >> alex, chris. >> thank you, well, developing story out of boston, patient being treated for suspicion of contracting the ebola virus. mats mass general hospital sent memo to staff saying someone who was unruh teen monitoring by the state has been admitted for evaluation. >> basically summarized what i mention to you, letting them know that we are evaluating a patient, has a person under investigation diagnosis, but that again this absolutely does not mean that this person mayor may in the have ebola, it certainly just means we're
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investigating and that we're very, very confident. all of our staffers, patient -- >> of doctors say it could take several days every testing before knowing if the patient has the virus or not. >> health off initials mercer country warning customers, so serious story here, and it involves mercer county where health officials are warning about a hepatitis a confirmation, from an employee at a restaurant of all thing. they're now concern other might have been exposed after eating at rosa's in hamilton township. employee has.hospitalized now for several days, but, health officials notified the restaurant about the potential danger just yesterday. the concern is the worker is a food handler. and doctors say, that create the perfect opportunity for this virus to spread. >> they then can contaminate food by touching it and spreading hepatitis-a, causing significant illness, and in anyone that comes in contact with t hepatitis-a can be
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mild, but can also be very serious, lead to go hospitalization. >> this sunday for seen thing unfortunately, and the poor fellow that is sick didn't even plan on this, didn't realize it until unfortunately yesterday health officials including our own dr. mike cirigliano are is telling to get vaccinating. hold hepatitis vaccination clinic tomorrow in hamilton township. >> philadelphia rapper meek mill is home for the holidays after being released from prison, and his fans gave him quite a welcome. >> fans crowded the street, partying in celebration every his release, the entertainer whose real name is robert williams, served five months for violating parole in 2009 drug case, won't be able to tour or leave philadelphia though until he completes additional treatment and community service prom grams.
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>> police say they're looking at fire on a dog in delaware. >> twenty-two month old rotweiler pitbull mix is recovering, police say, someone in upper darby neighborhood, where her own err lives, shot this dog in the neck. happened sometime proof i friday afternoon clinton road, debra says she was beside herself when she got phonecall telling her mala had been shot. >> gave me her, and means everything to me. i want to know y because she is just so precious. she doesn't harm not even a fly. >> debra, somehow mal a and their other dog got out. underwent surgery and is expected to make full recovery. thank goodness. police for their part are hoping someone can identify that shooter. >> tis the christmas season.
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>> tonight philadelphia will host it tree lighting ceremony. so here is a look at last year's tree lightingment tonight's event kicks off at 6:30, at city hall. r&b singer estell will be among tonight's performers, sinking your favorite christmas songs. mayor michael nutter will turn on the tree light just before 8:00. >> i don't know. so i think they should all illuminate one at a time. all at once, and just done. >> yes? all of defendant rent trees all over the city? >> all of the lights on the big christmas tree. >> each light one at a time. >> that would take a very long time. >> that would take three days. >> he wants music. he want more pizzazz, sue. >> i don't want it to be the 12 days of christmas we wait for. at city hall, you can see what they think of that. good luck with that, by the way. >> i think it will be a thrill for everybody. of course wonder about the weather for the tree lighting tonight. >> i think all of this wet mess will be out of here by then, it will be chilly, but it is december, it is supposed to be chilly, but the rain and the fog should be gone. we got warmfront first, and then a cold front, after that,
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weaver sole showers around, as we look at the future cast, and it is going to be with us, or they are going to be with us, those showers, through about lunchtimement on and off. we will be sock in with clouds inbetween. by 3:00 in the afternoon, a few peaks of sunshine, for as long as they happen before dark, which is about 4:30, i should say, in the evening, thursday, it looks like we'll see plenty of sunshine, but chillier temperatures moving in after that cold front. >> so still seeing decent weather, no rain expected until friday night. and then we could get lot of it, friday, into saturday. so, more about that coming up. .3 after mile visible mount pocono, improving a bit in some places but still a loft fog around damp, very dreary, not the best morning. but at least we can tell you that the wind are not extreme. they're moving the air around little bit. so it is helping with the fog.
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temperatures all above freezing, so don't worry about black ice. forty-three in mount pocono, 38 pottstown and allentown, 41 in trenton, 40 leer in the city. 45 degrees down at wildwood, and there is another live look at the rain moving through the area. >> very light showers, as well, a cents we zoom into the showers that have just left chester county. so put it altogether in the seven day forecast, we got the rain this morning, and maybe peak or of two sunshine by the end of the day. sunny, chilly tomorrow. high 43 high of 49. at average temperatures friday, and saturday. saturday looks like scatter shower, maybe link nearing sunday, then unsettled weather monday and actuals. see if we can get the eagles game in with no rain. just confine the rain to the morning. we're working on it, bob kelly
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>> good wednesday, wiper wednesday. live look at the 30 bypass, already slow go, leaving downingtown, headed in toward king of prussia leave little extra wiggle room between you and that bumper in front of you there. roads are little slick. mainly just from rain all morning long. good morning downingtown, live look at route 100 near the pennsylvania turnpike, no problems or delays on the turnpike itself. and again, just dealing with wet roads up and down i-95, a live look right near the girard point double decker bridge, watch it through the construction, rolling through 95, you're going to find some ponding and some of the construction zones, maybe mainly because of the drainage greats all placed, otherwise, south 95 jammo from cottman avenue into downtown, slow going on the schuylkill expressway, south philly taught conshohocken shall rush hour underway, accident this one here, involving a pedestrian, northbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard. right by bar bar a there.
7:19 am
outer drive closed roosevelt. all of the bridges slower than normal and dealing with some fog, hit and miss, been that way all morning long, septa says they're if good shape with the regional rails. watch for some of the slippery platforms. alex being back over to you. >> maybe good idea pray the rain can be some sort every rain dance. >> an owe men? >> it is jinxed between the 76ers and flyers, they can't seem to win lately. >> i know. well the flyers continue their road trip tonight against anaheim against the ducks. last night orange and black fawn another way to lose a game. >> this last one was in california in san show say. flyers keep finding ways to lose, like this one was really painful. all tied up at one. then the defenseman election the puck get away from him. and so the san jose sharks just shoots it into the goal. again, with 122nd left. two to one the final score. flyers have now lost four games in a row, something like nine out every ten. boy the skids.
7:20 am
>> charles barkley, allen iverson, some of the names responsible for the most memorable moments in sixers history. >> mo cheeks, great ones, right? current group of sixers on the verge of making history. with a logs tonight, sixers will match the longest losing streak to start a season in nba history, the sixers have lost to this .17 of first 17 games of the season. 6ers have a chance every winning a game any time soon, tonight might be the night. timberwolfs in last place with four and 12 record. >> you know what? i believe. i hope that we can pull a win tonight just because this is a night when we really need it. >> do you believe? tweet me. i want to know. well, more people will see a shiny new car in their driveway this holiday season? why some car companies say they're seeing sales like they why some car companies say they're seeing sales like they haven't seen in more than a
7:21 am
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we gdid he help pick it out?er. no, he's a cat. is this mine? that one's for alice. but she doesn't know it yet. why not? mom says she's still cooking. capture your memories with hallmark keepsakes ornaments.
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>> seems like "black friday" promotions for new cars have plummeted gas prices gave a boost to auto sales over the weekend. >> many consumers passed on mall happening to take advantage of low interest loans on the hottest new vehicles, let's bring in lauren, everyone involved in the auto industry pretty happy this morning. >> yes, good morning, looking at the best year for auto sales, since 2,001. one more month left to go. yes, people are buying new cars for whole bunch of reasons. first every all most every russ driving clunkers, new cars are pretty nice, gas is cheap. the trucks, suv's, are flying off the dealers lots, believe it or not, because we're not wore bid mileage as much as we used to be. this is excellent news. and interest rates, average, four and a half percent for new car, according to
7:25 am
experience. so, go out and drive chrysler sales up 20% last month. the number are really really good. >> it is interesting you mention the interest rates. remember, back in the day, when the interest rates were about zero because automakers are struggling. but things have change. demand has changed so interest rates gone up. >> that's correct. although if you have great credit, you can get an interest rate as low as 2.6% on new car by the way. for super prime borrowers. >> let's get to burying erring king. if you look at the menu there will be something new, there but real tis a throw back, isn't it? >> help me out here. who remembers this? it is the yumbo ham and cheese sandwich? last time on the bk menu 1974. so 40 years ago, when disco was cool, so were bell-bottoms. >> groove. >> i well, bell-bottoms are casino of back this style. anyway. >> no. >> ceo of burger king is 34, millennials, customers in their 20's. so who wants this four year
7:26 am
old san witch? i guess burger king's going after the older people. right? >> yes, or maybe they'll think that we'll think it is new, or something? >> yes. >> because never seen it before? >> i don't snow. >> i was just a little, little kid then. i don't remember. >> i don't remember at all. let's just give burger king a lil rounds every applause here, because they're beating mcdonald's, now, sales rupp, re-doing their restaurant, simplifying their menu, they seem to be doing most things right. and maybe this yumbo is a step in the right direction. >> as long as they don't bring back that creepy guy with the beards? >> the king? >> he's gone. >> well, lauren, thanks so much. >> and of course don't miss lauren on our sister network fox biggs. things get heated at local mall all over uniform. why one man thinks this guy, well, he isn't who he says he is. >> and jenn fred is camping out for hunger, with wmmr's preston and steve. jen, first of all, welcome back from par ills. and then to a cam out back
7:27 am
here in philly. >> kinds of how my life; paris one day, campout the next. look here is here, todd herremans, talking all about his injury. we'll talk to him, talk to press on and steve, then make you come down here and give to the really good cause. we're at xfinity live this morning. ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪ ♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
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>> bus stop buddy trying to be nice and get on the nice list for saint a areas of fog, showers out there. got to bundle up for this morning. but, maybe not so much this afternoon. we will give you six out of ten today. scattered shares, still throughout the region, we will look at most more closely next time. 40 degrees he at the area port, 7 miles visibility, at the moment. 9-mile per hour winds. and high of 54 today. even with the clouds and the fog this morning. few showers, will linger through about lunchtime skies will clear, chillier night, low in the city of 32 degrees, may be look being at temps in the 20's some of the suburbs there is time tomorrow morning. but, right now, we are looking at a lot of traffic, what road is this, bob kelly? >> sue, i-95, northeast philadelphia, heads up here,
7:31 am
at 7:31. on a wednesday morning sound bound 95 an at the ramp for the bitsy ross, bumper to but the per, great northeast academy headed south, in toward the city already, double jelly donut delay. judge leaving town, live look downtown, charlie brown, vine expressway, right near broad street. where we're stacked and packed from ends to end. coming in and out of the city, good morning, cherry hill new jersey, wet hine the ears, wet roads, some ponding, the wipers working just give yourself extra wick he will room we've had a loft little fenner benders,. >> mass transit looking good at the moment.
7:32 am
>> reich burke recorded confrontation at the oxford valley mall which has now gone viral. on youtube, about to show you a clip, we decided to conceal the identity of the person in the uniform since not charged with any crime. take a look. >> you know it is illegal, right, what you are doing right now? >> let me tell you something, i wouldn't bewaring the suit. >> you wouldn't? >> no. >> because you are phony. i just called you out on ten different things. all of them are (beep) what you are doing is illegal. you know what sniff ' won that beep uniform, i've had friends killed in afghanistan in that beep uniform. no, you haven't. >> again no charges filed against this man in the video.
7:33 am
>> we've not been able to get in touch with him, but morning carl reports spoke person at the house, has military backgrounds, but wouldn't go into detail. so ryan who shot the video joins us now, good morning. ryan. >> welcome back then. >> my initial thought, i ran into another soldier, we like to go up, make conversation, see what unit they were in. >> anyone truly mill tear would know where to place these items on the uniform. >> right. wear the uniform every day. you know? , day in, day out, you know it is really strict, exactly where you got to wear it, what patches. and so any person actually in the service they wouldn't mistake that. >> you went down a list every
7:34 am
things, one flag patch, like wearing wedding ring, like on your pink error something? >> exactly. like i said, wear the same uniform, patches in the same spot. it doesn't change. so to get something like that wrong, i mean, you know? >> beyond the stolen valor act of 2013, which makes such a thing, if, in fact, again, we haven't gotten his side of the story. >> but if not a veteran it makes it illegal to do. that will what upset you so much about someone doing something like this, impersonating member of the miller in. >> the thing for me, i mean, you know, i served overseas, i had several friends get seriously wounded that what their families have gave up, what they gave up with their country to see somebody else acting like they've sacrificed just as much as they have, that's just where i think it is really wrong. >> up fortunately, growing thing, whole website devoted to it before this did you hear
7:35 am
of the website? just put people out there impersonating soldiers. >> right. i've been following yard ands for quite some time now, seen the other videos, prior to this. >> symms like more of a trends. was it difficult to see it in person? >> definitely. i never thought i would end counter in person. >> so it was a shock. >> what happens next? >> camera turned off, and i kind of, at that point, i walked away. there is some people actually i complains that them what it was, i went about my day. >> you have iron minds on these issues, not only because you're former military. >> right. >> but also studying criminal justice at temple, right snow. >> right. >> again, weaver not heards
7:36 am
from that man in uniform to get his side of the store. >> i this kid is somebody to be truly envious. performed on the ellen show and at the white house, and just 13. cam anthony on the show ahead. >> what's your favorite holiday song? tweet us with the #fox29goodday. now, ro said i saw mommy kissing santa claus by michael jackson. good one. so we have another one, kelly ann says christmas bells, oh, also a good one. so make sure to tweet us, we want to hear what your favorite holiday song is. of course break down the top five holiday songs.
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>> clip from mean girls. >> they were always picking on
7:40 am
me, and why? >> me too. >> new research showing the mean necessary just isn't from the girls. >> okay. >> so kerry, what about these boys? because, yes, i was kinds of bullied as a little one. >> there are mean boys out there, as well. girls are the ones that get the bad wrap, for isolating friends in order to deal with their peers, but say this behavior called relation until aggression, been long believed that this was mainly consistent with females, boys, more likely, used physical aggression or intimidation. how much, there is a new study using both girls, and boys, that shows that boys more often admitted to using relationship aggression, while girls were more likely to be victims of that behavior. the study also used a scale to rate aggression, from moderate to hi, and of the meanest kids, more than 66% of them were boys. the girls in that group, about 33%, obviously, but some good news, the study shows that kids actually got a little bit nicer with age. the study by the way published
7:41 am
in the journal aggressive behavior. so, boys, are apparently more to blame to r for this, than we females are. >> although i think probably most every us anyway can say we've been bull mid bun way or another during our high school and middle school years. don't you think? >> yes, casino every grow out of it, in fact, the guy who bullied me the most, guy named borris, now one every my best friends, and we're all going to hang out this coming friday. >> what do you mean? create a day like hate on chris murphy day or something? >> every friday, would kill murphy day thanks to borris, and now he is my best friend. >> how did you all get to be friends in kill murphy? >> same little league team. then we were teammate. we were brothers. >> you got that bond. >> see. >> male bonding? all right, well, thanks, kerry. >> sure. >> good to know you guys became friends. you got past it. >> we got past it. >> if you are in a new relationship, probably want to show solve your new boy friend or girlfriend to your family. seriously, are the holidays the right time for that? how to hand this will
7:42 am
sensitive situation. >> and we want to know what's your favorite holiday song? tweet us with #fox29goodday, here is a hint. >> okay. >> bing crosby. >> okay, well amanda says merry christmas and happy holidays by n'sync, her favorite. >> second favorite. >> all right, well make sure >> second favorite. >> all right, well make sure to tweet us w no one asks to have diabetes or heart disease. at gateway health, we see you , not your condition. gateway health medicare advantage plans offer complete care that fits you better, gives you more, and may cost you less. like ten-dollar copays on the medications you need, and zero copays on everything from diabetic monitoring supplies
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>> it is cloudy, foggy, reduced visibility in so many places this morning. and including up in mount pocono, and other parts of the pocono mountains, look wood lock, see there is the haze, the fog, reduced visibility, in allentown, trenton, reading, lancaster, it is not too bad at philadelphia international. we had enough of a breeze to keep most of the fog away. just depends on where you are driving, you could still run into fog, at least it is daylight now, that helps little bit. winds are out of the south and southwest at 9 miles an hour in philadelphia. the wind direction, means, we will see temperatures rise through the day, a little warmer than they were
7:46 am
yesterday. so, temperatures right now are frosty, but not frost. because everybody's above freezing pottstown in philadelphia, 42 millville, 41 down in dover, at the moment, so there is still some rain moving through. you can sigh, down here at the chesapeake bay, more yet to move through our area, widely scattered, very light rain. >> east follow g ham, we cleared out for the moment. in the city. and i don't see any rain falling at the moment, but still a loft puddles around, and as you look through the rest of the morning, all right, clouds, rain, through lunchtime. see sunshine west of the city. and that will continue through sunset, which is still pretty early, around 4:30, in the afternoon, is when it starts
7:47 am
it get dark. next seven dates, it looks like, we will have temperatures that are around average, upper 40's, or mid 40's, and so this is actually the mildest day of the next seven, 53 degrees today, after we get rid of the showers again. possibility of a little sunshine, before the day is through. lots of sunshine tomorrow. but it is also a lot chillier, with high of 43 degrees, and we stay in the 40's, all the way through the rest of the seven day forecast, stays little unsettled over the weaken, and so we've gotti guess property tow call it nuisance rain, bob kelly, because it sure is creating quite a nuisance on i-95. >> a pain in the neck kind of rain. 7:47. good morning, everybody, live look, northeast philly, bridesburg, good morning to you. north on 95, an accident right at the betsy ross bridge off ramp. so, here is 95 as you head south into the city. this is the off ramp that takes you up and over the betsy. so just watch for extra delays on the ramp thereon i95 in the great northeast.
7:48 am
here is a live look at the roosevelt boulevard. we're headed southbound, from broad street, down in through the schuylkill expressway. this is that steady rain, that has the wipers on, all throughout the morning rush hour here, leave some extra wiggle room for you and the bumper in front of you. live look at the blue route, right near route one, delaware county, again headlight on, wipers on, that's the deal here this morning. here is a live look at i95 near the girard point double decker, not that bad headed down toward the airport, but go for the jelly donut. the double jelly donut this morning. philly international now, checking in, one hour and 37 minute delays on average, they're saying on arrival and departures because of the weather. i told you that would happen this morning. so if you are headed down to the airport, check with the airline, airport's open, got to check with your airline as well as the flight status. otherwise stack up on the blue route. same deal on the schuylkill expressway. septa says all aboard, the trains running with no delays. alex being back over to you. >> we'll take it, thanks, bob. annual tradition, and the preston and steve campout for
7:49 am
hunger. >> our friends at fen xfinity life, how is it going? >> it is going off, not just preston and steve, also my friend todd herremans. good morning. >> good morning. >> first, how is it doing? >> coming along great. >> they just wrapped you into a carnival ride. when we walked out, you looked little nervous. camera guy showed up. you put on your man face. >> i had to. >> how scary was it? >> the thing is you have no idea when it is going, talking to you the whole time. so you forget you're on this ride. then you just start going and all the sudden it is gone. >> i know you are doing amazing stuff for all kind of charities throughout the sit which your foundation. but when you see what preston and steve are doing, it has got to make you feel good. >> awesome. do such great job here. they raise so much food, so much money for such a good cause. i think it is amazing what they do. >> as we look around, we see
7:50 am
temple university rotc. i understand than they march all the way down broad street with their donation. that's kind of cool. >> awesome. >> shows what kind of spite have. >> and they say make it fun. outside, because the bands so darn loud. >> right. a loft fun. >> okay, because you are the team, i have to ask you this. can we beat the seahawks this sunday? >> i think so. >> you're, there going to practice every day, the feeling in the lockerroom has to be getting better and bert. everyone disappoint bad the injuries of course, but do you have feel like a team team? >> everybody in there gets along. we have a loft fun every day. i think that's the key to a loft wins, having fun. but you forget it is a sport, and then out there to have fun, you kind of lose the purpose what you are doing. >> so listen get better soon. thank you for joining us. and thanks for being such a good sport. guys, xfinity live, everyone here, it is freezing, i told
7:51 am
him he put his man face on when the cameras came on. >> did he damn good job, don't you think? he was scared like a little girl. >> okay, we will show it at 8: 45, whether we we talk to you again. in is awesome. >> fun and giving all in one thing. >> nothing wrong with having little bit of fun. you see people's face when they donate food. they start smiling. they know heff they've done something nice and something that will benefit everyone. >> you need a hat. you look chill. >> i that thing about heat escaping from your head? bogus. >> all right, they've been doing it since 1988. we'll hang with them all morning. pretty cool. >> it is very cool. >> for a great cause. >> that's why they're out there, fighting it, fighting hunger. >> glad to see them doing it. >> clock 51, getting close to the end of the year, so looking back at some of the most searched topics on yeah hoo. j-lo in the top five, but wasn't number one. the top take had everyone
7:52 am
talking. >> on l -- are the holidays the rhyme time to bring your boyfriend or girlfriends around to meet the parent? oh, ya. we'll tell you how to handle this tricky situation. and we want to know what's your favorite holiday song? tweet us #fox29goodday. this one is alex from tommy. >> it says any christmas song by elvis presley. >> here comes santa santa claus. >> kathy says not christmas until i hear dominick the donkey. >> okay. >> and am lewis there is christmas oh, yes, by johnny hathaway. officially the holidays once i hear that song. oh, that's a good one.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> little j-lo this morning. you know where you came from, chris? >> do i know where i came from? >> that's what she says on the song. >> maybe now i need a
7:56 am
paternity test? >> really, wow. okay, yahoo compiles annual list of the top searches the past year. so let's take a look at the top five in some, well, they may surprise you. >> all right, so, how about thumb this thumber. >> five here, kaley? >> yes, kaylee cocoa, the big bang star tied the knot, got new haircut, got star on the hollywood walk every fame. she had great year. and signed three year contract with big bang which included pay bump to 1 million bucks an episode. >> such a gray show. how about jennifer laurence, yahoo fourth most popular search of 2014. she officially became the highest grossing action heroin in hollywood history with her betrayal of course hincker game series, also involved, yes, the eye cloud hacking scandal. where we saw nude photos of her, i'm sure that contributed to the searches. >> i'm sure it did. and arianna grande3, had hit
7:57 am
after hit, like problem break free and bang bang there goes my heart. >> she was hot this year. two, isn't a person, mind craft jumped from the number four spot, last year, to second place, game ace creator tweet in the february they reached 100 million registered users. then in september, microsoft announced it was buying the franchise. >> my son is so into that. yahoo top search, of 2014, drum roll,. >> this, ebola. by november americans donated more than $7 million to the red cross in 21 million to doctors without borders to combat ebola. wow. >> rounding out the top ten number six, kim kardashian, number seven, frozen, eight, miley cyrus, nine, the iphone six. of course everyone trying to figure out what all of the specs were for. that will then ten, jennifer aniston. >> ten surprised me, jennifer aniston. i'm wondering why.
7:58 am
>> people wondering what's going on? also in the new horrible boss' two movie, maybe people are google for that, too. she is hot. big honor for one new jersey most popular spot. >> trip advisor just named wildwood, new jersey the number one destination on the rise. so it is destination on the rise is the category for 2015. while wood beat out spots in north carolina, california and hawaii. the shore point got high marks, for its old style motels, boardwalk food, well, ask bob kel what i his favorite boardwalk food in just a minute, amusement parks, nostalgic. >> way to go wildwood. i love. that will first show we ever did was in wildwood. >> yes. >> so i have a special connection to wildwood. >> now, did you ride a tram? >> watch the tram car please. >> watch the the tram car, please. >> bob heist a really good impression of. that will yes, we like to see that, way to go wildwood. goo good day, it is december 3rd, 2014. >> live from the fox 29
7:59 am
studios. this is "good day philadelphia". well, philly's bill cosby was lovable in the 70s for his jello pudding commercials with kids. then in the 80s, 'd citcom famous with his family of kids. and his latest accuser said she was only a kid when he sexually molested her. so, even today's ugly weather is at least better news than this. >> yes, and it is not pretty out there this morning, you can see the haze, the fog around philly international this morning, it is casino of drippy, dreary, and it is chilly, when will all of this go away? we'll have it if your forecast coming up. welcome back, jen. >> thank you, sue, the guys from the temple university army rotc said the weather wasn't that bad as they marched down broad street 6 miles with 982 pounds of food. congratulations, thank you for your service. alex, awesome. >> it is awesome. and, holiday dating etiquette. the do's, and don't's of dating in december. if a relationship is new,
8:00 am
should you be spending big on gifts? what you need to give your hon a heads up about before christmas. okay, guys. you got to set it ahead of time. can't just be on christmas and exchange the gift and then -- >> honey heads up. >> don't us guys need that, right, bob? >> we need a heads up every time we can get one, actually. >> anything we do. >> or maybe proper warning, sue, hey -- >> listen the worse mistake you can make is assume that they know what you want. >> that's true. >> you should know. you assume. >> you should have known. no. he love that blue box. >> make it clear, repeatedly, please. >> until you get it in your head? is that what you are going say? >> as you told my husband when we got married, foe me, you can never go wrong with fine jewelry. now in a we passed along our colonels of which is done,
8:01 am
might err temperatures on the way, still 30's many places but be patient, we to will get better by the end of the day, giving you six out of ten. bus stop buddy still has the umbrella, even still has the mittens on, at the bus stop, because of those chilly temperatures, but i don't think uma need the gloves at least, by the end of the day. and you won't need the umbrella any more, after lunchtime. but, rain is still moving through the area right now. showers around, 41 degrees, 11-mile per hour wind out of the south-southwest. and visibility, now, 8 miles at philadelphia international. we should make it into the mid 50's today. once the showers go away, and we finally thrift that fog. and then tonight, skies clear, temperatures will plunge. 32 degrees in the city. twenty's in the suburbs, more about that coming up in a few. right now, we will go out onto those fog riddled roadways. >> yes, we got the fog, we got the rain, just one of those yucky starts to a wednesday morning. wiper weans, looking liver at
8:02 am
philadelphia international. first check in with philadelphia international. they're running with about one hour 35, one hour 40 minute delays. so buck 40 on arrivals and departures because of the low cloud sealing. take a look at this, wonder how the eagles get from point a to point b. private jet for the philadelphia eagles, see the logo? this is where they park it down here at philadelphia international. obviously park at home for little while. >> while they're parked at philadelphia international, see the planes here, tagging, again, one hour-37 minute delays, at philly international. going to the jam cams here, we take a live look beginning down in delaware. take a look at the fog, so thick. how thick is it? thick as pea soup, northbound headlight headed up in toward
8:03 am
the state line. then also looking at almost a dry road here on the schuylkill expressway, casino every hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip this morning. chris, alex being back over to you. >> you need to hit us up with that. it is so thick -- >> yes, we need time to respond. >> i'm sorry, okay. >> it is okay. >> claims least wag tarring the when under age by the comedian. >> fox 29's steve keeley joins us live now from center city this morning. and it is hard to believe, yet, another accuser, and then you hear of the age when this allegedly happened. >> yes, this miserable weather is matching the morning headlines, that are really a bad met a for for the constant storm of scandal raining down on bill cosby. another day, another disturbing series of cosby headlines, in the nation's newspapers. and these, the most disturbing yet, made in a lawsuit, a woman suing cosby, saying, he sexually molested her, after
8:04 am
giving her alcohol when she was only 15 years old. saying it happened 40 years ago, at the playboy mansion. the first time since a former temple university staffer sued cosby in 2005, that one every his many accusers has taken legal action. so while he has not answered previous accusations publicly, he will have to answer this one, since it comes in a california lawsuit. unless he settles it out of court, as he did in the temple assistant coach's case eight years ago. >> this new lawsuit says cosby was on a movie set in 1974, when the accuser now 55, was with her friend who was only a year older at 16. and he invited them on to the set, then to visit tennis club, then to the house where he gives them beers, he said, telling the girls that they had to drink every time he won a game of pool. they consumed multiple alcoholic beverages, cosby took the girls to the play bound mansion, told them to say they were 19 if anybody
8:05 am
asked them. she then details how cosby got her alone in a bedroom at the mansion and then sexually molested her without her consent. the woman and her lawyer believed the statute of limitations should be waived, because she justice covered all her psychological injuries and i will nests were caused by the sexual abuse perpetrated by cosby, just in the past three years. >> well the story is barely 12 hours old, so no public comment from cosby or his lawyer on this latest claim just yet but we could hear something from had i next public appearance. scheduled for saturday, two shows in new york, that previously were sold out, chris, alex, we mentioned this earlier, they allowed their strict no refund policy to be lifted for this show because of the scandal, half the ticket at last check have been re founded, but it kind of shows the half and half, half for cosby, half support him, and half now say this is just too much to not believe. >> thank you, steve. and at 8: zero, a vigil will be held tonight at west chester university in honor of missing student.
8:06 am
twenty-one year old shane montgomery hasn't been seen since leaving philadelphia bar early on thanksgiving morning. detective search abandon factory in manayunk yesterday, a signal for cell phone had been pick up near there, but investigators found no signs of montgomery. his parents say they're trying to stay strong during the search. >> doing everything that i can to hold it together so that i can continue to be questions and try to answer the questions to the best. my ability. and keep shane in the forefront until we bring him home. >> now getting close to week now since shane has gone missing, fbi looking through surveillance images to find clues, but have not found images of montgomery so far. >> last seen 1:45 in the morning thanksgiving morning. exactly a week. cross our fingers? at 8:06, veteran umpire dale scott reveals he's gay. >> came out of the closet. scott world three wormed
8:07 am
series, three all-star games said he married long time partner of 28 years last november. scott says his announcement which came out in a interview without sport. com was no surprise to the umpiring staff or his major league baseball colleagues, annette's very greatful that the major league baseball has, quote, judged me on my work and nothing else the way it should be. >> well, good for him. congrats on getting married. that's great. well, so much for for and done. seems college student rent taking longer to graduate nowadays, and it is putting a dent in parent pockets. >> so the complete college american research group says 81% of student spends longer at college costing parent $68,000 for every extra year. >> oh,. >> sue serio, are you listening to this with nia getting ready to go to college? study is suggesting most student are taking the right courses, nia, and they're wasting time anti-eggs fees.
8:08 am
it also is suggesting there may be registering for too few courses and losing credit when switching schools. some advisors telling new prospects that it could take six years to earn their degrees. >> this is big reality now, i remember when i was in college, you had to do some stuff during the summer. you can't just going through the school semester and take the minimum course level and expect to be out in four years. so weaver to up the and tee little bit. so whenever i would go back home, i was in school also, take one, two courses, not huge course loads, but to make sure you stay on, that because i got out in four years. >> did you make it in four years? and you went to school with jeremy maclin? >> in school at the same time. >> you guys weren't hang hanging out together, throwing the football around the quad? >> listen, i wassailers, okay? he was the one, popular superstar on campus, everybody new him, celebrity. but, no, i didn't. >> my senior year i had some catching to up do. so i went to the university of arizona, one year, freshman year, transferred uc san
8:09 am
diego, but played baseball. my focus sports. so i had to really the last semester, i had to take like six classes just to get it done. my mom and dade said we're not paying for any more. >> the cut off mark. get it done. >> so i was motivated. epic moment caught at the beach when a shark sort of photo bombs at the perfect moment. >> take a look at this, the associated press actually tweeted this out yesterday. a beach-goers used his phone to get photo of his family during australian surfing competition. then out of no where a shark jumps into the shot just in time. promoters for the competition declared the area of course for about 15 minute, as a precaution, but fortunately, there were no confrontations, with the big fish. but do you have that epic photo, to look at. and i mean perfect moment. how many times are you trying to take a photo every something when it is happening, liver action, and you always miss t like my gosh, let me go t i always miss it. >> deep for us to look at here in philadelphia, scary for anyone in the water. >> if i was in the watery would be running. >> get out of the water. you know her from mob wives.
8:10 am
philly own natalie, is here, and she's dishing on the drama. well the tension spill over into season five? we will find out. >> but first, should you bring home your new buy for the holidays? the do's and don't's of december dating next. a remote that lives on your phone. more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities
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inside a car designed we pto connect yous you love... to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo.
8:13 am
innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> starting off with a picture of the shore, the waves coming in, see the sun trying to come through those clouds, but, it is a valient effort. but not making it just quite yet. i think we will see little bit of sunshine before the end of the day. but for most of us, pretty gloomy, in fact, the fog has gotten worse, in mount pocono, zero visibility, it has gotten little better at philadelphia international with 8 miles. reduced visibility up around allentown, just might run into fog, no matter where you are,
8:14 am
even atlantic city, the airport at least two and a half miles visibility. winds out of the southwest 12 miles an hour, that's helping with the fog situation. temperatures, all above freezing, so we're not wore bid any wintery precipitation or black ice, even in the pocono mountains, it is in the mid 30's, 41, here in philadelphia, there is a quick look at what's going on with rain, most of delaware, at least the northern part, has some rain. we have rain in delco, and we have rain down at the jersey shore, all very light rain, but will last throughout the rest of the morning, 53 degrees, our high temperature today. forty-three tomorrow. but at least it will be bright, sunny, and beautiful. late rain, talking nighttime rain, on friday, into saturday. and maybe even into sunday morning. hopefully getting a break for the eagles game, then rain coming back at least the possibility on monday and tuesday of next week. that's your seven day forecast, here's bob kelly with a look at the traffic. >> some folks already ahead of
8:15 am
you out the front door, an accident i95 northbound, the onramp from harbison avenue in the neighborhood. bridesburg, to head north, or i should say, south on i-95. so, if you are leaving the neighborhood, expect delays thereon i95 at the onramp. otherwise debris in the middle of the wrote roadway, 95 into center city. live look at the blue route delaware county working your way up toward the mid-county, also again, some roads are damp, from the earlier rain, others have a steady wiper action going on, schuylkill, lots every brake light here, headed westbound, out toward the king of prussia interchange. a crash in the neighborhood, new second street, at coventry avenue. accident on the kelly drive, right at ferry road, right before you get to the ramps for the roosevelt boulevard. and then, in narberth, a water main break, just what we need here, gray link avenue at woodbine avenue. accident on the boulevard, northbound at ryan. and philly international, running with delays of about hour and 40 minutes because of the weather. chris, alec, back to you. >> thanks for the heads up at
8:16 am
philadelphia international by the way. seems to be a lot of stress when it comes to the holidays. finding perfect gets. you don't want to spend too much money. how about the family? >> but all becomes harder to handle when you throw a new relationship into the mixon top of. that will so we bring in kerry white, now to help us get through t good morning. >> good morning so for single folks, when it comes to it, how do you hand it will, who do you go to for thanksgiving, i mean, sorry, for the holidays with the family? >> i know people who actually refuse to start relationship between like november 15th and martin luther king day because it can be so -- i guess the guideline, if you're ready to take the relationship so serious level, fine, go with your new significant levels toll holidays. if not, it does send a signal that you're kind of moving to more committed relationship. and go there, then you might be sending a signal that you don't want to send, misleading the family and the person. so be careful there. >> how do you decide? who sever ready first? do you come to my family? do i go to yours?
8:17 am
>> i think who ever sends the invitation, and how you are feeling, is how you have to proceed. >> and i think do you have read your family, a as well. are they going to be re except i have it? >> or scare the person off? that's a consideration in my life. i really like this guy. so i have to be careful. >> can you scare someone else if you get them too nice a gift? >> another mind field. because you don't want to do a gift ambush. so you want to sort of tip the person off. so maybe you can say something like on my way out, stop by my place, avenue little something for you. >> that tips them off, then they can plan accordingly. >> some people set like price limits and stuff? do you think that's necessary? >> i think that is sort of inch delicate. but i think a good work around for this is to just take the whole thing offer the table and say to the person hey gifts are stressful, fin he had of it getting each other g, let's do something fun we enjoy doing. let's go for concert. i'll get the tickets and you pick up the bar tab, or let's
8:18 am
go ice skating i'll get the skates and you get the hot chocolate. whatever. >> and an experience you share too long, romantic weekend away you both share the cost. >> exactly. >> so it is even. >> it is even. it is something you both enjoyment something you share. then nobody stressed about it. >> and another big thing during the holidays time, office parties, holiday parties. is it ever a good idea to take like a co-worker to an office party? >> as friends maybe. but you never want to do that as first date f you're tract today somebody at work that's a mine field as it is, there are actually laws against it specially supervisory subordinant type of relationship. no matter how many times you ask me i won't be your date at the fox 29 holiday party. >> what about in general? holiday parties oh, you're benning ago date, even if it is in the related to the office. when it is new romance, is it ever a good idea to bring the guy? >> depend on the person, if you like the person, feel like they'll behave themselves, if
8:19 am
they'll do 17 shots of tequila and dance on table, then probably not. may want to rethink that relationship anyway. >> like when you bring him to the holiday party, that is acknowledging. >> everybody take it. >> the friend, sometimes that's worse than family. >> bears noting by the way, you're a yet quick expert. you have the best posture -- >> only when i'm on television. >> let's get together, chris. >> cross the legs? >> you're both looking great. >> well thank you. >> good to meet you. thank you. >> good to be here. >> happy holidays. >> too. >> she is queen of selfies. you know who we are talking about, kim kardashian. what can make even kim k's selfies better than hot holiday gift promising to improve your picks. plus listen to this. >> ♪ >> i knew when this song came out it was my favorite song on
8:20 am
the radio. throw. >> you love to be fancy. >> us chart of most streamed songs of 2014, my last comment was inside joke, but which song topped the global list? all right, start guessing, the answer next. >> and we do have some tweets of course, asking you all morning long to tell us about your favorite christmas songs. so, carolyn rider, merry christmas baby by brings springsteen. good one. >> ♪ >> and then we have another one, this is by cathy mclaughlin, decorating the tree last night. oh, look at the family altogether with their decorations. altogether with their decorations.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> now weirds al is getting his due respect. he was named 2014 pop star of the year, by gq magazine. >> what? >> thanks to his savvy satire,
8:24 am
brilliant music videos, earlier this year his albumn grabbed number one spot on the billboards albumn chart. >> it is not april 1st, is it? >> no. >> funny. get to see it, always fine creative way, look at you, look at your face, really? >> 1992, ya, top streaming artist albumns and songs of the year, so let's take a look at who takes the top honors of 2014. most streamed song of the year, globally is ... ♪ happy ♪ >> probably no surprise, ferrell's happy. coming in at number one, on the united state list, is iggy's fancy. next up the most al streamed albumn world-wide. listen to? >> ♪
8:25 am
>> singer songwriter sheeran number one hit song don't. albumn 431 million streams. emanem topped the list in the united states. >> put ferrell back on. >> oh, we have such a great singer coming up. >> we real dow. >> mike check in the sued joe -- studio. he's been everywhere from ellen to the white house, and now, the boy with the golden voice is on good day, i'm talking about phillies own cam anthony. >> you have got to stick around. >> oh, yes, here he is. and of course, you got to see a thing or two about singing. >> cam, pleasure meeting
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> erika says it is officially christmas when i hear have yourself a merry little christmas. >> and the christmas song. >> yes. >> puts me in the spirit. a lot of people call that song chestnuts roasting on the open fire. >> good one. >> sue, do you have a favorite? >> i like the one playing now because the movie, just on, the other day i was watching. >> meet me in saint lewis in. >> yes. >> oh, you are good. >> so, oh, ya, let's get to the weather. areas of fog out here, showers, smiling bus stop budd how is trying to be good, you know, get egg closer to christmas, upper 30's, 40's, we give you six out of ten today with the promise of sunshine. before the day is through. i'm hoping that the cloud will finally give way, eventually. but, we still have a lot of
8:30 am
shower activity showing up on ultimate doppler radar, 41 degrees at the airport, very gloomy and gray, 10-mile per hour breezes, 7 miles visibility, out there. so we haven't had quite the problems of fog at the airport as we have in other places, this morning, temperatures should top off mid 50's by the end of the day sures still around, sunshine, down to 32 degrees in the sit, even chillier in the suburbs, so, with clear skies have, to trade off with colder temperatures, but tomorrow, bob kelly, should not be nearly as dreary as it is right now. >> let's hope it is not nearly as dreary as right now. >> looking at 8: 30, good morning everybody, wednesday, looking live, northeast philly here. this is the harbison avenue onramp to head south on i-95. been out there for most of the morning. let's get bob the dump truck there, causing delay, anyone leaving the neighborhood trying to get onto i59.
8:31 am
good morning to cherry hill, new jersey, live look, route 70, 70, 73, who remembers the marlton circle? >> bosh, remember that? no long area circle. where used to be in the background, there live look this is route one, north of the pennsylvania turnpike interchange mainly blame it on the wet they are morning, then north on 995 leaving from the airport area in toward center city philadelphia. accident on the ramp to come into downtown on the vine expressway, philly international, because of the weather this morning, running with delays of about one hour and 37 minutes, so we call it about a buck 40 to even it out there. so on arrivals and departures, do check with the airline before you head down to the airport. again, other wise, mass transit, the buses, trains, trolleys, are running with no delays at all.
8:32 am
♪ >> what a voice. thirteen year old singing sensation cam anthony has built up a resume that any teen would be envious of. perform on the ellen show, even at the white house. >> and now the philly native is set to perform tonight at the city's holiday tree lighting ceremony. cam anthony, such pleasure to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> so you're from philly, flight. >> yes. >> from what part? >> the northeast actually. >> the northeast. so how long have you been singing? >> i've been singing since i was four. >> you're 13. >> yes. >> and my mom noticed actually when i was four, and she started trying to teach me how to sing, and actually my mom since, also. >> what about your dad, lamar,
8:33 am
can he snipping. >> no, he can listen. >> he can listen, he has good ear for it. >> i like. that will so who do you like admire? >> i love michael jackson. >> he was a great artist. >> when we hear your voice, singing famous songs, abc and other with the jackson five. do you ever think about that, and how famous he became? >> yes, i mean, it is really exciting. it is pretty awesome. >> michael jackson i admire him a lot. i have sung a lot of his songs. >> his young stuff or stuff as an adult? >> most of his younger work. >> what would you like? obviously you're blowing up, you're everywhere, what do you see in do you want to be like this huge singing sensation or -- >> well, ya. i said a while ago i wanted to be the face of music. so that's pretty big. >> yes. >> yes, dow hope to be very, very successful. >> and what was this like to meet president obama and first lady michelle obama?
8:34 am
>> that was an honor being like the greatest day of my life. at first i was like really like a little nervous, because i was like i didn't really know -- >> of course. >> but it was amazing. >> was ' nice man? >> yes, really fun. >> i was he really? what did he say that was funny? >> pointing to the dogs and stuff because the dogs were in the room. and yeah he was just playing with the dogs a lot. >> so all morning long talking about your favorite christmas songs. do you have a favorite christmas song. >> yes. >> well, i could say santa claus is coming to town. >> yes, that's your favorite? >> now, michael jackson sang that one famously, as. >> i yes. >> well, on the show they always tees me, cam, because i always ty to sing and they say i can't do it. >> so do you think you can show me a littling? >> sure. >> let's go over here. let's get tote mike here. i'll go first. don't judge me. i'm little sick, a little under the wetter. >> okay. >> then we will let you do a thing or two. okay. are you ready for this? >> do. do.
8:35 am
do. do. all right. so santa claus is coming to town. >> he's making a list, checking it twice, going to find out who is naughty or nice. ya? what do you think? >> okay. >> okay? oh, he's being nice. you know what, i'll just you can away now, do your thing, you take it away. >> ♪ >> santa claus is coming to town ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ he's making a list. he's checking it twice. he's going to find out who is naughty and nice ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> he sees you when your sleeping. he knows if europe @ wake. he knows it if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake. ♪ you better watch out. you better not cry ♪ you better snot i'm telling you why, santa claus is coming to
8:36 am
town ♪ santa claus is coming ♪ santa claus is coming to
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> difference with something with autism posting g information can be actually be seen on the scan. >> and it may and bit harder to hop on the scale this time of year. new study claims two out of three americans pack on at least 6 pounds between thanksgiving and new years day, so essentially within a month. that's because people don't pay as much attention of eating healthy and to their exercising schedule.
8:40 am
study also showed people spends up to 500 bucks on food and drinks this time of year. the research conducted by life tick.come. >> a 42 names on the list for most popular baby names are returning champ. >> these are always interesting, right? so let's start with the boys. so jackson is king, for the second year in a row. that's followed by aiden, liam, lucas, know, a rounding out the top five. >> for girls, so receive a -- sophie sits comfortably at the top. group followed by emma, olivia, avenue a, isabel a all according to the website baby center. com. but meanwhile, more paren admit media is helping influence the name of their child. 20% of moms admit finding a name from a tv character, there is also something called a netflix effect. some of the names from characters on house of cards, and orange is the new black, have done increase in popularity such as garrett and galina. >> listen to this. ♪
8:41 am
>> i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ >> there it is, my favorite. there is bing. white christmas one of the most popular songs holiday songs ever. but it is not a top five? >> it is not? what? >> we'll tell how takes the number one spot. plus tweet us your favorite holiday song. use the #fox29goodday.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> ♪ >> oh, this one is always a good one. >> oh, yes. >> amazing. erin agrees, all i want for christmas t always helps her get in the holiday spirit. kathleen says white christmas, our family favorite. just like chris. >> someone just tweet in the, 2,000 miles by the pretenders. >> all right, so, they camped out since 1998. they say preston and steve are still at t yes, one week of sleeping in an rv, for very good cause. >> this year they are parked at xfinity live. so, jen is there, today, hey there, jen. >> we're on tv. >> look at you.
8:45 am
>> all right, they're talking. >> is he renting their show? >> hey! >> hey! >> look at all of those people. >> man, hey, guys! >> now we can't hear jen right now. i guess because she is on their show. but this is pretty cool what they do. how they're camping out, getting so many donations. >> i guess so. >> we love our friends over with preston and steve. >> we'll check back in judge in just a little bit. at xfinity live. head on down for very good cause fighting hunger in the delaware val. >> i famously perform michael jackson's thrill nerve 20 different styles, well, at it again. >> this time with mariah carey all i want for christmas is you. >> ♪ all i want for
8:46 am
christmas is you ♪ >> i will the same re when is i first saw this. huhh? >> anthony vincent, likes musician frost tom jones, to imagine dragons, to usher. >> okay. >> i mean, it is different. he can do all of those different i am per nations. >> difference between doing impersination, like someone like rich little, or someone really good. and then someone like this guy. >> oral vin and the chipmunks. that's cheating. using balloon? >> coy do, that right? >> at least he's handsome. >> eh. >> you can do it, too, chris. >> okay, 8:46. team had small idea that turned into something
8:47 am
tremendous, helping other kids, in need. >> so, 13 year old william heard that the center for family services base in the south jersey was low on donations, specifically boys pajamas for kids that they serve so william decided to start a pajama drive, and ended up with more than 400 pairs of new pj's, and $600 in cash donations to help buy them. they spread the words bypassing out flyers, posting on social media. he and friend organized and packed those pajamas into a box. tuesday, the family delivered them to the promise neighborhood family success center in camden. >> i knew that there were people in need. but i didn't know that they needed it so much. >> so those pajamas will go to families in the community staying in emergency shelters or other facilities. the drive was so successful, william plans to do it again next winter. >> oh, he should. that's so great. >> absolutely. >> great turn out. okay, so now i want to check back with jen, she is out at the campout for hunger.
8:48 am
having fun with preston and steve. hey there, jen. >> can you hear us now? >> yes. >> yes. (cheers). >> so here is the deal. we want people to know that there are hungry people, people that go to work day in, day out, they're still hungry. >> the truth of the mat is her when you are strong decide whether or not to pay for your heating or put food on the table looking at family, provider, go through the hand wringing, that sleepless night of trying to figure out how you're going to take care of everybody. what's this is about. that's why it is so important to come out and support. >> if people haven't been here, by the way at xfinity liver, your second year? >> second year. >> they can come and have fun, like i see his ugly mug over there. >> yes. >> the frig, we have video of him on the carnival ride. people can do all of this stuff when they come down. >> oh, yes. >> we were trying to put a spin on being charitable, because you need to be rewarded for your charity, that's not why you're doing it, but come down here, celebrate it, not a down vibe.
8:49 am
no, get a bite to eat. >> wave. you're on tv. >> legendary lorenzo's serving up pizza for everyone who donates. >> you campout but this is like glamp. >> it is not even glam. we have a masseuse in the rv, i mean. >> no joke, a masseuse. >> we want to know how we're not returning it from you from the hotel room. >> little fancy pants. >> no, really honestly, changed because we have a rocking rv set up. we don't -- we just sleep in, there but still very cool. this whole thing is heated, comfortable. so if the weather gets inclement, don't worry, come on by, it is dry inside. >> can i stay for another hour? >> of course. >> apparently they will make me do dirty stuff on the radio. >> doing it right now. >> so there is that. i don't even know, hey, look at morris a. >> oh,. >> so we will be here. >> called 50 shades of jen.
8:50 am
>> no, it is worse than that. okay. >> bye bye. career and people. >> probably good to tune in on the radio to hear. >> stay on the air, should we do it now? >> okay. >> still radio thing now, we'll check back with jen thereon xfinity live. have you heard about this? taylor's runway drama. newspaper article reports this morning taylor swift may have beat victoria model. what she supposedly reported before her
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> tonight the philadelphia free lighting, festivities start around 6:00. and it will be dry, and chilly, at least we will be rid of the fog, we will be rid of the rain by then. and when things get started should be around 48 degrees.
8:54 am
still have some fog around now. that should be gone by this evening. 6-mile visibility, i should say, in philadelphia, but nothing up in the mountains this morning. so, a lot of fog, we're socked in there, so reduced visibility, be on the look-out for. that will we do have 15-mile per hour breezes, and they're coming out of the southwest, so that means, temperatures will continue to rise as we go through the day. right now, upper 30's, 42 degrees in philadelphia, 46 in wildwood, 43 in dover, where we head to the mid 50's, by the end of the day. fifty-three, 54 degrees probably, when all is said and done, get rid of the rain. get little sunshine before the day is through. and then tomorrow, looks fabulous, but will be a lot chillier, with temperature of 43 degrees, late rain, talking nighttime rain friday. so we will have some sunshine, increasing clouds, rain comes at night, lingers into saturday, and maybe even
8:55 am
sunday morning, with series of systems moving through, over the weekend. and maybe even beyond. so enjoy this 53 degrees today. it will be the barrel he is of the next seven. bob? >> hey, sue, good morning shall everybody, 8:55, still rolling through the fog cams here. late in the morning, this is live look, bryn mawr, southbound lanes of the blue route, 476, right near bryn mawr avenue. again still socked in with the fog, it has been hit and miss really all morning long depending upon where you begin and end your trip. now we had earlier accident. this one car pulls to the side. then in about five minutes after that, explodes into flames. so philly firefighters are on the scene here. this is northbound lanes of i-95, as we put the maps in motion, it is right before you get into center city philly. so bumper to bumper from say columbus boulevard, north, in toward center city, again on the northbound side of 95, headed in toward center city. chris, alex, back over to you. >> okay, so you know girls are mean. but who are the bigger bullies? boys or girls? the meaner kids in school
8:56 am
next. the meaner kids in school next. ♪
8:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ discover all the naturally moisturizing flavors of burt's bees lip balm.
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8:59 am
>> ♪ we're chomping up on 9:00. good day, wednesday, december 3rd, 2014. >> yes, good once there, drop kick murphy, someone saying johnny yoko. fun bands. >> i was was just going to let him go. >> season's upon us. i got some people mad at me for my disparaging weird comments about weirds al. sore. >> i wasn't weird al. >> weird al earlier, then the guy with the beards -- >> the weirds al thing. >> i don't get get the
9:00 am
kardashian thing necessary. >> i and she is the queen of selfies, of course talking about kim kardashian. what could make even kim k's series better hot new holiday gift promise to go improve your picks. >> more clothes, more clothes. plus listen to this. >> ♪ sandy william, one of the most popular songs ever. but it is not in the top five either. >> seriously? >> bing cosby, really? oh, ya, tell you about the number one spot. favorites in the meantime. yours might be it. use the #fox29goodday. >> plus you know young laid fry mob wives. she's phillies own natalie, here, dishing on some of the drama, will the tensions spill over into season five? we'll find out. >> and, yes. >> well, there is noll real think. no


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